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in Church
Afternoon Group
Tea, chat, quizzes
Sunday 4th September
10.30 Morning Worship Wilf Holland—Aid to Romania
Sunday 11 September
10.30 am Holy Communion
Bible Study
When running
8pm Groups
Sunday 18th September
10.30am Holy Communion
Farewell to Josh
Holy Communion
with Prayer for you
and your friends in
need. All Welcome.
For Baptisms,
Thanksgivings and
weddings & funerals
please contact
Revd Karen Dack
Tel 244710
For Hall Bookings
Rosemary Powell
Church office
Tel. 720879
I am sure we were all relieved when the announcement was
made of our new Vicar/Rector and Mission Priest appointments.
We look forward to welcoming both Rev. Matthew Barrett and
Rev. Peter Graysmith and their families at a later date.
Meanwhile the vicarage is taking shape and should be ready on
time for the family to move into some time in September.
It will probably be October /November before we can hold the
installation services though.
We do hope to invite you to visit the vicarage when it is safe to
do so and before our new Vicar and family move in.
Sunday 25th September
10.30 Holy Communion—H.M.S Charybdis & H.M.S. Limborne
Annual memorial service.
Mondays in September
Our popular Monday Afternoon
Group starts at 2pm with our unique
combination of quizzes, chat,
news, tea and cake and our
closing prayers and hymns.
Newcomers always welcome.
Also during this month we are pleased to welcome Wilf Holland
to accept the shoe box parcels for Romania packed with love by
the Monday Mix group. We managed 20 boxes with items left
over to contribute towards other parcels, thanks be to God.
Sadly, later in the month Josh leaves us. His last Sunday is 18th
September but we will send him off with thanks for his musical
contribution to so many happy services.
Holy Communion with prayer for
healing (10am) followed by coffee &
All welcome.
14 Sep 7.30pm
St John’s WI
Thursdays in September
Then we look forward to our annual service with the survivors of
HMS Charybdias & Limbourne on the 25th , followed by the meal
at Les Cotils for the regulars. So the time goes by!
We will celebrate our harvest festival the first Sunday of October.
Priest -in -Charge:
The Very Rev Tim Barker Dean of Guernsey
Visitor to St Johns?
Please don’t leave without making
yourself known to one of the Welcome team or a Churchwarden. We
would be happy to hear what is happening in your life.
Coffee & tea are free,-so do stay for a
while. May God bless you.
Les Cotils lunch
Regulars at the Charybdis meal please
make your cheque £12.95 payable to
St John’s church-Jacket Potato etc
vicar’s warden:
Mr Alan Jewell
[email protected]
Suggestion Box
Art has provided a suggestion box for all
to put in any ideas to be considered by the
There was a request to have more time to
find the Bible readings and so those who
do readings please take note.
It is usual for us to announce the page
number twice, before announcing the text
and then again before commencing the
reading so we hope this helps.
Church Tidy-Up !
In preparation for our new Vicar
it would be good to have a tidy up in the
balcony area and also to clean the church
in the corners we can’t get to each week!
So with these things in mind if you can
spare some time to help on Saturday 17th
September from 10am you would be
One day a 6 year old girl was sitting in
the classroom.
The teacher was going to explain evolution to the children.
The teacher asked a little boy:
Teacher: Tommy do you see the tree out
Tommy: Yes.
Teacher: Tommy, do you see the grass
out side?
Tommy: Yes.
Teacher: Go out side and look up and
see if you can see the sky.
Tommy: OK. (He returned a few minutes
later) Yes, I saw the sky.
Teacher: Did you see God?
Tommy: No.
Teacher: That's my point. We can't see
God because he isn't there.
people’s warden and reader:
Mrs Annette Stewart
[email protected] 236244
The little girl spoke up and wanted to
ask the boy some questions. Teacher
agreed and she asked the boy:
. Little Girl: Tommy, do you see the tree
Tommy: Yes.
Little girl: Tommy do you see the grass
Tommy: Yessssss (getting tired of the
questions by this time)
Little girl: Did you see the sky?
Tommy: Yessssss
Little Girl: Tommy, do you see the teacher?
Tommy: Yes
Little Girl: Do you see her brain?
Tommy: No
Little Girl: Does that mean she doesn't
have one?
Diary Date
Guernsey Retreat Association
Led by Rev’d John Moore
7-9th November 2016
At Les Cotils
To book contact Rev J e Billon 234283
[email protected]
Accommodation needs to be booked by
28th September
Monday Mix Group :
The MAG programme for September is below. All meetings
start at 2pm (usually in the Vestry) :
5th : Craft with Rosemary
12th : Drawing with Peter ( & craft continued)
19th: Quiz
29th : Film afternoon ( Mary’s house)
All are welcome to our meetings.
A Culture of Invitation Seminar - Unlocking the Growth in
the Local Church - This seminar is for anyone who wants to
see the local church grow and wants to learn and reflect on how
a culture of invitation could unlock the growth in our local
churches! The seminar will be led by Michael Harvey (the man
behind 'Back to Church Sunday') and has been organised by a
group of local churches in Guernsey keen to see growth. The
seminar will take place on Saturday October 8th at Trinity
Church (parking available at Frossard House) between 9.45am
and 3pm (coffee and registration from 9.30am). The seminar is
free and lunch will be provided but donations gratefully
For more details and to book your place please contact Cynthia
on t: 724319 or e: [email protected]
Don’t forget to save your used stamps with a good
border around the edge. Mary Sims collects them
for the Leprosy Mission .
If you like to save your loose coins at home why
not ask Christine Jewell for a collecting box for the
Children's Society.
Food Bank Guernsey Welfare Service
have enough, Tea, Pasta, & Cornflakes at present
But need:-child friendly cereal
snack pots and things for school lunches
Mr William Tostevin
[email protected]
small jars of coffee,, sugar,
sauces, meat products.
support group
Meeting Friday
2nd September
10.30 am –12.00
In the church
coffee area
Come for support
Listening ear
Annette Stewart
Tel 236244
Bill Tostevin
Tel 243544
Maggie Murr
Tel 721899