Our Week in Review, Double G Camp 2014



Our Week in Review, Double G Camp 2014
Our Week in Review
June 1-June 6 was a week to be written in the history books for
Orange Grove Center and Double G Ranch. We had a total of 70
campers and approximately 25% were able to attend because of the
GG Camp Scholarship fund and kind contributions from people like
The entire week was packed with fun-filled activities and action
around every corner. Our schedule at camp is pretty consistent on a
daily basis with the activities changing. In the mornings, campers
and staff awake to “Reville” playing over the bullhorn, make their
way to the mess hall, and say the “Pledge of Allegiance” while the
American Flag goes up. After breakfast, activity rotations take place
until it is time for campers and staff to “re-charge” with lunch and
take their afternoon “free-time” break. Once break up, the pool
opens for swimmers and backyard games take place on the lawn
outside the mess hall. Campers freshen up in the bath house then
eat a nutritiously balanced dinner before the evening festivities begin.
We strive to outdo ourselves each year when it comes to programming the actual camp activities. The activity rotations this year
were second to none. Home Depot came and led a woodworking “Construction Workshop” where everyone got to make their own
tool caddy. Our local Director for Special Olympics (and former OGC Double G Camp Director) Judy Rogers got our campers
exercising to a fun “Zumba” workout; Hixson Therapeutic Riding brought out the kindest horses that allowed everyone to live their
dream of being a cowboy; and Ms. Della Chislom blew our campers away with her exciting and animated music classes. Other
very special guests that came out this year included YMCA’s Community Action Project to facilitate a gardening program, and the
UTC Football players joined us for a scrimmage game complete with “RAH!” cheerleaders. For lake activities, “SUP NOOGA”
Paddle Board Club introduced our campers to the new sport while canoeing was in full force. But of course our waterfront
activities would not be complete without the Hamilton County Marine Rescue Unit to ensure the safety of all our campers in the
open water.
Many of our evening activities are traditions that have been carried on year after year. Typically on Sunday, campers receive their
essential supplies for the week (t-shirt, flashlights, water bottles, etc...) while participating in a puzzle scavenger hunt. This activity
not only stocks them up with the goods they need, but it also gets them acquainted to their surroundings.
This year we had our first ever life-sized Angry Birds Tournament complete with a super-sized sling shot (for sure to make any
man jealous), Angry Birds, and Greedy Green Pigs. This was a literal BLAST! Cabins went against one another in the bracket
competition to win a nightly ownership over “Ogee” the traveling gnome. And, of course every night at Double G ends with us
cranking up some tunes and dancing until we just can’t dance anymore.
Two of our most famed traditions at Orange Grove’s camp is the Talent Show and Dance Party. On Wednesday night, our
campers become true superstars! The audience is entertained by remarkable acts including romantic duets, breathtaking solos
and even ballet dances. There is also a fierce competition amongst the cabins to take away the honor of “Group Act of the Year.”
Then we end the week on Thursday night with a Celebration Dance where everyone lets loose for one last time and enjoys the
camaraderie of the family they have grown to be. This is the time where we learn to shake what our momma’s gave us and
dance like nobody is watching.
In conclusion, our camp was truly blessed this year; not only by the beautiful weather, the amazing camp staff, special guests and
the overall activities, but also by the generosity of our community. It is because of contributions from donors like you that many of
our campers had this experience. You have truly made an enormous impact in the life of camper who has a disability. On behalf
of the campers and staff of Orange Grove’s Double G Camp, I thank you for your outstanding support.
Lizzy Cheek, CTRS
Recreation Coordinator/GG Camp Director
Orange Grove Center
(423) 629-1451 x 2308
[email protected]
Here are a few of our campers that received assistance
from the GG Camp Scholarship Fund…
Thank You from the Bottom of our Hearts!