Creative Campers Activities List - Holton



Creative Campers Activities List - Holton
Creative Campers Activities List
Please Note: Class content may be repeated from Session I to Session II.
All That Jazz (All grades)
Dance choreographed to popular music. Emphasis
is on technique and body placement.
Campers will need: Jazz shoes or sneakers.
Please Note: Cooking classes do not use recipes that
include peanut/tree nuts as an ingredient; however,
Creative Summer is NOT a peanut free camp.
Baking (All grades)
One of our most popular offerings, this cooking
class specializes in healthy breads, cakes, and other
baked goods that everyone gets to sample. Recipes
go home with campers.
Broadway Dance (All grades)
A combination of jazz and stage movement, this
class recreates the magic of Broadway. A great class
for beginners and advanced students.
Campers will need: Jazz shoes or sneakers.
Cake Decorating (Grades 5 and above)
Think you might be the next Cake Boss? Learn the
secrets of professional cake decorating at Creative
Summer. We will ice and decorate cakes for any
occasion using a range of techniques – piping,
fondant, and modeling. Fridays are cupcake days!
Decades of Dance (Grades 2-4)
Get ready for your next Dance Party! From the
Charleston of the 20’s to the Cha-Cha Slide of the
21st century, this fun dance class covers it all. The
Hand Jive, Hustle, Bump, Achy Breaky, Macarena,
Electric Slide, and Cupid Shuffle are just a sample.
Campers will need: Jazz shoes or sneakers.
Cooking for Kids (formerly Young Gourmet)
(All grades)
Hands-on cooking with family-friendly recipes for
breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. We eat what
we make!
Hip Hop / Street Jam (All grades)
This upbeat class explores the dance styles of the
millennium. Learn Harlem Shake, Heel Toe, and more.
Campers will need: Jazz shoes or sneakers.
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Hip-Hop Notice: Please note hip-hop dance
movements are often exaggerated and can be
slightly sophisticated. Additionally, some music
lyrics are too mature for this age. Creative
Summer will carefully select appropriate
hip-hop music and minimize the dance
movements to make them more age
Curtain Call – The Musical
(Double period – Grades 5 and above)
Be part of a production company, from auditioning
for a part to performing at Carnival Showcase. This
two-period class provides an opportunity to work
on a larger-scale production. Campers in Curtain
Call will need to be available after camp the third
Tuesday of each session for a dress rehearsal.
Attendance for the entire session is required. The
Musical will be performed in the evening on the last
Thursday of each session at Carnival.
Modern (All grades)
Modern technique with a twist. Our Modern Dance
class combines traditional modern technique with a
variety of ethnic dance styles from around the world,
such as Capoeira, Dunham technique, and Latin
dance. Students dance in bare feet only.
Tap (All grades)
Students learn basic skills, progressing into
combinations like walk the cat, walk the dog, shuffle
ball change, front and back Irish, riff walks, and
flaps. New and continuing students are welcome.
Campers will need: Tap shoes.
Hollywood Film Production (Grades 4 and above)
Campers will experience every aspect of film
production: storyboarding, directing, filming, acting,
editing, and more. Projects may include commercials,
music videos, and movie previews. In post-production,
filmmakers collaborate on computer editing, adding
a soundtrack, titles, and special effects. Campers
will need: Digital camera with video capability.
Zumba Fitness® (All grades)
Zumba Fitness® is the Latin-inspired dance-fitness
program that blends international music and fast-paced,
fun steps to create a “fitness party” that is downright
addictive. Zumba’s choreography incorporates
hip-hop, samba, salsa, merengue, mambo, martial
arts, and even Bollywood and belly dance moves.
There’s no other class like a Zumba Fitness Party.
Campers will need: Sneakers.
Improvisation (Grades 5 and above)
Like walking a tightrope without a net, improv actors
must be quick on their feet because they act without a
script. Campers will gain poise and confident stage
presence as they learn the art of performing in an
unscripted scene.
Acting Stage I (Grades 2-5)
A drama class for younger campers. Basic acting
techniques will be introduced, and short plays will
be rehearsed and performed at Carnival Showcase.
Ability to read is strongly recommended.
Magic (All grades)
Learn basic magic tricks for beginners, and then build
on these skills to perform more intricate and elaborate
illusions. Dazzle your friends with entertaining tricks
that are easy to learn.
Acting Stage II (Grades 5 and above)
The next step in acting, this class is for campers
interested in continuing to improve their acting
techniques through improvisation, monologues, and
scenes. The focus of this class is on technique.
Playwriting and Performing (Grades 5 and above)
In this exciting class, campers will learn the essential
elements of a good play and fine-tune their acting skills
as they create and perform an original production.
Advanced Illusion (Grades 5 and above)
The Magic is you! This class will focus on major
illusions, incorporating music and performance
techniques. Sleight-of-hand as well as small-illusion
experience required.
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Puppetry (Grades 2-5)
Each camper will create a puppet from head to toe,
and learn how to make it become an actor on the
stage. Each class will write a play and perform it at
Carnival Showcase.
(All instruments are provided.)
Razzle Dazzle – Theatrical Make-up (All grades)
Create characters using your face as the canvas.
Learn to use theatrical make-up to create animals,
people, aliens, horror effects, and other fun projects.
Please advise of any make-up allergies.
Guitar (All grades)
Budding rockers, folkies, and indies, strap on your
guitars! This class provides instruction in guitar,
focusing on basic folk and popular melodies.
Rising Stars – The Musical
(Double period – Grades 2-4)
This class opens the magical world of dramatic
arts through play production. For two periods
young campers are introduced to the dramatic arts,
culminating in a musical production. Campers in
Rising Stars will need to be available after camp
the third Wednesday of each session for a dress
rehearsal. Attendance for the entire session is
required. The Musical will be performed in the late
afternoon on the last Thursday of each session at
Piano – Tickling the Ivories (All grades)
Small-group instruction for beginning and intermediate
Pitch Perfect (Grades 7 and above)
Ever want to be in an a cappella group? Come learn
harmonies and aca-bop, and have an all-around fun
time as we sing songs from the top of the charts and
have a blast!
Singer / Songwriter (All grades)
If Taylor Swift could win the A.M.A. for best songwriter
at 22-years-old, why can’t you? Learn about basic
song structure, rhyme patterns, and tricks of the
trade. You will create a musical track using Mixcraft™
software by Acoustica®, and then write your own
lyrics. At the end of class, you will have your own
original songs on a CD to share!
Show Stoppers (All grades)
Sing and dance to Broadway’s top musicals such
as Wicked, The Lion King, Spiderman, Jersey Boys,
Once, and more. This ensemble class will mount a
full production of powerhouse musical selections for
a live audience – costumes, lights, song,’s
World Drumming (All Grades)
Drumming is universal. Campers will explore many
types of ethnic drums and percussion instruments.
Find your own “different drummer” and step to the
music that YOU hear. Drums will be provided by
Stagecraft (Grades 6 and above)
Learn how to transform a bare stage into the magic
of theater through all the elements of stagecraft.
This class will focus on the creation of scenery,
props, and other aspects of performance. Topics
covered include the safe and proper methods for
using tools and materials to create a production. No
flip-flops or open-toed shoes.
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Amazing Race (NEW) (Grades 4 and above)
Do you want to compete in the challenge? The
Creative Summer Amazing Race will take campers
on a three week scavenger hunt. To win the “Race,”
campers will complete daily challenges across the
Holton-Arms campus by solving clues and tackling
various obstacle courses, while facing detours along
the way!
Archery – Return to Sherwood
(Grades 4 and above)
Young Robin Hoods will be introduced to the sport
of archery by a certified instructor. Bows and arrows
are provided and are of proper length and weight
according to the specifications of the Camp Archery
Association. Campers will need: Sneakers.
Basketball (All grades)
Dribble, pass, and score. Learn zone and man-to-man
defense and basic offense patterns. Campers will
need: Sneakers – no black soles.
Come Fly With Me (All grades)
Attention, all young pilots and astronauts – design and
build flying machines such as gliders, flying saucers,
loop airplanes, helicopters, hovercraft, parachutes,
and more. Conduct test flights and learn about the
principles of flight.
Cross Training for Kids (All grades)
Want to get in shape, but think exercise is boring?
The best way to stay fit is also the most fun!
Cross-training mixes up your fitness routine using
a variety exercises and equipment – steps, fitness
balls, weights, and cardio. Campers will need:
Great Outdoors
(Double period – Grades 4 and above)
Hiking, exploring, fishing, plant identification, and
first aid are only a few of the activities planned. Field
trips and off-campus outings are important parts
of this offering. Please note this class is a double
period, but students will be on campus during lunch
and lunchtime entertainment. Campers will need:
Sneakers, water bottle, poncho/raincoat,
sunscreen, and insect repellant.
Dodgeball Four Quadrant (All grades)
This ultimate extreme sport will include Prisoner
Dodgeball, Dr. Dodge, and Bombardment. This
high-energy class will keep you moving. Campers
will need: Sneakers – no black soles.
Nature’s Way (All grades)
A study of nature on the Holton-Arms campus.
This beginning ecology and environmental course
is designed to give campers new awareness of the
relationship between living and non-living things.
This is truly a discovery course. Campers will
need: Water shoes, a swimsuit or change of
clothing, sunscreen, and insect repellant.
Fencing by World-ranked James Adams
(Grades 4 and above) SESSION 2 ONLY
Sometimes called “physical chess,” fencing develops
patience, determination, discipline, and the spirit of
healthy competition. Campers will learn introductory
fencing techniques as well as the rules and etiquette
of this modern sport. Campers will need: Sneakers.
All other equipment is provided.
Survivor: Creative Summer Edition
(Grades 4 and above)
Do you know how to make fire? Get drinkable water
when there is no faucet in sight? Build a shelter?
Forage? Learn how to succeed in a survival situation
by acquiring basic skills that you can actually use if
you are ever in an emergency situation, including:
shelter construction, orienteering, fire starting, plant
identification, knot-tying, and water purification. How
can you survive without this class? Campers will
need: Sneakers, sunscreen, and insect repellant.
Flag Football (NEW) (All grades)
This beginner course is designed to teach the basics
of the game of football. Campers will focus on throwing
and catching the ball while also learning proper football
terminology and game structure. The goal of this class
is to work up to the playing of actual flag football
games. For safety reasons, this is non-contact
football. Campers will need: Sneakers.
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Softball – Indoor (All grades)
Students learn basic baseball/softball skills using an
indoor safety ball. Rules, hitting, pitching, fielding,
and running will be emphasized through daily games.
Campers will need: Sneakers – no black soles.
Golf Like a Pro (All grades)
Think you may be the next Jordan Spieth? Learn the
fundamentals of golf: grip, aim, posture, and stance
as you master putting, chipping, and full swing. This
program uses the Almost Golf Ball, the practice ball
designed to be safe for children and easy to hit.
Campers will need: Sneakers. All other golf
equipment will be supplied.
Softball – Outdoor (All grades)
Take me out to the ball game. Students will learn
proper techniques in all three areas of the game:
pitching, fielding, and hitting. Campers will need:
Lacrosse (All grades)
This fun beginner course will focus on skills such as
catching and throwing the ball as well as knowledge
of the game. For safety reasons a soft ball will be
used. Campers will need: Sneakers. Sticks and
balls are provided.
Stroke Clinic (All grades)
A swimming course for experienced swimmers that
focuses on developing proper technique for starts,
turns, and the four major strokes: butterfly, backstroke,
breaststroke, and freestyle. This course is designed
for campers who are on a swim team (or plan to join
one) and would like extra practice and instruction.
To enroll, campers must be able to swim four lengths
of the pool, freestyle and backstroke, without stopping.
Taught by certified instructors. Campers will need:
Swimsuit and towel, labeled with camper’s name.
Outdoor Games (All grades)
An opportunity to develop some new skills or to
practice some old ones. From Ultimate Frisbee
and Kickball to Capture the Flag and Flag Football,
the emphasis is on sportsmanship and having fun!
Campers will need: Sneakers.
Swim Like a Fish – Instructional Swimming
(All grades)
Small-group instruction in basic strokes such as
freestyle and backstroke. Campers will be grouped
by ability (from beginning through intermediate) and
taught by certified instructors. Campers will need:
Swimsuit and towel, labeled with camper’s name.
Pom-Poms Cheerleading (Grades 2-5)
Have fun and learn basic pom-pom moves and
dances! Pom-poms provided. Perform at half-time
during the Carnival Showcase basketball game.
Campers will need: Sneakers.
Soccer – Indoor (All grades)
Learn the basics of soccer, indoors and out of
the sun. This class, like the outdoor Soccer class,
teaches soccer skills, such as dribbling, passing,
and trapping, through directed exercises as well as
fun games. Campers will need: Shin guards and
sneakers – no black soles.
Swimming – Recreational (All grades)
Swimming just for fun. Campers must pass a required
swim test on the first day of class. This activity is
highly supervised by certified instructors, but it is not
instructional. Please note this is an indoor pool, and
the shallow end is 4 feet deep. Campers will need:
Swimsuit and towel, labeled with camper’s name.
Soccer – Outdoor (All grades)
Learn the fundamentals of soccer. Daily activities
include fun games, physical skills, and social
interaction created specifically to improve technical
soccer skills. Players receive age-appropriate
instruction and are grouped to match their ability. This
class is recommended for both the developmental
and advanced player. Campers will need: Shin
guards, soccer cleats, and sneakers.
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Card Making (All grades)
Make your own greeting cards like the ones at the
stores. Learn how to use die cuts, brads, ribbons,
and much more to make these cards. All types of
holiday, birthday, graduation, and friendship cards will
be made with ease. Make a gift box to hold your set
of cards. Never again will you pay for a greeting card.
Tennis Masters by All-Met Coach Yann Auzoux
(All grades)
Join Holton’s own varsity tennis coach and All-Met
Coach, Yann Auzoux, to master the fundamentals
of the game through targeted games, drills, and
conditioning exercises. Campers will have the
opportunity to acquire sound technique and a solid
competitive edge. Campers will be grouped by
ability and challenged to improve. Campers will
need: Tennis shoes AND Tennis racquet labeled
with the camper’s name.
Cartooning (All grades)
From jokes to storytelling, cartoons embrace it
all. Learn how to develop your ideas for funny
characters, both human and animal, into comic
strips and caricatures.
Ultimate Frisbee (NEW) (All grades)
This class takes the timeless game of disc throwing
and combines it with the team aspects and rules
of sports such as soccer and hockey. Campers will
enjoy this fast moving sport while perfecting their
throwing and mastering the art of catching a Frisbee.
Campers will need: Sneakers.
Ceramic Arts (All grades)
Learn to create various clay objects with the coil,
slab, and pinch-pot methods. All masterpieces will
be glazed and fired in the kiln.
Crafts Workshop (Grades 2-5)
Learn a variety of crafting techniques using new
and recycled materials. Sculpt, paint, cut, fold, tie,
glue, and mold materials to create both useful and
decorative items. You name it, you can create it!
Volleyball (All grades)
Players will learn basic moves as well as the
fundamentals of serving, passing, setting, hitting,
and blocking. Campers will need: Sneakers – no
black soles.
Crochet (Grades 4 and above)
Start with a hook and some yarn; make a basic slip
knot and crochet a foundation chain. Then learn a
few simple stitches and you have the foundation to
create a variety of fun and useful projects. Beginners
can create a handy kitchen helper (pot holder) or a
simple scarf. Campers with some experience may
create more elaborate projects, such as cuddly stuffed
toys, warm fuzzy hats, floral motifs, decorative items,
Afghans, and more.
Yoga for Kids (All grades)
Get in touch with your inner light. Learn yoga poses,
flowing sequences, breathing exercises, balances,
and relaxation techniques. Strengthen both the body
and the mind through this ancient and timeless
practice. Namaste.
3D Whimsy – The New Shape of Art (All grades)
Put down your paper and pencils and create art
in three dimensions! In this class, campers use
cardboard, wire, plaster, yarn, fabric, and even paper
to create individual sculptures, mobiles, and fantasy
works of art, as well as collaborate on large scale
projects. Campers will need: Smock or apron.
Drawing (All grades)
Campers will be instructed in a variety of techniques
including still life and figure drawing as well as portrait
and landscape perspectives. A wide variety of media
will be explored, such as pencils, pen and ink,
chalk pastels, and charcoal.
Altered Books (All grades)
Transform discarded books into artistic masterpieces!
Campers’ altered books may become works of art
or a place to experiment with all of their creative ideas.
The final masterpiece may be painted, stamped,
colored, decoupaged, and anything else they can
think up!
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Painting (All grades)
Move over, Picasso: this class is about painting!
Tempera, acrylic, and other painting materials will be
used to create larger-than-life masterpieces! Bring
a smock – we’re painting! Campers will need:
Smock or apron.
Face It (Grades 2-5)
Use your face as the foundation for your study of
various art forms, from portraiture to caricature to
tribal masks. Create works that reflect your vision,
your perspective, and your creativity – it’s YOUR
portrait. Campers will need: Smock or apron.
Paper and Book Making (Grades 4 and above)
Start with junk mail, newspapers, used wrapping
paper, and other scraps; add plants, flowers, and
other natural materials; and create beautiful hand-made
papers. Then use these sheets, a few simple tools,
and your imagination to create your own hand-made
journal, scrapbook, or other treasured book.
Gimp Magic (All grades)
Not the plastic lacing you remember! Create
traditional key chains and bracelets or learn to make
animals, people, and just about anything you can
Photography – Digital (All grades)
Digital photography is fun, fast, and easier than you
might think. Campers will use their digital cameras to
capture images and explore techniques for editing
and enhancing their images on a computer. Bring a
camera the first day and every day. Campers will
need: Digital Camera.
Jewelry Workshop (All grades)
Age-old methods of making jewelry will be combined
with contemporary materials and ideas in this, one
of the perennial favorite, classes at Creative Summer.
Knitting (NEW) (Grades 4 and above)
Campers will learn the basics of casting on and the
knit and purl stitches. With the basics down, campers
can create their own scarves, hats, headbands, and
more — the options are limitless!
Pottery (Grades 5 and above)
Learn how to throw a pot, using an electric wheel.
Create and decorate plates, jars, and bowls. All
masterpieces are glazed and fired in the kiln.
Material Girl (All grades)
Tie-dyeing, cloth painting, and appliqué are some of
the projects that may be used to create expressive
designs on various fabrics and articles of clothing.
Printmaking (Grades 2-5)
This exciting class will focus on the world of
printmaking, exploring a variety of methods and
materials from soft-cut linoleum and Styrofoam to
gadgets, fish printing, and more. Students will not
only produce signed and numbered prints but also
original greeting cards and stationery.
Mimicking the Masters (All grades)
Campers will paint, sculpt, drip, and cut as they explore
the works of artists Monet, Van Gogh, Matisse,
Jackson Pollock, and many more from around the
world. They will learn about each artist’s life and
create their own masterpieces.
Sewing (Grades 4 and above)
Campers will learn how to use a sewing machine
and will design and sew their own projects, such as
hair scrunchies, pillows, shorts, and dresses.
Paint Brush in Action – Master Strokes
(Grades 5 and above)
Paint like the masters, from Michelangelo to Picasso.
Develop your own master stroke.
Silk-screening (Grades 4 and above)
Create and produce your own designs on posters,
stationery, and fabric while learning various
silk-screening techniques.
Stitchery (All grades)
Campers will learn how to do needlepoint on plastic
canvas with colorful yarns as well as cross stitch on
fabric with embroidery floss. Campers are encouraged
to create their own designs.
Newspaper (All grades)
Here’s your chance to discover and report on the
happenings at camp. Be instrumental in writing and
publishing the camp newspaper. Campers should be
able and willing to spend time writing stories for the
paper. This class will include investigative reporting,
editorial writing, and entertainment reviews. Remember,
inquiring minds want to know.
Woodworking (All grades)
Campers learn to safely use basic hand tools, such
as hammers, saws, and chisels, as well as small
power tools, such as drills and sanders. Then they
apply their new skills to design and construct small
wood projects. Finally, they finish their projects using
paints, stains, and other embellishments. Campers
will need: Smock or apron (when painting/
Reading for Fun (All grades)
Kick back and relax: it’s free time to enjoy the
pleasures of reading. A great time to get required
summer reading completed.
Yarn Crafting (NEW) (Grades 2-4)
Campers will be introduced to a variety of yarn
crafts, such as crocheting, knitting, weaving, and
macramé. Some techniques use needles, hooks,
or looms, and some just use fingers. By wrapping,
twisting and braiding yarn you can create a multitude
of fun and fashionable projects – the possibilities are
Robotics (Grades 4 and above)
Campers will use materials from the LEGO®
MINDSTORMS® NXT program. Working alone or
in small groups, they will build a simple robot and
program it to perform functions. Campers then test
their robot by guiding it through an obstacle course
or even collaborating with other robots to perform
more complex operations.
Artistic Wizardry (All grades)
You have been accepted to the Wizards’ School
of Music and Artistry! Perfect your wand work in
Conducting Class, play Quidditch on the house
team, and learn about the magical and muggle
sounds that made the Harry Potter movies great! It
is recommended that campers have read at least
one of the Harry Potter novels.
Science Olympiad (All grades)
Go for the Gold – be a member of our Olympic team
– in science, that is! Participate in team building events
such as marshmallow towers, water Olympics, the
egg drop, ping-pong ball challenge, and more!
Scratch (NEW) (Grades 5 and above)
Let your mind write the adventure. This digital
programing class (a project of the MIT Media Lab)
allows campers to create their own interactive stories,
games, and animations through the process of coding.
Think of Scratch like Legos, putting small digital
pieces together one-by-one, to build whatever you
can dream up!
Chess (All grades)
Chess can teach students concentration,
long-range planning, and memory and analytical
skills as well as introduce them to the importance of
controlling numerous variables and the spirit of true
Spy Adventures (Grades 2-5)
Hone your detective skills and learn to write and
break codes with our team of Special Agents in this
spy class worthy of Sherlock Holmes.
Computer Publishing and Keyboarding
(All grades)
Campers begin by learning the basic skill of
keyboarding and progress to using a computer
to create a wide range of printed items, such as
calendars, cards, flyers, labels, certificates, and
postcards. Campers will learn how to use Microsoft
Publisher® and to properly download images,
including photographs.
The Write Idea – Writing Workshop
(Grades 3 and above)
Use your imagination and express yourself through
stories! This class will focus on the creative aspect
of the writing process. Campers will learn the basics
of developing characters and describing scenes
while writing short stories and poetry.
Glurch and Slime (All grades)
It’s cool to be slimy in this adventurous activity,
during which campers will make all sorts of goo and
even working volcanoes! Our slime makes a cool
glurch sound that you can use to impress your family
and amaze your friends. So get messy, get slimy,
and be creative!
Don’t delay Camp fills early!
Education Edge is a highly-respected K-12 education
company offering innovative courses in study skills,
math, reading, and writing. Education Edge also
provides one-to-one diagnostic and prescriptive
assessment and tutorial sessions. All programs
incorporate a differentiated approach to learning
to accommodate the range of abilities in learning
styles across ages and grade levels. Instructors
communicate with parents frequently throughout
each course. These programs are offered as class
options for Creative Campers during the camp day.
Read, Write, and Think –
Additional fees apply (Grades 3-5)
Read, Write, and Think is a reading comprehension
class that fosters and builds students’ skills in each
area. The class uses high-interest materials to
increase speed, comprehension, vocabulary, and
writing. Students acquire the skills necessary to
become more successful and independent in their
academic work.
Cost: $300 per 3-week session
Critical Reading and Test-Taking Strategies –
Additional fees apply (Grades 6-8)
This class helps to strengthen critical and analytical
thinking skills for students in grades 6-8. Students
learn to apply the following skills: making inferences,
drawing conclusions, locating the answer, completing
sentences, and making analogies. Additionally, the
class will include test-taking strategies that will help
students with the SSAT, PSAT, and eventually the
SAT. Practice tests from the SSAT, PSAT, and SAT
will also be used in this class.
Cost: $300 per 3-week session
Strengthening of Skills (SOS) –
Additional fees apply (Grades 5-8)
SOS is a highly-regarded study skills program
taught in schools within our region and throughout
the world. SOS is a validated HOW TO LEARN
course that gives students the tools necessary to
become more successful and independent in their
academic work. It teaches skills for better efficiency
in listening, recalling, note taking, time management,
and test taking.
Students identify and take advantage of their own,
unique learning styles. Since there is no one right
approach to studying, students are exposed to
several options and develop strategies that work
effectively for them.
Math Here and Now – Additional fees apply
(Grades 3-5)
This math program includes problem-solving math
games and activities that provide exciting practice in
basic operations, patterning, and analytical thinking.
The use of manipulatives and games encourages a
hands-on approach for participants. This approach
also generates confidence and enthusiasm for math
while fortifying skills. Cost: $300 per 3-week session
A pre-test is administered to determine each student’s
learning style and skill level. A post-test at the end of
the course documents achievement results. Parents
receive a follow-up report upon completion of the
course. Each student receives a workbook which is
included in the course fee.
Cost: $350 per 3-week session
Mechanics of Better Writing – Additional fees
apply (Grades 3-5)
This program focuses on improving campers’
written expression. There is no exact formula for
good writing, but through practice and exposure to
different writing styles, your child will build the skills
necessary to approach any writing assignment with
ease and confidence. Program components include
personal narratives, persuasive essays, comparative
writing, descriptive writing, journal entry writing, short
reports, and the mechanics of writing and editing.
Cost: $300 per 3-week session
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