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God is good! Camp Veritas at Mount
Saint Mary College is off to a terrific
What we did today! start. After registering 330 campers in
one hour on Sunday afternoon, they
joined the 120 volunteers for a deli Dodge ball
cious dinner followed by Ryan’s intro Rosary
ductory talk on the Meaning of Life.
Personal testimonies were given that
 Soccer
 Testimony under the night by the Franciscan Sisters of the
Renewal. On Monday, everyone apprestars
ciated the gorgeous weather at our
 A talk on the Cross
Camp Lakota site where campers enand the love of God
joyed lake and pool activities, the go Learning about the
games, music, snacks, fellowship and fun!
carts and the rope course.
power of confession
Today campers are actively engaged in
 Talks in the shade Campers learned about the importance activity periods at Mount Saint Mary Colwith the Sisters of Life
of the Mass during Fr. Luke Sweeney’s lege.
about anything and
homily on Monday afternoon. They
The activities include dodgeball, kickball,
basked in the Lord’s love during Eucha DJ coming tonight for
soccer (and more soccer!), ultimate frisa Catholic party out- ristic Adoration that evening as they
bee, volleyball, swimming in the compelistened to Fr. Joseph Gill’s inspiring
side in the quad
tition sized pool, basketball, capture the
talk about the True Presence of Jesus in
 Much, much more!
flag, kan-jam. The kids are diving in and
the Eucharist.
having a blast! They are REALLY grateful
Campers love the “Catholic Party” that for the air conditioning when it comes
occurs at Camp Veritas every night time for Mass and the indoor activities
with the gigantic bouncy castle, sports, this time of year!
S P O T L I G H T O N F O O D. . .
Mount Saint Mary College has been offering
quite the spread when it comes to food for our
campers. Only the best for the kids this week!
They can choose from a full salad bar, pizza,
the grill, hot entrees with vegetables and rice,
cold sandwiches, fresh fruit and a whole array
of fantastic desserts!
Believe it or not, the kids are respectfully
cleaning up after themselves and really enjoying the fare!!!
Sunrise at the Mount… Beautiful!
A visit to the beautiful Masten Lake at Camp Lakota on Monday afternoon. Right: One of the boys groups resting after their turn in the lake.
One of our awesome sisters chats with a few campers during “free time” in the quad