The 25th Anniversary-Edition



The 25th Anniversary-Edition
October 23rd to November the 1st
1990 Bucharest
The 25
th Anniversary-Edition
under the High Patronage of the President of Romania - Mr. Klaus Johannis
Artistic Director:
Marina Constantinescu
Festival Producers: UNITER, ARCUB & National Theatre „I.L. Caragiale“ Bukarest
Financed by: The Ministry of Culture & Bucharest City Hall
invited in the
national selection
(in the alphabetical order)
Hungarian State Theatre Cluj
after A.P. Chekhov
Director's assistant, dramaturg: Noémi Vajna
Set design: Carmencita Brojboiu
Costume design: Gyopár Bocskai
Original music: Kata Bodoki-Halmen
Photos: Theatre
Aging causes changes: to the brain size, vasculature system and cognition, to the
bones that tend to shrink in size and density, appears constipation, loss of bladder
control, declines sexual appetite and up 40 vigour declines, with 60 we have some
hearing loss.
Shame, vulnerability, nostalgia, depression, feelings of loneliness and isolation,
feelings of purposelessness or loss of identity, and fear of death or dying also play
a major role in facing our older selves.
Do you think you are an exception?
National Theatre I. L. Caragiale Bucharest
A dramatic monologue after Anița Nandriș-Cudla’s Book "20 Years in Siberia. Memories of life"
worked out by Sorin Misirianţu
Set design: Sorin Misirianțu
Adaptation: Sorin Misirianțu
Stage Direction: Valentin Luca
Sound: Octavian Vasile
Light design: Bogdan Gheorghiu, Cristian Simon
"20 years in Siberia - pain, hope, despair, detachment, will, fight, cleanliness of mind,
purification through suffering, freedom, holy light. Let us learn to love and to forgive those
who have caused us the pain, in order to increase our vibrations and to evolve spiritually, to
be reborn. A special show with a special actress: Amalia Ciolan!” Sorin Misirianțu
Photos: Florin Ghioca
Odeon Theatre Bucharest
by Saviana Stănescu, directed by Alexandru Mihail
Translation made in the Master of Dramatic Writing, UAT Targu
Coordinator: Iulia Popovici
Assistant director: Gabriel Pintilei
Set design: Vladimir Turturică
Cast: Nicoleta Lefter, Marius Damian, Alexandru Papadopol,
Meda Victor, Ionuţ Kivu, Relu Poalelungi
The story is inspired by a real fact reported in an article in Florida Observer: a Romanian and
Ukrainian brought to the United States more than 800 illegal immigrants with fake visas for circus
performers. The play-writer imagines the trajectory of two of these foreigners, a young girl from
Moldova and Russian guy, departing from Florida to New York to escape deportation. Beyond this
initial moment, the play presents a tragicomic history from the city that never sleeps, New York,
where people from different corners of the world intersect their lives and aspirations in a daily
balancing act on the railing of the American Dream.
Photos: Octavian Tibăr
National Theatre “M. Eminescu” Timișoara
after Jeroen van den Berg
Translation: Liliana Alexandre
Set design: Zsolt Fehervári
Music: Sebastian Hamburger
Video design: Ovidiu Zimcea
Light design: Alexandru Stănescu
Cast: Alina Ilea, Robert Copoț, Jasmina Mitrici, Adrian Roșu
Photos: Theare
A story about the internal lies of a family. That what seems to be a perfect birthday starts with a "replay" given from the
celebrated mother whose anniversary gives signs of explosion. And although everything looks to work in a routine free of
surprises things get crazy. Soon all of them forget what is real and what is not, and the anniversary - so mutilated as it is is a good opportunity to release them from the untruth to reality.
Național Theatre „Radu Stanca” & University „Lucian Blaga” Sibiu
Assistant : Vlad Bacalu
Script: developed through Active Art methods together with the performers.
Project manager: Luminița Puiuleț
Performers: Cristina Blaga, Paul Bondane, Anton Balint, Călin Mihail Roajdă, Alexandra Șerban, Cristian
Timbuș, Maria Tomoiagă
A province town high school, year 2015, Romania. The students create a
secret group on social media. The teachers find out, infiltrate and take
action. With the support of some of the students. # freedom of expression #
violation of privacy # trust # respect # comment # educational system #
trashed # public space # snitch # slander # share # lack of professionalism #
bribe # like # outdated # dialogue @ any level # How far are we from the
caves we came from? # Hashtag
National Theatre Cluj
after Gellu Naum
Music performance by: ADA MILEA
Assistant director: Mihai Chirilă
Set design: Cristian Rusu
Ideas of shadows: Filip Odangiu
Drawings and shadows: Paul Mureșan
Music assistant : Anca Hanu
Lights: Jenel Moldovan
Technical director: Constantin Pojonie
Sound: Marius Rusu
Cast: Ada Milea, Dragoş Pop, Anca Hanu, Ramona Dumitrean, Adriana Băilescu, Cristian Rigman,
Sânziana Tarţa, Adrian Cucu, Filip Odangiu
„Apolodor is at the same time the title of Gellu Naum’s story and the name of the main character, a
penguin. The story is a kind of musical map describing the travels around the world of the penguin
Apolodor. On the stage there is a screen with moving shadows. Behind the screen everyone can
change its shape and become the character. There are also characters (especially animals) that as
soon as they come out of the screen may appear as human beings... The artists / musicians interact a
lot with the audience, and are always ready to accompany the cute penguin Apolodor on a new
journey around the globe.” Ada Milea
Photos: Nicu Cherciu
Țăndărică Animation Theatre Bucharest
after Farid Uddin Attar
Adaptation: Mihaela Tonitza-Iordache
Director & Set designer: CHRISTIAN PEPINO
Costumes: Cristina Pepino
Music: Gabriel Apostol
Voice trening: Decebal Marin
Puppets trening: Ioan Brancu
Stage movement: Liliana Gavrilescu
Cast: Ioan Brancu, Gabriel Apostol, Liliana Gavrilescu, Decebal Marin, Geo Dinescu, Marin Fagu, Alexandru Neculcea, Andreea Ionescu, Olga Bela, Cristina Tane
Compared to the original poem (or the dramatization of Peter Brook and Jean-Claude Carriere 1979) the
author of the nonverbal performance has focused his attention primarily on the universal human value
and thinking dimension of the Persian poet Farid Uddin Attar. In comparison with others oriental
philosophers and poets by Attar the long and difficult way of initiation, the great journey in this “birds
meeting” is placed far from heaven and becomes a demonstration of the truth on earth, the truth inside
the human being - alone guilty and responsible for his fate. He keeps the beauty and original oriental way
of thinking, but he takes distance to the earth bounded fanaticism of the monotheistic beliefs especially
the Islamic one in favor of rationalism, and the real sense for the real life.
Photos: Theatre
Hungarian State Theatre “Csiky Gergely” Timișoara
By John Gay
Translation of the original text into Hungarian: Orbán Enikő
Director assistant: Szerda Zsófia
Dramaturg: Góli Kornélia
Choreography: Andreja Kulešević
Music: Irena Popović
Lyrics: Kokan Mladenović
Hungarian lyrics: Góli Kornélia, Szerda Zsófia
Set design: Marija Kalabić
Costume designer: Tatjana Radišić
Stage manager: Kertész Éva, Molnos András
Prompter: Czumbil Marika
Cast: With Aszalos Géza, Balázs Attila, Bandi András Zsolt,
Borbély B. Emília, Csata Zsolt, Kiss Attila, Lőrincz Rita,
Magyari Etelka, Mátyás Zsolt Imre, Molnár Bence, Molnos
András Csaba, Kocsárdi Levente, Simó Emese, Tar Mónika,
Tokai Andrea
Orchestra: Cosmin Hărşian, Dragalina Cristian Csaba, Szabó
Csongor-Zsolt, Ilko Gradev, Marcelle Poaty-Souami
Poster: Benedek Levente
Half of the world has a slut fate,
Everyone is trying to sell himself,
All-over adultery, and then what shall we become?
What shall we be?
(Fragment from performing text)
Photos Bíró Márton
Theatre Unteatru Bucharest
after Harold Pinter
Translation: Sanziana Stoican
Set design: Valentin Varlan
Cast: Sabrina Iaschevici, Ionut Visan, Silviu Debu
To betray = to deceive someone’s confidence in a deliberately and treacherous way
by committing acts which are hostile. Being disloyal to someone or something. .
Deviating from a line of behavior and prove inconsistency in actions, ideas etc.
Commit infidelity in love or marriage, cheating…
Photos : Theatre
urban fable #2
National Theatre „Radu Stanca” Sibiu
after Pau Miró
Translation: Luminița Voina-Răuț
Director: RADU AFRIM
Assistant director: Sanda Anastasof
Set design: Dragoş Buhagiar;
Asistent set design: Irina Chirilă
Choreography: Andrea Gavriliu;
Sounds univers: Radu Afrim;
Video shooting and concept: Radu Afrim;
Video editing: Costin Chesnoiu;
Cast: Vlad Bîrzanu / Cristian Timbuș, Iustinian Turcu, Ali Deac, Cendana Trifan / Maria Soilică, Ioan
Paraschiv, Raluca Iani, Dana Maria Lăzărescu, and actors from GIRAFE
"The Baffles" is the story of a family that slowly perish. The action takes place in
a laundry, a family business, where sins and secrets are washed through
violence and isolation. One child dies, mother disappears, father is losing his
mind and four bison-children survive. Radu Afrim, with a group of young actors
and his poetic imagination, brings on stage an exciting world about death and
survival, revealing the terrible and violent child hiding in any human being.
Photos © TNRS Paul Băilă
National Theatre “Marin Sorescu” Craiova
after Răzvan Petrescu
Set design: arh. Andreea Simona Negrilã
Assistant set design: George Dulămea
Cast: Claudiu Bleonţ, Iulia Lazăr, Angel Rababoc, Adrian Andone, Cătălin Vieru, Iulia Colan, Gabriela
Baciu, Anca Dinu, Eugen Titu
The dramatization of the novel "Armed robbery" by Razvan Petrescu, is a black comedy where the
characters cross serious situations treated in a comic key. The groovy humor becoming the
dramatic of the generalized ambiguity. Three men, former comrades in the army, all intellectuals
and about fifty, are planning an armed robbery at an exchange office. Radu one of them, a
financial frustrated psychiatrist, even more unstable than his patients, proposes friends, to
implement the breaking.
Photos: Theatre
Theatre „Lucia Sturdza Bulandra” Bucharest
after Yasmina Reza
Translation: Alex Leo Şerban
Set design: Octavian Neculai
Music: Adrian Enescu
Technical director: Alina Manu
Alexandru Darie goes right in those directions, deep,
strange, not necessarily at first hand, with accents of Ibsen
or Chekhov, building conditions or gestures suspended on
Adrian Enescu's music, a key character in this show.
Powerful tones, a music consisting of the tension on stage
and on what is not said. The sonorities go much higher,
the highest spiritual, meanings that drain through the
scenic space and the anxieties of the characters.
Photos: Mihaela Marin
German Theatre Timișoara
Assistance director: Enikő Blénessy, Oana Vidoni
Dramaturgy: Zsolt Benedek
Assistance dramaturgy: Andrea Reisz
Set design: Bartha József
Assistance scenography: Zsolt Fehérvári
Costume: Zsuzsanna Kiss
Technical director: Constantin Ene
Sound-design: Dan Simion
Music: Csaba Boros
Prompter: Vali Velimirovici
Photos : Petru Cojocaru
Music recording: Lucian Petrila – violin, Gabriela Petrila – violin, Laura Șain – cello, Iuliana Ambăruș - viola
Cast: Isa Berger, Harald Weisz, Konstantin Keidel, Ida Jarcsek-Gaza, Radu Vulpe
Rewriting the tragedy Electra the dramatist takes over the main reasons of the well-known writings of Euripides and Eschil;
crime, revenge, betrayal, love. This modern adaptation directed by László Bocsárdi brings to the forefront the revenge
obsession in light of consuming passions.
National Theater Cluj
after Sławomir Mrożek
Translation Stan Velea
Set design: Cristian Rusu
Lights: Ionuț Maier
Sound: Vasile Crăciun
Technical director: Arhidiade Mureşan
Cast: AA Matei Rotaru, XX Tudor Lucanu
In The Emigrants - a study of the condition of the exiled - Mrożek processes the marginalized
experience of his own exile, of the refugee due to various reasons. AA and XX are roommates and
during a fight their dialogue takes gradually the form of a duel in which they unmask each other.
Their story and life take place in a cellar, between the building`s sanitation noisy pipes ... that serve
also as seats for the spectators. Two uncomfortable beds and a wooden table complement the
shabby place where the two protagonists are sustaining firmly and with a lot of talent their difficult
score - one of them being the director of this performance himself.
Photos : Theatre
ACT Theatre Bucharest
an exercise after the book from Daniel Keyes
Concept & acting: IULIA COLAN
Flowers for Algernon is not a show. It is a confession. But if
you can make a performance from a confession, then it's more
than a show. It was born from a need of sincerity. And
humanity. So was born Charlie. Charlie's not a boy. Charlie's
not a girl. Charlie's one heart. How many times in life did you
see heart that speaks?
Photos : Theatre
Cultural Center for UNESCO „Nicolae Balcescu” Bucharest
after Teodor Mazilu
Set design: Adriana Grand
Photos : Adriana Grand
Cast: George Costin, Adrian Nicolae, Andrei
Huţuleac, Sorin Miron, Nicoleta Hâncu,
Mihaela Velicu
We live times in which truths are said with obscenity, subtleties are almost
outdated and everything related to the communist era was told in a
thousand different ways. The director Victor Ioan Frunza proposes us an
intelligent reworked script in the spirit full of humor of Teodor Mazilu. He
removes the play and the subject out of the communism world and places it
in a current "democracy" in which the old "lizards" get new meanings, yet
preserving sharpness and acid comic.
Bulandra Theatre Bucharest
by Bertolt Brecht
Translating and adapting: Andrei Șerban și Daniela Dima
Choreography and acting training: ANDREI ȘERBAN
Assistant director: Sandra Rasvana Cernat, Ioana Petre, Alexandru Gherman
Choreography of the 8th song / elephant: Andreea Gavriliu
Set design: Iuliana Vâlsan
Music: Raul Kusak
Technical director: Mihaela Oance
Sound: Vlad Stan
Cast: Alexandra Fasolă / Ana Ularu, Vlad Ivanov, Cătălin Babliuc / Alexandru Potoceanu, Rodica Mandache,
Manuela Ciucur, Mirela Gorea, Daniela Nane / Ana Covalciuc, Profira Serafim, Adrian Ciobanu, Marcela Motoc,
Mihai Niţă, Silvana Negruţiu, Adela Bengescu, Simona Pop
Seciuan is Bucharest with its decadent and ridiculous world of gods:
bubble businessmen with wide collars and thick laugh, beggars and
sharp dealers, the charlatans with feeling, the gossip women, the
silicone pumped ones… a place where a good soul can also get lost. The
Director Andrei Serban let this cynical world run a riot on a carpet of
clouds below a beautiful overturned field of poppies...
Photos : Mihaela Marin
Stories with high school fragrance
Excelsior Theatre Bucharest
by Alan Bennett
Translation: Vlad Cristache
Director & Set design: VLAD CRISTACHE
Assistant director: Septimiu Stoica
Cast: Mihai Dinvale, Radu Iacoban, Daniela Ioniţă-Marcu, Cristian
Nicolaie, George Albert Costea, Alexandru Ion, Cezar Grumăzescu,
Gabriel Costin, Mihai Conrad Mericoffer, Dan Clucinschi, Alexandru Voicu,
Radu Mateucă
The action takes place in a traditional college for boys in Sheffield, North
England. The ordinary lifestyle, nonconformist and indolent of the pupils
who are preparing for university exam, is dynamited through the Highschool
Director’s ambitions... the target is Oxford and Cambridge university for the
Cutlers' Grammar School graduates! School becomes so the "battlefield" of
the different ideas about life and education.
Photo & Poster: Adi Bulboacă
The Very Small Theatre Bucharest
by Radu Iacoban
Set design: Mihaela Ularu
Light design: Bogdan Gheorghiu
Cast: Elena Emilia Dobrin, Mara Andreea Grămoşteanu, Alexa Ilinca Manolache
This house is a place where feelings are hiding behind quotations from books. A place where the
mask of irony covers the bitterness of broken fates, and humor wraps the life's sadness. Among
stuffed cats, who seem to continue their existence in an artificial way, three women try to learn
the lesson of living behind walls, which tighten them such as the bars of a cage. Among bottles of
alcohol, packs with pills, packets of cigarettes, between two rounds of teasing and clichés that
take the place of reconciliation with one another and with itself, three lives are reduced to a
common denominator: the unconfessed need of one another. And the circle closes only to reopen
with other characters.
Photos: Andrei Runcanu
National Theatre “Marin Sorescu” Craiova
after Ivan Vyrypaev
Translation: Bogdan Budeş
Set design: arh. ANDREEA NEGRILĂ
Technical director: Mircea Vărzaru
Prompter: Bogdana Dumitriu
Sound: George Udrea
Lights: Dodu Ispas
Cello, Orlando Buda (Lyceum of Art Marin Sorescu - Craiova)
Cast: Romaniţa Ionescu, Ioana Manciu, Cătălin Băicuş, Vlad Udrescu
Photos: Theatre
“Illusions” can be considered a performance-event where a team of young designers starting from the author's artistic
credo, proposes a different kind of theatre, exciting, innovative in conventions." Ileana Lucaciu, blog Spectator
"Illusions" confirms again the director’s qualities active on the professional scene for several years and also the opening
of a state institution for artistic researches of a new generation...
Romanian National Opera Iasi
A dance-theatre performance by GIGI CACIULEANU
Photos : Theatre
In this show the choreographer Gigi Caciuleanu imagined a group of people, a sample of human society in action. And
what else if not the art of movement, dance, is able to put together these "atoms of society" to give life to a moment of
"social physics" ... and the alchemy of the group.
“Tompa Miklós” Company - National Theatre Târgu-Mures
after Fjodor Mihajlovics Dosztojevszkij - Richard Crane
Translation: Máhr Ágnes
Costume designer: Bocskai Gyopár
Set design: Tenkei Tibor
Cast: Bokor Barna, Galló Ernő, László Csaba, Bányai Kelemen Barna
"If there is no God, then everything is permitted, and man himself is
free to act for himself" - says Dostoevsky, and his writings always gush
up this idea. Heroes - the rebel Ivan, the unbridled Dmitry and the
religious Aljosa - the archetypal personalities of Russian society, bearers
of great opportunities. Even if their fate ends up in tragedy – parricide which is associated with the rejection of god of the world, there is
rebellion against the power which play with passions and sufferings.
Posster: Hodgyai István
National Theatre „Radu Stanca“ Sibiu
after Eugène IONESCO
Translation: Vlad Russo and Vlad Zografi
Assistant director: Tudor Lucanu
Dramaturgy: Anca Măniuțiu
Choreography: Andrea Gavriliu
Set design: Adrian Damian
Costumes: Irina Moscu
Music: Şerban Ursachi
Cast: Constantin Chiriac, Ofelia Popii / Florentina Țilea, Mariana Mihu, Veronica Arizancu, Emöke
Boldizsár, Ioana Cosma, Serenela Mureșan, Veronica Popescu, Maria Soilică, Cristina Stoleriu,
Alexandra Șerban, Codruța Vasiu.
„The Teacher: You always tend to add up. You have also to subtract. You must not only integrate.
You also need to disintegrate. That’s life. That's philosophy. That's science. That's progress,
civilization“. (Eugène Ionesco, The Lesson)
We know it is a play about manipulation, seduction, horrors, robotization ... perhaps we will find
out more or we will recognize something about how civilization implements the rules of arithmetic
here and there and how this rules "operate" in us.
Theatre „Lucia Sturdza Bulandra” Bucharest
after Israel Horovitz
Translation: Mihnea Columbeanu
Assistant director: Silvia Moroşanu
Choreography: Andreea Novac
Music ilustration: Tudor Chirilă
Set design: Dana Istrate
Technical director: Mihaela Oance
Photos: Adi Bulboacă
The director Iarina Demian "reads" remarkably this theatre-piece. Without any help by setting, on an empty stage, she
handles and monitors the febrile movement of the characters and watch carefully the interpretation of each role... The
major merit of the actors is however the decoding importance of each line and the intense experience with neutrality to
each situation of confrontation with peers from around. Ileana Lucaciu
Nottara Theatre Bucharest
by: Martin McDonagh
Translation: Bogdan Budeș
Set design: Carmencita Brojboiu
Cast: Florin Piersic Jr., Vlad Zamfirescu, Andi Vasluianu,
Ioana Calotă / Corina Dragomir
© Copyright Nottara 2014-2015
Nothing can be more bidder for theatre and its audience, than a modern text, about
uneasy things, written in a rapid pace, bluntly and unnecessary inhibitions. Always
human relationships in a community, whether in Ireland or elsewhere, tell us more
about the human beings than dozens of books written by psychoanalysis. . So you are
invited to enter the world full of violence, black humor but also unexpected compassion,
of Connor brothers, Mr. Welsh the priest and the beautiful Girleen Kelleher. Irina
Dramatic Theatre “Fani Tardini” Galati
Joke in one act by A. P. Chekhov
Translation: Maşa Dinescu
Set design: Andrada Chiriac
Music illustration and lighting design: Felix Alexa
Cast: Cristian Gheorghe, Petronela Buda, Lucian Pînzaru
Born in 1860, Chekhov knew at the age of 36 the great theatre theoretician Constantin Stanislavski,
important for the gold theatre period of XX century, studied further today as a leading authority
which resists innovation. Stanislavski directed many of Chekov theatre-pieces. Alexa has now to face
thousands of stagings, in the almost 126 years since the creation of the piece. A challenge for Felix
Alexa, former assistant of the great theatrical innovator Peter Brook. Victor Cilincă / "Viata Libera"
Photos: Tudor Predescu
National Theatre Cluj
after George Tabori
Translation: Alexandru Al. Şahighian
Assistant diretor: Leta Popescu
Set design: Carmencita Brojboiu
Assistant set design: Cătălin Bocîrnea
Dramaturgy: Cătălin Ștefănescu
Music: Ada Milea, Anca Hanu
Lights design: Jenel Moldovan
Lights: Mădălina Mânzat, Alexandru Corpodean, Ionuț Maier
Technical director: Constantin Pojonie
Sound: Marius Rusu
Video projection: Vasile Crăciun
Prompter: Ana Maria Moldovan
Cast: Ionuţ Caras, Cristian Grosu, Radu Lărgeanu, Cătălin Herlo, Silvius Iorga, Sorin Leoveanu, Matei Rotaru, Angelica Nicoară, Romina Merei /
Diana Buluga, Patricia Brad, Anca Hanu, Ramona Dumitrean, Cristian Rigman, Alexandra Tarce
The most famous theatre-piece of George Tabori is an anti-Nazi farce called „Mein Kampf”, which he directed
for the first time in Vienna in 1987. Through his theatre, Tabori wanted to encourage the audience to laugh at
the monsters and killers he presented on stage. „Mein Kampf” is an exorcism, a huge laugh, a song of freedom
in which the author, a victim himself of the Nazi terror, treats horror in an unexpected manner.
Metropolis Theatre Bucharest
by William Shakespeare
Stage version by Victor Ioan Frunză - comedy with people and gods Director: VICTOR IOAN FRUNZĂ
Casting & training: George Costin & Alexandru Pavel
Communication & Logistics: Sorin Miron
Artistic consultant: Adrian Nicolae
Set & costumes design: Adriana Grand
Sounds effects: Alin Florea & Sorin Miron
Cast: George Costin, Alin Florea, Alexandru Pavel, Adrian Nicolae, Andrei Huțuleac, Alin
Florea, Eduard Cârlan / Costin Dogioiu, Sorin Miron, Amir Qashou, Carol Ionescu, Sorin
Fluture, Cristina Florea, Mihaela Velicu, Nicoleta Hâncu, George Costin, Cristina Florea,
Andrei Huțuleac , Amir Qashou
Spirits, fairies, elves: Adriana Aldea, Andrei Bibire, Codrin Andrei Boldea, Eduard Boț,
Selina Colceru, Antonia Din, Gloria Melu, Andreea Mera, Paul Radu
Photos: Adriana Grand
A Midsummer Night's Dream in the stage vision of V.I. Frunză is a complete show, which hypnotizes the audience.
Impressive is the rhythm familiar for the cinema audiences, with extremely rapid succession without intermission
scenes, which requires an extraordinary dynamism and a demanding performance of the actors. The „paintings”
imagined of people, light and smoke may become generic for an art film, or as well, picturises of an exhibition.
German Theatre Timișoara
Photo: Petru Cojocaru
Assistant director: Enikő Blénessy
Set design & costumes: Dragoş Buhagiar
Assistant set designer: Ioana Popescu
Music: Vasile Șirli
Technical director: Costinel Stănescu
Musical training: Valentina Peetz
Make-up: Lucia Preda
Prompter: Vali Velimirovici
Performing: Aszalos Géza, Baczó Tünde, Balázs Attila, Isa Berger, Enikő Blénessy, Dana Borteanu, Bandi
András Zsolt, Borbély B. Emília, Aljoscha Cobeţ, Isolde Cobeţ, Csata Zsolt, Dukász Péter, Éder Enikő, Richard
Hladik, Rareş Hontzu, Ioana Iacob, Kiss Attila, Kocsárdi Levente, Lőrincz Rita, Magyari Etelka, Mátray László,
Mátyás Zsolt Imre, Molnár Bence, Molnos András Csaba, Georg Peetz, Puzsa Patrícia, Horia Săvescu,
Tatiana Sessler, Simó Emese, Tar Mónika, Daniela Török, Silvia Török, Oana Vidoni, Radu Vulpe, Anne-Marie
Waldeck, Harald Weisz.
Photos: Martón Biró
Moliendo Café was born out of the improvisation of the actors who performed under the artistic direction of director Silviu
Purcărete. The theme is coffee and the flavors and world’s sensations in relation with coffee. “Coffee and theatre are two
absolute and indispensable perks – which means that they have no real use, but everybody uses them”, says the director.
The show uses body language as the main means of expression.
Producer: German State Theatre Timisoara & Hungarian State Theatre „Csiky Gergely” Timisoara
Classical Theatre “Ioan Slavici” Arad
Team-script based on real facts narrated by the performing actors
Set design: Cristina Milea
Assistant set design: Elena Gheorghe
Light design: ing. Lucian Moga
Cast: Alina Danciu, Carmen Vlaga–Bogdan, Roxana Sabău–Nica,
Robert Pavicsits, Ștefan Statnic
It all started from zero. First the pictures of the actor’s parents appeared, then their
stories, objects and their music. A show based on stories, born out of our memories
or out of what we imagine our parents were, before we were born. The actors bring
on stage pictures and objects from their childhood. The stage becomes an universe
of memories kept in boxes placed in the attic, the place of honor in every house…
boxes that our parents never open these days, in the present, nor throw them away,
because “you never know when you need them again”… (Cristina Milea)
Photos: Laurian Popa
Metropolis Theatre Bucharest
Texts by Gellu Naum
Set design: Vladimir Turturică
Cast: Oana Pellea, Cristina Casian
A UNTEATRU project taken over by Metropolis Theatre supported by Gellu Naum
N(AUM) is a show whose script was sieved out of Mr. Naum’s universe, a
world where reality is governed through other laws. We have the sensation of
a trip, with remembering landscapes, taste of air, with the strangeness and
Wisdom of the sounds. We remain marked by a bottomless emptiness, a
search and especially with an accompaniment feeling.
It's not just the “naumian” universe, it is the area of forgotten things, of the
lost understanding, of the great searches and the crossings, absolutely
everything that exist in ourselves since ever: “the deciphering key is in love,
and that’s why so hard to see it.” (Gellu Naum)
Photos: Theatre
National Theatre „Radu Stanca” Sibiu / Schauspielhaus Stuttgart
after Gotthold Ephraim Lessing
Translation: Lucian Blaga
Dramaturgy: Verena Eitel
Choreography: Berit Jentzsch
Set design: Dragoş Buhagiar
Costumes: Katja Strohschneider
Music: Thomas Kürstner, Sebastian Vogel
Video: Rebecca Ridel
Cast: Peter Kurt, Katharina Knap, Ofelia Popii, Ciprian Scurtea, Susanne Böwe, Horst Kotterba, Paul Grill, Cristina Juks, Maria
Tomoiagă, Alexandru Udrea
With the extraordinary participation of the musician Marius Mihalache
Lessing's text was "translated" from the perspective of the debate about violence in Europe today. The
show seeks specific purposes such as the social dimension of terror and especially racism in Romania
and Germany, considering the fact that each country has its own peculiarities. To this project joined
Laila Bokhari, originally from Palestine living now in Norway, an expert in terrorism matters and
important politician. The cast includes Ofelia Popii, owner of several awards in Romania, Scotland
(Edinburgh) and Japan (Tokyo) and Peter Kurth and Katharina Knap, two actors of the Schauspiel
Stuttgart, who this year received by a jury of critics of the specialist magazine "Theater heute": one
the titles of "Actor of the Year" and the other one the title "actress of the Year".
„Maria Filloti” Theatre Brăila
after A.P. Cehov
Set design: Daniel Titza
Technical director: Ionel Spălatu
Lights: Mihai Andrei, Enică Cociaş
Sound: Marian Ecmegian, Valentin Ene
Stage property: Nela Ioniţă
Prompter: Cati Toea
Cast: Silviu Debu, Mihaela Trofimov, Valentin Terente, Ionuţ Vişan, Emilia Bebu, Corina Borş, Narcisa Novac, Liviu
Pintileasa, Marcel Turcoianu, Dan Moldoveanu, Adrian Ştefan, Costică Burlacu, Alexandru Marin, Emilia Mocanu
This first play written by Chekhov when he was 18 carries in it the germs
the future dramatic genius and even the themes, characters, atmosphere
and comments that will to be developed in his four main dramatic texts. A
dense text that in the stage version of Andrea Fox is well paced, tense,
with surprising deployment, without losing any of the immobility and the
twilight of a world, that of the Russian nobility, that will be swallowed up
little by little by the atavistic, brutal and aggressive bourgeoisie.
Photos: Theatre
National Theatre I. L. Caragiale Bucharest
after Dejan Dukovski
Translation: Felix Alexa
Copyright©Verlag der Autoren, Frankfurt am Main, Germany - All rights reserved
Musical Illustration: Felix Alexa
Set design: Andrada Chiriac
Light design: Felix Alexa
Black Comedy - Show not recommended for children under 14!
"Rest assured, you live in one of the best possible worlds", that’s what we hear every day. And yet,
today's Europe is a powder keg. Violence and crime are part of the daily routine. An upside down
world that needs only a spark to explode. This is the world according to the Macedonian playwrighter Dejan Dukovski, one of the most performed contemporary authors. The director Felix Alexa
proposes a modern show in which scenes follow alert each other, like in a carousel of violence where
hyper-realistic accents alternate with extreme black humor.
Photos: Tudor Predescu
Cultural Center for UNESCO „Nicolae Balcescu” Bucharest
by Mihail Sebastian
Set design: Adriana Grand
Cast: Nicoleta Hancu, Sorin Miron, Mihaela Velicu, Luminița Ergu,
Alexandru Pavel, Adrian Nicolae
Without seeking to innovate the space or to upgrade the script,
Victor Ioan Frunza proposes a beautiful and poetic XXI century vision
of the play "Star without a name". A vision that includes all possible
worlds and all possible “Mona” (the main female character of the
play) which deviate one day from her way of being for one moment
long as an eternity. This demonstrates "scientifically", throughout the
(in)contestable sample of the experienced record, that sometimes
God has made mistakes in the formula after which he created the
world… Monica Andronescu / Adevărul
Photos: Theatre
The Comedy Theatre Bucharest
after August Strindberg
Translation: Carmen Vioreanu
A laboratory show directed by: ANTOANETA COJOCARU
Set design: Vladimir Turturica
Choreography: Ioana Marchidan
Cast: Mihaela Teleoacă, Antoaneta Cojocaru
The Stronger is a performance about silence and about all the things that we cannot talk or we
don’t know how to tell, even if we have all the words in the world. It's a show about the truth,
about the pure unstained beauty. In a time when much has been said about feminism, this show
is dedicated to men.
Photos: Theatre
National Theatre “I. L. Caragiale” Bucharest
after Presniakov brothers
Translation: Mașa Dinescu
Set design: Andrada Chiriac
Music illustration: Felix Alexa
Lighting design: Felix Alexa
Concept video: Neil Coltofeanu
Technical direction: Laurențiu Andronescu, Cristian Paraschivescu
Cast: Claudiu Bleonţ , Marius Bodochi, Ileana Stana Ionescu, Adela Mărculescu, Irina
Movilă, Andrei Finţi, Mihai Călin, Tania Popa, Mihai Calotă, Răzvan Oprea, Florentina Ţilea,
Rodica Ionescu, Natalia Călin, Victor Țăpeanu, Laurențiu Andronescu, Darin Don, Luca
Why suddenly we all become uncontrollable? - asks himself one of the
key characters of this play. You can find the answer in this modern
staging, built on the basis of some connected life stories. "Terrorism" is
performed on a circular structure, like a circle of terror, where the
sardonic humor, irony, fear and absurdity of existence meet each other.
An apocalyptic farce about the failure of our contemporary world.
Photos: Theatre
Co „Liviu Rebreanu” National Theatre Târgu Mures
after The God of Carnage by Yasmina Reza
Translation and adaptation: Cristian Juncu
Set design & costume: Cosmin Ardeleanu
Technical director: Ilarian Varga
Prompter: Dana Arţuche
Cast: Elena Purea, Nicu Mihoc, Roxana Marian, Vlad Zamfirescu
Photos: Theatre
The story written by Yasmina Reza is simple: two boys are fighting in the schoolyard; one breaks two teeth of the other
with a stick. The action moves fast in an apartment… the bell rings and… the parents of the "victim" expect an answer
from the parents of the "abuser". The parents of the „victim” not only get an answer but are invited inside… and from
there show starts!
Co “Tompa Miklós” - National Theatre Târgu-Mures
after Attila Bartis:
Director: RADU AFRIM
Set design: Adrian Damian
Costumes: Erika Márton
Assistant director: Katalin Berekméri
Technical Director: László Szakács
Cast: Barna Bányai Kelemen, Erzsébet B. Fülöp, Katalin Berekméri, Dorottya
Nagy, Annamária Biluska, Zsolt László Bartha, Ernő Galló, Ervin Ruszuly, Balázs
Varga, Gábor Huszár, Kata Kölcze, Péter Nagy
Not recommended under 18!
The aim of the show is not to overthrow taboos, but to touch them emotionally. We will
experience a great deal of feelings, erotic, humor, music, plot, and also the relationship between
mother – son, woman – man, presented through the point of disintegration and sexuality. A
realistic text “interpreted” through the typical “afrimian” atmosphere, as the grotesque
ephemeral existence and the fragility of the (inter)human relationship.
Photos: Rab Zoltán
National Theatre Cluj
based on Ubu in Chains and other texts by Alfred Jarry
Adaptation: Gábor Tompa,
Costumes designer: Carmencita Brojboiu
Assistant costumes: Ilona Lőrincz
Choreography: Vava Ștefănescu
Music: Ada Milea
Lights design: Jenel Moldovan
Lights: Mădălina Mânzat, Alexandru Corpodean
Stage manager: Doru Bodrea
Sound: Marius Rusu
Prompter: Crina Onaca
Cast: Marian Râlea, Anca Hanu, Dan Chiorean, Silvius Iorga, Alexandra Tarce,
Cătălin Herlo, Radu Lărgeanu, Miron Maxim, Cristian Rigman, Irina Wintze,
Elena Ivanca, Angelica Nicoară, Ionuţ Caras, Cornel Răileanu, Cristian Grosu,
Dragoş Pop, Adrian Cucu, Gigi Iordache, Sânziana Tarţa
Orchestra: Mihnea Blidariu, Zoltan Reman, Ioan Macavei
Figurație: Vasile Bindas, Gheorghe Felecan, Nicolae Ispas, Stelian Lupaș,
Giovanni Mateescu, Călin Mărginean, Ioan Negrea, Vlad Negrea, Andrei
Mitran, Ion Oltean, Sorin Pocol, Cornel Vincze
Photos: Theatre
Ubu and his Wife do flourish chaos and disorder and the
amorphous crowd, living in a paradisiac slavery, will never get the
chance to be free. Jarry's play is incredibly present, amplifying its
meanings into a paradigm of the confiscated power through the
new waves of politicians groups who empty of content (all)
values… the result is a real brain washing (decreierisire), like Mr
Ubu would say.
National Theatre „Vasile Alecsandri” Iasi
by Davide Carnevali
Translationn: Sorana Lupu
Assistant director: Delu Lucaci
Set design: Dragoş Buhagiar
Assistant set design: Ioana Smara Popescu
Video design: Andrei Cozlac
Cast: Călin Chirilă, Doru Aftanasiu, Ionuţ Cornilă,
Radu Homiceanu
Photos: Theatre
Age is a theme that haunts me since I was a boy. In my youth I was fascinated
about the extreme old age as I was fascinated by theatre. I did not know
about degenerative processes, about Alzheimer. Now I'm interested on what
happens to me, on what happens when man is getting older. I stayed in the
last years among young and old people... the Youth is not a merit, as aging is
not a disease. The world is full of young people paralyzed by helplessness and
of old stupid people, at the same time. Alexandru Dabija
Teatre „Aureliu Manea” Turda
Direction and play script: MIHAI MĂNIUȚIU
Set design: Adrian Damian
Original music and remixes: Șerban Ursachi
Choreography: Vava Ștefănescu și Andrea Gavriliu
Cast: Vava Ștefănescu, Andrea Gavriliu, Flavia Giurgiu, Alexandra Dușa, Bianca Pintea.
Vertigo is a performance about the human abyss, about the always
changing time and space, the relationship between the human
being and the surrounding world. Vertigo is more than a sensation,
it is a way of living of those who feel they are losing control. They
say that life is like a carousel. But if it frequently happens to feel that
you literally just descended out of the carousel, then you should
know that you suffer from vertigo and it is by far the one thing that
would not be good to play with!
Photos: Theatre
Hungarian State Theatre Cluj
after Friedrich Dürrenmatt
Script: András Visky
Assistant director: Kinga Kovács, Gábor Viola
Choreography: Johanna Bodor
Set design: Helmut Stürmer
Assistant set designer: Cezarina Iulia Popescu
Costume design: Carmencita Brojboiu
Make-up: Ilona Varga-Járó
Original music: Vasile Şirli
Stage manager: Pál Böjthe
Photos: Theatre
Cast: Magda Stief, József Biró, Melinda Kántor, Loránd Farkas, Rita Sigmond, Áron Dimény, Alpár Fogarasi, Szabolcs Balla, Csaba Marosán,
Attila Orbán, Gizella Kicsid, Balázs Bodolai, Éva Imre, Zsolt Bogdán, Ervin Szűcs, Loránd Váta, Gábor Viola, Sándor Keresztes, Levente
Molnár, Laczkó Vass, András Buzási, Ferenc Sinkó, Réka Csutak, Júlia Laczó, Áron Dimény, Zsolt Vatány, Csilla Albert, Andrea Vindis
Tragedy, writes Dürrenmatt, is devoid of objectivity. Moreover it makes it impossible, while comedy practically creates
it. I think that this indispensable aesthetical objectivity could help us to see more clearly, and to understand the
community of which we belong to. The Visit is a pathological report of a small rural town. A town where the local
community repeating moral clichés and forming “little circles”, “little public bodies”, societies, assemblies and other
alliances of interests is proud of its own blamelessness, while its every inch is corrupt and mercenary.
National Theatre „Vasile Alecsandri” Iasi
after Friedrich Dürrenmatt
all rights Diogenes editionn AG Zürich
Set design: Ştefan Caragiu
Costumes: Lia Dogaru
Makeup: Minela Popa
Cast: Teodor Corban, Mihaela Arsenescu Werner, Doru Aftanasiu, Constantin Pușcașu, Cosmin
Maxim, Petronela Grigorescu, Dumitru Năstrușnicu, Tatiana Ionesi, Horia Veriveș, Emil Coșeru, Adi
Carauleanu, Daniel Busuioc, Pușa Darie, Gelu Zaharia, Constantin Avădanei, Radu Ghilaș, Haruna
Condurache, Andreea Boboc, Ionuț Cornilă, Antonella Cornici, Oana Sandu, Delu Lucaci, Nicolae
Ionescu, Sorin Cimbru, Radu Homiceanu, Adrian Marele, Brândușa Aciobăniței, Monica Bordeianu
Children: Ilinca Carp, Ilinca Andreea Celmare, Robert Grigoraş, David Minca, Ioana Raluca Dulcescu
Claire Zachanassian, the "old lady" is back in town to buy her justice. The town where once, as a young
lady, she suffered a terrible injustice. The old woman, a bloody embodiment of justice, promise her
town one billion… the condition is that Ill – her traitor fiancé and cause of her pains – has to be killed
... Her sinister appearance reveals one more time the latent vice of this world and that within such a
society justice cannot be restored.
Photos: Theatre
“Anton Pann” Theatre Râmnicu-Vâlcea
after Willy Russell
Translation: Cristi Juncu & Vlad Massaci
Assistant director: Réka Szász
Set design, sound, light & video: Andu Dumitrescu
Technical director: Vasile Marinoiu
Cast: Mădălina Ciotea, Réka Szász, Ana Şuşca, Iulia Antonie, Simona Arsu, Vlad Bîrzanu,
Andrei Brădean, Olimpiu Bla, Ciprian Nicula, Tavi Costin, Andrei Cătălin, Vasile Marinoiu
A group of boys and girls spend the last night before the wedding of their
friends in a club in Liverpool (1970). The action takes place in the two
club's toilets. Dave and Linda, the grooms that next day are going to get
married in the church decided, without knowing each other, to celebrate
the last night of "freedom "…
Photos: Theatre
invited in the
international selection
SoundDrama Studio Russia / Great Britain
Based on:
- 'Death of a Hero‘ by Richard Aldington's novel,
- 'Notes of a Cavalry Officer' by Nikolai Gumilev
- 'The Iliad' by Homer
Set & costume designer: Maxim Obrezkov
Music directors: Artem Kim and Sergei Rodyukov
Choreography: Ekaterina Kislova and Sergei Zemlansky
Libretto: Irina Lychagina
Lighting design: Nikolai Surkov
Performers: Evgenia Simonova / Elena Shanina
Valeriy Garkalin / Igor Yasulovich , Maria Biork, Olga
Demina, Vera Romanova, Irina Rundina, Seseg
Khapsasova, Alisa Estrina, Pavel Akimkin, Andrey Aminov,
Evgeny Barhatov, Alexander Kudin, Petr Markin, Ignat
Matukhov, Sergey Permakov, Evgeny Sangadzhiev, Grigorii
Producer: Chekhov International Theatre Festival,
Edinburgh International Festival
“…We live in a world dominated by dissolutions,
by the loss of identity, by loss of what is - let’s
say - noble, exquisite and significant. We live in
a tensioned world and the theme of war is
extremely present. The manner of approaching
to this subject, disregarding whether is inspired
from ancient Greek, or Shakespeare or
contemporary texts, is brilliant. In this
performance the director managed to dose
extraordinary the tension of the conflicts, the
tension of life and death. A stunning universe…
powerful, subtle, full of hallucinating poetry of
lights and sounds! The War that was, the War in
us, our own vanity ... turbulent and troubling
times”. Marina Constantinescu
Dedicated to the Centenary of the World War I - World premiere - August 9, 2014, Edinburgh International Festival
Photos: Vladimir Vyatkin
nothing new in the West
Thalia Theatre Hamburg
Polyphony by Erich Maria Remarque, Henri Barbusse
and contemporary documents
Script: Christina Bellingen; Steven Heene
Set design: Annette Kurz
Costumes design: Ilse Vandenbussche
Music: Ferdinand Försch
Live-Musik: Ferdinand Försch
Video: Philip Bußmann
Licht: Mark Van Denesse
Cast: Patrick Bartsch (Albert Kropp); Bernd Grawert (Paul
Bäumer); Burghart Klaußner (Stanislaus Katczinsky); BenjaminLew Klon (Müller); Oscar van Rompay (Emiel Seghers); Peter
Seynaeve (Korporal Van Outryve); Steffen Siegmund (Rekrut);
Oana Solomon (Krankenschwester, Mutter Bäumer); Katelijne
Verbeke (Mutter Seghers); Steven van Watermeulen (Lieutenant
De Wit), Gilles Welinski (Kolonel Magots )
A coproduction with NTGent / Belgium supported by the Federal
Government Commissioner for Culture and Media
Front, a Requiem for a war without
heroes, a masterpiece that strongly
shakes you. De Standaard (Belgien)
FRONT places its action in Belgium
during 2nd World War. In opposing
trenches, French, British, Belgians and
Germans, at a distance of only 100
meters from one another, shoot an
bury themselves, surrounded by rats,
lice, misery and hunger.
Front is a dramatic cathedral to
unnecessary pain, misery and death.
Utterly unforgettable and unmissable.
Photos: the Theatre
Bucharest applyng for European Cultural Capital 2021
Rumanian Athenaeum
Odeon Theatre
National Theatre
Bulandra Theatre
Notarra Theatre
Museum G. Enescu
Queen Elisabeth Theatre
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