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A lot can happen in 12 months!
In fact one of the things I like to
ask people when I’m teaching at
a conference is, “Who doesn’t
want to be in the same place you
are today next year at this time?”
Almost every hand is raised. But
just acknowledging that you want
your life to change and actually
walking through change are two
very different things.
If someone were to tell me a
year ago how drastically different
my life (and Terri Savelle Foy
Ministries) would be, I don’t know
if I would have believed them.
You can get an update on this
on page 14. I want to share with
you quickly two points that I’ve
learned during this time of enormous change.
First, you have to prepare. John Wooden said, “When
opportunity comes, it’s too late to prepare.” I have spent
everyday for the last 13 years building my relationship with
the Lord, growing, and learning. I did not know this is what
I was preparing for, but God knew. If I had only been casual
about learning, developing my mind, and hearing God’s voice,
Terri Savelle Foy Ministries would not be making the large
impact we are around the world. Prepare daily for your coming
Second, you have to take action. Don’t wait for the
conditions to be perfect, they never will be. I knew without a
boubt God had called us to move our headquarters to a new city,
but in order to do so meant in many ways starting from scratch.
It was uncomfortable, challenging, and difficult. When you take
action you have to ask yourself will it be worth it and what’s the
goal not is it going to be difficult?
Looking back over the last several months, we now see how
God has strategically positioned us to help more people than
ever before to make their dreams bigger than their memories and
fulfill God’s purpose for their lives.
Thank you friends and partners for your support during this
transition...the best is yet to come!
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ome people say that success is like knowing
the combination to a lock. If you know the
combination, it doesn’t matter if you’re male or
female, 16 or 65, have an IQ of 35 or 135; if you
know the combination, the lock has to open. The
problem is that many people are going through
life without the combination.
I love discovering “the combinations” by
studying and applying the traits of successful
people in the Bible and in the world around us.
God has a specific plan for you. Don’t allow
others to define what success means for you. I have
found that there are universal principles though
that will work for anyone who will apply them.
What does Sylvester Stallone, Steve Jobs, Joyce
Meyer, Jerry Savelle, Monty Roberts, and Terri
Savelle Foy have in common that’s led to success?
In one word: audacity. We have the audacity to
believe in our God-given dreams.
Some synonyms for audacity include courage,
fearlessness, nerve, grit, daring, and boldness. So
let me ask you, what do you have the audacity to
dream? What do you have the nerve to think can
actually happen this year? What do you have the
courage to go after?
I want you to get to the point where people ask,
“Do you honestly have the audacity to believe that
can happen?” and your answer is, “As a matter of
fact, that’s exactly what I have...audacity. Thank
you for noticing!”
I want to share with you some of the areas in
my life in which I had to develop audacity.
Believe In Yourself
It’s a necessity that you have the audacity to
believe in yourself and the desires God has given
you. What do I mean by that? Let me explain by
sharing with you one of my favorite stories about
a young man named Monty Roberts.
Monty grew up very poor, moved around a
lot as a kid, was barely in the same school from
year to year and even lived
in the back of a truck with
his father who was a horse
One year, his teacher
asked the kids to write
a paper called, “What
I want to do when I
grow up?” Monty got so
excited and poured his
heart into this assignment. He wrote, “I want to
raise thoroughbred race horses.” He even drew a
diagram of a 200 acre ranch, a huge house, a race
track, a tack room, bunk houses, etc.
A week later, he got it back with these words in
big, red writing:
“F. See me after class.”
He was shocked. He walked up to the
teacher and said
“Why did I get an F?”
She explained,
“You’re a poor kid, living off the back of
a truck. Do you know what land costs in
this valley? Do you know what it costs for
breeding stock and stud fees? This is an
unrealistic dream for a young man like
you. There’s NO WAY you can achieve this.
It’s my job as a teacher to make sure you
don’t grow up and be disappointed. So I
want you to write a more realistic dream
for yourself and I’ll give you a higher
Crushed, he went home and talked to his
dad asking for advice. His dad said,
“Whatever you decide, it’s going to affect
the rest of your life.”
A week later, Monty went back to the
teacher and he handed in the exact same
paper and said,
“You can keep the F; I’m keeping my
Monty Roberts now has that memorable paper
framed in his 4,000 sq ft house, 200 acre horse
ranch, and he has earned millions of dollars.
Monty had the audacity to believe in himself and
his dream.
Someone once said that the worst day in heaven
would be if God gives you a glimpse of all that you
could have had, could have done, and could have
been, but you gave up. I want you to develop the
audacity to do what He has put in your heart to do
have you ever been bitten by an elephant? How
about a mosquito? My point is it’s the little things
that bite you! It’s the small habits that you don’t
develop that hinder you from your dreams. It’s the
little excuses we give ourselves, “It’s just one day.”
“What does it matter?” “Nobody even sees what
I’m doing?”
You can’t hire somebody else to do your pushups. You have to do the work. I can’t hire someone
to go to the gym for me, listen to messages for
When you have the audacity to give toward your dreams,
God notices.
He sees faith in action. Remember, it’s impossible to please God without faith
(Heb. 11:6). In other words, you’re pleasing God when you give in faith. I’ve
heard it said that when God asks you to give something, get ready, because He
is about to affect your destiny.
regardless of your current circumstances.
When my dad surrendered his life to God in
1969, he was a car paint and body repairman, in
debt, with a struggling marriage, and a business
failing. He cried out to God saying, “Lord, I’m a
failure. I’m a nobody. What would you want with
me?” Then, he heard the Lord say, “Don’t worry
about it, son. I am a Master at making champions
out of nobodies.”
He started believing he was a champion. He
renewed his mind. He developed audacity. He
now has ministry offices all over the world, a
global broadcast, over 70 books written, and is
impacting millions of lives. He had the audacity
to believe that God could use a paint and body
man to influence the world!
Each Day Matters
You must have the audacity to believe that
each day matters. “Are you kidding, Terri? Is that
really a vital step to success?” Let me ask you this,
me, read books for me, confess my goals and
declarations for me, listen to God, pray, plan my
day, etc. Every day matters. Each 24 hour period
you have is another opportunity to prepare and
get closer to your dreams.
Remember, what’s simple to do is also simple
not to do. Stick with your positive habits. You will
eventually see the benefits.
Embrace Challenges
Here’s another key area that’s necessary, but no
one must have the audacity to embrace
You have an enemy who doesn’t roll over and
play dead because you have a dream. If anything,
he is working tirelessly to discourage you, deceive
you and defeat you. You must develop a strong
amount of grit to overcome his challenges.
When everything seems to come against you,
I want you to remember this: airplanes take off
against the wind, not with the wind. The winds
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blowing against you are never meant to keep you
down, they are meant to lift you higher! Every
difficult situation you’re facing right now is
making you tougher, stronger, and more prepared
for the success God is bringing!
Give In Faith
The last point I want to share with you today
is something that I have ingrained in my thinking,
and I am absolutely convinced will catapult you
into a whole new level. If you want to have nerve,
courage, fearlessness, boldness and grit to succeed,
then you must have the audacity to give.
This is a principle that I have watched my
parents demonstrate my entire life. Even when my
family had little to nothing to give, we gave what
we had. My dad always said, “We may not have
what we need, but we are never without the seed
that will produce it.” And I watched God multiply
our family’s finances.
Jesse Duplantis said that in the early days of his
ministry, he was at a conference when he heard
the minister say, “Some of you are supposed to
give $10,000 to the ministry tonight.” Jesse had
worked hard to save exactly $10,000. He heard
the Lord say, “That’s you.” He replied, “But Lord,
that’s all I have.” The Lord said, “That’s all I’m
asking for.” Wow! He gave what he had, and look
what God has done in his ministry.
As you spend time with God and in His Word,
He will give you direction, desires, assignments,
and dreams. Develop the audacity you need to
step out and fulfill His purposes for you. R
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teaches us that
if two people look at the same
thing, each of them will see something
different. A man and woman can be shopping,
for example, and while the wife may see a
beautiful new pair of shoes that would be ideal for
her upcoming cruise, the husband only sees the
price tag. She can see how perfectly those shoes
would go with the new dress she plans to wear for
the formal night of the cruise. Her husband can
only see how close the charge would put him to
the credit limit on his Visa card.
All of us view life through a prism of our own
experiences. All of us view life through a particular
paradigm. For better of worse, our view of things is
shaped by the mindset we bring to each opportunity
life presents to us. Our view of people is shaped
by what we have been taught about people and
what our past experiences have been with people.
Our view of God is shaped by what we have been
taught about God and what our past spiritual
experiences have been. Our views of politics, art,
business, religion, and every other facet of life are
himself. Stinking thinking is, without a doubt,
the biggest roadblock to greatness. But the man
who can recognize the way his mind shapes him
and who can bring his own mind under discipline
to proper thinking is the man who can do almost
At some point in your life, you have probably
heard the famous quote by Henry Ford. Ford said,
“If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t
do a thing, you’re right.” Ford, one of the greatest
entrepreneurs and innovators in American history,
realized that one’s mental attitude totally shapes
one’s life. The person who thinks positively about
himself will, over the course of his lifetime, do
greater things and achieve more of his goals than
we have seen,
heard, and encountered
throughout our lives. To a great
extent, therefore, perception becomes reality.
What we come to think about people and things
determines the way we see those people and
things, and the way we “see” life determines our
interaction with the thousands of experiences
and opportunities that life sets before us. In other
words, your thinking shapes your life.
Nowhere is this principle more important than
in the way we view ourselves. The way we view
ourselves will shape everything about us and set
us on a course that is almost irrevocable. In fact,
no human being can change the direction of his
life until he first changes the way he thinks about
the person who thinks negatively. Yet it is the
natural tendency of the human soul to start from
a posture of negativity.
All of us have heard our friends and family
members bemoan the things in life that they view
as impossible. In fact, this kind of thinking and
this kind of speech are so much a part of everyday
life, we hardly pay attention to them. “I wish I
could own a house like that,” they say, giving
voice to their own internal doubts that they ever
will. Or perhaps they say, “I wish I had a job like
that,” expressing their personal faith that they
never will. The tragedy with confessions like these
is that they are true. But they are true, not because
the attainment of these things is impossible for
the ones who uttered these lines. Rather, these
statements are true because the belief systems of
the ones who spoke these things will make their
statements true. These people truly believe they
won’t ever own a nice home, so they won’t. They
truly believe they won’t ever have the kind of
job they long for, so they won’t. The only real
difference between the person who lives in that
beautiful house and the person who admires the
house from a passing vehicle is not opportunity
or talent; it’s their opposing belief systems,
particularly as those belief systems relate to their
own abilities and possibilities. While the man
living in that house saw the house as an attainable
goal, the one driving by in envy saw that house as
something far beyond his reach.
Throughout history, the people who have
attained success are the people who have been
undergirded by a strong, unshakable belief in
themselves. They believed in their own talents
and abilities. They believed in what they believed
they were “called” to do. And almost always, these
great men and
women believed
despite the fact that others around them opposed
them or failed to support them.
People with a positive mindset are able to
accomplish amazing things. They are able to make
tremendous sacrifices. They are able to endure
hardships and resist temptations and distractions.
They are able to overcome foes and navigate
obstacles. In short, they are able to succeed in life
where others fail simply because they see life as
an ongoing series of opportunities and they see
themselves as uniquely qualified to seize those
opportunities and extract from them every drop of
splendor that life can afford. These people aren’t
content with mediocrity. They aren’t content with
“just good enough.” Whether others believe in
them or not, they have a tenacious and resilient
faith in themselves.
Great achievers of the past possessed this type
of stubborn self-confidence. All of them overcame
Routine///2015 11
The person who thinks positively about himself
will, over the course of his lifetime, do greater
things and achieve more of his goals than the
person who thinks negatively.
great opposition and great ridicule. All of them
believed in themselves when others around them
could not see their potential or their proclivity
for greatness. Walt Disney’s art teachers told
him that he lacked talent, that his silly drawings
of animated flowers and wizards would never
command the respect or attention of the public.
Elvis Presley was told repeatedly that, although he
had some talent, he didn’t have enough talent or
the right kind of talent to succeed in the music
industry. The same was said of the Beatles. How
would you like to be one of the many producers
who turned them down for a recording contract?
Whether we are talking about statesmen like
Abraham Lincoln or athletes like Babe Ruth,
musicians like Benny Goodman or entrepreneurs
like Steve Jobs, the truth remains that all these
people possessed an almost other-worldly ability
to believe in themselves when nobody else would
and to press through to dreams that nobody else
could see. In short, they had a mindset to believe
in themselves.
To be great and to achieve your own success in
life, you must begin the journey with an unshakable
confidence in your own abilities. Whether others
believe in you or not, you must believe in yourself.
And whether the temporary conditions and
circumstances that surround you are favorable
or not, you must believe in yourself. In fact, if
you follow in the footsteps of the great men and
women named above, you probably won’t find
your circumstances to be perfectly favorable and
you probably won’t find much encouragement
and support from your friends and family
members. Nevertheless, your destiny will not be
determined by circumstances or the opinions of
others; your destiny will be determined solely by
your own analysis of yourself and what you believe
you can squeeze out of life. This is why people
of achievement typically overcome great obstacles
in order to reach the plateau of success and often
confront criticism head-on in their climb to the
top. Nobody is able to steal their dreams or fill
them with self-doubt or an inferiority complex,
because they see themselves as worthy of the prize.
Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “No one can
make you feel inferior without your consent.” And
that is true. Too many people have succumbed
to mediocrity, even though they possessed the
potential for greatness, simply because they chose
to buy into someone else’s view of them. And
sometimes it is the people closest to us—a parent,
a teacher, a mentor, a friend—who speak the most
negative things into our lives and plant the most
limited expectations in our hearts. It was that way
with many of the great achievers of the past, and
it is that way with most people of greatness today.
But great people choose to ignore the negative
appraisals of others and instead they buy into
God’s view of them, a view that they are created
with unique qualities and unique talents and with
an equal blend of opportunity and challenge. A
view that destiny is in their own hands and that
the only roadblock that can restrict their access
to the rewards they seek is their own stinking
thinking about themselves. R
Dr. Dave Martin is known by many as
America’s foremost Christian success
coach. He is the founder of Dave Martin
International and author of Another
Shot and The 12 Traits of the Greats. For
more information or to order resources
Thank you partners and
friends for sending Terri
across the U.S. as well
as France, Germany,
and Great Britain the
last few months. Tens
of thousands of people
are discovering biblical
principles to overcome
their past and pursue
their purpose.
If you’ve been following me for the last several months on social media,
watched a weekly video, or read myRmonthly letters to you, you probably
know we made a big transition at Terri Savelle Foy Ministries.
After 22 years of helping my dad at Jerry Savelle Ministries (as CEO
for the last 11 years), the Lord instructed me during my quiet time with
Him that it was time to leave the nest, to fly high, and accomplish a big
vision. So after much prayers and tears, I along with five team members
moved an hour and half away to Rockwall, TX.
Throughout this intense transition God has poured His goodness and
favor on us and the support from you, our partners and friends, has been
overwhelming. I could fill this entire issue of The Routine with stories
of the battles we faced and more importantly the victories we obtained!
As you look at the pictures of the new headquarters of Terri Savelle Foy
Ministries, I pray your faith is stirred and you step out and do those things
God has put in your heart to do. R
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Dear Terri,
Thank you for consistently sharing a message that empowers! I am blown
away at where my life is today because you have taught me to not only dream,
but how to accomplish my dreams. Thank you for making yourself available,
vulnerable and open to the Holy Spirit. God is using you in a big way.
Hi Terri,
I want to share a testimony with you regarding my nephew, Andre. Andre had
been waiting for a kidney for over ten years, because both of his kidneys had
failed. His mom created a dream journal and put a picture of her son with a
picture of a new kidney a friend had drawn. She also put one on her vision
board. She kept the dream of her son receiving his new kidney before her eyes
consistently. After ten years of waiting, and only four months of keeping the
dream consistently before her eyes, he received his brand new kidney!
Dear Terri,
I am writing this to share with you God’s blessings as a result of sowing a small
$1 partner seed into your ministry. First, five days after sending the $1 seed,
someone gave money to take my children out to eat and play and to put gas in
my car for the upcoming work week. Second, I just received notification from
my local power company that my utility bill has been paid in full this month
and there’s a $115 credit that will be applied to next month. I am so glad
that I believed and received the words of your message and sent in the $1 in
obedience to the Lord! The favor of God upon you is so strong that it transfers
to your partners and those who bless you.
As a partner of Terri Savelle Foy Ministries you are making a difference every day.
Over 3,500 ministry video views every day on YouTube alone in
addition to audio and video downloads of our weekly podcast.
People are searching for truth, hope, and answers that can be found
in God’s Word.
20,000 French translation copies of Terri’s book, “You’re Valuable
to God” have been given away in the streets of Paris. Thank you for
joining with us in declaring, “Jesus is Lord of France!”
Thousands of free teaching resources are given away to young
women at our annual Icing Women’s Event, at safe houses, and
help centers across the U.S. Girls who have suffered abuse, selfharm, unwed pregnancies, and human trafficking are learning that
God has a wonderful plan for their lives and there is hope for the
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Hi Terri!
I have loved listening to your broadcasts and reading your material
so much. One of my friends and I felt called to minister to the city
of Biarritz, France. We started a missions team and are using our
talents as dance teachers and choreographers as tools to minister in
a church there. We made vision boards and wrote down that we
were going to France to minister. We posted those papers and vision
boards up on our walls and every day we would speak our goal out
loud and declare by faith what we wanted to come to pass. The Lord
has provided and we are going! It really is a miracle. We had no
funding and no idea how we would work out the details, but we put
our faith into action and kept the vision before our eyes! Thank you
for all you do for the Kingdom of God!
Routine///2015 17
by Terri Savelle Foy
The word accelerate means to hasten the progress,
the phone off, shut the door, and heard from God
to cause to move faster, to speed up and to enable
about your future?
to complete a course in less than usual time.
During these quiet times, I began learning to
That’s exactly what has happened in my life and
hear God’s voice, and it has provided the greatest
this ministry. I give God all the praise for what
direction for my life. God wants you to know His
He has done and for what He’s taught me about
voice and His specific plan for your life. Make a
commitment to spend time thinking, praying, and
Recently, I was reviewing some ministry reports
over the last few years. Visits
The second step you
to our website have increased
is to obtain clarity.
Everything that is
The question you have to
happening in my life
acceleration! Views of our
ask yourself is, “What do
today is a product of
weekly teaching video have
I want?” Vague goals will
increased 1,400%. That’s
produce vague results so
what I’ve heard God
acceleration! It’s dramatic
develop clearly defined,
speak to me. This is
to see the number of people
specific goals.
where vision is birthed.
who are overcoming their
Clarity is one of the
This is where purpose
past and pursuing their Godmost important steps to the
given purpose. I’m grateful
is found and dreams are success God has for you. You
for our friends and partners
will be amazed at what can
who make it possible to reach
be accomplished when you
so many people around the
get clear on your goals.
The third step is vital and has provided more
Remember, God is no respecter of persons. He
opportunities in my life than I ever thought possible!
just expects us to do what He tells us to do in order
You must dedicate yourself to continual growth.
to have what He says we can have. And know this:
Even Jesus had to grow in order to accomplish the
what normally take 10 years, God can accomplish
plans His Father had for Him. The Bible says that
in one! I want to share with you three steps I believe
He grew in wisdom, stature, and favor (see Luke
you must take in order to experience this kind of
1:52). This tells me that we need to keep learning,
developing, and growing too.
The first step you have to take in order to
Growth is not automatic. It must be intentional
accelerate your progress is commit to hear from
and strategic. I can verify that my life, my results,
God. Most people never take enough time to sit
and my walk with the Lord drastically changed
quietly and just pray, ask, listen, and think. When
when I became committed and intentional to
was the last time you went somewhere alone, turned
grow—spirit, soul, and body. R