Terri`s Bio



Terri`s Bio
Speaker | Author | Consultant
Best Selling Author • Accomplished Columnist • Television Producer • Consultant • Media Expert
As an entrepreneur who has built a successful business over the last 32 years, Terri Murphy started out
like the rest of us…clueless!
Early in her career, Terri learned to build a strong customer network, propelling her into the top 10
percent of a national sales organization. Terri took what she learned and began her own sales consulting
As a consultant to three major associations, and CIO of U. S. Learning, LLC. in Memphis, Terri understands the critical need to interface online communication strategies that position her clients as the
“Celebrity Authority” in their chosen space.
As a professional presenter, Terri is dynamic, fun, humorous and offers programs that include participation
and interaction. She is a best-selling author for Dearborn Financial Publishing, an accomplished
columnist, online television producer, and business e-communication consultant. She is a published
author of 5 books, including her most recent book with Donald Trump.
Terri empowers her audience members and combines education with “edu-tainment” by providing
practical sales and marketing strategies that build high level awareness and customer brand preference.
She has been a featured expert on ABC, NBC, CNBC, and CBS Affiliate WREG-TV, and multiple online
radio broadcasting networks.
“Harnessing the Power of Connection through Communication”
A partial list of clients includes: Eastman KODAK � Great Harvest Bread Franchise � Mid America Apartments
� National Association of Realtors® � Nestle Food Company � Steelcase MBI � American Credit Union Mortgage
Association � YARDI International � Society of Intl. Business Fellows (MELA) � MUZAK � Countrywide Financial
� National Association of Mortgage Bankers � Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) � American
National Banks � Women in Management � The New York Times � CBS-WREG TV � First American Title
� Speakers Roundtable � SUPRA Systems � Fidelity Title � Dairyland Gourmet � Yellow Worldwide Transportation
� Dearborn Publishing � Turning Point � Fairway Independent Mortgage � National Association of Realtors

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