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Tana Training
Service First
SafEty at All Times
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Tana Scaffolding Ltd
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Our Core Values
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Tana Scaffolding
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service first,
safety at all times
TSL, Tana Scaffolding Ltd is a 100% New Zealand owned and
operated company that caters for any sized job at any place at
any time. TSL has a saying “Service first, Safety at all times”. Our
Business is Client satisfaction, delivering a quality service safely.
- Scaffolding Erect and Dismantle, Supply and Hire
- Labour Hire and Labour Management
- General Hire Equipment
- Transportation
- Training in high risk work, AS/NZ Standards
- Gas-Oil Industry scaffolding
- All systems of Scaffolding - tube and fitting, layher system etc.
- Scaffolding encapsulation products
- Scaffolding entertainment stage works and temporary roofing.
Tana Scaffolding Limited has the resources and experienced team
to undertake any size project. We always endeavor to employ local
Employees so as to support the community. We can assist in providing
the latest in technology, advice, and reference and data information.
Tana Scaffolding has the experience and the knowledge that you will
receive our commitment to overall quality documentation, quality
work, and quality results.
It is our commitment to expand our products and services to meet
the diverse requirements of our customers. If the product or service
you require is not listed please contact us, we may be able to cater for
your specific requirements.
Tana Scaffolding
core values
Our values are the focal point to the way we do
business and they play a significant role in the way
that we conduct our business , we value people who:
• Work in collaboration with other team
members in our organisation and take pride in
the achievements of the team.
• Strive for improvement and innovation, in saftey
and have the courage to think and actively
contribute new initiatives that benefit TSL
• Demonstrate integrity and responsibility hard
working honest, respectful and transparent
communication in all our bussines.
• Strive for excellence and doing your best in
achieving their goals through strong leadership
and commitment to the job at hand.
• Are responsible and accountable for the care,
saftey and protection of their peers, the business,
the communities in which we operate, and the
Tana Scaffolding
• To be honest, trustworthy and fair at all times.
• Focus on the value of its customers to ensure
their loyalty.
• Deliver the highest level of quality in all its
products and services.
• Carry out its services in a efficient manner in
accordance with the customers expectations
and in accordance with the expectations of
our community, our environment and our
• Comply with the letter and the spirit of its legal,
statutory and regulatory obligations.
• The skills and outstanding business performance
of TSL and its people will ensure that TSL
achieves its mission.
How we
can help
• Scaffolding Project Management
• Scaffold equipment hire
• Scaffolding access solutions
• Light access
• Scaffold management software - scaffold engineering for projects requiring custom design
• Scaffolding labour management
• Encapsulation services
• All aspects of scaffolding
• Skills training and assessment (Tana Training NZ/AS Standards)
• Pressure cleaning
• High pressure water blasting, 5000 to 40000 psi
• Transportation
• Abrasive blasting
• Frontline management and training
• Focus on Safety Training eg. attitude to work, lifestyle, fatigue management etc.
Tana Scaffolding
Scaffold access
Tana Scaffolding Ltd has a large and exspansive range of
Scaffold Equipment for supply and Hire for any size project
whether large or small. TSL has available ancillary scaffolding
products such as alluminium Moblie scaffolds, Stairways,
Ladder-Beams, Uni- Beams for large overhead roof spans.
Tana Scaffolding Ltd has the resource to comply with saftey,
Labour and supply of equipment. With our own Transport and
brand new hi-vis scaffold equipment we have the ability to
supply our clients with a superior service and speedy delivery
for your upcoming projects. Along with the experience and
expertise of our local staff we can cater for all aspects of your
scaffold requirements.
Intelligent Solutions
• Hi visibility scaffolding equipment added saftey feature,
reduces loss easy to be seen
(crane’s operating within the area).
• Easy to store and maintain.
• Low maintenance, mobilised quickly, anywhere in New
Zealand and Australia.
Tana Scaffolding
Providing a quality and safe labour service for all your requirements.
• Finding the right team for any size job.
• Onsite seasonal demands.
• Providing a team at short notice.
• Professional team to do shift work and overtime work if required.
• Providing a scaffolding team for a call out service for industrial sites
as required.
Manage your workforce
• Work with you and your team to manage your entire scaffolding
• Be a partner that will take the complexity off your hands leaving you
free to get on with growing your business
• Tana Scaffolding Ltd are continuously seeking reliable and committed
staff and team to fill vacancies that we have with our extensive client
• We are committed to providing excellent levels of customer service
and taking a responsible approach to the needs of its employees
• Offering a range of positions throughout our core industry markets.
Tana Scaffolding
Fully Stocked Scaffolding Equipment Compound,
Tana Scaffolding Ltd will work with you in order
to identify scaffold equipment requirements and
agree on stock levels. TSL will stock the yard with
the relevant amount of equipment that will enable
us to erect and dismantle scaffold as needed.
How We Help
Call Out Service
For when unexpected shutdown and maintenance
arises and a scaffold is required urgently, TSL can
assist you by providing speedy service. TSL has the
equipment and Qualified Scaffolder Labour on hand
ready to go.
• Aluminium light access scaffold
Scaffolding Labour Hire
TSL can provide you with competent and safety
conscious professionals to provide you with
excellent service that you require.
Tana Scaffolding Ltd also speacilizes with
encapsulation and netting systems for Marine work,
painting, environmental work, and Port scaffolding.
Tana Scaffolding
• Customised designs
• Conventional Scaffolding
• Tube and fitting scaffolding
• Modular system scaffolding
TSL also supply an expansive range of miscellaneous
items including: Ladder beams (aluminium and
steel), unit beams, scaff tags, scaffolding tools and
scaffolding saftey tube end caps.
Tana Scaffolding
Tana training
To provide an excellent service in training. To impart
knowledge and skills to enable workers to conduct
a task safely efficiently and competently.
Business Description
Tana Training started in October 2011 and operated
successfully as a sole trader. As of May 2012, our
business was incorporated into a Company and
we continue successfully to operate. We have
established contracts with companies in the mining
industry which brings majority of our clients, and
we still attract a large number of individual clients
through advertising and word of mouth. The
industry is still growing and our service is in high
Products and Services
Training and assessing in High Risk Work and other
Training necessary to equip and enable workers in
the mining and construction industry to perform a
task safely and correctly.
Business Segments We currently have one segment to our business
which is the training and assessing. This segment is
where we generate our revenue for our business.
We may also look to add Safety Auditing and
Consultancy in the near future.
The Market
There are two other major companies in this
industry and they provide a similar service to ours.
We intend to grow and develop our database
further to increase our market share for both
business to business customers, and individuals
locally and abroad.
Tana Scaffolding
The Competitive Advantage
Dan Tana has been involved in construction work
of all types since 1964. He served an apprenticeship
in rigging and followed all types of construction
throughout New Zealand. Dan then went to
Tasmania Australia in 1970 and performed rigging
duties in a nickel mine in Roseberry Tasmania.
He then returned to New Zealand and followed
construction in New Zealand. In the year 2000 Dan
went to Kalgoorlie Australia and started as a rigger/
scaffolder with a company called JR Engineering,
which is now Downer Engineering. Dan then went
on to manage the scaffolding division for Downer.
The service provided by the scaffold division was to
the majority of minesites in the goldfields, including
some minesites further north.
Our point of difference is therefore the experience
Dan has to convey to people in classes in the way of:
Real life testimonies
Able to respond immediately to questions in most areas on high risk work
Able to put together a string of relevant
information to underpin facts
Can give “then and now” examples in safety
We fully interact with our clients before,
during and after our programmes. Further to
this, we provide a place for them that
they can come back to for mentoring, advice
and networking.
This puts Dan in good stead for experience in all
areas of his training which includes:
Steel mills
Power stations
Satellite stations
Communication towers
Schools and hospitals
City construction
Aluminium smelter
Off shore oil jacket
Residential housing
Tana Scaffolding
Tana training
and assessing
Our marketing is very modest at this stage but we still have a good
number of clients coming through, so we know there is still room
for growth. Word of mouth and our current business contracts are
working well for us. Our website is not live yet, however we do expect
a large increase of cliental when it does. Our pricing is lesser of our
competitors and will be kept on constant review.
Business structure
We currently have three full-time members in our business:
RTO CEO/Trainer assessor – Dan Tana
Co-director – Marlene Tana
Administrations – Heather Worby
Any extra work is contracted out as needed.
Current Financial Position
We are in a healthy state for our business as we forecasted. We are
generating a steady income for the business, all our accounts are up to
date with our suppliers and our credit rating still remains excellent. All
our state of financial position is reported on a quarterly basis.
Service Description
We provide training and assessing for the following units of competency.
High Risk
Unit Code
Unit Code
Scaffold Basic
Scaffold intermediate CPCCLSF3001A
Elevated Work Platform
Scaffold Advanced
Operate Forklift
Rigging Basic
Non-Slewing Crane
Rigging Intermediate CPCCLRG3002A
Rigging Advanced
High Risk
Unit code
Certificate Unit Code
C6 Crane
Safe Work at Heights RIIOHS204A
We intend to provide the following
Enter Confined Spaces RIIOHS202A
certifications and Qualifications and
Unit Code
Bridge & Gantry Crane TLILIC3003A
are working towards it:
First Aid
Tana Scaffolding
Health & Safety
Tana Scaffolding Ltd main priorities is the health and safety of its people and those within the
community affected by its operations and facilities. TSL takes a proactive approach to health and
safety and is incident free to date. TSL’s successful health and safety management has been achieved
through the implementation of a health and safety policy which has been fully intergrated into all
aspects of TSL’s business.
TSL is also committed to:
• Ensuring that its management remains committed to making health and safety a priority.
• Continually developing and improving its health and safety policy.
• Complying with all health and safety legislation, regulations and site-specific requirements at all
times and ensuring that its people comply with all health and safety legislation, regulations and
site-specific requirements at all times.
• Providing a safe working environment for all of its people, in particular by assessing and
controlling hazards or potential hazards, particularly before commencing a project.
• Providing Health & safety training to our staff and qualified team.
• Providing trained first aid qualified staff in compliance with NZ/AS Standards.
• Ensuring that its people recognize and appreciate that they have a shared responsibility for
their own health and safety and that of fellow people whilst at work.
• Promoting a culture where harm to its people through work is unacceptable.
• Regularly reviewing the performance of its people to achieve full recovery as soon as possible
through prompt treatment and active rehabilitation programs in the event of an injury or
illness occurring.
• Ensuring there is effective involvement and open communication on health and safety matters
at all levels of its business. Tana Scafffolding Ltd recognizes and supports the rights of its people
to express their concerns over health and safety.
• Developing health and safety policies that deal with specific issues such as drugs and alcohol.
• Ensuring that at no time will the pressures of production ever come before the health and
safety of its people.
• Tana Scaffolding Ltd has a drug free policy and is committed to ensuring that Drug and Alcohol
testing is required before any commencement of emplyment.
Tana Scaffolding
Industrial and
public relations
TSL has an excellent industrial relations record. Contributing factors to this success include
• Careful selection of employees and contractors
• Employing local people to support the Community
• Training programs for on-site employees and contractors
• Attention to site health and safety matters which may lead to industrial disputes
• Commitment to communication at all levels of its business operations and its Commitment to workplace
In general, TSL policy is to be firm but fair and to avoid confrontation where possible. TSL has control over
whom it employs and engages, which allows it to employ and engage the best person for the task every time.
TSL is aware of the importance of public perception with all projects. Accordingly, TSL aims to avoid any public
inconvenience such as noise out of normal working hours in residential areas.
Completion of Projects
TSL has a perfect record of completion of tasks and projects on time. This has been achieved by
• Accurate pre-planning and scheduling of projects
• The adoption of a team based approach with all our employees, contractors and customers
• Working any hours in the day, any day of the week, where necessary ‘The utilization of broad based
experiences within TSL
Tana Scaffolding
Another core value and priority is the protection of the environment. TSL acknowledges that its people,
its customers and the community at large expect responsible environmental management by TSL. TSL
Environmental Managements are to:
• Comply with all relevant environmental legislation, regulations, standards and codes of practice in each of
the communities in which TSL operates and ensuring that its people comply with all relevant environmental
legislation, regulations, standards and codes of practice at all times.
• Exceed the requisite environmental protection standards set by all relevant environmental legislation,
regulations, standards and codes of practice.
• Ensure that its management remains committed to making the environment a priority.
• Conduct its business and operations to minimize and, where applicable eliminate negative environmental
• Establish and maintain environmentally responsible
waste management and waste disposal practices.
• Improve the efficiency of energy use.
• Store all materials in manner that reduces their
potential release to the atmosphere, soil or water.
• Assess and control hazards or potential hazards to the
environment, particularly before commencing
a project.
• Ensure that emergency response procedures are put
into place.
• Reduce the potential for environmental harm in
emergency situations by responding effectively to
emergencies using trained people and established
emergency plans.
• Ensure that its people recognize and appreciate that
they have a shared responsibility for the protection of
the environment.
• Regularly review the performance of its people against
set environmental objectives.
• Conduct its business and operations with suppliers
who also have a conmiitment to a responsible
environmental policy.
Tana Scaffolding