Foreign Rights Catalog, Spring 2016


Foreign Rights Catalog, Spring 2016
Beltz & Gelberg
Foreign Rights Catalogue
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Spring 2016
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Beltz & Gelberg 1
with children
Playing means discovering the world with all
senses. Every little occasion is enough reason
for children to start playing – everything becomes a game and a dandelion gone to seed is
something special. A sensual picture book with
photographs for the whole family – for parents
who know that there is nothing more wonderful than to playfully discover the world with
Cover: Mille Foli
There are lots of occasions for playing different
games – finding just simple things, little treasures
like bird feathers or pine cones. And if you pose
children the right questions, you can start real
conversations. »Where do little chicks sleep? How
much grass do you need to build a nest?« or »How
does it feel when hands whisper?« »Who lives
inside the apple core?« Mille Foli‘s questions are
touching and encourage to blow and stroke, sing
and dance, run and frolic and hide in the grass.
© Mille Foli
✹ An interactive photograph and question book,
which encourages conversations
✹ Great creative potential
✹ Main emphasis on the world of nature
✹ 75 wonderful photographs and over 70 questions
Mille Foli
Wie laut ist leise?
Mit allen Sinnen die Welt entdecken
How Loud is Quiet?
Discovering the world with all senses
Hardcoverm 82 pages
Format: 16,8 x 22,5 cm
Age: 3+
Mille Foli, born in 1983 in a small village in Bavaria,
studied design and illustration in Münster and free
art at HfBK Hamburg. Since then she has cut, drawn,
sewn and made collages for magazines and small
book projects, works as a sign maker, puts together
animated films and makes dolls. She played with
many children and took pictures with/of them for
this book.
that is t
© Gundula Friese
© Ferdinando Iannone
Time to go to bed! A little girl finds a piece of candy. Should she eat
it? Or rather not? This situation causes an inner turmoil carried to the
extremes with succulent language and space-consuming illustrations.
She simply has to eat that piece of candy. Yet after the sand man comes,
she is not allowed to eat anything. But maybe it is cold... and it is nice
and warm in her mouth. No, she can‘t! But maybe some monsters are
looking for it? And her mouth would be the ideal hiding place! Wait a
minute – maybe the piece of candy is just a dirty trap? Christian Duda
places himself deep inside a child‘s fantasy world and Julia Friese provides
the corresponding illustrations of magnificent power.
Christian Duda’s real name is Christian
Achmed Gad Elkarim. He was Austrian,
Egyptian and is now German. He was a
Catholic, Mohammedan and has now long
been a happy atheist. He is a writer,
producer, father and lives with his family
near Berlin.
Julia Friese, born in 1979 in Leipzig,
studied graphic design and fine arts in
Leipzig, Bilbao and Dublin. She loves to
illustrate books by Christian Duda. Both were
nominated for the German Youth Literature
Prize in 2008. She lives and works as a
freelance graphic designer and illustrator in
Already published:
ISBN 978-3-407-79567-0
A p
So late?
Yo u fi t ri gh t
into my mouth
w ha t a co inc ide nc e!
✹ A wild dance of language, illustrations and composition
✹ Dramatic and at the same time, hilarious
✹ A sensitive look into a child‘s mind
Cover: Julia Friese
Beltz & Gelberg 3
Christian Duda / Julia Friese
Four-colour picture book
Hardback, 32 pages
Format: 15,1 x 28,0 cm
What is the
blow-up crocodile
doing in the zoo?
© Beltz & Gelberg
For fans of the beloved seek and find series by Doro Göbel and Peter
Knorr – one of the main characters from the storybooks experiences
an exciting adventure in the zoo.
Doro Göbel, born in 1958, and Peter
Knorr, born in 1956, live as freelance
illustrators in Nierstein on the Rhine. Both
illustrate children’s books and design book
covers. Their seek-and-find series that
appeared with Beltz & Gelberg was done in
Tom and Paul go to the zoo with their grandparents. Of course Paul has
his beloved inflatable crocodile along with him. Paul thinks it will have
fun swimming in the flamingos‘ pond! Yet he didn‘t think about the
danger of the pelican, who kidnaps the blow-up animal. A wild chase
after the beloved crocodile! It gets really exciting when the toy animal
meets up with its living counterpart …
Already published:
ISBN 978-3-407-79540-3
ISBN 978-3-407-79400-0
ISBN 978-3-407-79429-1
ISBN 978-3-407-79468-0
ISBN 978-3-407-79598-4
Cover: Doro Göbel / Peter Knorr
Beltz & Gelberg 5
✹ A thrilling topic – the
✹ Over 50,000 copies of
the seek and find books
✹ Meeting up with beloved characters from
the seek and find series:
Paul, Tom, Grandpa
Ernst and Grandma
Lotte, Uncle Willy and
Helga, the hen as well
as many others.
Doro Göbel / Peter Knorr
Oh Schreck, das Krokodil ist weg!
Oh dear, the Crocodile is Vanished!
Four-colour picture book
Hardback, 32 pages
Format: 21,3 x 28,0 cm
Age: 3+
Fear of water?
© Sebastian Hoppe
Fast-paced, splendidly illustrated and full of humour: Martin Baltscheit‘s
new tale of the lion is a must for all those who love water – and for those
who can‘t swim!
Martin Baltscheit, born in 1965 in
Düsseldorf, studied Communication
Design at the Folkwangschule Essen.
Since then the multi-talent has
worked as a comic artist, illustrator,
author of children’s books, prose,
audio plays and for the theater, as an
actor and as audio book narrator.
Martin Baltscheit has received
numerous awards, including the
German Youth Literature Prize. He
and his family live in Düsseldorf.
More than 170.000
copies sold:
ISBN 978-3-407-79482-6
Help, the spring tide! The lioness lies on the island and pleads for someone
to rescue her. Unfortunately, the lion can‘t swim. The other animals have all
sorts of advice for the lion – after all, the duck, the frog and the trout have
no trouble swimming! The flea thinks he should leap forward, the bird says
to fly. It‘s when the cricket calls him a coward that the lion has to take
action. He charges into the water and sinks like a stone... In the end, the lion
accomplishes his task and swims to the island and back with the lioness.
Cover: Martin Baltscheit
Beltz & Gelberg 7
✹ A new story with the beloved picture book hero
✹ Over 170,000 copies sold: The Lion Who Couldn‘t Write
✹ A topic for those who are just learning to swim
Martin Baltscheit
Die Geschichte vom Löwen, der nicht
schwimmen konnte
The Story about the Lion Who Couldn‘t
Four-colour picture book
Hardcover, 40 pages
Format: 30,2 x 20 cm
Age: 5+
60 pages of seek and find fun
for colouring and doodling
The seek and find stories by Doro Göbel and
Peter Knorr are now available as colouring
books – grab a coloured pencil and join in the
There are lots of scenes from the beloved world
of the seek and find books to colour and let your
imagination run wild. Large seek and find illustrations alternate with activity pages – which
hat looks best on Grandpa Ernst? How did Uncle
Willy decorate his new home? What are Toni
and Papa Paul juggling with? And what does the
digger find in the building pit?
✹ Over 50,000 seek and find
books sold
✹ With the beloved characters
from all four seek and find
Doro Göbel / Peter Knorr
Das Wimmelbilder-Malbuch
The Seek and Find Colouring Book
Stitched, 60 pages
Format: 21, 0 x 29,7 cm
Age: 5+
Beltz & Gelberg 9
A neW cOup
cOloUrfUl DooDle boOk
Cover: Philip Waechter/Moni Port
wIth 6 colOurEd PenCilS!
Fabulous, wild and hilarious: 60 imaginative, creative & brilliant illustrations to
promote doodling, drawing and colouring
with 6 high quality coloured pencils (Colour
Grip) by Faber Castell.
For inside and outside, for at home and on the
road. This unique miscellany, put together just
for this volume, features the Aluminum Foil
Aliens, Ant Street, Frog Table, Secret
Agents,Baby Spinach, Bunny Ears, Smoking
Cars, Love of Stripes, Princess Adventure Tour,
Reiner and Rolf, Lice Alarm, Ouch, Stuffed
Tummy, Farts, Stain Monster and much, much
© Ateliergemeinschaft Labor
✹ Limited edition – attractive .....stiff soft cover
with a rubber spine
✹ Bundle book with 6 high quality watercolour pencils »Colour GRIP« by Faber Castell
✹ Total number of copies of all doodle books:
520,000 copies
ISBN 978-3-407-79396-6
ISBN 978-3-407-79569-4
ISBN 978-3-407-82094-5
Labor Ateliergemeinschaft
Fabelhaftes Kinder Künstler Kritzelbuch
Fabulous Children‘s Artists‘ Doodle Book
Hardback, thread-stitiching, 126 pages
Format: 16,8 x 24,5 cm
Age: 6+
LABOR is a studio cooperation in Frankfurt on
Main ( This children‘s artists‘
book was put together by Kirsten Fabinski,
Christopher Fellehner, Zuni Fellehner, Anke Kuhl,
Alexandra Maxeiner, Jörg Mühle, Moni Port,
Natascha Vlahovic, Philip Waechter, Claudia
Weikert. 160,000 copies of the children‘s artists‘
doodle books have now been sold.
© privat
© Thomas Duffé
...uclr rm rfc ummbq,
a_sefr _ jgml
Scheffler‘s fantastic illustrations pared with Frantz Wittkamp‘s
subtly cryptic quatrains are produced by great champions –
particularly wonderful because they playfully and ironically
boil small bits of wisdom to an essence.
Axel Scheffler, born in 1957 in Hamburg, lives and works as an illustrator in
London with his family. His picturebook
The Gruffalo brought him to fame
worldwide. In addition to the illustrations
for Julia Donaldson‘s texts, he has illustrated such wonderful books like The
Squirrel is Quite Small, But... and When
Rabbits Could Still Fly by Melanie von
Frantz Wittkamp‘s »Foundlings« follow a long tradition of nonsense and aphorisms – wonderful pieces of worldly wisdom about
people, animals and other strange creatures – expertly rhymed,
very amusing and sometimes also sad. Axel Scheffler‘s amazing
illustrations help see how playfully cunning and ironic they can
be from time to time.
Frantz Wittkamp, born in 1943, studied
art education and biology and lives and
works as a freelance graphic designer in
Lüdinghausen. Many of his books have
been published by Beltz & Gelberg.
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Cover: Axel Scheffler / Fraenzi Walther
Beltz & Gelberg 11
✹ Special gift edition for
children & adults and all
Scheffler fans
✹ Wonderfully ironic and
playfully light
Axel Scheffler/Frantz Wittkamp
In die Wälder gegangen, einen
Löwen gefangen
Went to the Woods, Caught a Lion
Hardback, 48 pages
Format: 16,8 x 24,5 cm
For all
© Andrea Schombara
Buzzational &
Verena Reinhardt, born in 1983,
has been writing novels since she was
a child. She studied biology and
English Literature in Mainz and
Birminham/England and did her
thesis on the behaviour of honey bees
regarding pollination. She also plays
lead guitar in a punk band. Verena
Reinhardt lives in Wiesbaden.
Friedrich Snapdragon, the Bumblebee
Rider is her first work to be published.
Friedrich Snapdragon plunges himself into a crazy adventure together with Hieronymus Bumble, a spy for the Queen of Southward. They
manage to get themselves into a huge mess in the course of which
they expose a conspiracy and often fear for their lives.
Friedrich Snapdragon, who comes from a long line of famous bumblebee
riders, is initially not at all happy about having Brumsel, chief of the
secret service, accompany him to the north of the country to spy. When
it turns out that the bewitching Queen Ophrys is a dangerous despot,
great danger threatens. Things start to happen thick and fast, and after
several voltes, all the insects, small animals and other living creatures
join forces to render the queen harmless and to prevent the great war of
A breathtaking debut of an extraordinary writer.
Cover: Eva Schöffmann-Davidov
Beltz & Gelberg 13
✹ Extraordinary, delightful and fast-paced
reading fun with subversive charm for age 8
and older!
✹ A fascinating, detailed
look at insects originating out of the pen of
a biologist
✹ Exciting debut
Verena Reinhardt
Der Hummelreiter Friedich Löwenmaul
Friedrich Snapdragon, the Bumblebee
A novel
With 3 full-page illustrations
Hardback, 528 pages
Format: 14,9 x 21,2 cm
Age: 10+
Are there secrets that
Cover: Alexander von Knorre
should better be told?
David and Daniel have been best friends
forever and are true secret-keepers. Their
complete archives are buried in a tin. But then
they discover Secret No. 32 and have to make
a decision …
David and Daniel actually wanted to expose the
thief who took the money for the class trip, but
instead Bianca (a real beauty) lets them know she
took the money to prevent the trip from happening. Christoph had planned to make her kiss him
then. Should the boys inform their teacher?
Or keep the secret and take care of things themselves?
© Beltz & Gelberg
✹ A cool, easily told story of a friendship
between boys
✹ Topic: Secrets – exciting or depressing?
Timm Milan, born in Wuppertal, has
never left the city. He prefers to go on
imaginary travels to far-away places.
He didn‘t finish his German studies,
because there was not enough emphasis
placed on literature. Now he writes his
own stories. His debut novel Secret No.
32 was inspired by his work in an
elementary school.
Timm Milan
Geheimnis Nr. 32
Secret No. 32
Hardback, 169 pages
Format: 14,9 x 21,2 cm
Age. 10+
Beltz & Gelberg 15
Cover: Franziska Walther SEHEN IST GOLD
The flood fetches
the greatest secrets
Konrad and his extremely annoying cousin are not
the only ones who are curious about the bunker at
the beach. That place seems to attract people like a
pile of horse manure attracts flies! What are they all
looking for? Gold? And whose corpse is that? Konrad
and Lisbeth run into many strange things this summer on the French Atlantic coast, yet lastly it is the
family‘s own secret that shakes everyone up.
Everything is Konrad‘s fault – probably even the fact
that the seawater is salty. But having to spend his
vacation with his prodigy cousin, Lisbeth (who does
back dives into the pool and won the math olympics)
really tops things off. Never mind. At any rate, Konrad
and Lisbeth also feel drawn to the cement bunker and
want to take a closer look. They not only discover the
Blue House when doing so, they also stumble across
some peculiar mysterious documents originated from
dark times and closely guarded family secrets. These are
first revealed when the mystery of Lisbeth‘s disappearance is solved! A wonderfully thrilling new novel that is
full of suspense – and once again proves what a »literary
champion« (Süddeutsche Zeitung) Martina Wildner is.
Already published:
✹ Winner of the German Youth Literature
✹ Thrilling, evocative, amusing and full of
strong dialogues
Martina Wildner
Finsterer Sommer
Sinister Summer
ISBN 978-3-407-82027-3
A novel
Hardbach, 238 pages
Format: 13,7 x 21,2 cm
Age: 11+
© privat
»Martina Wildner is presumably one of the most interesting
voices in the sector of preteen literature. (…) Few of these novels
present such depth and nevertheless so thrilling, complex and
such a fascinating read.« eselsohr
Martina Wildner, born in 1968, studied
Islamic studies and graphic design. She
lives with her family in Berlin, where she
works as a writer and artist. She has
already published numerous successful
books on the Beltz & Gelberg list,
including The Haunted House, which was
nominated for the German Youth Literature Award. Queen of the Diving Board
was the winner of this award.
Cover: Tim Jockel
IF …
18 stories about desires, dreams and yearning
that are full of willpower and deeper meaning.
And about people who sometimes don‘t
exactly know where they stand and what to
do with themselves …
True stories or dreams? Reality or fantasy? There
are more than these opposites. These stories
cunningly describe what is »between« these two
extremes. Full of breaks and peculiar turns –
sometimes absurd, humorous, sad or experimental. If you are ready to enter this world, you will
be rewarded – with refreshingly surprising
impressions of life.
© Jenny Mayfield
✹ unique collection of successful writers
belletristic and youth literature
✹ 18 works – written exclusively for this anthology
✹ aimed at all ages
✹ cunning, opinionated, surprising
Christian Walther, born in 1977, studied philosophy
and German. After many stops at city magazines and
radio, today he works as an editor and devotes his free
time to painting and music. He and his family live close
to Frankfurt on the Main.
Christian Walther (Editor)
Hinter den Lichtern
18 unglaublich Stories
Crossing the Lines
18 unbelievable stories
Soft-cover with flaps, 264 pages
Format: 13,6 x 20,7 cm
Age: for all
Cover: Johannes Wiebel
Beltz & Gelberg 17
Only the victory counts. Freestyler optimize
their bodies with high-tech artificial limbs to
achieve their dream of Olympic gold. Yet the
extreme body doping involves a deadly risk …
The Olympic games in Buenos Aires 2032. “Optimized” athletes compete in various disciplines
under the new category “Freestyle”. One of them,
Ryan, whose leg is amputated, sprints on carbon
springs. Another, his best friend, Jola, followed the
advice of her trainer and sponsor and had artificial
calf muscles implanted. Yet the advanced technology has dangerous negative side effects. A “freestyler” with an artificial heart dies during the marathon run. Ryan is ready to give up. But Jola
convinces him to keep on going. He makes it to
the final and runs for his life …
Already published:
ISBN 978-3-407-81194-3
Katja Brandis
A novel
Hardbach, 432 pages
Format: 13,7 x 21,2 cm
Age: 14+
© Erol Gurian
✹ Near-future fiction: Optimizing bodies
with fatal consequences
✹ Thrilling love story with an athletic
✹ Summer Olympics 2016 in Rio de
✹ Thrilling, knowledgable, authentic
Katja Brandis, born in 1970, works as a freelance author and
has already written numerous adventure and fantasy novels
for youths. She lives near Munich with her husband and son.
Beltz & Gelberg has published the novels Call of the Deep, In
the Shade of the Jungle (both written together with H.P.
Ziemek), as well as the thriller And Nobody Will Know You and,
most recently, Vulcano Hunters and Floaters. In the Wake of the
discovering dra
with simple techniq
Easy step-by-step
© privat
»Naturally homemade crafts«:
Original and creative just like the
Annika Oyrabø, born in 1977,
studied illustration in Copenhagen
and Hamburg. She has worked as a
freelance illustrator since 2007 and
offers creative workshops for children
in which she uses recycling materials.
Beltz & Gelberg has published several
titles by her, for example Scrap
Robots, Cardboard Cows & Co.
and Everything Naturally Self-made.
The author playfully introduces
established techniques of art using
easy step-by-step instructions, numerous detailed photographs and basic
guidelines. Everyday materials are
required that everyone has at home,
such as water colours, coloured
pencils, crayons and ink. Thus blur
of colours, portraits, picture stories
and more come into being.
Cover: Alina Sprung
Beltz & Gelberg 19
✹ Inspires creativity
✹ Works with everyday
materials everyone has
at home
✹ The classic topic of
drawing and painting
in a refreshingly new,
playful interpretation.
Annika Oyrabø
Alles natürlich selbst gebastelt
Malen und Zeichnen
Naturally Homemade Crafts
Doodling and colouring
With four-colour illustrations and photos
Hardback, 64 pages
Format: 16,8 x 22,5 cm
Age: 7+
© Axel Kranz
© Anke M. Leitzgen
There are thousands of fascinating things to discover at the sea and
on the coast. But at home, researchers can also look into many
questions about this topic!
Anke Leitzgen is both a journalist and
author. She was the chief editor of miss
VOGUE and writer for the SZ-Magazin and
Zeit-Magazin. She has worked writing screen
plays and filmed documentaries. But her
favourite thing to do is to write books for
children and youths.
Dr. Anna Bockelmann studied biology
with the main focus on marine biology.
After having received her doctor’s degree,
she has worked in oceanography for 10
years. Today she works as teacher in Kiel
with the aim to pass on her view on nature
and to teach children her knowledge.
Discover the Ocean is her first non-fiction
book for children.
How does the salt get into seawater? Why do coasts and beaches look
different in different places? How do monster waves occur? Those who
spend their vacations at the seaside can find out lots of new, exciting
facts. Even those who stay at home or even live by the sea also have
many questions that want to be answered.
This book contains all kinds of expert knowledge on the topic of the
ocean and coastlines as well as many experiments that will make children into oceanographers.
t du:
Das brauchs
2 Gläser
4 frische S
1 Teelöff
106 >> Watte
Warum könne
Süßwasser- cht
pflanzen ni er
im Salzwass
Wie sieht es
an der
Felsküste aus
Nein. An der
britischen Kü
ste und am Mi
sind die Fels
en eher eckig
und schroff.
In Schweden,
Norwegen und
Finnland sind
dagegen rund
wie riesige K
Das liegt an
den Gletscher
der letzten
Eiszeit. Sie
haben ganz Sk
andinavien be
und den felsi
gen Untergrun
d glatt gehob
Hier siehst d
u die Küste v
on Westschwed
Felsküsten si
nd typisch fü
r Skandinavie
Außerdem find
et man sie in
im Westen Fra
nkreichs und
im Süden des
In Deutschlan
d, das heißt,
an Nord- und
Ostsee, gibt
es dagegen ka
felsige Küste
n. Mit einer
Ausnahme: Hel
Die Form der
Küste entsteh
t durch die K
Das liegt an
raft des Wass
der starken B
randung. Tier
die hier über
e und Pflanze
leben wollen,
müssen sich e
halten. >> Se
xtrem gut fes
ite 40
Das ist der S
pülsaum. Hier
findest du Ti
und Pflanzen,
die von der B
randung auf d
Strand gespül
t wurden. Zum
B e i s p i e l abgewor
fene Seegrasb
a g e w o r-lätter. Das k
annst du samm
n und leere G
50.000 copies sold of:
»These books help children find answers to
some everyday miracles.«
WELTkompakt zu Erforsche deine Welt
ISBN 978-3-407-75360-1
ISBN 978-3-407-75362-5
ISBN 978-3-407-75359-5
Cover: Lisa Rienermann
Beltz & Gelberg 21
✹ Topic interesting for
kids – the sea
✹ With numerous photos and illustrations
✹ Learn new things and
have fun!
✹ Anke M. Leitzgen
is an expert when it
comes to activities for
A look inside:
- What makes the tides occur? How do waves start?
- Oil spills, plastic and other waste – How bad is the
actual situation?
- How do the coasts of the North Sea, the Baltic Sea,
Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean differ?
- Interviews with children: What is it like to live at
the beach?
- Interviews with experts
Anke M. Leitzgen/Lisa Rienermann
Erforsche das Meer
Discover the Ocean
Hardback, 160 pages
Format: 21,3 x 24,5 cm
Age: 8+
Cover: Rothfos & Gabler
»This is the reason why I am ready to
take on the battle with the snake«
Today Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948) is still
the icon of peaceful protest. He fought for
India‘s independence, for justice and truth
and against violence. He fearlessly and uncompromisingly followed his visions with a
great sensitivity for people and their needs.
»Virtuous, abstinent, non-violent and bound to
the truth«, thus reads the Satyagraha oath that
Gandhi followed his whole life. This biography
tells of an extraordinary life without idealizing
him. About the young lawyer who was too shy to
speak in front of an audience, who developed his
beliefs in South Africa among the Boers only to
return to India to become a charismatic politician, able to convince hundreds of thousands of
Indians to join the famous »salt march« – a
tactically brilliant achievement. A fascinating
biography of the peaceful rebel, written from a
critical point of view.
© Bianca Krause, Fotosinfonie
Already published:
✹ With many black and white
✹ Vividly written
✹ A graphic introduction to Gandhi,
the icon‘s life
Marcel Feige, born in 1971, lives and works as a
freelance author in Berlin. He has published numerous
books, among them many thrillers and mysteries.
His biography on the punk diva Nina Hagen That‘s Why
The Lady Is A Punk was awarded the Corine in 2003.
Beltz & Gelberg published the Kurt Cobain biography I
Don‘t Have a Gun.
ISBN 978-3-407-81087-8
Marcel Feige
Gewaltloser Rebell
Die Lebensgeschichte des Mahatma
Non-Violent Rebel
The life story of Mahatma Gandhi
With photographs
Hardback with dust jacket, 228 pages
Format: 13,7 x 21,2 cm
Age: 14+
Beltz & Gelberg 23
How does it feel to leave your home? And to
find a new life somewhere else? And how do
you start a new life?
The main topic of the year 2015 is surely the
story of people who had to leave their home
countries. People who have experienced
uprooting and upheaval, who were forced to
start all over again somewhere new. This book
describes some of their stories and tells how it
feels to »reset« their lives by starting all over
again. How they cope with their daily lives, but
also which dreams and hopes they have for the
future. And because nothing would work
without volunteers, those who support and
provide assistance in everyday life or just
simply listen also tell their stories. An exciting,
current topic.
✹ Important and current topic
✹ About 30 reports, interviews and personal stories
✹ Varied inspirations for young adults
Neu in der Fremde
Von Menschen, die ihre Heimat
Going Abroad
About people who have left their
Hardcover, 200 pages
Format: 13,7 x 21,2 cm
Age: 14+
Cover: Daniela Burger
Set t
Picture Books
Marliese Arold/Annet Rudolph
32 S., ab 4, a 9,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-77301-2
Martin Auer/Manuela Olten
Das ganz, ganz kleine
Schwein mit dem ganz,
ganz großen Hunger
32 S., ab 3, a 12,90 D
ISBN 978-3-407-79367-6
Martin Baltscheit/Christine Schwarz
Gans für Dich
40 S., ab 5, a 12,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-82068-6
Martin Baltscheit
Die Geschichte vom Löwen,
der nicht bis 3 zählen konnte
40 S., ab 5, E 12,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-79469-7
Martin Baltscheit
Das Gold des Hasen
48 S., ab 5, E 14,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-79524-3
Martin Baltscheit
Die Geschichte vom Fuchs,
der den Verstand verlor
40 S., ab 4, E 13,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-79558-8
Martin Baltscheit/Christine Schwarz
Gold für den Pinguin
40 S., ab 5, a 13,80 D
ISBN 978-3-907588-50-5
Martin Baltscheit/Christine Schwarz
Schon gehört?
40 S., ab 5, a 13,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-79565-6
Martin Baltscheit
Die Geschichte vom Löwen,
der nicht schreiben konnte
40 S., ab 5, E 13,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-79482-6
Christoph Mett/Martin Baltscheit
Der Sonnenwecker
40 S., ab 4, a 14,90 D
ISBN 978-3-907588-92-5
Hans Baltzer/Christa Holtei
Die Wiese
32 S., ab 4, E 16,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-75365-6
Jutta Bauer/Kirsten Boie
Juli tut Gutes
32 S., ab 3, a 14,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-79435-2
Jutta Bauer
Die Königin der Farben
64 S., ab 5, a 12,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-79221-1
Jutta Bauer
36 S., ab 3, a 12,90 D
ISBN 978-3-407-79264-8
Judith Drews
Anton muss mal
16 S., ab 11/2, E 5,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-79420-8
Judith Drews
Anton turnt herum
16 S., ab 11/2, E 5,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-79421-5
Christian Duda/Julia Friese
Alle seine Entlein
60 S., ab 4, a 16,90 D
ISBN 978-3-407-79537-3
Christian Duda/Julia Friese
37 S., ab 5, a 14,90 D
ISBN 978-3-407-79538-0
Christian Duda/Julia Friese
Schwein sein
70 S., ab 4, a 16,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-79567-0
Kristina Dunker/Lena Pflüger
Wo bin ich nur?, fragt
Kater Murr
32 S., ab 4, E 12,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-79450-5
Doro Göbel/Peter Knorr
Unser Zuhause
16 S., ab 3, a 12,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-79598-4
Doro Göbel/Peter Knorr
Der Ausflug
16 S., ab 3, a 12,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-79400-0
Doro Göbel/Peter Knorr
Im Zirkus
16 S., ab 3, a 12,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-79429-1
Doro Göbel/Peter Knorr
Was machen die da?
16 S., ab 3, E 12,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-79468-0
Backlist Beltz & Gelberg 25
Nikolaus Heidelbach
Königin Gisela
40 S., ab 5, E 14,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-79906-7
Nikolaus Heidelbach
Prinz Alfred
48 S., ab 6, a 12,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-79466-6
Nikolaus Heidelbach
Was machen die Jungs heute?
62 S., ab 7, a 16,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-79582-3
Nikolaus Heidelbach
Was machen die Mädchen
62 S., ab 7, a 16,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-79581-6
Nikolaus Heidelbach
Wenn ich groß bin,
werde ich Seehund
32 S., ab 4, E 14,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-79443-7
Helme Heine/Fredrik Vahle
12 S., ab 2, E 4,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-77035-6
Helme Heine
Na warte, sagte Schwarte
+ CD
32 S., ab 4, E 13,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-79500-7
Sybille Hein
Fips, der kleine Nasenbär
32 S., ab 3, E 12,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-79454-3
Helme Heine
32 S., ab 4, E 13,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-77024-0
Helme Heine
Der Hase mit der roten Nase
12 S., ab 2, E 4,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-77006-6
Helme Heine
Das schönste Ei der Welt
32 S., ab 4, E 13,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-79885-5
Helme Heine
Der Superhase
32 S., ab 5, E 13,90 D
ISBN 978-3-407-79886-2
Helme Heine
Toto der Schatzsucher
80 S., ab 5, E 12,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-79432-1
Felicitas Horstschäfer/
Johannes Vogt
Schattenmonster/Ein SuchPop-Up mit Taschenlampe
20 S., ab 5, a 19,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-79583-0
Heinz Janisch/Manuela Olten
Wenn Lisa wütend ist
30 S., ab 2, a 12,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-82064-8
Heinz Janisch/Søren Jessen
Lilli lässt es schneien
32 S., ab 4, E 12,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-79494-9
Ernst Jandl/Norman Junge
Fünfter sein
38 S., ab 5, a 13,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-79195-5
Ach, so schön ist Panama
288 S., ab 4, E 14,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-79964-7
Das Auto hier heißt Ferdinand
12 S., ab 2, E 6,90 D
ISBN 978-3-407-79316-4
Guten Tag kleines
48 S., ab 4, E 12,90 D
ISBN 978-3-407-79907-4
Post für den Tiger
48 S., ab 5, E 13,90 D
ISBN 978-3-407-80572-0
Riesenparty für den Tiger
48 S., ab 4, E 13,90 D
ISBN 978-3-407-79355-3
Unterwegs mit Tiger und Bär
Ein Such-Wimmelbuch
16 S., ab 3, E 9,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-82086-0
Wo sind kleiner Bär
und kleiner Tiger?
16 S., ab 3, a 8,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-79544-1
Oh, wie schön ist Panama
48 S., ab 5, E 13,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-80533-1
Puzzeln mit Tiger und Bär
10 S., ab 2, a 9,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-79574-8
Doris Lecher
Gesucht: Eierdieb
32 S., ab 4, a 13,90 D
ISBN 978-3-907588-91-8
Doris Lecher
Ein neues Haus für Charlie
32 S., ab 4, E 13,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-79483-3
Kai Lüftner/Katja Gehrmann
Für immer
32 S., ab 5, a 12,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-79546-5
Nele Moost/Pieter Kunstreich
Wenn die Ziege
schwimmen lernt
32 S., ab 4, a 9,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-77300-5
Erwin Moser
Großvaters Geschichten oder
Das Bett mit den fliegenden
320 S., ab 10, a 13,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-82050-1
Erwin Moser
Der Rabe Alfons
200 S., ab 8, a 12,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-82037-2
Christine Nöstlinger/Janosch
32 S., ab 6, E 14,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-79386-7
Manuela Olten
Echte Kerle
32 S., ab 5, E 13,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-79486-4
Manuela Olten
Wahre Freunde
32 S., ab 5, E 13,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-79487-1
Lena Pflüger
Willkommen bei den
14 S., ab 3, a 12,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-79577-9
Isabel Pin
Der Bär hat Geburtstag
20 S., ab 3, a 12,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-82066-2
Isabel Pin
Die Geschichte vom
kleinen Loch
24 S., ab 3, E 14,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-79484-0
Isabel Pin
Wenn ich ein Löwe wäre
22 S., ab 3, a 14,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-79535-9
Moni Port
Das Schwein Uwe
12 S., ab 2, a 6,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-79560-1
Michael Roher
Herr Lavendel
48 S., ab 5, a 12,90 D
ISBN 978-3-905871-30-2
Gerda Raidt/Christa Holtei
In die neue Welt
32 S., ab 5, a 13,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-75367-0
Gerda Raidt/Christa Holtei
Die Straße
34 S., ab 5, E 14,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-79444-4
Rafik Schami/Kathrin Schärer
»Hast du Angst?«, fragte
die Maus
32 S., ab 4, E 13,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-79525-0
Oliver Scherz/Katja Gehrmann
Als das Faultier mit seinem
Baum verschwand
33 S., ab 3, a 12,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-82067-9
Philip Waechter
Der fliegende Jakob
36 S., ab 4, E 12,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-79449-9
Philip Waechter
64 S., ab 3–99, E 9,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-79873-2
Philip Waechter
Der Krakeeler
36 S., ab 4, E 12,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-79407-9
Oliver Scherz/Eva Muggenthaler
Der kleine Erdvogel
32 S., ab 3, a 12,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-79523-6
Philip Waechter
Endlich wieder zelten!
31 S., ab 5, a 12,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-82065-5
Backlist Beltz & Gelberg 27
Philip Waechter
Kuchen bei mir
ca. 28 S., ab 5, a 12,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-79579-3
Philip Waechter
Rosi in der Geisterbahn
26 S., ab 3, a 7,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-79542-7
Philip Waechter
Sehr berühmt
64 S., ab 4, E 9,90 D
ISBN 978-3-407-79905-0
Philip Waechter
So ein Tag
72 S., ab 3–99, E 9,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-79526-7
Philip Waechter
56 S., für alle, E 9,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-79369-0
Katrin Wiehle
Mein kleiner Dschungel
14 S., ab 3, a 8,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-79578-6
Katrin Wiehle
Mein kleiner Garten
16 S., ab 3, E 8,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-79497-0
Katrin Wiehle
Mein kleiner Teich
16 S., ab 3, a 8,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-79563-2
Katja Alves
Beste Freundin dringend
176 S., ab 9, a 12,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-79967-8
Kristina Andres
Mucker & Rosine
168 S., ab 6, a 13,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-82092-1
Katrin Wiehle
Mein großer Bauernhof
16 S., ab 3, a 12,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-82084-6
Katrin Wiehle
Mein kleines Meer
16 S., ab 3, a 8,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-79597-7
Katrin Wiehle
Mein kleiner Wald
16 S., ab 3, E 8,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-79496-3
Katrin Wiehle
Was macht die Katze
in der Nacht?
32 S., ab 3, E 12,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-79453-6
Milena Baisch
Anton macht's klar
208 S., ab 9, a 12,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-79993-7
Melanie von Bismarck/Axel Scheffler
Als die Hasen noch fliegen
136 S., ab 6, E 12,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-82025-9
Christian Duda
Ein schmales Buch über die
Wirkung von Kuchen
160 S., ab 6, a 12,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-82082-2
Christina Ebertz
Der Ursuppenprinz
224 S., ab 9, a 12,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-82056-3
Wieland Freund
Ich, Toft und der
Geisterhund von Sandkas
183 S., geb., ab 8, a 12,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-82055-6
Wieland Freund
Wecke niemals einen Schrat!
232 S., ab 9, E 14,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-82017-4
Wieland Freund
Träum niemals von der wilden
Jagd! Die Abenteuer von Jannis,
Motte und Wendel, dem Schrat
ca. 232 S., ab 9, a 14,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-82081-5
Wieland Freund
Törtel und der Wolf
192 S., ab 8, a 12,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-79975-3
Lena Hach
Kawasaki hält alle in Atem
183 S., ab 8, a 12,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-82054-9
Peter Härtling
Hallo Opa – Liebe Mirjam
72 S., für alle, a 12,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-82039-6
Peter Härtling
Paul das Hauskind
184 S., ab 11, E 12,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-79977-7
Hans Christian Andersen
Bilder von Nikolaus Heidelbach
376 S., E 19,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-79927-2
Märchen der Brüder Grimm
Bilder von Nikolaus Heidelbach
384 S., ab 4, E 19,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-79926-5
Helme Heine/Gisela von Radowitz
Freunde. Die Schatzsuche
208 S., ab 6, a 12,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-82048-8
Stefanie Höfler
Mein Sommer mit Mucks
140 S., ab 11, a 12,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-82063-1
Jörg Isermeyer
Alles andere als normal
213 S., ab 10, a 12,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-82047-1
Klaus Kordon
Lina vom Ziegenberg
112 S., ab 7, a 9,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-82060-0
Klaus Kordon
Am 4. Advent morgens
um vier
64 S., ab 6, a 12,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-82029-7
Erwin Moser
Katzenkönig Mauzenberger
256 S., ab 6, a 12,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-82093-8
Salah Naoura
Chris, der größte Retter
aller Zeiten
192 S., ab 11, a 12,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-81198-1
Salah Naoura
208 S., ab 11, a 12,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-82034-1
Franz Hohler/Jürg Schubiger
Aller Anfang
128 S., für alle, E 16,90 D
ISBN 978-3-407-79914-2
Jürg Schubiger
Als die Welt noch jung war
und die anderen Geschichten
416 S., ab 10, E 19,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-79997-5
Ingo Siegner
Eliot und Isabella und das
Geheimnis des Leuchtturms
128 S., ab 6, E 12,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-79982-1
Martina Wildner
Königin des Sprungturms
216 S., ab 11, E 12,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-82027-3
Katja Brandis
Im Sog des Meeres
473 S., ab 13, a 17,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-81194-3
Katja Brandis/Hans-Peter Ziemek
Ruf der Tiefe
416 S., ab 13, E 16,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-81082-3
Katja Brandis
Und keiner wird dich kennen
400 S., ab 12, E 16,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-81130-1
Katja Brandis
365 S., ab 13, a 16,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-81159-2
Lena Hach
Zoom. Alles entwickelt sich
247 S., ab 12, a 13,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-81185-1
Lena Hach
Wanted. Ja. Nein. Vielleicht
155 S., ab 12, a 12,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-81157-8
Stephan Knösel
Das absolut schönste
Mädchen der Welt und ich
ca. 256 S., ab 14, E 13,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-81183-7
Klaus Kordon
Das Karussell
456 S., ab 14, E 19,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-81114-1
Youth Books
Regina Dürig
2 ½ Gespenster
139 S., ab 14, a 12,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-81197-4
Backlist Beltz & Gelberg 29
Mirjam Pressler
Ein Buch für Hanna
352 S., ab 14, E 17,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-81079-3
Gabi Kreslehner
Und der Himmel rot
144 S., ab 14, E 12,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-81080-9
Anna Kuschnarowa
Djihad Paradise
416 S., ab 14, a 14,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-81155-4
Anna Kuschnarowa
Das Herz von Libertalia
461 S., ab 14, a 17,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-81187-5
Mirjam Pressler
Nathan und seine Kinder
259 S., ab 14, a 10,00 D
ISBN 978-3-407-81186-8
Mirjam Pressler
Wer morgens lacht
264 S., ab 14, a 17,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-81143-1
Nataly Savina
Love Alice
160 S., ab 14, E 12,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-81141-7
Elisabeth Steinkellner
224 S., ab 14, a 12,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-81200-1
Christoph Wortberg
Der Ernst des Lebens
macht auch keinen Spaß
192 S., ab 14, a 12,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-81158-5
Marcel Feige
»I don't have a gun«
(Kurt Cobain)
224 S., ab 14, E 16,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-81087-8
Maren Gottschalk
Factory Man
Die Lebensgeschichte
des Andy Warhol
256 S., ab 14, E 18,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-81207-0
Charlotte Kerner
Rote Sonne, Roter Tiger
314 S., ab 14, a 19,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-81196-7
Monika Pelz
Den Blick auf das Herz
der Welt
(Johann Wolfgang Goethe)
288 S., ab 14, E 18,– D
ISBN 978-3-407-81044-1
Mirjam Pressler
Ich sehne mich so
(Anne Frank)
224 S., ab 14, E 18,90 D
ISBN 978-3-407-80854-7
Atelier Flora
Alles Farbe!
160 S., ab 4, E 13,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-79455-0
André Gatzke
Das André-Spielebuch
365 Spiele für jeden Tag
ca. 384 S., ab 5, E 22,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-75407-3
Labor Ateliergemeinschaft
Mein Kinder Künstler
Kritzelkino. Super Hotte
80 S., ab 6, a 3,20 D
ISBN 978-3-407-82077-8
Labor Ateliergemeinschaft
Mein Kinder Künstler
Kritzelkino. Katzen Radau
80 S., ab 6, a 3,20 D
ISBN 978-3-407-82078-5
Alois Prinz
Auf der Schwelle zum Glück
(Franz Kafka)
408 S., ab 14, E 19,90 D
ISBN 978-3-407-80953-7
Alois Prinz
»Und jedem Anfang
wohnt ein Zauber inne«
(Hermann Hesse)
404 S., ab 14, E 19,90 D
ISBN 978-3-407-80874-5
Eva König
Ich sehe was und was
siehst du?
96 S., ab 4, E 12,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-79531-1
Labor Ateliergemeinschaft
Mein Kinder Künstler
Kritzelkino. Fieser Furz
80 S., ab 6, a 3,20 D
ISBN 978-3-407-82074-7
Labor Ateliergemeinschaft
Mein Kinder Künstler
Kritzelkino. Robo Rock
80 S., ab 6, a 3,20 D
ISBN 978-3-407-82075-4
Labor Ateliergemeinschaft
Kinder Künstler Kritzelbuch
176 S., ab 5, E 9,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-79396-6
Labor Ateliergemeinschaft
Kinder Künstler Mitmachbuch
176 S., ab 6, E 9,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-79974-6
Labor Ateliergemeinschaft
Voll gemütlich. Das Kinder
Künstlerbuch vom Wohnen
und Bauen
256 S., ab 6, E 12,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-82094-5
1er Box
Inhalt: 26 Bände, a 206,70 D
ISBN 978-3-407-95681-1
tinkerbrain/Anke M. Leitzgen/
Gesine Grotrian
Bäng! 60 gefährliche Dinge,
die mutig machen
158 S., ab 9, E 19,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-75405-9
tinkerbrain/Anke M. Leitzgen/
Gesine Grotrian
Wie atmen Regenwürmer?
Ungewöhnliche Experimente
ca. 160 S., ab 5, E 14,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-75409-7
Anke M. Leitzgen/Lisa Rienermann
Entdecke, was dir schmeckt
160 S., ab 6, E 16,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-75362-5
Anke M. Leitzgen/Lisa Rienermann
Erforsche deine Welt
160 S., ab 6, E 16,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-75359-5
Annika Oyrabø
Alles natürlich selbst gebastelt
Sachen sammeln und Figuren
64 S., ab 7, E 9,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-75411-0
Annika Oyrabø
Schrottrobotter, Pappkühe
& Co
144 S., ab 8, E 17,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-82022-8
Jürgen Brater
Rasend schnell und tierisch
langsam – 60 extreme
Gegensätze, die verblüffen
144 S., ab 10, a 16,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-75395-3
Jürgen Brater
Was macht der U-Bahnfahrer,
wenn er auf Toilette muss?
160 S., ab 10, E 14,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-75364-9
Jürgen Brater
Warum haben wir Sand in den
Augen und Schmetterlinge im
248 S., ab 12, E 17,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-75354-0
Ulrich Eberl
Zukunft 2050
240 S., ab 14, E 17,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-75352-6
Sonja Eismann/Chris Köver
Hack's selbst! Digitales
Do it yourself für Mädchen
142 S., ab 13, E 16,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-75410-3
Sonja Eismann/Chris Köver
Mach's selbst
160 S., ab 14, E 16,95 D
ISBN 978-3-407-75363-2
Verlagsgruppe Beltz
Postfach 10 01 54
69441 Weinheim

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