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imperial valley university partnership
San Diego State University • Imperial Valley College • Imperial County Office of Education
Fall 2015 Admission Checklist
October 1–November 30, 2014
Apply electronically to SDSU at
November 2014
Last month to take the SAT/ACT
January 1–March 2, 2015
Apply for financial aid at
SDSU’s federal school code is 001151
and IVC’s federal school code is 001214
February 1, 2015
Deadline to submit official high
school transcripts with fall grades
and SAT/ACT official scores
The Imperial Valley University Partnership (IVUP), an innovative educational
partnership between San Diego State University, Imperial Valley Campus (SDSU-IV),
Imperial Valley College (IVC), and Imperial County Office of Education (ICOE),
offers an accessible, affordable, high quality education program with a clear path
to earn a bachelor’s degree in four years. It also offers students the option to obtain
an associate’s degree from IVC while they are completing the requirements for the
bachelor’s degree from SDSU.
All students who apply to SDSU-IV as first-time freshman will participate in the IVUP.
This program is designed to provide students with an enriched college and university
experience. It involves joint admission to IVC and SDSU-IV, meaning that students
will apply, be admitted, and attend classes at both schools for the first two years.
This arrangement, of attending both institutions, provides students with a seamless
transition between the first two years of their undergraduate education (as IVUP
students) and their final two years (at which point they are only SDSU students).
It also gives students full access to the resources, services, programs, facilities,
opportunities, and events at both institutions.
Early February 2015
Deadline to apply for SDSU
scholarships at
The IVUP includes features that have shown to increase students’ success.
Among these features, it offers a cohort structure, priority registration, academic
and personal enrichment seminars, student and parent orientations, and a
powerful emphasis on student advising and mentoring.
March 2015
Admission decisions sent
Admission Requirements
March 15, 2015
Apply electronically to IVC at
May 1, 2015
Deadline to submit Intent to Enroll
June 30, 2015
Deadline to submit final official
transcripts, with spring grades
IVUP students will be San Diego State University students. Therefore, they
must meet SDSU’s admission criteria. They will also be Imperial Valley College
students. However, no additional admission criteria is required.
All first-time freshmen applying
to IVUP must select one of the
majors offered:
•Criminal Justice
•Liberal Studies
•Public Administration
•Spanish (The Spanish major is
only open for students who have
taken AP Spanish Language and
passed the exam with a score of
3 or higher.)
IVUP Student Ambassadors
To Apply, Students Must:
1.Be a first-time freshman.
2.Complete, with a grade of C or higher, the pattern of college
preparatory curriculum (“A-G” courses) by the end of spring.
3.Have a minimum GPA of 2.0. This GPA is calculated based on
grades earned 10-12 grade “A-G” pattern courses only.
4.Take the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT Reasoning Test)
and/or the American College Test (ACT).
· SDSU’s SAT code is 4682 and IVC’s SAT code is 4358.
· SDSU’s ACT code is 0398 and IVC’s ACT code is 0292.
5.Meet the minimum Eligibility Index. The Eligibility Index is the
combination of the students’ high school grade point average
and their SAT/ACT test scores.
The minimum CSU Eligibility Index required is:
· 2900 using the SAT
· 694 using the ACT
(Details can be found at
6.Submit an application to:
· SDSU between October
1– November 30, 2014 at
· IVC after March 15, 2015
First-Time Freshman College
Preparatory Curriculum
First-time freshman applicants must
complete, with grades of C or higher,
the 15-unit comprehensive “a–g”
pattern of college preparatory courses.
• English: 4 years. Literature and/or
composition course are acceptable.
• Mathematics: 3 years. Algebra I,
geometry, and algebra II. Other
advanced courses that require
algebra and geometry as prerequisites
are also acceptable. Computer
programming courses do not fulfill the
math requirements. A fourth year of
mathematics is highly recommended.
• Social Science: 2 years, including
one year of U.S. history and government.
• Laboratory Science: 2 years.
1 year biology and 1 year physical
• Foreign Language: 2 years of the
same language. (Subject to waiver for
applicants demonstrating equivalent
• Visual and Performing Arts: 1 year.
Visual art, dance, drama/theatre, or
music. (Must be a year-long visual
and performing arts course in a single
IVUP Scholarship
IVUP 2012 & 2013 Students
The IVUP Scholarship is available for students with a 3.7 or higher GPA.
This GPA is based on 10-12th grade A-G coursework from the student’s
final transcript. This scholarship covers tuition and fees that are not
already covered by other resources such as federal, state, institutional
grant, scholarship, or other gift-aid programs. This is not a lump sum
award. Scholarship amounts will vary semester to semester based on
financial aid received, if any, with the exception of student loans.
The scholarship award is applicable for two consecutive years; however
students need to maintain a 3.5 GPA for this scholarship to be awarded
the second year. To be considered for this scholarship, students must
apply for this scholarship online and complete the Free Application
for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) before March 1 each year. Apply for
financial aid at
• Electives: 1 year. College preparatory
courses selected from English, advanced
mathematics, social studies, history,
laboratory science, agriculture, and
foreign language.
For More Information
(760) 768-5639 • (760) 768-5509
[email protected]
Find the Imperial Valley University
Partnership on Facebook and
Instagram #IVUP

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