Efrain Silva - Imperial Valley Renewable Energy Summit



Efrain Silva - Imperial Valley Renewable Energy Summit
Preparing the Workforce for the Renewable
Energy Jobs of Today & Tomorrow
Efrain Silva
Dean of Economic & Workforce
Imperial Valley College
Spring 2014
7th Annual Renewable Energy Summit
2010 Photograph by JOSELITO VILLERO
Renewable Energy Program Mission is
"…to identify, develop and
become a premier energy and
educational resource in Imperial
Valley to achieve a
sustainable renewable
energy future."
• IVC offers comprehensive premier workforce training
in Renewable Energy Technologies by providing:
• Technical programs taught by experienced
instructors held to the highest academic standards;
• Industry endorsed skills training using advanced
technology for balanced lectures, labs and handson training, and
• Facilitation of employment and career pathway
• Construction authorized Nov. 2010 and ribbon-cutting is
scheduled for May 01, 2014
• Will allow for the expansion of IVC Industrial technology, Public
Safety, Fire & Emergency Medical Services Training
• Industrial Technology Building 3200 is 30,022 sq. ft. has seven
separate labs including state of the art Renewable Energy Lab.
• The new lab will include Solar PV, Solar Thermal, Wind, Hydro
and Hydrogen Fuel Cell simulators and lab equipment
• All buildings are designed for LEED Certification
• NSF awarded a $200k Grant to IVC for the development of Alternative
Energies Technology Programs with a duration of 2011 to 2014
• Through the efforts of the Grant’s Team & IVC staff the following was
• In Oct. 2012 the Imperial Valley Renewable Energy Advisory Committee
was formed including the renewable industry local stakeholders;
• The Advisory Committee recommendations were the foundation of
designing the IVC Alternative Energy Programs, and
• A Regional Curriculum Development Committee was formed by
educational stakeholders from Riverside, S. Bernardino & Imperial
In August 2013 IVC was
registered as NABCEP Solar
PV Entry Level Program
Provider and Exam Site
In December 2013 IVC Power
Plant Operator & Alternative
Fuels Technology
Certification Curriculums
were created and submitted
for approval
IVC is in the process of
creating an Associate of
Science Degree in Project
Management of Sustainability
that will be linked to SDSU’s
B.S. of Sustainability Studies
(Proposed), in a 2 + 2
• SDSU and IVC share academic and technical resources
• IVC students receives support to visit different renewable power
plants; Hydro, Solar, Geothermal; on site visits and internship
• Both institutions share the use of their campuses and facilities
• SDSU Power Plant Simulator is available for IVC instructors &
students in the Electric Power Generation related program
• SDSU and IVC are collaborating in curriculum articulation
Qualify students with continually updated
programs to meet the industry current and
future standards
Provide community renewable energy
educational outreach
Become a clearinghouse and resource for
renewable energy & sustainability
Assist in the development of public policy
related to renewable energy
Provide assistance in developing
sustainable energy solutions

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