Issue 1 - Winter 2013 PDF File



Issue 1 - Winter 2013 PDF File
Winter 2013
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I am delighted welcome you to
our new look College magazine,
It is bolder and brighter and very much in
tune with the optimism about our future as
an outstanding and inspiring community.
We welcome your feedback and also invite
contributions from anyone with a close
connection with our College. 2014 is the
75th anniversary of Impington Village College
and there will be many exciting projects and
opportunities to remember the great work already
undertaken here, as well as looking to the future
with hope and ambition.
Robert Campbell, Principal
––– Cover image –––
Welcome to
In August a company of 29 IVC students
travelled to Edinburgh to stage The Early
Hours at the International Fringe
Festival. The new play with original music,
which was created by the talented Performance
Faculty, was a phenomenal success receiving
5* reviews from critics. High praise goes to
the student company for their passion and
dedication, and to the staff and professionals
who made the trip possible.
3 fast
IVC opened for the first time in
1939 just weeks after the
declaration of World War 2.
Nearly every teacher at IVC has basic knowledge of at least
one other language, and across the student body there are
Impington Village College
New Road, Impington, Cambridge CB24 9LX
native languages spoken.
Village Colleges only exist in Cambridgeshire but they are the
envy of communities across the country. People come from
far and wide to visit IVC and the famous Gropius building, including
a Professor who travelled all the way from Australia earlier this year!
Main school:
[email protected]
01223 200400
International Sixth Form:
[email protected]
01223 200402
Sports Centre:
[email protected]
01223 200415
Adult Learning and venue hire:
[email protected]
01223 200400 ext. 317
Community and opportunities:
[email protected]
etc magazine:
[email protected]
Term dates
Thursday 19 December – Term Ends
Monday 6 January – Term Starts
Friday 16 - 21 February – Half term break
Etc. makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of the
information it publishes, but cannot be held responsible for any
consequences arising from errors or omissions.
ivc etcetera : Autumn Term 2013
pictures etc.
A picture is worth a thousand words so
send us your snaps.
Email them to
[email protected]
[email protected]
50 each week!
For those with an interest in games and fitness there is running,
hockey, football, swimming, rugby, dance, athletics, tennis,
trampolining, golf, basketball, handball and dodgeball. If you enjoy
music and creativity there’s choir, folk group, guitar club, jazz
ensemble, orchestra, musical theatre, drama, ballet and creative
writing. There’s also bike club, worldwise quiz, experimental
science, film, Warhammer, and astronomy club. Full details can be
found on the calendar section of the IVC website.
Two packets of crisps walked down the road and
a taxi pulled over.
The driver asked the crisps “Do you want a lift?”
The crisps said “No mate… we’re walkers!”
Did you know that there are over 50 clubs, classes and extra curricular
activities running each week for IVC students?
New lunchtime club for those studying EPS in Years 9 and
10. The first task of the ? club will be to come up with a
name. Then it’ll focus on answering life’s big questions,
debating moral topics, offering religious studies support
and raising funds for charitable causes. Every Wednesday
1.30pm in K18 with Mr Green.
John Brackenbury Awards 2014
Henry Morris Travel Awards 2014
Young Writer Competition
The John Brackenbury Fund gives money
to IVC students wishing to pursue extra
curricular activities. Awards are usually
between £50 and £200 and applications
are encouraged from students of all ages.
Funds are available to help develop a hobby
or interest, gain a qualification that is not
available in school or take part in an activity
or course. For more information visit the
website and download an application form in
January 2014. The Awards panel will shortlist
a number of applicants to give a presentation
before a decision is made. Deadline for
applications: Monday 3 March 2014. www.
The Henry Morris Memorial Trust has
funding to encourage students aged 13-19
to plan a special trip or an activity. The
funds are available for extra curricular
activity and often to help with studies.
IVC has registered for the National Short
Story Week Young Writer Competition.
The emphasis is on independent travel
and the Trust awards cash sums,
typically between £20 and £200, for short
expeditions with purpose.
Details of how to apply along with
examples of previous awards can be
found on the Henry Morris Memorial Trust
Our school can enter up to 10 short stories
from individual pupils in Year 7 and 8. The
theme for entries is The Mistake and
stories must be 900 to 1000 words in
The competition runs from 11 – 20
December. Entries must written as a Word
document, including your name and form
group, and emailed to [email protected] Mrs Fadipe will award
merits for all submissions.
Deadline for applications: 31 January 2014.
ivc etcetera : Autumn Term 2013
Library News
Duke of Edinburgh
On 4 October we celebrated the 20th National Poetry Day with PopUp Poetry around the College. This year the theme was Water, Water
Everywhere taken from The Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Coleridge.
In the Prom there was a QR code poetry trail and in the library book
spine poems were rewarded with literary themed cakes and cookies.
We also participated in The Big Draw with a doodle desk. In the run
up to Christmas we are daring you to Take A Risk by pledging to read
the first 50 pages of an unseen novel, encouraging more adventurous
reading choices. Follow Library News on Twitter @LibraryIVC
Under the guidance of Andy Baldwin and his dedicated team of
helpers, Duke of Edinburgh continues to grow in popularity. Offering
three different courses varying in difficulty, students are set various
challenges ranging from surviving a night camping in countryside, to
helping out at a sports centre. This term there are a record breaking
63 students working towards bronze award, 14 at silver level and 12
at gold. Follow IVC Duke of Edinburgh on Twitter @ImpingtonDofE
Jeans for Genes Day
Students once again did a great job of fundraising on Jeans for
Genes day with over £1000 being collected for charity. Students
and staff alike embraced the opportunity to wear jeans that would
make them stand out from the crowd. During the week the College
also had talks led by locally based charity the AKU Society. AKU (the
Black Bone disease)
was one of the first
genetic conditions
identified, and the
valuable research this
charity provides is
helped by a grant from
the J4G. Find out more
In the pipeline
In the summer a group of Year 7 and 8 students took part in
Enterprise Week, learning about starting a business. During the week
a plan was hatched to start a student led school shop called Uniquity
Gifts. The idea is to bring skills from each department together and
for students to create items that can be sold, with profits from the
shop being put towards things such as school trips. This is a unique
opportunity to be part of a new business prospect. Interested? Email
[email protected] for more information.
The Mo Team
This November 5 members of staff have been bringing back the moustache to raise funds
for charities supporting men’s health. The Mo Bros at IVC have committed to growing a
moustache for the 30 days of Movember, and in doing so have become walking and talking
billboards for the cause. Team Captain Haggett, along with McGregor, Norton-Berry, Hobden
and Doza, are representing IVC in the schools challenge. There’s still time to sponsor the hairy
campaigners at
... find out what happens
next in the Spring issue ...
ivc etcetera : Autumn Term 2013
Knitting and Stitching
On Friday 11 October Year 9 textiles students went on a trip to
the knitting and stitching show at Alexandra palace in London.
The trip certainly exceeded our expectations with lots of stalls
and activities, including bag making, painting with wax, learning
how to knit and many more. We attended the fashion show
first which was full of patchwork, knitting, embroidery and other
Shakespeare Festival
Written in approximately 1601, Twelfth Night is a rip-roaring
comedy of mix-ups. Full of life and brimming with comedic
genius, this autumn term, a group of 30 avid drama students
from Year 9, 10 and 11 took on the challenge of performing it
for the Shakespeare Schools Festival (SSF). Each year this
exciting festival brings drama
students and directors together
to perform plays of Britain’s
greatest playwright, William
“If music
be the food
of love,
play on!”
We loved all the unusual outfits and the hard work that had gone
into them was phenomenal. Then we explored the stalls and
activities, and interviewed a number of the artists about their
amazing artwork. One of our favourites was Dianna Bates who
said ‘these days I get all my inspiration from a ruler and a pair of
hot pants’. (She was exhibiting a piece based on straight lines
and with gems from a pair of old hot pants!) We also enjoyed
Jan Beaney and Jean Little John, known as Double Trouble, who
have very unique work with hand embroidery, embellishing and
printing. The day was amazing and we learnt many new skills
about textiles. Thank you to Mrs Aybak who organised it and all
the helpers including Charlotte Lockwood.
In 2012 Impington students
tackled Shakespeare’s heartbreaking tragedy, Romeo
– Count Orsino
and Juliet in an incredible
production. Christopher Grace,
Artistic Director of the SSF, said in the performance ranked in
the top five performances he had seen in his 12 years working
with schools.
This year director Suzanne Marston brought a fresh slant on
Twelfth Night, covering the highest highs of comedy and the
deepest, tender moments of tragedy. Those who came to the
performance at the Mumford Theatre on 13 November saw
outstanding things from this year’s cast!
By Kate Chandler, Owen Morris and Maddy Pulman-Jones.
By Connie Mead and Ilaria Benedetto
Introducing the
Student Editorial Team
”We hope you enjoy
our first issue of etc.
Please send us your
photos, news, articles
and questions for the
Spring magazine. There’s
an etc postbox in G6 or
you can email
[email protected]”
••• in the spotlight •••
Need a thrilling read but can’t find any new books? Try out the Tunnels series by
Roderick, Gordon & Brian Williams. Originally named The Highfield
Mole the first of these books was published by the authors but
was soon picked up by world renowned book company Chicken
House. An extended version of the first book was re-publishing,
followed by the sequel Deeper. The book was even more
successful than its predecessor and this inspired the authors
to turn their stand-alone book into a fully fledged series. Since
then Chicken House have published four more books which was
eventually concluded in Terminal. With fast paced action and some hilarious
moments thrown in, this series can grant you many hours of dangerous
exploration into a subterranean world hidden right below our feet.
Verdict: Eight shovels out of ten
On the 30 October the long anticipated sequel Thor 2: The Dark World hit the big
screens. With a star-studded cast, Thor 2 received brilliant ratings
and is topping the charts with its box office hits. Set just after
the events of The Avengers Assemble, Thor 2 features
many of its predecessors cast with new faces such
as Christopher Eccleston (Malekith) and Zachary Levi
(Fandral). The film appeals to both experienced and new
viewers, giving easy to understand back-stories but
also giving references for hardcore fans. With visually
stunning special effects and a well-written plot, Thor 2 is a
thrilling experience for all.
Verdict: 9 lightning hammers out of 10
ivc etcetera : Autumn Term 2013
pictures etc.
AWormal[email protected]
What’s happening in…
… Maths
… Art and DT
The Year 7 maths groups are now set following their numeracy tests,
and will start on some new topics such as statistics, algebra and
calculations. Looking forward to it Year 7s?
KS3 students are learning how to use many different materials
in termly rotations of art. Design and Technology students
are learning about ICT, catering, resistant materials, ceramics,
textiles or graphics.
Year 8 are revisiting and expending knowledge of four main study
areas; number, algebra, geometry, measure and statistics.
GCSE students are learning even more in key areas in preparation
for their exams.
GCSE students are continuing to make progress with a wide choice
of options including art and design, textiles, catering and hospitality,
child development, construction and the hairdressing.
Sixth Form students are the first year to be able to take Further
Maths Higher Level IB (International Baccalaureate) which is being
changed from being standard level to higher level in 2014.
Trips this term have included a visit to the Knitting and Stitching
Show, Curwen Print Study Centre, Henry Moore Foundation, Tate and
Fitzwilliam galleries
… Science
… PE
Year 7 students have been introduced to lab safety and are being taught
a mix of chemistry, biology and physics. Some notable topics are acids
and alkalis, particles, electricity and magnetism, and chemical reactions.
Year 7 are being introduced to new fitness programmes, learning to
exercise safely and effectively to improve health and well being.
Year 8 are building on the learning from the first year but are also
starting on some new themes; rocks, people and the environment, the
periodic table and elements.
GCSE students are reminded that there are some useful GCSE
biology summary notes and also helpful examination tips on the IVC
website in the KS4 science section, as well as blogs about last year’s
Crest club and this year’s extremely cute chicks.
Trips this term have included a Physics at Work workshop at the
Cavendish Lab, and a conference at the Cambridge University
Department of Chemistry.
The secret life of
Mrs Fadipe
Mrs Fadipe is an English teacher whose
bright and cheerful classroom is K10. She is
also the lead teacher of Gifted and Talented
students. Mrs Fadipe describes herself as
quirky and creative. Chrissie, as she’s called
out of school, has a number of self-run
businesses including an online chocolate
shop, a children’s party business, and she
idolises Lord Sugar!
Year 9 can take part in a GoActive experiment this year which
measures how much exercise they get in a week.
The Year 10 Leadership Academy 2013 launched in September when
students took part in coaching sessions to develop new skills. The
young leaders are now supporting school sports activities at IVC and
with partner primaries.
Hockey and Rugby fixtures and tournaments continue for all years.
(Dates and details on the calendar section of website).
Mrs Fadipe expresses her creative side
through singing, and may be known by
students for her high-spirited performances at
the school talent shows (she’s impersonated
Shakira, Madonna, Lady Gaga and Ariel the
little mermaid). Out of school she is part of
a duo and also gigs alone as a 50’s Tribute
Act. She performs classics by singers such
as Buddy Holly, which landed her the title
of Best UK Female 50’s Tribute Act. She
has also performed on several TV shows
including the first ever Pop Idol in front of
Simon Cowell when she was 21! She had a
lead role at the London Palladium and sang
at many prestigious bars and clubs in Mayfair.
ivc etcetera : Autumn Term 2013
At home, she prefers to relax with her
3 guinea pigs (Smokey, Buddy and Ginge),
her royal ball python snake called S-s-sandy
and her husband.
“ ‘Monolingualism is not an option’
is the catchphrase of
the language teaching resource we
use at Impington. Our
students have language learning in
their curriculum from Year
7 to Year 13 and I am extremely pro
ud of the opportunities
we offer, not only to engage in oth
er languages, but also for
students to learn about cultural dive
rsity. This will enable them
to become happy, confident global
citizens of the future.”
International Week of Languages
Louise Fenner, Faculty leader.
European Day of Languages is on 23 September, but ten
years ago at Impington we decided to turn this day into
an International Week of Languages. Not only do we
have students and teachers from all over the globe but
our ethos is a truly international one, embracing different
cultures from countries as diverse as Japan or Venezuela,
France or Nigeria.
Mrs Marcus-Parker and the Modern Languages Faculty organised
a series of events across the week including talks in assemblies,
language activities in tutor time and a display. Year 7 enjoyed a
French play by the Onatti Theatre Company, watching a teenage
girl’s stressful birthday and understanding most of it as a result of
the comic action and the mimes. Students from year 8 and 9 had
an introduction to Swahili through song and dance, whilst staff and
students alike sampled international food from different countries. The
week finished with year 10 and 13 students setting off to Germany for
an exchange with a school in Gernsheim near Frankfurt.
“The theatre group was great! Eve
n though I didn’t
know some of the words, they did
actions or facial
expressions to help us understand
what was
happening. I thought it was really
Molly Almrott, Year 7
“I loved the Swahili class - now I can
do the dance and say 1-10 in Swahil
Toby Pleasants, Year 8
“This week really opened my eyes to appreciate
other cultures and languages, and even the diversity
in Impington. Just finding out that almost all of the
teachers speak more than one language, from
Afrikaans to Hebrew.”
Dylan Campbell, Language Leader, Year 11
“I think we’re lucky to have such a
faculty, who encourage us to learn
a language.
Although students may not like lear
ning a
language, it’s an important skill tha
t will help us in
the future.”
Erica Scott, Language Leader, Year
ivc etcetera : Autumn Term 2013
Agony: I’m really worried my friends are drifting
away from me. Whenever we get into pairs for
school work I’m always the odd one out. What
should I do?
Aunt: “This is quite a common problem but not
one that’s unsolvable. First, have you tried talking
to your friends? It could be that they haven’t
realised you’re feeling left out, but make sure you
don’t appear pushy as this could make it seem
like your complaining. If all else fails, maybe it’s
time to make some new friends. Start hanging
out with people you don’t usually do. Let me
know how it’s going.”
Agony: I really want to get good marks in my
tests, but I’m hopeless at revising. Whenever I
settle down to work, I always get distracted. Is
there any way I can get better at this?
Aunt: A good way to revise is to set a mental or
physical timetable. If you do so much work on
a subject reward yourself by watching some TV,
phoning a friend or having a treat. Having this
reward system is a good way to get motivated.
Also, getting your friends to revise at the same
time can help, although make sure you don’t
distract yourself. Let me know how it’s going.”
Agony: There’s this really annoying boy in the year
above me. He always calls me and my friends
names, and it’s really bothering us. I don’t want to
tell a teacher, but I don’t know what to do.
Aunt: “The first thing to remember is that you’re
not alone because there is always someone to
talk to about problems like this. If you don’t want
to tell a teacher there are many other members of
staff who can support you, but I understand that
you might want to try and tackle this by yourself
first. One thing about bullies is that they often
get bored if there is no reaction. However, if you
don’t show you’re annoyed and this continues,
then it’s time to take action. Never lower yourself
to a bully’s level and retaliate, but perhaps if you
start waving and saying hello every time you see
him, he will get confused and the name calling
might stop. Let me know how it’s going.”
Do you need some advice for a problem or
dilemma? Write your questions to Agony Aunt
by slipping a note in the etc postbox in G6. (You
don’t have to include your name if you want to
remain anonymous).
... and they told me a Fairy Story…
This year’s Christmas Show – Fairy Story - promises to be another
celebration of the talent, passion and spirit for which Impington
performers have become renowned. The Performance School staff
and students are currently exploring the meaning of Christmas in
the modern world. How important is it to believe or to be together
in an age of cynical consumerism? Is the human need for fairy
stories – in a wide sense - greater than ever?
Amidst such questions, our main focus at Christmas is to entertain
and delight! Audiences will be treated to material that includes
Me Ol’ Bamboo from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, which the Year
9 performers are rehearsing with the shows original West End
choreographer. This number will prove quite a match for the sixth
form rendition of Supercalifragilisticexpealidocious, a piece that
is already looking like a song-and-dance smash hit. Add comedy
monologues and a folk group to the mix – along with the annual
staff number – and Fairy Story is bound to raise a smile or two.
The show will be produced for the first time by the Parents, Staff
and Friends Association (PSFA), who will run a licensed bar with
a tempting range of festive snacks and drinks. DB Photography
will capturing memories of the event on camera. In short, Fairy
Story is a seasonal experience not to be missed! Book early to
avoid disappointment.
Tickets available from the
Finance Office from 11am on
2 December.
Evening :Tuesday 17/
Wednesday 18
December, 7.30pm
– 9.45pm (including
£8 adult
£6 concessions
Matinee : Wednesday 18
December, 4.30 –
5.30pm (suitable for
a family audience)
£6 adult
£5 concessions.
IVC etc.
Many people don’t realise that as well as
offering a competitive programme of A-level and
IB courses, Impington is also home to the Ideal learning
base which is a dedicated facility for sixth form students
who have a statement of special educational need. Ideal is a
stimulating, challenging and nurturing environment, giving young people
a voice as well as developing skills for life.
This term Ideal students have been showing off their baking, horticultural and
entrepreneurial skills by selling cupcakes and flowers in the College Prom. The beautiful
flowers, being arranged here by course leader Julie Williams, were collected from Angelsey
Abbey as part of a partnership project.
ivc etcetera : Autumn Term 2013
Decision making
Access to employment
Leisure and learning
To support the full spectrum of courses
on offer, including A-levels and the IB, the
International Sixth Form offer a range of trips
and adventures. Hear from some of our current
students about their recent adventures:
Our adventure to Gernsheim
On 26 September we began our journey across the North Sea, braving Ryan Air, to visit our exchange partners! On the
first day, we were shown around the outstanding school. Our favourite part was the Barfuß Fahrt, a trail of different materials which
you walk across, bare foot and blindfolded!
Barfuß Fahrt
We spent the weekend with our host families and met again on Monday morning to visit the old
town of Heidelberg. We climbed the 300 steps to the top of the hill to see the beautiful castle
and a breath-taking view of the town. The next day we went to Frankfurt where the first stop
was the world headquarters of the Commerz bank. The architecture of the skyscraper reminded
us of New York, and we visited some of the many gardens inside the bank. We looked around
the Museum of Communication, had lunch by the river Rhein (which runs from Switzerland to
Holland) and put our names on a padlock on the Eiserner Steg bridge which holds
thousands of padlocks declaring love or friendship. Then we then saw St. Paul’s
Church, which used to be the main parliament building for Germany.
On Wednesday we went into school for a 7.30am start with our exchange partners. It
was very interesting to see a school which is so different from our own. Thursday was
German Re-unification Day, so we had the day off to spend with our host families
before we leaving later that evening.
We all had such wonderful time, seeing Frankfurt, learning German and of course, making new friends. If anyone is in
doubt as to whether to sign up for the trip next year, we say go for it.
A big thank you to Frau Marcus making the trip so great.
By Alex and Timour, Year 13
The Japan trip in one word
There are about hundreds of temples and
shrines within the city of Kyoto where we
staying, providing us with vast amounts of
Japanese culture and tradition right at our
fingertips. Along with the zen meditation
experience, the kabuki (traditional Japanese
play with musical elements), the tea ceremony,
and an abundance of Japanese food, the
trip was a truly immersive experience. We
also saw Japanese monkeys right in front
us up a mountain. We fed them which was
pretty cool too!
By Danae Rupp
Did you know?
Interested in writing a piece for 6th etc?
Communication and self-motivation
are two of the key skills sought by
employers in the workplace
Contact the Editor of the monthly Sixth Form Newsletter Darby on
[email protected]
sixth etcetera : Autumn Term 2013
Everyone’s a winner!
IVC’s Parents, Staff and Friends Association regularly run events and activities to support the College. A
17 member committee, we are supported by a large team of willing volunteers are the ones who sell
refreshments at parents’ evenings; set up and run the second hand uniform sales; organise social events such
the ever popular Quiz Night; provide helpers for the annual fireworks night; run the interval bar for student
performances; and ensure that every opportunity is taken to support the work of the College. Parents and
carers automatically become ‘members’ of the PSFA while their children are at IVC, but not everyone is in a
position to help at events, so here are just three other ways of showing support for the College:
1 Join the 200-club
It’s a simple idea that costs just £3 a month
– and all those who join are in with a chance
of winning many times that amount each
month in cash prizes. Half of all the takings
are distributed as prize money, while the
other half helps the school and students pay
for resources and experiences that would be
unaffordable from normal school budgets.
Email [email protected] for
more details.
2 ‘school
3 Join in!
On parents’ evenings, we open the ‘shop’ in
the Prom selling pre-owned school uniform.
So by donating uniform that their children
have grown out of, parents not only help
raise funds for the College, but also help to
give other parents the chance to buy uniform
at very affordable prices. Please take any
unwanted uniform to Reception or G6.
Fireworks, quiz night, art exhibition, comedy
club, students performances... the PSFA is
involved in organising them because parents,
staff and the local community enjoy them.
And new this year, we’re hoping to arrange
for a local photographer to take family and
students group photos that will make great
Christmas gifts. Email [email protected] to be notified of forthcoming
events through the PSFA mailing list.
Follow on Twitter @ImpingtonPSFA
Hats off to Henry
A new biography telling the colourful
story of Henry Morris’ creation of
the Village Colleges is now on sale.
Henry Morris is hailed as one of the
most important educational thinkers
of the twentieth century, and a blue
commemoration plaque in recognition
of Morris’ work was installed in
Cambridge earlier this year. The new
book priced at £10 features a chapter
you might find of particular interest
entitled Triumph at Impington. Pick up
your copy from IVC Finance Office
during school hours.
community etcetera : Autumn Term 2013
Did you know?
If you are a former IVC student you can become a member of the Impington Alumni.
Register online at or by calling 020 7239 8933.
Adult Learning
Impington75 Festival
IVC is delighted to be able to offer a vibrant and varied
programme of courses for adults. Whether it is to enhance your
current skills, for leisure, mental stimulation, well-being or simply
for fun, there is something for everyone. The current programme
has been built on the familiar and successful courses from
previous years, but there are also new additions each term. All
courses are taught by qualified and enthusiastic tutors.
September 2014 will mark the 75th
Anniversary of Impington Village College.
To celebrate the Village College is hosting a
year round festival of events and activities for people
of all ages. It’s an opportunity for anyone connected to the College
– past or present – to get involved. To be a true reflection of the
history of the College we need your input.
Courses run in the daytime and evenings, and you can register
at the beginning of each half term. For those who don’t want to
commit to a course over several weeks there is are also one day
courses on a Saturday each term. The next day of workshops
is on Saturday 30 November including courses in sewing,
computer skills, website in a day, creative writing, decorating
cupcakes, stress management, origami, positive thinking and
watercolour painting. There will also be workshop days on 22
March and 21 June.
• C
ould you run an event or activity as part of the
Impington75 Festival?
Full details of the current programme can be found on the
website or by contacting the Adult Learning Office on 01223
200411 or [email protected]
• D
o you have skills and expertise that you would be willing to
donate to a project?
• Could you organise a reunion?
• A
re you interested in becoming part of an archive group to
collect material and plan an exhibition?
• Do you have any old photos of the Gropius Building?
• A
re you interested in volunteering your time to help make
the festival a success?
If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions we would love
to hear from you. Please contact Amy Wormald on [email protected] or 01223 200400.
Community Notices
HICOP: On Saturday 7 December Histon
and Impington Community Orchard Project
volunteers will be planting the rest of the
Orchard boundary hedge. Anyone interested
is invited to come along and help from 10am.
Hot drinks provided.
Farmers Markets: The monthly Farmers
Markets continue in the Gropius Hall at IVC
every third Saturday of the month, 8.30am –
Bonfire Burn 10K: Well done to all the
runners who took part in the Bonfire Burn
10K on Sunday 3 November. With eight
winning categories the 10km multi terrain route
including the world famous Cambridge Guided
Busway and Cambridge Science Park.
Iyengar Yoga Class: A weekly session in
Impington suitable for all abilities practicing
the ancient art of yoga, which can help
improve physical and mental well-being.
For full details contact
[email protected]
Impington Table Tennis: The club has
been playing at IVC for over fifty years and
presently offers competitive play through
seven teams in the Cambridge and District
League and three teams in the Ely and
District League. Interested in having a
go? Come along to an open evening every
Thursday, 7.30 – 9.30pm in the Dining Hall.
All ages and experience welcome.
Memories Night: Long term residents of
Histon and Impington are invited to share
their village memories with the Village Society
History Group on Monday 2 December,
7.30pm, The Boot dining room. All welcome.
Car Boot sales: Pick up a bargain at the
weekly car boot sales that take place
at Histon Football Club car park every
Wednesday. The sale runs from 10.30 –
3.30pm and you can book a pitch for £6 by
calling 07899 857703.
Girton Memory Café: The Cafe is
sponsored by the Rotary Club of South
Cambridge and is open to all sufferers of
memory loss and their carers. The Café
offers refreshments, music from an excellent
pianist and talks usually given by a local
speaker. First Friday of each month in the
WI Hall, 10am - 12noon. Contact Richard
on 01223 276192.
Impington Village College Open Art
Exhibition: will be held on Saturday 15 Wednesday 19 February 2014. The annual
exhibition has become a permanent fixture
for prospective buyers, collectors and art
lovers, with drawings, prints and paintings
on sale from £15 to over £500. This year
our theme is ‘Tension’. If you would like to
exhibit please contact
[email protected]
community etcetera : Autumn Term 2013
Christmas calendar
• Sunday 1 December: Histon British
Legion for the Christmas Craft Fair, 11am
– 3pm.
• Sunday 15 December: Santa’s Grotto at
Milton Country Park, 10am – 4pm
• 17 – 18 December: This year’s Christmas
Show Fairy Story at IVC, 7.30pm. Matinee
performance on Tuesday at 4.30pm.
• Wednesday 18 December: Histon and
Impington Carols on the Green with market
stalls from 6pm.
You can find out more about local
opportunities, clubs and events
on these Village websites:
Share your events and follow on
Twitter @ImpingtonEvents
Did you know?
Over 1500 adults take part in activities at
IVC every term through the sports centre
and adult learning classes
Custard Comedy supplies comics for the
extremely popular comedy nights at IVC.
etc magazine caught up with Rob Coleman,
the brains behind the operation.
Rob Coleman
The Brains behind custard
etc: How did Custard Comedy start?
RC: A few years ago I bumped into an old friend, Richard Brown,
who I used to work with at The Boat Race in Cambridge. I made
the mistake of telling him that I was doing some stand up and
against my better judgement Custard was born. It started in
Comberton with a monthly comedy night and has now grown
beyond my worst nightmare. We now run regular nights at
Comberton, Cambourne and Impington, as well as one off events
in Shelford and for ADeC. Impington is my favourite of course.
etc: How do you find the acts?
RC: I’m a semi-pro comic myself, gigging up and down the country. In between hours of
immensely tedious roadworks and stuffing my face with Ginsters I see some brilliant acts. I bring
the ones that I think will work down to Impington.
etc: Why should people come to Custard Comedy?
RC: Watching live comedy is a completely different experience to watching it on TV. It’s much more
visceral. There’s a huge comedy circuit filled with very funny people who for whatever reason aren’t
household names and Custard brings the best of them to your door. Tickets aren’t expensive and the
beer is cheap. And the parking is free. Have you seen how much it costs in Cambridge?
etc: Who’s your favourite comedian?
RC: I love them all… even the ones who are doing better than me. Especially if they run gigs that I
can play.
etc: Who’ve you got lined up for Impington in the Spring season?
RC: There are some fabulous headliners. Matt Price is a superb storyteller, while you may have seen
Zoe Lyons on Mock The Week. Mrs Barbara Nice, meanwhile, is a character act beyond compare.
Impington Custard Comedy dates for your diary:
Friday 29 November 2013
Friday 31 January 2014
Friday 28 March 2014
Friday 25 April 2014
Friday 30 May 2014
Each evening you can expect three great acts from the
comedy circuit, a fantastic compere and a licensed bar.
Strictly over 18s only.
Tickets £10 in advance available from IVC finance office
during school hours or online at
Follow on Twitter @ImpingtonEvents
community etcetera : Autumn Term 2013
sport etcetera from the gym.
events, training, classes etc.
with the sit
So many of us are searching for a lean, tight and toned mid-section, but
hundreds of sit ups a day is going to do little if anything to sort out the real
problem - FAT!
The main focus should be exercises with a high metabolic cost such as squats, overhead
presses, different forms of deadlift, kettlebell swings and lunges. Exercise should be coupled
with high quality nutrition, a regular sleep pattern and lifestyle management to control the stress
hormone cortisol. There is scientific research to suggest cortisol
directly correlated to fat stores around the love handles and
lower abdominals.
Avoiding the usual culprits of processed foods, sugar,
gluten and alcohol, and focusing on high quality sources of
protein and green vegetables is key. Be sure to include healthy fats in the form of grass fed
beef, oily fish, nuts, seeds, coconut oil, and a high quality omega 3 supplement.
Rowing is great exercise which will provide a complete cardiovascular
workout. Unfortunately most people who use rowing machines just
tend to hurtle back and forth for 10 minutes before their aching arms
or back becomes sore forcing them to give up. Often this is because
most people don’t sit properly on the machine. Here are some top
tips for how to use the machine correctly:
How to Row...
1 The catch
2 T
he slide
3 The recovery
Sit on the seat and strap your feet in tightly.
Concentrate on trying to keep your back flat,
then take the bar, so the chain is pulled out
at a horizontal level with your arms stretched
out. Move forward on the slide, until your
knees are bent with your shins vertical. A
common mistake when using a rowing
machine is to over-stretch the arms and lean
too far forward, or over-bending the knees
can cause you to burn out within minutes.
Flatten your wrists and with your arms
stretched out ahead, gently push backwards
until your knees are only slightly bent. It is
only at this moment that you should pull your
arms toward you and over your knees. Your
back should slowly come upright as you
move backwards, but you should not end
up leaning right back. Leaning back too far
can put huge strain on the lower back and
abdominal muscles. Bring the bar right up to
your chest, with your elbows tucked in.
Before you start to move forwards again, let
your hands, still holding the bar at chest level,
move forwards. Only when they are over the
knees should you start to move forwards.
The most important thing of all is not to rush
back up the slide into the crouch position. In
fact, it should take you twice as long to move
forward up the slide when the chain is slack,
than when you are moving back and pulling
the bar!
This is just one stroke on a rowing machine. Try not to rush - instead aim for about 25 strokes per minute.
About 80% of the power should come from the legs - NOT the arms.
sport etcetera : Autumn Term 2013
sport etcetera from the gym.
events, training, classes etc.
make it
Sports etc interviews Fitness Consultant, Dominic Arnold Rowley
Name: Dominic Arnold Rowley
Age: 21 Years
Job: Fitness Consultant
Qualifications: Level 2 Personal Training, Level 3 GP Referral, and Certificate of Higher Education for Physical Education.
What made you start a career in the fitness
Favourite Film?
Health and fitness has always been an interest of
mine which probably developed from my sporty
Favourite Song?
What sports did you play or are you still
I used to play football between the ages of 6
and 10. I played for my local team, Fulbourn
Falcons, but I was never going to be a superstar
at it. I decided to leave football and take up
rugby. I loved it! I started when I was 11 and
now I am playing for both Shelford and the
County. Oh, and I almost forgot, but I used to
do a bit of sailing - I even had my own boat!
Outside of fitness and sport, what other
interest or hobbies do you have?
I love socialising, especially with a beverage, but
only at a weekend and never on a school night
- promise.
What was the last event you took part in and
did you enjoy it?
I took part in my first Insane Terrain race at
Doddington and absolutely loved it. I can’t wait
to next year, I am going to try and do them all.
What would you say has been your biggest
challenge to date?
[Pause] Taking the GP referral course was my
biggest academic challenge. For a physical
challenge, I’d have to say, the weight loss since
university till when I got this job. So far I have
lost 3 and half stone.
That’s a great achievement, how did you
manage to lose so much weight?
What do you think it takes to be a good
Personal Trainer?
Simple - Pumping Iron.
Motivation - to be able to motivate yourself
and others around you. Also need to be
knowledgeable and have a good personality so
you can welcome and get along with anyone
that walks through the door.
Tiny Tempah – Pass Out
What do you find is the best bit about your
The interaction with people and the variety of
members. One minute I’m one of the mums,
putting the world to right, the next I’m back in
with the lads. It’s great.
If you could choose a movie title to describe
the story of your life, what would it be?
Dumb and Dumber.
If you could be a Disney character, who
would you be and why?
What about the worse bit about your job?
Working the weekends. It’s worse when all of
your friends and family are off work but I’m not!
If you could be an animal, what would you be
and why?
I would be a gorilla because they are huge and
no one touches them.
The Beast. Mainly because he is a beast but he
also lands himself a beauty.
If you could pick two celebrities to be your
parents, who would you choose?
Jeremy Clarkson and Ruth Jones.
Christmas is fast approaching. Would
you say you were a Christmas fan?
I AM AN ELF. I wish it was
Christmas every day - I can’t get
enough of it!
What is your idea of a perfect
Skiing in Canada with some of the
Who is your role model?
Steve Thompson. When I first
started playing rugby he was
England’s hooker and part of the
team that won the 2003 world
Determination and motivation. I regularly
attended the gym, probably about 6 times a
week. Nutrition was important and my diet was
spot on. I also had to stop drinking alcohol for
6 months.
Are you happy with your body now?
Not really. For me there is still room for
improvement. Citius, Altius, Fortius and all that!
What is your favourite meal?
BBQ without a doubt. My own especially, my
dad does ok, but mine is better.
sport etcetera : Autumn Term 2013
I’d like
to hire ...
• birthday parties
• clubs
• training
• rehearsals
• meetings
• presentations
• hobby groups
• art classes
Ask at reception
for details
Put away the coco pops and sign up NOW!
re t
o as s !
be akfndoor
e t’s i
b nd i
ym n is t
he ssio
tive kfast .
alte re Bre our d
lev an
erio p Bef start
fitn akfas r be l
As tcam ay to
yo Bre eve
Bo fect w
hat fore will n as th up
ou sio
ma camp r all. Y a ses d the tly
N oot r fo
d in or a iste u.
B ate
c behin truct cons ng yo
ins ill be ragi
w cou
sport etcetera : Autumn Term 2013
Free offer, Christmas ideas,
Free coffee or tea ...
it’s December at Impington
Sports Centre.
What are you going to give your
friends and family this Christmas?
Everyone knows someone who, come the New Year, will want
to get fit and improve their fitness. Why not give them a present
that they’ll really appreciate... 5 sessions at the gym.
Visit Impington Sports Centre and ask for details.
T. 01223 200415 • [email protected]
I like coffee,
I like tea,
now I can get a
cup for FREE
Pick up your loyalty card and start collecting
rewards for your FREE fifth cup of tea or coffee.
loy ard
hase a te
you purc E.
mped e
cup is F
card sta
nd yo
coffee a
Swim for FREE
Print this voucher and fill in the
details to claim ONE free swim.
name ..........................................
It’s cold and grey outside so why not come for a splash in the pool.
There is something for everyone:
• General swim • Adult lane swimming • Early morning swim • 50+ swim
• Lane swimming • Ladies only • Adults only • Fun session
Please note: For safety reasons no child under the age of 8 years will be allowed into the pool unaccompanied by an adult. An adult may accompany a
maximum of two under 8’s into the pool. Our pool timetable runs on a session basis. Your voucher entitles you to attend one session. If you wish to cross over
into another session, you must pay an additional entry fee. Admission is allowed from the start of a session and not before. All swimmers will be asked to leave
the pool at the end of a session.
email ...........................................
date ...........................................
The December Swim Offer entitles you to ONE free swim
in December 2013. Each person must complete their
individual voucher.

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