2014 Beautiful Tables Showcase



2014 Beautiful Tables Showcase
Beautiful Tables Showcase
Dinner Can Wait!
Designed by
Judith Warren
Patricia Warren
Novice - Whimsical
People’s Choice
Novice 1st Place
Sisters, Judith and Patricia Warren recreate the dinner setting prepared by their
mother for their sailor husband’s homecoming from WWII in 1945. This whimsical
setting uses the Franciscan Desert Rose china inherited from their mother and the
International Silver royal Danish flatware collected by their sister. The Imperial
Candlewick crystal and depression-era Watermelon stemware perfectly
complement this touching historical scene.
Vintage . . .
Always in Style
Designed by
Nancy Hall
Professional - Whimsical
Nancy Hall, a volunteer at Seattle Children’s Bargain Boutique, chose to mix
vintage china with various glass and crystal pieces to create this charming setting.
A Romantic Dinner
in the Library
Designed by
Myrna Morey
Professional - Formal
People’s Choice
Professional 1st Place
Interior Designer Myrna Morey sets a romantic table for two using jewel tones
found in the tapestry table covering she found in Paris, Lenox 1930’s china pattern,
Southern Gardens, mixed with vintage chargers complement the rich colors found
in the floral arrangement of fruit and flowers created by Mark Young Flowers
placed in a vintage silver egg cooker. Crystal stemware is a mix of Kusak
“Inspiration” and 1930’s Fostoria “June” topaz cocktail glass. Sterling is Reed &
Barton “French Renaissance”. The dessert set is another French flea market “find”.
The French duck terrine is the perfect accent piece.
Faux Le Diner en
Blanc at the
Designed by
Verda Washington
Novice - Formal
This whimsical setting by designer Verda Washington begins with layered white
linens and covered dining chairs. Silver chargers hold the platinum rimmed china
and a glow from the candles reflect in the crystal stemware. An opulent bouquet of
white flowers grace the center of the table along with the custom placards and
favors completing this setting.
Times Gone By:
A Mother/Daughter
Designed by
Celia Vincent
Novice- Formal
Designer Celia Vincent features early Mason’s Ironstone “Chartreuse” china,
which was patented in England in 1813. Towle sterling “Madeira” and Candlewick
stemware enhance this ensemble.
Designed by
Machelle Turner
Novice - Seasonal/Holiday
It is that special time of the year of which memories are made. For designer
Machelle Turner it begins with the table setting using Noritake “Sweet Violets”
china that was received as wedding gifts 36 years ago and is complemented with
1847 Roger Brothers “Eternally Yours” sterling that her mother-in-law Freida
Turner passed on to her. The other silver and crystal used was acquired at various
family, estate, and garage sales. The setting is complete with a beautiful table skirt
made by designer Nan Karkosky.
Elegance Remembered
Designed by
Retta Grisham and Julie Franco
Professional - Seasonal/Holiday
This tablescape by Retta Grisham and Julie Franco reflect on the
glamour of an elegant period long past. A glittering white
Manzanita branch accentuates this setting with sparkling Lenox
silver flatware complementing the Mikasa “Dresden Rose” china
and D’Arques crystal stemware. The embellished napkin rings,
tablecloth, and handmade placards enhance this elegant setting.
Professional 1st Place
People’s Choice
Professional 3rd Place
Sparkling Calico
Designed by
Karen Robbins
Novice - Seasonal/Holiday
Designer Karen Robbins combines Staffordshire “Brown Calico” with Towle
“Candlelight” sterling silver to set the tone for a 1970’s holiday event. The brown
glassware from Italy and American pewter “Jefferson” cups complete this
welcoming display.
Celebrating Under
the Snowflakes &
Designed by
Wendy Simmons
Novice - Seasonal/Holiday
This golden anniversary celebration might be as memorable as the wedding 50
years earlier. The table is set with Lenox “Urban Twilight” bone china, Towle
“Vienna Gold” flatware, and Waterford “Marquis” crystal stemware. In a perfect
marriage of silver and gold, designer Wendy Simmons uses her collection of
mercury glass and holiday décor to add that extra sparkle!
People’s Choice
Novice 3rd Place
Peacock Paradise
Designed by
Marilynn Mogg and
Marguerite Wesseler
Novice - Contemporary
Table designers Marilynn Mogg and Marguerite Wesseler use
rich turquoise, aqua and cobalt blue to display the beauty of
peacocks at this contemporary table. As a photographer,
Marguerite includes a framed photo on the wall of a peacock
who posed just for her on one occasion! A small dessert cake is
ready for her guests to enjoy after their delicious meal. The
beautiful centerpiece was created by Rebecca Shields.
By the Sea, By the
Beautiful Sea
Designed by
Carolyn Braden
Novice - Whimsical
A “Sea Cottage” is a mix of old, new, inherited and collected treasures given by
cherished guests and family to a loved place of hospitality. Every item has a history
or memory and adds to the ambiance of a cottage by the sea created by designer
Carolyn Braden.
To The Manor Born
Designed by
David Colegrove
Professional - Formal
Professional 1st Place
People’s Choice
Professional 2nd Place
Designer David Colegrove , owner of The Key Antiques, begins with Bavarian
Heinrich “Edgerton” sitting upon Bavarian Tirschenreuth . The china is enhanced
by hand blown Belgium stemware by Mikasa “Plum Blossom” and Towle
Silversmith “Federal Cotillion” c1901 sterling. A stunning epergne created by the
designer completes this formal table setting.
A Winter’s Night
Dinner in the Woods
Designed by
Neve Norton
Novice - Seasonal Holiday
Novice 1st Place
Long after the Christmas Tree china is packed up on Twelfth Night, our gray
winter blahs need a bit of “cheery”. What better way to celebrate, yes, celebrate, the
soft rain and drear than dinner at a table set with snowflakes, and stars
accompanied by candles and the flickering fire? ‘Tis fun to do with 25 year old
glasses from an Arby’s promotion and plates from everyone’s favorite French store.
Fragrant greens, nuts and cones gilded with bling adorn this table by Neve Norton.
Heat up the Glogg to toast friendship with comfort food and ask for more blessings
in the new year.
Autumn Season
in the City
Designed by
Linda Finkas
Ciara Aylsworth
Novice - Formal
The “Autumn Season” has begun and the fine china, sterling and crystal is being
assembled in preparation for after-theater dinner parties. The table is set with
Lennox “Autumn” pattern, accented with 24 karat gold and enamel jewelling,
originally produced in 1918. The formal pattern expresses the joy of gracious living
and entertaining in an exquisitely simple design on heirloom quality ivory bone
china. The table is accented with “Grand Majesty” sterling sliver, Venetian crystal
and vintage Libby Rock “’Marshfield” footed water goblets, champagne and wine
glasses made in 1940. Created by mother-daughter team Linda Finkas and Ciara
Tea in the English
Designed by
Robin Barnes
Novice - Whimsical
Designer Robin Barnes has been collecting Cottage Ware for over 30 years.
Cottage Ware was made in the 20’s to the 60’s. Most of her pieces were made during
the 40’s and early 50’s at factories in England trying to rebuild their nation’s
finances. Pieces made by Price and Bros., Beswick , Sylvac Potteries in England.,
and a few pieces are made in Occupied Japan. The plates sitting on the wicker
chargers are by Wood and Sons, England. The wicker chargers are reminiscent to
the English border fences. Country garden flowers top off this delightful English
Toasting a
Broadway Legend
Designed by
Kathy Abel
Novice - Contemporary
This table is a perfect stage to applaud an illustrious actor, director and stage
manager. To honor her beloved uncle, designer Kathy Abel brings to life the swirl,
sparkle and drama of Broadway with Ciroa “Veluto” china, Baccarat “Paris”
crystal stemware, Kate Spade “Belle Boulevard” flatware and Lenox “Opal
Innocence” linens. Family silver and Oleg Cassini candlesticks add the finishing
Autumn Celebration
Designed by
Drees of Olympia
Professional - Seasonal Holiday
This table setting features Martial Redon Limoges from the private collection of
Ruthann Goularte and is complemented by pieces available at Drees of Olympia.
Asian Opulence
Designed by
Sandy Ruffo
Novice - Formal
Novice 1st Place
People’s Choice
Novice 2nd Place
Here is a table honoring the beauty, gracefulness and symmetry of Asian décor.
Designer Sandy Ruffo is using Japanese Kutani “Peacocks and Peonies” porcelain
dinnerware (believed to be c. 1900-1940) which is off-set with gold accessories.
Symbolism plays an important role to the Japanese: peonies represent good fortune
and high honor; peacocks are a symbol of compassion and kind-heartedness. You
will also find a bejeweled frog on the table believed to bring good returns.
Harvest: A Time For
Designed by
Linda Bornander
Novice - Seasonal/Holiday
Fall is more than a season of change. In our home it’s when we take the time to
appreciate those whose hard work, love, and support keep our family thriving
season after season. Designer Linda Bornander mixes stoneware, World Market
flatware, and Pier 1 glassware to create this festive holiday setting. They invite you
to reflect on all you have and on those who make a difference in your life. A
centerpiece by Crane’s Creation completes this family table setting that celebrates
the appreciation for what really matters.
Fairy Tales Can
Come True
Designed by
Cheryl Norton
Novice - Whimsical
This whimsical table created by designer Cheryl Norton features Cinderella along
with her carriage. Custom place settings accompanied by gold flatware sets the
stage for the midnight escape. Will Prince Charming ever find her?
The Spirit of ‘76
Designed by
Nancy Hall
Professional - Seasonal/Holiday
A reverent tribute to the birth of our nation from designer Nancy Hall, a military
wife of 26 years. The table setting features Rosenthal “Classic Rose” china
enhanced by Belgian Pewter.
After the Hunt:
A Gentlemen’s
Designed by
Danielle & Stephen Lord
Novice - Formal
Set to the butler’s exacting specifications, this table is inspired by the lavish meals
prepared for the Edwardian era hunting parties. Designers Danielle & Stephen
Lord feature heirloom, vintage, and modern pieces from Lenox, Spode, Reed &
Barton, and Williams Brothers. This table setting is set strictly for the gentlemen.
Botanical Luncheon
Designed by
Linda Lang
Karen Robbins
Novice - Seasonal/Holiday
Designers Linda Lang and Karen Robbins create the dedicated garden lover’s
brunch display. Set on green and white cloths, the Portmeirion “Botanical Garden”
china features drawings of flowers along with their botanical and common
names. Lennox “1810” stainless flatware, Cristal d’Arques goblets, and a
centerpiece of white mums complete this setting for four.
Under the
Designed by
Lea Corvin and
Laura Wicklander
Professional - Contemporary
Professional 1st Place
and Best of Show
Designers, Lea Corvin and Laura Wicklander, imagine an evening at Lakewold in
the 1950’s. It entails a simply elegant setting of Lenox Colonnade china, a touch of
color with King’s Crown Ruby and green etched glassware, and roses, perhaps from
Mrs. Wagner’s garden. There is lively conversation in a serene and beautiful place.
Now we come to 2014 and contemporize the scene with graphic linens, bright colors
and sleek candlesticks. We strive for a mood that is as tranquil and refined as that
of six decades past.
Prost! The
Designed by
Sharon Baker
Novice - Seasonal/Holiday
Whether toasting with bier or wine, you’ll hear shouts of prost! echoed throughout
Bavaria during the Oktoberfest celebration. This Hummel collection is enjoying
Oktoberfest at their Stammtisch: a special table reserved in local German pubs
specifically for the town’s elders. This table, or Tisch, designed by Sharon Baker
features a collection of vintage Hummels and Goebels toasting glasses, Bavarian
dessert service, and steins.
The Mystique
Behind the Great
Designed by
Barbara Bullinger
Professional - Whimsical
Professional 1st Place
Designer Barbara Bullinger uses cinnabar, gold and black to establish the color
scheme for this extravagant table for four. Set on striking linens from China, the
“Forbidden City” place settings from 222 Fifth carry the Chinese theme. Wallace
gold flatware, gold lined stemware and an ornate centerpiece complete the table
Silver Lining
Designed by
Irene Russo
Professional - Contemporary
This setting created by Irene Russo begins with Arabia Finland “Anemone”
accompanied by Oneida flatware. The Crystal d’Arques stemware and a
centerpiece by Pamela White of Michael’s in Lakewood enhance this charming
table for two.
Red Hot Barbeque
Designed by
Gail Gosney and
Cory Plantenberg
Novice - Whimsical
Novice 1st Place
This table by Gail Gosney and Cory Plantenberg is designed to put the zip in any
outdoor gathering. The barbeque plates are antique pottery, designed by Cory’s
Grandfather. He wanted the center section to hold a one pound T-bone steak. The
design is intentionally casual - easily recreated and easy to clean up..
Simply Spring
Designed by
Marguerite Wesseler
Novice - Contemporary
Novice 1st Place
Designer Marguerite Wesseler remembers springtime with this table set with
Lenox “Cascade” china using a gold and fuchsia color scheme. The table is
enhanced with a floral centerpiece by Marguerite the table designer.
Chinese New Year
Designed by
Robin and Larry
Novice - Seasonal/Holiday
Designer Larry Barnes sets a table for two in celebration of Chinese New
Year. The festive mood is created by a towering spray of paper lanterns and
dragons rising from the peony centerpiece. The symbols painted on the horses
tell a poem written specifically for this table design.
‘Twas a Dark and
Stormy Night Before
Designed by
Geralyne Rudolph
Professional - Seasonal/Holiday
The unusual black background on the floral china adds drama to a late afternoon tea buffet (or late night tea if you
plan to stay up to surprise Santa) by Geralyne Rudolph. The white background on some of the china serving pieces is
reminiscent of snowy winter days. Other serving dishes and Madeira linen serviettes play off the black and white
accents and the floral theme. A miniature living Christmas tree stands in a punch bowl. The fluted glass ribs of the
bowl mimic the curved segments on the melon-style silverplate tea service. Dozens of vintage aurora borealis
rhinestone earrings serve as tree ornaments. Tiny LED lights sparkle like stars among the iridescent jewels.
Dining with
Designed by
Kelly Jones
Helen Harlow
Novice designers Kelly Jones and Helen Harlow have chosen a holiday display in
autumn colors with a Halloween theme. Utilizing mostly self-collected items and
layered design elements, this table setting for four brings a piece of the fall season to
life for us. The ceramic Jack-O'-Lantern centerpiece comes from Kelley’s sister,
Janice M. Grady of Austin, TX.

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