Livery information - Writtle University College



Livery information - Writtle University College
Hello and welcome to the Writtle College Equine Livery information pack.
Within this document you will find a range of details that will help you as a new
student to prepare successfully before you come to study with us.
We hope you find this useful, but should you have any further questions please do
not hesitate to get in contact with us and we’ll happily provide you with additional
We look forward to welcoming you soon.
The Writtle College Equine Team.
Student DIY Livery 2015-16__________________________________________2
Writtle DIY Livery Option_____________________________________________________3
Writtle College School Hire ___________________________________________________4
Local information___________________________________________________________4
Terms and Conditions ______________________________________________5
Table 1: Potential livery yards in the area_______________________________________6
External Livery Option______________________________________________6
Table 2: Student DIY livery request form________________________________________7
External Livery Option________________________________________________6
Student DIY Livery 2015-16
If you are interested in bringing your horse to College there are two possible options: Student DIY livery
on-site or private livery in the area outside of College.
Writtle DIY Livery Option
Writtle College offers some student livery stabling but the number of available stables is limited and is
done as a first-come-first-served basis. There are many advantages to being a student livery as the local
area offers good off-road hacking and local competition yards within a 30 minute drive. Many students
have successfully competed whilst maintaining their studies and with prior agreement, it is possible to also
continue your training at the College using your own coach.
Student with livery horses are sometime invited to partake in trials and research using their horses thus
giving them the opportunity to take advantage of investigative technologies such as tech-scan and ontrack.
Student livery package includes:
· Stable 12 x 9’8”
Limited turnout (subject to weather and ground conditions) on a rota basis.
There will be no individual turnout due to space restrictions
Access to equestrian facilities during specified times. This is at the discretion of the Equine
resource manager. Please note that all College lessons/teaching will have priority.
· Use of a Horsewalker – at the discretion of the Yard Co-ordinator
· Straw bedding
· Hay – haynets to be supplied by students
· Storage – limited and in agreement with the Yard Co-ordinator
Please note that you must supply your own yard tools / wheel barrow.
Main Horse Unit – Cow Watering Campus
£8.50 per day for use of all facilities, hay and straw.
£7.50 per day for use of all facilities and hay but no straw
£5.50 per day for the use of all facilities but no hay and straw.
If you are interested in this option, please complete the Writtle College D.I.Y Livery Request Form and send
it, along with your £100 deposit (made payable to Writtle College), to Caroline Farr Equine Resource
Manager. Please note that persons under the age of 18 are not allowed on the yard due to the unsupervised nature of the facility.
Writtle College School Hire
If you are stabled at the College there is no charge to use the school, unless you want exclusive use. It is also
possible for non Writtle livery students to hire the arenas. Bookings to be made via the Yard Co-ordinator.
The hire charges are as follows:
Outdoor School 20 x 40
Indoor School 25 x 65
(there are 2 indoor schools)
£5.00 per hour
£25.00 per hour
Local information
● Farriers, veterinary services and feed merchants are available locally in the area.
● Ingatestone Saddlery is a large equine ‘supermarket’ and is located approximately 10 minutes drive
from the College.
● Students are encouraged to host events in the College arenas thus providing on-site competitions
● Norton Heath is a competition yard based within a 10 minute drive from the College.
● Brook Farm Training Centre also hosts a number of competitions and is a 30 minute drive away.
Terms and Conditions
A deposit of £100 will secure a stable. This will be a damage deposit (i.e. deductions will be made
for any damage or breakages). Allocation is on a first-come, first-served basis – so if you want this
option send in your deposits now! Please make cheques payable to WRITTLE COLLEGE.
The contract is on a yearly basis – should you leave during this period you will be expected to give
a months notice. Worming services will be billed for as appropriate.
Student horses must have a minimum of third party insurance. (Available with BHS Gold membership).
IMPORTANT: There are no part/full livery facilities/services available, so it is important that you
are able to ensure your horse is dealt with by 9am every morning.
Flu and Tetanus certificates/passports must be up to date.
All horses will be wormed on arrival. The College will supply the wormer so that all horses will be
on the same worming programme (subsequent wormers will be given to you by the College and
students charged). If horses are removed for any period they will be wormed on return.
Students are responsible for their own farriery and veterinary arrangements.
Additional charges will be levied for emergency labour costs (e.g. if you don’t get there to feed!)
Turnout will be the responsibility of the owner. Writtle College will not be liable for any injury incurred.
Students will be required to comply with yard rules and regulations.
We are a BHS ‘Where to Train’ approved examination centre and it is a requirement of the approval that reflective/fluorescent equipment is worn by the rider/horse when hacking on the College estate.
All accounts for veterinary treatment and farriery will be the sole responsibility of the owner.
All fees will be subject to a six month revision
Correct PPE must be worn at all times when working on or around the yard.
Full yard rules, regulations and guidance will be provided prior to acceptance of a DIY livery place. You
are required to read, agree and abide fully with the rules. You will be asked to sign an agreement.
If you have any further enquiries regarding livery arrangements please contact me at the College
during office hours or email.
Caroline Farr
Equine Resource manager
Writtle College
Essex CM1 3RR
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 01245 423698
Mobile: 07423 437620
Table 1: Potential livery yards in the area
External Livery Option
If the Writtle DIY option is either full or not suited to you, there are options within the local
area for students to consider. Local Livery Yards are run on a private basis, therefore
please contact these directly.
Please see click here for local livery options.
Please note that this will be a private arrangement directly between yourself
and the local livery yard, where the price will also need to be agreed. These
yards have NOT been inspected by the College, so you are advised to visit the
yards yourself so that you are satisfied with the facilities and arrangements
before you book/reserve a stable.
Table 2: Student DIY livery request form
Your details
Name of Student:
Date of Birth:
Student Reference Number:
Course name and level:
Course Start Date:
Contact Tel Numbers:
Horse details
Name of Horse:
Age of Horse:
I acknowledge and agreed to the Terms and Conditions.
Please return this form to:
Caroline Farr
Equine Resource Manager
Writtle College
Essex, CM1 3RR

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