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Careers at Cosmo - Cosmopolitan Industries
Careers at Cosmo
“Because of YOU, Opportunity Lives Here”
Industries Ltd.
The Magic of Cosmo
Cosmopolitan Industries Ltd. (Cosmo), sometimes referred to as ‘the Miracle on 34th Street,’ enhances
the quality of life for adults with intellectual disabilities by providing support and creating opportunities
for participants to make a contribution to their neighbours in Saskatoon. Known as Saskatoon
Employment Industries Ltd. until 1972, Cosmo received its name in recognition of the financial support
received from Saskatoon’s Cosmopolitan Clubs. Cosmo is registered and incorporated as a charitable,
non-profit organization directed by a volunteer Board of Directors.
As much as is possible, its day programs are focused on vocational activities which challenge capabilities
and build self-esteem. It is through the encouragement and backing of a caring community that each
participant can live a better, a more productive, and a more meaningful life. Cosmo, explores ways
for participants to be fully engaged in the vibrant life of our city.
An enhanced quality of life for adults with intellectual disabilities
Respecting the dignity and needs of each individual, Cosmo creates opportunities,
provides support and challenges participants with intellectual disabilities to reach their full potential.
All activities are supported by core values that guide our actions:
Program participants are the primary focus and staff the primary asset, all deserving of encouragement,
development, dignity, and respect.
Creativity, innovation and a sharing of expertise are embraced throughout.
The growth of independence and self-worth of each program participant is promoted
Personalized plans provide choices and involve program participants, their families and support network
Community involvement provides opportunities for program participants to enhance their personal and
vocational skills
Responsible stewardship guides the administering of all human and financial resources entrusted to us.
7. Cosmo is committed to the highest standard of ethical conduct
“Participants come here with a smile and a purpose and we fulfill the
purpose. It’s rewarding in itself. I enjoy the positive, high energy atmosphere
that exists at Cosmo.”
Theresa, Continuing Care
“One word: fulfillment. I’ve worked in this field for almost 25
years now. I feel good at the end of everyday and I look forward
to coming to work. I get to do things here with people and share
experiences, such as playing the guitar with them. It comes
down to fulfillment.”
Sam, Pathways to Opportunity
“I enjoy working here because of the participants. It’s a good place
to work: great staff and good hours. I have four young kids and
working here allows me to drop them off and pick them up from
school every day. Cosmo is so supportive.”
Renee, Seniors
“I have met so many people and I feel they are such a part of my life now that it
would be hard to not see them every day At Cosmo. I get to use all my different
skills to plan events. During the recent winter carnival, we had a pancake toss and
when I saw everyone lined up to toss the pancakes, I was like this is the best job
ever; why wouldn’t you want to come here every day? As volunteer coordinator, I
get to bring people in to see the magic of Cosmo.”
Anna, Volunteer Coordinator
“It is obvious this is a happy place to work as soon as you walk through
the doors. Everyone asks how you are doing and has a big smile on their
faces. We joke around and laugh and still do a lot of work. Participants
welcome you with open arms and just love seeing you here. Our team is
really strong together and we are all happy. Personally, having
weekends off is definitely a bonus as I have two kids.”
Laurie-Ann, Life Skills Training
“It’s not for the pay, I can tell you that. The biggest reason is I get to have fun at
my job; yes, I have certain responsibilities I have to do during the week and the
month but I get to have fun too. The fact that I feel like I’m helping other people is
the reason I have been here for 16 years... there are a lot of job postings but I love
what I do so I stay in my area . I’ve been in pathways since it started 11 years ago
and it’s well worth it. I get to have fun with these people and that’s what I like”
Richard, Pathways to Opportunity
“In this sector, the biggest benefit is that you can make
a difference. There is a lot of demand for workers in
this area so if you have a genuine compassion and
caring of others, it’s a great field to get into.”
Tricia, Contracts
“Working at Cosmo, I feel I am actively contributing to my community. Cosmo
is human friendly; I have a lot of fun participants. Your day flies by. In this area,
you have a lot of autonomy in your job. When you have input into your day,
you tend to love your job more. You have to be creative. The most challenging
situations are the most rewarding; you get a real sense of satisfaction when
you see changes. My philosophy is to make their day the best day possible.”
Sheri, Pathways to Opportunity
Why you should work for Cosmo
The intrinsic rewards of working for Cosmo are a key factor of why individuals choose a career with
Cosmo. As soon as you walk through the door at Cosmo, you experience the warm, welcoming
environment. Employees go home every day realizing they have made a difference in the lives of
program participants and as a current employee mentioned, when you are gone, everyone notices.
Employees at Cosmo are motivated by meaning and love, exuding both creative excitement and
heartfelt commitment. In addition to these intrinsic benefits, Cosmo has an extensive list of extrinsic
Employees receive their full benefits package
immediately upon hire!
Staff in a term or permanent position (seasonal
workers excluded) receive:
- Life Insurance (x2.5 annual salary)
- ADD&D (Accidental death, disease,
and dismemberment)
- Long term disability insurance
- Dental (optional)
- Extended/ Family Health Care
Cosmo pays about 54% of benefit cost
Paid Sick Days once earned
Short term disability – until long term disability
coverage is provided
Employee Assistance Plan
5% is deducted from your take home pay and
this is matched by Cosmo. This is 1% more than
the norm for our sector
4.95% is deducted from your salary for CPP and
matched by Cosmo
Has its investments in Phillip Hager North’s
Balanced Pension Trust Fund – series D
Cosmo’s matching contributions are vested in
you after 2 years with Cosmo
Employees receive 3 weeks paid vacation initially
Cosmo provides staff with a 4 week of holidays
after 5 years where as Labor Standards requires
this after 10 years
Cosmo provides staff with a 5 week of holidays
after 15 years
The company is flexible with vacation requests
and strives to accommodate all requests
Staff Training
Grief, family, and other counseling offered
Provides 6 one hour counseling sessions per
year for employee or family member
Vacation Days
Training initiatives are funded by the company
either inhouse or through paid tuition
Many training opportunities which support the
completion of the SIAST Disability Support Worker
Certificate are offered and funded by Cosmo (or
the Provincial Training Committee)
Ongoing Skill Development with a variety of
inhouse training initiatives – CPR, Crisis
Intervention (Mandt), Orientation, Policy Review,
Team Development (Color Spectrums)
Other Benefits
Regular hours for program staff (Monday to
Thursday 8:00 to 4:00 and Friday 8:30 to 4:00) –
no evenings or weekends!
Many children of staff, volunteer with Cosmo on
school vacations to interact with participants
The company assists in funding the social club
Free coffee and subsidized lunches for staff
Parking is assigned by seniority
Finding your fit at Cosmo
“I have worked at Cosmo for 22 years and do so for numerous reasons. Firstly, it’s because of the people
we support; over time, they became part of your extended family.
Secondly, Cosmo has provided me with numerous job opportunities along with the necessary training
which has allowed me to grow my career in a variety of directions. I have acted as a:
Direct Support Worker in Life Skills Training
Behavior Support Supervisor
Assistant Manager of the Contracts Division
Manager of the Program Division”
- Randine Graf, Program Division Manager
Life Skills Training: Supports those participants with the greatest needs and focuses primarily toward enhancing
quality of life. Cosmo provides a supportive environment in which to experience a wide variety of opportunities
promoting sensory stimulation, learning, independence, and socialization. Group activities are facilitated for
participants who have similar skills, needs, and interests.
Behavior Support: Rather than solely reducing the frequency, duration, and intensity of challenging behaviors, the
objective of Comprehensive Behavior Support is to facilitate lifestyle changes. This includes assessment of the
factors influencing a participant’s behavior, the development of behavior support plans, and the implementations
of strategies that teach participants new skills.
Contracts Division: Allows participants to develop and apply a wide range of skills through vocational activities.
Staff is very creative in their ability to break down complex jobs into many small steps, enabling participants to be
both productive and successful.
Programs Division: A balanced vocational and avocational program which serves as an extension of the Cosmo
program. The program reaches out to participants at Kinsmen Manor, Sherbrooke Community Centre and the
Parkridge Centre, or there is the choice of attending at Cosmo. The choice of location is provided for the
convenience of participants.
For more information and a printable application form, please visit the Careers
Section at
“A compelling future captures the imagination, engages the spirit and
creates the action to bring that vision to life.”
– Ken Gryschuk

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