March 2015 - Cosmopolitan Industries


March 2015 - Cosmopolitan Industries
Volume 35 Issue 3
March 2015
We wanted to go higher…and we did!
Staff, participants and other supports at Cosmo worked hard all year to raise
money for TeleMiracle 39. We had numerous successful fundraisers including
monthly 50/50 draws; a hockey pool; Canada Day, Roughrider, Tim Hortons, Halloween, Date Night and Christmas themed basket raffles; a cake auction; and sold
Helping Hands. We cannot forget to mention the generous donation of $197.15
made by the social committee from the soup cook off competition.
This year’s Creative Cakes Auction was our highest earning fundraiser, totaling
$1,151.50. A total of 23 cakes were entered in the auction and dozens of cupcakes
and cookies were sold at $0.25 each. Thank you to those who put their creative
hats on and submitted a cake and to those who brought their chequebooks that
day. A special thank you to Galon Insurance who are strong supporters and purchased three cakes. Galon was so kind to donate one of the cakes purchased back
to Cosmo’s participants to enjoy the following day.
On March 5th, participants excitedly welcomed representatives from TeleMiracle including TeleMiracle Teddy, Brad
Johner, Donny Parenteau and Beverly Mahood. The stars spent time touring
Cosmo, signing autographs, posing for photos and had the chance to listen to a
portion of the Rhythm Band practice. Our guests also had the chance to witness the world premiere of the ‘Check Your Toss’ recycling song performed by
our very own Angie Weisner. The stars couldn’t help but join Angie on the sing
along and soon the gym turned into a party! If you missed it, please check out
our Facebook page for a full photo album and a link to the YouTube video.
Everyone’s support this past year helped Cosmo generate our largest donation yet, of $3,606.77! Representatives from Cosmo (Eldon
Genest, Life Skills Training Division staff, Kelsey Genest,
Pathways to Opportunity Division participant, Todd
Phillips, Pathways to Opportunity Division participants and Chantal Gosselin, Volunteer Coordinator) proudly presented the cheque live on CTV Sunday, March 8th to the Kinsmen TeleMiracle. Not only did Kelsey and Eldon have the opportunity to meet other donors and
families, they had the opportunity to meet Chris Best of the Saskatchewan Roughriders
backstage at the show!
Thank you very much to all those who have donated to this worthy cause over the last year.
Also a big thank you to the committee members who worked hard at organizing these numerous
Chantal Gosselin
TeleMiracle Fundraiser Chair
Previous donation amounts:
This year’s total: $3,606.77!!
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Aucti e Cakes
Page 32
The Cosmo Communicator
Congratulations to
Jennifer Hall & family
on the arrival of their healthy
baby boy,
Rhett Steven Hall
Born on Mon., March 2nd, 2015
7lbs, 13.5 inches
Saleem Idris—Material Handler—
Recycling Division
Stephen Elliott—casual—
Recycling Division
Tanner Lawrence—casual—
Recycling Division
Tamara McGirr
Carrie Hardy—retired
Stephanie Hildebrand—fulltime
Life Skills Training Division
Riley Maurice
Calendar of Events
Fri., April 3rdCosmo Closed for
Good Friday
Mon., April 13thCosmo Closed for a
Professional Development
Fri., May 1stCosmo’s Open House
Artist’s Corner
Wesley Pocha has been attending Cosmo for nearly
twenty-two years. If you were to enter the Life Skills
Training Division you would most likely find him twirling in
his wheel chair. Recently, Wesley has been creating art by
combining his enjoyment for twirling with paint and canvas. During this process, paint was poured on the canvas
and he was given the creative freedom to move about as
he wished. The result expressed Wesley’s creativity and
movement in a beautiful piece that can be viewed in the
showcase located at the front entrance.
The Featured
Artist of the
Month is
Wesley Pocha
Since October of 2014, staff members from the Life Skills Training Division came up
with the idea to use my own creative musical talents by figuring out a way to make
payday more enjoyable for the participants of our area. After doing some great brainstorming, this brought forth the new idea of having “Pay Day Dances”.
“Pay day dances” occur once a month on every pay day Friday, and were designed so
that each of our participants can enjoy a fun afternoon of doing what they love the
most – dancing!! It truly puts a big smile on my face seeing how much they all enjoy
the different types of music and the rocking party-like atmosphere which can sometimes be heard as far as in the Seniors Division!
As a staff member from the area, I truly enjoy being able to use one of my tech savvy
talents to bring happiness to each and every participant and staff member of our area.
By instigating the party-like atmosphere, it allows each individual to feel as if they are at a night or dance club while
showing off some sweet dance moves to the beat of the music.
Eldon Genest
Life Skills Training Division
Winter Carnival was disco themed this year and
was held on the afternoon of Friday, March 6th.
Lunch was chicken fingers and potatoes along with
a delicious dessert. The afternoon was filled with
fun activities including a disco dance in the gym led
by DJ E-Rock (Eldon from Life Skills), karaoke in Life
Skills, a movie in Seniors, and crafts and games in
Pathways. The day ran smoothly thanks to all of
the help from volunteers, staff and participants! It
was a great time and everyone seemed to have a
fun afternoon. Thank you Cosmo for providing this wonderful day!
Kathleen Jungwirth
Recreation Coordinator
Page 3
The Cosmo Communicator
Personal Care was first developed in 1974 and was part of the Life Skills Division
in which staff were assigned to the area on a rotation basis. The main purpose of
the Personal Care area is to safely and consistently tend to the needs of program
participants as necessary, and to ensure that the privacy and dignity of all participants is respected.
Fifteen years ago, the supervision of the treatment room and Personal Care
team formed only a portion of the responsibility of one of our Program Coordinators. Personal Care was offered by two staff members. By 2006, a team of five
staff provided assistance to 65 individuals on a regular basis with a total of 122
incontinent product changes per day. As of 2014, we require a team of nine staff
to provide care to 117 individuals on a regular basis with a total of 300 + incontinent product/washroom assistances performed each day.
Today, this service is managed by a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) and includes
an assistant and nine Personal Care staff members.
Lyn Morales
Personal Supports Division
Thank you to Top of the Rock Fund
Thank you to Top of the Rock for providing the funds and access to transportation
that allowed staff members Amy Moore and Brittany Pelletier to bring Barrett
McBeath, Larissa Morrison, Janelle Poundmaker and two friends from Cheshire, Max
and Brad on an evening out. The group went for Chinese food followed by some
awesome music and dance at Passa Passa this past February. We cannot wait to do it
Amy Moore
Contracts Division
Can you help?
Finding time to volunteer can be a challenge. That’s why we offer volunteer opportunities
that are on different dates and times to accommodate your availability.
Volunteering for an outing is one of the best ways to become involved with Cosmo. You can
contribute to the outing by simply joining the group to a location or venue and encouraging
participants to have fun.
Upcoming volunteer opportunities:
Wednesday, April 15th from 10:00 am-12:00 pm
Western Development Museum
 Monday, June 1st from 9:00 am-11:30 am
Buckaroos performance with Seniors
Join our recreation team every Friday morning from 9:00-11:30 am for a morning of bowling
at the Eastview Bowling Alley.
Can’t join us on those days?
Contact Chantal at 306-664-3158 or [email protected]
to be added to our contact list.
Ask Chantal to add you to the contact list to be the first to receive phone calls and
emails with available opportunities at Cosmo or options to join our staff on fun outings
in the community.
Valerie Horkoff
December 3, 1951
February 14, 2015
Valerie was born in
Kelvington hospital
and at the age of five
years her parents and siblings moved to
Saskatoon. Once in Saskatoon she was
enrolled in the John Dolan School where,
with great enthusiasm, she learned to
read and write. The next step in Valerie’s
life journey was joining Cosmopolitan
Industries (Cosmo), which became a
huge part of her life. Valerie attended
Cosmo for almost 40 years. During this
time she developed many friendships
and quickly became an active part of our
Cosmo community. Buckaroos, Rhythm
Band, dances, recreation outings, bowling and bingo were a few of the many
things that Valerie actively took part in.
When not involved in the extra activities
at Cosmo, Valerie spent most of her
early years working in Contracts, and
most recently in the Life Enrichment
Division (Seniors). Valerie was a hard
worker and known for her accuracy. One
job she loved working on was medical
packaging. Valerie spent her days in Seniors participating in activities like recycling cards, baking and trivia. Valerie
seemed to particularly enjoy baking
when her sister Francine was volunteering. She was proud of her sister and introduced her to everyone.
To Valerie's Family, her two sisters,
brother, three nephews and many great
nieces and nephews, know that Valerie
will be remembered. The numerous pictures of Valerie, as well as all the happy
memories, will remain with us.
Valerie lived life to the fullest and her
happiness and enthusiasm were contagious. She made us smile and laugh and
enjoy each day a little bit more. For that
we are thankful. Valerie's coworkers,
many friends and the staff at Cosmo will
remember her fondly.
Lynn Dawson
Life Enrichment Division (Seniors)
Page 43
The Cosmo Communicator
I attended Blues at Cosmo in the Gym last month and had an absolute blast! He sure
knew how to sing those blues. I really enjoyed how he could sing and dance all at once
and not miss a tune or beat at all. It made me want to whistle, sing, dance, and tap my
foot to the beat of the music. It’s always so nice to have local talent come into our
workplace and perform as a treat. I would like to personally thank the Recreation team
for putting on such a great show as it was enjoyed by all.
7th Annual TeleMiracle
Creative Cakes Auction
Here are some photos from last
month’s event that raised
Thank you to everyone who submitted
a cake and to those who purchased
these yummy delights!
Rhonda Weir
Participant from Life Skills
The OH&S committee will be providing valuable information each month. It could be news items from around the
building regarding safety or it could be tips to keep you
safer and healthier.
A special mention to Galon Insurance
who submitted four cakes and who
helped us surpass our fundraising goal.
Keep your eyes open and get ready for next month’s safety tips!
April 28th is Day of Mourning. Take a moment to remember and think about
the families that have suffered losses due to workplace accidents.
Pathways participants are raising funds for a staff member and dear friend who is battling cancer. We will be raffling a Cosmo blanket. Tickets are $0.50 each or 3 for $1.00.
Tickets are available March 30th and will be raffled off at our annual Pathways garage
sale on April 21st.
Above is a picture of the cake that raised
the most money in the auction at
$300.00! The “Galon Speedway” was
baked by the Life Enrichment Division
and purchased by the one and only,
Galon Insurance.
We are seeking donations for fine
art supplies of the following:
Wooden frames 5x7
Wooden frames 8x10
Wooden frames 9x12
 Matting
 Canvasses
Wooden easels (table top and
Call or drop off at Cosmo.
Cosmo will be
participating in
it’s first art display. We are featuring artists from many divisions
in Cosmo. The art will be displayed in the window of the
building on the corner of 21st
Street (North side) and Second
Avenue. It will be on display from
April 7th until May 28th. Please
stop by and have a look. There is
some amazing work that will be
on display. If you have any questions, contact Heather Reis or
Lynn Dawson at 306-664-3158.
Cosmo Art Committee
The “Burger” baked by Arentxa Lemus
won the “Fan’s Favourite” award!
Jeff & Jen Galon pictured above with two
of their proud purchases. They generously
donated their third cake to participants.

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