September 2012 - Cosmopolitan Industries


September 2012 - Cosmopolitan Industries
Volume 32 Issue 9
September 2012
Cosmo launches phonebook recycling campaign
The new phonebooks are showing up in the city. Cosmopolitan Industries is partnering with the SaskTel
Pioneers, The StarPhoenix, and Ken Cheveldayoff (Minister of the Environment) to promote the recycling of
old telephone directories and build awareness of the capabilities of adults with intellectual disabilities at
Cosmo. Phonebooks are important to Cosmo as the thin, light pages are ideal for the participants with the
greatest disabilities to make a contribution to the community through their efforts in recycling.
We are asking that all schools make a concerted effort for their students to be Paper Angels for Cosmo by
recycling their old phonebooks in a manner that will ensure that the directory will come to Cosmo (either
through a Cosmo Bin at a depot, or direct delivery to Cosmo.) The web site has information
on the phonebook recycling campaign including a five minute video featuring Stephanie, a participant at
Cosmo, and Ken Cheveldayoff, the Minister of the Environment. (Please share the link with as many people
as possible.)
In the video, Minister Cheveldayoff describes Cosmo’s goal for each participant to live a better, more productive and meaningful life. He invites students to take part in the recycling effort and introduces Stephanie. Stephanie’s story is heart-warming and the goal is to create a greater awareness of persons with disabilities in our society.
The mascot for the campaign is a Paper Angel named Mâché. In the same way that paper is turned into
something wonderful in paper mâché, the efforts of students to recycle paper with Cosmo will create wonderful new opportunities.
Last year only 57,000 out of over 100,000 telephone directories were recycled. The SaskTel Pioneers will
donate $0.10 per recycled phonebook to schools which take part (to a maximum of $25 per school).
Encourage everyone to gather phonebooks from friends, neighbours and businesses and recycle them with
Cosmo. A ‘mid-campaign’ tally day will be held on Oct 19th during our ‘Angels of the Earth’ CD launch party
at Cosmo to total the number of telephone directories recycled by that point.
Ken Gryschuk
Manager of Business
Development and
Check us
out at
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The Cosmo Communicator
Welcome Back to the Cosmo Rhythm Band
After taking a break over the summer, we are very happy to say
Rhythm Band is back in session.
Russ Regier is leading the band for the second year and Shirley
MacLennan continues to share her piano playing talent as the accompaniment. We would like to welcome Rick Stalwick from the Kiwanis
Club as it is his first year with the band. Frank Moore has also been
here to help, although he says he is retiring from the band shortly.
Thank you to this great group of volunteers.
Good Luck to all the participants who play in the Rhythm Band.
Here’s to a fun filled year playing wonderful music.
In memory of Fiona Anderson
January 7, 1943—July 26, 2012
Fiona started working with us at Cosmo back in 1991. She
worked in almost every area of the building at one time or another as a
casual staff but she also completed a number of term positions for us as
well. In more recent years, Fiona found a “home” within the Seniors
program and spent most of her casual working hours there.
Fiona remained dedicated to our participants despite her declining health and I can remember visiting her in the hospital one time; she
was firm in her belief that she would be “back to work on Monday.”
She really didn’t want to let anyone down.
Fiona will always be remembered for her commitment to
Cosmo. She was a genuine, caring and dedicated person who will be
dearly missed by all of her friends here.
A night out with Anne of Green Gables
On June 15 Bev Brassard and Kathy Nesbitt enjoyed having the great
opportunity to spend the evening out with Nicole Pabello, Carolyn
Wuchner, Zena Jerome, Diane Brooks, Dawn Marie Dingwall and Kim
Jarvis at the BarnPlayhouse. We went to the Asian Buffet for a tasty
and filling supper. Once we finished supper we were off to the Barn
Playhouse to watch a classic Canadian play of Anne of Green Gables.
Everyone enjoyed the play and talked about it on the way home and the
next day at work. We would all like to thank the Top of The Rock for
the opportunity to enjoy the evening out with our friends.
Kathy Nesbitt, Life Enrichment Division
Linda, front right, seen here with the horticultural
Congratulations to volunteer
Linda Risling.
Awarded the 2012 Outstanding
Project of the Year from the
Master Gardner Program at the
U of S, for her volunteerism at
New staff
Alicia Butterwick- term Life
Viktoria Maurus- term Pathways
Sharon Lopez- casual
Keegan Nicol- term Life Enrichment
Chantal Gosselin- term Volunteer Coordinator
Nichol Krelow– term Pathways
Lindsay Schiavone- fulltime Participant Services Coordinator
Dana Cameron- Fulltime Pathways
Laurie-Ann Azure- casual
Donna Knudsen
Rey C Enriquez
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The Cosmo Communicator
Pathways Fun Days
Pathways had a great summer! The summer fun days on Fridays
throughout June, July and August were a big hit.
This year we had a Sports Event day where you could win medals and
a Camping day with scary campfire stories, complete with s’mores. We
enjoyed a Water Park Spray Day, which was dripping good fun. We
even had a Carnival full of prizes with a witch autopsy and a fortune
teller! Of course, there was the 3rd Annual Cosmo Fashion show with a
catwalk. This year’s models combined a photo shoot, great music and
a certificate!
Hawaiian Day was a blast as was our New Year’s in August event
complete with champagne glasses and hors d’oeuvres. In the tradition
of the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party Pathways had an Un-Birthday Party for
all! Pathways boogied to a Disco Day. At the end of each month we
celebrated paydays with a Popcorn Payday, a Sno-cone Payday as well
as a PJ and Karaoke pay day. We ended the summer events with a delicious Sundae Payday. Who could ask for more! Pathways rocks big
time, especially throughout the summer!
Sheri Lowe
Direct Support Worker - Pathways
Weekend of fun in Regina!
Saturday, August 25th and Sunday August 26th, Frank Binny,
Kevin Czarnota, Brad Kowalko, Todd Phillips, Tony Watson, and
Paul Cory had a boys’ weekend in Regina starting with the Roughriders vs Stampeders game. Despite the Riders losing, spirits were
high as the fun was just getting started. After checking in to the
hotel it was off to do a bit of shopping at the Rider store before
heading to Boston Pizza for supper. Our meal was followed by a
walk around Wascana park and the Regina legislature, before returning back to the hotel to wind down our evening . We relaxed in
the hot tub and went watersliding before hitting the hay. After
starting the day with a big breakfast it was off to the Regina Science Center before the drive back to Saskatoon, plenty of joking
and good natured ribbing made for many good memories of a fun
filled weekend. A big thanks to the Top of the rock for making this
weekend possible.
Paul Cory
Waste Reduction Division
Golf day at Silverwood
On September 8th the Cosmo
staff held a golf day at Silverwood River 9 and supper at
Bridges Ale House. Congratulations to Wes Holder who won
the closest to the pin for the
men, Joan Gryschuk who won
the closest to the pin for the
women, and the team of Ken
and Joan Gryschuk and Wendel
Wilkie for the lowest team
score of 133. Also, an honorable mention to Randine Graf
who had the lowest round of 32
which is 5 over par. Awesome!
We also raised $57 for Telemiracle in our 50/50 draw
which was won by Wendel
Wilkie. A big thank you to all
those who participated and to
the social committee for planning the day.
Paul Cory
Waste Reduction Division
A HUGE Thank You to the
following Sponsors that
donated prizes for the Staff
Association Golf Tournament
Al Andersons
Brawn Security Products
Great West Brewing
Heather Cone- Avon
Heather Ryan & David Dube
IWL Steel
Pizza Hut
Rawlco Radio
Safeway on 33rd Street
Scotia Bank
Star Phoenix
Station Place
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The Cosmo Communicator
Let the Music Play…
Summer Windup 2012 was a success!
“Cosmostock”, Cosmo’s version of Woodstock, was the theme for this year’s Summer Wind Up. It was a
day full of music inspired events. We started off with a wonderful perogie and cabbage roll meal complete
with a pop and pudding dessert. With full bellies it was time to let the music play!
The gym walls were covered with musical notes and many had a great time grooving to the music at the
dance. For those wall flowers who preferred to watch, a slideshow ran with the faces of many popular bands.
Other activities included the crafting of various instruments, playing Rockband on the Wii, singing a little
karaoke or getting your picture taken as a famous singer such as Elvis, Taylor Swift or Michael Jackson.
Susan Nickel said she liked the the crafts. Alma Carroll liked the food, and Larry Scammell liked the music.
Many did not want the day to end, chanting“one more song” as the dance came to a close. As the final cords
sounded everyone got on their buses, filled with the joy of music.
Top of the Rock Outing to Rouleau
Jason Green, Andrew Greer, Brett Sperling, Richard Donnan, and Keith Fisher all arrived at Cosmo Industries to catch a van ride for an adventure! Once everyone
had arrived, the group with everything packed for a three
day trip began the journey to Rouleau, Saskatchewan. This
is where the popular show “Corner Gas” once used this
town to entertain many fans. Along the way, the group
stopped at Buffalo Pound to view the lake and the valley
surroundings. Once the group arrived at Rouleau, it was
fun to see some of the memorabilia from the show, and a
video of an episode of course was playing in the service
station itself!
In Moose Jaw the group had an amazing time relaxing
and swimming at the Temple Gardens Mineral Spa, dining
at the Harwood restaurant in the Hotel and exploring some
Canadian history by viewing the tunnels. We walked
around Moose Jaw, and saw the Murals on the walls of many buildings in Moose Jaw. We toured the
“Sukanen Museum” which was a fun way of catching up on some history of how things used to look and how
things have changed!
The city of Regina brought lots of hype to our group, being part of a big crowd and cheering on the Roughrider team! Although there was projected rain and some cold conditions on the forecast for the outdoors, it
turned out to be sunny, and the 85 km an hour winds didn’t really seem to hit the bleachers in which we had a
great view of the game! We even ended up seeing more people from Cosmo at the game, and enjoyed lots of
good munchies and had a lot of fun!! A couple more highlights in Regina included a movie at the IMAX and
some time spent at Wascana Park with some friendly geese and a stop outside the legislature to view the
grounds out there. We also did some shopping and had lunch before heading back to our homes in Saskatoon.
It was an amazing trip, thank you so much Top of the Rock, for making this possible!!
Keith Fisher, Life Skills Training Division

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