Volume 34 Issue 10
October 2014
Our Material Recovery Facility to properties where the bin needs start
(MRF) has a nickname. It’s a bright to be mobile to meet the require- carts. They are a beautiful ‘Pepsi’
blue MRF and it’s a SUPER upgrade ments of the site. This will be done blue with an eye-catching Cosmo
over our former sortlogo on the side. These
ing equipment so
carts are used for propwe’ve taken to calling
erties with only a few
it Papa SMRF. Our
units and for sites
participants have
where space or safety
delivered over 6000
brochures to residon’t make a bin placedents
ment feasible. We are
what can be recycled
looking forward to full
and over 200 bins
deployment and movhave been delivered
ing our attention to the
to multi-unit sites in
promotion and educaonly 3 weeks. The
tion aspects of the
first collections have
multi-unit residential
taken place. To say
that things are hopwhere our participants
Front row left to right: Manny (Emterra Driver Saskatoon), Mike and
ping around Cosmo is Sharon (Forest Grove Village)
can be involved in
und erstate - Back row in yellow: Brian and Kelly (Emterra Drivers from Winnipeg) working with property
ment. Once the stanmanagers, superintendard 3 yard, 4 yard and 6 yard bins with the use of 3 and 4 yard bins on dants and residents to get full use
are delivered we will turn to more casters (wheels). You’ll know the out of recycling and remind everyspecialized placements and deliver end of the deliveries are near as we one to keep the recycling clean.
In September Kathy Hoffman, Irene
McAdam and Bev Brassard flew to
Toronto, rented a car and drove to the
beautiful city of Niagara Falls. This was
the first time on a plane for Irene and
though it was a bit scary she enjoyed
the ride. While in Niagara we saw the
beautiful falls (of course). We even
went to the tunnels under the falls
which was amazing but very loud. We
drove to Niagara on the Lake to visit
and shop at all the unique shops. They
even have a Christmas store that is
open all year long. The best part of
Niagara on the Lake was eating the
caramel apples. We shopped, visited
the Hershey chocolate shop, went to
some wonderful restaurants and
shopped some more. We all had a wonderful time and experienced one of the
eight wonders of the world. Thank you
to The Top of the Rock for helping to
make this a great trip!
Bev Brassard
Life Enrichment Division
Cosmo will be closed on
Tues. Nov. 11th in recognition of
Remembrance Day.
Cosmo will also be closed on
Mon. Nov. 24th for a day of
professional development for staff.
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The Cosmo Communicator
New Staff
Hyeyun Yang—Pathways Division
Linda Davis—Executive Assistant
Margaret Badeck—Community
Enriched Support
Kathrynann James-Loth—Community
Enriched Support
Vanessa Honaizer-Life Skills Division
Olivia Legdon—Life Skills Division
Zeina Taye—Recycling Division
Rolando Mata—Recycling Division
Jennifer Icton—Recycling Division
Mieraf Muilaw—Recycling Division
William Gleave—Recycling Division
Sancito Macabudbud—Recycling
Lauria Mannoe—Recycling Division
Melanie Rosita—Recycling Division
Staff Changes
Dana Cameron—Fulltime to Casual
Don George—Term to Fulltime
Community Enriched Support
Queenie Celestino—Term to Fulltime
Community Enriched Support
Tony Watson—Pathways Division to
Contracts Division
Grace Grobb
Katie Thebaud
Barry Teichroeb
Teesha MacKenzie
Congratulations to
Sharlene Duquette who was the
proud winner of last month’s
Tim Horton’s basket!
The basket generated $179
towards our donation to
TeleMiracle 39.
TeleMiracle Fundraisers
October—Halloween basket
Tickets on sale until Fri., Oct. 31st
Winner will be announced in
next’s month Communicator.
November—Date Night basket
Ticket sales begin Mon. Nov. 10
$1.00 each or 10 for $5.00
Draw date: Wed. Nov 26th
On September 21st, Brett Sperling,
Darren Hastings, Mike Grills, Byron
Horner along with Paul Cory and Tony
Watson headed off to Regina to see the
Roughriders play the Ottawa Redblacks. We hit the road early so that
we could get our Boston Pizza fix
before the football game. The weather
was fantastic as the teams took the
field. After the Redblacks took the
early lead, the Roughriders stormed
back with a couple of highlight reel
touchdowns featuring everybody’s
perennial favourite, Weston Dressler.
It went into overtime but the Green
and White prevailed 35-32. After a
post game meal, it was time to head
home after our fun filled day in Regina.
Thank you to the Top of the Rock fund
for making this outing possible.
Paul Cory, Recycling Division
Tony Watson, Contracts Division
Retirement is a time to relax, enjoy
and experience life! Our Life Enrichment Division is no exception! We
soaked up every last drop of sun this
year on our end of summer BBQ lunch
at the Saskatoon Forestry Farm. For
our second year in a row the staff in
LED were busy planning a fun filled
day of exploring the park, fishing in the
pond and enjoying a wonderful Barbequed lunch of hamburgers, potato
salad, pop, and Neville’s favorite juicy
watermelon! We spent the rest of the
afternoon relaxing in our lawn chairs
in what was the most perfect day for a
picnic while others enjoyed the excitement of the parachute games, a little
ball toss, and fishing. We can anticipate our next activity to be just as
memorable as this one.
Maegen Urdal
Life Enrichment Division
Galon Insurance hosted participants,
staff and their families of Cosmo to
their Chalet at the Auto Clearing
Speedway on Sunday, September 28th.
We were fortunate to have great seats
and complimentary treats thanks to
Galon! Not only were we treated to
infinite hot beverages and snacks,
Galon also made sure to purchase everyone attending a 50/50 ticket. No one
broke the bank, but the anticipation of
what we would do with the prize
money was still great. We snuggled up
in blankets and enjoyed watching the
cars crash into each other for their last
time of the season! Many cars didn’t
make it far in the races, but those that
did had the chance to hit large barrels
of water to splash the crowd.
We would like to extend a very large
THANK YOU to Galon Insurance for
taking the time to coordinate this
event and graciously spoil us at the
event. It is no surprise that we had
such a great time yet again this year!
Chantal Gosselin
Coordinator of Volunteer Services
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The Cosmo Communicator
& OCT. 31ST!!
What will you be
for Halloween?
“A scary zombie!” -Josh Ward
“Batman!” -Bill Mills
“Bruno Mars!” -Todd Phillips
Cosmo’s talent
Doodles by Janet
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The Cosmo Communicator
This Thanksgiving, I am
thankful for...
“I am thankful for my grandpas who have passed away and for my grandma Lewis. I
am thankful for my mom and dad and my brother. I am also very thankful for my
job and good friends.” -Rebecca Lewis (Contracts)
“I am thankful for my good friends at Cosmo.” -Brian Stones (Contracts)
“I am thankful for peace in our country.” -Nicole Giesbrecht (Contracts)
“I am thankful for good food!” -Shaun Poncelet (Contracts)
“I am thankful for working in the kitchen at Cosmo.” -Verna Weibe (CWG)
“I am thankful for pumpkin pie!” -Doug Kerr (Contracts)
“I am thankful for the Saskatchewan Roughriders!” -Shawn Cherpin (Contracts)
“I am thankful for winning at Trouble against Chantal.” -Todd Phillips (Pathways)
“I am thankful for Christmas.” -Stewart Dombowsky (CWG)
“I am thankful for turkey, salad, cheese and Katie!” -Marie Yandt (Pathways)
“I am thankful to have seen my brother and sister at Thanksgiving.” -Katie Hoeppner (Pathways)
“I am thankful for Helen Zerr.” -Brian Zerr (Contracts)
“I am thankful for WWE wrestling and my cool friends.” -Shawn Roy (Contracts)
“I am thankful for learning how to play the piano and for working with Will.”
-Tyrell Westfield (Contracts)
“I am thankful for everything we do at Cosmo and at home.” -Frank Kardys (Seniors)
“I am thankful for all of my friends
participating in my thanksgiving interview.
I am also thankful for my family. “
-Steven Kinakin
(Community Enriched Supports)