July Newsletter 2013 - Stone Gardens Assisted Living


July Newsletter 2013 - Stone Gardens Assisted Living
July 2013
Volume 2, Issue 7
The Monthly Newsletter of
Stone Gardens Assisted Living
A Residence of Menorah Park Center for Senior Living
Ask The Activities Directors
Dear Activities Directors:
It’s officially summer! I
don’t want to sit around. What
is there to do around here? I
wanna go places!
Ivana Goplaces —
Dear Ivana:
If you don’t want to “sit
around” you certainly don’t
have to. There are so many
outings and activities planned
(and being planned) for this
summer, that you should have
a hard time just sitting around.
As for outings, we’ll be
going to a Cleveland Indians
game or two, a Lake County
Captains game, free summer
concerts at the Beachwood
Family Aquatic Center, Blossom Music Center, Porthouse
Theater, a production of the
musical “Ragtime,” a picnic at
Edgewater Park, and a cruise
on the Goodtime III.
In-house activities include BBQ lunches and din-
ners in our Rose Garden, Ice
Cream Socials with homemade ice cream, outdoor concerts in our Rose Garden, visits to our new Memory Garden,
and outdoor campfires (real
fire!), along with all of our regularly scheduled Distance
Learning programs, Saturday
afternoon and evening speakers, Sunday afternoon entertainers, and more!
OK. Let’s get specific.
Here’s a list of the concerts,
plays, and sporting events for
the summer:
• 7/2—Beachwood Summer
Concert Series: “Nick Puin
Quintet: the Great American Songbook.”
• 7/3—Concert with
Stratton and Irwin Weinberger (of the Yiddishe Cup
Klezmer Band) in the Rose
• 7/9—Beachwood Summer
“NorthCoast Jazz Collec-
tive Quintet:
Modern Jazz.”
7/11—Cleveland Indians
vs. the Toronto Blue Jays.
7/14—Mercury Summer
Stock Theater production of
the musical “Ragtime” at
Notre Dame College.
7/23—Beachwood Summer
Concert Series: “Musical
Grand: Latest Music to the
7/28—Blossom Music Center: “Broadway’s Leading
7/30—Beachwood Summer
Concert Series: “Blue
Lunch: Swing and Blues.”
8/4—”Fiddler on the Roof”
at Porthouse Theater.
8/6—Beachwood Summer
Concert Series: “Old Kids:
Classic Rock.”
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Written In Stone is the monthly newsletter of Stone Gardens Assisted Living Residence at The Menorah Park
Center for Senior Living.
Please direct all inquiries or concerns to:
Noah Budin, Editor, c/o Stone Gardens Assisted Living, 27090 Cedar Road, Beachwood, Ohio 44122-1156,
216-593-0484, [email protected]
Stone Gardens Staff Directory
Ross Wilkoff
[email protected]
Bianca Williams
Office Manager
Linda Holpuch
Dir. of Resident Services
[email protected]
Marnie DeGuire
Admissions Coordinator
[email protected]
Kelly Henderson
Assoc. Dir. of Res. Services
[email protected]
David Walker
Dietary General Manager
[email protected]
Sarah Taub
Director of Activities
[email protected]
Noah Budin
Asst. Director of Activities
[email protected]
Angie Holpuch
Physical Therapist
Larry Betlejewski
John Kwasni
Environmental Serv.
[email protected]
[email protected]
Helen’s Place
Nelly Gertsberg
Marina Sanchez
[email protected]
[email protected]
Joel Fox
Foundation Director
[email protected]
Sous Chefs
Margo Davitt
Night Supervisor
[email protected]
Nurse On Duty
Fax: 216-378-4004
Amy Kinstlinger
Social Worker
216-831-6500 ex. 176
Anthony Folisi, Matthew Bauman
[email protected]
[email protected]
Beauty Shop
Cheryl Pietrondi
[email protected]
[email protected]
July Resident Birthdays
Eleanor Weintraub
Helen johnson
Elaine Powell
Micki Gilbert
Eleanor newman
Sidney Rackoff
Violet Spevack
Harriet Prochaska
Pauline Silverman
Esther Lewis
July Staff Birthdays
Constance Agee
Daniel Calcote, Jr.
Deana Parks
Anthony Folisi
Michael Winston
Nelly Gertsberg
Brandi Heard
Jason beck
Charlene Edwards
A Limerick
“The Resident Poet”
Get you Indian’s hats
ready! The all campus
outing to Progressive
field is coming.
We thank those who knock
themselves out
Their entertainment’s like a
prizefight bout
We sit there so quietly
In our high society
But we should raise our voices
and shout:
Helen Says The monthly Helens Place column
By Nelly Gertsberg$ Helens Place Program manager
As Helen’s Place
continues to evolve and
develop, our community
has enjoyed welcoming
new neighbors and new
visitors. As new tenants
move in, our welcoming
committee meets to discuss gifts that would be
helpful to someone in a
new home, such as a map
of the neighborhood. Volunteers sign-up to be a
“buddy” for a day by introducing the new resident to
their neighbors, and
showing them around to
the different activities and
dining room.
There have also
been a number of wonderful volunteers that have
been generously offering
their time and ideas to
benefit the Helen’s Place
community. They share
their talents in sing-alongs, card games, poetry
readings, word games,
reading groups, memory
bingo, and art appreciation, to name a few. We
are grateful for the spirit
they bring and the variety
they introduce to our daily
Helen’s Place is full
of interesting people, and
our volunteers say they
love visiting and getting to
know them. We look forward to seeing which face
comes to visit next!
If you would like to
volunteer to do a program
at Helen’s Place, contact
me (Nelly Gertsberg) or
Marina Sanchez at 216360-8206. You don’t have
to be an “expert” or have a
degree in public speaking.
Just a desire to enrich the
lives of our very appreciative residents.
Something to Chew on
So, a man walks into a
butcher shop and says, “I’d like
that meat up there, from off
your highest shelf.” And the
butcher says, “Sorry, I can’t do
that.” The man asks, “Why
not?” And the butcher says,
“The steaks are too high.”
Sorry, I couldn’t resist.
But, our Dietary team is reaching new heights here.
Your rave reviews have
shown us how much you and
your loved ones are enjoying
the many new dining options
available on our campus, including Signature, our chefs’
labor of love.
It is now our pleasure to
add two new mouthwatering
favorites to our menu choices:
bone-in ribeye steak and herbcrusted, aged prime rib. Beginning July 30th and twice each
month, dinner will be transformed into a kosher steakhouse.
Our team has worked
diligently to ensure that you will
have a first-class, genuine
steakhouse experience.
Our meat comes from
an exclusive source only used
by the finest kosher restaurants across the country. Your
orders will be prepared as you
would like – rare, medium, or
well. So every week night,
there are several delicious and
gourmet choices to tantalize
the taste buds; whether it’s
Signature, prime rib, ribeye
steak or another favorite from
our dinner menus.
We know if you and
your loved one are steak lovers, you are going to enjoy this
indulgence just as much as we
We are very proud of
these new additions to our
menu and hope you enjoy eating it as much as we do preparing it.
Ask The Activities Directors Cont. from page 1
8/11—Lake County
Captains minor league
baseball game at Classic Park, Jewish Heritage Day.
Summer Concert Series: “Prime Time Big
Band: Big Band Music.”
Those are just the
concerts and other events
not on our regular
Wednesday outing schedule. Check out page 7 for
the full list of outings for
this month.
A note about the July
11th Indians game outing:
This is an all campus outing and is a joint outing
with the Menorah Park
Board. Many board members—over 20!—will be attending along with residents and tenants from
every building on campus.
We know that Menorah
Park will be the impetus
the Tribe needs to surge
past the Tigers and win
the American League
The new Memory
Garden is now open! It’s in
front of the building right
next to our Rose garden
and has a privacy fence
around it. You may access
it from the south side of
the building through a
gate. It’s brand new and
the planting has only just
begun. Be sure to
blooms as the
through the years
as more plantings
Also, look for the garden
gnomes and other hidden
treasures in and around
the area. The garden was
designed with Helen’s
Place residents in mind,
but everyone is invited to
If you haven’t seen
it, please read the article
on page 4 about our new
steak program. There’s
another new dietary development at Stone Gardens
as well. It may not be as
glamorous as Prime Rib,
but, for many, it may be an
important improvement in
an everyday necessity:
Coffee! Stone Gardens is
now serving fresh
brewed coffee and
the difference is noticeable. The flavor
and body is far superior to our previous coffee, and
both regular and
decaf is available at breakfast, lunch and dinner in
the Dining Room. Just ask
your server!
Every month the Stone
Gardens Department Heads
select an Employee of the
Month. Department Heads
nominate people based on
the notes that residents and
family members post on the
Service With a Heart board
located in our front lobby, and
from their own observations.
The Employee of the
Month is publicly recognized
at a staff meeting, gets their
name on a plaque, and receives two movie tickets. In
addition, the Employee of the
Month gets to choose a
“buddy” from the staff who will
also receive two movie tickets.
April’s Employee of the
Month was Nurse Maggie
Reed. Maggie chose RA
Sarah James as her buddy.
Congr atulations to
Maggie and Sarah, and to all
of the employees who were
Tues., July 2
Beachwood Summer
Wed., July 3
Shopping / Walmart
Wed., July 10
Lunch / Jack’s
Sun., July 14
Mercury Summer Stock
Theater /
Wed., July 17
Natural History Museum
Thurs., July 18
Dinner / Olive Garden
Tues., July 23
Beachwood Summer
Wed., July 24
Picnic at Edgewater
Sun., July 28
Blossom Music Center /
“Broadway’s Leading
Tues. July 30
Beachwood Summer
Wed., July 31
Cruise on the
Goodtime III
Ask Barbara
By Barbara Drossin
Dear Barbara:
I have a friend
who fishes at Punderson Lake. There are
several kinds of fish.
When he catches a
Blue Gill he throws it
back in the water because it’s too small to
eat. This upsets me because I wonder if the
Blue Gill’s feelings are
~ Fish Lover
Dear Fish Lover:
I would love to
have an answer for
you, but unfortunately,
I don’t speak “Blue
Gill.” If this fish is
multilingual, let me
Dear Barbara:
There are beautiful
flowers planted around
Stone Gardens. I really
would like to pick one to
have in my apartment,
but residents are not
supposed to do this. Is
there a way to enjoy a
flower just for myself?
~ Enjoys Beauty
few minutes to smell it
and tell it how much
you admire it every
day. Watch it bloom
with the joy of your
If you have a question for Barbara, please
write it down and give it to
the Noah or drop it off at
the Front Desk.
Dear Enjoys:
Find a flower you
really like and take a
Enjoy Fine Gourmet Dining
Right here at Menorah Park
The Menorah Cafe
The Menorah Café serves a delicious, upscale menu on the 2nd
Tuesday of each month. Dinner begins at 5:00 P.M. and is only $5.00
for residents of the Menorah Park Campus. Guests may dine for
Past menus have included House Smoked Salmon with Sweet
and Sour Spinach and Apples, BBQ Short Ribs with Napa Cabbage
Cole Slaw and Beer Battered Onion Rings.
Call Vicki Snyder at 216-839-6654 for reservations.
The Heart of a Poet
Jill Bialosky is an author and a poet and has
published six books. She is also the daughter
of Stone Gardens resident Iris Bialosky. You
can learn more about Jill at
http://www.jillbialosky.com/ . Her poem The
Dugout was published in The New Yorker on
June 24th.
The Dugout
By Jill Bialosky
They like it here,
shaded from the sun, drinking Gatorade
in the dugout among the solitude
of brothers
After one strikes out
or misses a ball,
angry fathers climb the gated fence
that separates the spectators
from the players and the curse
All night only the male crickets chirp.
They are nocturnal and cold blooded.
They take on the temperature
of their surroundings.
They run the top of one wing
along the teeth
at the bottom of the other.
Their wings up and open
like acoustical sails, the sound relentless
and unending.
Sid Rackoff, a Stone Gardens resident, is an artist and a
poet, and was recently voted Stone Gardens Poet Laureate by
the other residents. He wrote Everyone’s a Poet in 1968.
Everyone’s a Poet
By Sid Rackoff
Everyone’s a poet
Struggling oh so hard
Lines and stanzas flow
From every unknown bard.
Oh for eyes to see
All poets upon this land
Oh for ears to hear
Man’s symphonic band.
Severe are labor’s pains
Bringing forth each child.
Yet infants find the route
To land upon this Isle.
Oh for hearts to thrill
To life’s eternal song
Whose cadence warms the
And helps life flow along.
Mother’s cry is verse,
Child sputters couplets fort,
Announcing its arrival
From Hopeland to this earth.
Unlettered, unschooled, unlanguaged
It writes its unwritten song
It babbles in rhythms unnumbered
Till childhood and youth are gone.
Some utter odes of joy,
Some bemoan life with a dirge.
With melodies gloomy or bright
Expressing each life’s urge.
Welcome to our new column The Heart of a Poet! If you
have written, or still write poems, or have a favorite published
poem that you would like to see here, submit them to Noah for
publication consideration in this newsletter. Information about
the poet and the poem will be highlighted briefly, and the poem
Tisha BAv
Tisha B’av (the 9th day of
the Hebrew month of Av) is
Tuesday, July 16. It is considered a day of mourning and, for
many Jews, it is a fast day.
Tisha B’Av commemorates the destruction of both the
First Temple and the Second
Temple in Jerusalem, and other
Jewish tragedies.
It is customary to refrain
from “joyful” and musical activi-
ties in the weeks and days leading up to the day itself. At Stone
Gardens, most musical programming will continue, and residents
are free to choose whether to
attend, as would be in keeping
with their personal observance.
There will be no musical programming on Tuesday, July 16.
As with any fast, please
use caution. According to Jewish
law, it is better to break a fast
than to cause possible harm or
injury to oneself. Please consult
a doctor, nurse and/or Rabbi if
you have any concerns about
All meals will be served at
their regular times. If you are
fasting for all or part of the day,
and you do not plan to break
your fast at your regular meal
time, please let Dietary Manager
David Walker know, and he will
arrange for a light dairy meal to
be sent to your apartment.
The David P. Miller Computer and
Technology Center at Menorah Park
For New Computer
Users we offer the
following classes
For Residents of the Menorah Park Campus, offers
Individual Computer Classes
by Appointment,
Customized to the individual student’s needs
and capabilities
Monday - Friday
Between 1:00 PM—3:00 PM (Half Hour Classes)
To schedule a class
Call Sylvia at 216-831-5452 x209
Laptop Basics
How to use the
Intro to Computers
Creating Greeting
(See Monthly Flyers for Class
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in black and white, we
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your email address.
If you are seeing this
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Please supply your email address
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