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form and scale - GH Johnston Building Consultants Ltd
Dalfaber, Aviemore
timber chalet
tree house
terraced appartment
semi detached appartment
terraced appartment
2 storey house
Dalfaber Village has a variety of existing
accommodation types ranging from single
storey timber chalets to 2 storey semi
detached apartments. At present Macdonald
Hotels & Resorts have a shortage of larger,
modern detached units.
The brief is to provide high quality holiday
accommodation to supplement the existing
product within the Dalfaber Resort. The
proposed lodges are designed to be both
inviting in terms of form and layout but also to
respect the character and style of the
immediate area and the wider scenic qualities
of Aviemore and the Cairngorms.
The adjacent residential properties at Meall
Buidhe and Beinn Ghuilbinn comprise a mix
of detached bungalows and 2 storey houses.
The existing housing stock ranges from single
storey to 2 storey with no distinct form or style
that is particular to the area. The existing
timber structures sit well within their woodland
surround but the larger white rendered
buildings seem stark and lack setting.
Traditional rural buildings by their very nature
were simple geometric forms. The roof was
an unbroken pitch with crisp edges and
detailing. Walls were natural stone either left
exposed or coated with lime render
depending on its durability and regional
variation. Openings were small by modern
standards due to the limited span of stone
lintels and gave the building envelope a high
solid to void ratio.
The form of each lodge is a contemporary
interpretation on the Scottish vernacular with
simple forms under a pitched roof.
Each lodge is located within a tree grouping
giving them their own sense of space and
helping minimise their visual impact on the
golf course and existing adjacent housing.
exist. lodge
prop. lodge
exist. chalet
The height of the proposed lodges are lower
than that of the existing two storey resort
accommodation and higher than that of the
existing single storey lodges but still sit within
the scale of the existing woodland and
neighboring residential properties.
This allows living accommodation and
balconies at first floor level to have fantastic
views of the golf course and the Cairngorms
beyond. The main entrance and hallways
have been kept to one end of the building
allowing the bedrooms and living
accommodation to take advantage of the
open aspect across the golf course.
lodge grouping looking west
upper level gable windows and balconies providing views out
G H Johnston Building Consultants Ltd.

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