AHC Product Line - The Packaging Guide



AHC Product Line - The Packaging Guide
Solutions by Arrowhead Systems
Closed Top Conveyors
ArrowSummit® Mat Top and Table Top Conveyor
The ArrowSummit Series with its closed top construction offers a continuous conveying
surface. It’s compatible with industry standard plastic belts and features heavy duty modular
construction. Select from a mat top or table top design.
Open Top Conveyors
ArrowAdvance® Mat Top and Table Top Conveyor
The ArrowAdvance Series with its open top architecture offers a continuous conveying
surface. It’s compatible with industry standard plastic belts and features heavy duty modular
construction. Select from a mat top or table top design.
Quick Ship Conveyors
ArrowSelect® Mat Top and Table Top Conveyor
The ArrowSelect series is a versatile line of industrial-duty conveyor modules that are ready to
ship at a competitive price. The modular design enables you to quickly adapt a system to fit your
current and future layout requirements. Select from a mat top or table top design.
Rollerless Case Conveyor
ArrowElite® Rollerless Case Conveyor
The ArrowElite Series incorporates both table top and mat top carrying surfaces to provide
maximum support for almost any case, tray or package—even around curves. Optional powered
transfers reduce line pressure and ensure smooth product handling.
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NeXtgen® Wash Down Conveyor
The NeXtgen Conveyor features a patented wash down, open frame design that eliminates
hidden contamination areas. This model uses table top chain.
NeXtgen® II Wash Down Conveyor
The NeXtgen II Conveyor has the same design features as the NeXtgen and uses mat top chain.
NeXtgen® Ultra CS Sanitary Conveyor
NeXtgen Ultra CS has a patented open frame sanitary design. It’s the solution for production
environments that must use NSF and USDA/AMS certified equipment.
ArrowAction® Water and Air Gripper Rinsers
Continuous motion grippers gently grip and invert containers for sterilized water, ionized air, or a
combination of air/water rinsing. The compact design can be configured to meet your needs and
is shipped complete for easy installation.
Vacuum Rinsers
Vacuum rinsers use suction to move containers through an ionized air rinsing cycle. The system
handles a variety of container sizes with little or no adjustment.
Singlefilers and Combiners
Pressure-less Singlefiler
Pressure-less Singlefilers quickly move products into a single file without back pressure. The
system utilizes multi-strand chains to convert mass flow of both round and non-round products
into a single lane by pulling mass flow product apart with progressive acceleration.
Mechanical Combiner
Mechanical Combiners use multi-strand chain to gently move empty or full cylindrical containers
from mass flow to a single lane. At the exit, a set of high density roller combiner rails assist with
SideWinder® Dynamic Laner
The SideWinder is the solution for high-speed applications. It automatically divides a single file of
containers into multiple lanes without interrupting product flow. Its innovative coiled rail system
eliminates the need to stop product during lane shifts.
Whisper Laner
The Whisper Laner uniquely separates containers from a single line into two lanes. Incoming
containers are balanced on a center line. At the laning zone, a photo eye senses the container
and a control determines if it should go to the right or left. A solenoid valve then directs
compressed air at the container to divert it into the correct lane.
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Gripper Elevators and Lowerators
ArrowTower® Elevator and Lowerator
The ArrowTower Series effectively moves products from one elevation to another while using
minimal floor space. The gentle action of the moving side grips effortlessly handles products that
are otherwise difficult to transport.
Can Stackers
Single Star Can Stacker
The Single Star Can Stacker quickly and reliably stacks two-piece cans with a nesting bottom
configuration from two separate conveyor lines. The star wheel secures both cans for alignment
during the stacking process while regulating a constant flow of stacked cans to the discharge
Dual Star Can Stacker
The Dual Star Can Stacker is similar to the Single Star version, but it can handle up to five
infeeds. It also features multiple output options ranging from a two-can stack output to a five-can
stack output.
Accumulation Systems
Control surges in your production line with our selection of accumulation tables. The most
conventional method is the FILO (first in, last out) product flow system, which is also referred
to as a bi-directional or a mass flow switch back accumulation system. If your products require
batch lot tracking or tracked quality control, select the FIFO (first in, first out) system, also known
as a zone uni-directional accumulation table.
Today more than ever, companies need fast delivery of quality equipment at a competitive price. Arrowhead Conveyor provides all
these benefits and more with our vast assortment of equipment. Arrowhead Conveyor has a full line of standard and customized
product handling equipment.
Arrowhead Conveyor – a name you can trust for quality, reliable and affordable material handling equipment.
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