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location insights, customer insights
location insights,
customer insights
Maximise revenue from your target audience.
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Discover InSite Vision…
InSite Vision is the latest release of CACI’s spatial analytics and mapping software which is designed specifically for outlet
planning and customer insight. It’s perfect for understanding customers and evaluating new locations according to market spend
and customer potential.
…and access it from everywhere
InSite Everywhere is our innovative web-enabled version of InSite Vision. It will allow you to access valuable location and
target customer reports wherever you are, from your laptop or tablet.
What will it do for you?
InSite Vision will help you identify the best locations for your business and unearth more of your target customers. Easy to use,
accessible out of the office and bespoke, it’s the perfect tool to fit your needs.
Key features
Unrivalled mapping
Combines Acorn
demographics and consumer
information with your own
customer data
Bespoke to fit
your needs
Easy to use reporting
Operated by CACI,
Europe’s largest location
planning consultancy
Can be accessed
remotely through InSite
Includes full support
and training
A market leading system, engineered by Europe’s
largest location strategy consultancy
Offering the market-leading combination of analysis tools, consumer insight and location planning models, InSite Vision is the
latest version of our spatial analytics and mapping software. It has been developed to provide easy to use decision-making
support, backed by the greatest breadth and depth of consumer and location knowledge.
Used by both SMEs and leading businesses including British Land, Mitchells & Butlers and Santander, InSite delivers the analytics
capability and flexibility required to find out more about their customers and optimise their outlet portfolios. It’s no surprise that
InSite is used by CACI analysts to power our work as the largest location strategy consultancy in Europe.
Easy-to-use software that adapts to your needs and
your budget
Professional analysts need tools that offer the flexibility to create their own workflows. Unlike other software, InSite has seamless
processes already set up to provide instant business insights on customers, new locations and ‘what-if ’ development scenarios.
And we don’t forget the needs of business users seeking information on individual geographical sites. InSite has standard reports
set up that non-expert and occasional users can use to easily access catchment and customer information. Whether you are an
experienced analyst, or a business user with infrequent requirements, InSite will meet your needs.
Of course it’s not just about using data supplied by CACI. InSite Vision is the perfect way to analyse your own data on customers,
competitors and locations. As well as loading your spatially referenced data in to InSite Vision, you can automatically cleanse and
update the information.
Like you, we don’t believe in ‘one size fits all’ and so each InSite Vision system is designed to your specific requirements around
the core software. This approach means that you can have a combination of software, applications, models and data about
people and places that meets your needs and budget.
To see InSite in action, please take a look at how organisations in a range of sectors ensure that their decisions are backed by
expert knowledge of local catchments and communities.
If you would like to know more about InSite Vision, we can provide a demonstration at your offices, preferably with an extract
of your data pre-loaded. Please contact your account manager or email [email protected] .
A tool accessible anywhere, at anytime
For many clients InSite needs to be accessible at all times and at every location. So as well as server and desktop versions,
we’ve also just launched our innovative new web version, InSite Everywhere which is now available online for remote
working. If you are on the road reviewing a site or checking out multiple locations, InSite Everywhere is the perfect tool for
use on laptops and tablets. InSite has always offered superb flexibility in its analytical tools, and that’s now matched by the
ability to make site location decisions wherever you are.
What do our clients say about InSite?
Interested to know how leading organisations use InSite Vision to drive their business forward? These case studies show how
InSite Vision clients make better site decisions, understand more about their customers and are able to act quicker than their
Gathering and understanding the facts on who our shoppers are, and how they shop
our broad portfolio is key to informed decision making in all aspects of our business.
CACI are providing a range of tools and services to give us the information we need.
Linsey Wooldridge, Retail Marketing Director,
CACI’s retail centre analysis has provided a valuable tool to understand the current
and future potential of UK retail centres. They have continued to impress us with
their understanding of the location planning issues facing retailers and providing
services that help support these decisions.
Rob Hadfield, Property Director
InSite has quickly become a vital tool for the BHF, helping us to get a better understanding of where
our local activities are located as well as identifying where opportunities and health needs are in
the UK. The mapping capabilities are excellent and being able to tailor output to colleague and
stakeholder needs is fantastic for us.
Ed Dicks
With the success of the recent restaurant chain acquisition the return on investment on the CACI
solution speaks for itself. CACI’s leisure consultants have been there for us throughout the process
and are a pleasure to deal with and really know their stuff. We’re happy to have them as partners.
Strahan Wilson, Finance and Business Development Director,
Knowledge about our market performance is all very well but without the ability to
benchmark this we can’t build an informed investment strategy. CACI’s solution gives us these
performance benchmarks through a detailed understanding of the markets across the UK
and Europe. It’s invaluable in supporting our market strategy.
Scott Stevenson, Head of Business Planning & Analysis
InSite is very useful & versatile tool. We are constantly finding new uses for it as well!
Luke Pay, Insight Analyst
Full training and support for users
We recognise that even for the most intuitive software, high quality training is needed to ensure users are quickly up to speed
and make the most of all the functionality. Using our training facility at CACI House, our professional trainers provide a range
of courses, including the ‘Introduction to InSite’ course that enables users to become proficient in InSite Vision. The support
package including telephone and email helpline provides InSite experts to guide users on both the technical aspects of InSite
and business applications.
Whilst InSite systems are designed to each client’s requirement, the rapid build process and training means that you can be
operational within a few weeks.
The benefits of InSite Vision
Whether it’s knowing more about customers, looking at new locations
or understanding multi-channel issues, InSite is the market-leading tool
designed to identify the best locations for your business and deliver
quantifiable insights into customers.
Customer Insights
With everyone thinking about the implications of big data in their
organisation, it’s important to have the best tools available for analysis
and insight. To get the maximum value from customers, the starting
point for any business should be their customer information. InSite’s
power means that it can hold millions of customer records and provide
valuable customer insights using standard InSite processes and bespoke
The Acorn demographics and consumer information in InSite is easily
combined with your own customer data to deliver valuable insights into
individual customers and their purchasing habits, channel preferences
and service needs.
Customer view
In the multi-channel world it’s vital to understand the link between online and store-based customer behaviour. InSite provides
a clear view of the boost to online sales of a new store opening and improved understanding of the types of customers using
different channels.
The benefits of InSite Vision
Location Planning
InSite is the perfect tool for assessing the catchments for new sites and the performance of existing outlets. The identification
of key consumer groups using demographic profiling and InSite’s capabilities in catchment definition provides the bedrock for
effective site selection.
InSite can be used to scan for ideal locations across a country and examine an individual site in detail. In addition, future scenarios
to assess store cannibalisation and the effects of competitors’ location strategies can be easily reviewed using InSite.
Catchment map example
What analysts tell us they like about InSite…
All of the applications and
modules such as Profiler and
Spatial Modeller interact
seamlessly with the core
InSite software.
It’s really easy to aggregate
any geo-referenced data to
any geographic area.
I know that if I have a problem
there’s an expert available on the
helpline rather than just a front-line
support person.
It handles any
data and global
mapping projection.
There’s no ‘but it can’t
do that’ with InSite.
The address and postcode cleaning
that InSite offers should be
standard in every GIS but it’s not.
I’m reassured that CACI
analysts use InSite for customer
profiling and location planning.
Technical details
For information on the hardware and software requirements for InSite installation and the background to the development of
InSite please contact your account manager at CACI or email [email protected] .
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