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The Filipino Express v27 Issue 48
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DECEMBER 6-12, 2013 w
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Page 9
Survivors of Super Typhoon “Yolanda” march during a religious procession in Tolosa in Leyte on November 18, over one week after the supertyphoon devastated the area. AFP/Philippe Lopez
2 Filipino doctors dead in Yemen attack
Agence France-Presse
Yemenis look on as smoke rises from the site of a suicide car bombing at the
defence ministry in the Yemeni capital Sanaa on December 5, 2013. “A car bomb
driven by a suicide bomber tried to force its way into the western entrance of
the ministry complex,” a security official told AFP.
SANAA -- Six doctors, including a
Venezuelan and two from the
Philippines, were among 25 people
killed in a suicide bombing and gun
attack on Yemen's defense ministry
complex Thursday, medical and
security sources said.
T h e b ra z e n a t t a c k o n t h e
sprawling complex follows a spate of
hit-and-run strikes on military
personnel and officials, as the country
struggles to complete a thorny
political transition.
The attacks in the capital and in
the country's south have been blamed
on Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula
(AQAP), which Washington regards as
the jihadist network's most
Int'l law experts laud
PH stand on sea row
Amid rising tensions between claimants to
territory in the East China Sea and the West Philippine
Sea, the Philippines' stand of invoking international
law in asserting its own claim against an increasingly
aggressive China is gaining support from
international law experts.
Meeting in Manila on Thursday, international law
experts and scholars said the United Nations
Convention on the Law of the Sea (Unclos) should
serve as the anchor for nations disputing ownerships
of resource-rich islands in the East China Sea, South
China Sea and its part within Philippine territory
called West Philippine Sea.
Tensions have risen in recent days between Japan
and China over Beijing's declaration on Nov. 23 of an
“air defense identification zone” in the East China Sea
covering a group of uninhabited islands claimed by
both countries, and between the Philippines and
China over suggestions that Beijing would declare the
Witnessing the CMMB-UPS medical airlift, from left: Ramon Villongco, Suffolk County
Asian American Advisory Board; Libby Carroll, Office of the Nassau County Executive;
Page 8
Deputy ConGen Zaldy Patron; Fe Martinez, PIDCI President; Consul General Mario De
Leon, Jr.; Chris Peck, UPS HR Vice President; Johnny Rustia, AARP Asian Community
Ambassador; Darnelle Bernier, CMMB Director; Marlon Nufable, MCN Global CEO; and
Tomoko Torii, the Harmony for Peace Foundation's Executive Director.
Medical aid worth $1.5-M
airlifted to Haiyan victims
Logistics giant UPS, the Catholic masks, bandages, splints, saline
Medical Mission Board (CMMB), the solutions and other hospital
ABS-CBN Foundation, the Harmony supplies were loaded onto a UPS
for Peace Foundation, Philippine truck for air transport via UPS.
PAYBACK TIME. Using the words of a “Hunger Games” character,
Independence Day Council, Inc.
In a joint statement by Ramon
Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago called Enrile “sick, sick, sick,”
among other things, and reiterated her claim that he was the
(PIDCI) and other community Villongco, Chairman of the Suffolk
mastermind of the P10-billion pork barrel scam. RAFFY LERMA
groups recently joined hands to County Asian American Advisory
provide critical medical supplies to Board and overall project facilitator,
victims of hurricane Haiyan and PIDCI President Fe Martinez,
(typhoon Yolanda). New York the shipment “was the first time that
Consul General Mario P. De Leon, Jr. critical humanitarian aid of this
Deputy ConGen Zaldy Patron scale was airlifted to the Philippines
By Norman Bordadora
extolled the business-nonprofit instead of being sent as ocean cargo,
partnership on November 26 at the which takes much longer in transit
The exchange of harsh words and charges
Distribution Center in Long while victims' survival hangs in the
between Senators Miriam Defensor-Santiago
as $1.5 million worth of balance.”
and Juan Ponce Enrile resumed on the Senate
antibiotics, anti-diarrheal and
United Parcel Service Regional
Page 12
Page 3
Page 14
wound care products, gloves, face
Santiago accuses Enrile
of committing 7 sins
December 6-12, 2013
Page 2
Former boat people remember kindness of Filipinos after
Vietnam War; donate $400,000 for typhoon relief efforts
than three decades after the
Philippines opened its doors to
them, it was the turn of former
refugees from Vietnam to return
the favorthis time by donating
more than P19 million to support
relief efforts for victims of Typhoon
On Monday, representatives of
the Vietnamese Community visited
the Philippine Embassy to extend
their sympathies to the Filipino
people and turn over the initial
$440,554 that they were able to
raise for the benefit of the more
than 10 million affected by the
“This is a very touching gesture
from a people who said they never
forgot how they were treated
kindly by Filipinos who instead of
pushing them back to sea, even
pulled their boats ashore to help
them,” Ambassador Jose L. Cuisia, Jr.
said after receiving leaders of the
Ben Em Dang Co Ta Foundation, the
Saigon Broadcasting Television
Network (SBTN), and the
Vietnamese Refugees for
Philippines (VR4P).
Ambassador Cuisia said the
Embassy received a check for
$240,554 for the Philippine Red
while another check for $200,000
was turned over to the USPhilippines Society, which is
directly supporting typhoon relief
efforts in the Central Philippines.
Ambassador Cuisia said the
donations were raised from
members of the Vietnamese
Community, particularly those who
were among the more than 400,000
refugees or who had relatives who
were accommodated at either the
Philippine Refugee Processing
Center in Bataan or the Philippine
First Asylum Center in Palawan.
According to Ambassador
Cuisia the refugees who were
accommodated in the Philippines
were among the 1 million to 2
million Vietnamese estimated to
have fled their country, mostly by
boat, at the end of the Vietnam War
in 1975. More than 250,000 did not
make it as they perished during
their voyage across the sea.
“It was a very dark time for all of
us boat people. We had no other
choice but to risk our lives to
escape. Many of us had faced
tragedies, hunger and even death
during our quest towards freedom,”
said Dieu Quyen Nguyen, Executive
Director of the Ben Em Dang Co Ta
“However, we were able to
conquer this battle because we
were not alone. We had the help, the
protection and the sponsorship
from different people, especially
the people of the Philippines,” she
said. “You had once shown us the
meaning of love when we were just
foreigners in your country. Now it is
our opportunity to thank you for
wh a t yo u h a d d o n e fo r u s
“Our thoughts and prayers are
with the people of the Philippines
as they mourn so many loved ones
and neighbors lost in the dreadful
destruction of Typhoon Haiyan,”
said SBTN Vice President Phu Do,
who along with VR4P Project
Leader Bach Mai Nguyen also
turned over posters and a plaque of
appreciation to Ambassador Cuisia.
“We faced fears, had hopes and
dreams. So are you now. We
continue to be on your side for what
can be done as relief efforts,” he
“Please remember that you are
not alone. The Vietnamese people
are behind you,” said Dinh Doan,
Chairman of the Vietnamese
Community in the District of
Columbia, Maryland and Virginia.
Ambassador Cuisia was
grateful for the generosity of the
Vietnamese community. “Thank
you for your kind gesture and
concern for our people. I look at
your gesture as one of kinship and
solidarity with the Filipino people,”
he said.
“I am also grateful that our
Ambassador John Maisto, President of the US-Philippines Society, receives a check for $200,000 from
Dieu Quyen Nguyen, Executive Director of the Ben Em Dang Co Ta Foundation. The amount was raised
by members of the Vietnamese-American Community in the Metropolitan Washington, D.C. area for
typhoon victims in the Philippines. Witnessing the turnover, which took place at the Philippine
Embassy on 2 December, is Ambassador Jose L. Cuisia, Jr. (Philippine Embassy Photo by Majalya
Ambassador Jose L. Cuisia, Jr. receives a plaque of solidarity from the Vietnamese American
Community of Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia represented by its Chairman and President
Dinh Doan. The Ambassador earlier received a check for $240,554 to support the typhoon relief
Page 9
efforts of the Philippine Red Cross. (Philippine Embassy Photo by Majalya Fernando)
Yolanda death toll
reaches 5,818
By Nikko Dizon
MANILA -- The death toll in the wake of
Supertyphoon “Yolanda” (international
name: “Haiyan”) on Wednesday neared the
6,000 mark, nearly three times the initial
estimate made by President Aquino days
after the strongest typhoon to hit land
battered Eastern Visayas.
There were still discrepancies in the
numbers, however, highlighting the
government's inadequate system of
assessing the physical damage from natural
Latest reports from the National
Disaster Risk Reduction and Management
Council (NDRRMC) and field reports
showed there were 5,818 fatalities from
Yolanda, nearly the majority of whom
drowned in the storm surge that caught
many residents by surprise.
Of the figure, the NDRRMC said that
2,116 were from Tacloban City.
On Wednesday, field reports from
Tacloban City showed that authorities had
already recovered 2,215 bodies.
It was not even clear whether there
were really a hundred bodies found floating
in mangroves in San Juanico Bridge on
Senior Supt. Pablito Cordeta, an official
of the Bureau of Fire Protection office here
and the commander of the Task Force
Cadaver in Tacloban City, said that his group
recovered 25 bodies on Tuesday, bringing
the total to 2,215. He said another seven
bodies were retrieved from the San Juanico
Bridge on Dec. 2.
Cordeta debunked reports that more
than 100 bodies were discovered by a
Chinese humanitarian team floating at the
Page 3
December 6-12, 2013
Page 3
Santiago accuses
Enrile ...
From page 1
Floor on Wednesday, with the woman
legislator questioning the integrity
and morality of the minority leader.
In a privilege speech, Santiago
accused Enrile of committing seven
sins, including his supposed role in
the deaths and disappearances of
political dissenters during martial
law decades ago and a propensity to
chase women. She asked Justice
Secretary Leila de Lima to investigate
the charges.
“Guided by faith in a just God and
in the rule of law, dozens of whistleblowers have testified in writing and
provided supporting documents to
prove that the very heart of darkness
is the leadership of the Senate itself,”
she said while staring and repeatedly
stabbing a finger at Enrile, who was
seated just a few feet away.
Santiago charged Enrile with
command responsibility for human
rights violations committed during
martial law, masterminding the P10billion pork barrel scam, maintaining
a smuggling hub in Port Irene in
Cagayan province, operating a
gambling empire, owning an illegal
l o g g i n g c o n c e s s i o n ,
“hypersexualized” womanizing and
underdeclaring his net worth at just
P118 million.
She also accused the former
Senate President of giving safe haven
to then Sen. Panfilo Lacson in his
home province in Cagayan when the
latter was evading a warrant for his
arrest amid reports that he slipped
out of the country during the Arroyo
Pork barrel scam
Enrile delivered a privilege
speech last week to deny repeated
allegations that he was the “brains”
behind the pork barrel scam, that he
wanted implicated businesswoman
Janet Lim-Napoles dead and that he
financed Moro National Liberation
Front rebels in their attempt to lay
siege on Zamboanga City in
He went on to cast doubts on
Santiago's competence by disclosing
her low marks in the bar
examinations, on her integrity by
having the Senate rent her satellite
office at her office building and on her
mental health by recalling the time
when she admitted to consulting a
psychiatrist once.
Enrile, Sen. Jinggoy Estrada and
Sen. Ramon Revilla Jr., members of
their staff and several other
lawmakers and government officials
are facing plunder charges in the
Ombudsman in connection with the
pork barrel scam allegedly hatched
by Napoles.
“Instead of presenting evidence
to the public of his hypocritical
protestations of innocence, Enrile
once again chose to steer public
attention to what he hopes will be a
diversion: The lies and black
propaganda hurled against me
during the 1992 presidential
campaign,” Santiago said.
“This man, contrary to logic and
common sense, hopes to evade
criminal prosecution and public
outrage over his plunder, by
resurrecting campaign dirt against
me which are over 21 years old!
Dream on, old man, aka Tanda!” she
added, looking at the 89-year-old
senator that she also called Mr.
In a manifestation after the
speech, Enrile said Santiago “only
confirmed everything that I said in
my privilege speech regarding her
mental health, her propensity to
make unfounded, baseless
accusations, regarding her use of ad
hominems, personal attacks,
personal assaults against innocent
people without any proof or iota of
evidence to back her up.”
“And sad to say, she presented
herself as my best evidence to prove
the points that I said in my previous
privilege speech,” he added.
Santiago had one of the podiums
placed in front and center of the
session hall so that she could face
Yolanda death toll ...
From page 2
famed bridge connecting Samar and
Leyte across the San Juanico strait.
“That's not true. We are belying that.
There was no coordination with the task
force. I am the task force commander
and we do not know those foreigners
and what they were claiming,” Cordeta
said in Filipino.
Earlier estimates of fatalities from
the supertyphoon were pegged at
10,000, which President Aquino
lowered to between 2,000 and 2,500.
As the number of fatalities breached
the 5,000 mark last week, Aquino
conceded that the death toll could
actually be higher. He said the low
estimate he gave was based on the initial
confirmed dead reported to him.
Government also criticized the
United Nations Office for the
Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
for giving an initial estimate that was
double than what President Aquino had
earlier announced.
Establishing the death toll from a
calamity is an important measure in
assessing the impact of a natural
disaster, enabling governments to
establish their disaster risk reduction
policies and measures.
7 ex-solons got up to 78%
in kickbacks, says NBI
By Gil C. Cabacungan
The National Bureau of
Investigation has accused seven
former lawmakers, including
resigned Bureau of Customs
Commissioner Rozzano Rufino
Biazon, of pocketing as much as
78 percent in kickbacks from
their pork barrel funds
transferred to fake foundations
allegedly owned by detained
businesswoman Janet LimNapoles.
According to case
documents filed by NBI officer in
charge Medardo de Lemos in the
Office of the Ombudsman,
whistle-blower Benhur Luy
testified that Biazon or his
authorized representative,
Energy Regulatory Commission
chair and former Pampanga Rep.
Zenaida Cruz-Ducut, received
P1.95 million in cash as a
commission, or 72 percent of
P2.7 million from his share of the
Priority Development
Assistance Fund (PDAF) that he
channeled into a Napolescontrolled foundation, the
Philippine Social Development
Fo u n d a t i o n I n c . ( P S D F I ) ,
t h r o u g h t h e Te c h n o l o g y
Resource Center (TRC) in 2007.
The NBI said Biazon did not
reply to the Commission on
Audit (COA) query in 2011
seeking confirmation of his
signature on PSDFI's project
proposal to the TRC.
Biazon resigned as head of
the Bureau of Customs on
Monday after the NBI filed
charges against him and six
other former congressmen last
Biazon said he did not know
Napoles and vowed to clear his
The National Bureau of Investigation has accused seven former lawmakers,
including resigned Bureau of Customs Commissioner Rozzano Rufino Biazon
(shown in photo), of pocketing as much as 78 percent in kickbacks from their pork
barrel funds transferred to fake foundations allegedly owned by detained
businesswoman Janet Lim-Napoles. INQUIRER FILE PHOTO
Napoles, the alleged brains
behind the P10-billion pork
barrel scam, is detained at a
police camp in Laguna province,
facing serious illegal detention
charges brought against her by
More charges
The NBI said Biazon could
face more charges of
malversation and misuse of
government funds.
“The records of the COA also
disclosed that there were other
NGOs (nongovernment
organizations) involved in
connection with the
implementation of the PDAF
[projects] of Representative
Biazon [that] are not Napoles
NGOs. Further verification is still
[ongoing],” the NBI said in its
letter seeking preliminary
investigation of the second
batch of former lawmakers to be
charged in the P10-billion pork
barrel scam.
In his testimony, Luy said
then Ilocos Sur Rep. Salacnib
Baterina and his agent Ducut
received P7.5 million in rebates,
or 78 percent of the P9.6-million
pork he gave to PSDFI in 2007.
Another NGO
The NBI is also looking at
another beneficiary of funds
from Baterina's PDAF allocation,
Kaagapay Magpakailan
Foundation, which was not a
Napoles NGO but could become
part of a separate case.
Luy claimed that former
Davao del Sur Rep. Marc Douglas
Cagas IV and his agent Ducut
walked off with P5.54 million in
commissions, or 73.4 percent of
the P7.55-million pork he gave
to People's Organization for
Progress and Development
Foundation Inc. (P2.7 million
through the TRC) and Social
Development Program for
Farmers Foundation Inc. or
SDPFFI (P4.85 million through
National Agribusiness Corp. or
Nabcor). Cagas confirmed his
signatures in the documents
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Page 5
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December 6-12, 2013
Page 4
Xerox gang in DBM bared
Two suspected members of a syndicate engaged in producing photocopies of special
allotment release orders (Saros) were connected with the office of Budget
Undersecretary Mario Relampagos (shown in photo), according to a source involved in
investigating the racket. INQUIRER FILE PHOTO
By Gil C. Cabacungan, Nancy C.
The Inquirer has the names of
the two suspects belonging to the
“Xerox gang” but is withholding
their identities on the request of
investigators. The group is
operating in the Department of
Budget and Management (DBM).
Sources at the DBM confirmed
that the two were connected with
the office of Relampagos.
A Saro is a DBM document that
paves the way for the issuance of a
notice of cash allotment (NCA),
which, in turn, triggers the release
of funds from, say, the Priority
Development Assistance Fund
7 ex-solons ...
From page 3
held by the COA on his PDAF
releases to the Napoles NGOs and
other rival foundations.
His father, Davao del Sur Rep.
Douglas Cagas, and his agent got
P9.3 million in commissions, or
60.54 percent of the P15.36 million
in pork he gave to PSDFI and
Countrywide Agri and Rural
Economic and Development
Foundation Inc. (CARED) in 2007.
The elder Cagas denied that he
signed the documents provided by
the COA except for the letter of
agreement and endorsement for
Questionable deals
“According to the COA, these
transactions are questionable. The
funds transferred to these NGOs
had unliquidated balances in full as
of audit date,” the NBI said.
Then Davao del Norte Rep.
Arrel Olano received P3.175
million in commission, or 39.8
percent of the P7.97 million in pork
he gave to PSDFI and CARED in
Olano confirmed writing an
endorsement letter to then TRC
Director General Antonio Ortiz
(who was also charged in the case)
but denied signing the other
( P DA F ) , a p o r k b a r re l fo r
The National Bureau of
Investigation is looking into 12
fake Saros for farm-to-market road
projects worth P879 million that
were supposed to be implemented
by the Department of Agriculture
Justice Secretary Leila de Lima
earlier said that among the fake
Saros for the farm-to-market road
projects were meant for Regions II
( C a g aya n Va l l ey ) , I V - A
(Calabarzon) VI (Western Visayas)
and XII (Soccsksargen).
Several DBM employees,
subpoenaed by the NBI, have
appeared before the bureau
Then Oriental Mindoro Rep.
Rodolfo Valencia and his agent,
Celia Cuasay, received P2.4 million
in commissions, or 36.86 percent of
the P6.51 million in pork he
channeled into Masaganang Ani
para sa Magsasaka Foundation Inc.
(MAMFI) in 2007.
Valencia denied in February
2012 that he signed the papers
endorsing MAMFI after confirming
these as “authentic, true and
correct” to COA probers in August
Luy also said that South
Cotabato Rep. Arthur Pingoy Jr. and
his agent, Ducut, received in cash or
through bank transfers P7.055
million in kickbacks, or 33.7
percent of the P20.91 million in
pork he gave to PSDFI (P18 million
through TRC) and SDPFFI (P2.91
million through Nabcor) in 2007
and 2008.
No reply
The NBI said Pingoy did not
reply to queries from the COA,
which noted that the former
lawmaker “is unknown at his given
In the charge sheet, the NBI
accused the lawmakers of
conniving with Napoles and the
NGO officers to influence heads of
implementing agencies to enter
into agreements with the Napoles
NGOs without any competitive
accompanied by their legal
counsels. They have given their
statements to the investigation
team that was earlier briefed on
the step-by-step process leading to
the approval of a Saro.
Relampagos,” the source said of the
two suspects.
The source said the pair could
be in cahoots with other DBM
employees “but they have yet to be
DBM logbook
The employees showed the
NBI pages of a logbook that
recorded the Saros that were
released and received in their
division, Bureau E, which is under
the Budget and Management
Operations Group.
Under Bureau E were the DA,
Department of Agrarian Reform,
Department of Environment and
Natural Resources, Department of
Science and Technology, National
Water Resources Board and the
Palawan Council for Sustainable
Development staff.
Both the fake and genuine
Saros were identical in format,
security code, date and amount,
according to De Lima.
The source said the two
members of the Xerox gang were
earlier identified by Emmanuel
Raza, who is on the staff of
Zamboanga City Rep. Lilia Nuño, as
the persons who gave him the fake
Raza, now believed to be in
hiding, was said to be the link to
the syndicate in the DBM.
“They were named the source
of the photocopies of the Saro and
they have access to Usec
Modus operandi
The gang's modus operandi is
to photocopy an “unsigned Saro,
forge the signature of the person in
charge and then give it to a contact
f r o m t h e H o u s e o f
Representatives, who also knows
the local executives,” the source
“The local executive, when
showed the copy of the Saro, will,
in turn, show it to a contractor who
will advance at least 20 percent of
the cost of the project,” the source
The contractor will be
awarded the project and get paid
upon the issuance of the NCA,
according to an Inquirer source in
the DBM.
The fake Saro worth P161
million was hand-carried by
Enrico Arao, aide to Cagayan Rep.
Baby Aline Vargas-Alfonso, to the
Cagayan Valley office of the DA in
It was the DA regional office
that sounded the alarm on the fake
Saro scam.
Of the 12 fake Saros that the
NBI is investigating, at least four
have surfaced, the source said.
In these cases of the fake Saros,
however, Agriculture Secretary
Proceso Alcala and Budget
Secretary Butch Abad said no
funds were released.
House secretariat staff
The Saro that Arao brought to
the DA regional office came from
Joel Badong, a member of the
secretariat staff of Speaker
Feliciano Belmonte Jr.
Badong told the NBI that Raza
was the source of the fake Saro.
I n a n i n te r v i e w a t N B I
headquarters, Arao told the
Inquirer that he got the Saro from
the House secretariat staff. “I
thought it was genuine,” he said.
As the NBI tagged more
congressional aides in the trail of
fake Saros, Belmonte on
We d n e s d ay s a i d n o H o u s e
member had been declared a
suspect in the Saro scam.
“They (NBI) are not
investigating any congressman.
They are trying to get the
statement of some employees but
the congressmen, they appear to
be and I'm very certain, perhaps
potential victims themselves,”
Belmonte said in a press
Haresco's consultant
This was echoed by Aklan Rep.
Te o d o r i c o H a re s c o J r. wh o
confirmed that his consultant,
Mary Anne Castillo, received a fake
Page 8
December 6-12, 2013
Page 5
accuses Enrile
of ...
From page 3
Enrile and her colleagues instead
of Senate President Franklin Drilon
as she spoke.
At times, Enrile would smile
and nod as Santiago delivered her
scathing remarks. He was also
tinkering with his tablet,
something that Santiago had
previously criticized as Enrile's
lack of focus on the workings of the
chamber he used to lead.
“Notably, the Ombudsman has
admitted receiving a
memorandum of over 200 pages
pinpointing Enrile as the
mastermind of plunder. That
official memorandum validates the
charge I aired in the latest hearing
of the blue ribbon committee,
where I first made that very same
accusation, based on the lawyer's
thought process of enlightened
skepticism,” Santiago said.
“If he smarted against the
accusation, Enrile could have
requested for an additional
hearing where he could be
personally present and
interpellate Janet Napoles, who
appears to be his BFF, or best friend
forever. But he chooses to stay
away and keep silent, because he is
immobilized by fear and
humiliation,” she added.
Some 200 students from 16
schools, including the University
of the Philippines College of Law
and San Beda College, went to the
Senate to watch and listen to
Santiago. The senator's husband,
former Interior Undersecretary
Narciso Santiago Jr., and a cousin,
former Quezon City Rep. Matias
Defensor, were also in the gallery.
On a medical leave for chronic
fatigue, Santiago didn't allow
Enrile or any of her colleagues to
interpellate her after her speech.
She, however, briefly addressed
the students in one of the Senate's
hearing rooms and had pictures
taken with them before leaving the
Enrile said he thought
Santiago was going to answer his
allegations against her “point by
“But truly she did not because
everything I said is covered by
documents that I have here
especially what I said about her
confirmation hearing and
regarding her previous
with a neuropsychiatrist and
this was when I interrogated her
intensely when she submitted
herself for investigation during
her confirmation hearing in 1989,”
he said. “She was present in those
meetings and it was shown that
indeed something was wrong,” he
Fake SARO traced to DBM
insider known as Supremo
Source: GMA News
A fake Special Allotment
Release Order (SARO) was
traced to a Department of
Budget and Management (DBM)
insider identified only as
“Supremo,” a report on GMA
News' “24 Oras” said Tuesday.
The fake SARO for a P161million farm-to-market road in
Cagayan was brought to the
office of the National Bureau of
Investigation (NBI), which is
investigating the issue, last
Friday by a staff member of
Cagayan Rep. Baby Alfonso
The Commission on Audit
defines a SARO as a “specific
authority issued to one or more
identified agencies to incur
obligations not exceeding a
given amount during a specified
period for the purpose
Based on an investigation
conducted by the Office of House
Speaker Sonny Belmonte, the
fake SARO was given to Vargas'
chief of staff Bong Pelonio.
Speaker Sonny Belmonte
the SARO from Emmanuel Raza,
GMA News went to the office
a member of Zamboanga City
of Vargas, but the lawmaker was
Rep. Lilia Macrohon-Nuño's
not available for interview.
Badong, meanwhile, was not in
The report quoted Nuño's
his office.
chief of staff as saying Raza
T h e re p o r t s a i d R a z a
admitted being the source of the
informed his office that he will
fake SARO and that he has an
be taking a one-month leave of
accomplice in the DBM. He did
not identify the DBM insider,
Belmonte, meantime, said
saying he is known only as
t h a t Va r g a s h a d d e n i e d
Web of personalities
“Supremo.” Nuño, meanwhile,
knowledge of the fake SARO.
Pelonio claimed that he got
said she was unaware of Raza's
Debate challenge
the SARO from one Jose Badong,
actions. “I'm shocked
Extortion syndicates
Santiago, nonetheless,
Budget Secretary Butch
challenged Enrile, a fellow
on appropriations.
honestly,” Nuño said in the
Abad, meanwhile, believes
Page 7
Badong in turn said he got
report. “I do not know that.”
Page 7
December 6-12, 2013
Page 6
Traffickers preying on typhoon
victims, US solons warn
Agence France-Presse
WA S H I N G T O N , D . C . - Thousands of women and children
in the Philippines risk falling prey
to human traffickers in the
aftermath of last month's
catastrophic typhoon, lawmakers
and the chief United States aid
agency warned Tuesday.
A US congressman returning
from a visit to the storm-ravaged
archipelago nation said that while
Philippine authorities and US
forces were helping vast numbers
of storm victims in the Eastern
Visayas, more attention was
n e e d e d t o t h wa r t c r i m i n a l
opportunists taking advantage of
the chaos after Supertyphoon
“Yolanda” (international name
“Haiyan”) roared ashore.
“The most vulnerablewomen,
children, the elderly, and those with
special needsalways fare worst
during disasters,” Republican Rep.
Chris Smith, who led the threemember delegation to the disaster
zone last week, told a US House of
Representatives foreign affairs
At particular risk of sex
trafficking are vulnerable people
“who over a longer period of time
may have lost some hope,” said
'Invitation to hell'
Such persons in the
Philippines, many among the
By Tetch Torres-Tupas
Typhoon survivors Maria Jane Bacsal and her sister Maria Nina Rose, left, rest inside
the Redemptorist church, which is serving as an evacuation center, on Nov. 28, 2013,
in Tacloban City. Thousands of women and children in the Philippines risk falling prey
to human traffickers in the aftermath of last month's catastrophic typhoon,
lawmakers and the chief United States aid agency warned Tuesday, Dec. 4. AP
thousands transported out of the
disaster zone to cities like Manila,
could fall victim to offers of work in
Saudi Arabia or Korea, Smith said,
only to find themselves with “an
engraved invitation to a hell on
Washington considers the
Philippines as not in full
compliance with minimum
standards for eliminating
trafficking. The US state
department's 2013 trafficking
report describes it as a source
country for sex-trafficking and
forced labor, and that “child sex
tourism remained a serious
problem” there.
The US Agency for
International Development
(USAID), which for years has
worked with the government of the
Philippines to reduce human
trafficking, also sounded the alarm
at the hearing.
“We are watching this very
closely,” Nancy Lindborg, the
USAID's assistant administrator for
d e m o c r a c y, c o n f l i c t a n d
humanitarian assistance, testified.
“To protect the children of the
central Philippines during this time
of heightened vulnerability, the
government of the Philippines and
the international community will
need to make every effort … to
ensure and strengthen local and
national protective services,” said
Court gags Pacquiao,
BIR over tax suit
By Tetch Torres-Tupas
MANILA -- The Court of Tax
Appeals has prohibited the Bureau
of Internal Revenue (BIR) and
boxing champ Manny Pacquiao from
talking about the tax suit filed
against him.
During Thursday's hearing, CTA
Presiding Justice Roman Del Rosario
said both parties should refrain from
talking to the media to avoid further
Reports said that the Tax Court
issued a freeze order on billions of
assets of Pacquiao.
The Tax Court denied issuing
such order.
“It's in the best interest of both
parties,” lawyer Felix Paul Velasco of
the BIR said.
Lorna Kapunan ordered
to explain allegation
justices pocketing bribes
Manny Pacquiao. AFP FILE PHOTO
MANILA -- The Supreme
Court has ordered lawyer
Lorna Kapunan to explain
the allegation she made on
national television that
some justices are pocketing
In a one-page resolution
made public Thursday, the
high court gave Kapunan 10
days to submit her
Kapunan made her
allegations during an
interview on “Umagang kay
Ganda” program.
During that interview,
she asked if she knows of
justices who can be bribed to
which she said yes.
Kapunan also mentioned
that she received
information that one can get
a restraining order from the
Court of Appeals for P5
Lawyer Lorna Kapunan
Kapunan was the lawyer
of pork barrel principal
accused Janet Lim-Napoles
until she resigned last
O c to b e r. S h e h a s a l s o
represented other known
personalities like basketball
star James Yap and Hayden
December 6-12, 2013
Page 7
Mayor Estrada raises taxes, gov't
fees just 5 months into office
By Erika Sauler
Christmas lights illuminate the shrine of Gat Andres Bonifacio near the Tutuban Center in Divisoria, Manila.
Erap likens self to
Andres Bonifacio
M A N I L A , N ov 3 0 - - Fo r m e r
President and now Manila Mayor Joseph
"Erap" Estrada likened himself to
Andres Bonifacio as he marked the
hero's 150th birth anniversary at the
Bonifacio Shrine in Manila on Saturday.
In his speech, Estrada pointed out
that he and Bonifacio were both born in
Tondo, Manila.
He said they were also both actors
during their time. He portrayed the role
of film character "Asiong Salonga" while
Bonifacio took part in stage plays as folk
hero Bernardo Carpio.
He also said that he and Bonifacio
also had the same fate as leaders.
Estrada was deposed from
presidency in 2001 and was succeeded
Fake SARO ... From page 5
extortion syndicates were behind the
circulation of fake SAROs as a part of
a large-scale fixing racket.
“Nilalako nila ang fake SARO sa
mga mayor na desperate na magkaproject. Tapos sinasabi nila na
mapapabilis nila ang proseso ng
release kung bibigyan sila ng pera.
Parang fixer,” said Abad in a separate
“24 Oras” report.
The report said original copies of
SAROs released by the DBM have to
be handed to agencies or local
government units (LGUs)
implementing the project. After a
memorandum of agreement is
created, contractors are asked to bid
on the project.
The results of the bidding are
posted on both the DBM and the
by a Macapagal -- Gloria Macapagal
Arroyo, and was convicted for plunder
and detained. Meanwhile, Bonifacio, the
supreme leader or "supremo" of the
Katipunan movement, was also deposed
in 1897, arrested and convicted.
But Estrada said he was fortunate
enough that he was not killed after his
conviction, unlike Bonifacio who was
killed in Maragondon, Cavite as directed
by also a Macapagal -- Lazaro
Macapagal, commanding officer of the
execution party.
President Benigno Aquino III also
paid tribute to the life and legacy of
Bonifacio by leading the flag-raising and
wreath-laying activities at the Bonifacio
Shrine in Caloocan.
Philippine Government Electronic
Procurment System's (PhilGEPS)
Every document resulting from
this process, including the original
SARO, needs to be submitted to the
DBM before a notice of cash
availability is released.
It is only in this point that LGUs or
implementing agencies can take the
needed funds from the Landbank,
though these funds are released on
an installment basis.
Abad speculated that this lengthy
process may prompted several
government officials to take up
unscrupulous offers by syndicates to
furnish them with signed papers.
Despite fake SAROs passing
through the DBM's hands, Abad
insisted they have never released
money for the projects listed in them.
- Rie Takumi/KBK, GMA News
Santiago accuses Enrile ... From page 5
alumnus of the UP law school, to a debate.
“As I did in the past, I challenge Enrile to a public televised debate on the
plunder charge against him, including his illegal and immoral use of the Senate
President's discretionary fund to distribute nearly P2 million as Christmas
bonus last year to each senator, except for four senators, whom he considers his
political enemies, led by me,” she said.
“It should be held at the UP Malcolm Theater and only students with valid
IDs should be allowed to prevent Enrile from renting a partisan crowd,” she
The session was suspended for several minutes after Santiago's speech.
When it resumed, Enrile rose to make the manifestation.
The Filipino Express is only
$40 a year for 52 issues
Will Manila Mayor Joseph
E s t ra d a re m a i n p o p u l a r
following his signing into law
of measures that will lead to a
hike in taxes and government
But if it's any consolation to
residents, city officials said the
additional revenues would be
used to improve basic services,
particularly healthcare.
Just a little over five
months since he assumed his
post, Estrada approved on
Tuesday three major fiscal
measures expected to raise an
additional P3 billion in
revenues for the cash-strapped
city government.
In the presence of
department heads and the city
council, he signed into law the
P9.8 billion city budget, the
new revenue code and the
revised schedule of land
“So much is expected of me
b u t my h a n d s a re t i e d .
Hopefully, the reassessment of
real property valuation will
help us address the city's
financial troubles,” Estrada
said, citing among problems
the P3.5 billion budget deficit
and P670 million in unpaid
power and water bills he
Mayor Joseph Estrada
inherited from his
“This is historical; the
fastest approved budget in so
many years,” Vice Mayor
Francisco Domagoso said as he
added: “At the end of the day,
these increases will go back to
the public in the form of social
Proponents of the new tax
code and land valuation
estimated that the
adjustments would add P3
billion to the city government's
annual collection.
Manila is currently using
the 1993 revenue code after
the Supreme Court nullified an
amended code during the time
of then Mayor Lito Atienza on a
Domagoso said the fees
charged by the city
government were still lower
compared to that of other local
governments in Metro Manila
as the newly passed revenue
code was adjusted only to the
year 2000 level.
On the other hand, the
city's market value of lands
was last updated in 1997.
Councilor Bernie Ang said
the budget reflected the city
g ove r n m e n t ' s c o n t i n u e d
support for social services
s u c h a s h e a l t h c a re a n d
education as it ensured
funding for the six public
hospitals and two city colleges.
According to Ang, the city
hospitals will be turned into
specialization centers to
improve their services.
“Equipment and medicine
will be provided according to
specialization. Let's say Sta.
Ana Hospital will be the heart
center of Manila while Gat
Andres (Bonifacio Memorial
Medical Center) will be turned
into a kidney center,” he said.
December 6-12, 2013
Page 8
Xerox gang ...
From page 4
Saro from an individual whom
he did not identify.
Belmonte was not aware
that Haresco's staff was also
under probe by the NBI at the
time of the briefing.
“We are the victims here.
We are not the perpetrators,”
Haresco said in a statement.
“The document was
examined and on its face the
Saro appeared to be authentic
and legitimate, bearing not
only the details of a regular
Saro but also a serial number,
bar code, reference number,
and the signature of a DBM
official (with an initial at the
bottom),” Haresco said.
Road project in Aklan
He noted that among the
projects to be funded by the
Saro was the P10-million
farm-to-market road project
in Balet, Aklan.
Haresco said NBI agents
visited his office on Nov. 28
after Alcala ordered the P879
m i l l i o n wo r t h o f S a ro s
i nva l i d a te d b e c a u s e DA
regional officers had gotten
hold of a fake Saro.
He said his consultant
cooperated with the NBI
Belmonte said he had no
plan of ordering a probe of the
matter although one of the
implicated congressional
aides, Raza, was a no-show at
the NBI on Tuesday.
Old hand at House
He said Raza had “been
around,” being a longtime staff
member of then Zamboanga
City Rep. Erico Basilio Fabian
and other lawmakers before
he was retained on the staff of
Nuño, a neophyte lawmaker.
“He (Raza) is somebody
who should come out and tell
us. I asked the NBI to look for
him and not just await his
promise coming or showing
up in an interview,” said
Belmonte who would rather
let the NBI handle the probe.
The Speaker said the “NBI
apparently has it under
control. As I said, so far, this is a
small portion of the whole
thing. But rest assured we will
get to the bottom of it here in
the House.”
Belmonte refused to call
those linked to the fake Saros
members of a syndicate of the
DBM and Congress employees,
who demanded advances from
contractors and local officials
for the release of their Saros
with the fake documents used
as proof of their influence in
the DBM.
But he conceded that the
scam would not work without
an insider from the DBM.
“The Saro is there inside
the DBM, and they are the only
ones who issue itno other
office can issue it,” the Speaker
Belmonte has ordered the
transfer of Badong, a House
appropriations committee
employee, to the Office of the
Secretary General pending the
N B I p r o b e . T h e
appropriations committee is
the gatekeeper of pork barrel
releases in the House.
No damage done
In a statement, Alfonso
also downplayed the fake Saro
scam. “It is such a big puzzle to
me why this incident was
blown out of proportion when
in fact this practice was a
regular undertaking.”
“In fact, it is not an isolated
incident because similar
copies of Saros covering their
respective, identified projects
were also handed [over] to
other regions,” Alfonso said. “If
the said Saro was fake, there
was no damage that was
incurred by the government
because no money has been
expended to implement the
Alfonso noted that only
P30.6 million of the P161
million Saro for Region II was
meant for her district, with the
balance for Quirino, Isabela
and Batanes, the home
province of Abad.
2 Filipino doctors
dead in ...
From page 1
dangerous branch.
“At least 25 people have been
killed,” said a security official,
shortly after the defense ministry
had put the death toll at 20.
The Department of Foreign
Affairs in Manila, however, said that
the Philippine Consulate in Yemen is
still verifying the report on the
Filipino casualties.
The victims were at a hospital
that lies within the ministry's
complex, which bore the brunt of
the attack.
“A car bomb driven by a suicide
bomber forced its way into the
western entrance of the ministry
complex,” a security official told AFP.
“It was followed by another car
whose occupants opened fire at the
complex of buildings,” he said.
The attack comes as Defense
Minister Mohammed Nasser is
heading a military delegation on a
visit to the United States.
The ministry said gunmen
occupied the hospital after the
explosion, but security forces had
regained control of the building.
“The assailants took advantage
of some construction work that is
taking place to carry out this
criminal act,” it said without
A security source said another
apparently coordinated attack had
been launched and a gunfight was
raging outside the complex early
State television aired gory
footage of torn up bodies of what it
said were suicide bombers, strewn
in hospital's yard amid charred
I t a l s o s h o we d i m m e n s e
destruction within the hospital as
well as floors stained with blood.
The channel broadcast appeals
for blood donations at hospitals
treating the wounded.
Plumes of smoke billowed
across the ministry complex,
situated on the edge of the Baba alYaman neighborhood, immediately
after the blast and as a firefight
“I heard a series of explosions,
and then an exchange of fire,” a
wounded soldier told AFP.
President Abdrabuh Mansur
Hadi visited the hospital where his
90-year-old brother, Ahmed, was
apparently an in-patient.
He ordered a round-the-clock
investigation into the attack, state
television said.
Yemen has been going through
a difficult political transition since
veteran president Ali Abdullah
Saleh was ousted in February 2012
after a year of deadly protests
against his 33-year rule.
The transition aims to
culminate in a new constitution and
pave the way for parliamentary and
presidential elections slated for
February 2014, but it still faces
many hurdles.
There are growing demands for
the secession of the formerly
independent south, in addition to
on-off fighting in the far north
between Shiite rebels and hardline
A national dialogue that opened
in March was originally due to close
on September 18, but it is yet to
Yemen is also battling AQAP
AQAP often attacks members of
the security forces, despite
suffering setbacks in a major army
offensive last year and repeated US
d ro n e s t r i ke s t a r g e t i n g i t s
In an attempt to crack down on
hit-and-run attacks, Yemeni
authorities last week imposed a
temporary ban on motorbikes in
the capital to prevent shootings
that have killed dozens of officials.
Two gunmen on a bike killed
last week a Belarussian defense
contractor and wounded another
as they left a Sanaa hotel.
December 6-12, 2013
Page 9
Leyte snap cracks
Time Magazine's
photos of the year
By Bong Lozada
MANILA -Amid the
devastation and ruins, faith has kept
survivors going.
In a state of hell, survivors of
Supertyphoon “Yolanda” picked up
religious idols and just marched
forward, and photographer Philippe
Lopez picked up his camera and shot
one iconic moment.
Lopez's photograph during the
aftermath of Yolanda was chosen as
one of Time Magazine's top ten
photographs of the year.
“The devastated landscape took
on a strange beauty,” said Lopez in
the caption who took the shot on
November 18. “And it was just then
that this group of women and
children appeared on the road.”
“I think people gravitate
towards this picture not only
because it is visually strong and
emotional, but also because, in a
way, it draws on some (of the)
viewers' own faith.”
Lopez's photograph joined an
impressive rank of photographs
taken from earth-shattering events
like the Nairobi mall massacre,
Boston Marathon bombing, Syrian
executions, and the Cairo uprisings.
Filipino students win at
the architectural festival
By Isabel Berenguer Asuncion
I was walking across one of
the exhibition halls when I
stumbled upon the final
deliberation of the student
charrette. Up on stage was the
team of five architecture
students from the University of
San Carlos in Cebu, coming unto
friendly scrutiny from the
competition judges as they
delivered their final
presentation for the Student
Division of this architectural
design competition. This was
early October in Singapore, Day 3
of the World Architecture
The design brief of the
competition called for the
creation of a community that can
adapt to changing lifestyles and
family demographics: “How can
architecture respond to our
changing modern society in
which people are living longer
than before and traditional
family structures are beginning
ARCHITECTURE students Jon Medalla, Kathleen Canlas, Keshia Lim and Jorge Rocha got
together during their school break, and after tossing ideas about, came up with the “Village in a
Box”a cluster of homes within a porous mass that allows light to filter in and air to circulate.
to change?” This related directly
to the concerns of the elderly, but
it also cited other needs such as
spaces for movement and fitness,
and the creation of a neighborly
environment where social
i n t e ra c t i o n p ro m o t e s t h e
emotional well-being of its
residents. Moreover, there was a
question of how housing can be
made more flexible to
accommodate families where at
least three generations can
Filipino kid nabs top prize
in Bahrain spelling bee
A poster expressing solidarity with typhoon victims from the Thang Long Vietnamese
Language School in the Metropolitan Washington D.C. area was presented to
Ambassador Jose L. Cuisia, Jr. during the call by Vietnamese-American Community
leaders on 2 December. (Philippine Embassy Photo by Majalya Fernando)
Former boat ...
From page 2
government in the past opened our
doors to you,” Ambassador Cuisia
added as he also recalled how the
Philippine Government allowed
Vietnamese refugees to settle in the
country permanently after the
closure of the processing centers in
1996. “We face huge challenges in
reconstruction in the months and
years ahead, but we are grateful to
have you behind us.”
Ambassador John Maisto,
President of the US-Philippines
Society, and Executive Director Hank
Hendrickson accepted the $200,000
donation on behalf of the US-
Philippines Society.
“ I t i s n u m b i n g a n d ve r y
gratifying to see this outpouring of
gratitude. You, of all people,
understand suffering. You fled
oppression and you were welcomed
into the Philippines, and you came to
the United States,” Ambassador
Maisto said.
“Thank you not only for your
help to the Philippines, but, as a US
citizen, I would like to thank you for
what you have contributed to our
country. This is another example of
how blessed we are as a country to
have you here,” said Ambassador
Maisto. - Elmer G. Cato, First
Secretary & Consul, Embassy of the
Republic of the Philippines
MANILA -- Filipino pride has
just left Bahrain spell-bound.
Franzine May AlcantaraTagayun nabbed the top prize of
the Junior division of Smart
Events Spell Bound Bahrain last
November 29 at Baharain
Keraleeya Samajam.
The 12-year-old whiz kid
topped 150 students from
different schools during the
written round which was held
on November 28 at St.
Christopher's School then
toppled the final 20 in the oral
final the following day.
Kerala Engineers Forum
(KEEN4) Bahrain, a fraternity of
engineers from the south Indian
state of Kerala and residing in
Bahrain, conducted the event
together with India Spelling Bee
which hosted the event.
Franzine Tagayun shows her trophy and check replica of her prize money
According to Franzine's
mother, May, her daughter
“depended on God for
intervention and grace” during
the competition.
[email protected]
“She just kept praying and
making the sign of the cross
while waiting for her name to be
called…when her turn came to
spell orally.”
Editorial & opinion
December 6-12, 2013
Page 10
Reckless dragon
China angered its neighbors when it unilaterally declared an
Air Defense Identification Zone (Adiz) on Nov. 23. The United
States disappointed its regional allies when, after ordering a pair
of unarmed B-52 strategic bombers to fly into China's Adiz three
days after the surprise declaration, it called on American airlines
last Friday to comply with China's instructions when flying
through the zone. Between Beijing's increasingly rash decisions
and Washington's inconsistent policies, regional capitals find
themselves at a loss.
To be clear: China, like many other counties, can impose an
Adiz. Such a zone is an accepted reality of modern aviation; it is
meant to provide a country's military enough time to respond to
possible airborne threats. In that context, it can even be a source
of stability in an international or regional setting. But the aircraft
that must comply with a given country's Adiz instructions are
usually those that are en route to the countrynot all aircraft
which just happen to be passing through. The mapping of such
zones is usually done with great care so as not to overlap with
existing air defense identification zones. And neighboring
countries are usually consulted before a zone is imposed.
China failed in all three aspects. As security analyst Rory
Medcalf of the Sydney-based Lowy Institute for International
Policy noted, “there are several things wrong with China's
declared position.” Included in his list are the lack of consultation
and the blanket application of the Adiz rules to all aircraft. Top
China watcher Andrew Erickson has also noted that the scope of
the Chinese Adiz “overlaps significantly with Japan's Adiz” and
“also reportedly overlaps” with a Korean zone.
Worst of all, Erickson also noted that “official Chinese
statements imply that Beijing intends to use military force if
necessary to ensure that all aircraft comply with Beijing's
instructions within its declared Adiz.” This is a matter of grave
concern to China's neighbors, because “an Adiz is not
synonymous with national airspace.”
That, in fact, is the root of the new crisis that a reckless Beijing
has created; the zone is meant to press China's absurdly
expansionist sovereignty claims. The East China Sea Adiz is
designed to advance China's claims over the disputed group of
islands it calls Diaoyu and the Japanese call Senkaku.
Stephanie Kleine-Albrecht, formerly of the International
Crisis Group and now with the US Institute of Peace, coined a
phrase earlier this year to describe Beijing's provocative
approach to territorial disputes, including that over Scarborough
Shoal: “reactive assertiveness,” which means to “respond heavyhandedly to perceived provocations by rival claimants in order to
alter the status quo.”
Writing last April about the Senkakus/Diaoyu dispute, she
posited that “Beijing's goal is to wear down Japanand the rest of
the worldinto accepting that Japan no longer solely administers
the islands. Instead, in the course of the past six months, China
has established the notion of 'overlapping control.'”
This analysis takes on greater weight after the imposition of
the Adiz. (See also the INQSnappable article in the Letters page
for India's view of China's “territorial creep.”)
Even more worrying is the possibility that, however badly the
imposition of an Adiz has been received in many parts of Asia, it
was a deliberate strategy on Beijing's part to project military
power in the region. Scholar Tai Ming Cheung of the University of
USCIS Expedites Processing
of Relative Petitions
There have been concerns
regarding the slow adjudication of
Form I-130 petitions filed by US
citizens for their immediate
relatives. Until very recently the
USCIS has taken a year to process
the petitions and the delay has
caused long separation of families.
Another processing problem is
t h e i m p ro p e r re ro u t i n g o f
approved petitions to the National
Records Center instead of the
National Visa Center in cases when
the beneficiary will apply for
immigrant visa abroad. The
rerouting has led to further delay
and unnecessary expenses
incurred by the petitioner whose
re l a t ive s c a n n o t a p p ly f o r
adjustment of status in the US and
have to apply for an immigrant visa
These problems were
addressed by the USCIS a couple of
weeks ago when it assured the
public that it would speed up the
processing of Form I-130 petitions.
It reported that it was already
processing those filed in February
2013 instead of October 2012 as
announced earlier.
The USCIS also announced last
November 22 that it was
identifying and expediting pending
I-130 petitions filed by US citizens
for their Filipino immediate
relatives. This is among the
immigration relief measures for
those impacted by Typhoon
Furthermore, the USCIS said
that it expected the processing to
improve to an average of 5 months
by May 2014. To achieve this goal, it
has started to transfer stand-alone
Form I-130s filed by US citizens for
their immediate relatives from the
National Benefits Center to its
Service Centers in Nebraska, Texas
and California.
Once a case is transferred, the
petitioner will receive a notice of
the transfer and where it will be
processed. The receipt number will
remain the same and the
adjudication will take place within
60 days from the transfer. The
status of a case can be tracked
through the USCIS website which
has been recently updated.
If a request for evidence (RFE)
is issued, the petitioner is advised
to respond fully in a timely manner
to the Service Center where it
If the petitioner moves to a new
address while the case is pending
he has to notify the USCIS of the
The USCIS has also addressed
the problem of improper rerouting
which is particularly important to
beneficiaries who will not seek
adjustment of status in the US or
who are not eligible for Section 245
Page 12
'Slow suicide’
Page 12
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Columnists: Reuben S. Seguritan, Esq.,
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A church “bruised, hurting and
dirty because it has been out on the
streets” is preferable to a Church
jittery about “going astray,” Pope
Francis says in “The Joy of the
Gospel” published Tuesday. Fear
instead being locked within rules
that make us “comfortable but
harsh judges.”
The alternative is not pleasant,
Francis warns in the 84-page letter
Evangeli Gaudium. “We do not live
better when we refuse to share”
cushioned by our own comforts.
“Such a life is nothing less than slow
The document “amounted to an
official platform for the first nonEuropean pontiff elected in 1,300
years,” the Guardian comments.
Since Day One, Francis has set an
example, adds CBS News
correspondent Allen Pizzey. He
spurned the ornate Apostolic
Palace, and lodged instead in a
spartan Vatican guest house. And
he suspended last month a German
bishop who spent millions of euros
on a luxurious residence.
In his first major letter, Francis
urges power to be devolved away
from the Vatican, BBC reports. He
says the Church must get over an
attitude that says: “We have always
done it this way.” The document
suggests that major changes are on
the way.
The papacy “should not be
expected to offer a … complete
word on every question which
affects the Church and the world.”
This month, the Vatican launched
an unprecedented survey of the
views of lay Catholics on modern
family life and sexual ethics.
“When the 'Yolanda' typhoon
crisis ebbs, Catholics here will be
asked to give their views on 39
questions that Francis fielded
earlier,” Iloilo's Daily Guardian
notes. “This survey of sexual ethics
signals a groundbreaking change of
emphasis.” Many Filipino Catholics
passively murmur “amen” to
counsel from the Vatican. Now,
Francis prods them to speak up.
The Catholic Church in England
and Wales was the first in the world
to put the survey online. It urged
members: Submit responses by
Dec. 20. These will be given to
bishops before they gather in Rome
next September. They will meet for
a synod to discuss the family, and
conclusions will be stitched into
the 2015 guidelines.
Page 12
Page 11
December 6-12, 2013
(© 2013 Fil Am Extra Exchange)
Philippines has been buffeted by
typhoons, earthquakes, volcano
eruptions and other calamities
over the last hundreds of years. But
it was only in 1992 when the
government of President Fidel V.
Ramos institutionalized the
acceptance of international
Unfortunately, after every
disaster and after every
outpouring of international
donations, there has never been an
honest-to-goodness report of
inventory of donors, the amount of
donations and a report of who
were the recipients of these
donations. Thanks to the fickle-
life worth
Ellen Tordesillas
It has been reported that
President Aquino is considering
former Sen. Panfilo Lacson to head
the awesome task of rebuilding
part of Visayas devastated by
typhoon Yolanda.
The report has not yet been
confirmed by Malacañang but if
it's true, that would be an
indication that Aquino
understands the gravity of the
situation and the challenges of the
rebuilding of the ruined and
shattered communities, most
especially in Leyte and Samar.
Let's hope that partisan
politics, particularly the 2016
presidential race, do not again get
in the way of this more urgent
task. Aquino fumbled bigtime in
PH should inventory donations from
1992 or face donation fatigue!
mindedness of the Filipino people
when the spotlight of every
disaster had waned, everything is
The outpouring of
international donations following
the tragic devastation wrought
upon by super Typhoon Yolanda
(Haiyan) is so extraordinary that it
calls for an extraordinary
investigation of the paper trails of
the monetary and in-kind
donations not only of this megadisaster but also of the past
disasters from at least 1992.
If the Philippine government
will only focus their investigation
on the inventory of international
donations for this Yolanda disaster,
it cannot validly claim that it had
succeeded in coming up with the
investigation of the beneficiaries
“Ang hindi lumingon sa
pinangaligan ay hindi
makakarating sa
(A person who never
learns to look back to his
origin will never reach his
--- Jose Rizal
and the donors of past and present
international donations. If it
cannot come up with some closure
with its past donations, it cannot
guarantee that it is going to
succeed in this massive
undertaking of inventory of
donations of “Yolanda.”
An honest-to-goodness
accounting of donations posted
online will be a harbinger for the
future when the Philippines will
again tug at the heart of
international donors, God forbid, if
another mega-disaster strikes.
If the Philippines cannot come
up with a transparent investigative
report, it will become the boy who
cried wolf. It will become an
international pariah as the world
would be feeling donation fatigue
for being helpless and hopeless to
find out if their help ever made a
difference on the lives of the
The Philippines should make a
financial report to the United
Nations, which is responsible for
encouraging the world to come
forward and donate to the typhoon
victims. It must also make a report
to major international donors and
identify where their donations
were channeled with specific
It cannot just deliberately delay
in making a report so that the
people will forget all about it and
charge it to experience.
The Philippines should learn
the lessons from the mistakes of
the Presidential Commission on
Good Government, which was
tasked to locate the missing
millions of dollars believed stashed
abroad by President Marcos after
the People Power Revolution. After
all those years, most of the monies
recovered by the PCGG were
Page 12
Rehab czar should restore Yolanda
victims' human right to a decent life
Update: The Philippine Daily Inquirer reported that Lacson has accepted Aquino's offer to be the Rehabilitation Czar.
dealing with immediate impact of
the Yolanda-created crisis but he
can still redeem himself in the
reconstruction of the destroyed
If it's not Lacson, it is hoped
that he does not make the mistake
of giving the job of the
reconstruction czar to retired
Army Gen. Eduardo del Rosario,
executive director of National
Disaster Risk Reduction and
Management Council, the body
that was supposed to oversee
efforts in coping with disasters but
acted helpless at the time when
they were needed most.
Or to the man who
recommended del Rosario for that
job Defense Secretary Voltaire
Gazmin, who chairs NDRRMC and
w h o s e p o s t - Yo l a n d a
pronouncements do not inspire
confidence about the
government's capability to cope
with another major disaster.
Aquino should instead,
transfer Gazmin to a high-paying
cozy job. He deserves that after
serving his mother and him
Another mistake that we pray
the President would not commit is
to make Interior Secretary Mar
Roxas oversee the post-Yolanda
rehabilitation job.
Yolanda exposed the disaster
that was Mar Roxas. He should
take seriously criticisms that
Yolanda obliterated whatever
little chance he has to be elected
president in 2016. Aquino should
not try to save Roxas presidential
plans at the expense of the Filipino
W h o e ve r w o u l d b e t h e
Reconstruction czar would
oversee some P41 billion funds. It
is important that the one who
would handle those funds is
competent, strict and honest.
L a c s o n h a s n eve r b e e n
involved in any corruption case or
anomalies involving misuse of
money. He in fact, got into0 trouble
with Gloria Arroyo and her
husband, Mike, for his exposes on
their corrupt activities.
Lacson is synonymous to
discipline due to his military
The Rehabilitation Czar
training and experience as police
officer. His detractors complain
about his human rights record
Page 14
Pac-Man vs. Taxman
I knew President Noynoy
Aquino would eventually weigh in
on the tax case lodged by the
Bureau of Internal Revenue
against Manny Pacquiao. And
yesterday, in Bohol, Aquino finally
did and walked straight into a stiff
left from the champ.
Aquino urged Pacquiao not to
air his gripes before the media,
which the President described as
a futile endeavor, since it was the
courts that would decide the case.
He said Pacquiao should just
submit the documents required
by BIR, which is seeking to collect
P2.2 billion in back taxes from
I disagree with Aquino's
suicidal strategy. Pacquiao has
every right to fight the impression
being sold by BIR that he is a tax
cheat, in the same way that he
should dodge or parry a blow that
could knock him down, like that
last lucky punch from Juan Miguel
On the other hand, Aquino has
no right to tell Pacquiao to just get
beat up in the same media “ring”
by Kim Henares, especially if he
believes that he has done no
wrong. By going public with his
travails at the hands of BIR,
Pacquiao did what any Filipino
should do, which is to point out
the errors of government the
same one that welcomed the
latest victory of this country's
greatest athlete by slapping him
with a billion-peso tax suit.
Of course, Aquino is within his
rights to do his job as he sees fit,
regardless of the consequences. If
the President decides that the
right thing is to go after Pacquiao
while he has not moved to seize or
garnish the money or properties
of politicians or businessmen
similarly accused (or even already
convicted) then that is what he
should do.
However, Aquino should not
complain if he is losing to
Pacquiao in the scorecards of the
public, where the well-loved
boxer is on his way to winning
another impressive, lopsided
victory, this time against his own
government. “Pac-man versus
Taxman” already looks like so
many of those resounding wins by
the boxer simply because the
government has no adequate
defense to Pacquiao's call to check
with the US Internal Revenue
Service to find out if he did pay the
proper taxes stateside and we're
just in the very early rounds of this
Perhaps Aquino, with his
impressive record of using the
media to sway the public into
seeing it his way, thought he could
enter the ring with Pacquiao and
beat the “people's champ” in the
propaganda game. Well, Aquino
as so many of Pac-Man's hyped-up
opponents discovered, to their
regret thought wrong.
I'm betting Pacquiao wins if
not yet in court, then right now in
the hearts of the people. And that
like Brandon Rios, Aquino,
Henares and the entire
government end up manhandled
and in tears.
This one's for the books. Plans
to build the first LEED-certified
school in the country have
encountered turbulence in the
form of protests from a
homeowners' association of a
subdivision along Katipunan
Avenue, despite the institution's
stated goals to reduce its carbon
footprint, champion the use of
eco-friendly materials, promote
sustainable design and protect the
The Blue Ridge A Residents'
Association led by its president
John Lao, is opposing the plan of
Multi Intelligence International
School to build an
environmentally correct school
along Katipunan Avenue in
Quezon City. The facility has
a l r e a dy b e e n c e r t i f i e d b y
L e a d e r s h i p i n E n e rg y a n d
Environmental Design (LEED) of
the US Green Building Council,
which uses a “whole-building
approach” to rate structures on
human and environmental health,
sustainable site development,
water savings, energy efficiency,
materials selection and
environmental quality.
LEED certification, which has
been given to only a few buildings
(like the new Zuellig headquarters
in Makati) in a country where new
structures are being put up almost
Page 12
December 6-12, 2013
Page 12
students win ...
From page 9
I was walking across one of the
coexist comfortably within one
dwelling unit.
Link between disorders
In 2013, architecture
students Jon Medalla, Kathleen
Canlas, Keshia Lim and Jorge
Rocha got together during their
summer break, and after tossing
ideas around, came up with the
“Village in a Box.”
Their concept grew from the
culture of the Filipino family, one
which thrives on tight
relationships and a deep concern
for the elderly. Interestingly, their
research highlighted the clear
link between disorders like
Alzheimer's disease and social
isolation, noting medical research
that cited the Philippines as being
one of the countries with the
lowest rates of Alzheimer's.
The team's concept grew
from the typically gridded cluster
of suburban homes rearranged to
create informal shared spaces in
between the dwelling units. Social
spaces, so to speak. Then they
went further to create roof
Int’l law
experts ...
From page 1
Next such zone in the West
Philippine Sea.
Speaking at a forum
organized by the Angara Centre
for Law and Economics, a think
tank founded by former Sen.
Edgardo Angara, Ian Storey, a
senior fellow at the Institute for
Southeast Asian Studies in
Singapore, said China “must
bring its claims into line” with
Pac-Man vs.
From page 11
on a daily basis, is believed to be
t h e h a rd e s t a n d c o s t l i e s t
environmental certification to
get. So it comes as a surprise to
the owners of MIIS, who also
intend to instill in their students a
desire to protect the
environment, that the Blue Ridge
association would oppose
Understand, this is a
neighborhood where bars,
gardens for private family spaces.
These shared social spaces
become seamlessly integrated
into the building circulation,
ensuring social interaction as one
is forced to weave through these
areas for access into each home.
Here we have a community.
Neighborhood density
The density of each
neighborhood can be increased
by stacking platforms with
another set of units, then taking
the bottommost floor as an entrylevel promenade. Upper
platforms can be “punched out” to
allow for vertical circulation
between floors, and walls can be
treated the same way, too. The
cluster of homes becomes a
porous mass that allows light to
filter in and air to circulate, a
deconstructed rectangle whose
volumes have grown clearly out of
the need of its inhabitants.
The entire “village” is then
enclosed in a box made of
perforated skin, creating a
building envelope that blurs the
lines between the exterior and the
community spaces within. It
defines without visually
separating it from the outside
This “village” promotes the
the law of the sea.
Storey cited complications
posed by China's nine-dash-line
claim to nearly the whole of the
South China Sea, including the
West Philippine Sea.
“[The] nine-dash line is the
crux of the South China Sea
problem and stands in the way
of a resolution and joint
development,” Storey said,
adding that China's
“commitment to international
law is shaky at best.”
“China is claiming 'historical
rights' within the nine-dash line
but the dispute should be
restaurants and other
establishments have
mushroomed even if they don't
have space for patrons to park
their cars, thus clogging up the
major artery; the traffic has now
spread to the edge of the UP
Diliman campus, where the
developers of a new, ill-conceived
mall also didn't think to build
enough parking spaces. And just
down the road from Blue Ridge is
a new condo complex that was
built over the protests of the
Loyola Heights community,
which claims that the new highrise sits right on top of the socalled Marikina Fault Line.
essence of communal living,
nurturing the valuable
characteristics of the Filipino
family and the social interactions
between the many generations
that live within it.
Seven teams from around the
world were shortlisted from the
initial 50 entries to the student
competition. The final
elimination round in Singapore
required each team to conform to
other requirements that had to be
incorporated into the initial
design. They were given two days
to make the improvements, prior
to the final deliberation.
The previous years' winners
were from the United States and
Europe, and from renowned
universities such as Harvard and
Massachusetts Institute of
Technology. The University of the
San Carlos team is the first Asian
team to have been awarded this
grand prize! Which further
reinforces what everybody
already knowsthat we are
undoubtedly Asia's creative
capital. Congratulations to Jon,
Kathleen and Jorge. You make us
Contact the author through
[email protected] or
through our Asuncion Berenguer
Facebook account.
settled in accordance with
“historical facts and
international law,” Storey said.
US stand
Also on Thursday, US
Ambassador to the Philippines
Philip Goldberg appealed to all
the parties to work toward
“reducing tensions.”
“I think you know where we
stand and that is we think we
should be working very much
to reduce tensions, whether
that is in Southeast Asia or
Northeast Asia,” Goldberg told
PH should ...
From page 11
mostly spent on the salaries and
travels, allowances of the officials
and staff of PCGG. It has yet to put
behind bars any of the Marcos family
members, who emerged even more
powerful and richer after they were
overthrown from power. The PCGG
was like venom that turned the
Marcoses into entertaining snake
If there is something illuminating
that came up after Yolanda, the littleknown Memorandum Order No. 36,
s. 1992 issued by President Ramos
was its deafening silence on
monetary donations.
The order merely limited the taxfree “importation of donation of food,
clothing, medicine and equipment
for use in the government relief and
rehabilitation programs for
calamity-affected areas under
Section 105 of the Tariff and Customs
Code of the Philippines.”
Because no other Philippine
president since Ramos appeared to
have dusted it up, it was never
amended to be attuned to the times.
The Memorandum Order
forwarded to me by Chicago Filipino
American community leader Marlon
L. Pecson, who requested its copy
from Secretary Mely Nicolas of the
Commission on Overseas Filipinos at
the height of the fund-raising effort
by some Filipino Americans led by
digital journalist Rose Tibayan in
Chicago, merely regulated “in-kind
donations.” For this reason, the
Philippine government will have a
h a rd t i m e i nve s t i g a t i n g a n d
reconciling the paper trail of past
international financial donations.
According to this order, “[t]here
is hereby established a special facility
to process importations … . Upon
favorable endorsement by the
Department of Social Welfare and
Development (DSWD) with respect
to relief clothing and food, the
Page 14
“Slow suicide”
From page 10
The responses are likely to
confirm that the daily lives of
Catholics are diverging dramatically
from earlier norms. In the
Philippines, there are the “KBLs”:
Catholics who come to church three
times in their lives: kasal or marriage,
binyag or baptism, and libing or
A Social Weather Stations survey
in February 2013 found that weekly
church attendance slumped from a
high of 64 percent in July 1991 to a
low of 37 percent in February 2013.
“The data reflect a worldwide
historical trend of secularization,” the
Inquirer's Randy David notes.
The theme of change permeates
Francis' letter, writes John Allen, who
covers the Vatican. Go beyond the
now-familiar flashes of homespun
language. “The Church is not a
tollhouse,” he says. “It is the house of
the Father, where there is a place for
USCIS Field office should be contacted
so that the file will be routed to the
From page 10
National Visa Center without filing
Form I-824.
In discussions with
Form I-824 is an application to
Page 13
representatives from the American
request further action on a previously
Immigration Lawyers Association,
approved application or petition and
filing fee is $405. It may be used to
As a former resident of the
Form I-130, Section C, Question 22
request USCIS to send an approved
Katipunan Avenue area, I know
will determine where the file will be
immigrant visa petition to the US
the lay of the land. And I have
Department of State's National Visa
been assured by MIIS
To ensure routing to the National
representatives that their new
Visa Center, the consular post has to
school has anticipated and
be indicated in the I-130 form and it's
addressed any impact like
advisable to state that the beneficiary
increased vehicular traffic that
has been practicing law for over 30
their school might cause, as part
is ineligible under Section 245. If the
years. For more information, you may
of their bid to secure LEED
form is correctly filled out and the
log on to his website at
certification and the school's
case is improperly sent to the or call (212) 695own commitment to being
National Records Center, the local
But still the good people of
Blue Ridge are protesting.
Perhaps there is really more to
their opposition than meets the
USCIS expedites ...
Reckless dragon
From page 10
California Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation wrote:
“China's decision to establish an Adiz over the East
China Sea comes barely one year after Xi Jinping became chairman
of the Central Military Commission…. The move is a major example of
Xi's emerging doctrine of 'preparing for military struggle' that is the
centerpiece for his plans to develop a battle-ready PLA [People's
Liberation Army]. This means enhancing the military's war-fighting
readiness and accelerating the pace of its weapons modernization.”
There is very little that a small country like the Philippines can do
in the face of China's latest outrage, except to support the much more
reasonable position of regional partners like Japan and South Korea,
to add its voice to the international chorus of concern and to call on the
United States to stay true to its allies.
December 6-12, 2013
Page 13
Int’l law ...
From page 12
Reporters in a joint briefing
with Senate President Franklin
Goldberg said China's
declaration of the air defense
zone in the East China Sea was
“unilateral” and could “raise
tensions,” but that the United
States has stepped in to
preempt any further escalation.
US Vice President Joseph R.
Biden Jr. is traveling to Asia this
week, and has met with
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo
Abe and Chinese President Xi
In talks with Abe in Tokyo on
Tuesday, Biden condemned
China's action as an effort to
“unilaterally change the status
quo” and said it had raised “the
risk of accidents and
miscalculation.” He promised to
raise those objections with Xi in
In Beijing on Wednesday,
Biden laid out the American
case against China's action in
discussions with Xi and urged
the Chinese leader to show
restraint in the zone, which he
stressed the United States
regarded as illegitimate and a
Biden stopped short of
calling on China to rescind the
zone, something it is highly
unlikely to do, given the
nationalist sentiments that have
been animated by its standoff
with Japan. But the United
States has ignored the zone,
sending B-52 bombers last week
to fly through it.
Respect for interests
Xi held his ground,
suggesting that China and Japan
may be able to manage a standoff
and, speaking in a conciliatory
tone, repeated a phrase he used
at a meeting with US President
Barack Obama in Southern
California in June, said China
wanted to build a “new model of
major-country relations,” based
on respecting each other's core
interests, collaborating on global
problems and devising ways to
“appropriately handle sensitive
issues and differences between
Biden said the relationship
between China and the United
States needed candor and trust.
He urged China to refrain from
“taking steps that will increase
tension” and to deal better with
the other claimants to territory
in the region.
China declared the air
defense zone in the East China
Sea to bolster its claim to five
uninhabited islands and three
barren rocks there long
administered by Japan and
known to the Japanese as
Senkaku Islands.
The Senkakus are also
known as Pinnacle Islands, but
the Chinese call them Diaoyu
Islands. Taiwan is also claiming
ownership of the islands,
believed to have potential oil and
gas reserves.
America must do more to
reassure allies
By Val G. Abelgas
For decades, China's foreign
policy followed the dictum of Sun
Tzu, the Chinese ancient master
strategist that says: “Appear weak
when you are strong and strong
when you are weak” and the
foreign policy of Den Xiao-ping,
who is considered the architect of
Chinese modernization in the 80s,
that advised: “Hide your strength,
bide you time.”
The late leader of the Chinese
Communist Party also warned
Chinese leaders against military
With its increasing
aggressiveness in its disputes with
its neighbors in the East China Sea
and South China Sea (the
Philippines calls it the West
Philippine Sea), it would seem that
the Chinese is no longer following
the advice of the three premier
Chinese strategists and leaders, or
maybe they believe that the time
for biding and hiding has passed,
the time for military
aggressiveness has come, and that
it's time to show its strength to the
After increasing its military
presence and naval patrols in the
disputed islands around the
Spratlys in the South China Sea for
years, China is reportedly planning
to also declare an Air Defense
Identification Zone (ADIZ) in South
China Sea after unilaterally
declaring an air defense zone last
week over the Shinkoku islands in
the East China Sea, which it is
claiming from Japan.
O bv i o u s ly, C h i n a , u n d e r
militarist leader President Xi
Jinping, is flexing its muscle as it
boosts its claim to being the
premier military power in Asia
while slowly establishing
sovereignty over the disputed
islands. In an article in The
Diplomat, writer Zachary Zeck said
the strategy is known among policy
experts as “lawfare,” which can be
attributed to retired American Air
Force General Charles Dunlap and
two officers of the People's
Liberation Army (PLA), China's
military arm.
In a 2001 essay, Dunlap
described it as “the use of law as a
weapons of war” while the two PLA
officers described it in a 1999 book
as “a nation's use of legalized
international institutions to
achieve strategic ends.”
Zeck said the increasing
military presence and the ADIZ
declaration over the East China Sea
is part of China's strategy to “try to
establish its sovereignty over
contested areas through the use of
a combination of military power
and international law. Specifically,
as is well known, it has sought to
increase its maritime patrols over
the entire South China Sea through
the creation of Sansha City
garrison, and has basically seized
control over the Scarborough Shoal
and, increasingly, the Second
Thomas Shoal. It has also sought to
challenge Japan's administrative
control over the Diaoyu/Senkaku
Islands by increasing its maritime
patrols and air flights over them.”
In essence, although China has
refused to participate in an
international arbitration with the
Philippines in its dispute over the
Spratlys with the Philippines, it is
using international law in seeking
to bolster its claims to sovereignty
over these areas. Zeck noted that in
Page 14
December 6-12, 2013
Page 14
America must ...
From page 13
International law, a major way by
which states acquire sovereignty
over an area is by actually
exe rc i s i n g s ove re i g n t y ( i . e .
administering) over it for a
“reasonable” period of time and
especially having other states
acquiesce to its administration.
Zeck cited two international court
opinions that say: “The modern
international law of the acquisition
(or attribution) of territory
generally requires that there be: an
intentional display of power and
authority over the territory, by the
exercise of jurisdiction and state
functions, on a continuous and
peaceful basis.”
In the case of the air defense
zone over the Shinkoku Islands in
the East China Sea, China is seeking
to establish its sovereignty over the
disputed islands by showing the
world that it is administering the
area's air space and that other
nations are recognizing such
administration when airliners
identify themselves to Chinese
authorities and give information on
their flight plan and nationality.
Even if the United States defied
the air defense zone by sending two
unarmed bombers to fly over the
area, it basically negated such
strong stance by advising American
PH should ...
From page 12
Department of Health (DOH) with
respect to medicine, and the
Department of National Defense
(DND) with respect to
rehabilitation equipment, the
Office of the President (OP) (thru
the Presidential Management Staff)
shall issue the necessary
clearances to cover the aforesaid
importations which shall serve as
basis for the Bureau of Customs to
process the papers relative thereto
and effect the release of the
“Relief importations and
donations which have arrived in
the country prior to the issuance of
the Memorandum Order, which are
pending at their ports of entry, may
also be processed under this
Memorandum Order … .”
In other words, the Office of the
airliners to abide by the air defense
zone rules. Japan was more
consistent in its reaction when it
sent air patrols over the area while
advising Japanese airliners Japan
Airlines and All Nippon Airways to
continue flying over the zone
without identifying themselves to
Chinese authorities.
The contradictory US reactions
to the air defense zone should show
us that America is still uncertain on
how to deal with the Chinese
military aggression in the region.
While it continues to assure its
Asian allies that it stands ready to
defend them and that it is
committed to maintaining the
balance of power and stability in
the region, it is showing weakness
and uncertainty in its actions.
It has become obvious to many
policy experts that Asia should be
the major focal point of any
economic, political or military
strategy of nations because of the
rapid rise of the economies of
major Asian countries such as
China, India, Japan and South
Korea. As these nations' economic
powers continue to rise, the
heightened militarization of the
region is certain to follow as these
new economic powers protect or
expand their interests.
China and Japan are the second
and third largest economies in the
world and the increasing military
aggressiveness of China is making
Japan consider rearming fast.
When the two biggest economies
and armies in the region are
engaged in an intense dispute over
territory, there is reason to fear that
the conflict could result in a war
that would, for certain, bring in
major powers such as the US and
I have no doubt that America
will stand by its allies, like Japan
and the Philippines, if push comes
to shove in their territorial disputes
with China.
But the US has to act more
decisively now while it enjoys vast
military superiority over China,
which will continue to push the US
and its allies to the edge, knowing
fully well that the Americans have
much bigger problems
domestically than try to defend
small islets in the East and South
China Seas.
America has to start showing
the same commitment to the
preservation of stability in Asia as it
does in the Middle East. It has to
show resolve in its promise to
“pivot” or “re-balance” Asia by
putting more teeth to its foreign
policy in the region. Words can no
longer reassure the Philippines
and the rest of Asia. Only concrete
and resolute actions can.
President thru PMS, the DSWD,
DOH and DND need to come up
with inventories of imported
donations from 1992 up to the
Perhaps, President Aquino may
amend this Memorandum Order to
identify the government
agency/agencies, which will
monitor the flow of local and
international monetary donations
and compel the non-government
organizations, like the Philippine
National Red Cross, Gawad Kalinga,
local non-profit overseas entities,
collecting on behalf of the
Philippine victims, etc. to report to
the Bureau of Internal Revenue the
amount of money they received
from donors and where they
channeled their donations or risk
being stripped of registration as
non-profit organizations in the
This means the Philippine
government will have to link up
with the U.S. Agency for
International Development and
o t h e r fo re i g n i n te r n a t i o n a l
development agencies to
coordinate in extending help to
disaster victims to avoid
Before imported donations
spoil or rot in the warehouses, for
instance, the Philippine
government should give priority to
perishable items for distribution. It
should first use up the donations
before it allows Trade Industry
Secretary Gregory L. Domingo to
sell at discount “basic commodities
to the people of Tacloban” although
there are relief goods rotting away.
And one other thing, imported
medical equipment and medicine
left behind in the Philippines by
foreign medical missions should
also be tax-free even in times when
there is no calamity.
([email protected])
([email protected])
Medical aid ...
From page 1
Representatives Chris Peck, UPS
Vice President of Human Resources
and Daniel Cardillo, Employee
Communication Manager for the
East Region and Community Service
Manager Lauren James arrived at
the distribution center with a 40 ft.
container truck to pick up the lifesaving cargo, the second in a series
of CMMB disaster relief shipments
from the U.S. to central Philippine
At the CMMB Distribution
Center, Consul General De Leon also
cited the tireless work of the Fil-Am
community in the relief effort,
including Dr. Evangeline Manjares,
President of the Filipino Children
Fund, Inc. (FCF), which was the
CMMB cargo's consignee, as well as
Belinda Pagdanganan, and Tony and
Baisy Apostol who helped secure
the medical donations from
charitable organizations and
CMMB has so far collected
essential supplies amounting to 11
bulk shipments, valued at $5
million. Of that total amount,
$ 4 0 0 , 0 0 0 wo r t h o f h o s p i t a l
provisions was airlifted to Cebu City
a week earlier through the help of
Nassau County Executive Edward
Mangano. Woodbury (NY)-based
Service By Air Global Logistics
provided technical, manpower and
logistical support to expeditiously
fly the cargo to the Philippines.
The CMMB-UPS airlift was one
of the latest in an ongoing wave of
public-private partnerships on
behalf of millions of Filipinos
displaced or injured by the
strongest hurricane ever recorded,
which exceeded 200 mph, according
to John Nielsen-Gammon,
c l i m a to l o g i s t a t Texa s A & M
University. Super-typhoon Yolanda
is the second-deadliest Philippine
typhoon on record, with 5,560
fatalities to date and 1,757 still
unaccounted for, according to OCHA
(United Nations Office for the
Coordination of Humanitarian
Affairs); the death count is expected
to rise due to injuries and disease.
OCHA also reported that across the
central Philippines, some 13.17
million people have been affected,
and over 3.62 million remain
displaced from their homes. Latest
field reports show that more than
220,000 survivors are encamped at
1,104 evacuation centers.
Dozens of nations have
responded in a mass outpouring of
support that matched Yolanda's
massive scale of destruction.
At press time, even global
celebrities such as Beyoncé, Justin
Bieber and other “A List” American
stars have joined the humanitarian
effort, staging concerts as well as
public appeals, and donating the
proceeds to the relief mission.
On Long Island, and through the
assistance of Nassau County Office
of Emergency Management
Commissioner Craig Craft, 528
cases of Meals Ready To Eat (MRE)
were donated to the ABS-CBN
Foundation International's Sagip
Kapamilya in Manila for distribution
to the stricken areas.
Sponsored by PIDCI through the
office of its president, Fe Martinez,
the packaged meals were
transported via RDR Cargo Express.
In a related effort, Suffolk County
Executive Steve Bellone has pledged
10 pallets of heater meals and as
many pallets of bottled water. The
Philippine-bound packaged meals
are currently warehoused, said
Ramon Villongco of the Suffolk
County Asian American Advisory
Board, ready for shipment to Cebu
City and nearby areas in which
hunger and thirst have worsened
the ordeal of the now-homeless
calamity victims.
For its part, the medical supplies
airlift via UPS is the most recent
humanitarian effort in the
Philippines spearheaded by the
Catholic Medical Mission Board.
According to CMMB Senior Vice
President for Advancement Adrian
Kerrigan and Darnelle Bernier,
Director of Business Development
Global Health, the CMMB has
partnered for decades with private
and public Filipino groups in relief
missions, including the 2011
medical aid mission for victims of
typhoon Sendong (hurricane
Rehab czar should
restore ... From page 11
having been accused of having a hand in the
killing of members of the Kuratong Baleleng, an
organized crime syndicate involved in bank
robberies, kidnapping and illicit drug. He was
also implicated in the murder of publicist Bubby
Dacer and his driver Emmanuel Corbito. Charges
against him in both cases were dismissed.
The reconstruction of communities
destroyed by Yolanda which could take at least
five years will attempt give back to the people
who have been displaced a decent life.
It's the right of every human being to have
enough food to eat, shelter to protect him from
e le m e n t s a n d a p e a c e f u l a n d o rd e rly
environment to live in.
It's the job of the Reconstruction Czar to
create in the land devastated by Yolanda an
environment where the residents can work to
earn a living, where they can walk in the streets
without fear of being robbed and can sleep
soundly without being afraid that a hungry
refugee would break into his house.
Those are the most basic of human rights.
December 6-12, 2013
Page 15
December 6-12, 2013
Page 16
Mati's Sambuokanon
By Jojie Alcantara
Mati City's Sambuokan Festival once again paved the way
for tourists to flock to one of Mindanao's youngest and most
progressive cities, just in time for the younger generation's
semestral break.
Transforming into one of the most visited destinations in
Region XI, Mati lures visitors to its beautiful coastal
beaches, a laid back lifestyle and very friendly atmosphere.
A less than three-hour ride from Davao City on well paved
roads rewards you with a beautiful vista of the deep blue
sea and a stopover self-portrait with the landmark Sleeping
Dinosaur at the cape.
A once unknown municipality, the capital of Davao Oriental
province has blossomed into a young, promising city
ranking in the top five most competitive cities and
municipalities in the region based on infrastructure
development, economic and government efficiency,
according to the National Competitive Council of the
Philippines (NCC). Once a hidden, unspoiled coastal
community, Davao region's secret paradise is now fringed
with beach resorts and non-stop activities on Dahican's
long, creamy shoreline.
Beautiful Dahican Beach
In the past years, Dahican's famous
strip has been besieged by skim
boarders, surfers, celebrities and
beach bums who camped by the
shore and marveled at the intriguing
character of the Pacific ocean
sometimes lashing with powerful
waves, sometimes as calm and
smooth as a flat line. On this
wonderful coast, the talented
Amihan Boys were formed,
disciplined in character and trained
with perseverance by George “Kuya
Jun” Plaza. One of them, local boy
wonder Sonny Boy Aporbo
(“Bayugyug”), competed in several
regions and brought home the
championship trophies from Hong
Kong and Malaysia.
Sambuokan showcases Mati's “oneness” despite diversity of culture, ethnicity, and way of life (“buok” means one).
All hotel rooms were fully booked that week as visitors
came pouring in. The LGU of Mati and the Sambuokan
Committee were bent on delivering a multi-event that gave
the people options on where to head for: the night beach
parties along Dahican shores, celebrity concerts at the
Baywalk, Hiyas ng Sambuokan culture and talent
pageant, sportsfest in Dahican, drag racing and drifting
exhibition, jobs fair, tribal day, nightly food fair and
entertainment, band showdowns, and a lot more packed
in a week-long revelry from sundown to sunrise.
The highlight remains to be the Indak-Sayaw street
dancing competition among eight contingents in a newly
constructed platform inside Baywalk Park. With the new
administration under Mayor Carlo Rabat and Vice Mayor
Glenda Rabat, Mati is expected to be moving forward with
the confidence and spirit of a town which has had a
succession of great leaders to guide and nurture it. It is
the Sambuokan's theme of “oneness” that makes the
whole city grow in harmony as one strong unit.
Visit for updates and info on how to get
(Jojie Alcantara a travel writer and photographer based in Davao City.
Email her at [email protected]) Manila Bulletin
Baywalk Park in Mati
The 15th Sambuokan Festival was
celebrated on October 23-27, 2013
as a thanksgiving and
commemoration of its 111th
founding anniversary every 29th of
October. Sambuokan showcases
Mati's “oneness” despite diversity of
culture, ethnicity, and way of life
(“buok” means one).
December 6-12, 2013
Page 17
December 6-12, 2013
Page 18
PAFCOM's Inauguration Ceremony 2014
JERSEY CITY, NJ -- With 2014 just around the corner, the stage is now set yet once again for the PhilippineAmerican Friendship Committee, Inc. (PAFCOM) as it enters the upcoming year under new guidance and
with a whole new set of officers. The organization's annual Inauguration ceremony was held last Monday
night, Dec. 2 at University Academy Charter High School on Westside Avenue in Jersey City, NJ. Guests from
all around Jersey City as well as its surrounding regions took part in this wonderful and historic event.
The evening began with PAFCOM's traditional warm welcome portion of the event as guests greeted and
mingled with one another over dinner and refreshments. As everyone began to settle in and be seated, the
ceremony had started to get underway. Guest speakers and dignitaries throughout the event included
Council President Rolando Lavarro, Councilman for Ward B Chico Ramchal, Councilwoman-at-Large Joyce
Waterman, Freeholder and PAFCOM's Honorary Grand Marshal Bill O'Dea, and Vice Consul Khrystina
Corpuz of the Philippine Consulate General in New York, who attended and showed their support and
appreciation for the outstanding organization and it's long time commitment and services to the
Edwin Solano, right, congratulates Mario Garcia after delivering his acceptance speech. Also in photo are, LR, Chona, wife of Mario and their daughters Camille Joy. Catherine Mae, Leolynn Abigail and Marion Ashley
As Mr. Edwin Solano gave his valedictory speech as the 2013 Overall Chairman of PAFCOM, the newly
elected Overall Chairman, Engr. Mario V. Garcia, had graciously accepted the honor as the 2014 Overall
Chairman of PAFCOM. Engr. Garcia pledged with grace and conviction in his speech to continue PAFCOM's
long standing traditions as well as many new ideas for the organization and the community. “I am not a
great speaker, but a good communicator”.
Other portions of the ceremony also included the acknowledgement of past Grand Marshals as well as the
introduction of the upcoming 2014 Grand Marshals, Dr. Edgar and Mrs. Mary Jane Lerias. The couple
spoke a few words before the attendees in a speech expressing their utmost gratitude for the prestigious
honor bestowed upon them. Also, the officers and member of PAFCOM presented a Lifetime Service Award
to Tom and Mila Simba for their more than 20 years of steadfast and untiring service to PAFCOM.
During the whole event, a strong sense of Filipino Pride could be felt throughout the evening's atmosphere
as pictures continued to be taken, applauds got louder, and attendants congratulated one another.
PAFCOM 2014 Officers
PAFCOM 2014 Grand Marshals Mary Jane and Dr. Edgar Lerias
Vice Consul Khrystina Corpuz
Overall Chairman - Mario V. Garcia; Executive/Recording Secretary - Helen Castillo; Corresponding
Secretary - Ellen Alonzo; Treasurer - Ledy Almadin; Asst. Treasurer - Angelita Roxas; Auditor - Luis
Morales; Asst. Auditor - Rebecca Cooney; PRO - Augustus Salud Jr.; Technical Advisers - Gerry Austria
and Domingo “Jun” Hornilla; Legal Adviser - Emerito Salud, Esq.; Governmental Relations - Ed Toloza
and Pam Andes
Overall Vice Chairs: Special Events - Isagani Puertollano; Parade - Joel Flores; Festival - Rose Javier
Committee Chairs: Grand Marshals' Gala Night - Nena Smith and Medy Taeza; Friendship Night &
Coronation Ball - Annelyn Flores and Joyce Castillo; Parade - Greg Agulan; Parade Marshal - Rene
Reniva; Parade Logistics - Lito Pernia; Festival - Maureen Varco; Booths & Exhibits - Mila Simba
Mila Simba is all smiles after
receiving the Lifetime Service
Award presented to her and
husband Tom.
Jersey City Council President Rolando Lavarro delivers a message.
Facsimile of the Lifetime Service Award
Philippine American
Friendship Committee
Councilwoman-at-Large Joyce Waterman
and Councilman Chico Ramchal
The Philippine-American Friendship Committee, Inc. is a tax-exempt, non-profit organization comprised
of Filipino-American community leaders from the tri-state area (New York, New Jersey and Connecticut).
Established in 1990, PAFCOM was primarily engaged in delivering an annual parade and festival, every
June of each year in Jersey City, New Jersey to celebrate Philippine-American Friendship Day. The aims of
the founders of PAFCOM are: (1) to enhance a better understanding of the Filipino culture and activities
and be of service to the community and the general public in order to gain for themselves that recognition
due them as an ethnic group in the United States of America and (2) to enhance the integration of Filipinos
into mainstream America by engaging in socio-cultural, charitable and educational undertakings.
Annual Parade and Festival - PAFCOM's strength and dedication towards the community continues to
attract a diverse crowd of spectators and participants to its festivities each year. The annual parade and
festival, held in the month of June, is an opportunity to share and showcase Philippine culture to
mainstream America, through decorated floats, folk dances, arts and exhibits, assortment of native dishes,
native and modern music, community organizations, businesses and local talents. A crowd of up to 30,000
people gather.
Photos courtesy of Augustus Salud Jr. Of Daydreams Visual Productions
December 6-12, 2013
Page 19
Importer launches
Spain-made travel
blankets on Amazon
A Filipino entrepreneur has had
enough of rock-bottom priced items that
seem to dominate most American
stores. “Very low prices often indicate
substandard quality,” says Susan
Manansala President of Pluribus 1, LLC
of Allentown, PA. “It seems that
consumers today are obsessed with lowticket, poorly made products that have
swamped retailers these past 10 years.
Bihira ka nang makakita ng produktong
[you rarely see products that are] made
in the USA or in Europe. Those items
may be pricier than products made in
China, but you can be sure that they are
better designed and more long-lasting.”
Acting on her hunch that there is a
market for top-of-the-line products
despite America's “dollar store”
obsession, Susan Manansala, a former
copywriter from Manila, entered into a
partnership as U.S. sales agent of CSC
Marketing of Manchester, UK and the
UAE Free Trade Zone. CSC Marketing is
the authorized distributor of high-end
throws or travel blankets made by
Textils Mora, S.A.L. of Valencia, Spain.
“Textils Mora is a leading European
designer and maker of luxury-brand
throws [also called travel blankets] with
over 75 years of manufacturing
experience,” said Manansala, unrolling a
couple of Helsinki brand throws from
their protective sheath and carry-on
Betting on online shopping as the
retail industry's most promising sales
channel, Manansala has launched the
Helsinki line of throws on,
so far America's most popular click-andbuy site. According to Manansala, the
product designs were “inspired by the
artistic traditions of Spain, which gave
the world Picasso, Gaudi, Balenciaga and
Prada. The care that went into making
each travel blanket reflects the
craftsmanship of proud European
artisans. And every Helsinki throw
comes with an EQ seal of Europe Quality.
Pero magugulat kayo dahil kahit na
premium ang product quality [but you'll
be amazed that, despite the products'
premium quality], most buyers can
afford the online sale price on”
In four designs and six fashionable
colors, Helinski throws by Textils Mora
make ideal gifts for the holidays and
throughout the year as a balikbayan
accessory on the long cold flight, warm
accents to the college dorm, and as a
stylish accent for the couch and rec
room. “Look for Helsinki throws or
travel blankets on Amazon,” Manansala
advised. “Although they'll be on the whole year, take
advantage of the online sale that ends
December 31st.”
ILO sets job plan
for storm survivors
By Samuel Medenilla
Manila -- A livelihood program
from the International Labor
Organization (ILO) awaits at least
100,000 jobless workers who
survived the fury of supertyphoon “Yolanda” (international
name: Haiyan) in Eastern Visayas.
ILO Disaster Response and
Livelihoods Development Officer
Simon Hills said yesterday the
organization has set this goal for
the initial beneficiaries of the
Hills also even as he appealed
for more public support to fund
the United Nation's international
aid to the Philippines.
At the moment, the UN has
collected about 5 percent of the
livelihood component of its $301
million aid for ILO's livelihood
Hills said the program will
significantly boost the recovery of
affected provinces by targeting
thousands of vulnerable workers,
who lost their livelihood or
More than half of the
estimated 5.6 million workers,
who have temporarily or
permanently lost their livelihood,
belong to the vulnerable sector or
those without social protection
and have little regular income.
“Ensuring jobs for 100,000
men and women that include
minimum wages, sound
o c c u p a t i o n a l s a f e t y, s k i l l s
development, and social
Roy, 43, who lost his two fishing boats during Typhoon Haiyan, builds his new fishing
boat in the ruins of a destroyed neighborhood at Tacloban City November 25, 2013.
The ILO is now looking into giving jobs to survivors who are now trying to restart their
lives again. REUTERS/Athit Perawongmetha
protection can change the lives of
500,000 people within 12 months,
and beyond,” Hills explained.
“One wage-earner can support
a family of five. These five people
will be able to pay for services in
their local area; food, medicine,
water, transportation. So, the
money that goes to this family
through this one job will then
circulate with a multiplier effect
across the local economy,” he
Hills said the project will also
a u g m e n t t h e g ove r n m e n t ' s
ongoing temporary emergency
employment program, where at
least 17,000 displaced workers
have registered, to help clear roads
and repair government
“Short-term employment
alone is not enough. We also need
to provide people with
opportunities to develop skills
that will enable them to have more
stable and reliable sources of
income and social protection,
inclusive of health insurance,” Hills
said. Manila Bulletin
December 6-12, 2013
Page 20
Crucial jobs sprout in
post-Yolanda clean up
thousands of desperately needed
jobs are being created for survivors
of a catastrophic typhoon in the
Philippines by paying them to clear
mountains of waste from ruined
cities and farms.
UN agencies are spearheading
the "cash for work" programs,
which they hope will provide a
triple-boost to communities
destroyed by Super Typhoon
Yolanda (Haiyan), with lifting
morale as vital as cleaning up and
helping economies.
"This is not only important to
help normalize the economy, but
working gives a sense of dignity
back in their lives," said Tim Walsh,
leader of the United Nations
Development Programme (UNDP)
team deployed to the worst-hit city
of Tacloban and nearby areas.
The United Nations, working in
partnership with the Philippine
government, is hoping to create at
least 200,000 jobs that could last
for up to three years.
Walsh said their immediate
task was to help clear the
mountains of rotting garbage and
debris, which is necessary to allow
for faster transport of aid and
delivery of other essential services.
As much of the material as
possible will then be recycled.
Yolanda, the most powerful
typhoon ever recorded to have hit
land, slashed across mostly poor
central islands of the Philippines
regions, killing more than 5,500
people and destroying or
damaging the homes of four
Giant storm surges generated
by the typhoon were more
destructive than the winds,
powering more than one kilometer
inland on the islands of Leyte and
Dozens of coastal communities
were obliterated, as the water
crushed homes, fishing boats,
vehicles, electrical posts and
virtually every other piece of urban
Vast stretches of coastal rice
farms were also contaminated and
their irrigation channels
destroyed, while the wind tore
down millions of coconut trees that
were a mainstay of the already
extremely poor islands.
Leslie Wright, a spokeswoman
for the UNDP team in Tacloban,
said the cash-for-work program
was similar to an effort in
Indonesia's Aceh region after one
of the world's most devastating
tsunamis killed 170,000 people
there in 2004.
Page 21
More funds eyed
for PH farm sector
UN agency rallies donors to help poor farmers, fishers
By Ronnel W. Domingo
The Food and Agriculture
Organization (FAO) is rallying
donors to raise more funds to
help Philippine agriculture
rebound, particularly the poor
farmers and fishers as well as
people who have less access to
post disaster aid.
Officials of the United Nations
agency on Monday said the FAO
wanted to make sure that, beyond
giving, the help being given would
work for the longer term.
The FAO is working to raise
more than the initial $24 million
that it called for through a flash
appeal launched last Nov. 12, a
few days after Supertyphoon
“Yolanda” made landfall.
Jim Hancock, programming
officer at the FAO's Philippine
office, said in an interview that
proposals for an updated appeal
were coming in and being
“Within the next two weeks,
there will be a formal
presentation of that appeal,”
Hancock said. “It will include the
different sectors that the appeals
are going for and the amounts of
He added that the initial
amount of $24 million has not
been raised fully, but that the
funds that did come in have been
mobilized and there were
“activities on the ground as a
result of that appeal.”
R o d r i g u e V i n e t , FA O ' s
temporary resident
representative in the Philippines,
said in a press briefing that such
activities included the
distribution of seeds and other
farm inputs in Eastern and
Western Visayas.
“This support covered some
18,000 farm households, but that
is for the short term,” Vinet said.
Hancock told the Inquirer
that while the earlier appeal was
based on the urgency to respond
to the results of Yolanda's
aftermath, the new and more
comprehensive appeal would be
more strategic.
He added that the new appeal
would include inputs from other
international agencies,
nongovernment organizations
and other UN agencies.
The larger portion of the
appeal would be definitely meant
for sectors related to food
security and agriculture, Hancock
“One of the recommendations
( t o t h e FA O i s t h a t ) w e
complement what the
Department of Agriculture does,”
he added. “If the DA is focusing on
strategic production areas,
irrigated areas, high-value crop
areas, then there is a tendency to
focus on perhaps better-off areas
and farmers. So, one of the
elements of the appeal is that we
need to make sure that
vulnerable and hard-to-reach
populations (would benefit).”
Exports projected
to grow 7-8 percent
By Louella D. Desiderio
Manalo said that while the
government was initially
projecting a 10 percent growth
this year, shipments may just
rise by three to five percent from
last year's $51.994 billion.
He noted that electronic
shipments have been weak.
As of end-September, the
value of electronic product
ex p o rt s re a c h e d $ 15. 765
billion, down 10.04 percent
from the $17.575 billion in the
comparable period in 2012.
For the January to
September period, the value of
merchandise exports reached
$40.048 billion, down slightly
from $40.085 billion in the
comparable period a year ago.
MANILA -- Total exports are
seen to grow by seven to eight
percent this year from a year
ago, supported by the
performance of non-electronic
products and services, a trade
official said.
“Exports can grow by seven
to eight percent including
services (this year),” Trade
u n d e r s e c re t a r y Po n c i a n o
Manalo Jr. told reporters on the
sidelines of the National Export
Congress 2013 yesterday.
Last year, the country's total
exports which cover both
merchandise and services,
reached $60 billion.
For merchandise exports,
Page 21
Page 21
December 6-12, 2013
Page 21
Avon head finds her heart
in the Philippines
By Margie Quimpo-Espino
More funds ...
From page 20
Hancock said the new appeal
was meant to help fill in the
“significant gap” between what
were currently available resources
and what was needed to
rehabilitate, reiterating that it
would be more strategic and not
just about inputs.
“We want to also make sure, for
example, if there's a lot of boats
being built or donated, what are the
appropriate types of boats (to give
to fishermen),” he said. “We want to
make sure that the system that is
being put up helps.”
projected ...
From page 20
For next year, Manalo expects
total exports to grow by 10
“Our non-electronic products
are very strong like coconut, food
products, wood products,” he said.
He said the government is also
hopeful that the electronics sector
would recover in 2014.
Crucial jobs ...
From page 20
"Some of the things we are
seeing that are comparable to Aceh
include the consistency of the
debris -- like the wood, the metal,
rock and concrete, aside from the
organic waste and the bodies still
being extracted every day," she
The volunteer workers are
being paid between 250 and 500
pesos (5-10 dollars) a day to haul
the debris to selected collection
points, where trucks pick them up
to be taken to a temporary landfills
outside the city for sorting.
"The wood and timber we can
refurbish, which we did in Aceh,
where we used them to rebuild
schools and houses, while the
concrete we used for roads," Wright
"We re-used as much material
as we could."
The UN's Food and Agriculture
Organization is looking to set up a
similar cash for work program in
agricultural areas, paying farmers
and others in the community to
clear their land and desilt irrigation
It said its program will cover
more than 150,000 hectares
(370,000 acres) and 80 kilometers
of communal irrigation canals that
need to be cleaned, warning
upcoming harvests are at dire risk
“We want to build resilience for
the future,” Hancock added. “It's
not just giving, giving, giving. It's to
make sure that the livelihoods start
working as quickly as possible.”
In yesterday's joint briefing
with the FAO, the DA told reporters
that damage to agriculture
amounted to P10.6 billion. This,
h o w e v e r, w a s b a s e d o n a
preliminary assessment as of Nov.
According to data from the
National Disaster Risk Reduction
and Management Council as of 6
a.m. Monday, the DA has reported
that damage from Yolanda has
reached P17 billion.
The government, he said,
likewise expects services exports
to grow next year as the country
taps opportunities in healthcare
information management as well
as improves the performance of
non-voice services.
“We see a big opportunity in
healthcare information
management in the US,” he said.
“Our strategy is to improve the
performance of the non-voice
(sector) while the voice (sector) is
growing,” he added. Philippine
without quick action.
However the FAO needs more
money to get the program into top
gear, and this week launched an
international appeal for $11
John Lim, the Tacloban City
administrator, said having people
help in the clearing and rebuilding
process was an important way for
them to deal with the trauma of the
"We want to give them a sense
of direction, to try and get them
back on their feet by giving them an
incentive in helping us clean the
community," Lim said.
And for workers such as
Rowena Cayuda, a mother of five,
there is indeed relief that they no
longer have to depend solely on aid
to survive, as well as a touch of
"We are doing decent work and
we are helping the community,"
Cayuda said as she pulled at a
rusted metal sheet roofs in
Cayuda said she and her
mechanic husband, who lost his job
after the auto shop he worked for
was destroyed, had initially
thought of abandoning the city, but
they didn't have any money to
"Now that we have a little, we
think we can start a small business,
maybe a store and not leave at all,"
Cayuda said.
Her husband Rob is an
entrepreneur, daughter Chloe is
six feet tall and works in a
fragrance company in New York,
youngest boy Piers is 15 and
studies in a boarding school in
the United Kingdom. She also has
a Yorkshire terrier named Hugo.
That's the family of Julie
Tatarczuk, the new president and
g e n e ra l m a n a g e r o f Avo n
Philippines who has a long track
record in the beauty industry.
Since coming to Manila in
September this year, she has
already seen a lot, from the
Zamboanga “war” to the BoholCebu earthquakes and the
destruction left behind by
Supertyphoon Yolanda.
She says people always ask
her if she's OK, and she reassures
them, saying that there has not
been a day when she did not want
to be here despite recent tragic
events in the Philippines. And
she and her company are doing
their share in helping the
affected communities get back
on their feet.
Avon has already responded
to the call of Education Secretary
Armin Luistro to encourage
teachers to wear lipstick when
they go back to teaching in
makeshift schools in Tacloban,
wh i c h wa s d eva s t a te d by
S u p e r t y p h o o n Yo l a n d a
(international name Haiyan).
Luistro pointed out that the
children feel a semblance of
normalcy when they go to school
and see their teachers wearing
Avon thus immediately put
together kits containing lipstick,
pressed powder, lotion (Skin so
Soft) and a “Kiss Goodbye to
Breast Cancer” shirt and gave
these to 150 teachers.
Julie also says that Tacloban
is home to 20,000 Avon ladies
and they were all affected by
Yo l a n d a . T h e c o m p a n y
responded to their needs by
e s t a b l i s h i n g a c e n te r fo r
distribution of relief goods as
well as provision of emotional
In a recent meeting with a
small group of media represen
tatives, Julie also talked about
Benny, a male Avon agent whose
d a u gh te r wa s o n e o f t h e
thousands hurt by Yolanda's fury.
Benny, together with his wife and
daughter, rode one of the C-130
JULIE Tatarczuk - an easy-to-getalong-with lady.
Page 22
Bali summit may be last
chance for WTO Trade deal
By Kay Johnson and Dessianing
Ariyanti (AP)
Bali, Indonesia – Top trade
officials began talks Tuesday that
will either produce an eleventh
hour deal that could boost the
global economy by $1 trillion or
possibly spell the end of the World
Trade Organization's relevance as
a forum for negotiations.
After more than a decade of
inertia in WTO talks, negotiators
are close to a slimmed-down deal
but there is no finished document
for the dozens of trade ministers
attending a summit on the
Indonesia resort island of Bali to
sign. So close to an agreement,
some have been urging the trade
ministers to take the unusual step
of completing the negotiations
An agreement on simplifying
customs procedures could help
revive the WTO's broader Doha
Round of trade negotiations,
sometimes known as the
development round because of
sweeping changes in regulations,
taxes and subsidies that would
benefit low income countries. Still,
WTO ministerial summits are
designed for enshrining done
deals, not technical negotiations,
so producing an agreement at a
four-day conference would be
“Even though still possible, the
chances of reaching a deal are
rather slim,'' said Matthias Helble,
Minister Gita Wirjawan (left) shakes hand with Peru's Minister of Foreign Trade and
Tourism Magali Silva (2nd right) during their bilateral meeting at the Ninth World Trade
Organization (WTO) Ministerial Conference in Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia, December 3,
2013. Indonesia's resort island of Bali is hosting the Ninth WTO Ministerial Conference
from 03 to 06 December 2013.
a global trade expert at the Asian
Development Bank Institute and
former WTO adviser.
The goal of the Doha Round, so
called because it was launched in
the Qatari capital in 2001, is to
create unified rules for the 159
member economies of the WTO in
myriad areas: lowering import
taxes on hundreds of goods,
l i m i t i n g m a r ke t - d i s t o r t i n g
subsidies for farm produce and
creating one standard for customs
procedures that will make it easier
for goods to move across borders.
The idea is that if all countries
play by the same trade rules, then
all countries, rich or poor, will
With fewer trade barriers,
goods and services of all types
would be more affordable,
creating more employment and
business opportunities.
The WTO estimates that
easing customs barriers would
increase total world trade to $23
trillion from its current estimate
of $22 trillion. Manila Bulletin
December 6-12, 2013
Page 22
Korea Eximbank earmarks
$500M for programs in PH
By Amy R. Remo
The Export-Import Bank of Korea
(Korea Eximbank), a state credit
agency providing concessional loans
and assistance to governments, is
earmarking some $500 million in
official development assistance
(ODA) to the Philippines from 2014 to
“ T h i s ( O DA ) r e f l e c t s t h e
enhanced economic cooperation
between the (Philippines and Korea).
We are considering the needs of the
country and then we decide the
amount and the priority areas,” said
Gimin Kang, senior program officer of
Korea Eximbank, on the sidelines of a
forum hosted by the Korea
International Cooperation Agency
and Asian Institute of Management
The proposed ODA, however, is
still being negotiated by Korea
Eximbank and Philippine state
agencies, which started the
discussions and negotiations for a
new framework agreement last
Kang said the governments
Priority projects
related to infra,
food security
hoped the framework would be
concluded and signed within the first
quarter of 2014.
If approved, about 70 percent of
the concessional loans will be rolled
out between 2014 and 2017 for
projects that promote sustainable
economic growth through transport
infrastructure development; support
food security and rural poverty
alleviation through agriculture and
water resources development; and
strengthen national health systems
and expand access to local health
The remaining 30 percent (or
about $150 million) will not be
allocated for specific projects but will
instead be left “open” to be used for
any new funding requirements that
may arise during the period.
According to Kang, a country
program mission was conducted
earlier this year to identify specific
projects, including those being
offered under the government's
public-private partnership (PPP)
program, and to discuss the so-called
rolling plan for years 2014 to 2017.
Among these projects were large
s c a l e i n f ra s t r u c t u re p ro j e c t s
involving water resources and
agriculture and rural development.
Kang declined, however, to
identify the specific projects being
Government data showed that
Korea was the Philippines' fifth
biggest trading partner in 2012.
Bilateral trade between the
Philippines and Korea amounted to
$7.41 billion in 2012, up 11 percent
from the $6.66 billion posted the
previous year.
Exports to South Korea rose by
28.6 percent to $2.88 billion last year,
making South Korea the sixth top
Philippine export market.
Meanwhile, imports from South
Korea inched up by 2.49 percent to
$4.53 billion in 2012, making South
Korea the Philippines' fifth major
import supplier.
Sound fundamentals buoyed PH
economy - Bangko Sentral chief
M A N I L A - - S o u n d
macroeconomic fundamentals were
the keys that allowed the Philippine
economy to grow by 7 percent in the
third quarter - the fastest in Asia
after China - and 7.4 percent in the
first nine months of the year, Bangko
Sentral ng Pilipinas said Thursday.
Growth in July to September,
albeit slower than the the 7.6
percent in the second quarter and 7.3
percent in July to September last
year, “attests to the underlying
constructive dynamics of the
economy,” Bangko Sentral Gov.
Amando Tetangco Jr. said in a text
message to reporters.
“I believe sound macroeconomic
fundamentals and credible policy
f ra m e wo r k s c a n s u s t a i n t h e
economy's clear growth potential,”
Tetangco added.
What the numbers show are the
Bangko Sentral Gov. Amando Tetangco Jr.
appropriate monetary policy in place
to keep the economy churning while
keeping prices stable, the central
bank chief noted.
The National Statistical and
Coordination Board Thursday
morning announced Philippine
gross domestic product grew by 7
percent in the third quarter, buoying
output by 7.4 percent in the first nine
months from 6.7 percent a year
British bank Standard Chartered
said it remains optimistic, based on
an earlier forecast, the Philippine
economy will grow 7.2 percent this
year despite the slight slowdown in
the third quarter.
“We maintain our forecast of 7.2
percent GDP growth in 2013 and 6.7
percent in 2014, and expect fourthquarter GDP growth to remain
resilient at 6.4 percent year-on-year,”
the bank said.
Even the destruction wreaked by
killer Typhoon Yolanda in Central
Philippines, did not pack enough
punch to impact on long-term
growth prospects, StanChart added.
Piers and Chloe
the United Kingdom.
She also spent years as
From page 21
managing director and vice
president of Europe for John Frieda
Humanitarian flights to Villamor
Hair Care Worlwide in the UK and
Air Base.
Kao Corp., Japanese manufacturer
They did not have relatives in
of personal care cleaning products
Metro Manila, but upon arriving
and specialty chemicals. She then
they simply told the cab driver to
w o r ke d i n B ra n d S t e w, a n
bring them to Avon. The driver
innovative brand company focused
brought him and his family to an
on creating, developing and
Avon office in Makati and the
launching brands to market.
people there immediately took care
Providing her constant support
of the family. They brought his
is husband Rob. Her father-in-law
daughter to the hospital and the
is from Ukraine and was just 15
family was brought to a hotel. The
when he fought a war in Europe. He
hotel has since hired his wife so
was not allowed to go back to his
that they can stay in Metro Manila.
home country and so he stayed in
Benny lost everything because
the UK where he got married and
of Yolanda but managed to save the
had kids.
Avon pin that he earned after 30
How Julie met Rob is a story in
years of service. Such dedication
did not go unrewarded.
Julie relates that she has been
“We take care of everybody we
in the Philippines about 15 to 20
can take care of. The wife of Benny
times before she was assigned here
was offered a job in the hotel. This
by Avon, but her husband was
is a revalidation of why I am here,”
never with her. But this time, they
Julie says.
are happily house-hunting in
The new Avon president began
Makati, in preparation for a
her career in the beauty business in
hopefully long and fruitful stint in
1985 in Boots, a health and beauty
their new home away from home.
pharmacy and prescription shop in
Avon head ...
Philips gearing up
for 'positive' 2014
Philips Electronics and Lighting
Inc. Philippines expects positive
growth for the company this year
and in 2014, boosted largely by the
strong local demand for its lighting
“This year was a very positive
year because we had a lot of
innovations coming to the market
although the last part of the year
was a challenge for everybody
because of the issues and natural
disasters. But we can say it was a
positive year and we are very happy
to see that our campaigns and
innovations were very well
accepted,” said Philips country
manager Fabia Tetteroo-Bueno.
Lighting products were the
b ig g est con t rib u tors to t he
company's growth, according to
“Because of the energy
challenge that the Philippines is
going through, [our lighting
solutions] are very alive in the
market. People recognize the
problem with energy and they are
going more aggressively into
energy-saving lighting solutions,”
she said in a briefing Wednesday.
The Philippines reportedly
ranks ninth in terms of energy cost,
prompting many industries and
consumers to turn to energy
efficient lighting solutions to cut
energy consumption.
“Our fluorescent [products]
never sold so well, and LED
[ p ro d u c t s ] to o . T h e e n e rg y
challenge in the Philippines has
impacted a lot on this positive
growth of the lighting business in
the Philippines. It comprises the
majority of our business, I'm sure,”
Tetteroo-Bueno added.
This is why, according to
Tetteroo-Bueno, Philips will be
bringing in more LED solutions next
year, because “we really believe that
the potential in the Philippines is
very high. “We estimate that 40-50
percent of the lights in the country
are inefficient.
Also expected to boost next
year's growth for Philips are its
healthcare solutions as the
company moves to bring in a wider
range of imaging solutions and to
participate more actively in the
country's healthcare programs.
“We believe healthcare next
year will have a big contribution,”
she added. Philips' consumer
lifestyle products, meanwhile, has
so far contributed the least to the
company's bottom line.
This, however, is a business that
Tetteroo-Bueno believes will
continue to grow as well “because
we are bringing in more personal
care solutions such as mom-andchild solutions, shavers for men,
among others.”
December 6-12, 2013
Page 23
Paul Walker Team has 'special love' for the Philippines
By Nimfa U. Rueda
LOS ANGELES -- The disaster
response organization formed by
“Fast and Furious” star Paul Walker
three years ago has “a special love
f o r t h e P h i l i p p i n e s ,” i t s
spokesperson, JD Dorfman, said
Sunday (Monday in Manila).
When Typhoon Yolanda struck
the Central Philippines, Reach Out
WorldWide (ROWW) quickly
dispatched a team of 12 disaster
responders to Leyte towns
flattened by the Supertyphoon
Yolanda (international name
“There wasn't much relief help
yet when we got there,” Dorfman,
who led the team, told the Inquirer.
“We had a highly skilled medical
team with us and we brought 1,500
pounds of medical equipment and
Dorfman is the operations
manager of ROWW, a network of
professionals with first-responder
s k i l l s . Wa l k e r f o r m e d t h e
organization in 2010 to aid people
struck by natural disasters.
Members include doctors, nurses,
firefighters, paramedics,
construction specialists and other
disaster-survival experts “who
understand that a fast response
makes the difference between life
and death,” the ROWW website
Dorfman said their team
conducted rescue and relief work
in Tabontabon for eight days. They
returned to Los Angeles on Nov. 26,
just a few days before Walker was
killed in a car crash Saturday
afternoon in Valencia, California.
The 40-year-old Hollywood
star, best known for his role in the
“Fast and Furious” films, was in the
area to raise funds for ROWW's
relief efforts in Leyte.
The fundraiser took place at a
racecar shop. Walker was a
passenger in a racecar, driven by
fellow car enthusiast Roger Rodas,
when it crashed into a light pole
and tree and burst into flames.
Both Walker and Rodas died at the
“Paul wasn't someone who
would just write a check and lend
his name to an organization; he
was the heart and soul of Reach Out
WorldWide,” Dorfman said in a
statement. “Paul was the first one
in and the last one out, he led by
example and his hard work and
dedication inspired everyone who
had the privilege of working with
“Some people play a hero, Paul
was a hero. Paul was an honorable,
hardworking, dedicated, respectful
man with a humble spirit who
shared his blessings with those
who needed it most,” he said
As part of ROWW's disaster
response, Dorfman and his team
provided medical assistance in the
only working hospital serving
Tabontabon and nine other towns
in Leyte.
The team flew from Seoul,
South Korea, to Cebu, then took a
five-hour boat ride to Hilongos,
then took a truck to Baybay. With
armed security provided by the
Baybay mayor, Dorfman's group
joined a three-truck caravan to
Palo, then to Tanauan, where the
mayor of Tabontabon appealed for
their help.
For several days, the team was
not able to communicate with the
ROWW office in Burbank,
California. On Nov. 22, the team
reported from Tabontabon via
satellite phone: “We met a medic
here that has had no international
assistance and has been treating
Paul Walker. AP FILE PHOTO
approximately 100 people a day, so
they're very glad we are here. We
are staying in a room at the local
school house nearby and are
prepared to treat another 100+
people today.”
ROWW has also partnered with
another nonprofit, Waves For
Water, to provide thousands of
Yolanda victims access to clean
It wasn't their first time in the
Philippines, Dorfman told the
Inquirer. When Typhoon Sendong
hammered the Southern
Philippines in 2011, the ROWW
team also rushed to the disaster
areas to help with relief efforts.
“You see, we have a special love
for the Philippines,” he said.
Robin helps typhoon
survivors in Bantayan
MANILA -- Mariel Rodriguez is
proud of her husband, action star
Robin Padilla, who helped victims
of typhoon in Bantayan Island.
In her official Instagram
account, Rodriguez shared that
Padilla donated galvanized iron
sheets to help typhoon victims in
rebuilding their houses.
"YERO for the people of
bantayan island who lost their
homes. now they have a roof on
their head. thanks to
@robinhoodpadilla @robinhoodp
#operationsmile," Rodriguez said.
Rodriguez said her husband's
donation helped more than 200
families in Bantayan Island.
" B e c a u s e o f y o u
@robinhoodpadilla 220 families in
bantayan island will be able to
rebuild their homes!!! thank you
for the roof!!!! they now have a
sturdy roof," she said.
"I would like to add that you
dont have to have a position in the
government or aspire to have one
Action star Robin Padilla
to help others... u just do that. u just
help. u never need a reason to help.
#operationsmile," Rodriguez
In his official Instagram
account, Padilla bared that he will
be spending time with his wife
"Ito ang umpisa ng pa trip Ni
Mariel Padilla at MULI all expenses
paid by the housewife," Padilla
Site of the car crash that killed his “Fast & Furious” co-star Paul Walker. AP photo
Gordon grieves for Walker
By Bong Lozada
MANILA -- Philippine Red
Cross Chairman Richard Gordon
expressed his condolences for Paul
Walker in an Associated Press
video Tuesday morning, two days
after the actor's fatal crash.
“I would like to express my
deep condolences and
appreciation to Paul Walker, who
died on his way to giving our
people some support for this very,
very humongous disaster and very
tragic of all tragedies,” said Gordon
who was at a turn over ceremony
of pay loaders that Chinese
companies donated to the
“And his death has exacerbated
the tragedy.”
Walker died in a car crash after
attending a charity event for the
s u r v ivo r s o f S u p e r t y p h o o n
“ Yo l a n d a ” ( i n t e r n a t i o n a l
codename: Haiyan).
“He has been helping the
country and all of us mourn his
lost,” Gordon said.
Sean Ellis film screened for 'Yolanda' victims
A scene from British director Sean Ellis’ “Metro Manila.”
Last Nov. 28, Sean Ellis' “Metro
Manila” had charity screenings in
the United Kingdom for the benefit
of Supertyphoon “Yo landa's”
survivors. The Oscar-nominated
British filmmaker reported on
Facebook: “We raised £3,540
(P252,471.38) from the charity
screenings last night. Thank you to
everyone who helped support this
great cause.” Bayani San Diego Jr.
December 6-12, 2013
Page 24
'When the Love is Gone' US
screenings begin December 6
Movie fans in the United
States will have the chance to
watch “When the Love is Gone,”
the latest drama movie from
Viva Films in selected theaters
starting Dec. 6.
Based on the 1983 film
“Nagalit ang Buwan Sa Haba Ng
Gabi” by Danny Zialcita and now
directed by Andoy Ranay, “When
the Love is Gone” boasts of a
powerhouse cast that includes
Gabby Concepcion, Alice Dixson,
Andi Eigenmann, Jake Cuenca
and Cristine Reyes.
All-consuming affair
It is a gripping tale of a young
woman played by Cristine and
an older man played by Gabby
who allow themselves to get
caught in an all-consuming affair
that would eventually destroy
them and those they love dearly.
Made in the Viva tradition of
glossy melodramas, “When the
Love is Gone” comes on the heels
of memorable box-office hits
“No Other Woman” and “A Secret
ENGAGED Boots Anson-Roa on Saturday, Nov. 30 invited friends to an
engagement party. She will tie the knot with lawyer Francisco Rodrigo Jr. next year.
Photo was taken at the party. Bayani San Diego Jr.
1701 W. Katella Avenue, Orange,
and Century River Park 16, 2766
Seaglass Way Oxnard
San Francisco: Tanforan 20,
1188 El Camino Real, San Bruno;
Milpitas Great Mall 20, 447 Great
Mall Dr. Milpitas; Union City 25,
32100 Union Landing, Union
City; Elk Grove Laguna 16, 9349
Big Horn Blvd. Elk Grove;
Roseville 14, 1555 Eureka Rd.
Roseville; Hilltop 16 Richmond,
3200 Klose Way, Richmond, and
Century 14 Vallejo, 109 Plaza Dr.,
Los Angeles: Cerritos Stadium
10, 12761 Town Center Drive
Cerritos; West Covina Stadium
18, 1200 Lakes Dr. West Covina;
Orange Stadium Promenade 25,
San Diego: UA Horton Plaza 14,
475 Horton Plaza
Virginia: Military Circle 18, 880
North Military Highway, Norfolk
Texas: Tinseltown 290, 12920
Northwest Freeway, and Legacy
24, 7201 N. Central Expressway,
Arizona: Cinemark Mesa 16,
1051 N. Dobson Rd. Mesa
Nevada: Century Park Lane 16,
210 East Plumb Lane, Reno
Boots Anson-Roa
announces engagement
with lawyer King Rodrigo
By Bayani San Diego Jr.
MANILA -- Veteran actress Maria
Elise “Boots” Anson-Roa got engaged
with lawyer Francisco “King” Rodrigo
Jr., she informed close friends
Saturday night.
“After six years, God has given me
a soulmate and future partner who I
shall spend the rest of my life with,”
she told the INQUIRER via SMS.
“Atty. Francisco 'King' Rodrigo Jr.,
eldest son of the late Senator 'Soc',
and I have just been engaged, to be
married on June 14, 2014.”
She added their future ninang
(godmother) is close friend Marichu
“Manay Ichu” Maceda.
Anson-Roa was married to the
late Pete Roa, who died on August 9,
Washington: Parkway Plaza
Stadium 12, 5910 S 180th St.
Hawaii: Dole Cannery Stadium
18, 735 B Iweilei Rd., Honolulu
Las Vegas: Village Square
Stadium 18, 9400 W. Sahara
Chito Miranda and Neri Naig. BANDERA photo
Chito Miranda, Neri
Naig to tie the knot
By Bong Lozada
MANILA -- Love does conquer all.
Following a slew of controversies,
musician Chito Miranda and actress
Neri Naig are ready to tie the knot.
“I planned this eversince,” said the
Parokya ni Edgar frontman who
already planned the announcement
even before their sex video leaked.
Miranda added that Naig took the
controversies hard but he knows that
they can overcome it.
“She's a strong girl, though she
took it hard,” Miranda said.
The vocalist of the 20-year-old
band added that all the adversities
that they faced only made them
Andi confesses love
for Jake Ejercito
MANILA -- After denying that
she and her ex-boyfriend are
getting back together, actress Andi
Eigenmann confessed her deep
love for rumored boyfriend Jake
Ejercito, the son of Manila Mayor
Joseph "Erap" Estrada.
In her official Instagram
account, Eigenmann posted an old
photo of her and Ejercito and
shared how their love story began.
According to the actress, she
was only 7 years old when she first
Actress Andi Eigenmann
Page 25
December 6-12, 2013
Page 25
Angelica Panganiban ready
to marry John Lloyd Cruz
MANILA -- Actress Angelica
Panganiban admitted that ever since
she was a kid, she wanted to get
married at the age of 28.
Now that she is 27, is
Panganiban gearing up to marry
boyfriend John Lloyd Cruz?
"After nila Melai, kinabukasan
agad. Kaya hindi ako makakapunta
eh, Panganiban joked.
She was referring to the
upcoming wedding of "Banana Nite"
co-star Melai Cantiveros to longtime boyfriend Jason Francisco.
Panganiban had said that if ever
Cruz would propose marriage next
year, "magye-yes siya."
But in a separate interview, Cruz
denied having any plans as of the
"Wala. Kung mayroon man,
papaalam namin sa inyo," the actor
By Marinel R. Cruz
Angelica Panganiban and John Lloyd Cruz
Aga on wife Charlene: She
was never my girlfriend
Aga, Charlene and children Atasha and
MANILA -- Aga Muhlach recalled
his relationship with wife Charlene
Gonzales before they were married
in 2001, admitting they skipped a
step or two in their love story.
"She was never my girlfriend. We
got engaged first, but I had to ask for
her hand from her parents before we
even started dating," Muhlach said.
Andi confesses ...
From page 24
said that she will marry Ejercito
someday "without even having a clue
what that meant."
"Twelve years later with a clearer
vision of what that means, I still feel
the same. We may have not realized
that at the best time, but if we kept
waiting, maybe it would've never
happened, right?" she said.
"Since Day 1, I was never ashamed
to tell the world how much I care
about you. And though people may
not understand, it didn't matter.
"What's important is i know
you've done enough to make me the
happiest person alive. Thank you for
that. I'm sorry if i belong in a tough
industry with rumors so easily spread
even if there's no truth to them at all.
Drunk Anne Curtis says sorry
after slapping John Lloyd Cruz
The couple first met through a
cousin. And even after judging the
1994 Binibining Pilipinas, which
Gonzales won, and working together
in the ABS-CBN sitcom "Oki Doki
Doc," Muhlach said they only stayed
"I met Charlene a long time ago,"
Muhlach said. "She was 11 and I was
16. I met her through her cousin.
Flash forward, Charlene was in Bb.
Pilipinas and I was one of the judges,
and then we were in a show together,
'Oki Doki Doc.' It was just like that;
we were just friends."
The couple then leaped from
being friends to an engaged couple
in a moment straight out of a
romantic film.
"It was just one moment of
realizing that right in front of me was
my wife. A week after that, I
proposed to her," Muhlach said.
Less than a year after getting
engaged, the couple married on May
28, 2001 in Baguio City.
"Up to this day," Muhlach said, "I
feel like I'm the luckiest guy on earth.
I have a wife who's so loyal."
Muhlach added: "When I
married, I really settled down... I love
that feeling when I come home from
work and my wife is there to
celebrate my blessings with me."
With you living far away I know its
hard to choose who to believe. I just
hope that you'd be smart enough to
know, I will never do anything to hurt
you. I cannot afford to do anything
that wouldn't please you at all. I miss
you everyday. I hope you know that
its only you, for me. No matter what.
It's you or nobody.
"Not everybody may be pleased
with this, but as long as the people
that do love us realize they should, I'll
be fine. Because I love you w all my
heart. And I will never be ashamed to
say it. People will always try to break
us apart, because they have no idea
how strong we are. That's real love.
Kaya pa segue na sa pag-promote ng
p e l i k u l a
n a m i n ,
#whentheloveisgone.. It's not true
love. That's why i know my love for
you will never go away. Not even a
little bit," the actress said.
Popular TV host, product
endorser and actress Anne
Curtis admitted on Sunday that
she wasn't in the “right state of
mind” when she slapped and
berated fellow ABS-CBN artist
John Lloyd Cruz at a bar in The
Fort, Taguig City, last week.
Sounds more like a
meltdown, to her critics Online
reports say Curtis also slapped a
magazine editor and screamed
at TV host-model Phoemela
Baranda at the posh Privé
Luxury Club on Nov. 23.
It was not clear what
prompted Curtis' outburst but,
addressing the issue via the
micro-blogging site Twitter last
weekend, she admitted she had
had “one too many drinks.”
Which should probably
make the makers of an alcoholic
product that she endorses
happy. But they can't claim all
the credit.
In her “tweet,” Curtis said
she had been “on the super
popular juice cleanse for three
days and attended my best
friend's bachelorette [party]
that night.”
“Juice” on top of juice. That
might explain why she was
The reports talk about an
enraged Curtis emerging from
the bar's toilet, demanding,
“Who's banging [on] my door?”
Baranda has not
commented on eyewitness
accounta that Curtis told her, “'I
can buy you, your friends and
this club!'”
Meaning, cheeky observers
have commented on Facebook
that the toilet door wasn't hers
Anne Curtis
at that point, so the banging
couldn't have been the
reason.Curtis' Twitter post put
part of the blame on an
unnamed person's
“inappropriate behavior,” but
she shared an insight with her
reported 5 million followers:
“That's why they say, 'Drink in
moderation'… I will charge it to
experience… A lesson learned.”
She decided to explain, she
said, because she owed fans “my
honesty.” She added: “I've
always been an open book and I
don't like to hide anything.”
But that was eight days after
the incident.
In any case, she thus
confirmed the slapping incident
and said she had apologized “to
all parties included.” She also
said the person who triggered
her anger had apologized and
that she accepted the apology.
She wouldn't identify the
person, though, “because I'm
not the type to ruin someone
else's name.”
Curtis apologized to her
fans, whom she felt she had let
“As you all see, I'm just like
John Lloyd Cruz
any other person that makes
mistakes in life,” said the big
stakes endorser, certainly one of
the most identifiable faces on
billboards across the country.
The Inquirer sought
Baranda by phone for a reaction,
but she did not pick it up.
Actor Sam Milby, Curtis' exboyfriend, on Monday defended
the actress, saying: “A lot of
people are quick to judge.
People have to remember that
[show-biz personalities] are
only human. We also commit
The actor, who is currently
promoting a coming movie said
he was shocked to learn of the
incident. He refused to
elaborate, apart from saying:
“You know how show biz is. You
say one thing and it gets blown
out of proportion. It's better [for
me to stay out of it]. I wasn't
there, anyway.”
He also said he admired the
actress for owning up. “This is
something that will soon pass,”
he said, “with all the support she
is getting from her friends and
Luis Manzano, Angel Locsin asked:
Getting back together?
MANILA -- Luis Manzano and
Angel Locsin, who both recently
separated from their respective
partners, prefer to keep mum on
the possibility of getting back
together, four years after their
The 32-year-old TV host did
not give a direct answer when
asked on his ties with Locsin,
explaining it may complicate
"It's very, very hard to
comment on that kasi siyempre
may pinagdaanan rin naman si
Angel at ako rin, and to comment
on that, siguro it will fuel certain
flames na iwasan na siguro natin
dahil baka mabigyan ng hindi
magandang interpretasyon," he
The 28-year-old actress
recently separated from her
boyfriend of over a year, football
player Phil Younghusband. Locsin
confirmed the breakup in late
October. They became a couple in
May 2012.
Angel Locsin and Luis Manzano
Page 26
Page 26
December 6-12, 2013
Lady Luck smiles on
‘winningest' kiddie tilt
By Nestor U. Torre
“Bet on Your Baby” is only a
few telecasts old, but it's
already made a name for itself
as the most “prize-friendly”
game and quiz show on the
On its very first telecast, the
couple who got into the show's
championship round romped
off with its top prize a cool
million pesos in cash!
Since then, other winning
parents and their toddlers have
won hundreds of thousands of
pesos and, just last Sunday, the
new program came up with its
second, very surprised and
thrilled “millionaire” family!
Right piggy bank
It all seems to be too good to
be true, but it's actually just a
matter of fantastic luck and
good fortune, since winning the
million-peso plum is just a
question of being able to choose
the right piggy bank that
happens to contain the
millionaire-making bonanza.
And, no, the surname of the
game's two new top winners
SANTOS. Hosts most “prizefriendly” game and quiz show.
was not “Napoles!” Na-surprise,
definitely. Na-possess, quite
possibly. But, no other porcine
connections can be inferred.
Great news
The recent turn of events
has been great news for the two
“winningest” families involved,
but it's also done wonders for
the show's reputation and
Now, all couples with
toddlers will want to join the
competition or view the
“ultragenerous” show so, just
watch its ratings go through the
Elsewhere on the TV screen,
a cautionary note was recently
struck on “Sunday All-Stars,”
because the well-meaning and
hard-working stellar
contenders continued to be
stymied by their limiting “bits
and pieces” mentality when
conceptualizing and
performing their weekly
competition numbers.
Instead of working at
unified concepts and
approaches, they still think in
small portions, each with a little
showcase for each cast
This is nice and cozy, but it
prevents their numbers from
genuinely building up to a
satisfying and insightful climax,
as all concept numbers should!
Jolina Magdangal
wants Italian, Brazilian
name for baby boy
By Alex Brosas
Jolina Magdangal is now on her
seventh month pregnancy but she
and her husband Rivermaya
drummer Mark Escueta have not
yet chosen a name for their baby
“Ang hirap talaga maghanap
(ng name ng baby) pero may
inililista na talaga kami. Gusto ko
talaga magkasundo kami ni Mark
kung ano 'yung pangalan talaga,”
Jolina said during the Christmas
party for the press tendered by
PPL Entertainment headed by
Perry Lansigan.
Although they've checked out
“baby name books” and the
“internet,” the couple remains
undecided though “ang gusto sana
namin ay parang Italian or
Brazilian name.”
Delicate condition
Jolina shared that the first few
months of her pregnancy was
delicate in that “nag-spotting ako.”
She was even advised by her
OB-gynecologist to take a month
and a half bed rest.
Jolina Magdangal is expected to give birth
in February (photo by Enie Reyes)
“Ang tayo ko lang ay para
magwiwi, muntik na nga akong
mag-bedpan, eh.”
She and Mark were cautioned
about announcing the pregnancy
until “hindi sure.”
“Kasi baka aasa ang mga tao.
Nu'ng finally na-announce na
namin, ang dami ring nag-pray
Jessy Mendiola’s
mission cuts both ways
By Bhenj Agustin
While most are happy that Jessy
Mendiola has been appointed by the
Korea Tourism Organization (KTO)
as honorary Korea Tourism
Ambassador, some ask what the
actress is doing for her own country.
“It's vice-versa. While I promote
Korea to Pinoys, I also promote the
Philippines to the Koreans when I'm
there. Syempre, kailangan ko ding
alagaan ang image ng Pilipinas.
Kapag pumunta ako ng Korea,
makikita nila na maganda din pala
sa Pilipinas, warm din pala ang mga
“Meron din silang
ambassadress na Korean naman for
Philippines so ganun,
nagpapalitan,” she said in an
The actress finds Korea vibrant,
colorful and historical. More than
the special treatment she gets there,
she is thrilled to learn about their
culture, partly by visiting hospitals
and tourism spots Changdeokgung
Royal Palace, N-Seoul Tower, Lotte
World, etc.
“Ang daming dimensions ng
Korea, ang daming sanga, ang
daming anggulong puwede mong
Work abroad
Will the Star Magic talent trade
her career here should more
opportunities open in Korea? Jessy
would rather cross the bridge when
she gets thereand if there's onebut
she remains open to anything.
“ Wa l a p a n a m a n g o f f e r,
nagsisimula pa lang naman ako. But
if it happens, why not? It's a new
opportunity. Pero masaya ako sa
mga nangyayari sa akin dito sa atin.”
Jessy had been to Korea in 2012
to participate in the KBS channel's
World Date with K-pop stars Shinee.
Since then, she had been visiting the
country often.
Sangyong Zhu, Director of KTO
Manila Office, says in a statement,
“Jessy is the right person to be an
Honorary Ambassador because she
is one of the most popular actresses
and models as a rising star in the
field of show biz in the Philippines.
She is still young but already
became one of the most influential
Page 27
Luis Manzano, Angel Locsin ... From page 25
Manzano also confirmed his split with actress Jennylyn Mercado late last
month. They would have celebrated their second anniversary last October
Coincidentally, Locsin and Manzano confirmed their breakup in October
of 2009, four months after their actual separation.
Asked on the possibility of getting back together with Manzano, Locsin
similarly put off giving a direct answer.
"Baka 'yon po ang hindi ko masagot sa ngayon. Sa ngayon po, I'm very
happy doing what I love most and helping people out," said Locsin, who at the
time was taking part in the relief efforts of Philippine Red Cross for the
victims of the recent typhoon.
"Hindi nalang muna ako nag-iisip kasi kakagaling ko lang rin naman po
ng breakup so medyo mahirap po ngayon ang sitwasyon," she said.
December 6-12, 2013
Page 27
Dawn Zulueta discusses
comeback, success
Dawn Zulueta
Dawn Zulueta said she is fortunate to
have been given the opportunity to
continue her passion for acting
despite being in her mid 40s.
The mother-of-two returned on
television in 2011 when she did the
remake of the original 1997 hit series
"Mula Sa Puso" opposite Enrique Gil,
JM De Guzman, Lauren Young, Eula
Valdez and Ariel Rivera.
After the show ended, she
immediately signed up for "Walang
Hanggan" topbilled by Julia Montes
and Coco Martin. The said series was
also her reunion project with
perennial love team, actor Richard
"I really consider myself so lucky
because at my age, you don't really
expect na hinahanap ka pa rin ng mga
tao and they want you in their
projects," said Dawn.
Dawn was more surprised when
people were raving on her come back
team-up with Richard. She said it
feels like the 90s again, but this time
t h ey h ave yo u n g e r a u d i e n c e
cheering for them.
"Mas lalo 'yun ang nakakagulat
kasi hindi naman talaga namin iniexpect yun. Nakakatuwa kasi ('yung
fans) buma-bagets sila," said the
Dawn also did "Bukas Na Lang
Kita Mamahalin" with Rayver Cruz,
Cristine Reyes, Gerald Anderson,
Tonton Gutierrez and Dina Bonnevie,
which ended mid November.
According to Dawn, it's difficult
to maintain a successful showbiz
career and a happy family life, and
that's why she's thankful for the
undying support and love of
husband, Davao Del Norte
Representative Anton Lagdameo.
She said her husband and
children will remain her utmost
"It's really a balancing act
because you have to make time for
the kids. Hindi pwedeng
makalimutan ko 'yung
responsibilities ko as a mom and
wife," she said.
"Nag-iba na ang priorities ko
(dahil sa family) pero sa awa naman
ng Diyos, my husband is very
understanding. He already
understands the nature of my work,"
she added.
Right after the New Year, the
actress will be back on television via
"You're My Home" opposite Gomez.
Dawn dismissed rumors that the
new project will not push through
because Richard will be busy helping
his wife, Leyte Representative Lucy
Torres-Gomez, in rehabilitation of
typhoon-hit province of Ormoc.
The actress said they will start
taping for the series this week and
will take a short break just in time for
Christmas and New Year.
"Tuloy parin kami. As a matter of
fact, next week na kami magro-roll
for the pilot taping. (The airing is
next year) but hopefully not too early
next year kasi kulang na 'yung araw
this year. Parang di pa kami
makakabuo ng pilot week. So, I hope
makapondo muna kami before
umere," Dawn said.
Aside from the teleserye, Richard
and Dawn will be featured in one
movie set for release on the latter
part of 2014.
Beauty Queens earn their 'stars’
By Jecelyn V. Macahindog
Miss World 2013 Megan Young
is ecstatic to have received own
“star” in the 9th edition of Walk of
Fame at Eastwood City in Libis,
Quezon City on Dec. 1.
The annual awarding founded
by German Moreno serves as
tribute to Filipino artists who have
made exceptional contributions to
local entertainment.
“Masayang-masaya ako kasi
dati pumupunta lang ako dito.
'Tapos nakikita mo 'yung mga
stars, may mga pangalan ng famous
personalities… And now, I'm a part
of it,” said Megan in an interview
aired on “24 Oras.”
Apart from Megan, former
beauty queens on the list are
Philippines' second Miss Universe
Margie Moran; Miss International
titleholders Stella MarquezAraneta, Melanie Marquez, Gemma
Cruz-Araneta, Precious Lara
Quigaman and Aurora Pijuan; and
the first Miss Universe from
Finland Armi Kuusela.
Also earning their own “star”
this year are famed personalities
from different fields: '50s matinee
idol Manding Claro, Wing Duo
Angie Yoingco and Nikki Ross;
singer Jamie Rivera, actors Joel
Torre, TJ Trinidad, Edgar Mortiz,
Bembol Roco, Gladys Reyes, Toni
Gonzaga, director Laurice Guillen,
Master Showman himself German
Moreno, Alice Eduardo, Drs. Manny
and Pie Calayan, Joel Cruz and
b ro a d c a s t j o u r n a l i s t V i c k y
Morales joins the list of former
media-men recipients Jessica
Soho, Mel Tiangco, Mike Enriquez,
Arnold Clavio, Noli de Castro,
Korina Sanchez, Tina MonzonPalma and the late Angelo Castro.
“Talagang isang napakalaking
karangalan ang mapabilang ka dito
s a m g a m ay n a i - a m b a g s a
industrya ng showbiz or news
information. Ang mga pagkilalang
ganito, it only goes to show na naaappreciate ang mga ginagawa mo,”
Miss World 2013 Megan Young
said Morales in the same “24 Oras”
CNN's Anderson Cooper and
Hollywood actor and half Pinoy
Rob Schneider are now also part of
Walk of Fame Philippines. Manila
FHM gets Alice Dixson to pose sexy
Jessy Mendiola’s
mission ...
From page 26
celebrities in the Philippine society…
her image is bright, amiable, goodnatured and even noble…”
In Korea, Jessy is tasked to
publicize Korean premium tours and
Korean beauty and wellness. Other
honorary ambassadors are PSY,
Super Junior, 2PM, Miss A, English
opera singer Paul Potts and
Hollywood star Lindsay Price.
Manila Bulletin
Jolina ... From page 26
para sa amin kasi maselan (ang
sitwasyon ko),” said she who is set to
give birth around Feb. 21.
The singer-actress intends to
breastfeed her child for at least six
“Pipigilan ko na painumin siya sa
bote hangga't kaya. Kahit na may work
na ako after three months at nakarecover na ako, basta mapadede ko
siya. Kaya ngayon pa lang ay nagmamalunggay na ako.”
Jolina gets tips about motherhood
from her mom.
Jessy Mendiola
“Hindi siya nagkulang ng pagsabi
kung ano ang mga dapat,” she shared.
Even her brother gives valuable
“Yung brother ko na me anak na
four months, 'pag pinapaliguan na ang
baby niya ay ipinapakita sa akin. 'O,
ganito, bumili ka ng ganito. Ganito
dapat ang crib niya.'”
With her busy schedule, it would
be practical for Jolina to get a nanny.
While not against the idea, she
feels that “kung magyayaya ako ay
assistant ko lang pero gusto ko, ako
(ang mag-aasikaso personally sa baby
ko). “Gusto ko talaga hands-on ang
pag-aalaga sa bata.” Manila Bulletin
MANILA - Veteran actress and former Binibining Pilipinas International Alice Dixson was
introduced on Friday as the newest cover girl of FHM Philippines. The men's magazine posted a
photo of its December 2013 cover on its website and Facebook page, showing Dixson wearing fleshcolored underwear with a piece of white cloth strategically covering her breasts.
In an interview with FHM Philippines' website, Dixson explained why it took her so long to do a
sexy photo shoot. “I think maybe when I was younger I wasn't ready to do photo shoots like this,”
she said. “Even when Mother Lily was pushing me towards a sexy image I would always resist. But
now, it's become ordinary to come out in a bikini and it's more accepted now. I just learned that it's
part of work, and it came out very nice.”
Dixson is one of the stars of the movie “When the Love is Gone,” which also includes Gabby
Concepcion, Cristine Reyes, Andi Eigenmann and Jake Cuenca.
December 6-12, 2013
Page 28
MEMBERS of the men's and women's basketball teams left for Myanmar Dec. 3 in the company of other Filipino
athletes with high hopes of completing a golden double in the 27th Southeast Asian Games.
Pinoy cagers out to complete golden double
Marcus Douthit. Inquirer photo
Douthit pledges P500
for every point, rebound
in SEA Games campaign
By Celest R. Flores
MANILA -- As he rallies the
country to a gold medal in the
Southeast Asian Games towering
center Marcus Douthit also
pledged to help victims of
Supertyphoon “Yolanda” along the
The naturalized center offered
to donate P500 for every point and
rebound he collects as the Filipinos
shoot to defend their title in the
2013 SEA Games in Myanmar.
Douthit said in a tweet on
Wednesday that his pledge will to
go victims in Tacloban, Leyte, the
town that was badly hit by the
super typhoon nearly a month ago.
Two weeks ago, Los Angeles
Lakers' center Pau Gasol started
the trend and donated $1,000 for
every point he scored against the
Golden State Warriors.
Douthit's donation, no doubt,
won't be measly as he, along with
the SINAG Pilipinas team, are
expected to dominate the
basketball tournament of the
biennial event.
The Filipinos, bannered by
standouts from the collegiate
division and skippered by Kevin
Alas, were scheduled to fly out to
N a P i Ta w, M y a n m a r o n
Wednesday, Dec. 4.
“We've been practicing for a
long time now, so I think we have
jelled. Everybody's expecting us to
win big in the SEA Games,” Alas
MGM for Pacquiao's next
fight; foe unknown
By Roy Luarca
Manny Pacquiao will return to
MGM Grand in Las Vegas for his
next fight on April 12 against a still
unknown opponent.
“We'll know before Christmas,”
renowned promoter Bob Arum
told Filipino sportswriters over the
phone yesterday.
The short list of Pacquiao's
probable opponents is headed by
unbeaten American Tim Bradley,
who handed the Fighter of the
Decade a discredited split decision
loss on June 9, 2012 at MGM.
Pacquiao's forgettable season
ended when he got knocked out by
Juan Manuel Marquez in the sixth
round on Dec. 8, also at MGM.
The Filipino ring icon
resurrected his career with a
lopsided unanimous decision over
Brandon Rios last Nov. 24 in Macau.
Bradley bested Marquez by
split last October and announced
his willingness to fight Pacquiao
again, if only to prove that he's
really the better fighter.
Marquez, on the other hand,
has nixed a fifth fight against
Pacquiao despite a juicy $12
million offer.
Also back on Pacquiao's radar
are unbeaten Floyd Mayweather Jr.,
former sparring partner Ruslan
Provodikov and even former victim
Miguel Cotto, who was at ringside
during Pacquiao-Rios.
Arum and Pacquiao are open to
a megabuck bout with Mayweather,
while Provodnikov doesn't want to
fight Pacquiao owing to the
friendship they developed while
preparing for Bradley.
“We're expecting no less than a
gold medal since we've been
dominating the SEA Games ever
since,” said men's team captain
Kevin Alas in Philippine
Sportswriters Association Forum at
Shakey's Malate.
“Iba na ito, labanan na ito para sa
gold,” said women's team co-captain
Joana Grajales.
The two teams will have plenty
of time to acclimatize in Myanmar,
with their initial games set only on
Dec. 9.
The Perlas ng Pilipinas squad of
coach Haydee Ong kicks off its
campaign against Malaysia, followed
by Thailand the following day. After a
four-day rest, the Filipina lasses
plunge back into action on Dec. 15
against Indonesia and cap their
campaign against the host country
the next day.
The Sinag Pilipinas team of
coach Jong Uichico opens its title
defense against Singapore and
battles Cambodia on Dec. 10. After a
one-day rest, the Filipinos resume
their campaign against Myanmar on
Dec. 12, followed by Thailand (13th),
Indonesia (14th), and Malaysia
“It's a puzzle for us that they'll
start early and finish late,” said
Samahang Basketbol ng Pilipinas
executive director Bernie Atienza,
who accompanied the teams in the
public service program presented by
Sha key's a nd t he Philippine
Amusements and Gaming Corp.
along with women's team manager
Cynthia Tiu, co-captain Merenciana
Arayi, and Matt Granuelas.
“ We' re l e av i n g to m o r row
(today), but will be playing on
Monday. It's not really the physical
conditioning that we are concerned,
but more on the boredom,” Atienza
Josh Reyes, one of Uichico's
deputies, welcomed the long break,
saying it will give the men's team
time to rest from their stints with
their mother teams and the national
“The last thing you want to
happen is go to Myanmar with
injured players. So for us, it's a
welcome opportunity to rest our
players,” said the son of Gilas
Pilipinas coach Chot Reyes.
Considered as the biggest
threat's to the Filipinos' titlere t e n t i o n b i d a re T h a i l a n d ,
Indonesia, and last-minute entry
Singapore. The Singaporeans,
according to Josh Reyes, will be
bannered by big man Russel Low, a
veteran of the 2010 Asian Youth.
Ong is unfazed by the prospects
of battling Malaysia right on the
team's opening game, despite the
fact the Malaysians beat the Filipinas
in the last FIBA-Asia For Women's in
“The team is prepared for our
first game. We've already made
adjustments in our offense and
transition,” she said. “'Yung apat na
makakalaban naman natin lahat
kasali sa FIBA-Asia. Ang hindi pa
lang naman namin nakakalaban is
`yung Myanmar.” Malaya
December 6-12, 2013
Page 29
Orlando Helps the Philippines Through Tennis
Orlando, Florida -- The city of Orlando is
lending a hand to its faraway friends in the
Philippines...through tennis. Players from all
around Orlando, Jacksonville, and Tampa, are
joining in the Typhoon
Tennis Tournament this Saturday December
7th. The multicultural affair will be hosted by
the Orlando Tennis Centre. The event is being
organized by world renown sports production
company Dragon Promotions and cosponsored by Commissioner Daisy W. Lynum
of Orlando District 5. The purpose of the
tournament is to raise money for Typhoon
Haiyan relief efforts in the Philippines, and also
raise awareness of the plight of the people
affected by the monster storm.
"I was actually in the Philippines the day
the typhoon hit. You feel helpless when mother
nature decides to rain on you. But at least in the
aftermath, we can all do our part to pitch in",
said Charlie Williams of Dragon Promotions,
Executive Producer of the event. Williams is a
16 year resident of Orlando and started
playing tennis a little over 3 years ago.
Williams continues,"I love tennis. And it so
happens that many of my tennis friends are
Filipino, so it was a natural for me to get them
all involved in this project."
Dragon Promotions is renown in the
Philippines as the event organizers of the Yalin
Women's World 10-Ball Championship and the Queens Cup. The two largest
women's sporting events in the country.
Several international communities in
Orlando have gotten behind the event. Player
representatives from the Korean, Vietnamese,
Hispanic and Filipino communities will be in
attendance. The event is a doubles format with
a open division and women's division. The
tournament is open to all players of amateur
status. Cash and prizes will be awarded to the
HOW TO PLAY: Place a number from 1 to 9 in each empty cell so that each
row, each column and each 3x3 block contains all the numbers from 1 to 9
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top finishers.
"I am very pleased to have my district
involved with Dragon Promotions in this great
charity event for the Philippines. The Typhoon
Haiyan was a terrible disaster, but it's great to
see local businesses and the people of Orlando
come together to show support for a foreign
nation through the spirit of sports. We
welcome everyone to come attend, and enjoy
the Typhoon Haiyan Tennis Tournament at the
downtown Orlando Tennis Centre", said
Commissioner Daisy W. Lynum of Orlando
District 5.
The event is sponsored by international
companies such as,
Dragon Promotions, and Pool & Billiard
Magazine. Local Orlando businesses such as
Seito Sushi in Baldwin Park, DC/AC Air
Conditioning, Florida Game Room, and
Dynasty Auto are all contributors.
"It's terrific to see so many people getting
behind this event for the Typhoon Haiyan
relief. I'm very happy to see the Orlando Tennis
Centre utilized in such a positive manner and
promoting good health and goodwill through
tennis. I look forward to seeing people from all
walks of life attending our Orlando event", said
Tom Sweitzer, Director of the Orlando Tennis
Centre. The money raised will be sent to the
Philippines #1 TV network ABS-CBN that has
set up its charity Sagip Kapamilya, and also the
Philippine Red Cross.
The tournament begins at 12 noon this
Saturday and is free to watch to anyone
a t t e n d i n g . To p l ay, c o n t a c t
[email protected] or call
(407) 246-4469.
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