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PR-MDL- 66-16
1 August 2016
New York children rediscover Filipino values and traditions at
18th Paaralan sa Konsulado
Thirty-five students of the 18th Paaralan sa Konsulado showcased what they learned at a colorful Culminating Day
Program on 30 July 2016 at the Philippine Center. Consul General Mario L. de Leon Jr. (right-most) awarded them their
Certificates of Completion.
30 July 2016, New York --- For 35 students, five fun Saturdays of learning and rediscovering their
Philippine identity culminated in a colorful program of song, dance and prizes at the Culminating Day of
the 18th Paaralan sa Konsulado on 30 July 2016 at the Philippine Center’s Kalayaan Hall in New York.
The students, aged 3 to 15, rendered performances exhibiting what they learned during the
summer Saturday sessions. Group 1, the youngest group, performed the song “Bahay Kubo” in their bee
and flower costumes and danced the “Bubuyog at Bulaklak”. The second group performed the Francis M
rap “Ito ang Gusto Ko”, while the oldest group did a declamation of Dr. Jose Rizal’s “Huling Paalam” by
Dr. Jose Rizal. Groups 2 and 3, with pupils aged 8 to 10 and 11 to 15, joined together to perform the
popular Philippine folk dances “Bulaklakan” using floral arcs, “Maglalatik” with coconut shells, and the
exciting “Sayaw sa Bangko”. The parents, who helped in preparing the costumes for their children and
decorating the venue, also showed off their dancing talents with a rendition of “Sumaya Sumunod”.
Following the cultural show, Consul General Mario L. de Leon Jr. and representatives of the
Association of Filipino Teachers in America (AFTA), co-organizer of PSK, handed Certificates of
Participation to the 35 students, as well as medals to the three winners each of the “Tuklas Talino” Essay
Writing Contest and Painting Contest. Loyalty Awards were also given to children who have attended
the Paaralan sa Konsulado for three consecutive years. The Consul General also handed Certificates of
Appreciation to all the resource speakers, teachers and volunteers.
A closing song titled “Kanta Pilipinas” was rendered by all the graduates and three alumni
volunteers who represented Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao in their colorful costumes and head dress.
(Clockwise, from upper L) The PSK graduates, grouped into 3, performed Philippine songs and dances such as Bahay Kubo,
Bubuyog at Bulaklak, Bulaklakan, Maglalatik, Sayaw sa Bangko and Ito ang Gusto Ko.
The program was hosted by two PSK students, Kyla Farinas and Matthew Friend.
In his remarks, Consul General de Leon congratulated the children and thanked the parents for
their commitment in bringing their children to attend PSK every Saturday during the summer. He also
expressed his gratitude to the AFTA and its teacher volunteers who worked closely with the Consulate
General in sustaining PSK and making it better every year.
“Every year, we are grateful for this opportunity to offer our pupils five days of fun, new memories,
new friendships, rediscovering Filipino values and traditions, and renewing their love of their Filipino
identity through the Paaralan sa Konsulado. Your support assures us that Paaralan sa Konsulado is an
effective tool toward this end”, the Consul General said.
(Top) Group 3 did a declamation of Dr. Jose Rizal’s “Huling Paalam. (Bottom photos) Consul General de Leon awarded
medals to the winners of the “Tuklas Talino” Essay Writing and Painting Contests.
(Clockwise from L) Consul General de Leon thanks the students, teachers and parents for sustaining the PSK through the
years; PSK students Kyla and Matthew serve as Masters of Ceremonies for the Culminating Day program; PSK teachers,
volunteers and parents are honored for their contribution to PSK; AFTA’s Josefina Badana encourages students to come
back for another summer of fun and learning.
AFTA’s Josefina Badana underlined the importance of PSK as a tool in reaching out to the young
minds of the children born and being raised in the US. She encouraged parents to come back, and
promised to collaborate again in the coming years to share their talents and expertise as teachers.
A favorite highlight of the PSK was a luncheon hosted by Madame Eleanor de Leon at the
Kalayaan Hall on July 23 constituting the module on Philippine Food and Table Manners. The children
enjoyed a sumptuous lunch of monggo soup, chicken adobo, rice and bibingka served by Cynthia and
Tyrone Coshue of Somerville NJ-based Pinoy Filipino Restaurant. The restaurant participated in the
Filipino Restaurant Week in May 2016. Prior to the luncheon, the children received a lesson on table
manners and etiquette from Ms. Ave Pimo.
(Clockwise from L): The pupils display their Filipino dress which they showcased at an impromptu fashion show during the
Pambansang Kasuotan module with speaker Erno Hormillosa; Madame Eleanor de Leon (3 rd from R) hosted a luncheon for the
pupils and teachers for the module on Filipino Food and Table Manners; the children play Filipino folk games like sungka and
Chinese garter during the Katutubong Laro module; children showcase their talents in the Tuklas Talino Painting Contest; Group
2 practices their sabayang bigkas of Francis M’s “Ito Ang Gusto Ko” which they presented during the Culminating Day program.
On the opening day, Mr. Kris Penas held an interactive discussion about the ideals and works of
“Pambansang Bayani” Dr. Jose Rizal, which elicited many questions from the children. The discussion
on “Pambansang Kasuotan” on July 9 was highlighted by an impromptu fashion show of the pupils in
their Filipiniana garb. Resource speaker Mr. Erno Hormillosa brought several Barong Tagalogs made of
different fabric designed by various Filipino couturiers as well as a fabulous terno created by renowned
Filipino designer Rene Salud to serve as visual aids as he described the evolution of the Philippine
national dress for men and women. The children also learned about regional folk dances in the
Philippines from Mr. Lino Arca when he talked about “Pambansang Sayaw”.
Launched in 1999, Paaralan sa Konsulado is a flagship project of the Philippine Consulate
General in partnership with AFTA aimed at propagating Filipino culture among Filipino children born and
being raised in the US. It runs for 5 Saturdays, from end June to end July, consisting of formal classes
from 9.00 am to 3.00 held at the Philippine Center New York. The curriculum covers conversational
Filipino, Philippine culture, geography, history, traditions and values through music, arts and crafts, and

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