AIR Summer 2016 Press


AIR Summer 2016 Press
Summer Project 2016
Theme: Preserving our Environment and World
Exploring our regions’ native natural resources
Starting June 29th through July 27th
San Diego State University
Ethnobotany is the study of how people of a particular
culture and region make use of indigenous (native) plants.
Since their earliest origins, humans have depended on
plants for their primary needs and existence.
Plants provide food, medicine, shelter, soaps and more.
Native people have held that our regional indigenous
plants had such impact on our lives that ceremonies,
calendars, and more were based upon plant life cycles.
Our program will be dedicated in the exploration
of plant life from the ocean to the desert.
All Meetings with be held on Mon. (10-1:30 pm)
and Weds. (10-3pm approx)
Mondays will be held at SDSU
and Weds. to be held at various field sites
June 27 and 29 - July 6/11/13/18/20/25/27
This summer our cultural topic with be the study of Ethnobotany within
the Southern California region. We will strive to understand the connections
between culture and our environment and how our Tribal ancestors
navigated throughout the region with great environmental understanding.
Students will understand how Tribal Governance will play a great role in
protecting our Native Lands. Students will have the opportunity
to learn about cultural understanding of land preservation and why this
environmental stewardship is important. They will also learn about laws
protecting our tribal lands and how Tribal governance plays a key role in
protecting our Native lands.
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