SoLait 100 - Product information


SoLait 100 - Product information
SoLait I00
A beater of peculiar embodiment!
SoLait I00
solar module and accumulator
no cord, no change of batteries
high performance
robust axle
specific whirl wheel with splash
easy to be cleansed
handy folding stand for
high-quality design
rated as GOOD
suitable not only for frothing
Technical Data
 output power solar module
0,14 Wpeak
 input power electric motor
1,0W – 2,5W at standard applications
 number of revolutions
9.000 – 13.300 per Minute (depending on load)
 accumulator
2 x NiMH, 2.4V, 450mAh
 capacity, fully charged
approx. 100 standard applications
 size
240 x 60 x 36 mm or 9,4 x 2,3 x 1,4 inches
 weight
140g or 5oz
 certificates
EMC according EN 50081, EN 50082, EN 61000
safety according to VDE 700/1, CE-sign
 warrenty
2 years
SoLait I00 is available in the colours white, blue, clear-transparent, blue-transparent and
Each appliance is equipped with a folding stand for easy positioning at the window.
A fully charged accumulator is sufficient for frothing approximately 100 portions. Normal usage is
possible without any problems even on cloudy days.
Last updated 08/2011, subject to change without notice

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