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Amanda Brunk
Party Time!
Everyone knows I'm a girl who can host a great party. On these occasions I just love to bring
out the bubbles.
But not just any bubbles will do. Being a true girlie girl, I like to make a statement and in my
book, pink bubbles are the only way to go!
Right now my favourite by far is Collalto Rosé Sparkling Wine. To me it captures fun in a
Reading at Home
Being a busy working mum, I love nothing more than being able to
steal some quiet moments away with a good book and a glass
of my favourite Collalto.
No matter if I'm catching up with one of my pals Cathy
Kelly, Patricia Scanlon or Claudia Carroll through the
pages of their books, or re-reading one of the steamy
scenes from one of my own novels, happiness is time
out with a magical adventure and a tasty tipple to wash
it down.
The Restaurant
Having appeared on the RTÉ TV show The Restaurant some
years ago and scoring the top rating of Five Stars, I've since
been recognised for having great skills in the kitchen and
impeccable taste-buds. So, believe me when I say Collalto Rosé
is my Five Star choice of the day.
Sparkling Value
Once upon a time France was the only country considered worthy of making palatable
bubbles. Sure there's no denying the credibility of great champagne but with more than a
1,000 years of winemaking behind them, the Collalto family have considerable winemaking
history of their own nestled up in the hills of Venice.
When comparing Collalto Sparkling Rosé to Champagne, the quality, distinctive taste and
more-than-reasonable price tag of a bottle of Collalto, in my eyes, makes it the winner hands
Princess Isabella
Collalto de Croÿ head
of the Collalto wine
estate says:
Amanda clearly enjoys meeting and catching up with friends as
she has picked one of the finest examples of our sparkling
wines, perfect for entertaining at home. It's a real statement.
Collalto is a traditional family wine estate who has not
forgotten how important the soil is, the value of caring for the
grapevine and making outstanding wines by using modern,
up-to-date equipment and methods. These methods integrate
family traditions with experience, to produce a wine which is
not only an icon of its place and vintage, but also an
ambassador for the patience and skills of its winemaker and
the traditions of the family which has helped to create it.
The Collalto family have always known that it takes more than
simple science, to produce a wine which is elegant and filled
with a sense of place and tradition. And this we have done for
more than 1000 years!
If you are new to Prosecco or just getting to know the wine then
you should also try our Prosecco Brut.
Collalto Prosecco Brut:
A pale straw colour, with delicate, long lasting
bubbles and a bouquet that is intense, fruity
aromas with impressions of ripe pear and
golden apple over a delicate floral background.
Dry and refreshingly crisp on the palate, well
balanced, with a long aromatic finish.
RRP: €17.99
Collalto Spumante Rosé:
A delicate, long-lasting bubble that accentuates
the immediate appeal of its lively peony-pink
hue. An intensely fragrant bouquet, releasing
scents of rose petal and lime blossom, with an
emphatic, long-lingering distinctiveness that
sets this wine apart. A dry and refreshing Rosé
with an aroma-laden finish that seems endless.
RRP: €18.99
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