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Grand Lodge holds fun day
for children in local home
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VOL. 116 • SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS • MAY 2014 • NO. 9
Making their lives a little brighter
Face painting, coloring, dress-up photos,
basketball, nail painting, lunch and a movie
were all activities provided for the children
at St. P.J.'s Children's
Home on Join Hands
Day, Saturday, May 3.
Volunteers from the
Grand Lodge, two
schools of dance and
Young Marines "joined
hands" to provide a day
of fun for these children
who have been removed
from their homes. See
story and more photos
on Pgs. 19-21.
Home presents four senior scholarships
The Retirement Home Scholarship Fund Committee has announced the names of the four students who will each receive $1,000
to help pay for their freshman year at the university of their choice. They are members of Lone Oak Lodge No. 88, WacoRobinson Lodge No. 4, Comfort Lodge No. 2 and Karnes City Lodge No. 215. Turn to Page 12 to read more about them.
Ciarra Gawlik
Allen Reynolds Miller IV
Sarah Nicole Muehlstein
Quincey Olenick
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Andy Schellenberg
Irene Schwertner
Joe Trojacek
Lee Vogel
Ronald Wiatrek
Grand President's
Life insurance for our grandchildren
Elizabeth and I are proud to announce the arrival of two new
grandchildren. Aiden David Ranney was born March 26 to
our daughter, Katie, and her husband, Stefan, of Port Lavaca.
And on May 1 our son, Justin, and his wife, Stephanie, of
Boerne welcomed Bailey Christine Preuss into the world.
Just like our first granddaughter, Kennedy Ann Connelly
(age 6), our two newest additions are already Hermann Sons
members. I am like many grandparents who choose to purchase their grandchildren’s first insurance certificate through
Hermann Sons because they believe in the fraternal tradition
of Hermann Sons and they understand the value of the purchase in their grandchild’s future financial plan.
Why purchase life insurance for a child? A child doesn’t
have income to replace. Let’s consider the many reasons that
make juvenile insurance a solid financial purchase for the
When Hermann Sons first began selling youth policies in
1942, one of the reasons parents purchased juvenile insurance was their desire to teach their children and instill in them
the lessons of good financial planning. Today, parents and
grandparents who purchase life insurance for their children
and grandchildren make a very important financial decision
for them by placing a permanent life insurance contract at
the base of their future financial plan. One day in the future,
when that child is married, or starting a family, or purchasing their first home, they will need to consider purchasing
life insurance to protect their family. Because of the parents’
or grandparents’ expression of love and concern, they will
already have a base started. Until that time, you have provided the insurance necessary for a young adult. Not to mention, the life insurance which formed this base was purchased
at an incredibly low premium because of the age of the child.
Many parents and grandparents purchase Hermann Sons life
insurance for their children to be eligible to attend the youth
camp and dance classes. These programs are great. They give
children the opportunity to learn more about themselves and
build self-esteem and social skills. Our junior members often
look back at their camp and dance experiences as some of
the best of their youth. Our wonderful fraternal benefits for
junior members are reason enough to join Hermann Sons.
Another good reason to purchase juvenile life insurance is
to offer an opportunity to guarantee future insurability using
an Insurability Protection Rider. Insurability Protection Riders
are sold with whole life contracts and give the policyholder a
guaranteed option to purchase additional whole life products
at standard rates at certain intervals in their life. For families
that have a medical history with higher risk or for others that
realize children and young adults can lose their insurability by
adverse health conditions diagnosed at any age, insurability
protection at an early age is very smart.
With more than 150 years of service to Texas families,
Hermann Sons is an organization steeped in tradition. Some
join Hermann Sons because of our fraternal benefits and
others join because of our excellent life insurance products.
But there is an equal number who join because it’s a family
tradition. Grandparents and great-grandparents believed in
the fraternal system and appreciated what Hermann Sons has
always done for its members and the communities where they
live. This pride has been passed down through generations of
Hermann Sons members.
And now, I pass it to the next generation – my grandchildren.
Buddy Preuss
Grand President/CEO
"Hugs from Home"
Give us the name and address of someone who is serving
in Iraq or Afghanistan and we will add them to our
"Hugs from Home" list of care package recipients.
Name ______________________________________
Address Line 1 _______________________________
Address Line 2 _______________________________
Address Line 3 _______________________________
Deployment Dates ____________________________
Clip and mail to:
Hermann Sons Grand Lodge
P.O. Box 1941
San Antonio, TX 78297-1941
Attention: Fraternal Department
Donors listed
SAN ANTONIO – Donations continue to be made to help send "Hugs
from Home" to the men and women
of the armed forces who are serving in
Afghanistan and Iraq.
The latest contibutors were:
Macdona Lodge No. 198
Bernard and Eulla Krueger
Harmonia Lodge No. 1
John Barry
Pat Saunier
Hondo Victory Lodge No. 161
McGregor Lodge No. 132
Fort Worth Lodge No. 33
Bexar Lodge No. 306
Jon and Sarah Thompson
Mission-Alamo Lodge No. 80
Houston Lodge No. 100
Dustin and Kimberly Krueger
Lodges and members wishing to
make a contribution can do so by
mailing a check to the address listed
to the left.
May 2014 – Hermann SonS newS – Page 3
Calendar of Events
Grand Vice President-Secretary/Treasurer
Senior Games . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Kirby . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .June 1
Kirby Lodge No. 305 will host a Senior Games Party beginning at 2 p.m. at the lodge hall
located at 210 Bauman St. Anyone age 55 or older is invited to play free of charge. Prizes will be
awarded to the winners. Refreshments including sandwiches and desserts will be served.
Congratulations are extended to the top agents who were recently honored at our annual Agents' Awards Banquet. Hermann Sons
continues to offer the best products and fraternal services to its
members but only through qualified agents who serve our organization with exceptional service. Best of luck to our sales force
in the acquisition of members this year. Speaking of which, membership applications are running above last year’s totals, a good
indication of a successful year.
Many lodges spent the day of May 3 giving to their communities in many shapes and forms. Look through this issue and also
next month’s for wonderful expressions of Hermann Sons support
through local community service projects.
The Grand Lodge was proud to visit the St. Peter/St. Joseph
Orphanage for Join Hands Day and interact with the children
by offering arts and crafts, face painting, a dress-up photography
session and delicious hot dogs, with popcorn and a movie afterwards. It was a special day of giving to these wonderful children.
Thanks go to the Young Marines and students from two schools
of dance who partnered with us and made the day a memorable
one for all who participated.
The Hermann Sons Future Club Family Fun Day will be held on
Saturday, June 14, at Schlitterbahn.
Hermann Sons Youth Camp will hold an Open House also on
June 14 and officially open the camping season the following
day on June 15. The Open House is an excellent opportunity for
junior members and parents to visit Camp, meet staff members
and ask any questions about our Camp and its programs. Nonmember friends are invited also. Camp weeks are filling up, so
if you have not registered, we encourage you to do so soon.
Remember campers must be in good standing in order to make
Don’t forget our 50th annual Hermann Sons State Bowling
Tournament to be held in Katy on two weekends – July 26-27
and Aug. 2-3. We are looking forward to more teams participating
this year. The entry form can be found in this issue of the newspaper, along with additional information. This is an excellent way
to meet Hermann Sons members throughout the state through a
common bond. Lodges can sponsor teams, so let’s make this one
big Hermann Sons 50th! Come bowl with us. Teams can be put
together, if you do not have a foursome.
Dance recitals continue through June. We are very proud of this
junior program that showcases our young members. Dance is a
wonderful opportunity offered to our junior members that introduces creative talents and performance abilities.
The Grand Lodge will hold its traditional Flag Day ceremony on
Friday, June 13, at 10 a.m.
The Retirement Home Committee met in April. Three new
applicants are now resident members. Members are encouraged
to visit and see the beauty of this facility just outside the town
of Comfort. Lodges may enjoy an outing on the grounds of the
Home. Visit our website for more information or give the Grand
Lodge a call.
The Grand Committee held its quarterly meeting on April 22
where agenda items were reviewed. Minutes of this session are
published elsewhere in this issue.
Yes, and we all want to have fun, stay safe, enjoy family and
Hermann Sons. There are many lodge activities and celebrations
during the next few months. Check the paper’s calendar of events
and read your lodge’s news article for more information.
Keep in mind those men and women who have given their lives
in our nation’s service on Memorial Day.
And, a happy day for our fathers on June 15.
Mary Beam
Grand Vice President-Secretary/Treasurer
Golf outing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . San Antonio . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .June 7
Pershing Lodge No. 160 members will have an outing at Cool Crest Miniature Golf.
For more information, contact Terri Armstrong at 210-378-0319.
Flag Day . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . San Antonio . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . June 13
The Grand Lodge will host its annual Flag Day ceremony at 10 a.m. in the parking lot behind
the Grand Lodge. Everyone is welcome to take part in this patriotic program.
Refreshments will be served.
Flag Day . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Kirby . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . June 13
Kirby Lodge No. 305 will host a Flag Day ceremony at 8:30 a.m. at the VFW Post on
Ackerman Road. City officials and employees will be taking part in the program.
Refreshments will be served afterward. The public is invited to attend.
Dance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . San Antonio . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . June 14
The Cajun French Music Association will host a dance in the San Antonio Hermann Sons
Home Association Ballroom, 525 S. St. Mary's St., San Antonio, from 7:30-11:30 p.m. Cost is
$8 per person and the dance is open to the general public. Charles Thibodeaux and the Austin
Cajun Aces will provide the music. Call John Botter at 210-355-1157 for more information or
go to the website: www.defatrascajun.com
Dance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . New Braunfels . . . . . . . . . . . . . . June 14
The Goodtime Polka & Waltz Club will host a dance at Eagles Hall, 257 E. South St., New
Braunfels, from 7-11 p.m. Music by the Seven Dutchmen Orchestra from New Braunfels.
Call 830-660-4866 for more information. Memberships are available at sign-in table.
Guests welcome. No shorts please. Hamburgers available.
Chicken & Sausage Supper . . . . . . . . . . . . Brenham . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . June 20
Brenham Lodge No. 6 will host a Chicken and Sausage Supper beginning at 5:30 p.m. at the
lodge hall. Cost is $10 for the meal. Chris Rybak will provide music.
Casino trip . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Eagle Pass . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . June 22
Anton Wenzel Lodge No. 174 members and guests will board the bus for a trip to the Lucky
Eagle Casino in Eagle Pass. Cost is $25 but $15 of that will be returned as credit at the casino.
Call Merlinda Elizondo at 223-1491 to make a reservation.
Casino trip . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Eagle Pass . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . June 22
Pershing Lodge No. 160 members will board the bus bound for the Lucky Eagle Casino in Eagle
Pass. For more information, contact Terri Armstrong at 210-378-0319.
Dance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . San Antonio . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . July 12
The Cajun French Music Association will host a dance in the San Antonio Hermann Sons
Home Association Ballroom, 525 S. St. Mary's St., San Antonio, from 7:30-11:30 p.m. Cost
is $8 per person and the dance is open to the general public. Gumbo Ca Soir will provide the
music. Call John Botter at 210-355-1157 for more information or
go to the website: www.defatrascajun.com
Retirement Home Picnic . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Comfort . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . July 12
Pershing Lodge No. 160 members will visit the Retirement Home in Comfort.
For more information, contact Terri Armstrong at 210-378-0319.
If you would like to see your lodge’s event listed here,
call Kathie Ninneman, 210-226-9261 or 1-800-234-4124, ext. 273,
or email the information to [email protected]
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Volunteers spend day at children's home . . . . . . . . . . 1, 19-21
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Grand Lodge offers mortgage loans . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7
Bowling tournament set for Katy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8-9
Grand Committee meeting minutes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10
Lodges take part in Join Hands Day . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17
100% Families . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4
TOP Recommenders . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4-5
Term Life offers affordable coverage . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5
Roster of Agents . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .39
youth in action
Retirement Home names scholarship recipients . . . . . . 1 & 12
Camp staff has many years of experience . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13
Camp offering short session . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14
Camp Open House set for June 14 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14
Summer jobs available at Camp . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14
Camp, Home donate to Comfort VFD . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14
Tournament raises money for scholarships . . . . . . . . . . . 15-16
Dance recital dates listed . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16
Answers to puzzle on Page 40 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16
Future Club . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40
loDge rePorts
Page no. lodge
Albert Kypfer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18
Anton Wenzel . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23
Austin . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34
Bandera County . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19
Bellville . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18
Bernardo . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29
Bexar . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35
Brenham . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35
Cibolo . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28
Columbia . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25
Comfort . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18
Converse . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35
Corpus Christi . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29
Coupland . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24
Cuero Family . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26
Dallas . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24
Deanville . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19
Dunlay . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37
Edelweiss-Magnolia . . . . . . . . . . . . 26
Ellinger . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30
Fort Worth . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24
Fredericksburg . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38
Gay Hill . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31
Giddings . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31
Harmonia . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24
Helotes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 33
Highland Lakes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32
Hochheim-Prairie . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36
Hondo Victory . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31
Houston . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25
Page no.
Karnes City . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30
Kerrville . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34
Kirby . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37
La Grange . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31
La Vernia . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29
Lockhart . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32
Lone Oak . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29
Louise Schuetze . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22
Maxwell . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37
McGregor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35
Montgomery . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28
Moulton . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34
Nagel . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29
New Braunfels . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35
Old Glory . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38
Paige . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26
Paul Vogt . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32
Pershing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23
Poth . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38
Rosenberg-Richmond . . . . . . . . . . 34
Round Top . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27
Rutersville . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34
San Marcos . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30
Schulenburg . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27
Seguin . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36
Shelby . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28
Square Dancers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 33
Twin Sisters . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28
Vineta . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22
Womack . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35
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Hermann Sons welcomes
our new 100% Families!
100% Family
Valentine Family
x Matthew - new member
100% Family
hauptrief Family
x Timothy - new member
x Angela - new member
New Braunfels
New Braunfels Lodge No . 21
100% Family
Boxwell Family
x Phillip - new member
Knippa Lodge No . 233
Jean Merchant
100% Family
herman Family
x Trace - new member
100% Family
Comfort Lodge No . 2
Marilyn Vogt
Boerner Family
x Pamela - new member
Pershing Lodge No . 160
Pershing Lodge No . 160
Jourdanton Lodge No . 310
Members keep recommending
The Team of Outstanding Prospectors Campaign recognized 84 TOP Recommenders for the
month of April . This brings the total to 200 members recommending 255 new members to
Hermann Sons in 2014 . Congratulations to the following April recommenders:
Jonathon Albrecht, Yorktown Lodge
Justin Albrecht, Yorktown Lodge
Brianna Anderson, Albert Kypfer Lodge
Clarie Antosh, Schulenburg Lodge (+)
Michael Balderrama, Prinz Solms Lodge (+)
Jason Ballman, Montgomery Lodge
Natalie Barron, Odessa Lodge
Bailey Bartow, Prinz Solms Lodge (*)
Kyla Beck, Cibolo Lodge
Allyson Beckmann, Fredericksburg Lodge
Chloe Berry, Prinz Solms Lodge (*)
Ashley Bradley, Paul Vogt Lodge
Deborah Bruner, Da Costa Lodge
Kaitlyn Burkholder, Paul Vogt Lodge (*)
Gerry Caswell, New Braunfels Lodge
Jennifer Cernosek, Comfort Lodge
Tonya Clemons, Coupland Lodge
Margaret Clendennen, Maxwell Lodge
Amanda Cloessner, Weesatche Lodge
Taylor Czapla, Da Costa Lodge
Emma Derr, Spring Branch Lodge
Randall Ebner, Giddings Lodge
Tyler Egg, Marion Lodge
Terry Embrey, Highland Lakes Lodge
Nobalie Fulcher, Three Rivers Lodge (*)
Gail Gray, Cibolo Lodge (*)
Laura Tiffin
Laura Tiffin
Carol Krauss
Mary Seifert
Teresa Saathoff
Gary Falkenberg
Marilyn Vogt
Sandra Duncan
Carol Krauss
Dennis Henke
Doug Saathoff
Norma Bruns
Laura Tiffin
Marilyn Vogt
Shirley Huebinger
Teresa Saathoff
Frances Krieg
Charles Croley
Laura Tiffin
Laura Thigpen
Kimberly Mockert
Loretta Chilek
Lorene Bielke
James Embrey
Charles Caron
Tina Ynfante
see MeMBers, Pg. 5
Marketing News
Members still recommending
Cont'd. from Pg. 4
Kristen Grothues, Bandera County Lodge
Marco Gutierrez, Harmonia Lodge
Kate Heidrich, New Braunfels Lodge
Mary Herron, Da Costa Lodge (&)
Cassidy Hight, Anton Wenzel Lodge
Paul Hooge II, Prinz Solms Lodge (*)
Price Janecek, Houston Lodge
Gracie Jung, Twin Sisters Lodge (*)
Jessica Knetig, Yorktown Lodge (*)
Deloris Koehl, Round Top Lodge
Joseph Langfeld, D’Hanis Lodge
Brooke Lazo, New Braunfels Lodge
Mariska Leal, Gonzales Lodge
Haley Leita, Da Costa Lodge
Nicholas Lerma IV, Lockhart Lodge
Lace Lippert, Prinz Solms Lodge
Elizabeth Loos, Cuero Family Lodge
Claire Mackrell, Boerne Lodge
Madelyn Maldonado, Macdona Lodge
Denise Marks, Manchaca Lodge
Anneliese Martinez, Boerne Lodge
Claudia Mattox, Haskell Lodge
Madisyn Mooney, Mission-Alamo Lodge
Patrick Morris, Pershing Lodge
Sophia Munoz, Helotes Lodge
Wayne Noak, Rutersville Lodge (*)
Madalynn Nunez, Da Costa Lodge
Sophia Padilla, Albert Kypfer Lodge
Gayle Pfeiffer, Albert Kypfer Lodge
Lillian Pittman, La Coste Lodge
Lisa Powell, Comfort Lodge
Katie Ranney, Comfort Lodge
Nathan Rath, Cuero Family Lodge
Aaron Rodriguez, New Braunfels Lodge
Mark Rodriguez, Fredericksburg Lodge
Conley Savage, Marion Lodge
Avery Scheel, New Braunfels Lodge
Jeanette Schoenst, Round Top Lodge
Layne Schuchart, Pershing Lodge
Tracie Schuh, Helotes Lodge (*)
Samantha Schulmeier, Kirby Lodge
Jeremy Sexton, D’Hanis Lodge
Sherrie Spaeth, Hochheim-Prairie Lodge (*)
Donna Statham, New Braunfels Lodge
Sharon Tanneberger, La Vernia Lodge
Matti Theurer, New Braunfels Lodge (*)
Ana Vasquez, Siemering Lodge
Carolyn Walker, Houston Lodge (+)
Lane Wallendorf, Fredericksburg Lodge
Marcia Walters, Fort Worth Lodge
Abigail Williams, Giddings Lodge (*)
Ellora Wilson, Macdona Lodge
Lindsey Wilson, Hondo Victory Lodge
Shane Wilson, Hondo Lodge (*)
Kevin Wissen, Paige Lodge (*)
Mattie Wright, Jourdanton Lodge
Walker Wright, Boerne Lodge
Jordan Zapata, Biry Lodge (+)
(*) Recommended 2 new members
(+) Recommended 3 new members
(%) Recommended 4 new members
(&) Recommended 5 new members
Paul Heath
Eulla Krueger
Gloria Gass
Sarah Spencer
Teresa Saathoff
Clifton Klabunde
Gary Falkenberg
Gilbert Weiss
Judy Wolf
Linda Mattocks
Howard Saathoff
Judy Schulmeier
Bobbie Polasek
Laura Thigpen
Doug Saathoff
Doug Saathoff
Laura Tiffin
Marilyn Vogt
Eulla Krueger
Shirley Faske
Marilyn Vogt
David Wolf
Roxy Pruski
Laura Tiffin
Gregory Sterner
Gary Falkenberg
Laura Thigpen
Teresa Saathoff
Shirley Huebinger
Glenford Boehme
Jean Merchant
Norma Bruns
Laura Tiffin
Cecilia Gagliardi
Dennis Henke
Lorene Bielke
Shirley Huebinger
Linda Mattocks
Gregory Sterner
Eulla Krueger
Marilyn Vogt
Howard Saathoff
Bob Jungman
Roger Bippert
Marlin Tanneberger
Shirley Huebinger
Jean Merchant
Lisa Rozacky
Dennis Henke
Sandra Jones
Loretta Chilek
Eulla Krueger
Glenford Boehme
Glenford Boehme
Susan Skanse
Lillian Wiede
Marilyn Vogt
Dee Stricker
May 2014 – Hermann SonS newS – Page 5
Insurance allowed
family to carry on
Editor's Note: The following realLIFEstory was provided by the Life
and Health Insurance Foundation
for Education, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping consumers make smart insurance decisions
to safeguard their families' financial
futures. Hermann Sons is providing
this series of realLIFEstories as a public service to its members and their
families. Go to www.lifehappens.org
to learn more.
It was close to 11 p.m. the December
night when boxer Oscar de la Hoya
lost his fight to Manny Pacquiao. The
Virgens were saying goodbye to their
extended family after watching the
match together. Still basking in the
glow of family and good food, they
headed off to their Port Hueneme,
Calif., house.
On the way, their pickup truck was
slammed by a hit-and-run driver. The
car rolled over, pinning Nicolas and
wife Teresa inside. Son Gabriel and
daughter Mayra managed to crawl out
and were only slightly injured. When
rescue workers arrived, Teresa was
already dead. Nicolas had three broken vertebrae and multiple fractures
in his arms. “In one second your life
changes,” Nicolas says.
After their injuries were tended to,
the Virgens started picking up the
pieces. Thankfully Teresa had life
insurance to help them do it. Initially
the couple wasn’t convinced that
Teresa needed a policy of her own
since she did not work outside the
As a building contractor, Nicolas
saw the rationale for his own life
insurance. But their insurance agent
made the case that there would be
expenses if something were to happen to Teresa. “Think of all the things
that Teresa does,” the agent recalls
explaining to them.
The life insurance allowed them to
pay bills while Nicolas was out of
work for nearly two years recovering from his injuries, including an
amputated finger. It also helped with
college expenses for Mayra and her
older sister, Susana. If not for the
insurance, Nicolas is certain that his
family would have lost their home.
“It’s like Teresa is still watching over
us and taking care of us,” he says.
Term Life plans:
Solid protection
at affordable price
A life insurance policy is primarily meant to
protect the income of the provider(s) so the
family can maintain its current lifestyle should
something happen to that provider.
Hermann Sons Term Life Plans give options
to suit individual needs and changing circumstances. They offer solid protection at an affordable price.
They are convertible to Whole Life without
evidence of insurability provided other provisions are met. And the CT-10 is renewable every
10 years until age 65.
You are invited to visit the Hermann Sons
website - www.hermannsons.org - where you
will find a Life Insurance Needs Calculator (go
to Insurance Education and click on Needs
The calculator will help you determine how
much life insurance coverage you need to cover
such things as final expenses, mortgage protection, child care, your children’s education and
Then call your agent or the Marketing
Department at 1-877-437-6266 or 210-5279113 and you will be put in touch with an agent
who can explaiin all of the Hermann Sons life
insurance plans.
Term Life raTes
(The following rates are for the Hermann Sons CT-10 standard
issue, non-tobacco policy. An agent will be able to provide you
with rates specific to your age and circumstances.)
male, age 30
Face Amount Monthly Bank
male, age 35
Face Amount Monthly Bank
All rates include policy fee.
As of May 2014
female, age 30
Face Amount Monthly Bank
female, age 35
Face Amount Monthly Bank
Page 6 – Hermann SonS newS – May 2014
75 Years
walter ulbricht
Seguin Lodge No. 37
eugene a.
Kirby Lodge No. 305
70 Years
le roy a. bohnert
Comfort Lodge No. 2
laura lynn holster
Shiner Lodge No. 20
john w. hendrix
dian h. jerome
denise sanchez
Dallas Lodge No. 22
james d. modgling jr.
San Marcos Lodge No. 26
cole kivlin
william j. wolf
howard otis woller
Siemering Lodge No. 32
colby j. heyen
wilbur r. lindeburg
Hondo Lodge No. 236
john gary wicke
Bernardo Lodge No. 243
joni blohm ries
Poth Lodge No. 272
elroy c. boehm jr.
Orange Grove Lodge No. 292
a.a. biesenbach
wayne j. davis
Kirby Lodge No. 305
frieda c. galipp
Dallas Lodge No. 22
mark albert ideus
Yorktown Lodge No. 36
evelyn l. kovalcik
Lodge No. 47
annette m. eicher
dennis kieth trost
Seguin Lodge No. 37
juanita m. peters
Cuero Family Lodge No. 82
margaret ann bounds
raymond james
Lodge No. 47
ray r. gehrels
james c. hoyo
darryl a. schneider
michael p. tonetti
arlon wyrwich
Harmonia Lodge No. 1
ruben l. schatz
Burton Lodge No. 55
david alan petermann
connie jo touchtone
Comfort Lodge No. 2
alice k. huffman
Bryan Lodge No. 99
evelyn h. tietjen
Rutersville Lodge No. 152
wilbert meyer
Poth Lodge No. 272
60 Years
james ray cermin
laurance nash
larry joe wolfe
Harmonia Lodge No. 1
quinn michael
Comfort Lodge No. 2
melissa s. kane
mary evelyn kight
Louise Schuetze Lodge No. 3
donald w. kunkel
Waco-Robinson Lodge No. 4
artie lee schultz
La Grange Lodge No. 8
martha c. childress
patsy jean helms
barbara h. kivlin
Vineta Lodge No. 15
milburn w. kram
Moulton Lodge No. 59
daniel wiethorn
Columbia Lodge No. 66
deborah kaye geffert
Gruenau Lodge No. 117
c.f. johnson jr.
cindy lynn king
joyce f. wiethorn
McGregor Lodge No. 132
erwin vernon bayer
Rutersville Lodge No. 152
eugene h. miller
joy marie miller
Needville Lodge No. 153
wilburn g. mohrmann
john g. wagenfehr jr.
Anton Wenzel Lodge No. 174
larry gus persky
Schwertner Lodge No. 307
50 Years
margaret e.
Taylor Lodge No. 3
paula bonham
mary margaret fisk
nancy jean robinson
florence h. skruhak
Louise Schuetze Lodge No. 3
stacy l. larpenter
Waco-Robinson Lodge No. 4
glenn earl kokemor
johnnie lee wegner
Brenham Lodge No. 6
allen wayne hintz
Bellville Lodge No. 11
bonita g. guettermann
harold j. kalich
Schulenburg Lodge No. 14
gerald freytag
Flatonia Lodge No. 15
barbara j. reimer
Gay Hill Lodge No. 193
laura f. olle
Vineta Lodge No. 15
mary k. rosson
douglas wayne trees
Knippa Lodge No. 233
louise c. langenberg
alicia c. morrison
Boerne Lodge No. 25
scott e.j. butler
lawrence m. white
warren a. white
Siemering Lodge No. 32
ruth k. brandt
allen lee menking
susan e. metting
Yorktown Lodge No. 36
kris a. flaugher
harold w. leonard jr.
donald w. leonard
karen l. seward
Seguin Lodge No. 37
joe tracy boullion
thomas james oreilly jr.
Lodge No. 47
laura k. saegert
bruce w. schneider
bonnie bea schultz
sandra l. siegmund
Giddings Lodge No. 54
robin kerry bergmann
Paul Vogt Lodge No. 234
jeffery a. zuercher
La Coste Lodge No. 261
mary christine hons
Da Costa Lodge No. 265
cheryl ann moczygemba
Poth Lodge No. 272
fred sinclair iii
susan sinclair
bonnie e. traylor
Dunlay Lodge No. 285
mary kay wolff
Kirby Lodge No. 305
rita gayle batla
Schwertner Lodge No. 307
carl a. garber jr.
Columbia Lodge No. 66
keith e. varner
Mission-Alamo Lodge No. 80
wesley blair reber
El Campo Lodge No. 87
conni j. kohlenberg
Spring Branch Lodge No. 127
mike dwayne felps
james w. fischer
Twin Sisters Lodge No. 138
kathy lynn bishop
Round Top Lodge No. 151
anna L. Brandt of Houston has
received her 75-year pin. sister
Brandt, a member of edelweissMagnolia Lodge No. 47, has
been a member since aug. 8,
carol beth lehman
Needville Lodge No. 153
leocadia butts
lawrence v. jendrusch
dona maria mays
samuel thomas mays
louise b. mulhern
melissa m. skarda
Pershing Lodge No. 160
rex alan malatek
Gonzales Lodge No. 175
robert k. kooken
Washington Lodge No. 178
melissa r. baldwin
dawn lea young
La Vernia Lodge No. 180
gladys helen sander
New Bielau Lodge No. 205
elaine Dornbusch of Marion
has received her 50-year membership pin. sister Dornbusch,
a member of Cibolo Lodge No.
147, has been a member since
Oct. 9, 1964.
May 2014 – Hermann SonS newS – Page 7
The Grand Lodge grants commercial loans on commercial property as part of
its investment portfolio. Listed below is the criteria communicated to those who
inquire about such a loan. Please note that the Grand Lodge does not lend on
apartment houses, single-family residences, nursing homes or gas stations.
The market concentrates on retail centers, professional offices and office/warehouse real estate and auto repair facilities in the State of Texas.
If you know of anyone shopping around to refinance real estate described
above or looking to purchase commercial real estate described above, please
request they call the Grand Lodge to discuss the possibility of the Grand Lodge
carrying the mortange on their real estate.
Evelyn L. Kovalcik of Houston
has received her 70-year membership pin. Sister Kovalcik, a
member of Edelweiss-Magnolia
Lodge No. 47, has been a member since May 23, 1944.
Clara Schriewer of New
Braunfels has received her
70-year membership pin. Sister
Schriewer, a member of Albert
Kypfer Lodge No. 106, has been
a member since Nov. 14, 1943.
In Memoriam
Donations to the Retirement Home Fund
in Memory of:
Columbus Lodge No. 10
Paige Lodge No. 154
Lockhart Lodge No. 64
Elizabeth & Larry Raute,
Janice Houghtling &
Susan & Frank Pawelek
Da Costa Lodge No. 265
Carol Krauss
Lodge No. 85
Donations to the
Retirement Home
Scholarship Fund in
Memory of:
Jack & Dianne Larned
Pershing Lodge No. 160
The Grand Lodge also has
received a donation for the
Retirement Home from
Bexar Lodge No. 306
Donations to the
Hermann Sons Youth
Camp in Memory of:
Lodge No. 85
Al & Arlene Marshall
The Grand Lodge of the Order of the Sons of Hermann in the State of Texas (Grand Lodge)
is a fraternal benefit society licensed and regulated by the Texas Department of Insurance. As
a fraternal benefit society under IRS Code Section 501(c)(8) and a financial organization, the
Grand Lodge offers life insurance and fixed annuities to our members from our home office in San
Antonio, Texas.
As a fraternal life insurance company, we maintain a portfolio of fixed rate commercial mortgages
(non-homestead properties) in the State of Texas, primarily in San Antonio, Austin, Houston and
Corpus Christi. We don't lend on apartments, duplexes, nursing homes, hospitals, raw land, properties with underground fuel tanks and certain other properties; however, we do make loans on
office buildings/warehouses, retail stores and strip centers. Commitment letters will be issued on
new construction but not funded until a Certificate of Occupancy is issued.
General terms for our commercial loans are outlined below:
Loan Amount - Maximum loan amount is $650,000 (higher on certain properties).
Interest Rate - 5.25% as of October 10, 2013.
Term - Maximum of 15 years and will do less.
Amortization - Level payment over term of mortgage.
Loan to Value - Not more than 70 percent.
Prepayment Penalty - Ninety days interest on unpaid principal balance.
Guarantees - Personal guarantee required per transaction.
Third Party Reports - Financial statements as may be required, appraisal from state
certified appraiser, survey acceptable to title company, mortgage title policy, and other
such reports as required by the Grand Lodge's Legal Counsel.
Fees - Application fee is $200 due upon submission to the Grand Lodge of the loan
application. A loan commitment fee of $1,000 is due upon acceptance by the Grand
Legal Fees for Mortgage - Can vary based on complexity of the transaction, but
generally approximately one half of one percent of the loan.
Assumption - Mortgage may not be assumed. Any anticipated assumption must have
Grand Lodge approval and new owner/payee must qualify as to credit worthiness as
to the same terms as the original loan.
If more information is desired, call Harry Werland, Grand Vice President-Investments,
at 210-892-0274 or 1-800-245-2450. Terms are subject to change without notice.
October 9, 2013
Page 8 – Hermann SonS newS – May 2014
State bowling tournament scheduled for Katy
SAN ANTONIO – The 50th
annual Hermann Sons State
Bowling Tournament will be held
July 26-27 and Aug. 2-3 at Times
Square Entertainment in Katy. The
rules for this year’s tournament
are as follows.
1. All entrants must be a member of Hermann Sons as of July
26, 2014.
2. Non USBC bowlers may pay
an affiliate membership fee of
$20, which will provide high
score recognition.
3. Handicap is 90% from 220
for each bowler per event.
CAREFULLY: It shall be each
bowler’s responsibility to determine that the submitted average
is correct. Failure to use the
correct average shall disqualify
the score if submitted average
is lower than correct average
thereby resulting in a lower classification or more handicap.
Prize winnings shall be based
on the submitted average if it is
higher than the correct average.
However, corrections in averages may be permitted up to the
completion of the first game of
a series. Every entry blank must
have each bowler’s highest USBC
Certified 2012-2013 book average based on 21 games or more
at the time of participation in the
tournament. Bowlers not having
a 2012-2013 average must use
highest 2013-2014 book average
based on 21 games. Bowlers not
having a 2012-2013 or 20132014 book average must use 2014
Summer average of nine games
or more in one league at time of
participation. Bowlers not having
any of the above averages must
enter with scratch average of 220.
ABC Rule 319(A-2) is waived (10
or more pins increase in average).
A: 2012-2013 yearbook average.
B: 2013-2014 yearbook average.
C: Summer 2014 average (nine
games or more in one sanctioned
league at time of participation).
5. All bowlers must check in
30 minutes before scheduled to
bowl and should present their
current USBC Certified card.
6. Entry closing date is July 1,
7. Any appeal or protest must
be made prior to the payment of
prizes. USBC Rule #329.
8. Make check payable to
See RULES, Pg. 9
50th Annual
Times Square Entertainment
402 W. Grand Parkway
Katy, Texas 77494
Entries Must be Postmarked by July 1, 2014
Rules Printed at Left
A: 2012-13 BK
B: 2013-14 BK
C: Summer '14
May 2014 – Hermann SonS newS – Page 9
Rules listed for bowling tourney for this summer's state bowling tournament
Cont'd. from Pg. 8
9. Positively no entries accepted after closing date as defined
in USBC Rule #310A.
11. No entry fee will be
returned after being received.
12. Entry is $16 per event. All
Events is $2 optional.
13. 100% of the prize money
will be returned to bowlers.
14. All winners’ averages will
be verified before distribution
of prize fund.
every five entries in team, singles and doubles.
16. Prize ratio for All Events
will be one prize for every 20
17. Plaques will be awarded
to each event’s first place winners.
18. Multiple participation
will not be allowed, except
in cases of emergency where
a bowler who has not participated already can not be found.
At least three officers of the
Executive Board must approve
the substitute. This can only
occur in the Team Event and
Doubles Event. The decision of
the Executive Board shall be
final unless an appeal is made
in accordance with Rule 329.
19. Two separate tournaments
with two separate prize lists:
one for USBC female members
only and one for USBC male
members only.
20. Average Adjustment USBC
Rule 319E will apply.
21. No previous prize win-
nings need be reported.
22. USBC Rules will prevail
in all instances not herein covered.
– Opening ceremony will be
held on July 26, 2014, at 12
– Singles/Doubles - Saturday,
July 26 and Aug. 2, at 12:30
p.m. and 4 p.m.
– Team - Sunday, July 27 and
Aug. 3, at 11 a.m.
Additional squads may be
added during the course of
the tournament, however no
squad may be added after the
final squad on Aug. 4, 2013,
at 11 a.m. unless tournament
is extended due to number
of entries and upon approval
of USBC. Secretary may drop
squad if not enough bowlers.
24. Two free team entries for
2014 Tournament (one male
and one female) will be drawn
for at the Annual Meeting on
July 26, 2014.
25. Lanes will be dressed
before first and third squads.
In Memoriam of Our Deceased Members
chaRles jeffRey wRen
Hondo Lodge No. 236
Died April 16, 2011 • Age 25
nancy e. goodwin
San Marcos Lodge No. 26
Died Dec. 27, 2013 • Age 61
anton l. kostak
Rosenberg-Richmond Lodge No. 85
Died March 3, 2014 • Age 84
lee c. funk
Pershing Lodge No. 160
Died March 18, 2014 • Age 64
kenneth lee bayeR sR.
Goliad Lodge No. 212
Died March 24, 2014 • Age 79
joan chRistopheR
Paul Vogt Lodge No. 234
Died May 9, 2012 • Age 78
lois w. weRtheim
Helotes Lodge No. 76
Died Dec. 29, 2013 • Age 91
noRma l. smith
Goliad Lodge No. 212
Died March 4, 2014 • Age 71
chaRles a. macha
Harmonia Lodge No. 1
Died March 18, 2014 • Age 96
lubie c. geoRge
Harmonia Lodge No. 1
Died March 24, 2014 • Age 95
Roy h. schellenbeRg
Dallas Lodge No. 22
Died Oct. 9, 2013 • Age 88
kenneth R. koRthaueR
Brenham Lodge No. 6
Died Jan. 10, 2014 • Age 70
hilda e. oefingeR
Louise Schuetze Lodge No. 3
Died March 5, 2014 • Age 98
alice f. steigeR
Brunhilde Lodge No. 7
Died March 19, 2014 • Age 89
claRa e. zoboRoski
Seguin Lodge No. 37
Died March 24, 2014 • Age 92
elmeR R. ReinhaRdt
Niederwald Lodge No. 110
Died Oct. 26, 2013 • Age 74
dana moseley sundbeck
Schwertner Lodge No. 307
Died Jan. 21, 2014 • Age 63
maRvelle b. dodson
Corpus Christi Lodge No. 34
Died March 7, 2014 • Age 89
ella mae savell
Austin Lodge No. 120
Died March 19, 2014 • Age 89
bobby joe huenefeld
Plum Lodge No. 238
Died March 26, 2014 • Age 74
veRna zingelmann
Round Top Lodge No. 151
Died Nov. 4, 2013 • Age 81
maRie julia ivy
Plum Lodge No. 238
Died Feb. 8, 2014 • Age 91
ella haRtmann
Fredericksburg Lodge No. 41
Died March 7, 2014 • Age 94
wilbeR j. mock
Schulenburg Lodge No. 14
Died March 20, 2014 • Age 89
RogeR l. milleR
La Vernia Lodge No. 180
Died March 26, 2014 • Age 68
keRmit b. heinsohn
Shelby Lodge No. 28
Died Nov. 29, 2013 • Age 89
judy a. koennecke
Comfort Lodge No. 2
Died Feb. 14, 2014 • Age 60
alta l. buchhoRn
Da Costa Lodge No. 265
Died March 7, 2014 • Age 83
blanche c. mcmahan
Louise Schuetze Lodge No. 3
Died March 20, 2014 • Age 88
espeRanza RamiRez
Lone Oak Lodge No. 88
Died March 26, 2014 • Age 67
waRRen R. bethke
Goliad Lodge No. 212
Died Dec. 7, 2013 • Age 72
peteR c. noack
Cuero Family Lodge No. 82
Died Feb. 15, 2014 • Age 65
joyce i. tuRneR
Louise Schuetze Lodge No. 3
Died March 8, 2014 • Age 89
stanton h. james
El Paso Lodge No. 133
Died March 20, 2014 • Age 61
evelyn j. zientek
Brenham Lodge No. 6
Died April 1, 2014 • Age 91
maRy ann blunt
Louise Schuetze Lodge No. 3
Died Dec. 7, 2013 • Age 74
joe dwain dunn
Poth Lodge No. 272
Died Feb. 15, 2014 • Age 80
maRy a. winkelmann
Gruenau Lodge No. 117
Died March 12, 2014 • Age 92
walteR w. lang
Goliad Lodge No. 212
Died March 20, 2014 • Age 89
maRtha stiRl
Columbus Lodge No. 10
Died April 1, 2014 • Age 86
benhaRd f. Raschke
Paige Lodge No. 154
Died Dec. 16, 2013 • Age 88
augusta kneuppeR
Comfort Lodge No. 2
Died Feb. 26, 2014 • Age 96
maRtha b. tuRk
Gonzales Lodge No. 175
Died March 13, 2014 • Age 84
haRley m. tschiRhaRt
Castroville Lodge No. 71
Died March 21, 2014 • Age 88
daRvin b. schneideR
Seguin Lodge No. 37
Died April 3, 2014 • Age 82
aRthuR g. uhl jR.
Anton Wenzel Lodge No. 174
Died Dec. 17, 2013 • Age 92
jesse j. witte
Siemering Lodge No. 32
Died Feb. 28, 2014 • Age 83
victoR henRy andeRs jR.
Edelweiss-Magnolia Lodge No. 47
Died March 15, 2014 • Age 85
haRRy c. ohRt
Pershing Lodge No. 160
Died March 21, 2014 • Age 85
ted h.t. Reinsch
Harmonia Lodge No. 1
Died April 3, 2014 • Age 86
maRgaRet a. matheRne
Converse Lodge No. 157
Died Dec. 22, 2013 • Age 89
connie v. bRaun
Louise Schuetze Lodge No. 3
Died Feb. 28, 2014 • Age 92
heRbeRt g. newell
Rosenberg-Richmond Lodge No. 85
Died March 16, 2014 • Age 86
clifton e. kenne
Gruenau Lodge No. 117
Died March 22, 2014 • Age 83
geRtRude l. Roos
Fredericksburg Lodge No. 41
Died April 4, 2014 • Age 86
james w. sandeRs
Gonzales Lodge No. 175
Died Dec. 24, 2013 • Age 39
claRice w. keith
Edelweiss-Magnolia Lodge No. 47
Died March 3, 2014 • Age 100
deanna q. staRk
Burton Lodge No. 55
Died March 17, 2014 • Age 71
billie j. kRuegeR
Louise Schuetze Lodge No. 3
Died March 23, 2014 • Age 75
Ruth m. basco
Taylor Lodge No. 3
Died April 6, 2014 • Age 84
Page 10 – Hermann SonS newS – May 2014
Grand Committee Meeting Minutes - April 22, 2014
Grand President/CEO Allan W. Preuss called the
Grand Committee meeting to order on Tuesday, April
22, 2014, at 9:05 a.m. at the Grand Lodge Home
Members present:
Past Grand President Leroy Muehlstein
Past Grand President Stephen R. Prewitt
Grand President/CEO Allan W. Preuss
Grand Vice President-Secretary/Treasurer Mary Beam
Grand Vice President-Investments Harry Werland
Grand Vice President-Marketing Tim Kolbe
Grand Vice President-Fraternal Kim Krueger
Grand Finance Committee Member Wilburn Pargmann
Grand Finance Committee Member Sandra Jones
Grand Finance Committee Member Janice Kuhen
Grand Finance Committee Member Paul Heath
Grand Finance Committee Member Jack Larned
Minutes of the previous meeting were sent to
Committee members prior to the Grand Committee
meeting. Grand Finance Committee Member Wilburn
Pargmann made the motion to dispense with the reading of the minutes of the previous session and approve
the minutes as presented. Grand Finance Committee
Member Janice Kuhen seconded the motion. Motion
Grand President Preuss gave his report stating that
he was pleased with all the area installations and the
encouragement of engaging members. He emphasized
the need for improvement of member services on an
ongoing basis. Brother Preuss advised Committee members that he had met individually with each Grand Vice
President to share thoughts of the future and renew our
focus for the next three years. He announced that an
off-site Executive Committee meeting would be held on
May 9 to articulate a strategic direction for the future
with individual discussion among Committee members
of their ideas and concerns.
Controller Mary Pruitt reviewed the financial statement for the period of January 1, 2014, through March
31, 2014. She noted that sales in life and annuities were
down in comparison to last year, death claims were a
bit higher and surrenders were lower than last year.
Commissions were somewhat lower and general and
fraternal expenses were slightly higher.
Grand Vice President-Investments Harry Werland
gave an update on the investment portfolio and overall
operating results for 2014 that will have both positive
and negative holds to our financial statements this year.
He mentioned that our broker, Nick Swanson, was
retiring and two new brokers were taking his place.
A meeting was held to give the new brokers information about how we handle our investment portfolio.
Brother Werland also provided copies of the management discussion and analysis as presented to the Texas
Department of Insurance for year ending 2013 noting
our financial position, result of operations, liquidity,
asset/liability matching and capital resources.
Grand Vice President Tim Kolbe gave the Marketing
report. The daily production report was reviewed and
compared to 2013. The insurance volume and membership applications are up from the same time last year,
but premium income is slightly down. He mentioned
some new ideas and areas to market our products
and added there has been an increase in Junior Flex
Life plans. This increase is largely due to working with
the Fraternal Department through Camp referrals and
recommendations. Brother Kolbe mentioned the new
banners available for lodges to display during fraternal
events, the monthly advertisement in the Texas Parks
and Wildlife publications and the radio ads through the
Texas State Network. He also reported that he is looking for more agents to supplement vacancies in areas
throughout Texas.
Grand Vice President-Fraternal Kim Krueger advised
Committee members that online registration for Camp
has been opened with credit cards and e-checks accepted. She reported that the process is going smoothly and
that dance registration will also be activated online. The
annual workshops for dance class officers and teachers
will be combined this year. A hands-on session will be
held to demonstrate to the officers and teachers how to
get instant access to their dancers. They will be able to
see the results as soon as parents register their children
or download them all at once and set up the classes.
An additional workshop will be held later in the summer for those who are not able to attend in June. Sister
Krueger mentioned a new dance school would be
opened in Elgin this September. The Camp is having
automatic gates installed for the safety of each site.
The Retirement Home has completed its floor reno-
vations and is working on some outside projects. The
Retirement Home Centennial celebration will be in
2016 and work will begin on the preparations with
the first meeting to be held in July 2014. Grand Vice
President Krueger will serve as the chairman. The "Hugs
from Home" project continues and 1,396 boxes of supplies have been sent overseas. In April the Grand Lodge
received a visit with special thanks from Marco Aldaz
who serves at the Joint Information Operations Warfare
Center. Upcoming dates were noted for the Future Club
visit to Schlitterbahn on June 14, Youth Camp Open
House on June 14, official Camp opening on June 15
and Flag Day on June 13 at the Grand Lodge. The Grand
Lodge Join Hands project is scheduled for May 3 at St.
Peter and St. Joseph’s Children’s Home.
Grand Vice President-Secretary/Treasurer Mary Beam
gave her report. She gave an update on the Collections
Department revamp of duties for employees through
retirement of an employee. Due diligence is being followed through with the contact of members who are in
arrears and explaining how we want to help our members remain active and in good standing.
Sister Beam explained that the Wellness Program
offered to Grand Lodge employees has a different focus
every month. In February, a ping pong tournament
was held, March a recipe contest was held for healthy
entrees, April was a dance focus with a daily music
exercise stretch and May is a walk-a-thon. Sister Beam
reported on the last Retirement Home meeting held in
January and stated that three new applicants had been
approved. Currently there are a total of 45 resident
members at the Home.
The Grand Finance Committee will meet on July 21 at
10 a.m. through July 23, 2014. The Grand Committee
meeting will be held on July 24, 2014, at 8:30 a.m.
There being no further business, the meeting adjourned
at 12 noon by motion of Past Grand President Leroy
Muehlstein, seconded by Past Grand President Stephen
R. Prewitt. Motion carried.
Mary Beam
Grand Vice President-Secretary/Treasurer
Allan W. Preuss
Grand President/CEO
Things you can do to help yourself get a better night's sleep
When it is 3 a.m. and you are
pacing the halls of your dark
and quiet house while everyone else is sleeping soundly
in their beds, it may seem like
you are the only person in the
entire world who is not getting
some much-needed shut-eye.
However, many people struggle
to get a good night’s sleep.
Information from the National
Sleep Foundation, Better Sleep
Council, Centers for Disease
Control and Prevention, and
several other organizations indicates that between 20 and 40
percent of the U.S. population
experiences insomnia. Many of
the people suffering from insomnia have family histories of the
Medical Notes
condition or are also experiencing depression. Insomnia rates
are higher for people over the
age of 60, and women are twice
as likely to suffer from insomnia
as men.
Although how much sleep
a person requires varies from
individual to individual, the
general consensus is that adults
should receive between seven
and eight hours of sleep per
night to feel rested.
The Institute of Medicine
estimates that hundreds of billions of dollars are spent annually on medical costs that are
directly related to sleep disorders, while statistics from
the National Highway Traffic
Safety Administration indicate
that 100,000 vehicle accidents
occur annually as a result of
drowsy drivers. These figures
underscore the importance of
getting a good night’s rest and
understanding how to treat
insomnia in order to do so.
• Insomnia may be a byproduct of a physical condition. A
person dealing with the side
effects of certain medications,
chronic pain, restless leg syn-
drome, sleep apnea and a bevy
of other conditions may find
it difficult to sleep at night.
Identifying the cause of the
insomnia can make it easier to
treat, so those who can’t sleep at
night may have an undiagnosed
condition that is affecting their
ability to fall asleep.
• Exercise can help promote
better sleep habits. A workout
will tire you out, increase feelgood endorphins throughout the
body and raise body temperature. As the body recovers from
the workout, it may feel sated
and you can drift off to sleep
more easily. Just do not work
out too late. Aim to complete
a workout two to three hours
before planning on going to
sleep so your body is not still
amped up when your head hits
the pillow.
• Establish a regular sleep
schedule. Humans are creatures
of routine, and training the body
to recognize when it is time to
wake up and when it’s time to
go to sleep can make it easier
to enjoy a good night’s rest.
Stick to a consistent schedule
as much as possible – even on
the weekends. It isn’t possible
to make up for lost sleep, so pull
yourself out of bed at the same
time in the morning, even if you
didn’t get a good night’s rest
See MEDICAL, Pg. 11
May 2014 – Hermann SonS newS – Page 11
Retirement Home
Bandera County Lodge provides afternoon of fun
COMFORT – Visitors who
signed the guest book in April
were Chuck Graustein, Pershing
Lodge No. 160; Harrison Hilt,
Grand Lodge, Harmonia Lodge
No. 1; Kenneth and Emily
Wallace, Pershing Lodge No.
160; Lily Farnansi, Rogers, Ark.;
Ron, Horseshoe Bay; S.J. Grant,
Bainbridge Island, Wash.; Jerry
and Vicky Mason, Kylee Rocker,
Houston; Steven Payton, Devine;
and Larry Schulze, La Vernia.
On April 5-6, residents and staff
had a Spring Cleaning Weekend
around the Home. They did their
best to spruce up the place.
Bandera County Lodge No.
81 and the Ukulele Ladies and
Gents of San Antonio put on
a toe tapping sing-along afternoon of entertainment followed
by ice cream sundaes out in the
front yard under the pavilion. A
hula lesson, the Chicken Dance,
line dancing and featured singers
were all part of the entertainment.
Some brave residents joined in.
On April 13 residents who
wished to participate in the Join
Hands Day project with Comfort
Lodge No. 2 took part in a carnival and an Easter egg hunt to
benefit Comfort Youth Baseball.
Susan McGuire traveled to
Texas A&M to see her grandson’s
induction into the Phi Eta Sigma
National Honor Society. Kenneth
McGuire is a freshman. His goal
is vet school.
Committee held its quarterly
meeting on April 14. Committee
Member Calvin Lamensky gave
the Home wooden rabbits to
Retirement Home Scholarship recipient Sarah Muehlstein is pictured with some of the residents who attended the Comfort Lodge
No. 2 picnic where she received the award.
adorn the dining tables for Easter.
Committee Members Frank
Brandon, Calvin Lamensky and
Jean Dueitt and husband Roy
came Sunday and spent the night
at the Home before attending the
meeting on Monday.
The seven newest residents
signed their contract to stay.
Welcomed were Carol Chriswell,
Loretta Ellerbee, Ford and Sandy
Fey, Jane Haberman, Larry Keller
and Albert Kotzur.
Residents celebrated Easter
Sunday with a noon meal of ham
with all the trimmings. Many residents were away visiting friends
and relatives.
Birthday cake and ice cream
were served on April 25 honoring the five residents with April
Residents Bob and Elsie
Anderson attended the wedding
of their granddaughter, Beth,
to Chris Cameron on April 26
at the Nixon Flower Farm in
Jacksonville, Ark. Four generations of the family were in attendance. As the family prepared to
return home on Sunday morning, rain and hail began to fall
before they could get out of town.
Tornadoes hit north of Little Rock
after their departure.
Pastor Shelley Simmont’s
father, Terry Bage, conducted the
monthly chapel service on behalf
of Immanuel Lutheran Church
of Comfort. Home residents
Kathy Bender at the piano and Al
Schroeder who administered the
wine took part in the service.
– Helen Widner
Colton Connelly, right, son of Grand President Buddy and wife
Elizabeth Preuss, visited the Retirement Home in April to talk
to residents about his experiences in Fiji with the Peace Corps.
Speaking in his introduction in the native language, Colton entertained the residents with stories of the culture, food and attire of
Fiji. He was dressed in his Fijian business attire and removed his
shoes to speak, a Fijian cultural practice. His job involves teaching health initiatives to the natives and he explained the joys and
perils of life in the South Pacific. He is pictured here with Grand
President Preuss and Chief and Trudy Boring, residents at the
Home. They met Colton when he was practicing rehabilitation
before leaving for Fiji. When they found out he was home recuperating from an illness, they asked him to come to the Home.
Trudy Boring, from left, Kathryn Raines and Vernell Homilius
celebrated their birthday in May. They are residents at the Home.
Not pictured are the two other birthday celebrants, Joel Willems
and Billie DeSalme.
Medical Notes: Tips for getting a good night's sleep
Cont'd. from Pg. 10
Over time you will condition
yourself to accept certain times
for sleeping and waking.
• The
Foundation advises avoiding
heavy meals, caffeine and nicotine before bed. Each of these
things can rev up the body and
make it difficult to settle down.
• On the surface, a cocktail
may seem like a good way to
unwind and relax. Although a
drink or two may help many
people fall asleep, it will not
produce the deep sleep necessary to recharge the body.
When the effects of the alcohol
wear off after a few hours, your
sleep is likely to be interrupted.
In addition, relying on alcohol
as a sleep remedy can lead to
dependence and further health
• Get up and accept a poor
night’s sleep rather than tossing
and turning. It can be easy to
associate the bed with wakefulness and frustration if you stay
in bed and watch the clock.
Getting up and reading or lis-
tening to relaxing music can
help distract the mind and relax
the body. Avoid working on the
computer or watching television. Bright light can reduce the
production of the sleep-inducing
hormone melatonin, resulting in
further difficulty settling down.
• Thanks to their reproductive hormones, women undergo
more sleep changes and challenges than men. Being woken
by children or worrying about
them can lead to sleepless
nights. Many women experience
trouble sleeping during meno-
pause. Different therapies may
be needed to figure out the solution for a restful night’s sleep.
• Individuals can try natural
remedies to induce sleep or
stay asleep. In addition to good
sleep hygiene and maintaining a
regular sleep schedule, there are
a number of herbs that can relax
the body. Chamomile tea has
soothing properties, and drinking chamomile tea before bed
can be an effective sleep strategy. Valerian has been used as
a medicinal herb since at least
the time of Ancient Greece and
Rome, and it can reduce anxiety
and promote sleep. Melatonin
supplements are produced from
plant sources and can induce
sleep when taken in the right
amounts. Speak with a doctor
about possible remedies to find
a sleep system that works for
Insomnia is a more common
problem than many people may
think. Recognizing insomnia as
a problem and seeking treatment can help many people get
on the road to a more restful
night’s sleep.
Page 12 – Hermann SonS newS – May 2014
Youth in Action
Retirement Home presents four scholarships
COMFORT – Junior members from Lone Oak Lodge
No. 88, Waco-Robinson Lodge No. 4, Comfort Lodge
No. 2 and Karnes City Lodge No. 215 have been selected
to receive $1,000 Retirement Home Scholarships for the
2014-2015 school year.
They are:
Region I – Ciarra Gawlik, Lone Oak Lodge No. 88,
daughter of Adrian and Deann Pieniazek of Adkins.
Region II – Allen Reynolds Miller IV, Waco-Robinson
Lodge No. 4, son of Allen III and Paula Miller of Waco.
Region III – Sarah Nicole Muehlstein, Comfort Lodge
No. 2, daughter of Scott and Mary Muehlstein of
Region IV – Quincey Olenick, Karnes City Lodge No.
215, daughter of Kenneth and Wanda Olenick of Falls
Photos can be found on Page 1.
The applications were judged on neatness, grammar, spelling and structure of a 300-word essay, “What
Hermann Sons Means to Me” and the student’s ability to
follow the guidelines set forth for making the application.
Ciarra, 18, will graduate June 7 from East Central High
School. She attended Hermann Sons Youth Camp for three
years. She will attend Texas A&M University to study agriculture science in preparation for becoming an ag teacher.
In her essay, Ciarra wrote:
“Hermann Sons became an important part of my life
at an early age. My parents purchased a life insurance
policy and I had my first encounter with Hermann Sons
at the Youth Camp. Attending Hermann Sons Youth Camp
allowed me to spend a week on my own making new
friends and memories that I will cherish forever. Going
to Camp taught me independence, having to do everything for myself without my parents’ guidance. Attending
Hermann Sons Youth Camp allowed me to try many activities I had never tried before while also participating in the
activities I enjoyed at home. I had an amazing time in the
three short years I went to Hermann Sons Camp. I only
wish I would have started attending sooner. I continue to
encourage girls around me to try Hermann Sons Camp,
sharing with them the great times I had and the impact it
made on my life.
“Though I never got to experience the dance aspect of
Hermann Sons first-hand, I continue to see the benefits
through my younger sister who loves nothing more than
dancing for Hermann Sons. I love to go watch her dance
every Thursday, seeing the smile on her face and her eyes
light up. My mother has been an officer for my sister’s
dance class ever since she started dancing, and I am
equally involved as I too help with their recitals. I have
even currently helped take part in the renovating of our
Lone Oak Lodge.
“Hermann Sons to me means giving youth opportunities
to practice their talents and make memories they’ll look
back on forever. I’m glad I found Hermann Sons when I
did and was able to take part in such amazing activities.
Not to mention the wonderful life insurance it provides for
me. What an added bonus.”
Allen, 17, will graduate June 7 from Waco High School.
He attended Hermann Sons Youth Camp for five years.
He will attend the University of Texas at Austin where he
will study music business.
In his essay, Allen wrote:
“Hermann Sons Youth Camp was a strong force through-
out my childhood from the age of 9 to 13 in more ways
than I realized at the time. In retrospect, from the dances
to the flag football field, my experiences at HSYC taught
me valuable lessons on independence, social interactions
and anxiety control. Camp was a constant. The older I got,
the more I looked forward to a week without worry with
guys with every type of personality.
“Included in the mix of a typical cabin were guys from
Hico and San Antonio. I always found it interesting to hear
the differences in their stories from home. Coming from
a mid-size town like Waco, I learned a new perspective
on both urban and rural lifestyles. Going from Waco to
Comfort was also significant because I was always the
only person from my town. I never went to Camp with a
friend. I was forced to make friends and did not have the
option of staying with my hometown friends. I learned
to love that aspect. All of my Camp friends became my
friends solely on my own merit, not because of the word
of someone I knew.
“As I look forward to the future, I feel more equipped to
take on the overwhelming beast that is college. I have a
better sense of the preferences I like when I’m away from
home. I can do things like choosing a dorm room with
more confidence because I am more aware of myself
and how I spend my ‘free time,’ which was always a well
defined period at Camp. I will also be more aware of
dealing with homesickness. The process of writing letters
home will surely follow me to college. With all of the
added responsibility of being a college student, it is nice
to already be familiar with being away from home. While
a week at HSYC cannot equate to a semester at a university, it has mentally prepared me for separation from my
family at an early age.
“Before one of my first returning years to Camp, I asked
my Dad if I had to go. I was nervous about going on a
different week and meeting all new people again. He
told me it would get me ready for college. At the time,
college was so far away that I thought nothing of it. Here
I am, 18 years old and about to live away from home for
the first time in my life. I plan to take with me the experiences of HSYC, both good and bad. I am excited to once
again meet friends of all different backgrounds, something
extremely prevalent at The University of Texas. Hermann
Sons Youth Camp has shaped me into a capable individual ready for four years of adventure."
Sarah, 17, will graduate May 30 from Kerrville Tivy
High School. She took dance classes for 10 years and
attended Hermann Sons Youth Camp five years. She was
a Counselor-in-Training at HSYC for one year. She was a
duchess in the Hermann’s Happiness Kinder Kourt one
Sarah will attend Texas A&M University-College Station
where she will study animal science with a science option.
She plans to get her pre-requisites through the animal science degree plan and then hopes to be accepted into
physical therapy school once she completes her degree.
In her essay, Sarah wrote:
“When I think about what Hermann Sons means to
me, my family immediately comes to mind. Hermann
Sons has been a way of life for me and my family for
generations. Most of my childhood memories revolve
around Hermann Sons events. We participated in as many
activities as possible – meetings, bingo, dance classes,
Hermann’s Happiness and, my favorite, summer camp.
Camp gave me a sense of freedom and also pride in
knowing that I could handle the responsibilities involved
with cabin life.
“I believe that the confidence I gained from Camp
helped shape me into the person I am today. I have been
able to try many new things and have achieved many
goals both large and small. I have also developed leadership qualities that have opened the doors to many experiences throughout Texas and the United States. Having
such a positive Camp experience gave me the desire to
provide a similar experience for others. I have been able
to fulfill this through participating in a camp for Haitian
children in Limbe, Haiti, and also through my experience
as a mentor/counselor with the ‘Mission Possible’ Camp
for children with special needs.
“Compassion for others is another quality that membership in Hermann Sons helped to instill in me. Members
have shown me by their example how to provide for others through many community service projects and their
overall commitment to fraternalism. One of my favorite
projects is the ‘Hugs from Home’ for soldiers. Our family
has participated in collecting letters and items for this very
important project for the past four years.
“I feel blessed to have such a wonderful Hermann Sons
family, and also many skills that I will be able to take with
me and draw from as I move on to the next stage of my
Quincey, 18, will graduate May 30 from Falls City High
School. She attended Hermann Sons Youth Camp for five
years and returned as a Counselor-in-Training for two
Quincey will attend Texas A&M University-College
Station to study agribusiness.
In her essay, Quincey wrote:
“Hermann Sons is more than Friendship, Love and
Loyalty; to me, I think of it as a close-knit family with
opportunities and traditions that has provided me with
the skills necessary in becoming a confident, well-rounded individual. Skills learned first-hand while attending
Hermann Sons Youth Camp for five years and becoming
a CIT1 and CIT2.
"While attending Camp, the personal challenges and
guidance of counselors gave me the opportunity to learn
about myself while gaining social skills, responsibility and independence. From my first year as a camper,
countless memories were made and numerous lessons
were learned while creating lifelong friends with bonds
that would refresh each Camp year continuing to today.
It is these memories and lessons that encouraged me to
continue my journey to becoming a positive role model
by applying to become a CIT. Throughout my two years
of being a CIT, I was able to give back to the organization
that was loyal in giving me such as amazing experience.
These experiences have also lead me to other volunteer
work with kids becoming an aide at a preschool program,
instructor at a cheer camp and assisting with a Vacation
Bible School summer program.
"I want to thank the Hermann Sons fraternal organization for creating an environment for me to experience
decision-making skills, success and involvement that built
incredible self-esteem and positive living skills that I still
practice today. I plan to take the lessons and experiences
I have learned from Hermann Sons and carry them to
Texas A&M University where integrity, leadership, loyalty
and respect are part of their tradition as much as it is with
Hermann Sons.”
Youth in Action
May 2014 – Hermann SonS newS – Page 13
Are you still trying to decide if Camp is for your child?
Executive Camp Director
Are you still trying to decide
if Hermann Sons Youth Camp is
for your child?
Making the decision to send
the most important person in
your life to a sleep-away camp
can be frightening, especially
when you do not know the
adults caring for your child. But
you do know us – you know
Hermann Sons. For generations, Hermann Sons has maintained a reputation of having
traditional values and has been
trusted by thousands of individuals. Hermann Sons Youth
Camp has been in operation for
more than 60 years! In addition
to being licensed with the state,
we choose to take the necessary
steps to be accredited by the
American Camp Association.
I will be spending my 13th
summer on staff this year and
this is my sixth summer as the
executive director. Prior to
working for Hermann Sons fulltime, I was a high school special
education teacher in Plano. My
background in camp, teaching
and special education make me
especially sensitive to the individual needs and care of all of
our campers. I’m very proud
to be working with a team of
outstanding directors who also
are focused on the needs of our
Hilltop Camp Director John
Sorbel is returning for his 26th
Executive Camp Director Jennifer Cernosek is pictured with campers from last summer.
summer at Camp. He is also a
full-time Hermann Sons employee and spends the non-summer months maintaining and
preparing our expansive facilities, along with Maintenance
Director Clay Haley. John
also volunteers as a coach for
Comfort Youth Baseball.
The Hilltop Assistant Camp
Director is Hunter “Papa Bear”
Miller. When Hunter is not
at Camp, he works as a second grade teacher at Yeager
Elementary School in the
Cypress-Fairbanks Independent
School District. This will be Papa
Bear’s eighth summer on staff.
The Riverside Camp director,
Campers are pictured at the Camp carnival during the Red, White
& Blue themed week in 2013.
Katie Klohn, is returning for her
seventh summer on staff. Katie is
a creative first grade teacher at
Fredericksburg Elementary and
she coaches club volleyball.
She also holds a master’s degree
in education from Schreiner
Riverside Assistant Camp
Director, returning for her sixth
summer on staff, is Jessica
“Epic” Hicks. She is graduating
in December from Angelo State
University to pursue a career in
Camp’s food service director,
Jody Zizelman, will be returning for his 31st summer on staff.
When it’s not summertime, Jody
is a teacher and coach at Garner
Middle School in the Northeast
Independent School District.
Along with this team of directors, Camp has a tremendous
group of health managers,
senior staff members, counselors
and other staff who hold outstanding credentials. Beyond the
knowledge and expertise that
the counselors hold when hired,
the counselors go through an
intensive week of staff training
to even better prepare them for
their jobs with the children.
Even after knowing a little bit
about us, I know that the decision to send your child to Camp
is still difficult. It is especially
difficult if your child is apprehensive about leaving home or
shows no interest in going to
Camp. Let’s face it, when you
Boys pose in the carnival photo booth during the Red, White &
Blue themed week in 2013.
ask some children what they
WANT to do over the summer,
many times they will choose
what is familiar. This means that
if they’ve never had a camp
experience or been exposed to
something like it, they might
have difficulty WANTING to try
it. It sounds especially unappealing if they don’t know anyone else who is going.
But since many of us really understand the value of the
camp experience and how
much fun children have here, I
want to tell you about two solutions to these hurdles that exist
in some children’s minds.
Hurdle 1: Your child does not
want to try overnight camp.
Solution: Motivate your child
by telling him/her about how
much fun camp will be and
about all of the new friends he/
she will make. You can write letters and/or Bunknotes (one-way
emails) to your child each day,
and your child can write letters
to send back to you. Sometimes
we may not WANT to do something, but after we try it, we realize how great it is. It is incredible
how many parents say, “When I
dropped my child off, he didn’t
want to stay, but when I came
back, he didn’t want to leave!”
Also, a great way to have
a first camp experience is by
attending our short session. The
short session is being held June
29-July 2. Your child would be
spending just three nights away
from home. Three nights away
is much more manageable in
a child’s mind than an entire
week. Imagine how confident
your child will feel when he/she
successfully completes a stay at
overnight camp.
As a camp staff, we are very
excited about the short session
because it will be different from
all of the other sessions. We
have many special activities
planned, including a full-camp
carnival and fireworks show.
Anyone attending the short session will be making history at
Camp since this is the first time
we’ve ever offered a session that
is not Sunday-Saturday.
Hurdle 2: Your child does not
know anyone else who is going
to HSYC.
Solution: Refer a friend. There
is still time for children to
become Hermann Sons members and sign up for Camp. In
fact, if your referral has a policy
written and in the Grand Lodge
prior to the arrival of your child
at Camp, then your camper will
receive a HSYC water bottle at
the beginning of the week he/
she attends Camp.
Maybe you’re still not sure or
there is something else that is
holding you back. Please feel
free to give me a call at 830995-3223 so we can talk about
it. Summer camp is an irreplaceable part of many people’s
memories and it is worth a fair
Page 14 – Hermann SonS newS – May 2014
Youth in Action
Hermann Sons Youth Camp offering short session this summer
COMFORT – With Hermann
Sons Youth Camp sessions
beginning in just a few weeks,
much excitement has been generated about one of Camp’s biggest changes for this summer the addition of the short session.
With only one short session
being offered, it’s important to
sign up soon.
The short session was created
to help children who have busy
schedules or who may have a
difficult time leaving home for
an entire week, and it is a great
way for children and parents
to really see the benefits of the
camp experience.
There are a few factors that
make the short session extra
special. First of all, the theme
for the week is “Red, White &
Blue” and the festivities will be
a great lead into the Fourth of
July holiday. The last night that
the children are at Camp, they
will participate in a full-camp
carnival and dance with a fireworks show at the end.
Second, the daytime activities have been structured in a
unique way so that the campers
will be able to spend quality
time in each of their classes on
Monday and Tuesday. Campers
rank the activities they want to
take on the camper application.
They are then assigned into four
of their top choices for classes.
On Wednesday, campers will
be able to either participate
in finals for their classes or
participate in other activities.
After a morning of swimming
and activities, campers will take
part in an awards ceremony in
the afternoon before it is time
to leave.
Additionally, the nightly programs being held on Sunday
and Monday are a ton of fun.
After having had free swim time
earlier in the day, counselors
perform skits for the campers
Sunday night. Monday evening,
the girls have a talent show and
the boys have free sport time
where they can participate in
activities of their choice.
Girls who wish to participate
in the talent show can come
prepared with a routine or act.
They audition Sunday evening
and selected campers and staff
perform in the Monday night
talent show.
From the time campers arrive
on Sunday until the time they
leave Wednesday afternoon, fun
and engaging activities and programs are held.
If you know a child who tried
Camp in the past and felt it was
too long or a child who wants
to wait another year before trying Camp, consider enrolling
in the short session. Why wait?
Four days and three nights of an
adventurous stay in the Texas
Hill Country is available this
summer from June 29 through
July 2 and the fee is only $150.
If you no longer have the letter
containing the camper registration information, please call
the Hermann Sons Fraternal
Department at 800-234-4214.
If you know a child who is
not yet a Hermann Sons member, but he/she wants to attend
Camp, there is still time to
become a member and enroll
in a Camp session! Contact your
local Hermann Sons agent right
away so that the process can be
One of camp's biggest changes this summer is the new short session. The theme for the week is “Red, White & Blue” and the
festivities will be a great lead into the Fourth of July holiday. The
last night that the children are at Camp, they will participate in
a full-camp carnival and dance with a fireworks show at the end.
Everyone invited to HSYC Open House June 14
Summer Camp Jobs!!!
Hermann Sons Youth Camp is seeking highly
motivated men and women for summer employment.
Summer Positions Available:
Food Service Worker
Food Service Manager
Also, Nurse positions for one week or more are available.
Come live the adventure of camp for a rewarding summer
For an application or more information visit our website at
(Click on the Employment Opportunities tab and then Camp)
For more information contact
Jennifer Cernosek, Executive Camp Director
Hermann Sons Youth Camp
PO Box 629; Comfort, TX 78013
Phone – 830-995-3223 ~ E-Mail – [email protected]
COMFORT – Everyone is
invited to Hermann Sons Youth
Camp for Open House! It will be
held from 9:30 a.m.-2 p.m. on
Saturday, June 14, at the Hilltop
Camp for boys and the Riverside
Camp for girls. Participants can
come and go as they please and
no reservation for the event is
Open House is especially great
for first year campers and future
campers. Coming to Open House
gives children and parents the
opportunity to see the Camp
facilities, talk to the exceptional
staff and see what all of the Camp
excitement is about!
Tours of each Camp will be
given and many activities will be
available to try. Anyone wanting
to swim should bring a bathing
suit and towel. Anyone wanting
to try the climbing wall should
bring sneakers. Crafts can be
made and other sports activities
will be available. A complimentary lunch will be served.
Hope to see you at this funfilled summer kick-off!
Camp, Home donate $1,000 to Comfort VFD
The Retirement Home and
Hermann Sons Youth Camp
recently made a $1,000 donation to the Comfort Volunteer
Fire Department in appreciation
for the service that the department provides to these two
Hermann Sons facilities that are
located near Comfort. Pictured
presenting the check to Fire
Chief Adam Eichholz are Home
Manager Brenda Gunnink, left,
and Executive Camp Director
Jennifer Cernosek.
May 2014 – Hermann SonS newS – Page 15
Scholarship golf tourney raises more than $8,000
fourth annual Hermann Sons
Youth Camp-Shannon Leigh
Gaffney Scholarship Fund Golf
Tournament was held at the
SilverHorn Golf Club of Texas
in San Antonio on April 12.
Thanks to the support from the
golfers, sponsors and volunteers, the day was a great success with $8,303 raised for the
Scholarship Fund!
The first place team included
James Davila, Louis Olivo, Paul
DiGiovanni and Sam Jernigan.
John Sorbel, Landon Sorbel,
Brandon Cernosek and Leo
Guzman were on the second
place team. On the third place
team were Kyle Everett, Jody
Bounds, Mark Williams and
Alan McRae. The fourth place
team included Steve Prewitt,
Nick Swanson, Jerry Goodman
and Mike Beam. The players
on these teams received prizes
and were recognized at the
awards luncheon.
Nick Swanson won closest to
the pin. The most accurate drive
winner was Mario Villa. Kyle
Everett had the longest drive
for the men and Nicole Reich
had the longest drive for the
women. Each contest winner
received a $50 gift card to El
Chaparral Mexican Restaurant.
Part of what makes this golf
tournament special is the great
support it receives from friends
and family of the Gaffney family, Camp staff, Grand Lodge
staff and Hermann Sons members.
The Scholarship Fund was
created in memory of Shannon
Leigh Gaffney, a former camper
and counselor at Hermann Sons
Youth Camp. Getting an education was something Shannon
felt very strongly about, so she
is remembered through schol-
arships benefiting others in
pursuit of higher education.
Hermann Sons was a very
big part of Shannon’s life from
the time she first went to Camp
through her college years as
a counselor. For more information about this Fund and
upcoming fund-raisers visit
www.hermannsons.org and
click on “Camp” and then
“Scholarship Fund”.
Paul DiGiovanni, Sam Jernigan, Louis Olivo and James Davila
made up the first place team.
The second place team was comprised of Brandon Cernosek, Leo
Guzman, Landon Sorbel and John Sorbel. John is the Hilltop Camp
director and Landon is his nephew.
In third place was the team of Jody Bounds, Mark Williams, Kyle
Everett and Alan McRae.
Jerry Goodman, Steve Prewitt, Nick Swanson and Mike Beam
made up the fourth place team at the tournament. Steve, Nick and
Mike have played in all four of the tournaments.
Grand President Buddy Preuss addressed
the golfers and volunteers and shared
some of his personal memories of Shannon
Leigh Gaffney.
Both of Shannon Leigh Gaffney’s brothers played in the tournament. Brother Michael is pictured second in this photo. Pictured
first is the Camp’s food service director, Jody Zizelman. Pictured
with them are Dale Storbeck and Joey Lalanne.
Grand Vice President-Fraternal Kim Krueger, left, and
Executive Camp Director Jennifer Cernosek prepare
for golfers to arrive. They are both on the Scholarship
Fund Board.
Page 16 – Hermann SonS newS – May 2014
Donors help make annual golf tourney a success
The Scholarship Fund Board
gives special thanks to the
companies and individuals
who donated to the tournament
through sponsorships, monetary
donations and prize donations.
Presenting Sponsor
H.W. Wahlers Inc. General Contractor
Other Tournament
Hermann Sons
Labatt Food Services –
Thomas Labatt
You Name It Specialties –
Jan Meuth
Comfort Lodge No. 2
The Bank of San Antonio
Hole-In-One Sponsor
El Chaparral Mexican
Prize Contributors
Corporate Hole Sponsors
Central Women’s Health
Care P.A. – Dr. Jose Farina
Helotes Lodge No. 76
Hermann Sons
Retirement Home
Hill Country Safety Training
Persyn Engineering
The San Antonio Orthopaedic
Group – Dr. Marvin Brown
Stone Accounting Services Jan Stone
The Ultimate Gift
of Life Foundation
Individual Hole Sponsors
Buddy and Elizabeth Preuss
Cathy and Mike Gaffney
Harmonia Lodge No. 1
Kirby Lodge No. 305
Randy Schwertner &
Hermann Sons
Agent Irene Schwertner
TPC San Antonio
Bending Branch Winery
Singing Water Vineyards
Bohanan’s Prime
Steaks & Seafood
Embassy Suites – Riverwalk
Nicole Reich, from left, had the Longest Drive for the women. She
is pictured with Scholarship Fund Board members Jan Stone and
Cathy Gaffney.
Kyle Everett won a prize for
having the Longest Drive for
the men.
Word Search
The Resort at Tapatio Springs
Pampered Chef (Nettie Mabry)
Cathy and Mike Gaffney
Kim and Dustin Krueger
Tim and Cheryl Kolbe
Buddy and Elizabeth Preuss
Paul and Jan Stone
Answer key for Memorial Day
Word Search puzzle on Pg. 40.
Mary and Mike Beam
Harry and Debra Werland
Jennifer and Brandon Cernosek
SeaWorld San Antonio
SilverHorn Golf Club
Fair Oaks Ranch Golf and
Country Club
Flying L Golf Course
Nick Swanson won the Closest
to the Pin Contest.
Mario Villa won the Most
Accurate Drive Contest.
2014 Hermann Sons Schools of Dance Recital Dates
School of Dance
June 1
Corpus Christi
May 31
June 7
Hill Country
June 1
Hill Country
June 1
Karnes City
June 22
New Braunfels
June 1
New Braunfels
June 1
June 22
North West Bexar Co. May 31
San Antonio
June 7
3 p.m.
3 p.m.
5 p.m.
2 p.m.
5:30 p.m.
2 p.m.
2 p.m.
6:30 p.m.
3 p.m.
2 p.m.
7 p.m.
Boerne Middle School North
Selena Auditorium
Cuero High School
Smithson Valley High School
Smithson Valley High School
Karnes City High School Auditorium
Byron Steele High School
Byron Steele High School
Nixon-Smiley High School Cafetorium
Edgewood Theatre for the Performing Arts
Edgewood Theatre for the Performing Arts
240 West Johns Rd., Boerne
1901 N. Shoreline Blvd., Corpus Christi
920 E. Broadway, Cuero
14001 Hwy. 46 West, Spring Branch
14001 Hwy. 46 West, Spring Branch
400 N. Hwy. 123, Karnes City
1300 FM 1103, Cibolo
1300 FM 1103, Cibolo
500 Rancho Road, Nixon
607 SW 34th St., San Antonio
607 S.W. 34th St., San Antonio
Schools of dance not listed have already held their recitals.
May 2014 – Hermann SonS newS – Page 17
Join Hands Day 2014
Lockhart Lodge No. 64 made a donation to the
local habitat for humanity program. treasurer ray
Pfefferkorn and President ann Schroeder presented a
check to Mike ammerman, president of the caldwell
county habitat for humanity. also pictured is carol
Schuelke, an active member of the program. the lodge
plans to provide a meal for workers in the future.
couPLaNd Lodge No. 113 made a
$100 donation to the elgin community
cupboard in observance of Join hands
day. Lodge President Lena ging, right,
presented the check to Jan raby.
ruterSviLLe Lodge No. 152 members are pictured with the
food items donated to the aMeN Food Pantry.
Members of SheLBy Lodge No. 28 took part in Join hands
day by helping with a cleanup of a local cemetery in preparation
for decoration day. Members also made donations to the aMeN
Food Pantry in La grange. Pictured at the cemetery are, from left,
wendell rudloff, august voelkel, warren and carolyn Meischen,
Joy and ken Mathis and Maxine rudloff.
twiN SiSterS Lodge No. 138 held a food drive to benefit
the Blanco good Samaritan program. Pictured are, from left, Phil
hartmann, Francis and gertrude hartmann, karen Steiger and tanja
and travis tomlinson. Not pictured is helen knoll. the food drive was
held in front of the Lowes Supermarket on May 3. travis is a Boy Scout.
eleven members of La verNia Lodge No. 180 observed
Join hands day by cleaning up kicaster cemetery and cutting
down and removing two huge trailer loads of crepe myrtle and
underbrush. after the job was done, everyone met at witte’s
restaurant for lunch. Pictured are, from right, emmett Stork,
Jacob Prater, robert reeves, Brent recker, Lucille Schott,
Logan recker, dianell recker, agent Marlin tanneberger,
Braden recker and harold Schott. agent Sharon tanneberger
was the photographer.
Mcgregor Lodge No. 132 made a donation to the Mcgregor
Food Pantry. Pictured are, from left, hermine wolf, regenia
arseneaux, Joyce thane, Leona hendrickson, doris Mooney,
Janet Schmalriede, Nelda hoover, carol wiethorn and Nancy
one part of Fort worth
Lodge No. 33’s Join hands
day observance was a donation to the Pack a Back Pack
program. Pictured making the
check presentation is junior
member caden Jones. the program provides food for children
who would have little or nothing to eat on weekends. the
lodge also donated magazines
to the local dialysis center and
made a donation to the “hugs
from home” program.
More Join Hands Day
photos and stories
will be featured
in the June
edition of the
Hermann Sons News.
Page 18 – Hermann SonS newS – May 2014
Bellville members visit nursing home for Join Hands Day
BELLVILLE – Bellville Lodge
No. 11 met April 28 with members enjoying a salad supper.
Robert Herridge provided a
medley of songs on his accordion and fiddle for entertainment.
President Marie Herridge challenged members to recruit new
members for the lodge.
Members voted to send $20
to the Herman Sons Retirement
Home in memory of members
who had passed away during
the last two years including
Terrance Grabow, Wayne Hold,
Ruth Emshoff, Leta Ann Savoy
and Judge LeRoy Grebe.
Special Representative Gary
Falkenberg spoke briefly.
Celebrating birthdays in March
were Marie Herridge and Gary
Members decided to visit
Colonial Bell Nursing Home on
May 5 in observance of Join
Hands Day. Robert Herridge
provided the music. Other
members planning to participate
were Marie Herridge, Barbara
Spacek, Emily Pfeffer, Ora Dell
Remmert, Betty Krueger and
Herbert and Laura Schumann.
Lodge members took part
in a special celebration in
November when they attended the 100th birthday party of
member Edith Wendt Krueger.
The party was held at Bellville
United Methodist Church and
was attended by approximately
300 people.
Now a resident of Colonial Bell
Nursing Home, Sister Krueger
was honored with a resolution from State Representative
Lois Kolkhorst who had a flag
flown over the State Capitol in
her honor. She also received
proclamations from Governor
Rick Perry and President Barack
The oldest of eight children, she was born in 1913 to
Adolph Henry Wendt and Marie
Earnestine Seyer Wendt. In 1935
she married Clarence Krueger
and they settled in the nearby
community of Burleigh where
they farmed for many decades.
She also worked as a cook at the
Piney School, as a store clerk
and at a meat market.
She has three children, four
grandchildren and seven greatgrandchildren. She loved growing vegetables and flowers and
making quilts. She loved baking
coffee cakes and oatmeal cookies and shared the recipes with
Special Representative Gary
Falkenberg and Bellville Lodge
President Marie Herridge were
recognized at the lodge’s April
meeting for having birthdays in
Edith Wendt Krueger, a member of Bellville Lodge, celebrated her 100th birthday in
those attending the party.
When asked what she attributes to her long life, she will
quickly respond, “Hard work
and Geritol.”
– Reporter
Comfort Lodge encourages children to attend June meeting
COMFORT – Agent Norma
Bruns spoke at the April meeting of Comfort Lodge No. 2.
In her report, she spoke highly
of the Agents’ Awards Banquet
held in Dallas that she and Jean
Merchant attended. They especially enjoyed their time at the
historic Dallas Lodge Hall.
She reminded everyone that
the agents would appreciate
contact information for prospective new members.
Junior dues of 25 cents per
month went into effect on April
1. For those with paid-up policies, bills will be sent on the
annual anniversary of when the
policy was issued.
A few $100 camper scholarships are still available for
in financial need. For more
information, contact Jennifer
Cernosek at 210-859-7966.
The next meeting will be held
at the VFW Hall on June 9. The
social begins at 5 p.m., the meal
is served at 6:30 p.m. and the
meeting follows. Children are
encouraged to attend with their
parents since summer break will
have begun.
Members are asked to save the
dates of other upcoming lodge
events. The annual family barbecue will be held at the Hilltop
Camp on Sept. 14 and pioneer
members will be honored. The
Comfort School of Dance will
be hosting a Meet the Teacher
event at the same time and the
Dusty Bruns, from left, Edward Albrecht, Jerome Hierholzer and
Arlene Konde celebrated their birthdays in April. They are members of Comfort Lodge.
Members of Comfort Lodge enjoyed playing games before the
April meeting.
Next meeting is June 6
Albert Kypfer welcomes new member
Elizabeth and Grand President
Buddy Preuss celebrated their
anniversary in April. They are
members of Comfort Lodge.
pool also will be open. The
Christmas party will be held at
the Hilltop Camp on Dec. 14.
– Reporter
Kypfer Lodge No. 106 met
May 2 with 21 members and
guests in attendance to enjoy
the ham prepared by the
Seiters and the side dishes and
desserts brought by members.
Sophia Padilla was welcomed as a new member.
Nelrose Koepp gave the
Cheer Committee report.
On the sick list were Lillian
Soechting, Raymond Salge,
Rudy Schreyer and Curt Saur.
A thank-you note was
received from the SOS Food
Bank in New Braunfels for the
lodge’s donation.
Attendance prize winners
were Charlie Seiter, Tammy
Seiter, Chuck Weed, David
Schumann and Celeste Salge.
Celebrating May birthdays
were Donna Sureddin and
Noland Koepp.
The next meeting will be
held June 6. Members are
asked to bring salads, cold
cuts, deviled eggs, etc., and, of
course, desserts. Hope to see
you there!
– Darline Preiss
Celebrating May birthdays at
the Albert Kypfer Lodge meeting were Donna Sureddin and
Noland Koepp.
May 2014 – Hermann SonS newS – Page 19
Hermann Sons 'joins hands' to hold fun day at children's home
“Where the healing begins” –
that message comes from St. PJ’s
Children’s Home, a shelter in San
Antonio for children from birth to
17 years of age who are victims
of abuse and neglect. To help a
little with that healing process
and brighten the lives of these
children, Hermann Sons volunteers visited the home on May 3
to provide a day of fun activities
and lunch in observance of Join
Hands Day.
Each year on the first Saturday
in May, Hermann Sons members take part in the Join Hands
Day program sponsored by the
American Fraternal Alliance. The
goal of the program is for youth
and adults to “join hands” in
projects that will make a difference in their communities.
Joining hands with Grand
Lodge officers and employees
for this event were dancers from
the Hill Country and Lone Oak
Schools of Dance as well as
youth from the Young Marines.
Activities included face painting, coloring, nail painting, a
photo-frame craft, “dress-up photos” to put in the frames and basketball. The movie “Frozen” was
also shown for the little ones to
enjoy while having their lunch.
Volunteers grilled hotdogs that
were served with chili and all the
A bit hesitant at first, it wasn’t
long before the children excitedly tried on accessories for their
photo shoots, from silly glasses
and hats to boas and fairy wings.
The girls enjoyed getting their
nails done with shiny colors and
designs while others colored pictures from the movie “Frozen.”
Members of the San Antonio
Young Marines played basketball with some of the children
and other volunteers helped the
children create their own picture
frame, a keepsake of the day.
Others proudly showed off their
face and arm paintings.
To conclude the day of fun, the
children, with their favorite blankets, gathered around the movie
screen to eat lunch and enjoy
fresh popcorn.
St. PJ’s Children’s home offers
short-term emergency shelter
to domestic children and longterm residence for international
children. While the day’s events
were provided for the domestic
children, all the children at the
home, approximately 100, were
served lunch.
“This year’s project was one
of my favorite yet!” Grand Vice
President-Fraternal Kim Krueger,
said. “I am truly proud of our
wonderful employees who spent
the day with us, the Hill Country
and Lone Oak dancers, the
Young Marines and all of their
parents. The look on the children’s faces when they walked
into that gymnasium was just
overwhelming. It was a true feeling of pride to make that one day
special for the children who have
been taken from their homes in
emergency situations and some
even orphaned.”
“I enjoyed interacting with the
children and knowing that for
that moment they were having
fun and I was part of it,” Rebecca
Grand Lodge officers and employees "joined hands" with dancers from the Hill Country and Lone
Oak Hermann Sons Schools of Dance as well as youth from the Young Marines and their parents to
provided a day of fun activities for children at St. PJ's Children's Home in San Antonio. Various activities were provided including a photo booth, face painting and the showing of the movie "Frozen."
Hermann Sons also provided a hotdog lunch with chili and all the trimmings. More than 100 children
at the home were served.
Henley said. Sister Henley, a
senior programmer analyst at the
Grand Lodge, provided her photography services for the day.
Grand Lodge volunteers included Sister Henley and her sister,
Cindy Bermea, Melisa Alvarez,
Mary Pruitt, Karoline Pfefferkorn,
Cecily Kelly and husband John,
Laura Adams and husband Allen,
Beth Williams and daughter
Megan, Elaine Soto, Carol Krauss,
Grand President Buddy Preuss,
Grand Vice President-Secretary/
Bandera County gives camp scholarships
BANDERA – Bandera County
Lodge No. 81 has awarded
$100 scholarships to three of its
junior members to assist them
in attending Hermann Sons
Youth Camp this summer.
Applicants had to be in good
standing, describe their outside
activities and submit an essay
on what Hermann Sons Youth
Camp means to them.
The scholarship recipients are
Chloe Guerra, Doryan Schantz
and Max Vilagi.
– Eileen M. Heath
Chloe Guerra
Doryan Schantz
Max Vilagi
Treasurer Mary Beam and Grand
Vice President-Fraternal Kim
Krueger, husband Dustin and son
Matthew Krueger.
“Seeing those kids so happy
and having fun brought so much
joy to my heart,” Laura Adams,
community service coordinator
at the Grand Lodge, said.
Anyone interested in making
a donation to St. PJ’s Children’s
Home, volunteering or who
would like information on adoption or fostering a child can call
– Elaine Soto
Assistant Public
Relations Director
Deanville plans fund-raiser
DEANVILLE – Vice President
Thomas Krenek conducted
the April Deanville Lodge No.
301 meeting in the absence of
President Donnie Blinka who is
recovering from spinal surgery.
In observance of Join Hands
Day, the lodge presented donations to Caldwell Christians
Care, the Burleson St. Joseph
Manor Nursing Home and
Copperas Hollow Nursing and
Rehabilitation Center.
Cheer Committee Chairman
Mildred McLemore reported
sending get-well cards to Anton
Lehman, Katherine Korth, Lil
Faust, E.D. Perry, Rudolph
Zalobny and Leroy Koehler. A
sympathy card was sent to the
Lyle Wolz family.
Plans were made to set up a
beverage booth at the German
Fest on May 18.
The Fourth of July fund-raiser
will be Friday, July 4. Barbecue
by the pound will be ready at
7 a.m. Cole slaw and beans
also will be available for sale.
The event will also include
barbecue sandwiches, cold
beverages, music, games for all
ages, prize drawings and cakes,
pies and kolaches in the sweet
Thanks go to Barbara
Sablatura for donating a state
flag to be flown at the lodge’s
meeting place.
Everyone sang “Happy
Birthday” to Viola Bartek.
Thanks go to Mae Dell Cowan
for the door prizes. Tammy and
Bennie Jones were to provide
prizes for the May meeting.
A light lunch was enjoyed.
Thanks go to everyone who
brought food and to the lodge
for drinks.
– Reporter
Page 22 – Hermann SonS newS – May 2014
Vineta to hold scholarship fund-raiser on July 16
Lodge No. 15 will hold a
scholarship fund-raiser July 16
beginning at 11:30 a.m. in the
Home Association Rathskeller.
A donation of $5 will be
asked for sandwiches, ice
cream and lots of desserts.
There will be attendance prizes.
For tickets and more information call 210-602-5147.
A potluck meal will be
served at the June 5 meeting.
Members are asked to bring
their choice of a meat, vegetable, salad or dessert. This
would be a good time to try a
new recipe.
On June 18, members will
gather at 10:30 a.m. for games
and a surprise lunch.
Congratulations go to Sondra
Jarzombek who received her
50-year pin. Anyone receiving
a pin is invited to come to a
meeting to be recognized. Call
Ruth Bailey at 210-602-5147
to let her know when you can
Welcomed as a new member
was Kendall Pollok.
The lodge has two scholarship recipients for 2014.
Brooke Lowrie is currently
attending Texas State University.
Celebrating birthdays in May are Vineta Lodge members Yvonne
Anderson, from left, Sondra Jarzombek and Janelle Harshaw.
Vineta Lodge President Debbie Jordan, right, presents a 50-year
membership pin to Sondra Jarzombek. She became a member on
Dec. 3, 1964.
Her goal is to be in public relations. She is the daughter of
James and Sherri Lowrie.
Sarah Kreusel is planning to attend Southwestern
Assemblies of God University
in the fall. Her goal is to
get a business degree. She is
the daughter of Angie and Rex
Recent split-the-pot winners
were Elaine Pruski and Ronnie
Attendance award winners
were Emily Roberts, Darlene
Ackermann, Frances Bara,
Melissa Ackerman, Pauline
Stout, Carolyn Nelson, Ruth
Bailey and Irene Kace.
– Reporter
Sarah Kreusel is a Vineta Lodge Brooke Lowrie is a Vineta Lodge
2014 scholarship winner.
2014 scholarship winner.
Louise Schuetze honors mothers, past presidents
Schuetze Lodge No. 3 met May
12 and celebrated Mother’s
Day by honoring the mothers in
attendance and remembering
the mothers who have passed
away. Each mother was presented with a long-stem rose. Vice
President Janice Schwab read
the “Meaning of Mother’s Day”
to the members and guests.
Past presidents also were honored. Sister Schwab read the
names of the past presidents
who are still living and asked
everyone to remember those
who have passed away. Three
of the past presidents – Janet
Abell, Mary Beam and Debbie
Gold – were at the meeting.
They each received a potted
Members and guests sang
“Happy Birthday” to Secretary
Jo Ann Massengale who celebrated her birthday on May 7.
Junior members planning to
attend Hermann Sons Youth
Camp are reminded that the
Camp Voucher applications are
due by May 30.
Members and guests enjoyed
a pot luck supper.
The lodge participated in two
Join Hands Day projects. On
April 17, representatives Jo Ann
Massengale and Janet Abell
presented clothing items to the
National Veterans Outreach
Program and on May 3 Janice
Schwab and Debbie Gold presented Fire House No. 7 stuffed
animals for its traumatized
children’s program. Siemering
Lodge No. 32 also took part
in the stuffed animal program
and was represented by Sally
Hertzberg, Sharon Fite and Ed
The lodge will meet June 9.
Members must call the office
to make a reservation and find
out the location of the meeting.
The Camp Vouchers will be
presented that night.
A regular meeting is planned
Birthday” to Jo Ann Massengale
at the May Louise Schuetze
Lodge meeting.
for July 14 when the lodge
will celebrate the Fourth of
July. No meeting is planned
for August.
– Janet Abell
Past presidents of Louise Schuetze Lodge were honored at the May
meeting. They are, from left, Mary Beam, Janet Abell and Debbie
May 2014 – Hermann SonS newS – Page 23
Pershing's Progress
Lodge will honor fathers at the June 4 meeting
SAN ANTONIO – Pershing
Lodge No. 160 will honor fathers
at the June 4 meeting. After the
meeting, a meal featuring Bill
Miller Barbecue poor boy sandwiches will be served along with
a special cake for the fathers.
Welcomed as a new member at the May meeting was Lily
Josephine Stratil. Welcomed by
way of transfer were Andrew
Stone Austin and Sage Alexander
Remember in your prayers Bob
Deicke, Morrie Nordland, Loraine
Levis, Robin Ries and David and
Tasha Oliver’s premature daughter.
Condolences go to the families
of Lee C. Funk who passed away
March 18, Wessel S. Schroeter
who passed away May 7 and
Eileen L. Skarda who passed away
April 4.
A memorial service for Sister
Skarda will be held May 31 at
11 a.m. at St. Lawrence Catholic
Church, 236 E. Petaluma, San
On Saturday, June 7, members
and friends will be meeting at
Cool Crest Miniature Golf at 10
There will be a trip on Sunday,
June 22, to the Kickapoo Casino
in Eagle Pass. Cost will be $15 for
members and $20 for non-members. For additional information
contact Entertainment Chairman
Terri Armstrong at 210-378-0319.
Congratulations go out to
Special Representative Carol
Krauss for the multiple awards
she received at the annual Agents’
Awards Banquet in Dallas. She is
a member of Pershing Lodge.
President Mike Armstrong presented all the mothers with a
Vice President Beth Warne
thanked all the members who
helped set up the parade chairs.
President Armstrong also thanked
the volunteers who worked parking cars.
The lodge will award two
Hermann Sons Youth Camp
scholarships to children who are
eligible – one to a boy and one to
a girl. The $200 will cover the cost
of attending camp. The drawing
will be held at the June 4 meeting.
Previous winners are not eligible
to win again.
“Happy Birthday” was sung to
the May celebrants, Joan Woods,
Dorothy Rechner and Henry
Saenz. They were all winners of
the birthday prize.
Betty Mettke won the attendance prize and Helen Alberthal
won the split-the-pot drawing.
The names of five members were
drawn for the $50 Progressive Pot
but none of them were present
to win.
See you at the next meeting.
– Dorothy Pawlik
Celebrating May birthdays at the Pershing Lodge meeting were,
from left, Dorothy Rechner, Henry Saenz and Joan Woods.
To Lucky Eagle Kickapoo Casino
Anton Wenzel Lodge makes plans for June trip
Wenzel Lodge No. 174 met
May 6 with members enjoying
a barbecue dinner prepared by
John Cantu. Merlinda Elizondo
will prepare a brisket for the
meal to be served at June’s
meeting. Members are asked to
bring a covered dish or dessert.
Welcomed as a new junior
member was Colton D. Allen.
A big thank-you goes to all
those who helped during the
May 10 garage sale.
Members are reminded to buy
their tickets for the June 22 trip
to the Lucky Eagle Kickapoo
Casino. A ticket is $25 but the
Alfred and Lorene Kreusel were recognized at the May
Anton Wenzel Lodge meeting. They celebrated their
65th wedding anniversary this month.
casino will give each player
$15 credit. The bus will leave
at 7 a.m. so plan accordingly.
Members will visit the
Retirement Home on July 20.
Monetary donations are needed for game prizes. Lunch will
be served at a cost of $5. Call
Sister Elizondo at the lodge
office if you plan to attend.
Alfred and Lorene Kreusel
celebrated their 65th wedding
anniversary on May 6.
Celebrating birthdays were
Geraldine Kellner.
Lorene Kreusel drew the
lucky number of Doris Aichner.
Geraldine Kellner receives a birthday card from Anton
Wenzel Lodge President Edward Elizondo at the May
This month’s membership
prize winner would have been
Francis E. Copley but she was
not there to claim her prize so
her name went back into the
See everyone in June to celebrate Father's Day!
– Salina Barrientes
Doris Aichner, center, receives her split-the-pot winnings at the May Anton Wenzel Lodge meeting from
President Edward Elizondo and Lorene Kreusel.
Page 24 – Hermann SonS newS – May 2014
Harmonia’s Happenings
Lodge plans chicken dinner for June 12 meeting
meeting of Harmonia Lodge No.
1 was held in the Rathskeller
with approximately 30 people in attendance to enjoy the
smoked ham provided by the
lodge and the side dishes provided by members and guests.
Members mourned the passing of five members. They are
Charles A. Macha who passed
away March 18 at the age of 96;
Lubie C. George who passed
away March 24 at the age of 95;
Ted H.T. Reinsch who passed
away April 3 at the age of 85;
Oris A. Brehmer who passed
away April 15 at the age of
89; and Donald Ray Tauch who
passed away April 18 at the age
of 76.
Mike Warneke gave a report
on John Hoog’s heart valve
replacement surgery in March.
He said Brother Hoog came
home in late April where he is
continuing therapy and recovery. He hopes to be able to
attend a meeting soon.
Roger Buley reported that
Attendance prize winners at the May meeting of Harmonia Lodge
were, left, Steven Civiletto and John Miller, right. President Jake
White congratulated them.
Past President J.W. White, right, accepts his split-the-pot winnings
from son Jake White, the current president of Harmonia Lodge, at
the May meeting.
Kermit Wilke is recovering from
hip replacement surgery. He is
doing well and should be at an
upcoming lodge meeting.
Celebrating their 39th wedding anniversary in April were
Paul Hess and wife Katherine.
and refreshments for the rest of
the evening.
The next meeting will be held
June 12. The lodge will provide
the chicken and members are
asked to bring a side dish or
salad to compliment the meat or
Dallas presents scholarships,
to host shoe drive for orphans
DALLAS – Dallas Lodge No.
22 officers send fraternal greetings to all members of the lodge.
Hope your Easter worship was
special with your family. Have
you been watching the Dallas
Stars and Mavericks in the
playoffs? They have won some
great games. They were exciting
to watch. Too bad they didn’t
advance. But Dallas residents
still have the Texas Rangers to
Welcomed as a new member
was Addison Huber who is 9
years old.
Andy Schellenberg reported
for the Scholarship Committee
that two candidates qualified.
They are Katelyn Henderson
and Natasha Uhrich. Members
approved a $750 scholarship
for Katelyn and will vote on
Natasha’s scholarship at the
next meeting. It also will be
worth $750.
The lodge’s Join Hands Day
project will benefit Buckner
Shoes For Orphan Souls. The
lodge will host a shoe drive,
hold a prize drawing and sell
pizza slices. The website is
buckner.org/shoes. The organization is located in Mesquite.
President Renee LeCour
Association plans to make
repairs and paint the building’s
A special anniversary event
is being planned for the June
22 meeting. There are 15 lodge
members who will receive their
pioneer pins this year. They are
invited to bring their pins to this
meeting so they can be officially presented.
Lucky Marisa LeCour won the
attendance prize again.
Thanks go to Terri, Fred and
Clint Holmes for the food
enjoyed after the meeting.
Remember, the next lodge
meeting is June 22 beginning
at 3 p.m. at the Dallas Hall. Pin
recipients and all other members are encouraged to attend.
– Reporter
J.W. White was the split-thepot winner.
John Miller and Steven
Civiletto won the attendance
Members and guests played
games and enjoyed fellowship
bring a dessert.
Watch the Hermann Sons
News for last minute changes
and events. Call the lodge office
at 227-7001 for more information.
– Mike Warneke
Fort Worth plans June family picnic
FORT WORTH – Fort Worth
Lodge No. 33 welcomes its first
new member of 2014. Junior
Blake Walters is a fourth generation Hermann Sons member.
His great-grandparents were
members when the lodge met
at Echo Lake back in the 50s.
Members are reminded to get
those referrals to the local agent
or to the Grand Lodge so the
lodge can meet its goal for
June 8 is just around the corner. That’s the date for the family/membership picnic. Don’t
forget to come and bring your
family and guests. The picnic will be held at Warren
Park, 301 SW Johnson Ave. in
Burleson. The fun starts at 2
p.m. with hamburgers and hot
dogs served at 4 p.m. Please
RSVP to Darlene Jones at 817229-4799 or Sandra Jones at
The lodge took part in three
projects for Join Hands Day.
The lodge collected magazines for the dialysis center.
This is an ongoing project, so
if you have any magazines you
would like to donate, please
bring them to the picnic.
The lodge also supported Pack
A Back Pack again this year. The
funds are used to fill backpacks
with food for underprivileged
children to take home on weekends. These children would otherwise have little or no food
until returning to school on
And the lodge also sent a
donation to the “Hugs from
Home” program.
Congratulations are in order
for the winners of scholarships
to attend Hermann Sons Youth
Camp. This year’s recipients are
Krystal Emshoff and Preston
Lewallen. Hope these two have
lots of great camp stories to
share with members.
Get-well wishes go to Cecil
McLaughlin who was in the
hospital for a few days. He is
home and doing OK.
“Happy Birthday” wishes
go to Rylee Carter-Clanton,
Jarod Hanna, Valton Lewallen,
Cecil McLaughlin, Sonia
Todd, Marcia Walters, Bradley
Whitley, Fred Whitley and Fred
– Reporter
Coupland Lodge will hold next meeting June 2
COUPLAND – Coupland
Lodge No.113 will hold its next
quarterly meeting on Monday,
June 2, at the Coupland Fire
Station beginning at 2 p.m.
Members and non-members
are welcome to come and enjoy
the fun and fellowship.
Members will play games and
enjoy refreshments. Members
are asked to bring a gift or two
for the games and a snack to
Everyone who attended the
last meeting received $5. Who
knows what surprises are in
store for June?
– Reporter
May 2014 – Hermann SonS newS – Page 25
Columbia planning a summer of activities, adventures
DALLAS – It’s almost summertime and the air conditioner is
beginning to hum its long hot
Columbia Lodge No. 66 is
preparing for a summer of
activities and adventures and
invites all members to come
along and participate.
The lodge will host First Friday
on June 6 at the Hall. The
evening will include a Sock
Hop featuring the musical talents of Kenny and the Kasuals.
The theme will be socks and
everyone who attends is asked
to bring some new socks to
donate to Feast of Sharing,
which is sponsored by Central
Market. A $10 donation will
get you dinner, dancing and a
host of other activities.
The lodge will host its annual
picnic the next day at the lake
home of Gilbert Shelby and
Cecilia Phillips. The lodge will
provide hot dogs, hamburgers and sodas and everyone
is encouraged to bring side
dishes to compliment the picnic theme and adult beverages
of your choice. There will be
room to do indoor camping if
need be and as always some
dominoes, horseshoes, washer
tossin’ and other outdoor activities to make the day special.
More details can be found on
Facebook if you would like to
sign up for bringing food for
the party.
Jean Ernst made a delicious
ham dinner for the most recent
meeting meal and as always
members appreciate what Jean
does for them. Thanks go to
the fine folks who continually
serve the lodge and cook and
otherwise provide for the regulars who come to the meetings.
It is the hardest thing to get
folks to come to meetings.
Seems it is always the same
15 or 20 who come to meetings but there is plenty of room
for the more than 400 lodge
members who are not regulars
to come to meetings and get
The lodge was involved in a
benefit for a young boy on May
18. Barbecue was sold with
all the proceeds from the dinner going to Gavin’s medical
expenses. As usual Chef Bobby
and Mrs. Butterworth served
the meal.
The Hall is about to get
its much needed paint job.
Although the Home Association
decided not to do the restoration that the Historical Society
had recommended, it will be
nice to get a good coat of paint
on the exterior of the building.
This has been a long needed
project and it is imperative
that members do their best to
restore and keep the Hall in the
best possible working order.
Home Association President
Jimmy Burnett has been working to make the Old Bowling
Alley a more musical venue
like room. Hopefully there
soon will be a new sound system and lighting to make this
great room even more party
The Hall is available for rentals for birthdays, weddings,
quinceaneras and whatever
your needs might be.
The lodge is always looking
for new members and if you
know somebody who needs life
insurance be sure to let one of
the agents know.
Hope to see lots of members
at the Sock Hop and the picnic.
Houston to meet June 9 with potluck meal on the menu
HOUSTON – Houston Lodge
No. 100 marked its annual
Family/Pioneer Day on Sunday,
April 6 at the Sokol Hall in
Houston. There was good attendance with 62 members and
guests present including Grand
Vice President-Fraternal Kim
Krueger and husband Dustin.
The festivities began at 2 p.m.
with a games party. This was followed by an old-fashioned cake
walk during which 15 cakes
donated by members were
given away. There was also a
prize drawing with many donated prizes being awarded.
A popular game was guessing
the amount of candy in a jar.
Four jars of candy were set out
and everyone wrote their name
and a guess as to how much
candy was in each jar.
The winners were Milton
Fuchs, Ethelene Marshall,
Maxine Muske and Delores
Muske. They won the jars of
Sister Krueger spoke briefly
about the importance of increasing membership. She then presented 70-year membership
pins to Louise Jacob and Milton
Fuchs who is past president of
the lodge. Sister Jacob has been
a member since Jan. 12, 1944.
Brother Fuchs joined on Nov.
5, 1944.
Member Charles Hopkins
was on hand and preparing for
the inaugural Houston Honor
Flight to Washington, D.C. on
April 24. This group of 25 World
War II veterans went to view
Two members of Houston Lodge received their 70-year membership pins at the Family/Pioneer Day event. Pictured are, from left,
Grand Vice President-Fraternal Kim Krueger, recipients Milton
Fuchs and Louise Jacob, and lodge President Gary Falkenberg.
several World War II memorials. Brother Hopkins served in
the U.S. Army, 85th Infantry
Division, seeing combat in Italy
from 1944 until the war’s end
and staying in Italy until 1946.
Additional information can be
seen at www.honorflighthouston.org.
Pat Bushman reminded members about Join Hands Day on
Saturday, May 3. Houston Lodge
and Edelweiss-Magnolia Lodge
No. 47 members worked together at the Houston Food Bank.
President Gary Falkenberg
made several announcements
thanking everyone for their
attendance and reminding
them of future meetings and the
schedule cards.
He thanked Judy Muske,
Amanda Muske and Doris
Falkenberg for their work in
making the day a great success.
He also thanked everyone who
donated prizes for the drawing
and cakes for the cake walks.
A barbecue chicken and brisket meal with all the sides was
provided by Weatherly Catering
of Katy.
The June 9 meeting will include
a potluck meal and the July 14
meal is salad night. Hamburgers
and ice cream will be served at
the Aug. 11 meeting.
Plans are already being made
for next year’s Family/Pioneer
Day event.
As a reminder, keep looking for new members to join
Hermann Sons. Contact Gary
Falkenberg at 713-466-6069
with information.
– Reporter
Houston Lodge President Gary Falkenberg presents a 75-year
membership pin to Dorothy Powell, a member since July 6, 1939.
When she joined her mother was president of Maybelle Lodge,
which later merged with Andres Hofner Lodge to become Houston
Lodge. Sister Powell recalls that there was a lot of German spoken
at the meetings back then.
Charles Hopkins, a member
of Houston Lodge, took part
in the Houston Honor Flight
to Washington, D.C. on
April 24.
Page 26 – Hermann SonS newS – May 2014
Edelweiss-Magnolia pioneers receive membership pins
Elva Cochran
receives her
60-year membership pin
from Grand
Buddy Preuss
during an
Lodge No.
47 meeting. Sister
Cochran has
been a member since
March 2,
Carl W.
Sontag, left,
receives his
60-year membership pin
from Grand
Buddy Preuss
during an
Lodge No.
47 meeting. Brother
Sontag has
been a member since
Sept. 28,
Members of
Lodge No.
47 who took
home door
prizes from
the April
meeting were,
from left,
Melvin Bayer,
Faye Smith,
Matilda Laird
and Brice
April birthdays at
a recent
Lodge No.
47 meeting
were, from
left, Frances
Lincke, Agnes
Haney, Elva
and Carl W.
Cuero welcomes four new members
CUERO – Cuero Family Lodge
No. 82 met Tuesday, May 6, at
Ruby’s Diner and welcomed
four new members. They are
Lily Caddell, Aria Bixenmann,
Reagan Shaffer and Debra
June Guenther read a list of
recent membership pin recipients. Those members receiving 50-year pins are Howard
Thamm, a member since April
5, 1964, and Darrell Cordes,
a member since April 6, 1964.
Juanita Peters, who joined the
lodge May 7, 1946, will receive
a 70-year pin.
announced there were six
applicants for lodge scholarships this year.
The Scholarship Committee
members, Janet Tietz and Ann
Carpenter, selected three recipients.
announced at the awards
day ceremony at Cuero High
School May 22 and at the June
lodge meeting.
Sister Tiffin also reminded
members of the dance recital
set for June 7. This is a great
opportunity for the dancers to
shine, so do not miss it.
Sister Tiffin and Allison Tiffin
read several poems about mothers in honor of Mother’s Day.
Members were reminded that
Memorial Day is May 26 and
the Wound Warriors Weekend
was set for May 16 and 17.
Members were asked to come
out and support the troops as
their buses passed through
Verna Lee Gohmert reported sending a get-well card to
Gertrude Boehm who was in
the hospital and a sympathy
card to the Harold Tiffin family.
Harold lost a brother recently.
Congratulations to Kaitlyn
Comiskey who won the title
of Little Miss Cuero in a recent
beauty pageant.
Members celebrating birthdays this month are Elizabeth
Loos, Austin Bixenmann,
Isabell VanBeveren and Joycie
Thanks go to Elizabeth Loos,
Verna Lee Gohmert and Joycie
Kahlich for furnishing desserts.
The door prize winners
were Willa Dean Wolter, Jerry
Wanjura, Janet Tietz, Allison
Tiffin and Alice Scheibe.
Following the meeting, members enjoyed a dinner of either
grilled chicken breast or hamburger steak served with green
beans, mashed potatoes, a roll
and tea.
The next meeting is Tuesday,
June 3, at Ruby’s beginning at
6 p.m. Hope to see you there.
– June Guenther
Paige Lodge to sponsor
fund-raiser for 4-H Club
PAIGE – Paige Lodge No.
154 met at the lodge hall
on April 13 with 17 members and guests present to
enjoy the grilled hamburgers furnished by the lodge.
Members brought chips, dips
and desserts.
Thanks go to Ronny
Harmon, Cornell Kunkel and
Michael Dube for grilling the
Gary Falkenberg and wife
Doris were present. Brother
Falkenberg shared some
words of wisdom, spoke of
the Retirement Home and
recommending new members.
He reminded members that
the Hermann Sons float was
available to use in parades.
about entering the float in
the McDade Watermelon
Festival in July but no final
decision was made.
Members did agree to sponsor a fund-raiser for the Paige
4-H Club.
It was suggested that the
lodge sell Hamburgers in a
Bag to go. The date and time
will be determined at a later
The Cheer Committee
reported sending a get-well
card to Jim Botkin who had
hand surgery.
Cornell Kunkel won the
attendance award and Gary
Falkenberg was the Dollar
Pot winner.
The June 8 meeting will be
at Meyers Barbecue in Elgin
at 12 noon.
– Linda Ihlo
May 2014 – Hermann SonS newS – Page 27
Couples from Schulenburg Lodge celebrating April anniversaries
include, from left, Dorothy and Clinton Ellebracht, Emma and
Louis Nitschke, Verlene and Leroy Hoffmann and Frank and Becky
Schulenburg Lodge members celebrating April birthdays include
Emma Nitschke, Lois Demel, Leroy Hoffmann and Bill Michalke.
Kitty Dittrich, a member of
Schulenburg Lodge, celebrates
her birthday in March.
Schulenburg donates to Relay for Life held in May
Schulenburg Lodge No. 14
made a donation to the local
Relay for Life held Friday, May
2, at the Schulenburg High
School Stadium. The lodge borrowed one of the Grand Lodge
banners for the occasion.
At the April 9 meeting, Arline
Ulrich was nominated to
receive the Outstanding Senior
Citizen recognition at the Senior
Citizens Fair held May 9. Last
year Dorothy Ellebracht attended on behalf of the lodge.
Get-well cards were sent to
Bonita Guettermann, Georgia
Kalich and Otto Jochen. It was
also noted that member Nona
Michaelsen had passed away
after a long battle with cancer.
Celebrating birthdays were Bill
Michalke, Lois Demel, Leroy
Hoffmann and Emma Nitschke.
Celebrating anniversaries were
Clinton and Dorothy Ellebracht,
Louis and Emma Nitschke,
Frank and Becky Bohlmann and
Leroy and Verlene Hoffmann.
Four new members were welcomed.
There were 32 members and
one guest on hand to enjoy the
meal of fried chicken, peas and
carrots, potatoes and cakes.
Schulenburg Lodge meets
the second Wednesday of the
– Kathy Loth and
Junette Rodecap
Round Top Lodge hears report on livestock show
ROUND TOP – Round Top
Lodge No. 151 met April 24.
Special Representative Gary
Falkenberg and wife Doris,
Charlene Stardig from Minnesota
and Russell Dallmeyer with sons
Ty and Brayden were guests.
Ty was first on the program
telling about two hogs he
exhibited at the Fayette County
Livestock Show and some of
the exercise techniques exhibitors use to build muscles in the
animals. He received first in the
lightweight class and second
place in the medium weight
Brayden also spoke. He
received third in the lightweight
Father Russell spoke about
the need for more families to
get involved in the Round Top
Show Fund group and the need
for extra help during the fundraiser.
Members heard about Sophie
Rauch’s experience at the art
show at the Houston Livestock
Show and Rodeo. The winning trophy, sitting on the chair
beside her, was as tall as she is.
Shiloh Perry, one of the lodge’s
past scholarship winners, graduated from Texas A&M May 10
but school is not over for her as
she will now pursue her master’s degree.
During his remarks, Gary
Falkenberg congratulated Agent
Linda Mattocks for receiving
the award for Most Newborn
Policies in 2013 and the Last
Agent Standing Award, which is
given to those agents who write
at least one application each
month during a calendar year.
Sister Mattocks attended the
Agents’ Awards Banquet held in
Dallas in March.
The lodge has ordered a banner with its name and lodge
number printed on it. It will be
used at fund-raising and other
events, such as the Country
Store that was part of the Round
Top-Warrenton Fire Department
Feast on May 17.
“Happy Birthday” was sung
to Florine Schulze and Jim
Meinkowsky, Linda Mattocks,
Charlene Stardig and Mary
Rauch won attendance prizes.
The door prizes brought by Lila
Garlin and Jeanette Schoenst
were won by Doris Georges,
Jocie Braun and Jim Mattocks.
– Reporter
Linda Mattocks receives her certificate for selling the Most
Newborn Policies in 2013 from Special Representative Gary
Falkenberg during the April Round Top Lodge meeting.
Ty, Russell and Brayden
Dallmeyer presented the program at the April meeting of
Round Top Lodge.
and Florine
their birthdays in
April. They
are members of
Round Top
Page 28 – Hermann SonS newS – May 2014
Cibolo will hold Flag Day ceremony on June 14
CIBOLO – Cibolo Lodge
No. 147 met Thursday, May 1.
Members enjoyed a lasagna
meal prior to the meeting. A big
thank-you goes to the members
who took the time to bake the
lasagna for the meeting. It was a
special treat!
Congratulations go to Kathryn
Schmoekel who is receiving
her 60-year membership pin.
She has been a member since
Feb. 11, 1954. Frank Brucks is
receiving his 50-year pin. He
has been a member since April
11, 1964.
A moment of silence was
observed in memory of Jerome
Zigmond. Brother Zigmond
passed away April 22 at the age
of 58. In keeping with lodge
recommendations, $10 will be
deposited in the Scholarship
Fund in his memory.
Members were pleased with
the vinyl banner the Grand
Lodge is offering for purchase.
There were a few questions to
be answered before an order is
placed. This will be a nice addition to the lodge’s community
Final preparations were made
Celebrating May birthdays at the Cibolo Lodge meeting were,
from left, Sara Shepherd, B.J. Schneider and Gail Gray.
Mary Ann Gray, right, receives her Mother’s Day drawing prize
from President Sherry Rakowitz at the May Cibolo Lodge meeting.
for the Flag Day ceremony
to be held Saturday, June 14,
at 10 a.m. Thanks go to Cory
Rakowitz for organizing this
event with the City of Cibolo.
This is a moving ceremony, conducted each year in memory of
Pat Osborn. Refreshments will
be served immediately following the ceremony.
Sherry Rakowitz’s chocolate pie
were the “favorite side” winners.
Attendance prize winners
were Dorothy Schneider, Nell
Shepherd and Sarah Shepherd.
The special prize winner would have been Melton
Dornbusch who was not present
to claim his prize. The pot at the
Members brought items for
donation to the veterans at Fort
Sam. Sigfrid Swenson volunteered to deliver the items on
the lodge’s behalf. A special
thanks goes to those who contributed and to Brother Swenson
for delivering a small token of
the lodge and members’ thanks.
Gail Gray’s green beans and
June meeting will be worth $43.
Remember, you must be present
to claim this prize.
The next meeting will be
Thursday, June 5, at Christ the
King Lutheran Church at 7 p.m.
Please plan to join your fellow
members for dinner prior to the
– Joy Brown
Twin Sisters to honor pin recipients at June 1 meeting
TWIN SISTERS – Twin Sisters
Lodge No. 138 will honor its
50-year and 60-year members
at the June 1 meeting. It begins
at 2:30 p.m. at the Twin Sisters
Lodge Hall.
The Hartmanns will fry fish
and other trimmings. Marilyn
Weidman will provide cole
slaw and Jennifer Ethridge and
Gertrude Hartmann will provide desserts.
The lodge met Sunday, April
6. Guest for the meeting was
Andrew Steiger, a member of
Harmonia Lodge No. 1 in San
Agent Gilbert Weiss reported
that the lodge met its membership goal for 2013 and that
the goal for 2014 is nine new
members. Posters about engaging new members were given
out and displayed.
Gertrude Hartmann reported that the lodge received a
thank you call from the Sonny
Daumsch family after a sympa-
thy card was sent.
Members who had passed
away since the last meeting were remembered with a
moment of silence and included Roy Weirich, Charles Jones,
and frequent guest, Alice
Steiger, mother of social member Stan Steiger.
Celebrating April birthdays
were Travis Tomlinson, Margo
Ethridge, Maverick Ethridge
and Pat Weiss.
Shelby plans Join Hands Day projects
SHELBY – Shelby Lodge No.
28 members enjoyed an evening
of fellowship during the April
meeting. Carolyn Bruening,
Bernice and Ed Nobra and
Myron Bruening hosted a meal
featuring sausage and kraut.
The Join Hands Day project
will be to assist with the cleaning of the local cemetery to get
ready for Decoration Day and
to collect canned goods and
other non-perishable items for
the AMEN Food Pantry in La
Grange. Canned goods are to
be brought to the June meeting.
As in the past, members continue to assist with the Austin
County Meals on Wheels.
Condolences were expressed
for Harold G. Rinn, a member
of the lodge who passed away
Celebrating birthdays in April
were Lottie Dittmar, Judy Pieper,
Nolan Krebs, Doris Voelkel,
Doris Christ and Maxine
Winners of door prizes were
Flora Marek, Lynette Mueller,
Doris Christ, Maxine Rudloff
and Lottie Dittmer.
Mildred Kalkhake’s name was
drawn for the progressive door
prize but was unable to attend.
– Reporter
Hartmann celebrated their 68th
wedding anniversary on April
In observance of Join Hands
Day, plans were made to coordinate the efforts of the lodge,
the Boy Scouts and the Blanco
community to collect food and
donations for the Blanco Good
Samaritan Center on May 3.
Tomlinson, Boy Scout Travis
Tomlinson, Gertrude and
Hartmann, Karen Steiger and
Helen M. Knoll were on hand
Saturday, May 3, at the Lowes
Supermarket to man the table.
Many generous donations of
non-perishable food along with
cash donations were received.
Alvin Knoll would have won
the attendance prizes but they
were not present.
Everyone enjoyed a barbecue
meal with all the trimmings.
– Reporter
Montgomery to meet Sept. 15
CONROE – The turnout was
good for the Montgomery
Lodge No. 315 ice cream
A total of 16 members and
three guests ate lots of ice
Robert Prewitt gave a report
on the lodge’s Facebook
page. He gave instructions
on how to access it.
Gary Falkenberg shared news
from the Grand Lodge.
He was the door prize winner.
Brother Prewitt was to
deliver the annual donation
to the Montgomery County
Food Bank.
The next meeting is Sept
15 and a potluck meal will
be served. The lodge will not
meet during the summer.
– Reporter
May 2014 – Hermann SonS newS – Page 29
La Vernia holds annual picnic
Lone Oak holds annual bake sale
ADKINS – Members of the
Lone Oak School of Dance
assisted Lone Oak Lodge No.
88 with its annual Easter Bake
The lodge was posted outside
of Pruski’s Market on Hwy. 87
on April 19 selling baked goods.
The families from the Lone
Oak School of Dance donated
most of the baked goods. The
lodge will draw one lucky dancer’s name out of a hat to win a
special prize for helping out!
“The Lone Oak Lodge really
appreciates all that the Lone
Oak School of Dance has done
to assist us, not only with this
bake sale, but with getting the
lodge building in better shape,”
said lodge President Terri
Proceeds exceeded last year’s
numbers and members are
excited about the lodge’s future.
The lodge meets every other
month on the third Wednesday
at 6:30 p.m. at the lodge hall.
The next meeting will be in July.
– Cecily Kelly
La Vernia Lodge No. 180 members and guests enjoyed the
annual picnic on April 26 at the beautiful Tanneberger Ranch
retreat on the Cibolo Creek. The weather was great and the
food was even greater – grilled hamburgers, cheeseburgers,
bratwurst, side dishes and desserts too numerous to list.
Pictured are, front, from left, Marlin Tanneberger, Grand Vice
President-Marketing Tim Kolbe, Cheryl Kolbe, Lillian Kosub,
Tim Brooks, back, from left, Cindy Corbin, Candy Stork and
Rita Witte. Everyone is already looking forward to next year’s
Corpus Christi Lodge
will meet again June 2
Christi Lodge No. 34 members
gathered at Nolan’s Restaurant
for a business meeting followed by a meal and fellowship.
Mothers were presented with a
gift in observance of Mother’s
Congratulations to all members
who are graduating from high
school as well as those who are
earning their college degrees.
Summer is almost here and
school will be ending. Plans
for summer activities will begin
soon. Hermann Sons Youth
Camp registration is being done
online this year.
Summertime in Texas also
brings hurricane season, so
please have a plan in place for
your family and loved ones.
The lodge welcomes its newest
junior member, Calvary Davis,
age 8, from Ingleside.
The next meeting will be held
at the Hilltop Community Center
on Monday, June 2, starting at
6:30 p.m. with Diane King and
Norbert Schwertner serving as
– Reporter
Lone Oak Lodge members and
Lone Oak School of Dance officers and students manned the
Bake Sale tables on April 19 to
raise money for the lodge.
Bernardo's summer social June 14
BERNARDO – Bernardo
Lodge No. 243 met April 16
in the Bernardo Volunteer Fire
Department meeting room.
In his report, Agent Terrel
Maertz announced that registration is now under way for
Hermann Sons Youth Camp.
Registration is being done
online this year. He also talked
about the new advertising campaigns that are being launched
this year including one for
radio and one with Texas Parks
and Wildlife Magazine.
Beatrice Hill reported sending a sympathy card to the
Howard Plengemeyer family.
Members stood for a moment
of silence in his memory.
A card from the Adeline
Weishuhn family was read by
President Maertz thanking the
lodge for the donation given
in her memory to the Sts. Peter
and Paul building fund.
The summer social was set
for June 14 at 5 p.m. with fried
chicken being furnished by the
lodge. Grand Vice President-
Investments Harry Werland
will attend as a special guest.
In observance of Join Hands
Day, members voted to make a
$25 donation to the Colorado
County Relay for Life event.
Anita Zaskoda and Emily
Frank won door prizes.
“Happy Birthday” was sung
to Anita Zaskoda and Joe
All members are encouraged
to attend lodge meetings for
fun and fellowship.
– Robin Maertz
Nagel will hold ice cream social Aug. 12
Door prize winners at the Corpus Christi Lodge meeting were,
from left, Dwayne Hunt, Shelley Hunt, Megan Hunt and Goldie
Beal. Shelley and Dwayne also celebrate a May wedding anniversary.
MILHEIM – Nagel Lodge No.
299 members will gather for
the annual Ice Cream Social
Tuesday, Aug. 12, at 6:30 p.m.
at the Gordon Goebel residence.
Members are asked to bring
sandwiches and snacks.
At the April 8 meeting,
President Goebel was thanked
for the grilled hamburgers that
were served. Members provided
the desserts and snacks.
Members were happy to have
Special Representative Gary
Falkenberg and wife Doris present. He reported the Grand
Lodge is stressing the importance
of recruiting new members.
The lodge welcomes new junior
member Harper Rose Goebel,
daughter of Ulrich Goebel and
granddaughter of Jerry Goebel.
Lori Ann O’Connor will receive
a 50-year membership pin. She
has been a member since Nov.
11, 1954. Gordon Goebel Sr.
will receive his 60-year-pin. He
has been a member since July
1, 1954.
The lodge invites all members
to attend the August meeting for
good food and fellowship.
– Arlie Mae Severin
Page 30 – Hermann SonS newS – May 2014
San Marcos plans flag ceremony for June 2 meeting
SAN MARCOS – San Marcos
Lodge No. 26 met Monday, May
During the meeting, members
who served in the Armed Forces,
Billy Preuss and John Schawe,
were recognized in observance
of Armed Forces Day on May 17.
Mothers were also recognized
with a drawing held with the
prizes being flowering plants.
The winners were Kay Tilton,
Agnes Dreibrodt, Janice Kuhen
and Mary Lou Preuss.
Happy Anniversary wishes
were extended to Larry and
Evelyn Moreau who will be
celebrating 49 years and Lillian
and Ken Cargil who will be
celebrating 42 years.
The Cheer Committee reported
sympathy cards had been sent
to Caroline and Bill McDonald
Jr., Loretta and Larry Sanders,
Irene and George Bierstedt and
Margie Dietert in memory of
Henry Dietert.
A sympathy card was sent to
the Don Blevins family. Donald
Dean Blevins passed away April
19 at the age of 80. He had
served in the United States Air
Force and United States Postal
Service in San Marcos as a
Members of San Marcos Lodge celebrating anniversaries in May
are Lillian and Ken Cargil and Evelyn and Larry Moreau.
mail carrier. After retirement he
continued with his lifelong love
of writing. He published his first
book at age 67 and published
five more books primarily about
Texas, its history and its colorful
Get well cards were sent to
Cassia Hodge recovering from a
broken hand and Burnice Noble
who had shingles.
Sheets were passed around so
members could sign up for the
Family Picnic activities. It will
be held Saturday, July 12, at the
Zorn Bowling Lanes, Hwy. 123,
in Zorn. Mark your calendars
and make reservations by calling
Agnes Dreibrodt at 830-3793870. Pins will be presented
to the 50-year, 60-year and 70year members.
Billy Preuss, left, and John Schawe were honored at the May San
Marcos Lodge meeting for their service in the Armed Forces.
A thank-you was extended to
Peggy Meiners for coordinating
the Join Hands Day program at
Hays Nursing Rehabilitation and
contacting Logan’s Restaurant
about the meeting.
Members agreed to have
Caterall cater the meal for this
year’s Christmas party. They also
catered the 2013 party.
The next meeting will be held
Monday, June 2, at 6:30 p.m. at
LaVista Club House. Fathers will
be honored and there will be a
Flag Day ceremony. Members
are asked to bring casseroles
and salads. Ice cream will be
served for dessert. Members will
play bunco.
In closing, President Dreibrodt
read a Mother’s Day poem.
– Janice Kuhen
donates to
food bank
ELLINGER – Ellinger Lodge No.
30 met April 21 with members
voting to make a donation to the
AMEN Food Bank in observance
of Join Hands Day.
Members were reminded Dec.
13 is the date for the Christmas
Representative Al
Stryk reminded members to
keep information on important
documents such as wills and
insurance up to date.
were Evelyn Isle and Judith
Schulmeier. Celebrating May
birthdays are Audrey Krenek
and Irvin Schulmeier. Judith and
Irvin Schulmeier celebrated an
anniversary in April and Al and
Marie Stryk celebrate a May
A meal of sandwiches, chips
and dessert was enjoyed.
– Jerry Krenek
Taylor Dziuk, center, receives her Hermann Sons Youth Camp
Scholarship from Karnes City Lodge President Vernon Fenner and
Executive Camp Director Jennifer Cernosek.
Karnes City Lodge President Vernon Fenner presents a Hermann
Sons Retirement Home Scholarship to Quincey Olenick.
Karnes City Lodge honors scholarship recipients
City High School seniors were
honored at the May 1 Karnes
City Lodge No. 215 meeting.
Taylor Dziuk was presented
a $1,000 Hermann Sons Youth
Camp Scholarship.
Executive Camp Director
Jennifer Cernosek made the
presentation along with lodge
President Vernon Fenner.
presented a $1,000 Hermann
President Fenner made the
presentation on behalf of the
Retirement Home.
“We are honored to have two
young ladies from our lodge
receive these scholarships,”
President Fenner said, “and
wish them well in their future
Prior to the presentations
the young ladies, along with
Sister Cernosek, recited a
Camp prayer before the meal
was served to their parents
and members present for the
– Reporter
May 2014 – Hermann SonS newS – Page 31
Giddings Lodge awards four senior scholarships
GIDDINGS – Giddings Lodge
No. 54 has announced the
names of its four scholarship
recipients for 2014. They are
Amanda Berger, Brooke Fritsche
and Bradly Schautschick of
Giddings High School and
Olivia Griffin-Ford of Lexington
High School. Each will receive
$500. The lodge will recognize
these recipients at the June 12
Also at the April 10 meeting, members approved $100
donations to each high school’s
Grad Bash.
The Lodge purchased a first
place hog at the Lee County
Junior Livestock Show Sale on
March 29. The hog, belonging
to Kyle Brewer, Lexington FFA,
was purchased for $1,700.
New chairs have arrived!
The lodge purchased 152 new
chairs to replace worn out
chairs in the hall.
President Pat Abell and Agent
Loretta Chilek reported on their
trip to Dallas for the annual
Agents’ Awards Banquet held
March 22.
Sister Chilek was recognized
for earning membership in the
Executive Club, for writing the
Most New Adults in 2013 and
earning the NAFIC Quality
Service Award.
In observance of Join Hands
Day, lodge members visited the
Lee County Youth Center on
May 1. They provided materials and supervised as children made cheer cards that
were taken to the local nursing
homes on Mother’s Day.
A moment of silence was
Amanda Berger
Brooke Fritsche
observed in memory of Victor
Schimank who passed away on
April 6. Sympathy cards also
were sent to the family that also
recently lost Victor’s son-in-law,
Farrell Behrens. A card of cheer
was sent to Hattie Christiansen
of Deanville Lodge No. 301.
Olivia Griffin-Ford
Laverne Urban and Jerry
Potter were wished a “Happy
Door prizes were won by
Olivia Weiser-Mize, Johnny
Herzik, Waldine Ebner and
Glenroy Ebner.
Delicious pork sausage
Bradly Schautschick
grilled by Laverne Urban was
served with side dishes and
desserts provided by members.
The lodge meets the second
Thursday of the month at 7
p.m. at the Giddings Sons of
Hermann Hall.
– Deborah Beisert
Gay Hill Lodge fund-raiser is June 1 Hondo Victory Lodge
holds April meeting
GAY HILL – Gay Hill Lodge
No. 193 met Thursday, May 1,
with 30 members and one guest
present to enjoy a dinner of ham
and turkey and dressing with all
the trimmings that was prepared
by Stanley and Mary Jo Klekar.
The Cheer Committee reported
sending get-well cards to Charlie
Bentke, Larry Grebe, Tammy
Luetge and Donnie Blinka.
President Stanley Klekar
thanked Robert Ziese, Bobby
Mertz and George Lorenz for
mowing the grounds.
The chicken fried steak fundraiser was reported a success.
The next fund-raiser is a fried
chicken meal to be served at
noon on Sunday, June 1.
Hostesses for June will be
George and Walline Lorenz,
Robert and Shonda Ziese and
Leroy and Gladys Hodde.
– Reporter
Gay Hill Lodge members, from left, Stanley and Mary Jo Klekar
and Doris and David Roehling celebrate their wedding anniversaries in May. The Klekars have been married 11 years. The Roehlings
have been married 53 years.
HONDO – Hondo Victory
Lodge No. 161 members met
at the lodge hall on April 8.
Cheer Chairperson Grace
Schmidt reported sending a
sympathy card to the family of
Frederick DeGrodt.
Plans for Join Hands Day
were discussed and finalized.
“Happy Birthday” was sung
to Ouida Samford.
Door prize winners were
Irene Cox, Pat Saunier, Betty
Newman, Emilie Cowan, Fay
Dell Wiemers, Grace Schmidt,
Verlie Nietenhoefer, Aurline
Tschirhart, Jean Weynand and
Loraine Miller.
Hostesses Pye Haass and
Jean Weynand served peach
cobbler, ice cream and cookies.
Ouida Samford celebrated her
birthday at the Hondo Victory
Lodge meeting in April.
After closing with the Lord’s
Prayer, the evening concluded
by playing several games of
– Verlie Nietenhoefer
La Grange to meet July 10
Stanley and Mary Jo Klekar
cooked the meal served at the
May 1 meeting of Gay Hill Lodge.
Celebrating May birthdays at the Gay Hill Lodge meeting were,
from left, Mary Jo Klekar, Scotty Luetge and Mary Lee Mertz.
LA GRANGE – La Grange
Lodge No. 8 met May 8 at the
Riverside Cafe. A buffet meal
was enjoyed before the meeting.
Retired agent Charlene
Meinen and husband Weldon
and Agent Linda Mattocks and
husband Jim were present.
Thank-you notes were read
from the Leslie Kleiber and
Melissa Renee Oppermann
Dockery families for the dona-
tions sent to the Hermann Sons
Youth Camp in their memory.
The Grand Lodge also sent notes
of thanks for these donations.
Sister Meinen and Agent
Mattocks gave a report on the
Agents’ Awards Banquet held
in Dallas. Both agents received
President Calvin Lange
reminded everyone of the next
meeting to be held July 10.
– Reporter
Page 32– Hermann SonS newS – May 2014
Lockhart Lodge declares 'Rose Marie Turner Day'
LOCKHART – Lockhart Lodge
No. 64 met May 4 at Chisholm
Trail Barbeque with 39 members present.
Members stood for a moment
of silence in memory of Linda
Holter and Mary Nolte.
President Ann Schroeder presented a plaque to Rose Marie
Turner proclaiming May 4 to be
“Rose Marie Turner Day.” The
plaque listed the many things
that Sister Turner and her late
husband, Willie, had done for
Lockhart Lodge. Sister Turner
served as president of the lodge
for 29 consecutive years.
The crowd sang “Happy
Birthday” to Sister Turner, who
celebrated her birthday on May
2. Many family members were
at the meeting to honor her.
“Happy Birthday” also was
sung to Troy Frerich and Edith
Barth who celebrate May birthdays.
Carsten Brock Hopkins was
welcomed as a new member.
He was born Feb. 24. He is
Rose Marie Turner is surrounded by her family as she holds the
proclamation declaring May 4 as “Rose Marie Turner Day” for
Lockhart Lodge.
the son of member Deanna
Schuelke Hopkins, grandson of
member Carol Schuelke and
great-grandson of member Lil
Members voted to make a
donation to the City of Lockhart
to be used at the bicycle rodeo
for Helmets for Kids. The rodeo
was held May 17.
Agent Janice Kuhen gave an
informative talk about Hermann
Sons and reminded members
that registration for Hermann
Sons Youth Camp and the
schools of dance is being done
online this year.
Dickie Rutherford will send
cards to Gwen Till, Steve
Turner, Betty Willms and Ferd
In observance of Join Hands
Day, Treasurer Ray Pfefferkorn
and President Ann Schroeder
Winners of door prizes at the May Lockhart Lodge meeting were,
from left, Aaron Seidenberg, Tyler Barth and Erin Turner.
presented a check to Mike
Caldwell County Habitat for
Humanity. The lodge also will
provide a meal for the workers
in the future.
Door prize winners of the May
flower canisters were Tyler
Barth, Erin Turner and Aaron
After the meeting, everyone
enjoyed the cake baked and
decorated in Sister Turner’s
The next regular meeting will
be June 1.
– Lil Pfefferkorn
Paul Vogt Lodge presents senior, camp scholarships
VAN RAUB – Paul Vogt Lodge
No. 234 met May 5 with members and guests enjoying a
barbecue meal. Special guest
for the evening was Grand
President Buddy Preuss.
Two special presentations
were made during the meeting.
Kendra Jones was presented
with a scholarship. Kendra will
attend Texas A&M at Corpus
Christi where she will major
in nursing.
Kendra, a third generation Hermann Sons member,
attended Hermann Sons Youth
Camp and took dance classes. Kendra’s grandparents and
mother are all members of Paul
Vogt Lodge.
The lodge has been presenting a scholarship for about 15
For the first time ever, the
lodge presented a scholarship
to a junior member who will
be attending Hermann Sons
Youth Camp. The recipient is
Cadyn Feller. Cadyn, her father
and grandparents are all members of the lodge.
The lodge will meet again in
– Nancy Griffin
Nancy Griffin, right, presents a check to Cadyn Feller to cover the
cost of attending Hermann Sons Youth Camp this summer. This is
the first time Paul Vogt Lodge has awarded a camper scholarship.
Kendra Jones is the recipient of this year’s Paul Vogt Lodge
Scholarship. She is pictured with, from left, lodge President Nancy
Griffin, Jay McClure and James Bowman. The gentlemen were
members of the lodge’s Scholarship Committee.
Highland Lakes to meet June 1 at community center
meeting of Highland Lakes Lodge
No. 317 will be on Sunday,
June 1, at the Highland Haven
Community Center. Social hour
will begin at noon with the meeting following at 1 p.m.
PLEASE NOTE: This is a new
meeting place located at 118
Blackbird Drive, right behind
Roscoe Holt City Hall. Drive into
Highland Haven from 1431 on
to County Road 120. Highland
Haven is between Granite Shoals
and Kingsland. You can’t miss it.
After the meeting, members
will enjoy a potluck meal featuring brisket and bread to be pro-
vided by the lodge. New members Charles and JoAnne Butler
have agreed to bring potato
salad, Grace Seguin will bring
cole slaw, the Friesenhahns will
bring a dessert and the Embreys
will provide beans. Feel free to
bring a dessert or a side dish to
accompany the meal.
In observance of Join Hands
Day, members and the lodge
made donations totaling $165 to
Sharing the Harvest.
Hope to see lots of members in
June. If you have any questions or
need further directions, call 830598-8156 or 210-413-5126.
– Terry Embrey
May 2014 – Hermann SonS newS – Page 33
Helotes Lodge plans picnic for June 10 meeting
HELOTES – Helotes Lodge
No. 76 members are reminded
that the next meeting will be
Tuesday, June 10, at 7 p.m. A
picnic will be held under the
shady oak trees of Braun Hall.
Text or call Rebecca Henley at
210-723-8939 by Friday June 6,
if you plan to attend.
Pins will be presented to
60-year members and there will
be a short lodge meeting followed by a fun evening of fraternalism.
Washer pitching and board
games will be available for those
inclined to participate. A game
of yoga ball kickball will be
available for the children and
those young at heart.
Members are encouraged to
bring your children/grandchildren/friends but don’t forget to
let Sister Henley know if you
will be in attendance for meal
planning purposes.
The lodge will provide the
entire meal and birthday cake
for dessert. Dress comfortably
and bring your lawn chairs.
Your well behaved dog will be
allowed at the picnic (but not
inside the hall).
PresidentSecretary/Treasurer Mary Beam
Rebecca Nail is pictured with puppies available for adoption
through Roxy’s K-9 Rescue, which will be the beneficiary of a
fund-raising event to be sponsored by Helotes Lodge.
will present 60-year pins to
Deborah Lynn LaHood, a member since Feb. 1, 1954; Carl
Wayne Schwarz, Janice Liebig
Gallaway and Arthur D. Schwarz,
all members since April 15,
1954; Terry Brooks Hall, a member since July 1, 1954; Jan Ann
Schwarz, a member since July
7, 1954; Judy Lanette Henckel,
a member since Oct. 6, 1954;
Dennis James Nickel, a mem-
ber since Nov. 3, 1954; Susan
L. Kneupper, a member since
Dec. 1, 1954; and Carolyn E.
Spengler, a member since Dec.
10, 1954.
Members of the Future Club/
Shining Stars (free to all junior
members, see application on last
page of this publication) should
have received their invitation
to the event at Schlitterbahn on
June 14.
Also, Hermann Sons Youth
Camp will open for the summer on June 15. Be sure to help
your junior member pick one
of the 10 weeks available and
register online as soon as possible. Open House at Camp is
Saturday, June 14.
Members are encouraged to
participate in the Hermann Sons
Bowling Tournament that will be
held in Katy this year. As usual,
it will be held the last weekend
in July and the first weekend in
August. All adult Hermann Sons
members are eligible to bowl
with a USBC membership. See
application in this publication.
Each year the lodge sponsors a
community service project. This
year it will sponsor a fund-raiser
benefiting Roxy’s K-9 Rescue. A
committee will be established
at the June meeting to plan the
project. If you’d like to help
or have items or services to
donate, contact Sister Henley at
210-723-8939 or email her at
[email protected], even if you
can’t attend the meeting.
Michalczak is co-founder of this
non-profit dog rescue organization. Roxy’s K-9 Rescue, along
with its partner rescue organization, has rescued more than 150
dogs in the past 18 months with
many currently available for
adoption. They do this through
a network of foster homes and
adoption events. They can be
found almost every weekend at
the Pets Barn at Loop 1604 and
Blanco Road and other adoption
An adoption event will be held
at this Pets Barn location on
Saturday, June 28. It will be
held in conjunction with a veterans group and other dog rescue
Lodge Secretary Rebecca
Henley will be taking family
and pet patriotic photos.
Be sure to “Like” Roxy’s K-9
Rescue on Facebook and show
your support.
– Reporter
Square Dance Club
Hermann Sons Square Dancers enjoy Fiesta Dance
fun the Hermann Sons Square
Dancers had at the Fiesta
Dance. Muchas gracias to caller John Thompson and cuer
Martha Koslowsky who kept
the floor moving and grooving.
You could say it was a dance
“fit for a king” - King Antonio
that is who attended along
with members of his court. And
there was an unexpected visit
from Miss San Antonio. They
were such good sports on the
floor, and it appeared that they
were having a wonderful time.
On April 12, Ivy Kenneally’s
grandson Caleb McClaugherty
married Deidre Nelson in
Crosby. Ivy, sister-in-law Shirley
Kenneally from Denver, son
Ken with wife Joyce, grandson Bryan and granddaughter
Nicole with husband Jeremiah
Gutz made the trip from San
Antonio. The wedding took
place at a country club with
family and close friends in
On April 20, Ivy turned 85
and celebrated both Easter and
her birthday with family in
The celebration was held
at the home of son Ken and
daughter-in-law Joyce. Ivy's
grandchildren Bryan and
Nicole with husband Jeremiah
and Joyce's mother Katherine
Dylla attended.
Everyone enjoyed the meal
Joyce prepared and the chocolate cake and ice cream for
Katherine Fletcher has been
in and out of hospitals for various issues, but will hopefully be settled in at Silver Tree
Rehab by the time this goes to
print. It is hoped the therapists
can help her get her strength
back so she can get around
some on her own. Her daughter is here for a while but is
getting ready to go to Miami
to get her apartment and other
things in order as she will start
her next phase of medical training in late September or early
After 32 years working for the
State of Texas, Mary Brown is
saying goodbye. The last eight
years she has held the position of hiring the professional
staff for the San Antonio State
Supported Living Center. Prior
to that, she worked as a medical secretary in field research.
So many of the regular dancers have been missing including Jimmie Adam, Ollie Neff,
Doris Baumann, Dan Clark,
Chuck and Jane Mashburn,
Betty Mettke, Dee Pollock,
Ray and Carolyn Swan, Mary
and Leon Weinstrom and last
but not least Yvonne and J.W.
They are missed and are asked
to let someone know how they
are doing.
Beth Warne had her longtime friend Naida visiting from
California. Naida was in Texas
to attend her 60-year class
reunion in Waco. She will be
here until the end of May. They
took a weekend trip to the
coast, and while Beth worked,
Naiad took in some day trips
to the Hill Country and other
areas of interest.
Beth Warne and Ivy Kenneally
once again put their luck to
the test. They along with other
members of their lodge visited
Coushatta on May 18-19.
Get your dancing shoes ready
because June will be a big
dance month. The Texas State
Festival will be held in Tyler the
weekend of June 12-15. Two
weeks later, the place to be
will be Little Rock, Ark., for the
62nd National Square Dance
Convention. The month will
come to a close in San Antonio
when the Belles-N-Beaus hold
their annual Freedom Dance.
Happy Father’s Day to all you
wonderful dads.
Celebrating June birthdays
will be Marie Madill, George
Rollow, Carol Rupe and Ray
Celebrating June anniversaries will be Sami and Gene
Jensen, Marie and Jim Madill
and Carol and Cecil Rupe.
Summer’s here… as things
heat up and dry up, pray for
much needed and sufficient
Until next time, stay cool and
keep dancing.
– Reporter
Page 34 – Hermann SonS newS – May 2014
Rutersville will meet again June 4
RUTERSVILLE – Rutersville
Lodge No. 152 met May 7. The
lodge furnished hot links and
members brought side dishes or
The Cheer Committee reported
sending a get-well card to Agent
Linda Mattocks who recently
had surgery.
Agent Mattocks and husband
Jim were in attendance. She
spoke briefly about the importance of recruiting new members
and about online registration for
Hermann Sons Youth Camp.
Members welcomed Schylar
Ray Noak, infant daughter of
David R. Noak II, as a new member. She was recommended by
grandfather David Noak Sr.
Members agreed to borrow
one of the new Hermann Sons
banners for the annual Chicken
and Sausage BBQ to be held
Sept. 27.
President Jo Ann Mueller gave
a report on the options for tree
trimming on the lodge grounds.
Several quotes have been
received. No action was taken
at this time.
The attendance prize winners
were Jo Ann Mueller and Ricky
Celebrating a May birthday
was Delores Bayer. Celebrating
an anniversary were Delores and
Sylvester (Bob) Schmitt.
The next meeting will be
Wednesday, June 4, and the
lodge will furnish hamburgers
with all the trimmings. Members
are asked to bring side dishes or
– Reporter
Moulton Lodge makes donation
MOULTON – Moulton Lodge
No. 59 members met April
9 with special guests Grand
Vice President-Fraternal Kim
Krueger and husband Dustin
in attendance.
In observance of Join
Hands Day and to honor the
Wounded Warriors, the lodge
made a $100 donation toward
the Warrior’s Weekend project. Secretary/Treasurer Allyne
Chapman presented the check
to Ron Kocian, president of
Warrior’s Weekend.
The lodge welcomes three
new members. They are Aidan
and Holden Kloesel and Seth
Anniversary celebrants Judy
and Irvin Schulmeier were recognized at the April meeting of
Moulton Lodge.
Stephen Seifert, left, presents
the 50/50 winnings to Eugene
Anderle at the April meeting of
Moulton Lodge.
Everyone enjoyed the fried
chicken provided by the
lodge and cooked by Ernest
Chaloupka and the sides provided by the members.
– Reporter
Delores Bayer, left, celebrates her birthday in May while Sylvester
(Bob) and Delores Schmitt celebrate their anniversary the same
month. They are all members of Rutersville Lodge.
Rosenberg-Richmond has new member
One of the newest members of
Lodge No. 85 is
Hannah Gayle Byrd,
daughter of Chris Byrd
and Tanya Schneider
and granddaughter
of James and Rosalie
Byrd. She was born
Dec. 24. The lodge’s
next meeting will be
June 9 at 7 p.m. at
the Rosenberg Civic
Center. The lodge will
serve hamburgers and
members are asked
to bring desserts. A
Flag Day ceremony is
Kerrville joins hands to build ramp for Vietnam veteran
KERRVILLE – Kerrville Lodge
No. 12 members joined hands
with members of the Bandera
Boy Scouts and the Methodist
Church of Bandera for a Join
Hands Day project.
Volunteers from the three
groups built a wheelchair ramp
for a Vietnam veteran who had
been waiting for more than a
year for a ramp to be built.
There were about 20 volunteers
from all three organizations,
including four from Kerrville
Lodge, who worked together for
about five hours to get the ramp
done except for painting.
This was a change from the
original plan, which was to join
the Boy Scouts in a Medina
River cleanup. The Scout leader
decided building the wheelchair ramp was a more urgent
Due to a scheduling conflict,
the lodge will not be able to
hold its June meeting and fish
fry at the Ingram City Park so
the fish fry has been rescheduled for the August meeting.
Another park cannot be found
that has all of the facilities the
lodge requires.
A Flag Day event is planned
for June 14 at the VA Hospital
that will include the Bandera
Boy Scout troop and members
of the American Legion Post in
Kerrville. Details are still being
worked out so watch for your
meeting card for more information.
The remaining lodge meetings
for 2014 will be held Aug. 6,
Oct. 1 (election of officers) and
Dec. 5 (Christmas party).
Members are encouraged to
plan on being a part of these
fun events.
– Juanice Grona
Austin Lodge makes donation to Ronald McDonald House
AUSTIN – Austin Lodge No.
120 met May 4 with 24 members and guests present.
Blake Parker Wissen and
Paige Brooke Wissen were
welcomed as new members.
Members voted to purchase
a banner for the lodge after
hearing President Ed Kurtz
read a letter from the Grand
Members also voted to
donate $100 to the Ronald
McDonald House in observance of Join Hands Day.
Get well wishes were sent
to Billy Lindsey, Verda Krause,
Mildred Schulze, Stacy Kurtz
and Jim and Rose Reed.
Everyone was reminded of
Family Day on June 1 (not June
2 as stated in the April article).
Lunch will be served at 1 p.m.
There will be a meeting at 2
p.m. followed at 4 p.m. by a
free dance. The lodge will furnish barbecue. Members are
asked to bring a covered dish
and desserts. There also will be
a silent auction and all members are encouraged to donate
something nice for this. This is
one of the lodge’s fund-raisers.
Susan Skanse won the “kitty”
and Betty Kurtz won the attendance prize.
After the meeting, members
enjoyed the hot dogs provided
by the lodge. Members brought
chips, dips and desserts. A
special thanks goes to Emma
Spradling (a junior member)
and mom Katrina Spradling for
helping prepare the hot dogs.
– Reporter
May 2014 – Hermann SonS newS – Page 35
June 20
BRENHAM – Brenham Lodge
No. 6 met April 11 with 55 in
attendance. Before the meeting, baked chicken breasts
and the trimmings was prepared by Shirley Ganske, Carol
Jaster, Elaine Lorenz, Marvin
Marburger and Nina Runge.
Members provided desserts.
Special Representative Gary
Falkenberg informed members
the Hermann Sons float is available for parades and spoke
about the Retirement Home in
A moment of silence was
observed in memory of Evelyn
Russell Honerkamp sent a
thank-you card for donations
made in memory of Donnie
A chicken and sausage supper
is scheduled for June 20 with a
dance. Chris Rybak will provide
the music.
– Lucille Meinecke
New Braunfels welcomes
new junior, adult members
Brenham Lodge members celebrating anniversaries in April were,
from left, Bill and Bernice Hughlett, 16 years, and Richard and
Pearlie Hanath, 54 years.
ners were Bobby Vogel, Sandra
Guenther, Dorothy Ebert,
Shirley Huebinger, Allan Weyel,
Virginia Vetter, Monroe Weyel,
Bill Wenzel, Dorella Colbert,
Michael Huebinger, Sharon
Suchy and Jerome Vetter and
junior member Erin Huebinger.
At the close of the meeting,
each lady received a cash prize
for Mother’s Day.
Members enjoyed chicken
cutlets and side dishes provided
by members. Dorella and Ethan
Colbert were hosts.
The next meeting is June 1 at
3 p.m. at the lodge hall. Pizza
will be provided and members
are asked to bring salads.
– Reporter
McGregor gives to pantry,
will meet again on June 4
Celebrating April birthdays at the Brenham Lodge meeting
were, from left, Waldemar Schramm, Betty Schramm, Evelyn
Plueckhahn, Dorothy Hahn and Marvin Marburger.
Bexar summer picnic set for June 22
SAN ANTONIO – Bexar Lodge
No. 306 members are reminded
that the lodge will hold its summer picnic June 22 from 1-5
p.m. at Raymond Russell Park on
I-10 West.
Hamburgers and hotdogs and
all the trimmings will be served
along with punch and tea. There
will be games for the children
and adults.
Letters will be sent to all members soon.
Members enjoyed the movie Members of Bexar Lodge enjoyed seeing the Disney movie “Bears”
outing to see “Bears,” a Walt recently and are now looking forward to the summer picnic on
Disney film.
June 22.
Turnout was great for the May
4 meeting. Several new members 5479 if they know of a member
Looking forward to seeing lots
and transfers were welcomed.
who has a serious illness or has of members at the summer picMembers are reminded to had surgery. A get-well card will nic.
contact Joan Crider at 210-653- be sent.
– Linda Wehmeyer
Converse to hold annual picnic June 1
CONVERSE – Converse Lodge
No. 157 is planning its annual
picnic for June 1 at the GRASP
Center in Converse beginning
at 3 p.m.
The lodge will furnish brisket,
Braunfels Lodge No. 21 members welcomed seven new
juniors and three new adult
members at the May 4 meeting.
Congratulations to Agent
Shirley Huebinger for qualifying
for the Grand President’s Club.
She has qualified for a club for
the past 17 years. Shirley and
husband Michael brought their
grandchildren, Travis and Erin
Huebinger, to the meeting. They
had been babysitting that week.
Gracen Caraway will transfer to Seguin Lodge No. 37
and the lodge welcomes Amber
Singleton who has transferred
from Castroville Lodge No. 71.
The attendance-prize win-
potatoes and green beans and
members are asked to bring
All members of the lodge are
invited for an afternoon of food
and games and to see which
members will receive their
60-year and 75-year pins.
Call Maxine Sullivan at 210723-8533 if you plan to attend.
– Reporter
McGREGOR – McGregor
Lodge No. 132 met May 7 with
members and guests enjoying
fellowship and a meal of hot
dogs with banana pudding for
The lodge congratulates its
newest 60-year members. They
are Cindy Wiethorn King, a
member since May 17, 1954;
C.F. (Charlie) Johnson, a member since May 23,1954; and
Joyce Wiethorn, a member
since May 28,1954.
Hermine Wolf reported mailing cards to Peggy Thane who
has been battling cancer, Hilda
Witt who recently had a stroke
but is doing better and Yvonne
Schmalriede who broke her
Hendrickson, Hermine Wolf,
Janet Schmalriede and Doris
Mooney for purchasing the
food for the McGregor Food
Pantry in observance of Join
Hands Day.
Doris Mooney presented all
the moms with mint plants
from her yard for Mother’s Day.
“Happy Birthday” was sung
to Carol Wiethorn who was in
attendance. Happy Anniversary
wishes go to Jerome and Diane
The next meeting will be
June 4 at 6 p.m. at the Sneed
Building. The food will be
provided. Hope to see lots of
members there.
– Doris Mooney
Womack plans fish fry
CLIFTON – Womack Lodge
No. 135 members gathered
May 4 for the monthly meeting.
Several ideas for a community Flag Day ceremony were
expressed. Plans will be finalized at the next meeting.
Plans will be forthcoming
for the July 5 Matching Funds
Fish Fry to benefit the Clifton
Volunteer Fire Department.
Members are asked to mark this
date because lots of help will be
Dorothy Conrad was the lucky
attendance-prize winner and
Edwin Conrad was the 50/50
drawing winner.
Calvin and Nadine Rueter
hosted the evening meeting.
The business meeting was followed by a social hour including games and visiting. A covered dish meal concluded the
evening’s activities.
The June 1 meeting will begin
at 5 p.m. and a covered dish
supper will be served. Come,
bring a covered dish and enjoy
an evening of fraternalism.
Hope to see you there.
– Nadine Rueter
Page 36– Hermann SonS newS – May 2014
Seguin Lodge junior earns Youth Camp scholarship
SEGUIN – Seguin Lodge No.
37 honored Valerie Gardner, a
junior member of the lodge, at
the April meeting. She was presented with the Hermann Sons
Youth Camp-Shannon Leigh
Gaffney Scholarship. Valerie is
the daughter of Shari and Marc
Gardner and granddaughter of
Franklin and Velma Huebner.
Every year three $1,000 scholarships are awarded to graduating high school seniors, who are
current Hermann Sons members and past Hermann Sons
Youth Camp campers.
Executive Camp Director
Scholarship Fund Treasurer Jan
Stone were on hand to present
the scholarship to Gardner.
Sister Cernosek also shared
information about Camp. She
said the new online registration
has been a successful tool for
parents during the Camp registration process.
announced another new Camp
option this year. Campers will
have the choice to attend a
shorter week, a Sunday through
Wednesday stay, or the traditional week, consisting of a
Sunday through Saturday stay.
Welcomed as new members were Jessica Preslock and
Chelsey Jones.
The Seguin School of Dance
Parents’ Club officers served
as hostesses for the meeting.
Vice President Stephanie Adams
invited all members to this
year’s dance recital on Saturday,
May 24.
Valerie Gardner receives her $1,000 Hermann Sons Youth Camp
Scholarship from Jan Stone, left, treasurer of the Scholarship
Fund, and Executive Camp Director Jennifer Cernosek during the
April Seguin Lodge meeting.
Winners of prizes at the April Seguin Lodge meeting were, from
left, Tom Allison, Joi Barnes, Ernie Kropp, Georgia Mattke, Brian
Beutnagel and Mary Ann Bienek. Not pictured is Hattie Gerdes.
She also reported that the
dancers performed at Seguin’s
American Cancer Society Relay
for Life on April 26.
Financial Secretary Annette
Roecker gave a financial report
on the April Flea Market. She
said the lodge raised $570 in
table sales, $151 in the bake
sale and $226 in snack bar
sales. Another flea market will
be held in October.
Brother Alton Mattke received
his 50-year membership pin
from Grand Vice PresidentMarketing Tim Kolbe. He has
been a member since Nov. 12,
Brother Kolbe also honored
Franklin and Velma Huebner
for their many years of service as hall managers. President
Vernelle Jones is now serving as
the hall manager.
President Jones reported
that the lodge’s donation to
the March of Dimes fund-raiser, sponsored by CenterPoint
Energy, helped the utility company raise $20,000 for the
March of Dimes. The lodge
made the donation in observance of Join Hands Day.
Door prize winners were
Tom Allison, Joi Barnes, Hattie
Gerdes, Georgia Mattke, Brian
Beutnagel and Ernie Kropp.
Mary Ann Bienek won the progressive pot worth $65.
– Tammy Beutnagel
Alton Mattke, right, receives his 50-year membership pin from
Grand Vice President-Marketing Tim Kolbe at the April Seguin
Lodge meeting.
At May meeting
Hochheim-Prairie presents pins
YOAKUM – Special guests at
the Sunday, May 4, meeting of
Hochheim-Prairie Lodge No.
90 was Grand Vice PresidentSecretary/Treasurer Mary Beam
and husband Mike.
Sister Beam along with Wilburn
Pargmann, a member of the
Grand Finance Committee, and
Grand Inner Guard Bob Jungman
presented 60-year membership
pins to Janet Zabransky, Nadine
Rex, June Rose Hagens and
Deloris Gaus. Sister Zabransky
has been a member since April
13, 1954. Sister Rex joined on
Dec. 20, 1954. Sisters Hagens
has been a member since Aug. 6,
1954. And Sister Gaus joined on
Oct. 5, 1954.
The dance recital had been
held the day before. Guest speaker from the Grand Lodge was
Grand President Buddy Preuss.
He was accompanied by wife
Elizabeth. The dance classes did
an awesome job thanks to dance
instructor Morgan Machacek
assisted by Ariel Machacek.
The lodge will be making two
donations. One will be to the
City of Yoakum for the Memorial
Day event honoring the veterans of the community. The other
will be a $100 donation to the
Yoakum Chamber of Commerce
for the Yoakum Tom Tom Festival.
Join Hands Day was observed
by joining with members of St.
Ann’s Catholic Church and KJZT
to help the church with its kettle
fried steak fund-raiser
Flag Day will be observed
on Sunday, June 8. The Dewitt
County Sheriff’s Department will
be giving the program. Hope to
see lots of members there.
– Carolyn Hoepfl
Four members of Hochheim-Prairie Lodge received their 60-year
membership pins at the May meeting. Pictured are, from
left, Grand Inner Guard Bob Jungman, Grand Vice PresidentSecretary/Treasurer Mary Beam, recipients Janet Zabransky,
Nadine Rex, June Rose Hagens and Deloris Gaus, and Wilburn
Pargmann, a member of the Grand Finance Committee.
May 2014 – Hermann SonS newS – Page 37
Dunlay members join hands for roadside cleanup
DUNLAY – An enthusiastic
group of volunteers participated in the Dunlay Lodge No.
285 Join Hands Day project.
Among the approximately 50
volunteers were members of
Hondo Boy Scout Troop 370,
Hondo AARP, Hondo Victory
Lodge No. 161 and Dunlay
They met at 9 a.m. at the
Dunlay Lodge Hall, donned
bright orange vests and proceeded to pick up trash
along County Road 454 (old
Highway 90) in Dunlay.
After filling many bags, the
group was treated to a picnic lunch at the lodge hall.
The residents along County
Road 454 were appreciative
and one gentleman even commented that it brought tears
to his eyes when he saw that
someone cared enough about
Dunlay to help clean it up.
It was a wonderful opportunity to beautify Dunlay and
enjoy fellowship with all the
Everyone is already looking
forward to next year’s project.
Several other events also
Members of the Matt Saathoff family pose for a photo in front of
the photo and shadow box of Hermann Sons memorabilia that
now hangs in the Dunlay Lodge hall. The family donated the items
to the lodge in Brother Saathoff’s memory. Pictured are, from
left, Stacie Boehme, Madelyn Schott, Joan Seekatz, Yvonne Stein,
Lynette Stewart and Heidi Boehme.
took place that day.
PresidentInvestments Harry Werland
presented a 60-year membership pin to Sharon Bohlen
Wadlington of Atkins, who
grew up near the Dunlay Lodge
Hall and attended meetings
with her parents, Harold and
Wilma Bohlen. She has been
a member since Feb. 8, 1954.
Marvin Kriewald was presented with his 50-year pin.
Brother Kriewald is an active
member of the lodge and has
served as a trustee for many
years. He joined on Aug. 18,
Several members of the Matt
Saathoff family took part in a
Grand Vice President-Investments Harry Werland, far right, was in
Dunlay on May 3 to present pins to two members of Dunlay Lodge.
Pictured are, from left, lodge President Joyce Krenmueller, lodge
Secretary/Treasurer Dolly Meyer, 60-year pin recipient Sharon
Bohlen Wadlington and 50-year pin recipient Marvin Kriewald.
ceremony in which a picture of
Matt Saathoff was hung along
with a shadow box displaying
pins and other Hermann Sons
items that he received during his membership years. The
family recently donated the
items to the lodge.
Brother Saathoff was president of the Lodge from 1972
until 1993 (21 years).
The lodge was honored to
have his daughters, Lynette
Madelyn Schott and Yvonne
Stein, granddaughter Stacie
Boehme and great-granddaughter Heidi Boehme attend
the ceremony.
– Reporter
Kirby will sponsor Senior Games party on June 1
KIRBY – Kirby Lodge No. 305
will sponsor its annual Senior
Games party on Sunday, June
1, beginning at 2 p.m. at the
lodge hall. Anyone 55 years of
age or older is invited to come
and play games for free. Prizes
will be awarded and refreshments
including sandwiches and desserts will be served.
Kirby Lodge members will
board the bus July 13 bound for
Eagle Pass and the Lucky Eagle
Casino. Members were briefed
on the trip when they met May 4.
Cathy Pope from Pope’s Tours
reminded members that the
deadline to sign up is the June 2
meeting. The bus will leave the
hall in Kirby at 7 a.m. and return
about 7:30-8 p.m. that night.
Cost is $25. The lodge will subsidize $5 of the cost for each
member and the casino will give
each person $15 credit on their
player’s card.
Call Henrietta Lowak or Lillian
Brietzke if you would like to go.
Judy Schulmeier reported on
the Join Hands Day project. She
and Mary Negrete volunteered at
Games for Life, a senior games
event held each year at Blossom
Athletic Center.
Welcomed as a new member
was McKenzie Jayne Osburn.
Get-well cards had been
sent to Allen Lowak, Samantha
Schulmeier and Katherine
Maxwell donates to local church
MAXWELL – Maxwell Lodge
No. 75 met April 30 in the
home of President Charles and
Elsie Croley. Homemade soup
and salad was served.
Members agreed to make
a monetary donation to the
Ebenezer Lutheran Church in
observance of Join Hands Day.
The church is currently raising
money to replace the existing
education building with a new
multi-purpose building to be
used for Sunday school classes,
church and community meetings, local elections, receptions
and as a general fellowship
The check presentation was
made May 11 with members
of the church and the lodge in
A number of members attended the Luling School of Dance
recital in Luling on May 10.
After the recital, members
gathered at Blake’s Restaurant
in Luling for a meal and the
May meeting.
There was some discussion
of having a Maxwell Lodge
reunion in October. More on
that later.
The door prize winners for
May were Catherine Blackard
and guest Mary Rhine.
No meeting is planned for
– Reporter
Celebrating their 57th wedding anniversary in May are Past
Grand President Leroy and Linda
Split-the-pot winners were
Joey Fisher, Harold Haecker and
Sandra Bundick.
Door prize winners were
Tammy Haecker, Domingo
Valdez, Martin Lambrecht, Irene
Rittimann, Tommy Wiesner,
Donna Walker and Leroy
Muehlstein. They all took home
sausage left over from the dinner
that the men provided in honor
of Mother’s Day. Everyone was
treated to ice cream for dessert
and the ladies each received a $5
HEB gift card.
The ladies will prepare ham
for the Father’s Day dinner to
be served at the June 2 meeting.
Members are asked to bring side
dishes and desserts.
– Reporter
and Mary
were the
door prize
winners at
the May
Page 38 – Hermann SonS newS – May 2014
Fredericksburg presents pins, welcomes new members
Fredericksburg Lodge No. 41
met May 6 with 46 members
and guests on hand to enjoy the
salads members provided and
desserts provided by the Social
Committee headed by Sandy
and George Fisk.
President Hans Enderlin led the
group in expressing condolences
for four members who passed
away in the past month. They are
Allen Ahrens, a 54-year member;
Ella Hartmann, a 66-year member; Gertrude Roos, a 53-year
member; and Frederick Kraus, a
46-year member.
PresidentMarketing Tim Kolbe spoke
about the 2014 membership
goal, urging all members to invite
friends to consider becoming
members of the lodge. He then
presented 60-year membership
pins to David Tatsch, a member
since Jan. 25, 1954, and Raye
Peter, a member since Oct. 20,
1954, and a 70-year pin to Alice
Kneupper, a member since Aug.
6, 1944. Four additional 60-year
pin and one 70-year pin recipient were not present.
Welcomed as new members
were Emily Rodriquez and Jenna
Marissa Weinheimer was
elected vice president to fill the
position left vacant when Hans
Enderlin became president after
the retirement of Virginia Pehl.
Shirley Moehle announced that
Three members of Fredericksburg Lodge received their membership pins at the May meeting. Pictured are, from left, Grand Vice
President-Marketing Tim Kolbe; recipients David Tatsch, Raye
Peter and Alice Kneupper; and lodge President Hans Enderlin.
Members of Fredericksburg Lodge celebrating May birthdays are,
from left, Skipp Knopp, Windy Duecker, Kenton Ahrens and Lois
60 dozen cookies were donated
to the Boys and Girls Club of
Fredericksburg in observance of
Join Hands Day. Approximately
120 school children use the
facility each day after classes.
Twenty-nine mothers stood to
receive a round of applause.
Mildred Henke received the
lodge’s Mother’s Day gift and
Betty Basse received the Grand
Lodge’s Mother’s Day gift.
Birthday celebrants were Skip
Knopp, Windy Duecker, Kenton
Ahrens and Lois Tatsch.
Attendance prize winners
were Kenton Ahrens, Stanley
Jenschke, Margaret Priess and
Mildred Henke receives the
lodge’s Mother’s Day gift from
President Hans Enderlin at the
Fredericksburg Lodge meeting.
Eleanor Durst.
The next meeting is scheduled for June 3 and all fathers
will be honored. The lodge will
provide hamburgers and chips
and members are asked to
bring side dishes. As always, the
Social Committee will provide
desserts. Melvin and Delores
Staudt are the chairmen of the
committee. Also serving on the
committee are Annie Cornehl,
Mary Bernhard, Shirley Moehle,
Gabby Hohmann and Skip
Knopp. Happy Hour begins at 6
p.m. and serving begins at 7 p.m.
Guests always are welcome.
– Wanda Starns
Marissa Weinheimer is the new
vice president of Fredericksburg
Lodge. She is pictured with
lodge President Hans Enderlin.
Poth donates to food pantry, presents two scholarships
POTH – Poth Lodge No. 272
met May 4 but did not meet in
Welcomed as new members
were Aiden James Scheffler,
Cade Gregory Largent, Nicholas
Owen Largent, Hayden Trey
Lane, Teagan Nicole Lane and
Colin Joseph Lane.
Lucille Novak reported that
she is getting better but will not
be able to travel to her granddaughter’s wedding.
Members discussed whether
or not the lodge should purchase a Hermann Sons banner
but decided not to do so at this
A note of thanks was received
for the lodge’s donation to the
Retirement Home Scholarship
In observance of Join Hands
Day, members voted for the
lodge to purchase canned
goods and dry staples for the
Poth Food Pantry. President
Paul Hosek was to deliver the
Sarah Haverlah and Devon
Dylla are the lodge’s scholarship recipients for 2014. They
will be invited to the June
meeting to be recognized.
Discussion was held about
the building and the lighting
system and how the fluorescence lights need to be attended to. Bids will be sought to
do the work and a decision
is expected to be made at the
June meeting.
Thomas Novak and Paul
Hosek were the door prize win-
ners. The names of Edna Mae
Bauer, Renee Herolt and David
Hellums were drawn for the
kitty prize but none of them
were in attendance. The kitty
will be increased by $2 for next
Everyone in attendance
enjoyed sandwiches, strawberry shortcake and lots of games.
– Beth Cutsinger
Old Glory Lodge men host Mother's Day meal in May
OLD GLORY – Attendance
was great at the Old Glory Lodge
No. 228 meeting on May 4.
A moment of silence was
observed in memory of Herbert
Teichelman who recently passed
away at the age of 90.
Anita Dozier reported that the
lodge hall has been rented three
times in May and once in June
for private parties.
Trustee Marvin Vahlenkamp
reported that some more work
has been done on screen
doors and air conditioners for
the building. Those assisting
included Doug, Robert and D.J.
Vahlenkamp, Keith and Justin
Corzine, Terry Letz and Marvin
Vahlenkamp. Appreciation was
extended to the men for their
time and work.
Doug Vahlenkamp won the
door prize and since it was his
birthday the group sang “Happy
Birthday” to him.
Other members present with
birthdays in May included Hilda
Kieke, Beunice Vahlenkamp,
Valton Schmidt and Don Pyron.
The anniversary couples
included Marvin and Brenda
Vahlenkamp and Doug and
Debbie Vahlenkamp.
Hilda Kieke thanked everyone for the prayers, cards and
food that she enjoyed while in
the hospital and after returning
Following the meeting, games
were played and the group
enjoyed a hamburger meal with
all the trimmings with peach
cobbler and ice cream for dessert. The men hosted the meal
for the ladies as a Mother’s Day
The next meeting will be Aug.
– Reporter
May 2014 – Hermann SonS newS – Page 39
Grand Vice President-MarketinG
timothy P. kolbe
210-527-9113 or
1-877-437-6266 or 1-888-839-7667
MarketinG anaLYst
ana Vasquez, Fic, FLMi, acs, airc
210-527-9113 or
1-877-437-6266 or 1-888-839-7667
adMinistratiVe assistant
Megan Valdez
210-527-9113 or
1-877-437-6266 or 1-888-839-7667
sPeciaL rePresentatiVes
Gary R. Falkenberg, FICF ..... Houston.............. 713-466-6069
or 979-530-3059 (cell)
Carol Krauss, FIC ................. San Antonio ........ 210-725-4106
or 830-914-3383 (cell) or email: [email protected]
Eulla May Krueger ............... Atascosa ............. 210-863-0546
or 830-985-3643 (home) or email: [email protected]
Teresa Saathoff .................... San Antonio ........ 210-276-0361
or 210-422-6996 (cell)
Alfred Stryk, FICF, LUTCF .... Pearland ............. 281-485-4095
Marilyn Vogt, FIC ................ Boerne ................ 210-630-9874
email: [email protected]
Roster of Agents (alphabetized by area)
name . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Hometown . . . . . Phone
Pruski, Roxy . . . . . . . . . . .Adkins. . . . . . . . . 210-667-1995
Faske, Shirley Kuhen . . . . .Austin . . . . . . . . . 512-288-7326
Skanse, Richard . . . . . . . . .Austin/Buda. . . . . 512-923-7514
Skanse, Susan . . . . . . . . . .Austin/Buda. . . . . 512-312-2431
Heath, Eileen - FIC . . . . . .Bandera. . . . . . . . 210-392-0761
Heath, Paul – FIC . . . . . . .Bandera. . . . . . . . 210-392-0760
Laechelin, H.H. Jr.. . . . . . .Beeville . . . . . . . . 361-358-1615
Herridge, Robert . . . . . . . .Bellville. . . . . . . . 979-865-3702
Maertz, Terrel . . . . . . . . . .Bernardo/Columbus . . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 979-732-1727
Behrendt, Carl . . . . . . . . . .Boerne/Fair Oaks. . . . . . . . . . . .
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Akin, Katherine – FIC . . . .Bryan . . . . . . . . . 979-823-8625
Blinka, Donnie . . . . . . . . .Caldwell . . . . . . 979-596-1309
Duncan, Sandra . . . . . . . .Canyon Lake . . . . 830-905-3233
Mockert, Kimberly Ann . . .Canyon Lake . . . . 210-218-5149
Boehme, Glenford – FIC . .Castroville . . . . . . 830-931-3227
Schulmeier, Judith – FIC . .Cibolo/Schertz. . . 210-667-1938
Bruns, Normagene – FIC . .Comfort . . . . . . . 830-995-3980
Merchant, Jean . . . . . . . . .Comfort. . . . . . . . 830-995-3396
Boenig, Dan . . . . . . . . . . .Converse . . . . . . . 210-705-1815
Brandon, Frank . . . . . . . . .Corpus Christi . . 361-241-5593
Hunt, Lena Pearl . . . . . . . .Corpus Christi . . . 361-241-0940
Tiffin, Laura . . . . . . . . . . . .Cuero . . . . . . . . . 361-275-8421
Tiffin, Wayne . . . . . . . . . . .Cuero . . . . . . . . . 361-275-8421
Helen Tyson Brown . . . . . .Dallas . . . . . . . . . 214-287-0022
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Stricker, Dianna "Dee". . . .Devine . . . . . . . . 210-414-0293
Matlock, Sam . . . . . . . . . .Edna/Jackson Co. 361-782-3206
Wigginton, Dennis . . . . . .El Campo . . . . . . 832-278-9636
Wigginton, Donald . . . . . .El Campo . . . . . . 361-293-9937
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Cutsinger, Elizabeth . . . . . .Floresville/Poth . . 830-484-2285
Roemer, Shirley . . . . . . . . .Floresville . . . . . . 830-237-2115
Wiede, Lynn . . . . . . . . . . .Floresville . . . . . . 830-393-4660
Jones, Sandra Kay – FIC. . .Fort Worth . . . . . 817-295-2666
Duecker, Windy . . . . . . . . Fredericksburg. . . 830-997-2983
Henke, Dennis . . . . . . . . .Fredericksburg . . 830-997-5290
Huepers, Richard . . . . . . .Galveston/Texas City . . . . . . . . .
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Gass, Gloria . . . . . . . . . . .Spring Branch . . 830-885-4405
Luensmann, Dorothy – FIC St. Hedwig . . . . . 830-914-3160
Wiatrek, Ronald . . . . . . . .Stockdale . . . . . . 830-996-3005
Teichelman, Howard Jr. . . .Taylor . . . . . . . . . 512-365-1991
Thigpen, Laura . . . . . . . . .Victoria/Yoakum . 361-676-8307
Jungman, Bob . . . . . . . . . .Yoakum . . . . . . . . 361-293-7224
Wolf, Judy . . . . . . . . . . . .Yorktown. . . . . . . 361-564-2452
Page 40 – Hermann SonS newS – May 2014
Hermann Sons Future Club
IVORY BEASLEY is a member
of Vineta Lodge No. 15. She is
in fifth grade. Chinese food is
her favorite and her favorite TV
show is "Win, Lose or Draw."
Ivory's activities include
volleyball, softball, soccer and
Shining Stars
AMBER BASS is a member of
Corpus Christi Lodge No. 34. She
is in third grade. Her favorite
food is baked potatoes and her
favorite TV show is "Sam and
Amber has two pet dogs,
Suzi and Cupcake. Her activities
include dance and Girl Scouts.
You can be a Shining Star too! Just send us a photo of
yourself (that we can keep) and fill out this form and send
to: HSFI – Laura Adams, P.O. Box 1941, San Antonio, TX
member of Comfort Lodge No. 2.
She is in kindergarten. Her favorite foods are queso and chips and
cake. Her favorite TV show is "My
Little Pony."
Kennedy has three pet dogs,
Burberry, Zoe and Buddy. Her
activities include cheerleading
class, puzzles and playing with
MEGAN TORRES is a member
of Gonzales Lodge No. 175.
She is in sixth grade. Her
favorite food is pizza and
her favorite TV show is "The
Megan's activities include
cheerleading, dance and
ASHLYNN CLACK is a member of Gonzales Lodge No.
175. She is in pre-kindergarten. Her favorite food is pizza
and her favorite TV show is
"Dora the Explorer."
Ashlynn's activities include
dancing, riding her bike and
jumping on her trampoline.
member of Corpus Christi Lodge
No. 34. She is in first grade.
Her favorite food is mac and
cheese and her favorite TV show
is "SpongeBob SquarePants."
Samantha has two pet dogs,
Suzi and Cupcake. Her activities
include dance and Girl Scouts.
BRENT KANAK is a member
of Prinz Solms No. 136. He is in
fourth grade. His favorite food is
wings and his favorite TV show is
Brent has three pets, Smokey,
Bandit and Jasmine. His activities
include BMX bike racing and
is a member of Mission-Alamo
Lodge No. 80. She is in fourth
grade. Her favorite food is
barbecued ribs and she likes
to watch Disney Channel
Abigail has two pet cats.
Her activities include running,
swimming and art.
Memorial Day Word Search
Home Phone:
Daytime Phone:
E-mail Address:
Grade in school:
Favorite Food:
Favorite TV Show:
It is OK with my parents that I am featured as a “Hermann’s Shining Star”
in the Hermann Sons newspaper, website and any other advertising publications.
Parent’s Signature:
I am a member of
Certificate No.
Lodge No.
Answers to puzzle are on Pg. 16.
Color the

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