Get into property – more opportunities than you may think



Get into property – more opportunities than you may think
Get into Property
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Emily Archer
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Robert Kos
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A Career in Property
What does it mean?
Buying and selling houses
Working on a building site
How about
Shopping Centres and Retail Parks
Regeneration and Development
Wind Farms and Alternative Investments
A test for you
Waterloo Bridge which crosses the River Thames in London is also
known as the Ladies Bridge due to the fact that the majority of the
construction team were women.
The 25 ft long Headington Shark can be found protruding from the
roof of an ordinary terraced house in Oxford. Despite Oxford City
Council trying to have it removed on the grounds that it was
dangerous to the public, engineers pronounced the erection safe and
six years later it received retrospective planning permission. In 2014
it was voted the 24th most creative sculpture from around the world.
This plant gives building surveyors nightmares.
Japanese knotweed is described by the Environment Agency as
'indisputably the UK's most aggressive and destructive invasive plant'.
Mortgage lenders often refuse to lend on affected properties and it can
devalue a property by up to 50% of market value.
In September 1915, after the death of its
heir, the Antrobus family put this well
known landmark up for sale by auction.
Lot 15: Stonehenge with 30 acres of
adjoining land was sold at the Palace
Theatre in Salisbury to the highest bidder,
Sir Cecil Chubb, a wealthy Shrewton
resident. Sir Cecil who had no intention of
bidding at the sale, bought it 'on a whim' as
a gift for his wife who, it's claimed, was
none too pleased. He paid £6,600 for it and
in today’s money that would be around
This hotel offers some of the most stunning and original hotel
rooms in the UK. Situated in Oxford it has 95 bedrooms.
Previously it was a prison and many of the bedrooms used to
be prison cells.
Possibly the world’s most famous police headquarters,
New Scotland Yard in London, has been sold for
£370m to a Abu Dhabi investor who plans to replace
the 1960s block with luxury apartments.
Before planning permission for a hotel development could be considered surveys of the following were
a) Newts, b) Bats, c) Archaeological, d) Acoustic, e) Soil Investigation, f) Building Condition, g) Asbestos,
h) Topographical, i) Landscape, j) Traffic Survey.
After being turned down for planning
permission to demolish this
Kensington Town House, because
neighbours objected, the owner
painted the property with pink candy
The local authority issued a Section
215 Notice to force the owner to
repaint the house as it was situated in
a conservation area.
At a height of 309.6 metres, or 1,016 feet, the Shard is the tallest
building in Europe.
Towards the end of construction, a fox was found living on the
72nd floor (top floor) and staff nicknamed it Romeo.
….. and the answers are
They are all fact
We are involved in every element of the built environment.
We measure, value, manage, buy, sell, lease, let, regenerate, develop,
protect and enhance all the world’s physical assets and by that we mean
anything from city skyscrapers to sporting stadiums, forests to festival sites,
shopping centres to the homes we live in.
A day in the life of
Robert Kos, MRICS,
Chartered Surveyor
Harvey Pritchard, MRTPI,
Chartered Town Planner
How to get into Property
Graduate schemes
• Undergraduate
– Property degrees (some offer a 12 months placement
– Non-Property degrees
• Post graduate
From 12 months to 6 years
Summer School Programme
Emily Archer, Pathways to Property
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31 May 2016
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