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Shenandoah Jerseys - Maryland Association of Soil Conservation
FSCAP Certified Steward
Shenandoah Jerseys
Janet Stiles Fulton
Shenandoah Jerseys was purchased in 1996
by Tracy and Janet Shank Stiles. Tracy passed
away in 2000 from cancer, and Janet continued
with the farm, remarrying in 2007 to Adna
Fulton. Daughter, Jessica Stiles Hess, is Herd
Manager, and son in law, JR Hess manages the
farm. The family manages a total of 742 acres:
125 at Shenandoah, 87 at Janet’s home farm
near Beaver Creek and 530 leased acres.
A dairy complex was built in 2004, with a dry cow barn, calf barn, grain storage,
trenches and drive by feeding areas added over the years. The herd consists of 115
milking registered Jerseys and another 140 heifers. Shenandoah Jerseys
has received recognition each year from the American Jersey Cattle Association since
1996 for being in the top ten herds on DHIR in the country for milk, fat and or protein.
The farm has also done a great job in conservation by applying Best Management
Practices (BMPs) over the years. These practices include two waste storage facilities,
crop rotation and residue management, pasture and stream fencing, heavy use pads,
roof runoff management, watering facilities and spring development and subsurface
drainage. Janet is an Associate Supervisor on the Washington County Soil Conservation District.
Stewardship Certification
and Assessment Program (FSCAP)
Maryland Association of Soil Conservation Districts
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