Application Instructions


Application Instructions
Janet Malser Humanities Trust
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2 0 1 5 G r a n t P ro g r a m
“Point o’ View” by Janet Malser
Janet Malser was a lifelong resident of Dudley and Webster, Massachusetts. She established this Trust so
that the causes she was involved with would continue to be supported when she was no longer with us. Her
love of art, history, nature, and music inspired her to champion causes related to the arts and humanities,
community service, and conservation. Through this Trust, Janet’s generosity of “self” will continue to be
realized for years to come. This is her legacy.
The Janet Mals e r Hu m anit ies T r u s t w as est a b l i shed in 2 0 0 9 as a 5 0 1 ( c ) ( 3 ) c har it a b l e f o u n d at i o n.
It s p ur p o se is t o f und ed uc at io nal, c ult ur al, hist o r ic , and c har it ab le c auses in t he t o w ns o f Dud ley ,
Oxf o r d , o r Web st er , Massac huset t s.
Gr ant s m ay r ang e f r o m $ 5 0 0 - $ 5 0 ,0 0 0 and w ill b e aw ar d ed annually .
The Janet Malser Hum anit ies Tr ust p r o v id es g r ant s o nly t o d uly r ec o g niz ed , not -f or-prof it ,
t ax- exem p t o r g aniz at io ns. The Malser Tr ust w ill c o nsid er r eq uest s f r o m o r g aniz at io ns
t hat ar e b ased in o r will dir ec t ly benef it r esid ent s in t he t o w ns o f Dud ley, Oxf o r d , o r Web st er.
A p r il 1 , 2 0 1 5
A p p lic at io n s m ust b e p o st m ar k ed no lat er
t han t he d ead l i n e d a t e . Lat e a p p l ic at io n s
w i l l no t b e c o nsid er ed f o r r ev iew.
Helpf ul Tips in Complet ing
Grant Applicat ions!
Old and new applicants are urged
to attend at the
The Janet Malser Trust provides funding for certain causes
limited to the geographic area that includes only the
towns of Dudley, Oxford, or Webster, in
the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
Pearl L Crawford Library
Dudley, MA.
Monday, February 9 t h 6 :3 0 PM - 8 PM
Snow dat e:
Thursday, February 1 2 t h 6 :3 0 PM - 8 PM
The causes for which funding may be considered are:
Call Peg at: 508-434-2668
Check appropriate box(s) that apply to your request.
the restoration and preservation of historical sites
the furtherance of art and music in schools,
both public and private
public concerts with an emphasis on classical music
the improvement and growth of public libraries
the support of church work aiding the indigent,
homeless, aging citizens, and needy children
beautification through planting and the preservation of
park areas and cemeteries
the improvement of service and equipment at Harrington
Health Care at Hubbard, and
A . Co m p let e ap p lic at io n:
Please p r int leg ib ly o n t he f o r m
and t y p e all at t ac hm ent s.
B. A t t ac h all sup p o r t ing inf o r m at io n r eq uest ed
in eac h c at eg o r y :
1 . Or g aniz at io n Desc r ip t io n
2 . Pr o j ec t Desc r ip t io n
3 . Pr o j ec t Bud g et and Financ es
4 . Pr o j ec t Im p ac t
the environmental protection of Webster Lake
an applicant shall be required to file a report with the
Trustees outlining the status of the project.
the applicant must file a final project report with the Trustees
with documentation of all expenditures, including receipts
and bills. Failure to file such reports shall disqualify the
applicant from future consideration for any award by the Trust.
C. A t t ac h a c o p y o f y o ur c ur r ent IRS let t er v er if y ing
y o ur t ax- exem p t st at us
D. Sig nat ur es: 2 Req uir ed
1 . Pr o j ec t Manag er / Dir ec t o r
2 . Munic ip al/ Or g aniz at io n Exec ut iv e
E. Mail t he o r ig inal p r o p o sal packag e wit h 6 ad d it io nal
c o p ies t o t he:
Janet Malser Hum anit ies Tr ust
P.O. Bo x 4 5 8
Web st er, MA 0 1 5 7 0