A Common Thread



A Common Thread
November in Dallas 2010
A Common Thread...
47th Anniversary • 15th Annual Conference
November 12-14, 2010 • Adolphus Hotel • Dallas, TX
Friday, Nov. 12th:
8:30am – Welcome and Introduction
8:45 – 9:45am - Randy Owen, Previewing The Assassination Photo Chronology Website
10:00 –11:00am - Jerry Dealey, TSBD Shooter Issues
11:00 - Casey Quinlan
12noon - Lunch/Book Signing
1:00 - Debra Conway for Greg Parker
2:00 - Larry Hancock - Oswald’s Role
3:00 - Larry Hancock for Stu Wexler
3:30 - Book Signing/Break
4:00 - Bill Simpich
5:00 - Lamar Waldron
5:30 - Book Signing
6:00 - Dinner
7:00 - Larry Hancock for Greg Parker on RFK; CIA spy
games in Mexico City
8:00 - Larry Hancock - New Trails in MLK Research
Saturday, Nov. 13th:
8:30 - Ben Rogers
9:30 - Jim DiEugenio
10:30 - Brian Edwards
11:30 - G. Paul Chambers, from his book, “Head Shot,
The Science Behind the JFK Assassination “
12:30 - Lunch/Book Signing
1:30 - Don Thomas, from his book, “Hear No Evil”
2:30 - Sherry Fiester, Update on Blood Spatter and the
Trajectory Controversy
3:30 - Rollie Zavada, The Zapruder Film, Understanding the Tools Available for Authentication
4:30 - Randy Owen for Chris Scally, Z film Chronology
5:00 - Jim Marrs, the Roscoe White Mystery
6:00 - Social time7:00 - Banquet, Awards and Auctions
- Randy Owen, Bob Cochran, Larry Hancock, Sherry
Fiester, Brian McKenna, Debra Conway
Sunday, Nov. 14th
8:30 - Larry Hancock - National Security issues on
Nov 22
9:30 - John Sanders, with Luellen Smiley, Life of Mobster Johnny Roselli
10:45am - Closing; Briefing for walking tour and ceremony
11:00 - Depart for Dealey Plaza
11:30a - Walking Tour with Larry Hancock and Jerry
12:00 – 12:30pm - Ceremony in Dealey Plaza
Randy Owen, Reto Hauser, Sherry Fiester, Brian Edwards, Casey Quinlan, Joey Granati and Cathy Stewart.
The Resource Area will be open Sunday until 12:00 noon
• Please be prompt! We will make every attempt to begin
*The Resource Area will close at 6:00pm on Saturday
session at the time stated and to stick to the schedule.
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You may not put recorded material on any website.
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You must wear your name badge to enter all conference
There will be question and answer time whenever possible.
We ask that you be respectful of the views of others.
Handouts, if available, will be on a table in the Conference room.
Some presentations will have supporting DVDs, CD-Roms,
Videos, or Documents available in the Resource Room.
Please ask about them.
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d Hoffman, Kennedy Assassination Witness.
March 24, 2010
Ed graduated from Austin School for the Deaf in Austin.
He married the love of his life Rosie Mae. Ed worked for Texas
Instruments in Richardson for 35 years.
Hoffman had parked his car and was standing on the
roadside when the presidential limousine came by. From his
elevated position, Ed had an unobstructed view of the area to
the east, which included the railroad yard, the Texas School
Book Depository, and the parking lot on the west side of the
depository. He was able to see the entire length of the triple
underpass and the people standing on it.
Hoffman, first written about by investigative reporter
and author Jim Marrs in his book “Crossfire: The Plot That
Killed Kennedy” (1989) wrote even with his disabilities he
has proven to be a most convincing witness. Brian Edwards
and Casey Quinlan, longtime JFK assassination researchers
and friends of Ed were determined to get Ed’s experiences
in print. The authors met Hoffman in 1989 after reading
about his experiences in the Marrs book, and arranged to
interview him at his family floral business in Grand Prairie,
Texas. In 1999, the Hoffman family donated their entire JFK
assassination collection to Quinlan and Edwards, and with
those materials and their own years of research, decided to
write Ed Hoffman’s story. An earlier paper “Eyewitness” (1997)
by Hoffman and his pastor Ron Friedrich was published by
JFK Lancer and was well received by the research community
but limited in scope.) Conway then encouraged Quinlan and
Edwards in their quest to see the Hoffman story presented in
full resulting in the publication, “Behind The Fenceline.”
Ed, along with his wife Rosie, have attended many JFK
assassination conferences for adults and for students. He will
be missed.
Ed Hoffman with Rosie and Mary, 1991
ubrey Lee Rike, Parkland Hospital Witness,
Soldier, Police Officer. May 22, 2010
Aubrey Rike, was born in 1937 in Dallas, Texas. He
joined the US Marine Corps in 1955 at 17 years of age. Once
discharged in 1959, and back home in Dallas, Aubrey was
employed as a driver for the Ambulance Service Company.
He married Glenda in 1960, and in 1965 their son Larry was
born. In 1961 Aubrey went to work for the O’Neal Funeral
Home & Ambulance Service. While employed with O’Neal’s,
Aubrey was at Parkland Memorial Hospital when President
Kennedy was brought in after being shot by an assassin. Aubrey
was the attendant who placed the President’s body into the
casket while in Trauma Room 1. Aubrey has led a colorful life,
including driving race cars, and performing as a rodeo clown.
In 1967, Aubrey joined the Highland Park Police Department
and dedicated his life to public service as a police officer.
He gained experience both as a police officer and fire fighter
while serving with the Highland Park Police Department for
26 years. Upon retirement, Aubrey went to work for the Dallas
Aubrey Rike, 1991
County Sheriff’s Department. In total, he devoted thirty-five
years of his life to the law enforcement profession.
Aubrey was a “man’s man” with a gentle soul, one that
gave our First Lady comfort as she spent her final moments
with her husband at Parkland Hospital that dark day long ago.
Aubrey was the one that helped Mrs. Kennedy put her ring on
President Kennedy’s finger, as she was determined to do.
Aubrey was a frequent guest and speaker at JFK Lancer
conference for adults and students, interviewed numerous
times and quoted in many publications including “Best
Evidence” by David Lifton.
obert Chapman, JFK Researcher, Restaurant
owner and Artist. May 30, 2010
Robert Chapman was a close friend and research partner
for the late Mary Ferrell. Robert would tell wonderful stories
about his time with Mary, especially how when in 1977
they were sitting at a table in her home going over stacks of
documents when Robert found one from the CIA that was
about a French assassin, Jean Soutre, who had been arrested
in Dallas by the FBI and deported the same day. He slid the
paper across the table to Mary saying, “You might find this
His quick eye for details was a great talent, one he put to
use in the JFK research community where he was speaker and
host at the Lancer “November In Dallas” conferences. One
of his proudest moments was in 1997 when he introduced
Kennedy family member Kerry McCarthy to our Banquet
audience saying, “We have with us tonight, as a special
guest speaker, a very distinguished individual from a very
distinguished family. Kerry McCarthy is the first member of the
Kennedy family to come forward to an event of this nature: to
embrace our aims, our goals, our efforts and to endorse the
research and the effort that we are all doing on behalf of the
memory of a member of her family.” Kerry thanked Robert by
answering, “And if that means I have embraced the research
community, what the heck has taken the Kennedy’s so long
to do it?”
His interest in the JFK assassination research never
waned, and his relationship with Mrs. Ferrell and other
researchers continued as well. Chapman attended all of
the ASK conferences, as well as the JFK Lancer conferences
working with and assisting Mrs. Ferrell. He also spoke at
many of the conferences, or assisted the organizers in some
official capacity.
Chapman was married to the former Jamie Goree, and
they have one daughter, Amanda. He wrote fiction and was
a inveterate reader of not only JFK material, but of many
subjects far afield from that. Robert owned and ran “Molly’s”
restaurant in Memphis, Tennessee until his passing and it is
still in the family.
Robert Chapman
Robert oversaw new research being offered, particularly
regarding document releases by the ARRB in his tenure as
Editor of “Assassination Chronicles” published by JFK Lancer
and shared his finds liberally. He also spent years with writers
helping with their research, offering his knowledge and
encouraging their writing. Robert was a crucial negotiator
in the purchase of Mary Ferrell’s collection by businessman
Ollie Curme and oversaw the creation of millions of pages of
JFK assassination documents now online as the Mary Ferrell
Foundation. In 1997, Robert was awarded the JFK Lancer
“New Frontier” Award, which is “In appreciation for your
contribution of new evidence and furthering the study of the
assassination of President John F. Kennedy.”
“Truth” Written by Sherry Fiester
Performed by “For Those About To
Rock” Academy
Graphics & Creative Design by
Cathy Stewart
Music Produced and Arranged by
David Granati and Joey Granati
Maplewood Studios, Ambridge, PA
...a similar idea or pattern to a series of events. All of these
incidents are related. There is a common thread to all this.
“The Rights of Man”-- the civil and economic rights essential to the human dignity of all men--are indeed
our goal and our first principles. This is a Platform on which I can run with enthusiasm and conviction.
But I believe the times demand new invention, innovation, imagination, decision. I am asking each of you
to be pioneers on that New Frontier. My call is to the young in heart, regardless of age--to all who respond
to the Scriptural call: “Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed.”
John F. Kennedy’s Nomination Acceptance Speech
Los Angeles, California
Date: July 15, 1960
2010 JFK Lancer - Mary Ferrell Research Awards
Irene Eunice Cochran, Student Special Recognition
“Let us think of education as the means of developing our greatest abilities, because in each of us there is a private hope and
dream which, fulfilled, can be translated into benefit for everyone and greater strength for our nation.”
Joey Granati, Promise Award
“In appreciation for new and innovative efforts in advancing interest and study
in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.”
John Sanders, New Frontier Award
“In appreciation for your contribution of new evidence and futhering
the study of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.”
Clay Ogolvie, Legacy Award
Randy Owen, Legacy Award
“Presented in appreciation for your permanent additions to the record
of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.”
Brian McKenna, Mary Ferrell Pioneer Award
“In appreciation for your dedication to the true history of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.”
Randy Owen, Master of Ceremonies
was born and raised in Welland, Ontario, Canada just a short
distance across the border from Niagara Falls and Buffalo,
New York. His award-winning broadcasting career began
with two consecutive awards for having the top mark in radio
class at college. In 1988, he became the first person to win
both national Canadian country music awards for “On-Air
Personality of the Air” in the same year. This year, he became
the first recipient of JFK Lancer’s “Researcher of the Month”
award. Owen’s research into the JFK assassination began at
age eleven. In 1970, while researching a school project, he
began reading about the assassination and hasn’t stopped
since. His collection includes over 350 books and unpublished
manuscripts, over 500 hours of video (including live coverage
of the assassination), hours of audio (including Dallas Police
and Air Force One radio transmissions), over 1,000 newspaper
and 800 magazine articles. Owen has served as a consultant
to the JFK Assassination Exhibit and Research Centre in
Niagara Falls, Ontario, and was a presenter at the 1993 JFK
Assassination Symposium in Sudbury, Ontario. He’s been on
the “Shirley” and “Larry King” talk show. Owen has also made
written contributions to “The Third Decade” and “The Fourth
Decade” journals and posts on the JFK Lancer Forum website.
TOPIC: Previewing “The Assassination Photo Chronology
Brian McKenna has won a lifetime Gemini award from the
Academy of Canadian Television. Canada’s History Society
awarded him its gold medal for his innovative ways of bringing
history to television. He has three times been honored as
Canada’s top documentary filmmaker. His films are famous
for being provocative, but grounded in profound research. His
film on the Holocaust is honored with a place at Jerusalem’s
Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum. His film on torturers was
used by Amnesty International in their campaign against
torture. His film on the CIA brainwashing project MK-Ultra
won a Gold Medal for Investigative Journalism at the New York
International Film Festival. He is the founding chairman of the
Canadian Committee to Protect Journalists. He is a Penguin
Books author. His film on the Second World War bombing
campaign in Germany provoked a $500,000,000 lawsuit
which he and his producers successfully defended against
all the way to the Supreme court. McKenna has written and
directed four documentaries on the JFK assassination broadcast
in Canada on the nations’s top investigative show, The Fifth
Estate. The films were also seen around the world. Currently
he is planning a 26 hour film series on the 1000 days of the
JFK presidency.
G. Paul Chambers - Drawing on his fifteen years experience
as an experimental physicist for the US Navy, Chambers
demonstrates that the commonly accepted view of the
assassination is fundamentally flawed from a scientific
perspective. The physics behind lone-gunmen theories is not
only wrong, says Chambers, but frankly impossible.
TOPIC: From his book, “Head Shot, The Science Behind the
JFK Assassination“
Bob Cochran, Banquet and Dealey Plaza Prayer. Cochran
is based in Washington State and has been an avid JFK
enthusiast all of his life. An unusual turn of events put Bob
in New Orleans, Louisiana during the JFK assassination and
witnessed firsthand the hate for JFK prevalent in that city. Bob
also lived in New Orleans in the 1970s where he attended
Warren Eastin Senior High School that was the same school
Lee Harvey Oswald attended. He is now a collector of JFK and
conspiracy oriented items, especially first-hand items of JFK,
Jack Ruby, and Lee Harvey Oswald.
Jerry Dealey was born and raised in Dallas as a member of
the Dealey family that Dealey Plaza was named after and
that owned the “Dallas Morning News.” He was in school in
Denver in fall of 1963, but returned every year in the summer
to live with his father. He is a Dallas historian, and has authored
a book on the history of Dallas, G.B. Dealey, and Dealey
Plaza “D in the Heart of Texas.” Jerry is a Docent at the Old
Red Courthouse Museum, and the Dallas Historical Society
“Hall of State” in Fair Park. He also gives tours of Dallas, and
the assassination related sites, specializing in the history and
politics of Dallas. An active member and Moderator of the JFK
Lancer Forum, Jerry he tries to assist in local information as
much as possible.
TOPIC: The TSBD and Dealy Plaza - In Depth and Dallas
Police Procedures; Tour Host
James DiEugenio has written two books on the Kennedy
“Destiny Betrayed” (1992) was the first
positive reconsideration of the Jim Garrison investigation in
a generation. “The Assassinations” (2003, co-edited with Lisa
Pease) analyzed the murders of RFK, MLK, and Malcolm X, but
devoted most its pages to the newly released ARRB documents
in the JFK case. He and Lisa also edited the journal “Probe”
(1993-2000) which focused on the releases of the ARRB and
new developments in the King and RFK cases. Jim has an
MA in Contemporary American History from California State
University Northridge. He was asked by Oliver Stone to do a
commentary track on the expanded DVD version of his film
TOPIC: Kennedy Assassination Research and Criticism
Brian Edwards has been studying the JFK assassination since
1969 and from 1978-1997, he worked as a police officer in
Kansas. He received his Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in
Criminal Justice from Washburn University in Topeka, Kansas.
From 1996 to 2005, served as an adjunct instructor for the
criminal justice department, with Washburn University, and
taught a variety of law enforcement-related courses. Edwards
has lectured on the JFK assassination throughout the Midwest,
including the University of Kansas Law School, Washburn
University School of Law, Johnson County Community
College, and the Alf Landon Lecture Series at Kansas State
University. He has served as an adjunct instructor at Friend’s
University in Wichita, Kansas; Ottawa University in Overland
Park, Kansas, and Washburn University in Topeka, Kansas.
Edwards is co-director of Project JFK/CSI Dallas, a studentoriented historical experience. For the past 20 years, Edwards
and Casey Quinlan have sponsored student trips to Dallas to
study the assassination. Co-Author of the book, “Beyond The
Fence Line: The Eyewitness Account of Ed Hoffman and the
Murder of President Kennedy.”
TOPIC: Minox Mysteries
Sherry Fiester In 1993 Fiester, a Certified Senior Crime Scene
Investigator and Court recognized expert, begin to apply
her professional expertise to the Kennedy Assassination. By
using the same Bloodstain Pattern Analysis and Trajectory
Analysis techniques she’s used in court for over 20 years,
Sherry answers basic questions concerning the Kennedy
assassination. The result has been several NID presentations
with new information concerning the fatal headshot, while
including blood spatter and trajectory analysis from previous
presentations. Fiester has testified as an expert in crime
scene reconstruction and bloodstain pattern analysis in over
30 judicial districts in the states of Louisiana, Mississippi
and Florida. Her publications include “Bloodstain Pattern
Identification and Documentation: a Workbook for Analyst,”
1990, “Blood Evidence; What Does the Blood Tell Us?,” JFK
Lancer Publications, 1997; and “Bloodstain Pattern Analysis
and the Kennedy Assassination,” The Echo, England, 2002. In
2003, Fiester was presented with the Mary Ferrell - JFK Lancer
New Frontier Award in appreciation for her contributions of
new evidence and furthering the study of the assassination of
President John F. Kennedy.
TOPIC: Update on Blood Spatter and the Trajectory
Larry Hancock, NID 2010 Conference Chair,
is a leading historian-researcher in the JFK assassination. Coauthor with Connie Kritzberg of “November Patriots” and
author of the acclaimed “Someone Would Have Talked.”
Hancock recently published a study of the RFK assassination,
“Incomplete Justice” in conjunction with the Mary Ferrell
Foundation and will be issuing a new paperback edition of
“Someone Would Have Talked” this November, 2010. Larry’s
work has been heralded by authors such as Dick Russell and
Gerald McKnight. In 2000, Hancock received the prestigious
Mary Ferrell New Frontier Award for the contribution of new
evidence in the Kennedy assassination case. In 2001, he was
also awarded the Mary Ferrell Legacy Award. Larry is a popular
speaker and radio guest.
TOPIC: Oswald’s role; New Trails in MLK Research;
National Security issues on Nov 22; Tour Host
Reto Hauser, a Swiss citizen, Hauser studied law at University
of Zurich, admitted to the Bar in 1992, and was a former
inhouse Legal Counsel of multinational US companies. Now
he is the owner a law firm and attorney-at-law. Hauser lives
near Zurich, Switzerland.
TOPIC: Dealey Plaza Address
Jim Marrs, a distinguished journalist and author of the “New
York Times” bestseller, “Crossfire-the Plot to Kill Kennedy” and
of best-selling books such as “Rule by Secrecy” and his 2008
book, “The Rise of the Fourth Reich.” Mr. Marrs is a fearless
and gifted writer and researcher. Jim was awarded the “JFK
Lancer - Mary Ferrell Pioneer Award in 2008.
TOPIC: Rosco White
Greg Parker is a former Australian Public Servant who worked
in Federal Social Security administration before a stint with
the Northern Territory Health Department’s Environmental
Health Unit working on a project looking into remote
Indigenous housing needs. He moved from that into managing
an employment agency and currently runs a small family
business in rural New South Wales. Greg has been researching
and writing about the assassination since 2000 and his work
has appeared in books by Joan Mellen, George Michael Evica,
Larry Hancock and Lamar Waldron.
TOPICS: RFK, A Different Trail (presented by Larry
Hancock); CIA spy games in Mexico City (presented by
Debra Conway
Casey Quinlan was born and raised in Kansas City and has
been a high school teacher for over 32 years in Kansas.
Quinlan served in the United States Army with the 9th Infantry
as a medical corpsman during the Vietnam War. He earned
a Bachelor of Science in Education and a Master’s degree in
American History from Emporia State University in Emporia,
Kansas. He is co-director of Project JFK/CSI Dallas, a studentoriented historical experience for high school and college
students. Quinlan has served as a guest historian for the A&E
network, the History Channel, and for Oliver Stone’s movie,
JFK. In 1995, Quinlan was named the Outstanding Educator
of the Year by JFK Lancer. From 1997, Quinlan has served as
an adjunct instructor at Friends University in Wichita, Kansas;
Ottawa University in Overland Park, Kansas and Washburn
University’s Criminal Justice Department in Topeka, Kansas.
Today, Quinlan teaches American History at Basehor-Linwood
High School in Bonner Springs, Kansas. Co-Author of the new
book, “Beyond The Fence Line: The Eyewitness Account of Ed
Hoffman and the Murder of President Kennedy.”
TOPIC: The North Knoll
Ben Rogers, Director of W. R. Poage Legislative, a research
facility that houses congressional records and personal papers
related to political history. The Library currently features
exhibits: JFK50: Primary, Election, Inauguration and LBJ: Texan,
Politician, President. The library began its JFK Assassination
Research Collection in 2004 with the papers of Penn Jones, Jr.
There are now papers from not only Penn Jones but also Jack
White, John Armstrong, Gary Shaw, John Kelin, Roy Schaeffer,
Paul Hoch, Mae Brussells and others. The collection includes
extensive magazines, newspapers and newsletters related to
research since 1963. Most materials are listed online and are
open to researchers. (See http://www.baylor.edu/lib/poage/jfk/
TOPIC: Baylor University Special Collections
John Sanders is an award-winning screenwriter who has spent
the last year researching and writing an historical mini-series
about the life of mobster Johnny Rosselli. A student of the JFK
assassination since the early ‘70s, John jumped at the chance
to explore the life of this well-respected “emissary to the
underworld,” and began to uncover new evidence regarding
his role in Dallas. Previously, John has been an international
business systems consultant, an industrial psychologist, a
marketing executive, and directed quality improvement efforts
for the California State University system.
With, Luellen Smiley is a creative non-fiction writer and
award-winning newspaper columnist who writes a bi-monthly
column “Smiley’s Dice” and is a regular contributor to MORE
Magazine. Her “Growing Up With Gangsters” stories appeared
in the New York Post and in the Del Mar Times. Luellen is
currently writing a memoir based on her life as the daughter
of Hollywood gangster, Allen Smiley, and recently completed
a feature-length screenplay with John Sanders based on her
TOPIC: John Roselli and the Mobsters
Chris Scally worked in the banking industry in London and
Dublin until his retirement in 2003. Scally’s research on the
authenticity of the Dallas Police dictabelts has been published
on the Internet, and his work has also been published in the
Dealey Plaza Echo, the journal of the UK Research Group,
Dealey Plaza UK. He has also made a number of presentations
at the Group’s annual conference, held each spring in
Canterbury, England. His research has been cited by a number
of authors, and was also used by NARA in preparing their case
for funding for the Dictabelt Restoration Project. Now happily
retired, Scally lives with his wife in the southeast corner of
Ireland, near the ancestral home of President Kennedy. His
presentation addresses the chronology of the Zapruder film
in the days immediately after the assassination, and is the first
step in a larger project designed to address the question of
Zapruder film authenticity.
Topic: Z Film Chronology (presented by Randy Owen)
Bill Simpich is a civil rights attorney and an antiwar activist in
the San Francisco Bay Area. The main areas of his law practice
are government misconduct and toxic tort violations. He also
writes for publications such as Truthout, Counterpunch and
OpedNews. Bill considers the assassination cases to be a
poorly understood area of civil rights violations. To preserve
cold cases, he is preparing a proposed “JFK Preservation of
Evidence Act” that would be applicable in both of these areas
of the law and administered by a citizen panel similar to the
ARRB. His study of the JFK case focuses on the documentary
evidence, rather than firearms, acoustics, and other forensic
evidence. His current focus is on Mexico City and the
counterintelligence aspects of the JFK case.
TOPIC: Oswald and Intelligence; Angleton’s Cover-up
Don Thomas, Ph.D, is a scientist with the U.S. federal
government. He received his doctorate from the School of
Agriculture at the University of Missouri in 1990 and has held
post-doctoral appointments at the University of Arizona and
the University of Nebraska. He is currently President of the
Coleopterists Society and a subject editor for the Annals of
the Entomological Society of America. He has authored or
co-authored more than 100 scientific publications, including
books and book chapters in the field of entomology. Dr.
Thomas garnered international attention in 2001 for an article
published in the British forensic journal Science & Justice
entitled, “Acoustical Evidence in the Kennedy Assassination
Topic: from his book, “Hear No Evil”
Lamar Waldron, received both undergraduate and graduate
degrees from Georgia State University. He lives in Atlanta and
is the author (with Thom Hartmann) of “Ultimate Sacrifice.”
Waldron’s groundbreaking research has been cited in media
outlets ranging from “Vanity Fair” and “The New Republic”
to the History Channel and “USA” Today. His work has been
acknowledged by authors such as Anthony Summers and Gus
Russo, historians like Dr. John Newman and John H. Davis,
and former goverment investigators Gaeton Fonzi and FBI
veteran William Turner. The softcover publication of his most
recent book, “Legacy of Secrecy: The Long Shadow of the JFK
Assassination” became available in November 2009.
TOPIC: Crucial Missing Documents
Stu Wexler, a teacher of World History, AP Government at
Hightstown High School, Hightstown, NJ. He has been a
JFK assassination researcher for about fifteen years where
he has focused on the issues connected to the chemical
analysis of the ballistics material since 2000. Wexler has
spoken on the subject at JFK Lancer’s NID twice, at the
Wecht conference in 2003, and at the AARC conference
in 2004, three of those times opposite Dr. Kenneth Rahn,
NAA advocate, from the University of Rhode Island.
Wexler has collaborated with chemist Tom Pinkston since
approximately 2000 on the same subject matter. Wexler’s
other Kennedy interests focus on Oswald, his background
and associates leading up to November 22nd. Most
recently he has also worked on both the Robert Kennedy
and Martin Luther King, Jr. assassinations.
TOPIC: CIA Penetration of the Cuban embassy; MLK, A
Different Trail (presented by Larry Hancock)
Rollie Zavada, retired, as a Standards Director for Imaging
Technologies, from Eastman Kodak in March 1990. His
background included product engineer development
responsibilities to introduce KODACHROME II films,
Chairman of the Society of Motion Picture and television
Engineers (SMPTE) 16&8 Standards Committee during the
transition from 16 to 18 fps velocity for silent movie films
and four terms as SMPTE Engineering Vice President. A
Fellow of four technical societies, Mr. Zavada received
many awards for his technical achievements including
being elected as a Life member of the Foundation of
Motion Picture Pioneers Inc. Author of the Kodak report
to the ARRB.
TOPIC: The Zapruder Film, Understanding the Tools
Available for Authentication
JFK Lancer
JFK Lancer Productions & Publications is a historical
research company founded in 1995 by Thomas A.
Jones and Debra J. Conway, joined now by Sherry
G. Fiester. Larry Hancock is the program chair for
November In Dallas conferences.
JFK Lancer Productions & Publications works with
the largest, most active group of JFK historical
researchers and at the past conferences have had
many of the most respected of the researchers from
around the world speak on the assassination and on
President Kennedy’s policies.
LANCER was JFK’s Secret Service Code name. Use
of this formerly secret name represents our efforts
to make JFK assassination information open and
available to everyone.
JFK Lancer subscribes to the values of patriotism,
excellence, integrity, and dedication to the
revealing of truth surrounding the assassination of
President John F. Kennedy while promoting public
understanding of the historical record surrounding
the Kennedy assassination and the political climate
of that time.
JFK Lancer wishes to extend a
special thank you to the following:
Steve Conway and Paul Fiester
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Laura Bridges
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Kennedy Assassination Chronicles
Back Issues in PDF on Disk
NID special - $40 for all issues
•George Michael Evica
•Larry Haapanen and
Alan Rogers
•Robert Chapman
Includes contributions by
Harold Weisberg
Martha Moyer
Larry Happanen
Allan Rogers
Craig Roberts
Ian Griggs
Brad Parker
Pamela McElwain-Brown
Larry Hancock
Ken Jacobs
Vincent J. Salandria
Debra Conway
Lawrence Teeter
Charles Drago
Connie Kritzberg
Russell Kent
Tom M. Hudson
Ron Friedrich
Joseph Backes
Scott P. Johnson
Dr. Donald B. Thomas
Hal Verb
Mark Sobel
John Delane Williams
Stewart Galanor
Tim Howells
Douglas DeSalles, MD
Robert David Steele
Jerry McKnight
Thomas Purvis
John Williams, PhD
Chris W. Courtwright
Milicent Cranor
David Lifton
Jim Hargrove
Jerry Rose
Rick Caster
Chris Mills
Rex Bradford
Marina Oswald Porter
Wallace Milam
Angus Crane
Doug Horne
Doug Weldon
Ken Holmes, Jr.
Barb Junkkarinen
Mark K. Colgan
Noel Twyman
Clint BradfordNancy Wertz
William E. Kelly, Jr. Mike Johnson
James Sawa
John Kelin
Joe Biles Bill Holiday
Anthony Marsh
David W. Mantik, MD, PhD
Jim Marrs
Vince Palamara
Kerry McCarthy
Anna Marie Kuhns-Walko
Russ Burr
William Law
Steve Jones
Nancy Wertz
Peter Dale Scott
George Michael Evica
Jane Sitko
Steve Bochan
Sherry Gutierrez
Charles Crenshaw, MD
Mark Bridger
Samuel F. Kritzberg, MD
Raymond Carroll
Dr. Anthony Baltakis
Someone Would Have Talked: The Assassination of President John F.
Kennedy and the Conspiracy to Mislead History by Larry Hancock
Someone Would Have Talked goes beyond proving a conspiracy to murder JFK. Over 14.000 documents,
White House diaries, telephone logs, and executive tape recordings detail how the new President managed
a cover-up that changed the future of our country.
A second conspiracy designed to mislead the nation,
the world, indeed, history.
New material in almost every chapter, new
documents, new names, new leads!
The thousands of primary source materials he uses paint a
disturbing and compelling picture of the assassination of
President John F. Kennedy. This is a significant contribution to our
nation’s historiography.
Dr. Thomas L. Pearcy, Former Joint Historian U.S. Department of
State and the Central Intelligence Agency Washington, D.C.
Once again Hancock opens doors that the CIA and FBI would
prefer stay closed. By probing newly-released documents and
bringing fresh witnesses to the fore, Hancock’s tireless research
conclusively proves there is still plenty we don’t know about the
perpetration and cover-up of the Kennedy assassination.
Dick Russell, Author of “The Man Who Knew Too Much” and
“On the Trail of the JFK Assassins”
$29.00 Special NID Price
Major Points:
• The initial investigation of President Kennedy’s assassination was hamstrung by a consistent pattern
of damage control and evidence management. Actions personally orchestrated by President Johnson
prevented a true open-ended criminal investigation of leads suggesting conspiracy in the murder.
• A body of investigative documents (FBI, CIA, NSA, HSCA, and ARRB) exist which reveal pre-assassination leaks
suggesting that President Kennedy was at risk prior to the assassination; these leaks can be traced to Miami
Florida and tied to a common network of individuals shown to have been associating with each other in 1963.
• Informant reports and private research shows that Lee Oswald was in contact with, and influenced by, this
same network of individuals he initially came into contact with in New Orleans during August of 1963.
• These individuals, including two high ranking CIA officers and one highly placed member of organized crime, can be
shown to have been associated with one another and connected with the CIA’s JM/WAVE operations in Miami in 1963.
• Cuban Exile John Martino, the common thread in the book, provided limited details about a conspiracy against
President Kennedy to a reporter who had covered his return to Miami after years of suffering in a Cuban prison.
With a wealth of new information only now available, Martino’s remarks have become increasingly credible
and provide unique insights into the conspiracy.
John Newman
Oswald in Mexico City Presentation
“November in Dallas” JFK Lancer Conference 1999
Disk One: DVD of Presentation
Disk Two: Complete Transcript with hundreds of
linked documents, photos and audio files.
Follow along as the material is presented by an expert.
• PDF Mexico “Lopez” Report, Final release October 1996:
“Lee Harvey Oswald in Mexico City Report”
• over 400 pages
• PDF John Scelso Interview, 192 pages
• PDF Anne L. Goodpasture Deposition, 170 pages
• PDF James J. Angleton Interview, 278 pages
• PDF David Slawson Trip to Mexico City - Warren
Commission 4-22-64, 178 pages
• PDF CIA Mexico City Chronology, 513 pages
• PDF HSCA CIA Mexico City Station, 271 pages
• PDF Mexico City Mystery Man File, Copies of photos of
unidentified man/office notes related. 21 pages
Special NID Price Two Disks for $20
John Newman
by William Law
In the Eye of History: Disclosures in the JFK Assassination Medical Evidence comprises
“conversations” with eight individuals who agreed to talk about their experiences
at the Bethesda Hospital in November 1963 and beyond. The reader is the judge of
these eyewitness accounts and their implications.
Dennis David Paul O’Connor James Jenkins
Jerrol Custer Saundra Spencer Harold Rydberg
Ex-FBI Special Agents James Sibert and Frances O’Neill
Ferrell Legacy Project
Before the internet searches there was Mary’s work...
About Mary Ferrell
Speeches 1994, 1996, 1997
Assassination Database
LHO Chronology
Documents include Souetre (French assassin), Dallas Police Ditabelt,
and the ARRB Final Report
CD-100 for $35
Your purchase of this disk helps sponsor the Mary Ferrell - JFK Lancer Scholarship Program
Doug Horne
Presentations and
Memos to the ARRB
In 1998, Doug Horne was the special guest speaker
at JFK Lancer’s Conference on the JFK assassination
where he donated copies of his memos for JFK to
distribute making them available for the first time. Now
these memos are made available paired with Horne’s
1998 NID presentations on DVD.(movie file)
Special NID Price DVD Rom-161 for $15.
First on the Scene: Interviews With
Parkland Doctors
by Brad Parker
A series of interviews and essays with the Dallas Parkland Hospital
doctors. Also testimony and interviews by the Warren Commission,
House Select Committee On Assassinations, and the Assassination
Records Review Board. SC, 218 pages.
CD Rom Includes: The entire book with all illustrations and Dr.
Ronald C. Jones’ presentation at JFK Lancer’s November In Dallas
Conference 2000. (Quicktime)
CD-162 for $10
Forensic Reconstruction
From Sherry G. Fiester
The DVD Includes:
Four PowerPoint Presentations
• Bloodspatter Analysis in the Kennedy Murder: Proving a Frontal Headshot
• Trajectory Analysis of Kennedy’s Fatal Head Wound
• Crime Scene Investigation: 1963 Protocols
• Trajectory Analysis in the Tippit Shooting
Copies of Previous Publications:
• “Blood Evidence; What Does the Blood Tell Us?” JFK Lancer Publications, 1997
• “Bloodstain Pattern Analysis and the Kennedy Assassination” The Echo, England, 2002
DVD ROM Special NID Price $20.00
Lynn Mangan
RFK Assassination Research
The Most Trusted and Chief Researcher For Sirhan Sirhan
Lynn Mangan’s Report, with Sirhan’s late older brother Adel, is a culmination
of a four-year long examination and review of hundreds of evidentiary
records that are housed in the California State Archives in Sacramento,
California. The Report also includes the complete autopsy report done on
Senator Kennedy, by then Los Angeles County Chief Medical ExaminerCoroner, Thomas T. Noguchi, M.D., as well as excerpted transcripts of
crucial testimony given during Sirhan’s trial from January 7, 1969 to April 17,
* Lynn Mangan’s RFK Assassination Evidence Report * Evidence Photos
* LAPD Witness List
* Draft Autopsy Report
* LAPD Case Prep
* LAPD Evidence and Lab Book
* RFK-FBI Report Booklets
* Sherry Gutierrez’s article on Methods Of Firearms Examination
* 1994 visit to the California State Archives. (movie file)
* 1998 interview featuring Larry Teeter, Rose Lynn Mangan
and Adel Sirhan, Los Angeles community access cable TV
show, “Over the Shoulder,” with Glen Lynch. This program was
sponsored by JFK Lancer. (audio file)
• Special Unit Senator composite film: “Senator Kennedy Assassination”, June 5, 1968. (movie file)
DVD ROM Special NID Price $15
Buy the Sirhan Sirhan Trial CD -Get both for $25
by Joan Mellen
A biography of the former District Attorney of Orleans Parish, Louisiana from his 1922
birth in Iowa and service in World War II - to his years confronting the corrupt politics of
Louisiana. Contains new information on the assassination of President Kennedy and Lee
This volume takes us to the moment in 1966 when Jim Garrison began to investigate the Kennedy
Biographer Joan Mellen, author of “A Farewell to Justice: Jim Garrison, JFK’s Assassination, and the Case That Should Have
Changed History.”
Special NID Price $22
New Information in Foreword on the debrief of Lee Oswald.
by John Martino
Prior to his death in 1975, John Martino became the “Someone Who Talked.” from the
Prologue by Edward Martino
“I Was Castro’s Prisoner” is historically significant book that in 1963 was a media
sensation in conservative political circles. Martino’s attention was focused on his exile
companions and the elimination of Fidel Castro—any related political consequences
would have been of little concern. Martino’s attitude, aims and commitments grew from
his “I Was Castro’s Prisoner” experience. You will not find the details of what Martino
did in 1963 in “I Was Castro’s Prisoner”—what you will find, is the reason why Martino
acted as he did.
from the Foreword by Larry Hancock
Special NID Price $10.00
(Originally printed in 1963, reprinted by JFK Lancer 2008.)
The Mary Ferrell Foundation is devoted to
carrying on the legacy of Mary Ferrell, whose
integrity and fierce dedication to truth is an
inspiration to many.
find out more:
Secret Service Document Collection
• HSCA-FBI Secret Service Files, (Dallas motorcade agents’
interviews included)
• Richard Case Nagell Potential Threat File
• Chicago Threat File
• WC Drinking Involving the SS Agents
• SS Chief Rowley WC Testimony
• SS WC Report
ALSO: Vincent Palamara Interviews and Archives: (Movie Files, some audio
only. 15 interviews) Special for NID only from JFK Lancer and Vincent Palamara
Special NID Price $15.00
A retired English detective’s essays and articles on the
JFK Assassination: 1993-2005
By Ian Griggs
No Case To Answer is a major advance in dealing with the Kennedy assassination.
Ian Griggs research enumerates a variety of evidence and people, resolving
numerous issues in a clear and concise manner.
Special NID Price $15
DEALEY PLAZA REMEMBRANCE CEREMONY: Sunday, November 14, 12 noon - 12:30 pm.
You must arrange your own transportation to and from the Plaza. Check with the Adolphus for shuttle service.
AWARDS BANQUET: Saturday, November 13th evening 7:00 pm. in the conference room. Social
time will be at 6:00 pm before the doors open. You must show your ticket for entry.
Please inform Debra Conway if you have paid for but are not planning to attend the banquet.
Presidents’ Foreign
Intelligence Advisory Board
Documents, including a
forward by John Williams,
The Warren Commission
Executive Sessions
with intro by David Lifton
CD-165 for $10.00
CD-166 for $10.00
Witnesses: A Study of the
JFK Assassination Witnesses
in Dealey Plaza, Intro by
Stewart Galanor
CD-169 for $10.00
Gerry Patrick Hemming:
Documents and
Interviews, Plus Movie of
his appearance at NID
Robert F. Kennedy Oral
708 pages of text.
CD-168 Only $10.00
Depositions of Marita
E. Howard Hunt, Jr.
Plaintiff against Liberty
Lobby, Defendant,
Total pages 259
CD-142 $10.00
Annual “November In Dallas”
Research Conference
on the Assassination of President John
NID Conference DVDs and Videos
Available in the Resource Area - $10 each
Limited Availability - Buy Early!
Disk includes 3 years of documents presented at November In Dallas Conferences
and utilized in his book “Someone Would Have Talked”
• Richard Case Nagell NID Conference Presentation (movie)
• Richard Case Nigell Documents
• John Martino Documents
• Fiorini/Sturgis Chronology
• HSCA Report on Gerald Patrick Hemming
• HSCA Reports: Armador Odio, Robert McKeown, Carlos Quiroga & Sergio Arcacha
Smith, and Bernardo DeTorres
•112th Intelligence Corp
Special NID Price CD-163 for $10.00
File contents includes:
• BRILAB Mafia Electronic Surveillance on Carlos Marcelo, 1970s (103
pages) 13 conversations relevant to the assassination of JFK
• HSCA CIA/Mafia Documents (appx 400 pages) Castro plots
• LA COSA NOSTRA/John Roselli FBI Files (appx 1000 pages)
Special NID Price $10.00
From FBI Headquarters in Washington, D.C
Special NID Price $10
• Carlos Gambino: said to be the “Boss of Bosses” was described as the most
powerful racketeer in the country. (1000 pages)
• Giancana: Reputed syndicate boss in Chicago from 1957 to 1966, files
contents are from a 1960 report from the anti-racketeering investigation of
Sam Giancana, Chicago organized crime boss.(187 pages)
• John Roselli, AKA “Filippo Sacco,” was active in California and Las Vegas,
handling affairs for the Chicago La Cosa Nostra family.
• Richard Nixon: FBI Intelligence Files (317 pages)
•Marilyn Monroe: This file contains accounts of publicity about Miss
Monroe’s alleged affairs and speculation about the circumstances surrounding
her death. (100 pages)
• Wiretapping files including Civil Rights and the FBI internal history of
By Casey J. Quinlan & Brian K. Edwards
Foreword by Jim Marrs
Ed Hoffman is a most important eyewitness in the murder of President
Kennedy. He should have been embraced for coming forward but instead
was crucified by the electronic and print media. He is the only witness
who can “speak” to the fundamental events of November 22, 1963. The
conspirators were hoping that no one would see the activity behind the
picket fence, but someone did. The irony is that the only
eyewitness to their activity that afternoon has a hearing
Special NID Price $25.00
The Door of Memory: Aubrey Rike and the
Assassination of President Kennedy
by Aubrey Rike
with Colin McSween
Tribute by David Lifton
While in Trauma Room 1, Aubrey Rike found
himself at the center of an unequaled time
in history as he assumed the impromptu
undertaking of providing assistance to First
Lady Jacqueline Kennedy and President
Kennedy. Aubrey shares heartbreaking
moments in time that became forever ingrained in his memory, one that
came as an opportunity to offer kindness and caring to a slain President
and his grieving widow. Now, he has opened that door of memory and
asked us to step through.
Special NID Price $22
JFK IN HISTORY: The Campaign of 1960
~ 50 Year Anniversary ~
ut I think the American people expect more from us than cries of indignation and
attack. The times are too grave, the challenge too urgent, and the stakes too high-to permit the customary passions of political debate. We are not here to curse the
darkness, but to light the candle that can guide us through that darkness to a safe and sane
future. As Winston Churchill said on taking office some twenty years ago: if we open a
quarrel between the present and the past, we shall be in danger of losing the future. Today our
concern must be with that future. For the world is changing. The old era is ending. The old
ways will not do.
John F. Kennedy’s Nomination Acceptance Speech, Los Angeles, California, Date: July 15, 1960

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