Society of 1961 Appreciation Gala



Society of 1961 Appreciation Gala
Society of 1961
Appreciation Gala
Saturday, December 1, 2012
Raleigh Convention Center
S U M M E R / F A L L 12
Join us for the 2nd Annual WakeMed Scrub Run 5K/10K
event benefiting WakeMed Children's, Saturday,
September 29, City Plaza, downtown Raleigh.
Family members of Clarence and Alice Aycock Poe recently gifted
the historic Longview House, also known as the Poe House, and the
1.65 acres upon which it sits to WakeMed.
Where Your Funds Grow
Family Makes Lasting Donation
Why hospital philanthropy is more important than ever.
Cardiothoracic surgeon Wm. Charles Helton, MD, makes largest
single gift in WakeMed Foundation history, plus creates Helton
Scholarship Endowment Fund.
WakeMed Scrub Run
Save the date for the 2nd annual 5K/10K benefiting
WakeMed Children’s.
Gift Rich in Raleigh History
The family of Clarence and Alice Aycock Poe generously donated
land and historic home.
Securing Futures and
Creating Legacies
Learn how planned giving can create a win-win situation for both
you and WakeMed Health & Hospitals.
Courtney Ange
A little girl gets big care at WakeMed Children’s.
summer/fall 12
is to transform health care through philanthropy by
raising friends, funds and future leaders for WakeMed Health & Hospitals.
The Ange family became loyal supporters of the
WakeMed Foundation after a life-saving medical
procedure at WakeMed Children’s.
WakeMed’s 50th Anniversary Gala was a night for celebration,
featuring dinner, dancing and entertainment by comedian Jay Leno.
WakeMed 50th Anniversary Gala
Guests of the Foundation Society of 1961 gala welcomed comedian and
talk show host Jay Leno in December. This year’s event will feature
the legendary Gladys Knight.
Totten Tough!
The Totten parents explain how WakeMed’s Level IV NICU provided specialized
care for their daughters, the 2011 Love Light honorees.
1 1 F O U N D AT I O N F U N D R A I S I N G E V E N T S
2 0 2 0 1 1 F O U N D AT I O N D O N O R S
Foundation staff share WakeMed’s dedication to
advancing quality health care for anyone in need.
Our purpose is to help the health system turn
your goodwill into medical achievements that
touch the lives of thousands of patients each year.
(919) 350-7656
[email protected]
Jack Radford Executive Director
Karen Zelden Director of Major Gifts
& Planned Giving
Blair Reynolds Interim Director,
Annual Giving & Stewardship
Stephanie Allen Executive Assistant
Mary Jo Gurule Project Manager
Krystin Jorgenson Financial Specialist
Gina Della Porta Grants Specialist
2 5 T H E L AT E S T N E W S F R O M W A K E M E D
Pay it forward.
2012 Foundation Board Members
Sheldon M. Fox, Chair
J. Blount Williams,
Vice Chair & Treasurer
Virginia Anthony, Secretary
he “pay-it-forward” philosophy is a good one. Very simply, it means to
repay one good deed with another. String all these good deeds together,
and a kinder, friendlier community takes shape. As the WakeMed
Foundation Board chair, I can see how the pay-it-forward philosophy
applies to hospital philanthropy. Grateful patients and their families show
their appreciation for the tremendous care they received at WakeMed by making a
contribution to the WakeMed Foundation. Physicians say thank you to staff with gifts to the
Foundation. And friends of providers honor those providers in the same way.
Because of its mission to provide care to all those who enter its doors, regardless of financial
Michael F. Anderson
Audie P. Barefoot, Jr.
Julian D. Bobbitt, Jr.
Holly J. Burge, MD
Greg Carr
Timothy E. Carrol
R. Michael Condrey
William L. Dawkins
Henry L. Darnell
Sharon M. Foster, MD
R. Michael Gray
R. Gordon Grubb
Rick B. Guirlinger
Wm. Charles Helton, MD
Eileen M. Hendren
Howie J. Jung
Michael Painter
Shrin Rajagopalan, MD, PhD
Kristin G. Replogle
John L. Rigsbee
Mary Nash Rusher
Peter M. Scott, III
Melba T. Sparrow
F. Jefferson Stocks
Kari Stoltz
Tish Turner
circumstance, WakeMed Health & Hospitals is both a community gem and an organization
worthy of your philanthropic support. And, as you will read in the lead article of this issue of
Developments, philanthropy is becoming increasingly important to WakeMed and health
systems like it throughout the United States who are supporting a growing population and
increasing demand for facilities and services in an environment of declining government
Our responsibility as a health system foundation is to ensure the funding opportunities we
provide meet the interests of our donors and the needs of the health system’s patients. Since
its inception, the Foundation has focused primarily on supporting the hospital’s short-term
needs through our annual and capital campaigns. As we move through 2012 and beyond, we
will continue these fundraising efforts, while also renewing an emphasis on planned giving in
order to ensure the Foundation’s future sustainability.
It is clear that the impact of the Foundation on WakeMed’s patient care will continue to
grow. Your support of the WakeMed Foundation can help ensure that WakeMed remains the
high-quality health care leader it is today. I encourage you to find out about the different ways
you can “pay it forward” and make a difference for WakeMed and our community, both today
and in the future.
Chairman, WakeMed Foundation Board of Directors
summer/fall 12
WakeMed Foundation Welcomes New Board Members
Michael Anderson
Michael Painter
Michael Anderson is Vice President of
Michael Painter has spent his entire career
Sales and Marketing for Anderson
in the banking and investment industries.
Automotive Group, which includes new car
He is a co-founder and Partner at Plexus
franchise dealerships in North and South
Capital. Painter and his wife, Molly, have
Carolina, pre-owned retail outlets and a
three girls, and he is a native of Raleigh.
finance company. In 2011, the company
produced over $325 million in revenue
and employed roughly 450 people. Anderson and his wife Alison
have one daughter. They attend Christ Church and are supporters
Mary Nash Rusher
Mary Nash Rusher is a practicing attorney
of SafeChild, the YMCA and the Thad Eure Walk for Hope.
and managing partner of Hunton &
Henry L. Darnell
Williams’ Raleigh office. She works in the
Henry L. Darnell has over 30 years of
firm’s public finance group serving as bond
leadership and executive management
counsel, borrower’s counsel, bank counsel
experience in functional, site, corporate
and underwriter’s counsel for a broad
range of tax-exempt transactions. Rusher is
and global quality operations for
Fortune 500 biotechnology,
a graduate of Wake Forest University and the University of
pharmaceutical and medical device
Virginia School of Law. She and her husband John have three
organizations. He is the head of quality
for Salix Pharmaceuticals, Inc. in Raleigh. Darnell is active in
several non-profits, including Habitat for Humanity, Wide
Tish Turner
Horizons for Children and March of Dimes. He and his wife
As director of Office Development for
have two daughters.
Kane Realty Corporation, Tish Turner
spearheads marketing, leasing and
Eileen Hendren
development efforts for office space within
Eileen Hendren’s background spans from
North Hills including CAPTRUST Tower.
accounting, to hospitality and
Turner is active in community projects and
development, to architecture. She currently
organizations, some of which include the
works in residential design, focusing on
Raleigh Chamber of Commerce, the Boys & Girls Club of Wake
helping people make more with less.
County and the local CREW chapter. She is also a member of the
Hendren and her husband Mike have two
national NAIOP board of directors.
children. Along with many volunteer
activities, Hendren has a passion for travel, continuing to learn,
and spending time with family.
[ F E AT U R E ]
The WakeMed Foundation:
Where Your Funds “Grow”
Throughout the United States, hospitals and health
systems face the mounting challenges associated with
declining reimbursement from Medicaid and Medicare,
tighter contracts with insurance companies, and the
responsibility of caring for the increasing number of
uninsured and underinsured Americans. These
challenges create a serious dilemma: how will hospitals
continue to fund mission-critical facility expansions,
new construction and technology, advanced services
and innovation? More and more, health care
administrators are finding the answer through
summer 12
oundations – specifically hospital foundations –
have begun to feel the weight of their increased
philanthropic responsibilities in recent years.
Hospital boards and administrations are calling
on these once “nice-to-have” organizations for
support because they understand these philanthropic members
bring three vital contributions to the table: a far-reaching
network of like-minded donors, a keen business sense, and
extensive financial resources. All three have become increasingly
necessary to health care systems as the rising demand for health
care has been met with dwindling dollars.
According to Bill McGinley, president and chief executive
officer of the Association for Healthcare Philanthropy – a
Falls Church, Virginia-based organization primarily
comprised of hospital fundraising professionals – U.S.
hospitals and health systems raised more than $8.3 billion in
2010, and those donations couldn’t come at a better time. “More
than one-third of U.S. hospitals are operating in the red and
another third are barely breaking even,” says McGinley. “And
those that are turning a profit are running two percent to three
percent profit margins. Those added economic pressures
have made hospitals more reliant on donations.
Philanthropy can’t carry the day, but it can make a critical
difference in meeting the health care needs of a community.”
Your Philanthropic Dollars
Needed More Than Ever
Facility renovations and expansions have always been a focus
for hospital foundations, and their donations have helped
supplement hospital growth for decades. But in these financial
times, hospital administrators and the community are looking to
foundations to fully fund these numerous and needed initiatives.
“We will always provide care for all persons who enter our
doors – regardless of their ability to pay. It is who we are,” says
Bill Atkinson, PhD, president & CEO of WakeMed Health &
Hospitals. “But the cost of charity care is staggering. We are
pleased to have a solid bottom line at WakeMed, but with rising
costs and changing national and state-wide reimbursements on
the horizon, it’s easy to see how alternative funding sources like
the WakeMed Foundation are becoming increasingly important
to local health and hospital systems.”
One reason hospital renovations and expansions are needed
nationwide is due to a simple issue: facility age. Many U.S.
hospitals, including WakeMed, were built many years ago many
right after World War II. Today, many facilities are in need of
ongoing modernization and expansion not to mention all of the
advancement in technology and the need for expanding services.
Unfortunately, the capital dollars are not always readily available
to fund those projects. That’s where philanthropy can make a
huge difference.
The WakeMed Foundation:
The Philanthropic Arm at WakeMed
WakeMed’s own venture into fundraising began in 1994, when
the WakeMed Foundation was established. Its original members
knew they would have an uphill battle in gaining support for “the
hospital for the poor up on the hill.” According to Dr. Jerry
Bernstein, the Foundation’s first board chairman, the group’s
primary goal was simple: to help Wake County citizens
understand the great services that were available to them at
That core group of dedicated philanthropists was more than
successful. In fact, the WakeMed Foundation has raised over
$55 million dollars – funds that have directly benefitted the
citizens of our county, state and region. “I think the
metamorphosis of our foundation is a testament to the power
of philanthropy,” says Jack Radford, executive director of the
WakeMed Foundation. “We’ve been successful because of our
donors’ generosity and their belief that our community deserves
the highest quality health care. We – and the citizens of Wake
County – owe them a debt of gratitude for the tremendous work
they’ve done since 1994.”
If You Build It, They Will Come
The scope of projects the WakeMed Foundation has supported
over the last 18 years is quite amazing, to put it mildly. Your
philanthropic dollars have made it possible to accomplish major
construction projects, provide funding for clinical learning
“As a practicing physician, Wake County citizen, husband and
father, I want to help WakeMed succeed and become the
‘destination of choice’ for patients and physicians. Philanthropy
leads to the Foundation’s success, which in turn contributes to
WakeMed's success. Success for WakeMed means better care for
my patients and my family.”
“WakeMed stands for everything I believe in – health, family and
compassion. Health care is like oxygen. We take it for granted yet
need it to survive. In our most desperate moments, we feel the need
for great health care. My family trusts the great team at WakeMed
to keep us healthy and well, and we are thankful for their
compassionate care.”
opportunities, and acquire new, state-of-the-art technology.
The following are just a few of the examples of how generous
donations have made a positive impact on the lives of those
who live and work in our community.
WakeMed Children’s Hospital
In 2008, the WakeMed Foundation launched the Just For Kids
Kampaign, an initiative
to raise funds for the
construction and
expansion of WakeMed
Children’s services and
facilities. Foundation
members throughout
the community rallied
behind the cause,
forming committees,
hosting cultivation
events, and continuing
the work of the
Foundation’s founders to build awareness about WakeMed.
People from all walks of life – community residents, businesses,
schools, foundations, physician practices and WakeMed
employees – gave their emotional and financial support, making
it a coming-together of the greatest kind.
The result? “We reached our financial goal, making the
WakeMed Children’s Hospital the first WakeMed facility to be
completely funded by gifts from the community,” says Dr.
Bernstein. “In addition, we have secured funding from the
community to expand the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).”
The final phase of the Children’s campaign will focus on raising
funds to expand and enhance Children’s Services at WakeMed
and in the community.
The WakeMed Center for Innovative Learning
It’s one thing to spend hospital funds for the purpose of
expanding and modernizing health care facilities that tangibly
benefit patients. It’s quite another to use dollars on
innovation, or “high-risk projects” that support a hospital’s
summer/fall 12
mission but may not show an immediate return on
investment. That’s where philanthropy can make a positive
difference in health care. An example of an innovative idea
that has been funded by donations is the WakeMed Center for
Innovative Learning. The center is dedicated to realistic
clinical training and education for all levels of health care
providers, and it is funded in part by the WakeMed
Foundation and by The Duke Endowment.
“Clinicians of all kinds - nurses, physicians, respiratory
technicians, pharmacists and others – come to The Center to
practice their caregiving skills and gain clinical confidence in a
controlled, yet realistic environment using 21 different
human patient simulators,” explains Amar Patel, The Center’s
director. “We put them in various clinical situations,
videotape their responses, assess their strengths and
weaknesses, and help them learn from their mistakes – all in a
safe environment without risk to a real patient.”
Yes, education is expensive, but it’s extremely important in
the health care setting. And when hospital philanthropists
designate their contributions to innovative technology and
educational programs, they enable WakeMed to directly
impact patient care, safety and human welfare in ways that
were never before possible in the past.
WakeMed Cary Women’s
Patient Resource Center
The WakeMed Foundation’s impact reaches farther than
just the Raleigh community. Due to support from the
WakeMed Foundation’s 2012 Annual Campaign, WakeMed
Cary Hospital is proud to announce the creation of its
Women’s Patient Resource Center. Here, patients have access
to the latest in screening and digital mammography in a
newly-renovated Women’s Pavilion Imaging Center. They also
have the opportunity to work with breast health educators
who act as patient liaisons, helping them navigate the
imaging process from their first appointment and throughout
their breast screening, diagnosis and any necessary
treatment. Women’s health seminars and extensive patient
education materials round out the full spectrum of care.
“As a designated breast center of excellence by the
American College of Radiology, it’s especially important for
WakeMed Cary Hospital to be a resource for valuable
information related to women’s wellness topics,” explains
Libby Dore, director, WakeMed Imaging Services. “Women
have the responsibility to take charge of their own health,
and we’re here to help them do that.”
Skills Scholarships
Tiffany Young, RN, BSN, (pictured right) has a passion for
pediatric nursing. In her role as a triage, charge and trauma
nurse in the WakeMed Children’s Emergency Department
(CED), she is dedicated to the wellbeing and comfort of every
young patient who comes through the ED doors. Young’s
work with children has earned her several honors. She was
recently named a “Healthcare Hero” by the Triangle Business
Journal, and she’s also a past WakeMed Circle of Excellence
winner for both Workforce Excellence and Quality
Improvement. But Young serves outside WakeMed’s walls as
well. She’s a humanitarian. While others lounge poolside
during the summer, Young works in Zimbabwe, Haiti, and
Sudan, helping malnourished children and those with HIV.
So when Young applied for the Jill Perlette Skills
Scholarship offered through the WakeMed Foundation,
board members agreed that she was more than deserving.
Established in 2011 by Charles and Maureen Perlette in
honor of their daughter, Jill, who was a pediatric nurse at
WakeMed. This fund is
specially designated to provide
opportunities for new skill set
development and unique or
exceptional education
experiences for pediatric
registered nurses, up to
$2,500 per calendar year.The
scholarship will enable Young
to travel to the 2012 Annual
ENA Conference in San Diego,
where she will take classes to
increase her knowledge of
pediatric nursing. She will learn the latest best practices, and
upon returning to WakeMed, will share that information with
her coworkers during staff development training.
Young is one of many clinicians at WakeMed who benefit
from the generosity of WakeMed Foundation donors like you.
In turn, Young’s new-found knowledge will ultimately benefit
the patients at WakeMed Health & Hospitals. This
scholarship is a gift that keeps on giving.
Why Give to the WakeMed Foundation?
People give to the WakeMed Foundation for very personal
reasons. Many who make donations have a vested interest in
the organization and its mission because of the superior
medical care they or their family members have received at
WakeMed. Businesses large and small make financial
investments in the WakeMed Foundation as a way to give
back to the community that supports them. And many
philanthropic entities and organizations show their
commitment to the health and welfare of the citizens in our
community by supporting WakeMed through their donations
to the WakeMed Foundation.
“Whatever your reason for giving, allow us to say thank
you,” reflects Radford. “We are very fortunate and very
grateful to have such a giving community, filled with people
who understand the need for access to the best health care
services. We look forward to working with current and new
Foundation supporters who want to make a lasting impact on
their community by helping secure a healthier tomorrow for
its citizens.”
“Our company’s gift to the WakeMed Children’s Hospital
is a gift to the community. Supporting the expansion of
health care services for children in Wake County and
beyond is a meaningful investment in our future.”
Foundation Fundraising
8:30 am – Noon
City Plaza, Fayetteville Street
Downtown Raleigh
Registration is now open for the second annual WakeMed Scrub Run, a 5K/10K event benefiting
WakeMed Children's, Saturday, September 29, in downtown Raleigh. Featuring competitive 5K and
10K races that accommodate both runners and walkers, along with a 100-Yard Kids Dash, this event
will get the entire community involved. Last year’s Scrub Run, which celebrated WakeMed’s 50th
anniversary, raised more than $30,000 for children’s services through the WakeMed Foundation.
10K – $25; after September 15 – $30
5K – $20; after September 15 – $25
100-Yard Kids Dash – $5 (no late fee)
Registered participants in all events will receive a scrub shirt. To
guarantee availability and size, please register prior to September 23.
Register at or visit
summer/fall 12
In conjunction with the race, WakeMed will host a Fun Fest
from 8:30 am to noon on Fayetteville Street. Racers, families,
friends and all members of the community will enjoy a
variety of activities, including:
• Live music by GrooveTown
• Games & activities for the whole family
• Face painting
• Arts & crafts
• Mascots, including Twinkle of WakeMed Children’s
d scrub
Adults and children enjoyed a
day on the courts at Raleigh
Racquet Club for WakeMed
Koka Booth Amphitheatre
Regency Park, Cary
MOONLIGHT Booth Amphitheatre
continues to be a generous
WakeMed Foundation friend by
donating a portion of proceeds from
their summer Movies by Moonlight
series to WakeMed Children’s.
The 7th annual Spring Sprint was held
on April 21 and benefited WakeMed’s
Children’s Diabetes & Endocrinology program.
This year’s International Auto Expo drew thousands to
the North Carolina State Fairgrounds. The Wake County
New Vehicle Dealers’ Association. The Association has
generously donated a portion of proceeds from ticket
sales to WakeMed Children’s for the past three years. In
addition, Parksite owner-employees generously built
and decorated, and then donated a custom playhouse
to the Foundation. Raffle tickets were sold from October
2011 through February 2012 and the winner was drawn
during the Auto Expo. Congratulations to Stephanie
Rodriguez and her family for winning the playhouse.
J. MCLAUGHLIN AND JUST FOR KIDS As part of the grand opening
of their North Hills location, clothier J. McLaughlin donated
15 percent of the evening’s sales to the purchase of a bassinet for
the WakeMed Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.
Gift Rich in Raleigh History
he grandchildren, great grandchildren and additional family members of Clarence and Alice
Aycock Poe gifted the historic Longview House, also known as the Poe House, and the 1.65
acres upon which it sits to the WakeMed Foundation.
This generous gift, coupled with WakeMed’s purchase of an additional 13.5 acres adjacent to the
Poe House, offer an excellent opportunity for future expansion of the WakeMed Raleigh Campus. The
property gift was valued at $970,000, and WakeMed purchased the adjacent property for $4 million.
“WakeMed is very grateful to the Poe family for their generous donation and for the opportunity to
purchase the land that directly connects to our flagship hospital campus. Although specific plans
have yet to be developed, the property holds great promise for facility and service expansion all while
maintaining the historic significance of the home,” commented Dr. Bill Atkinson, president & CEO,
WakeMed Health & Hospitals.
“The donation is a fitting tribute to the late Clarence Poe,” Dr. Atkinson continued. “He was a
visionary leader in many areas including agriculture, technology and science, print media, public and
social policy, and health care. Clarence Poe is well-known for treating people with equality and his
lifelong commitment to the health and well being of our community and state. This commitment will
be embodied in the development of health care resources upon his land for the benefit of future
summer/fall 12
Helton Family Foundation
t was the 1970s when cardiothoracic surgeon Wm. Charles Helton, MD, arrived to Raleigh
from Minnesota with his family. Since then, he has been steadfast in his loyalty to both his
patients and to WakeMed Health & Hospitals. In recent years, Dr. Helton, in conjunction
with the Helton Family Foundation, has shared his great appreciation for WakeMed and its staff
members through special gifts to the WakeMed Foundation. In January, Dr. Helton and the
Helton Family Foundation pledged a $5 million contribution toward the $20 million Just For Kids
Kampaign. This donation is the largest single gift in the WakeMed Foundation’s history and one
of the largest ever made to a hospital in Wake County. The Helton gift actually helped complete
the Just For Kids Kampaign and the related initiative to expand the WakeMed Neonatal Intensive
Care Unit (NICU).
“Dr. Helton is one of the key physicians who helped build WakeMed’s cardiovascular services
from its infancy into the robust leading program it is today. He is a talented surgeon who has
touched thousands of hearts and lives, and he feels it is the duty of physicians to share their
good fortunes with the community. We are very grateful for the trust and
confidence Dr. Helton has in WakeMed and for his generous financial support,”
commented Dr. Bill Atkinson, president & CEO, WakeMed Health & Hospitals.
In 2009 Dr. Helton donated $1 million to the WakeMed Foundation to
establish an endowment for nursing education – the Helton Scholarship
Endowment Fund. He also committed an additional $500,000 in the form of a
challenge grant to encourage others to contribute and increase the endowment
to $2 million.
“WakeMed is the safety net health care provider in our community, and I
believe strongly in the mission of the health system and the outstanding work
WakeMed is doing in our community. It is a great honor for me and my family
to be able to give back in a meaningful way, and we are very pleased to help
grow access to children’s services in our community and the region,” said
Dr. Helton.
The Helton Scholarship Endowment Fund
The purpose of the Helton Scholarship Endowment Fund is to assist
WakeMed clinical staff in advancing their knowledge and skills in their
particular areas of expertise. The fund helps pay the educational costs related
to securing basic or advanced degrees in health care-related fields as well as
certification in areas of specialized care. This year the fund granted
Wm. Charles Helton, MD
scholarships to 60 nurses, covering the cost of their certification in medical/surgical nursing,
pediatric nursing, and cardiac care nursing. Scholarships will be granted annually based on
earnings from the fund.
Thank you to the Helton Scholarship Endowment Fund
“Dr. Helton has devoted five decades to helping build
WakeMed, and specifically, the Heart Center, into a world-class
committee members
center of care,” explains Jack Radford, executive director of the
Sharon M. Foster, MD, chair, Cindy Boily; Laura Kalorin Helton,
WakeMed Foundation. “However, his care for patients is equaled
MD; Diana Knight; Jack Radford; Harriet Stephenson; Amy
by his career-long commitment to WakeMed’s nurses and other
Thomas; J. Blount Williams and Pamela Young
caregivers. Dr. Helton established this endowment to ensure that
WakeMed’s care providers have the financial support necessary
Helton’s Colleague Supports Challenge
to advance their skills and knowledge, especially for those with
donations to the fund, up to $500,000. His vision is to see this
endowment grow dramatically and to enable WakeMed’s clinical
tremendous respect for the employees at WakeMed who have
staff to continue the organization’s mission of providing
supported him and his patients throughout the years.
limited resources. Not only has he given $1 million to initially
establish the endowment, but he has agreed to match all
outstanding and compassionate care to all who seek our
his year, Dr. R. Merrill Hunter and his wife Marilyn
met Dr. Helton’s challenge with a gift of approximately
$250,000 to the Helton Scholarship Endowment Fund.
Dr. Hunter is a long-time colleague of Dr. Helton and also has
“Education is the key to success for most endeavors and the
dreams people pursue,” says Dr. Hunter. “It is the foundation on
which everything else is built, and it helps
Congratulations to the First Class of 2012
people reach their goals in life. The
Helton Awardee Scholarship Recipients
Helton Scholarship Program provides the
Jessica Carroll, Tammy Fryett, Holly Hatfield, Julie Kennedy,
financial assistance that will enable
Eleanor Little, Kim Mays, Bethany Fluke Mendez, Ashley O'Neal,
WakeMed employees to become the very
Nancy Reyes, Donna Sharifyazdi, Chad Sickle,
best they can be. I encourage physicians
Christie Szura, Richard Winslow, Denise Blake,
and families throughout the community
Tracey Burrous, Daniel Corbin, Beth
to help support and surpass Charlie’s
Cornwell, Deneen Dunn, Betsy Farmer,
Linda Fish, Angela Hollis, Delorise Jeffries,
Monique Moore, Tammy Lynn Orlando,
Carrie Richardson, Danica Stancil, Jason
R. Merrill Hunter, MD
Dr. Helton has been a cardiac surgeon with Carolina Cardiovascular
Surgical Associates (now Wake Specialty Physicians – Carolina
Trimm, Donna White, Pamela Wolfgang,
Cardiovascular Surgical Associates) since 1978 and a member of the
Francine Worth, Amber Banta, Mary Margaret
Bechtold, Meredith Carlon, Michelle Davis, Laarni Guanga,
WakeMed Foundation Board since 2007. His gifts and abilities have
Amber Lafromboise, Brenda Leconey, Elizabeth Newton,
and will continue to positively impact the lives of thousands of patients
Angela Shell, Stephanie Smith, Elizabeth Stewart, Gaye Lee
and health care providers. Thank you, Dr. Helton!
Stewart and Jennifer Willoughby.
WakeMed Honors Former President
& CEO Raymond L. Champ
Ray Champ, wife Meredyth and children
Brian and Meghan in front of the emergency
departments bearing his name.
summer/fall 12
This May, WakeMed hosted the dedication of the Raleigh Campus Level I
Trauma Center and Emergency Departments as the Raymond L. Champ
Centers for Emergency Medicine. Champ was WakeMed’s president and CEO
from 1983 to 2003 and, through this dedication, we honor his contributions.
Under Champ’s leadership, WakeMed grew from a 576-bed hospital system to
a 752-bed, multi-facility health care system. During his tenure, WakeMed
opened the rehabilitation hospital, Cary Hospital, two skilled nursing facilities,
the county’s only trauma service, the state’s first Children’s ED, North Carolina’s
busiest heart center, a pediatric ICU and North Healthplex. Champ also helped
guide WakeMed from county-owned to private, not-for-profit status.
Securing Futures & Creating Legacies
s the importance of the WakeMed Foundation to WakeMed Health & Hospitals’ bottom line continues to
grow, so must our Foundation’s future sustainability. With this in mind, the WakeMed Foundation team
announces an additional focus in their fundraising efforts: planned giving.
“We are advancing our fundraising focus to include planned giving in an effort to help WakeMed meet its future
objectives,” said Jack Radford, executive director, WakeMed Foundation. The team’s first effort was to create a planned
giving subcommittee made up of business leaders who are well versed in the intricacies of these types of gifts. With
Mike Gray, a senior vice president with CAPTRUST Advisors as chairman, they have assembled a group of accountants,
financial advisors and other professionals who are generously donating their time to build the program.
“The Foundation’s work to raise dollars for current and short-range needs will certainly continue,” said Radford.
“With our new focus on planned giving, we hope to open new philanthropic opportunities for those who believe in and
want to help secure our long-range goals and the mission of the entire health system in the future.”
Radford’s comments mirror the reason why long-time WakeMed friend and
benefactor Ron Doggett kicked off the now-completed Campaign 2011 with a
planned gift. “I have and always will be committed to helping WakeMed and its
caregivers serve the people of our great region. A planned gift helped me do my
part to ensure the WakeMed mission remains a constant in our community for
many years to come,” said Doggett.
“A planned gift helped me do my part to ensure
the WakeMed mission remains a constant in our
community for many years to come.”
Mike Gray points out some benefits of planned giving, “In some cases, planned
giving can offer tax benefits and continued control over the earning power of an
asset.” Estate planning, IRAs, retirement plans, trusts, wills and insurance
beneficiary designations will be the areas upon which subcommittee members will focus their initial energies. In the
future, they will further diversify planned giving opportunities according to donor needs.
Gray and members of the planned giving team are also pleased to introduce the WakeMed Foundation Legacy Society to
honor those who support our sustainability efforts through a planned gift.
“Though our Legacy Society is new, we know that the idea of planned giving is not, and we realize there are WakeMed
supporters who have already generously included the WakeMed Foundation in their estate plans,” said Radford.
If you have included a planned gift to the WakeMed Foundation in your retirement or estate planning or would like more information
about planned giving opportunities, please contact Karen Zelden at [email protected] or 919-350-2966.
[ PAT I E N T P R O F I L E ]
Courtney Ange
all it a hunch. Call it mother’s intuition. Call it
what you’d like, but when Kristen Ange’s eightweek-old daughter Courtney stopped eating and
became fussy, the first-time mom knew
something was wrong. Kristen took the baby’s temperature,
which registered at only 94 degrees. “I called my pediatrician
and the receptionist told me he could see Courtney during the
office’s after-hours clinic. Thank goodness I followed my
instincts and didn’t wait till the next day to go to the doctor,”
said Kristen.
By the time the doctor saw Courtney, she was making
strange noises that mimicked pneumonia. He encouraged
Kristen to take her to WakeMed’s Children’s Emergency
Department (ED) as a precautionary measure. Kristen and
her husband Robert drove to the hospital and watched
helplessly as Courtney progressively got sicker. “They began
a battery of tests to try to figure out what was wrong with
her,” explained Kristen. “Courtney began having problems
breathing, and they put her on oxygen. They told us she was
fighting off something, but they didn’t know what it was. We
were terrified.”
PICU,” Kristen said. “And the facility was so nice. The hospital
When Courtney’s tests came back, her caregivers in the
Children’s ED realized she was suffering from a congenital
Courtney. WakeMed helped us make the best out of a very
diaphragmatic hernia, a condition where the stomach and
difficult situation.”
intestine herniate up through a hole in the diaphragm, causing
Courtney has grown into an active four-year-old, and she
reduced lung capacity and the eventual death of the stomach.
now has a two-year-old brother named Watkins. Meanwhile,
J. Duncan Phillips, MD, surgeon-in-chief and director of
Kristen and and her husband Robert have become vocal
Pediatric Surgery for WakeMed Children’s Hospital performed
supporters of the hospital. “We’ve joined the WakeMed
surgery on Courtney to correct the problem. “It was the longest
Foundation’s Society of 1961 and are a part of Friends of
hour-and-a-half of our lives waiting for her to come out of the
WakeMed Children’s,” explained Robert, who serves as vice
operation,” remembered Kristen. “Afterward, Dr. Phillips
president and associate general counsel at General Parts
explained that there are only about 20 such cases in North
International, Inc. “When we became parents, we realized how
Carolina each year. We were very fortunate he had the expertise
lucky we are to have such a terrific hospital in our own
to care for Courtney. It was a blessing.”
backyard, and we are eternally grateful for what the people at
The couple spent four days in WakeMed’s Pediatric Intensive
Care Unit (PICU) with Courtney, and she made a full recovery.
provides parents a place to sleep, so we were able to stay with
WakeMed did for Courtney.
We hope families never have to go through a child’s illness or
“We can’t say enough great things about Drs. Travis Honeycutt
injury, but if they do, we know WakeMed Children’s is the place
and Mark Piehl and all the nurses who cared for our baby in the
to go.”
summer/fall 12
P re s e n te d b y Wa k e M e d Fo u n d a t i o n S o c i e t y o f 1 9 6 1 a n d Wel l s Fa r g o
2012 Society of 1961 Appreciation Gala
We hope you will join us December 1, 2012. Enjoy a live performance
by the legendary Gladys Knight. For more information, please call
919.350.7676 or visit
50th Anniversary Gala presented by the WakeMed Foundation Society of 1961 and Wells Fargo.
Leno not only entertained nearly 1,000 guests, he concluded his 90-minute show by making a
surprise $10,000 contribution to the WakeMed Foundation.
The evening was a celebration of WakeMed’s 50th anniversary and marked the end of the
WakeMed Foundation’s Campaign 2011 - The Next Level and the Just For Kids Kampaign. To date,
Campaign 2011 is the most impactful and pivotal initiative in the history of the Foundation.
“The WakeMed Foundation was established 17 years ago to raise friends, funds and future
leaders for WakeMed Health & Hospitals. Nearly 6,000
individuals, corporations, organizations and foundations
have contributed to Campaign 2011, including more than
$7 million in donations just last year. This success could
not have happened without the support of our
community,” explained R. Gordon Grubb, past chair,
WakeMed Foundation Board.
Proceeds from the 2011 gala will benefit the expansion
of the WakeMed Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)
from 36 to 48 beds, offering more space for families and
staff to care for newborn babies. WakeMed’s NICU offers
the highest level of neonatal intensive care to the region’s
premature and critically ill newborns.
The Society of 1961 was established to recognize donors
who contribute at the Society Level - $1,350 or above – on
an annual basis. It is named in honor of WakeMed’s
founding year, 1961.
Thank you to the Broughton High School
Jazz Band who played
during the reception
Bill McNeal,
WakeMed Board of
Directors, and wife
summer/fall 12
Stephen Scott and
his wife Pat
The crew from Capitol
Stephen Leinenweber, MD,
and his wife Sonia
Above: Shrin
MD, Foundation
Board Member,
and wife Ann
Jill and Roland
John and Kristin Replogle, Foundation Board
Member and gala co-chair, with Jay Leno
Dr. Bill Atkinson,
President & CEO
Above: (l to r)Tyson
and Julia Hanish,
Robert Schulte,
Barbara and Wm.
Charles Helton, MD,
Laura Helton, MD and
Carmin Kalorin, MD
Middle left: Michael
Anthony, MD and his
wife Virginia,
Foundation Board
Member and gala
co-chair, with
daughter Helen
Daphne and
Ralph Ashworth
Tom Oxholm,
Board of
with wife
Jerry Bernstein, MD,
WakeMed Board of
Directors, and wife Peg
Thank You to Our Foundation Supporters
Thank you to the many individuals, businesses and organizations who have made gifts to the WakeMed Foundation. It is the
support of our donors that provides the Foundation with its ability to help enhance the overall health and quality of life for
the people in our communities. Every effort has been made to recognize all donors; however, if someone has been overlooked,
please notify the Foundation office.
In honor of WakeMed Health &
Hospitals’ heritage and our solid
foundation, the Granite Society
recognizes those who have supported
WakeMed through donations to the
WakeMed Foundation since its inception
in 1994. We extend our sincere
appreciation to these supporters, whose
cumulative giving exceeds $25,000.
Visionary Circle
Janet and Wes Chesson
Ron and Jeanette Doggett
General Parts International, Inc.
Helton Family Foundation
WakeMed Health & Hospitals
Chairman’s Circle
Dr. and Mrs. Jerry C. Bernstein
Brenda and Ron Gibson
The News & Observer
Brig. Gen. and Mrs. Gary H. Pendleton
Raleigh Pathology Laboratory
Associates, PA
Kyle and Matthew Szulik and Family
President’s Circle
Dr. and Mrs. Wallace F. Andrew, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Darden
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Jessen
Craig Jackson & Partners
The John Rex Endowment
Harvey and Texanna Montague
Cécile and Marc Noël and Family
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Oxholm
Wake Emergency Physicians, PA
Wake Radiology Consultants, PA
Inspiration Circle
American Anesthesiology of
North Carolina
Dr. and Mrs. William K. Atkinson II
BBH Design
Brasfield & Gorrie
Capitol Broadcasting Company
Carolina Rehabilitation
Surgical Associates, PA
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Charlesworth
Mr. and Mrs. Stark S. Dillard
Mr. Leon A. Dunn, Jr.
First Citizens Bank
FreemanWhite Inc.
Golden Corral
Don and Mary Haile
Eileen and Mike Hendren
Hendrick Cary Auto Mall
Highwoods Properties, Inc.
Dr. and Mrs. R. Merrill Hunter
Jay and Jenny Loftin
The John P. McConnell Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. J. Gregory Poole, Jr.
In memory of Maxine Suitt Poole
Progress Energy
Bobby and Karen Rice
Riley Contracting Group, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. Scott, Jr.
Mr. O. Temple Sloan, Jr.
Stock Building Supply
TeleHealth Services: TIGRNet
Interactive TV’s
The Volunteers at
WakeMed Raleigh Campus
Wake Heart and Vascular Associates
Wake Stone Corporation
Wells Fargo
Leadership Circle
Abbott Fund
Emily and Bill Andrews
Ralph and Daphne Ashworth
Blanche and Zack Bacon
Bagwell & Bagwell Insurance Agency
Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Baker
Bank of America
Earl and Joyce Bardin
The Belk Foundation
Jack and Martha Biggio
Mr. and Mrs. Paul L. Brunswick
Tom and Lynn Burton
Carolina Hurricanes Kids ‘N
Community Foundation
Cary Cardiology, PA
Dr. and Mrs. Robert A. Cerwin
Mr. and Mrs. Jack O. Clayton
Mr. and Mrs. R. Michael Condrey
Dr. Dana D. Copeland and
Mrs. Martha A. Webb
Fairway Outdoor Advertising
Mrs. Betsy Gaskins-McClaine and
Mr. Russell W. McClaine
Ms. Kathleen K. Gormley
Mr. and Mrs. Worth Harris
Hillsdale Fund, Inc.
Dr. J. Keith and Katherine O. Keener
Kight’s Medical
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Martin
MedImmune, Inc.
North State Bank
Mrs. Pete R. Pegram
Mr. and Mrs. William P. Pinna
Poyner Spruill LLP
W. Trent Ragland, Jr. Foundation
Raleigh Cardiology Associates, PA
Raleigh Orthopedic Clinic, PA
Estate of Patty S. Roy
Smith Moore Leatherwood LLP
Mr. and Mrs. J. Ray Sparrow
Stantec Inc.
Mr. W. Stan Taylor
Time Warner Cable
The Volunteers of WakeMed Cary
WakeMed Cary Hospital Medical Staff
WakeMed Raleigh Campus Medical
Sustainer Circle
Absolute Collection
All American Relocation
Allscripts/Misys Healthcare Systems
Alphanumeric Systems, Inc.
Ms. Rebecca E. Andrews
Assistance League of the Triangle Area
BSA LifeStructures Inc.
Beacon Prosthetics and Orthotics
Mary Mac and Tom Bradshaw
Dr. Holly Burge and Mr. Steven
CaptiveAire, Inc.
Timothy Carroll and Magee McKechnie
Cary Oil Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond L. Champ
Rebecca and Gordon Christian
Cii Technology Solutions, Incorporated
Dr. and Mrs. Michael I. Cinoman
Conagra Snack Food Division
Corporate Express
David and Susan Coulter
Curtis Media Group, Inc.
Helen and Bill Dawkins
Deloitte & Touche LLP
Mr. John M. Erwin
Four Oaks Bank
Sheldon and Debbie Fox
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene E. Friberg
Mr. and Mrs. G. Roland Gammon III
Graphics Ink
Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Greczyn, Jr.
Gregory Poole Equipment Company
Sallie and Gordon Grubb
Hasentree Corporation
Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Hayman
Lauren and Jim Holmes
J.M. Davis Custom Homes
Jeffers, Mann and Artman Pediatrics
Mr. and Mrs. K.D. Kennedy, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Knaup
Tom and Deb Laughery
Dr. and Mrs. H. West Lawson
Lowe’s Companies, Inc.
Medline Industries, Inc.
Merrill Lynch & Co. of North Carolina
Fielding and Kim Miller
Claire L. Moritz and Daniel D. Addison
Bob and Sarah Mulligan
New Atlantic Contracting, Inc.
Noël Group, LLC
Ms. Judith F. O’Neal
Paragon Commercial Bank
Dr. Mark and Meggan Piehl
PNC Bank
R.A. Jeffreys Distributing
Company, Inc.
Mr. Jack Radford
Mr. and Mrs. W. Trent Ragland, Jr.
Raleigh Pediatric Associates, PA
The Re Corr Family
Red Hat Inc.
Ms. Billie Redmond and Mr. Kemp
Regions Bank
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Rigsbee
SAS Institute, Inc.
Cece and Peter Scott
Mr. and Mrs. O. Temple Sloan III
Small Kane Architects
Mr. and Mrs. G. Milton Small III
Ms. Robin U. Smith and Ms. Karen J.
St. Timothy’s School
Mr. and Mrs. R. Wayne Stocks
SunTrust Bank
T.A. Loving Company
Tarheel Broadcasting, Inc.
Robert and Sona Thorburn
The Triangle Indian-American
Physicians Society
Vann & Sheridan, LLP
Dr. and Mrs. P.K. Vyas
WakeMed Board of Directors
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Walker
Joe and Ina Whitehead
Worthy & Wachtel, Inc.
Yates, McLamb & Weyher, L.L.P.
Gifts received during calendar year 2011 (1/1/2011 – 12/31/2011). For a complete listing of Campaign 2011 supporters, visit
summer/fall 12
Named in honor of WakeMed’s founding
year, the Society of 1961 recognizes
supporters who give more than $1,350
annually to WakeMed. To date, members
have contributed more than $21 million
in support of facilities, programs and
services for the health system.
Corporate Sponsors
Presenting Sponsor
Wells Fargo
Platinum Sponsor
Absolute Collection Service, Inc.
Capitol Broadcasting Company
Craig Jackson & Partners
Advertising, Inc.
Golden Corral
Gold Sponsor
General Parts International
Hendrick Cary Auto Mall
Riley Contracting Group, Inc.
Silver Sponsor
Bell Family Foundation
Cary Oil Foundation
Progress Energy
Rotary Club of the Capital City
WakeMed Raleigh Campus
Medical Staff
Bronze Sponsor
Bank of America
BBH Design
Brasfield & Gorrie, LLC
Curtis Media Group, Inc.
First Citizens Bank
Highwoods Properties, Inc.
SAKS, Inc.
Smith Moore Leatherwood LLP
WakeMed Cary Hospital Medical Staff
Yates, McLamb & Weyher, LLP
Corporate Patron Sponsor
Alfred Williams & Company
All American Relocation
American Eagle Outfitters
Amphitheatre of Regency Park
Beacon Prosthetics & Orthotics
Cii Associates, Inc.
Cranfill Sumner & Hartzog, LLP
Crescent State Bank
Four Oaks Bank
Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce
KDI Capital Partners
Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton, LLP
Noel Group, LLC
North State Bank
Paragon Commercial Bank
Parker Poe Adams & Bernstein, LLP
Poyner Spruill, LLP
RBC Centura
Red Hat, Inc.
Regions Bank
Stevens Martin Vaughn & Tadych, PLLC
TeleHealth Services
Wake County New Vehicle
Dealers Association, Inc.
Corporate Member Sponsor
Bagwell & Bagwell, Inc.
Baker Roofing Company
Bev's Fine Art, Inc.
Bob Barker Company, Inc.
Carol Creech Promotions
& Associates, Inc.
Cary Reconstruction Co., Inc.
Centurion Construction Company, Inc.
Elizabeth Ragland Park Fund of
Triangle Community Foundation
Freedom Credit Union
Gregory Poole Equipment Company
Grubb Ventures, LLC
Hunton & Williams, LLP
J. McLaughlin
Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc.
LarsonAllen, LLP
Leesa Brinkley Graphic Design Inc.
Lewis & Roberts, PLLC
Newcomb and Company
Time Warner Cable
Vann & Sheridan, Attorneys at Law
Wake Stone Corporation
Watered Garden Florist, Inc.
Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice, LLP
The Volunteers at
WakeMed Cary Hospital
The Volunteers at
WakeMed Raleigh Campus
Physician Practices
Platinum Society Member
American Anesthesiology
of North Carolina
Francis J. Abdou, MD
Robert S. Alphin, MD
Leslie W. Baker, MD
William R. Bolding, MD
F. Gregory Brusino, MD
James B. Collawn, MD
William B. Corkey, MD
William D. Crocker, MD
Earl H. Crumpler, Jr., MD
Walter E. Daniel III, MD
Russell P. A. Ford, MD
Edgar C. Garrabrant III, MD
Justin B. Hauser, MD
Brendan L. Howes, MD
Bruce H. Janson, MD
Michael C. Lish, MD
Andrew G. Lutz, MD
Robert N. Marshall III, MD
Bryan A. Max, MD
Karen V. Meyers, MD
Michael J. Neville, MD
Deborah Q. Pellegrini, MD
Ralph S. Ramos, MD
Jeremy K. Reading, MD
Robert E. Seymour III, MD
Elee E. Stewart, MD
Kassell E. Sykes, Jr., MD
Scott J. Tyrey, MD
Reed M. VanMatre, MD
Paul R. Woodard, MD
Raleigh Pathology
Laboratory Associates
D. Emerson Scarborough, Jr., MD
Cheryl A. Szpak, MD
Shrin Rajagopalan, MD, PhD
Michael H. Weinstein, MD, PhD
Matthew J. Snyder, MD
Matthew R. Plymyer, MD
Michael A. Huening, MD, PhD
Christine N. Sillings, MD
Ahren C. Rittershaus, MD
E. Grover Smith, PhD
Wake Emergency Physicians, PA
Aimee Andrews, MD
Michael Beasley, DO
Jill Benson, MD
Brendan Berry, MD
Seth Bleier, MD
Heather Braithwaite, MD
Terrence Brayboy, MD
Richard Butler, MD
Greg Cannon, MD
Jerfi Cicin, DO
Jeffrey Cook, MD
Toni Czito, MD
Valerie DeMaio, MD
David Dubow, MD
Olly Duckett, MD
Scott Fairbrother, MD
Craig Frater, MD
Ben German, MD
Gay Gooden, MD
Amy Griffin, MD
Robert "Skip" Hagan, DO
PJ Hamilton-Gaertner, MD
Jonathan Ho, MD
Stephanie Hughes, DO
Clark Ibrahim, DO
Neil Jain, MD
Philip “BJ” Johnson, MD
Damilola Joseph, MD
Gautam Khandelwal, MD
Craig Lauder, DO
David Leader, DO
Shiley Lechner, MD
Allison Levi, MD
Heather Lewis, MD
Anita L'Italien, MD
Miha Lucas, MD
Jonathan Malin, MD
Craig Mangum, MD
Courtney Mann, MD
Erik Manring, MD
Dana Mathew, MD
Jonas McAlarney, MD
Rodney McCaskill, MD
Cary McDonald, MD
James "Shum" McShane, MD
James Mitchell Merritt, MD
Brent Myers, MD
Herbert Myles, MD
Branson Page, MD
James Palombaro, MD
Robert Park, MD
Swapnesh Patel, MD
Eduardo Piqueras, MD
Sanjay Premakumar, MD
Jennifer Raley, MD
David Rosenbaum, MD
Mary Rupp, MD
Samy Saad, MD
Kimberly Singletary, MD
Graham Snyder, MD
Mark Steffens, MD
Geeta Subramaniam, MD
Paul Swiersz, MD
Douglas Trocinski, MD
Michael Utecht, MD
Carrie Vice, MD
Joseph Wiater, MD
Mathew Young, MD
Justin Zanone, MD
John Adams, PA-C
Ramona Albrecht, PA-C
Beth Baird, PA-C
Kyla Barajas, PA-C
Cheryl Boss, PA-C
Neil Boykin, ARNP
Art Brighton, PA-C
Shaun Brothers, PA-C
Margaret Carman, ARNP
Ian Dick, PA-C
Memory Dossenbach, PA-C
Justin Drew, PA-C
Melanie Elmore, PA-C
Dale Foy, PA-C
Scott Gooch, PA-C
David Goodman, PA-C
Doug Haney, PA-C
Kate Hardy, PA-C
Aaron Holly, PA-C
Suzanne Mahar, PA-C
Kelly Malia, PA-C
Jennifer Martin, PA-C
Tracy Morea, PA-C
Sherri Parker, PA-C
Miguel Pineiro, PA-C
Jessica Pulliam, PA-C
Dawn Stella, PA-C
Joe Tigue, PA-C
Sheri VanBeurden, PA-C
Mark VanViegen, ARNP
William Vasios, PA-C
Andy Vaughan, PA-C
Christine Veiga, PA-C
John Wahba, PA-C
Janet Wilson, PA-C
Chris Wood, PA-C
Susan Yocum, PA-C
Wake Radiology Consultants, PA
Robert E. Schaaf, MD
Richard J. Max, MD
Bryan M. Peters, MD
Charles V. Pope, MD
Alan B. Fein, MD
David Ling, MD
Claire M. Poyet, MD
William T. Djang, MD
Holly J. Burge, MD
John Sierra, MD
Michael L. Ross, MD
Andrew C. Wu, MD
William G. Way, MD
Dennis M. O'Donnell, MD
Karen A. Coates, MD
J. Mark Spargo, MD
Susan L. Kennedy, MD
Joseph W. Melamed, MD
G. Glenn Coates, MS, MD
Elizabeth A. Rush, MD
John Matzko, MD
Kerry E. Chandler, MD
Carroll C. Overton, MD
William J. Vanarthos, MD
Lyndon K. Jordan III, MD
Joseph B. Cornett, MD
Philip C. Pretter, MD
M. Rans Douglas, MD
Margaret R. Douglas, MD
Imre Gaal, Jr., MD
Randy D. Secrist, MD
Thomas L. Presson, Jr., MD
Philip R. Saba, MD
Steven R. Mills, MD
R. David Mintz, Sr., MD
Michael D. Kwong, MD
Melissa C. Lipton, MD
Louis F. Posillico, MD
Duncan P. Rougier-Chapman, MD
Paul A. Haugan, MD
Carmelo Gullotto, MD
Richard E. Bird, MD, FACR
Russell C. Wilson, MD
Eithne T. Burke, MD
Susan M. Weeks, MD
Peter L. Leuchtmann, MD
Nikunj P. Wasudev, MD
Mark D. Marchand, MD
David I. Schulz, MD
Catherine LB Lerner, MD
Laura T. Meyer, MD
Brent A. Townsend, MD
Jared B. Bowns, MD
Sendhil K. Cheran, MD
Danielle L. Wellman, MD
Silver Society Member
Carolina Rehabilitation &
Surgical Associates, PA
Catherine A. Duncan, DO
James S. Fulghum III, MD
Christopher J. Godbout, MD
Michael D. Gwinn, MD
Wing K. Ng, MD
Patrick J. O'Brien, MD
Mark Reznik, MD
Jeffers, Mann and
Artman Pediatrics
The Physicians at Jeffers, Mann &
Artman Pediatric and Adolescent
Medicine, PA
Bronze Society Member
Cary Cardiology, PA
Priyavadan M. Shah, MD
Dhiren N. Shah, MD
Rama G. Garimella, MD
Pratik V. Desai, MD
Sunil J. Desai, MD
Joshua C. Macomber, MD
Pavlo Netrebko, MD
Thomas J. Sena, MD
James Todd Harris, MD
Richard R. Gessner, MD
Ben M. Meares, Jr, MD
Jamila Forte Fletcher, MD
Rasheeda T. Monroe, MD
Sarah E. H. Owrey, MD
Raleigh Pediatric Associates
Jerry C. Bernstein, MD
Sharon M. Foster, MD
J. Randy Hedgepeth, MD
Karen M. Kartheiser, MD
Walter T. Koscielniak, MD
Melinda C. Taylor, MD
Robert C. Helms, MD
John W. Rusher, MD
Jeffrey C. Johnson, MD
James W. Britt, MD
Sarah O. Hunt, MD
Nicole F. Parkerson, MD
F Allen Hewett, MD
Caroline A. Sartschev, MD
Anna B. Goodmon, MD
Wake Heart and Vascular Associates
J. Tift Mann, III, MD
Michael J. Zellinger, MD
William N. Newman, MD
Gregory C. Rose, MD
James R. Foster, MD
Joel E. Schneider, MD
Eric M. Janis, MD
R. Lee Jobe, MD
Randolph A.S. Cooper, MD
Robert B. Wesley, II, MD
Joseph M. Falsone, MD
Kevin R. Campbell, MD
Benjamin G. Atkeson, MD
Ravish Sachar, MD
Arthur Y. Chow, MD
Christian N. Gring, MD
Matthew A. Hook, MD
Andrew C. Kronenberg, MD
Mateen Akhtar, MD
Richard Pacca, MD
Waheed Akhtar, MD
Patron Society Member
Carolina Cardiovascular
Surgical Associates, PA
William C. Helton, MD
Robert M. Hunter, MD
William A. Killinger, MD
David L. Robaczewski, MD
Kamm, McKenzie OBGYN
Rick R. Kamm, MD (retired)
Sheppard A. McKenzie III, MD
P. Burton Harden, Jr., MD
Crystal G. Privette, MD
Michael D. Smith, MD
Brian E. Bass, MD
Cynthia B. Saacks, MD
Ashley Rush, MD
Lauren Wheeler, MD
Joel Bernstien, MD
Raleigh Medical Group, PA
Raleigh Children and
Adolescents Medicine, PC
Marjorie B.Carr, MD
Leigh S. Lehan, MD
Raleigh Medical Group Internal Medicine:
William M. Dunlap, MD
Wells Edmundson, MD
summer/fall 12
Benjamin P. Fischer, MD
Brian H. Goldman, MD
Tina G. Harris, MD
William R. Jacobs, MD
John A. Lang, MD
John Rubino, MD
Brian Short, MD
Cara B. Siegel, MD
Lyman S. W. Smith, MD
Harrison G. Tuttle, MD
Bradley K. Vaughn, MD
Neil C. Vining, MD
Scott M. Wein, MD
Robert T. Wyker, MD
Raleigh Medical Group Gastroenterology
Michael P. Battaglino, MD
Indira Reddy, MD
Neeraj K. Sachdeva, MD
Christopher J. Schwarz, MD, PhD
Ronald P. Schwarz, MD
Society Member
Cary Medical Group Internal Medicine:
Scott C. Bilbro, MD
Susan L. Crittenden, MD
Sujatha Raman, MD
Derek Q. Schroder, MD
Sylvia P. Shoffner, MD
Harmeet C. Singh, MD
Martin van Cleeff, MD
Cary Medical Group Gastroenterology:
Subhash C. Gumber, MD, PhD
Raleigh Neurology Associates
Keith L. Hull, MD, FAAN
S. Mitchell Freedman, MD, FAAN
Michael H. Bowman, PhD, MD, FAAN
William G. Ferrell, MD
Thomas Perkins, MD, PhD
David A. Konanc, MD
Richard W. Tim, MD
Kenneth M. Carnes, MD
Susan A. Glenn, MD, PhD
Patricia Naslund, MD
Pavan Yerramsetty, MD
Rhonda W. Gabr, MD, PhD
John D. Wooten, III, MD
Kevin M. Rathke, MD
Kristi L. Milowic, MD
Traci I. Sheaffer, MD
Gregory M. Bertics, MD
Matthias M. Zinn, MD
Ugo Goetzl, MD, FAAN
David Johnson, MD
Syndee J. Givre, MD, PhD
Leslie H. Boyce, MD
S. Thomas Kirk, MD
Bradley J. Robottom, MD
Raleigh Orthopaedic Clinic, PA
Daniel J. Albright, MD
Wallace F. Andrew, Jr., MD
Joseph U. Barker, MD
Matthew T. Boes, MD
David W. Boone, MD
G. Hadley Callaway, MD
John B. Chiavetta, MD
William M. Isbell, MD
Jeffrey K. Kobs, MD
Carroll D. Kratzer, DPM
Kevin J. Logel, MD
Keith P. Mankin, MD
Mark R. Mikles, MD
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ways to give
Checks, Cash, Stocks, Bequests, Life Insurance Policies, Annuities, Trusts
Every donation, large or small, helps make the difference for thousands of
patients who come to WakeMed Health & Hospitals. To discuss which
contribution option works best for you, call the WakeMed Foundation
office at (919) 350-7656.
[ PAT I E N T P R O F I L E ]
Totten Tough!
anessa Totten is a planner. That’s why, in 2005,
when she and her husband Tyrone decided to
Love Light Celebrates Life
The Totten girls – 5-year-old Katilyn and 1-year-old
have children, she checked around. “I knew I
Abigail – were the Love Light honorees this past holiday season.
was high risk, so I researched the best hospital
Held annually, the WakeMed Foundation’s Love Light Tree
for high-risk pregnancies and births. The best hospital was and
event continues to give friends of WakeMed a unique
is clearly WakeMed, so I chose it and the Kamm McKenzie
opportunity to celebrate the lives of patients served inside our
Ob/Gyn practice that delivers there,” said Vanessa.
walls or simply special loved ones. More than 200 people
Vanessa was smart to plan ahead. She developed
enjoyed the annual Love Light Tree lighting ceremony, which
preeclampsia, a life-threatening disorder that
occurs during pregnancy and the postpartum
period that can have devastating effects on
both mother and baby. With her blood
pressure rising as high as 213/118, Vanessa
had her baby by Caesarean section at just 27
weeks gestation – approximately 11 weeks
early. Weighing just 1 pound, 10 ounces at
birth, Katilyn spent 87 days in WakeMed’s
Level IV Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)
where neonatology physicians and nurse
specialists tended to her every need.
Several years later, Vanessa once again
developed preeclampsia with her second
pregnancy and delivered Abigail by Caesarean
section at 34 weeks gestation. Abigail, born at
4 pounds, 1 ounce, spent 11 days in the
NICU, receiving the same highly specialized
care as her sister several years earlier.
Today, Katilyn spends as much time in the
pool as she can, and Abigail is “smart as a
whip” her father Tyrone is quick to tell you.
WakeMed Children’s and its NICU have benefitted from
your gifts. And, both Vanessa and Tyrone have seen first
was created in 1985 in honor of a young patient named
Matthew William Lee by Dr. William and Coleen Lee.
Children in attendance also enjoyed Trim the Tree with
hand how your gifts make a direct difference in the lives of
Twinkle festivities, including photos with Santa and visits with
WakeMed’s tiniest patients. “After having Katilyn, I wouldn’t
Twinkle, WakeMed Children’s mascot, as well as holiday treats
have had my second baby anywhere else,” said Vanessa. “Our
and crafts. The 190 Star ($100) and Light ($25) gifts totaled
babies received the best care, which gave us peace of mind
$13,000 and will go to WakeMed Children’s services and
every step of the way.”
programs. For a complete list of donors who supported the
2011 Love Light Tree campaign, visit
summer/fall 12
The latest news from WakeMed
A Message from the President & CEO
William K. Atkinson, PhD, MPH
The national health care reform
debate has led consumers and
providers alike to ask many questions
about how they will be affected by the
new law. The answers to these
questions are not simple because the
changes will not impact everyone
uniformly and many policy issues are
yet to be fully settled.
It is certain, however, that a hospital’s core function – caring
for a community – will not change. WakeMed will continue to
provide the vast majority of care in Wake County to the unand underinsured even after the law is fully implemented in
2014. It is also true that this is an important time to be in
health care. We now have the opportunity to address deepseated national, state and local issues and to invest in
solutions which will positively impact patient, family and
caregiver experiences.
We will be challenged, too, to do more with less because
health care, which is currently the largest portion of the
national budget just ahead of defense and social security, will
be getting a smaller and smaller piece of the pie. But this type
of pressure often brings out our best, encourages a productive
competition of ideas and motivates creative positive changes.
It is up to us to find ways to increase access to preventive
care, and we must develop ways to make all health care more
affordable. No family should face financial catastrophe because
of illness. That should not happen in America.
Many constructive changes and solutions will likely be
developed and implemented on a local level. Community
leaders engaged in the WakeMed Foundation have never
before been more important for the continued success of
WakeMed and the health of the community. Together, we can
continue to serve and innovate to meet the need more
efficiently and effectively than any time in history.
Thank you for your ongoing support.
Bionic Technology at WakeMed
WakeMed Rehabilitation introduces amazing bionic
technology that helps people
with lower extremity paralysis
or weakness (often resulting
from spinal cord injury) to
stand and walk. Ekso™ is a
battery-powered robotic
exoskeleton that is strapped
on a person as a wearable
robot which can enhance the
strength, mobility, and
endurance of the wearer while
allowing them to
independently walk. Watch
for more information about
this exciting technology in
the coming months.
WakeMed and Duke Forge
Pediatric Partnership
WakeMed and Duke Medicine have partnered to form Duke
Children’s and WakeMed Children’s Specialty Services, which will
bring Duke’s nationally recognized pediatric sub-specialist
faculty to WakeMed. These Duke specialists, combined with
WakeMed’s comprehensive pediatric platform and ancillary
support services, will bring additional quality of care, and
access to specialities and subspecialties to pediatric patients
and their families across the region. The physician group will
relocate from Duke Children’s Subspecialty Clinic on the
campus of Duke Raleigh Hospital to the WakeMed Raleigh
Medical Park, which opened this June adjacent to WakeMed
Raleigh Campus. The Duke practice includes 25 physicians,
plus an additional 34 clinical and administrative staff. Duke
will lease approximately 20,000 square feet in the Raleigh
Medical Park and will complement WakeMed’s existing
pediatric specialties. The specialty clinics should be open in
the second quarter of 2013.
eICU® Service Comes to WakeMed
WakeMed Raleigh Medical Park Opens
Critically ill patients and the physicians, nurses and support
staff who care for them in WakeMed’s adult critical care units
are now benefitting from an innovative new service – the
WakeMed eICU Service. WakeMed is the first health system to
introduce this type of
lifesaving technology to the
Triangle. The eICU Service
involves the use of off-site
monitoring technology and
staff to enhance the care of
patients in the 88 beds that
comprise our adult critical
care units at Raleigh Campus
and Cary Hospital. The off-site staff, consisting of critical care
nurses, intensivists and physicians, is located in the eICU
Service Center in the Operations Center on Atlantic Avenue.
Through the use of computers and carefully placed cameras in
patient rooms, the off-site staff can monitor critically ill
patients’ vital signs, medications and test (such as blood and
imaging) results right along with nurses and physicians at the
bedside. The use of this new technology demonstrates
WakeMed’s continued commitment to enhancing the quality
of care for our patients.
The WakeMed Raleigh Medical Park (RMP), located across
from the Raleigh Campus at 23 Sunnybrook Road, is now
open. The new 87,000 square foot facility is home to the
WakeMed Breaks Ground on
Garner Healthplex
Construction is underway on the $17 million Garner
Healthplex on U.S. 70, scheduled to open in June 2013. At
50,000 square feet, the facility will feature a 14-bed, 24/7
emergency department and radiology and lab services, along
with physicians’ offices. It will also serve as the base for all of
WakeMed’s Air Mobile operations. WakeMed expects to treat
12,000 to 15,000 people in the emergency department the
first year. By the tenth year, that number is expected to swell
to 27,000. The Garner Healthplex will create approximately
150 jobs. The facility is located on 12 acres of land that was
donated to the WakeMed Foundation by Andrea and Sherman
Yeargan, Jr., long time Garner residents, and The Yeargan
Foundation Charitable Trust. The land donation is valued at
approximately $2.4 million.
summer/fall 12
WakeMed Diagnostic Center, which offers outpatient imaging
and lab services, as well as pre-anesthesia testing. The anchor
of the RMP is the Capital City Surgery Center, which is a joint
venture between WakeMed and community surgeons. The
upper floors will hold physician offices that will open at a later
date. Duke Realty financed, developed, owns, leases and
manages the building which was built on a 7.84-acre site leased
from WakeMed.
WakeMed Brier Creek Healthplex
Attains ‘Green’ Certification
WakeMed Brier Creek Healthplex has reached an important
sustainability and design milestone by attaining Leadership
in Energy and Environmental Design® (LEED) certification.
LEED, a building rating system developed by the U.S. Green
Building Council (USGBC), evaluates six different areas of
environmental and energy significance: sustainable sites; water
efficiency; energy and atmosphere; materials and resources;
indoor environmental quality, and innovation in design. The
48,314-square-foot medical facility, which is owned and
managed by Indianapolis-based Duke Realty, is WakeMed’s
third healthplex and sixth emergency department. The facility,
which opened in January, houses a full-service emergency
department as well as laboratory and radiology services.
WakeMed Physician Practices who also have offices in the
Healthplex include: Wake Orthopaedics, Wake Faculty
Physicians - Carolina Cardiology and Wake Specialty
Physicians - Brier Creek Medical Group..
WakeMed Physician Practices –
Tremendous Growth
WakeMed Physician Practices is
a growing network of outstanding
physicians who operate as part of
WakeMed Health & Hospitals.
Providers deliver outstanding care
with a focus on helping patients
live healthier lives. Hospital
medicine, including the hospitalists
Ionna Z. Giatis Kessler, DO,
and intensivists who care for
FACOFP and Amber Whited,
patients while they are in the
DO, of Wake Specialty
hospital, is also an important
Physicians Fuquay-Varina
Primary Care, one of the
part of what they do. Practices
newest Primary Care
include WakeMed Faculty
Practices developed by
Physicians, Wake Specialty
Physicians and Wake Orthopaedics.
WakeMed Faculty Physicians is a multi-specialty group that
provides support for WakeMed's hospital operations, graduate
medical education and other system programs. Wake Specialty
Physicians is a network of physicians providing a broad range
of primary and specialty care services. And Wake Orthopaedics
is a group of orthopedic specialists, covering a broad range of
Rapidly, the WakeMed Physician Practices division continues
to grow, now representing more than 20 clinical specialties –
such as urgent care, primary care, bariatric surgery, children’s
diabetes and endocrinology, cardiology, cardiovascular and
thoracic surgery, ear/nose/throat, head and neck surgery,
gastroenterology, neurovascular surgery, general surgery,
orthopaedics, pediatric surgery, pulmonology, obstetrics and
gynecology, urology and vascular surgery. With more than 55
offices spanning Wake County and areas throughout central
North Carolina, they are adding new providers every month.
“Our goal is pure and simple – we want to help ensure the
health and well-being of Wake County residents and those in
our neighboring communities. And we want local residents to
have convenient health care options,” commented Susan
Jackson, executive director of WakeMed Physician Network
Development. “Our dedicated, experienced providers and
clinical teams not only treat a variety of conditions and
illnesses, but they are also committed to educating local
The physicians of WakeMed Faculty Physicians – Raleigh Cardiology,
which now has office locations in Raleigh, North Raleigh and Cary.
residents about how to make better decisions for their health.
We want to be partners in the health care of our patients, and
we continue to grow with this focus in mind.”
Whether you live in Raleigh, Cary, Apex, Knightdale,
Garner, Morrisville, Holly Springs or Fuquay-Varina,
WakeMed Physician Practices have a location near you, or
may be moving into your neighborhood very soon. To learn
more, visit
CON Update
On August 15, WakeMed filed a CON application to add an
additional 12 new inpatient rehabilitation beds and convert
29 semi-private rooms into private rooms. If approved,
WakeMed Rehab Hospital will be licensed for 110 beds, all in
private rooms. A decision is expected by January 2013.
L A U N C H I N G FA L L 2 0 1 2
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Non Profit Org.
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3000 New Bern Avenue
Raleigh, North Carolina 27610
e-mail: [email protected]
Raleigh, NC
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Produced by the WakeMed Public Relations department. Direct comments to 919-350-8120 or e-mail [email protected]
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