High School Costumes


High School Costumes
Seasons Of Love - wear your own winter clothes, jackets, scarves etc.
Carrying The Banner – each person will come up with his own Newsies costume
USO scene (Sing, Sing, Sing) You will wear Navy Whites (photo left)
The Prayer wear whatever costume you last had on
Jolly Holiday
Nicholas & Noelle
We are making your
They will be similar to
those in the photo.
Costume Deadline:
Monday May 4
Bring all pieces to
class for us to check.
That way we still have
time to find and fix.
If you have trouble
finding things,
Don’t leave it till the
last minute!
no need to copy this exactly
Need basic knee pants and socks,
a collarless shirt or shirt with a
collar and tie. Vest or suspenders.
High School Costumes
We are making your costumes:
slightly oversized tuxes with tails,
a colored top hat matching socks &
cravat, baggy black pants that show
the socks. White shirt.
Dancing Queen – prom type dresses you can comfortably &
modestly dance in.
Seasons of Love - wear your own winter clothes, jackets, scarves
The Prayer - whatever costume you had on last.
Note: for The Prayer, Noelle & Alyssa wear mommy clothes.
Beau wear Dockers, golf shirt, dress shoes.
USO scene - girls’ info
The 40’s look is all about the hair. Check out the styles online and
start working on what you’ll do. If you want to wear a snood (knit
hair covering) check with costume ladies.
Girls’ trio something like this
but with shorter
A few girls will wear this look -loose high
waisted slacks with cuffs, top, bandana
If you have access to anything like what’s here or want to
make something see Lin or the costume ladies: Pam and Lorianne. You need to be able to dance easily so keep that in mind.
Check with us by bringing your items in. Don’t be hurt if
we say no - we have a particular look in mind for the scene.
We’ll make, borrow or invent what is needed after you have
exhausted your search!