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Pasta Sauces
Jamie’s pasta sauces are perfect for creating quick and simple meals and come in a range of delicious flavours.
Each of the recipes has been designed by Jamie and made in Italy with regionally sourced ingredients of the
highest quality. With big hits of chilli, hearty pieces of aubergine, delicate flavours of basil and robust tastes of
olive, there really is something for everyone.
Jamie Oliver Tomato & Basil
Pasta Sauce 400g
Jamie Oliver Tomato, Ricotta &
Basil Pasta Sauce, 400g
“I love this Tomato & Basil pasta sauce,
made using the best Italian tomatoes and
fragrant basil. At home I simmer it with
prawns or mussels for a hearty seafood
stew. Made with love” Jamie Oliver
“This is one of the simplest and most
delicious tomato pasta sauces – fragrant
ripe tomatoes, green basil and ricotta
cheese to give it a sweet flavour. It is to
be served on top of steaming, hot pasta.
Made with love.” Jamie Oliver
Jamie Oliver Tomato & Chilli
Pasta Sauce 400g
“I love the kick from the fiery chillies in
this sauce, and beautiful ripe tomatoes
add a real depth of flavour. At our place
we use it as a base for chilli con carne.
Made with love” Jamie Oliver
Jamie Oliver Tomato, Olive &
Garlic Pasta Sauce 400g
“This authentic sauce is packed with
traditional Italian ingredients: garlic,
chillies, capers and tomatoes. I like to
spread it over a pizza base with some
mozzarella to share with friends. Made
with love” Jamie Oliver
Jamie Oliver Red Onion &
Rosemary Pasta Sauce 400g
“Try this as a base with lamb. It’s made
with sweet red onions, aromatic rosemary
and a hint of chilli which makes for a
gorgeous mix of flavours. Made with love”
Jamie Oliver
Jamie Oliver Aubergine & Olive
Pasta Sauce, 400g
“This brilliant sauce is made from lovely
ripe aubergines and olives that give it a
really chunky consistency. It’s delicious
simply mixed through cooked pasta. Made
with love” Jamie Oliver
Jamie Oliver Tomato & Red
Wine Pasta Sauce for
Bolognese, 400g
“I can’t get enough of this sauce. It’s full
of the bold Italian flavours such as red
wine, garlic and extra virgin olive oil. Try
adding it to some browned lamb or beef
mince and simmer for a hearty Italian
classic. Made with love.” Jamie Oliver
Jamie’s unique range of pestos consists of new and exciting flavours from spicy chilli and garlic to the award
winning walnut and red pepper. They are all made to Jamie’s own recipe and produced in Liguria, Italy with
only the finest ingredients, such as PDO egg free Grana Padano, Italian pine nuts and locally grown basil.
Jamie Oliver Green Pesto 190g
“My favourite classic pesto with basil,
pine nuts and Grana Padano cheese,
with extra virgin olive oil to make it silky
smooth. Made with love” Jamie Oliver
Jamie Oliver Red Pesto 190g
“My tasty red pesto is made with
tomatoes for a rich, sweet and sticky
twist. Made with love” Jamie Oliver
Jamie Oliver Chilli & Garlic
Pesto 190g
“My wickedly indulgent hot and spicy
pesto is made with loads of red chilli and
garlic – not for the faint-hearted! Made
with love” Jamie Oliver
Jamie Oliver Walnut & Red
Pepper Pesto 190g
“My twist on red pesto, with peppers and
walnuts for an extra-sweet and nutty
crunch. Jamie Oliver
Jamie Oliver Italian Herb
Pesto 190g
Jamie Oliver Coriander &
Cashew Pesto 190g
“I think this variation of green pesto is
great. The rosemary and capers give it
a rich, savoury depth of flavour. Made
with love” Jamie Oliver
“I love this Asian-inspired pesto, made
with red chilli, cashew nuts, zingy
coriander and nutty sesame oil. Made
with love” Jamie Oliver
VIVA foods ltd
Dried Pasta
Jamie’s spaghetti, penne, fusilli, lasagne and conchigliette are great partners for any pasta sauces. The pasta
is made by a specially selected producer on the island of Sardinia using a bronze die production process to
give a rough texture allowing the sauces to fully coat the pasta.
Jamie Oliver Bronze Die
Penne 500g
Jamie Oliver Bronze Die
Fusilli 500g
“My simple penne made with durum
wheat semolina and water, nothing
else. It’s fantastic to cook up in a
big bowl and share with family and
friends. Made with Love.” Jamie Oliver
“My favourite simply made with
Durum wheat semolina and water,
nothing else. It’s great for hearty
dishes with family and friends.
Made with Love.” Jamie Oliver
Jamie Oliver Free Range Egg
Lasagne 250g
“My favourite made with durum wheat
semolina, water and whole free-range
eggs. Made with love.” Jamie Oliver
Jamie Oliver Bronze Die
Spaghetti 500g
“I love this…simply made with Durum
wheat semolina and water, nothing else.
It’s great to share cooked up with brilliant
flavours.” Jamie Oliver
Jamie Oliver Bronze Die
Conchigliette Mini Shells 500g
coming soon
This Jamie Oliver Conchigliette has
been made in Italy from durum wheat
semolina and extruded using bronze die
that creates a textured surface so it holds
sauce better and makes for a great eating
Antipasti & Olives
Jamie’s antipasti range offers a real taste of the Mediterranean. Try sun-dried tomatoes chucked into pasta,
artichoke hearts stirred into a creamy risotto or grilled peppers scattered over a home-made pizza. These
olives are lovely on their own or on a mixed antipasti platter.
Jamie Oliver Sun-dried Tomatoes
‘sweet Italian antipasti’ 280g
Jamie Oliver Sun-dried tomatoes are
lovely tossed in a salad with some rocket
and shaved Parmesan cheese or try them
simmered in a tomato pasta sauce to
make it extra rich and tasty
Jamie Oliver Whole
Green Olives 240g
Green olives are great
sprinkled over a lovely salad
with plenty of feta cheese, or
mixed with black olives, extra
virgin olive oil and fresh herbs
as part of an antipasti board.
Jamie Oliver Artichoke Hearts
‘tender Italian antipasti’ 280g
The tender heart of the Artichoke Flower
– These Jamie Oliver Artichoke hearts
are fantastic served with Parma ham or
stirred into a beautiful risotto with a bit of
Parmesan cheese.
Jamie Oliver Grilled Peppers ‘ripe
Italian antipasti’ 280g
These Jamie Oliver Grilled Peppers are
amazing sliced and tossed through salad
or used as a pizza topping with some torn
up mozzarella cheese.
Whole Black Kalamata
Olives 240g
Black olives are great in a
summer salad with lots of
asparagus and fresh mint,
or try them finely sliced and
cooked with white beans for a
hearty soup
Bruschetta Toppings
Jamie’s range of bruschetta toppings are made in Imperia Italy using locally sourced ingredients and are
bursting with intense flavours such as sun-dried tomatoes, olives and fennel.
Jamie Oliver Tomato & Red
Onion Bruschetta Topping 180g
Jamie Oliver Tomato & Black
Olive Bruschetta Topping 180g
“My favourite packed with sun-dried
tomatoes and red onions, this jar is bursting
with sweet, tangy flavour – a little goes a
long way. Made with love.” Jamie Oliver
“I love this spread. It’s packed with sundried tomatoes and ripe black olives and
bursting with flavour – a little goes a long
way. Made with love.” Jamie Oliver
Jamie Oliver Green Olive & Fennel
Bruschetta Topping 180g
“I think this is great, its packed with ripe green olives, fennel
and aromatic thyme, this jar is bursting with flavour – a little
goes a long way. Made with love.” Jamie Oliver
VIVA foods ltd
Oils & Vinegars
Jamie’s olive oils are 100% Italian and incredibly versatile, while the Balsamic Vinegar is IGP certified
and produced in Modena, the official region for Balsamic Vinegar. The Pinot white wine vinegar has been
developed using this high quality grape and the Chianti Red Wine Vinegar uses the DOP Chianti variety. In
a further development, the Sticky Chilli & Balsamic Glaze has many uses from drizzling on sweet fruit to
covering chicken and meat for the grill or barbeque.
Jamie Oliver 100% Italian Extra
Virgin Olive Oil 500ml
“My favourite extra virgin olive oil has a
bit of a peppery kick to it. Simply drizzle
it over soups, stews and pasta dishes. It’s
also great as a dip for chunks of crusty
bread before a meal. Made with love.”
Jamie Oliver
Jamie Oliver Balsamic Vinegar
“I love this balsamic vinegar. It’s made
by aging sweet grape juice in wooden
barrels. At home we love to drizzle it
over cheese such as mozzarella or my
Parmigiano Reggiano, or just dunk crusty
bread in it. Made with love.” Jamie Oliver
Jamie Oliver Sticky Chilli and
Balsamic Glaze 250ml
Jamie Oliver Sticky Chilli & Balsamic
Glaze is a creamy condiment obtained
from reductions of the Jamie Oliver
Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI. It is
made from the finest Italian Balsamic
Vinegar of Modena and cooked grape
must. It is great as a cold garnish lending
a touch of balsamic flavour to fruit salads,
ice cream, desserts and cheese or added
to meat, eggs, shrimps and risotto during
Jamie Oliver Pinot White Wine
Vinegar 250ml
Using white wine from selected pinot
grapes. This brilliant white wine vinegar
is made by ageing authentic Italian Pinot
wine. It can add a delicious deep acidity
to all kinds of dishes and, because it
keeps the lingering fruity flavours of
the grapes, it’s fantastic for dressings,
vinaigrettes, sauces and marinades.
Jamie Oliver Chianti D.O.C.G.
Red Wine Vinegar 250ml
Using red wine from selected Chianti
grapes. I’m always using wine vinegars
at home, and they’re delicious in all sorts
of recipes. This red vinegar comes from
Chianti wine that’s produced in the heart
of Italy’s Tuscan hills, and keeps the
flavours of the original Chianti grapes. Its
mellow, deep flavours make it perfect for
braising red meats, balancing out sweet
ragùs and marinating fish.
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