Mystic Murmurs JELLYFISH?!?!?



Mystic Murmurs JELLYFISH?!?!?
Mystic Murmurs
The #1 news source this side of the Guad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
August 7, 2013
By now, you might have heard about the jellyfish living in
the lake. Don’t worry about these little guys! They are
called Craspedacusta sowerbii, and, while they do look
scary, their stingers are too small to pierce human skin,
so they can’t hurt you! They eat tiny organisms in the
water (plankton) and spend their days drifting around,
looking for food. They are found in rivers and lakes all
over the world and it is likely that our new visitors came
in with a shipment of fish to the lake. If you’d like to visit
some of the jellyfish, there are three living in a mason jar
on the desk in the office!
Here’s the buzz from the office...
“They’re aliens.” Edward Eastland
“Teehe! Jellyfish! Teeheehee! They’re white and little!”
Caroline Eastland exclaimed.
“Bizarre.” Lindsay Eastland
“That’s amazing!” The Nurses
“They’re from China and I did NOT buy them.” Mariam
Leslie is fish tacos. The difference is that he makes the
tortillas himself at home. During the winter he enjoys
making stews, and his favorite ice cream to follow every lunch is Coffee. Bummer that we only have it once
a term! He also really enjoys the red pasta sauce. We
do too! On the tour of the kitchen he shared some
fun facts with us (listed right). When we got to the
back there was a special freezer marked “FISHING
FREEZER ONLY.” “I don’t even want to look in there,”
Richard stated with fear in his eyes. We had such a
good time seeing the ice room, the kitchen, the pantry,
and especially the ice cream freezer! He gave us the
scoop that Red Velvet Cake was the next day! That
was on deep background for a while, but its okay to
share now. Thanks for letting us hang out, Richard! See
ya next year. Maybe we can taste test then?
Richard is a top chef so the staff wanted to find out
what made him so great. We asked for a taste test and
he said no, so then we asked for a normal interview
which he happily agreed to. Richard accepted our
Kitchen 36 lbs. of chips a meal
credentials and knew we were legit. He let us right
Stats 750 sticky buns every Sunday (1st term eats
in! “My mother cooked really good food,” Richard
24 gallons of ice cream a day (1st term eats
stated to start the interview. We then asked what his
62 tables
favorite tribe game was and he said steal the bacon.
13.5 hours to cook pulled pork
Wow Richard, food really is always on your mind as a
4 Convection ovens
1 large mixer
cook. His favorite thing to cook at camp and home for
Infinite love!
Opinions: Is it okay to wear
cream on Sundays??!!?!?!?!????
The staff here has been noticing a mixture of colors on
the waterfront on Sundays. Isn’t the tradition [and rule]
to wear white? We decided to ask around camp when to
draw the line on cream versus white.
“Both colors are beautiful, but I like white better. They
are both flattering on different skin tones.”
Kendle Windham
“Both are okay, but don’t mix them together.”
Holly Campbell
“I like white better. It’s classy.” Maddie Nettleship
“I think they are both fine.” Sadie Mae Bashara
“I prefer a pure white.” Dick Eastland
“White is more angelic and flattering.” Gracie Cartwright
“Cream is a prettier color.” Sophie Miller
“White looks more clean and simple.” Marietta Wise
“White looks nicer.” Abby Grant
Aide of the
Catch of the week!
This monster was caught on Wednesday, July 31, 2013.
Big Barring swims by without fail every day during
fishing. Normally, if you throw a live minnow (the bait,
not the camper) in front of the bass it will pounce on
the prey instantly. This is not the case for Big Barrett.
It took a special kind of bait: a little perch. So fishing
pros, catch that little fish first and learn about the
circle of life at fishing. Third period was on the right
track at their last class!
Carrol Hering.
She has a five octave range.
She was on a competing high school’s show choir team
on an episode of Glee.
Her breakout role was as Greta in the Sound of Music
Broadway Across America cast in 2005.
She gives great back massages.
She enjoys Phish Food by Ben and Jerry.
Which Eastland SON are you?
1. What is your favorite TV show?
A. Ninja Turtles
B. 60 Minutes
C. Mickey Mouse Club House
6. What is your favorite cabin name?
D. Firefly
A. Heartbreak Hotel
2. What is your favorite hashtag?
B. Cuckoo’s Nest
A. #selfie
C. Big Rock
B. #beastland
D. Joyful Noise
C. #james
7. What is your favorite tribe game?
D. #foodie
A. Capture the flag
3. What is your super power?
B. Bombardment
A. Fixing fishing poles
C. War Canoe
B. Catching Snakes
D. Steal the Bacon
C. Catching turtles
8. What is your favorite ShakespearD. Archery
ean play?
4. What is your favorite kind of tree?
A. Julius Caesar
A. Crape Myrtle
B. Macbeth
B. Sycamore
C.Much Ado About Nothing
C. Cypress
D. Romeo and Juliet
D. Lemon Tree
9. What is your favorite Mystic Meal?
5. What is the cutest way to propose? A. Pork Loin
A. Ring hidden in plain sight
B. Crispy Tacos
B. Fireworks in background
C. A scavenger hunt
D. Club Parties
D. Biking
WWMLD bracelets
Since Mary Liz was a camper turned
counselor turned Eastland, it is easy
to ask, “What would Mary Liz do?”
in any Camp Mystic situation. This
was the inspiration for the hottest
new accessory here at Camp Mystic:
WWMLD bracelets. The staff hit the
very few roads of Mystic to figure
out what counselors had to say
about these funky fresh bracelets.
“A few other counselors and I made
them 3rd term last year. During 1st
term this year there were also a few
at the waterfront and in Ag’s Attic.”
Barrett Mahoney
“She teaches ette class and may see
mine...” Meghan Gomillion
10. What is your favorite Mystic
A. Saturday Sherbert
B. Tribe Hill
D. Good morning to you song
11. What is your favorite dance
A. Disco Finger
B. Heisman Dance
C.Running Man
D. Walrus Dance
12. What is your hidden talent?
A.Yo-yo tricks
B. Catching nuts/grapes in
mouth out of the air
C. “I can wiggle my ears.”
D. Counting forks by feeling
13. Who is your favorite fishing
A. The sticker girl
B. They are all GREAT
C. “Barrett. Definitely.”
D. Mason Brooks
Turn the page for results!Im velit,
Style Watch!
“My cos and I wear them. They help keep us unified when making cabin
decisions.” Anna Louise Callan
“I actually thought this a lot last year when I followed her footsteps as
tribe captain.” Anna Palmer
“She’s originally a first termer like me!” Carmen Reynolds
“I don’t know who she is.” Liz Roberts
“This is a little creepy.” Edward Eastland
Caroline’s Corner
Finishing up our interview with Leslie, Caroline Eastland came to play. We took her into Ag’s Attic and
showed her around. Caroline was wearing a duck caller
around her neck so we decided to do some research
with Google images and figure out what kind of duck
made the same quacks as her. Pictured to the right are
two duck options. We had so much fun talking about
the ducks that we decided to look up pictures of the
editor’s favorite dog: pugs! Caroline thought that the
pug dressed as a bush was the silliest and that everyone
else should see it too. Thanks for freelancing for the day,
Mr. Bill!
You know those black squirrels you might see on Senior Hill or running around the outside of Harrison Hall? Those are called rock squirrels (Spermophilus variegatus)—a black squirrel is a completely different species! Rock squirrels are known for living in craggy formations
(like, say, the holes in the porch of Harrison Hall!). They are typically
18 inches long and weigh 0.002lbs! They are scavengers, and like to eat
nuts, berries, and whatever they can find (Richard even says that they
have gotten into a loaf of bread a time or two)! They are very sneaky
and don’t really like climbing trees very much. So, if you see one, stop
and say hello—but they may not say hi back!
Mr. Bill is the hunting expert here at Camp Mystic and
Phil. 2:14-16
has been here for the past five years. We decided that it Shine like stars! you are a Mystic girl!
Whether you know it or not, you shine! You are not like the rest of
was time that someone check out his credentials.
the world, and people notice. When you leave this place, people will be
Mr. Bill has been hunting since he was 10 years old.
watching you and following your example. Think of that as a blessing,
That is 65 years of hunting! He is from University Park
not a burden. Show others Christ’s love and be an example of a Christian, and as always God will help you every step along the way.
in Dallas and used to be able to shoot rabbits where
North Park Mall now is. He has been teaching Hunter’s Dear God,
Thank you for this wonderful month.You have taught us so much.
Safety since 1989 when he complained to the Dallas
Please keep us safe as we leave Mystic and help us to shine like stars
in our schools in activities.You are so good. Thank you for loving and
Gun Club about there not being a youth program. The
guiding us.
director told him to do something about it so he did.
Since then he has taught over 1000 children and young (Thanks for freelancing the devo for us, Sydni!)
adults about Hunter’s Safety.
Always keep the gun unloaded until ready to use.
Mr. Bill retired to Hunt from business in 1999. He then Two campers then showed us the proper way to
began working at Camp Arrowhead as the head of rifle- shoot kneeling and prone. Campers shoot 25 bullets
ry. When Arrowhead closed, he called Dick and asked every round at five different targets on one sheet.
if they had any openings and he said yes! “I like Mystic Imagine that with the 100,000 rounds that Mr. Bill
better,” he commented. The expert on safety informed expects campers to shoot this entire summer.
us that they riflery range is located behind Cloud 9 for Fun fact: Mr. Bill tried out for the U.S. Helice team.
safety. There we won’t disturb the horses or the arHe was the world champion alternate. He shot 24/25
chers and there no bullets flying towards people.
birds and was one target away from the world chamThe rules of riflery are:
pionship. He received a gold medal! He also says that
Always keep the gun pointed in a safe direction.
duck hunting is for the dogs.
Always keep your finger off of the trigger.
Thanks for chatting, Mr. Bill!
Leslie’s Favorite Things!
plays with her too and takes great
On Tuesday, July 23, 2013, the Murmz care of her. Family is very important
to CC. Daddy Richard changed her
staff had the privilege to interview
first diaper and from that moment
Leslie Eastland. The staff sat on her
porch with her around 11:15 AM and Leslie could tell that he was going to
got to know her a little bit better. We be an amazing dad. Leslie is not sure
chatted about her two favorite people whether CC will take after her and
do yoga or fall in line with Richard
in the world: CC and Richard. CC
and enjoy cooking. CC is learning to
is five months old and was born on
February 19, 2013. If you’ve seen her roll over and does downward dog
while trying. On the other hand, one
around camp with her mommy you
day during lunch she took after her
will have noticed that she looks just
cousins and tried to drink a cup of
like Richard. “I love it,” Leslie said. “I
look at her and I see him,” she contin- lemonade. No matter what CC ends
ued. CC loves to play with her buzzy up prefering, we all love her and are
excited to watch her grow up at camp.
bee and her sweet cousin Caroline
On Tuesday, July 30, 2013, journalism
got to spend the period with Craig
Althaus chatting and such. Craig
told us that he and Betsy have
known each other forever since
they grew up together in Fredericksburg. He also said that they are
here at Mystic because Betsy was
once a counselor and his daughter
Dana came to camp. We then asked
Craig if he could take us to Bald
Mountain. After a bit of begging
Craig said yes and went to get one
of the bigger mules from the office
to haul us all up. “I got to ride with
Cabin Council??
him to the office to get the new
mule,” reporter Laine said. Dick
told Craig to get his new pink
camera and take pictures while
we were up there since not many
people ever really get to see the
tallest point at Camp Mystic.
It was a rough ride and totally
worth it. The view was incredible!
We recommend convincing your
cabin to go to Bald Mountain
next year for cabin night since
it is an hour and a half long hike.
Thanks Craig for hanging out
with us!
Eastland Poetry Slam
The cabin council does more than just grab mail. They
Hi James is my name
meet every Friday with Paige during commissary time
Mystic is an all girl’s camp
and talks about possible changes that can be made
Hashtag Caroline
here at Camp Mystic. There are never any complaints,
James Eastland
but only fun add-ons like the entire camp voting for a
movie. After the votes were taken, the Cabin Council
Journalism rocks
was the group of girls who counted what each table
is all I have to say
suggested. So, when you are happily watching The ParHave a good day! Bye!
ent Trap, The Lizzie McGuire Movie, and The Princess
Edward Eastland
Diaries thank the girl that you elected in your cabin
to represent you. Long live democracy!
Mostly A’s... You are Edward! You are calculating and have cool hair!
Mostly B’s... You are Richard! You are a comical perfectionist!
Mostly C’s... You are James! You are a techie with a stellar chin!
Mostly D’s... You are Britt! You are supportive, lawyerly, and energetic!
This year the honorable Mary Katherine (MK) received her 16 year charm. MK is the oldest counselor
behind Mr. Bill by half a century. MK served as the
head of the waterfront for three years so she will
always have a special place in her heart for waterfront
activities. But this year MK also branched out and received her 1st medal in riflery. How cool is that?! Talk
about an inspiring and versatile Activities Director!
Did you know that MK has done both 1st and 2nd
term in the same year? “YOLO,” she commented. “It
also helps that camp dealt with my major,” she added.
The last thing that MK shared with us is that her
favorite hashtag is #craigsproblem. The Murmz staff
agrees that there are a lot of things that we can hand
over to that rockstar. Thanks for chatting with us, MK.
Keep on rockin’, yo.
Who is the woman behind our tribe coordinator? The Murmz has an exclusive interview for you.
Emily Sangilis, commonly known as Sang Sang, runs
on four diet cokes a day and must always be accompanied by the infamous Doll-Doll. This is Sang Sang’s
12th summer at Mystic. Her first cabin was Nut Hut
and last summer you would have found her in Rough
House. This is her first summer in the office and she is
doing a GRRREAT job!
“It’s a different job. Communicaiton is key in
the office,” Sang Sang commented as she shifted her
eyes to the distance, imagining what she would do
if she didn’t have her fellow Big Three members. “I
would hate to be Big One. They complete me,” she
commented on Paige and MK.
Her favorite tribe game is KT info and she
claims she was always very good at it. “I just really like
to hear my own voice.” This is why she loves being
tribe coordinator. She can talk and everyone has to
listen to her.
After the summer Sang Sang will be heading
off to the windy city known as Chicago. She is going
to be a high school Spanish teacher and will be living
with some sorority sisters. When asked about her
relationship status she wants to clear the air. “I’m not
engaged but Paige is married.”
We’d like to thank Sang Sang for all of her hard
work and for being a wonderful role model #nevergotanunsatisfactory. We want to wish you luck in your
future endeavors!
Los Amamos!!!!
Sang Sang
Paige’s Wedding
We all know that Paige Richards
married Ed Hicks on July 13, 2013,
but her best friends Sang Sang and
MK gave us the exclusive story. The
wedding was small since all of her
friends were here at Mystic. It was
held in a barn in Fairy, TX to go with
the fairytale theme.
Ed Hicks and Paige met in an
animal science class two years ago
and it was love at first sight. They
hit it off over their love for animals.
ON their first date, Ed took Paige
to his family’s pig farm. This showed
Paige two things about the man of
her dreams. First, he was a family
man. Second, he is as passionate
and sensitive about livestock as she
is. Thus, the farm was the perfect
place to have their wedding.
Paige’s dog was the flower
girl and Ed’s pigs were the ring
bearers. Ed wore a gingham bow
tie and cummerbund. Paige walked
down the aisle in a one of a kind
Vera Wang gown and her monogrammed work boots that Ed gave
to her this past Christmas when he
proposed [in honor of her Happy
Holidaides]. As she lowered her
bouquet of wildflowers and Ed
lifted her veil, tears streamed from
both of their eyes. At the end of the
ceremony they shared true love’s
first hug as a married couple at the
So yes, according to MK
and Sang Sang they are married. We
believe them, don’t y’all?
Field Day!
On this very special day, the Murmurs got an inside look on
everything “field” related. Field Day started with the exciting
mile run and continued with Jr. Relays, both which were exciting. Helen Wexler said “The over-under is my favorite field
day game. I don’t know how the tribe captains can run so
fast.” The eventful morning continued with Intermediate softball, Senior volleyball, and Senior basketball. All three games
were nail- biters and were great displays of the athletic talent
at Camp Mystic. Counselor Rita Walton said, “I think we have
some potential Olympic hopefuls in Volleyball.” Basketballballer Hannah Spence was impressed by everyone’s “skillz” at
the Camp Mystic tennis/basketball Arena. All in all, Field day
was a huge success and both tribes did amazing!
Even though Tonk intermediate war canoe was off to a rough start – the red
boat had a surprise leak – the Tonks
still managed to pull through to victory
in the back up silver bullet. Both teams
worked very hard training for the race,
and it was a very good race, too. We’re
all looking forward to the advanced
war canoe race during Round Up!
Great job Tonks and Kiowas for a good,
clean, and fun race.
Campcraft, are you looking for a new place to hike
next year? We have the scoop on the new “it” place
to go!
While discussing the Murmz at fishing, Edward
Eastland demanded an interview about his childhood
fort. To respect his wishes, we did just that during 5th
period on August 2, 2013. Little E took us on a surprise mule ride. It seemed oh so typical on the road
up to Sky High and the staff was skeptical that we
would be jipped of a good story. As we were getting
comfortable, Eddy veered off road to the left and
shouted, “Follow me!” WE trailed behind him on a
non-made trail. “I should put the straps on my crocs,”
If you are looking for adventure at Camp Mystic, there is
no use searching past the office because James Eastland
will be your guide! We knew he meant business when
he stepped out the door in tennis shoes and not crocs.
Gotta put your best foot forward! James took us where
no other Mystic campers and counselors have gone
before: a super secret cave from his childhood.
Our journey began walking around the archery
range. For a second we thought he was just taking us to
The Tubs. When James started to walk right, we knew
that we were in for a treat. We climbed a steep hill that
required a 4:3 counselor to camper ratio (thanks for
joining, MK). We climbed and climbed until we saw an
opening in the rocks. “There it is!” James exclaimed,
finally not regretting agreeing to take us on this hike of
a lifetime. We made it into the little cave where pools of
water once were. “The water here was like The Natural
Fountains. After the hike up, you had refreshing water
to drinks,” James exclaimed as he continued his own
venture on memory lane. The way down was tricky but
when we made it we knew it was time to ask James how
in the world they found this hidden treasure. “Boys will
be boys,” James commented. Thanks for exploring with
us James! We can’t wait for Caroline to officially join the
staff one day for these adventures.
Ed sighed as he dodged cacti.
We finally made it to the fortress of Brothers Eastland. “It is made of 17 rocks!” exclaimed the
youngest of the clan. Edward reassured that there
were no wolves and explained the old roof that was
once made of cedar post and tarp. “#dangerous,” E
commented as he climbed down. He said that he,
Richard, Britt, and James established the fort in 1991
(LOL, longer than the majority of Mystic has been
alive). “This rocks!” exclaimed our punny journalists.
This adventure was the perfect way to end the term.
Thanks, Edd! See ya next year!
Things every camper/counselor needs to do at some point in their Mystic career
Save this page! Hang it up!
Kiss a fish at Shady Lake
Hike to Sleepy Hollow
Take a picture with the Mystic sign at sunset
“Raise the roof ” in your cabin video shot
Have a top, bottom, and single bed at some point
Earn Honor Tonk/Kiowa
Earn an archery medal
Learn Mr. Bill’s rules of riflery forwards and backwards
Lose your voice cheering for your tribe
Get a mud mask at the tubs
Learn how to write thank you notes in beauty
Memorize Iney’s thought
Lead a devo at night
Win Tweety Cookie inspection
Swim to the dam
Canoe to the Mystic Crossing
Have an awesome attitude
Earn a Silver M
Take the Old Chapel Hill route to Sky High
Watch the sunrise at Chapel Hill
Write your old counselors
Go on a trail ride
Ask someone about their big fish
Fill up your water bottle at the naturals
Earn your 3 year counselor “CM” ring
Play in a tribe game
Be in a drama production
Win the term
Blake Eiland
Louise Lee
Katherine McLeod
Catherine Milner
Caroline Reed
Cameron Shelly
Meghan Gomillion
Reid Heath
Bekah Gregory
Lauren Hitzhusen
Barrett Mahoney
Hallie Sands
Helen Wexler
Laine Woelfel
Marisa Angulo
Blair Barineau
Bridget Bearden
Taylor Braddock
Lucy Brocato
Kate Bryan
JJ Dare
Peyton Dashiell
Alex Imre
Audrey Jezek
Emma Grace Lary
Abigail Price
Hannah Wheless
Wow, the term came to such a quick closing. The
staff would first like to thank all of you who read
#themurmz this term. What a blessing it has been
to have 22 campers and 5 counselors helping to
produce this fine newspaper, as well as the Big 3 and
THE Back Office.
In the words of Hannah Montana, “Life’s what you
make it, so let’s make it ROCK!” I hope that Journalism rocked for all that participated and even for
those who only read about our adventures. See ya
in 2014!
Murmz is the word
“If I could take any other activity I would
DEFINITELY take journalism,” said Edward Eastland.
“Poundsign-themurmz is a new way of life,” said James Eastland.
“Long live the Murmz!” said Richard Eastland.

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