Arteca`s Martial Arts Gup Test


Arteca`s Martial Arts Gup Test
Arteca’s Martial Arts Gup Test
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Orange Belt with Stripe (7th Gup) Study Guide
Mirro Cha Ki
A. Offensive Sparring
Ssang Soo
B. Instructor
Poto Oly Ki
C. Uniform
Ahneso Phaku Ro
D. Inside/Outside
Choon Bee Ja Seh
E. Stretch Kick
Dae Ryun
F. Outside/Inside
Ho Sin Sul
G. Turn
Sah Bum Nim
H. Front Stance
Kwan Chang Nim
I. Reinforcing Two Hand Block
Do Bohk
J. Hand or Foot One Steps
Phakeso Ahnu Ro
K. Fighting Stance
Ba ro
L. Thrust Kick
M. Horse Riding Stance
Chun Kul Ja Seh
N. Ready Stance
Hu Kul Ja Seh
O. Side Stance
Kee Ma Ja Seh
P. Grandmaster
Il Soo Sik Dae Ryun
Q. Return
Sa Ko Rip Ja Seh
R. Self Defense
19. What is the name of our style or art?
A. World Tang Soo Do
B. Tang Soo Do
C. Tae Kwon Do
D. Muk Do Kwon
20. What is the name and rank of our Founder and first Grandmaster?
A. Hwang Kee, Oh Dan
B. Jae Chul Shin, Ku Dan
C. Jae Chul Shin, Sah Dan
D. Hwang Kee, Cho Dan
21. What color is Grandmaster Shin’s belt?
A. Orange with white blocks
B. Red with white blocks
C. Black with two red central stripes
D. Black with red blocks
22. What does Sae Kye mean?
A. Answer the question
B. Salute the flag
C. World Tang Soo Do
D. Bow to the Grandmaster
23. What is the total number of moves in all of the Sae Kye Hyungs excluding choon bee and ba
A. 22
B. 20
C. 18
D. 21
24. In what region are we located?
A. Region 9
B. Region 8
C. Region 17
D. Region 1
25. What does an Orange belt represent?
A. Primitive stage of development
B. New growth in spring
C. Speedy development in summer
D. Beginning growth in early summer
26. What is the name and rank of our present Grandmaster?
A. Hwang Kee, Oh Dan
B. Richard Arteca, Sam Dan
C. Robert Beaudoin, Pal Dan
D. Hwang Kee, Cho Dan
27. Where is the WTSDA headquarters located?
A. Philadelphia, PA
B. Seoul, Korea
C. Washington, DC
D. Burlington, NC
28. Why do we bow when we enter the dojang?
A. to salute the flags and instructor
B. prepare yourself for meditation
C. to salute the flags only
D. because everyone else does
29. What is the command to call the class to attention?
A. Choon Bee
B. Cha Ryut
C. Kihap
D. Shi Jak
30. When is the class called to attention?
A. when any black belt enters the dojang
B. only when a Master enters the room
C. when a person whose rank is higher than the highest ranking person in the
D. only a Master can call the class to attention