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From the Super– Mr. Collins
The first quarter has simply flown by. As we head into November we near the completion of Fall Conference, District
and State events. I want to congratulate all participants in the various fall activities. A special shout out to the girls’
softball team on their District runner up finish and the girls’ Cross Country team on their Southern Nebraska Conference championship. Also Congratulations to Tori Lokken on qualifying for the State Cross Country meet in Kearney.
Miss Lokken finished 7th at the District meet. I also just learned that Brandie Schmitt has been selected as an All State
Vocal music participant with Jaci Uhlman and Andrew Oliver as alternates. The Football team continues to do very
well with an 8-0 record as of this writing. Again, congratulations to all participants on your hard work and dedication.
I would also like to thank all the parents and community members for your support of Wilber Clatonia activities.
Last fall I wrote about the results from the Spring State Testing cycle and decisions from these assessments that are
reported in the “State of the Schools Report Card.”. This year’s “State Report Card” was released to the public on October 24th. Because Wilber Clatonia Schools accepts federal money to help fund programs we are required to meet
certain federal mandates, many of which are found in No Child Left Behind (NCLB) one of which is Adequate Yearly
Progress or AYP. For 2013-2014, under NCLB, the proficiency goal for Reading and Mathematics was set at 100%.
All students in grades 3,4,5,6,7,8 and 11 were assessed and all students regardless of how they might feel that day, regardless of disability, regardless of English language proficiency must be proficient in reading and math as measured by
state assessments (NeSA).
Nebraska Commissioner of Education, Matt Blomstedt said, “The federal school accountability system is flawed and
misleading. The federal system mislabels schools, “ He went on to add, “The Nebraska Department of Education does
not agree with current federal policy, and I do not believe that all of our schools are low performing.”
According to a Nebraska Department of Education news release, “For the 2013-2014 school year, under the federal law
No Child Left Behind, 480 Nebraska schools and 52 districts were designated in need of improvement because 100 percent of the students were not proficient as required. As a result, federal sanctions will be applied to 265 of those
schools and to 50 districts-sanctions requiring districts to set aside funds, offer school choice or tutoring or to restructure. Congress was scheduled to reauthorize the law in 2007 but that has not occurred, frustrating educators and policy
makers in many states.” The Wilber Clatonia middle grades are designated as needing improvement after the current
round of testing and reporting. This does not mean we are a bad school. As a school District our scores in reading and
science have improved each year a NeSA test has been given. Our math scores dipped but have improved this year.
Do I want our students to perform better? Absolutely. As currently implemented, NCLB is a faulty system essentially
failing any school that has a subgroup of students that doesn’t perform well on a single test. Wilber Clatonia administrators and staff do believe in helping every child grow every day. We want to help kids be college and career ready.
We strive to help all students be the best they can be.
To accomplish this goal we have: conducted on-going data analysis to see if specific subgroups of students are more at
risk; identified strategies or interventions to help all students and in some cases individual students; we added a full-time
English Language Learner professional to help those students that are still learning the English language; and the 7th
grade core education teachers are using time to meet, collaborate and determine how to assist 7th grade students in
making the transition to high school. We continue to have staff meet in committees to explore avenues that will continually improve our system. We also provide professional development activities for staff. As we move forward we
are also evaluating anything that impacts the student’s day, interrupts class time or reduces time on task.
The Board of Education continues to establish goals and targets for continuous school improvement. There is no simple or easy fix. We recognize it as an admirable goal that 100% of our students have the skills, knowledge and ability to
be successful as they leave school, however it is not appropriate that this measure take place on a single day or couple
of days on a single test and the entire school be judged on those results.
As we continue to move forward we will need your help. We ask that you look at your own child’s progress, get involved and work with teachers to help your child. There will be more information coming and we ask that you team
with us to help all Wilber Clatonia children be the best they can be.
From the Elementary– Mrs. Radcliff
Fall is well underway and winter is right around the corner. (I know winter doesn’t sound like much fun to think
about, unless you’re a kid at hear who loves to play in the snow.)
A couple of reminders as we move through the seasons:
* Students will go outside for recess unless the temperature is below 15 degrees.
* We send them out ot get their exercise and allow for those “germs” to chill-out as well.
* Please send your child with a coat that is appropriate for the weather outside.
* Please send your child with the appropriate outside wear (hats, gloves, snow pants, snow applicable).
Our first quarter of school is complete and report cards will be sent home. Please continue to monitor your child’s
progress through the papers that come home, grades on Power School (for 5th and 6th), and other communication
that comes from your child’s classroom teacher.
I would like to reinforce some academic opportunities that classrooms are participating in-that can also be done at
home. Many classrooms utilize X-tra Math to help their students become fluent in math facts. Other classrooms
are participating in a competition called SUM DOG, t hat allows our students at Wilber Clatonia to compete
against students from other districts at their own pace.
Several of our classrooms, also participate in Book It through Pizza Hut. This is a great way to get students reading with a little incentive for a free pizza. Classrooms utilize Quizlet, which allows the students to take quizzes and
study words prior to their classroom assessment. IXL math/language is another online program that allows for
students to practice further or even have some “out of grade” level exposure.
The websites are as follows:
A couple of things:
* Thank you for the remarkable turn out for our fall parent teacher conferences. We had 97% attendance
for the conferences. That is great, as we believe the collaboration and communication between parents
and teachers is a vital part to a child’s success in school.
* Thank you all the parents who sent food/snacks for the teachers to enjoy during conferences. There
were many yummy treats for the teachers to enjoy!
* On November 11th we will have our Veteran’s Day Program at 9:30 AM, we would love to have a large
crowd from the community. Also please look in the newsletter for a form to fill out to recognize our
From the Counselor's desk . . .
Students who plan to attend the University
of Nebraska-Lincoln campus should plan to
take the ACT no later than December 12,
2014 test date. Registration for the De-
scholarships will be awarded for the 2014-15 academic year
and represent more than a $8,400 financial award when renewed over four years. Deadline: December 1, 2014
These scholarship applications can be found at
cember ACT is November 7, 2014. November 9-22, 2013 is the late registration.
Complete the Freshmen Scholarship application and the
UNL college application on-line before January 15,
2015. The deadline for UNK Board of Regents Scholarship, the UNK Chancellors Scholarship and Deans Scholarship is February 1, 2015. Please watch the calendar
for scholarship dates and deadlines.
The Nebraska State College Board of Trustees offers various
scholarships through each college: Chadron, Peru or Wayne
State. Two scholarships are offered through the Nebraska
State College System office. They include:
Board of Trustees’ Scholarship provides full-tuition scholarships for Nebraska high school graduates who score a 25 or
above on their ACT or 1700 on SAT and plan to attend college
the following fall. The renewable scholarships will be awarded
for the 2015-16 academic year and represent more than
$16,800 financial award when renewed over four years.
Deadline: January 15, 2015
Governor’s Opportunity Award provides half of the tuition
costs for Nebraska high school graduates who score between
21 and 24 on the ACT or between 1500 and 1650 on the SAT
and plan to attend college the following fall. The renewable
(Rural Health Opportunities Program)
Students who are planning to attend Wayne State College and are looking into the areas of: Clinical Laboratory Science, Dental Hygiene, Dentistry, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, Physician’s Assistant
or Radiography, can apply for the RHOP tuition waiver
through Wayne State College. If accepted to RHOP, you
would be guaranteed admission to the University of Nebraska Medical Center upon successful completion of
your pre-professional studies at Wayne State.
The Wayne State College registration deadline is
November 15, 2014.
Only online applications will be accepted and can be
found at
Foundation Scholarship &
Local Scholarship packets
will be distributed in your English 12
class during January, 2015
and will be due in March.
sites including ScholarshipQuest at
where you’ll find over 2,000 state and local awards. Scholarship resources are also available at your local library
and at EducationQuest offices in Kearney, Lincoln and
Contact your top college choices about admissions, scholarships and financial aid deadlines.
Register by November 7, 2014 for the December 13, 2014
ACT test date.
Attend the Financial Aid Night at your school. WilberClatonia’s Financial Aid Night is Monday,
November 17, 2014 at 7:00 pm. Junior and senior parents are encouraged to attend.
Seniors, if you haven’t visited your
top college choices you need to do
this SOON as the application deadlines are fast approaching. See your
counselor about setting up a visit or, as with many colleges,
they are requiring you to set them up on-line. Generally, a
week or even two weeks in advance are needed to set up a
visit. Follow these tips for a successful visit.
Get a “feel” for the campus. Hang out in the student
union, find coffee shops with wireless internet access, eat
in a restaurant close to campus or attend athletic or cultural events.
Request a guided tour with a current student. Find out
what current students are passionate about and what they
complain about.
Earn the best possible ACT/SAT scores by taking the
exams in the spring of your junior year and again the fall
of your senior year.
Use quality references such as a teacher, coach or
counselor. Encourage them to write specific examples of
your leadership skills. Give them advance notice and a
specific deadline.
Get an early start on essays. Describe your interests,
hopes for the future, and leadership abilities, but be sure
to tailor your essay to the scholarship topic.
Pay close attention to grammar and spelling. Ask at
least two people to proofread your application.
Visit while school is in session. You won’t get the true
flavor during breaks or finals week.
Get organized. Place scholarship applications in deadline
order and prioritize each award. Local and college-specific
scholarships deserve top priority because you’re more
likely to earn them.
Check out the college web site before your visit. Most
college sites have a section for prospective students
where you can learn about the school’s admissions process, types of majors, student services and employment
Visit your counselor weekly for information about local
Visit your top two to three colleges of choice.
Don’t pay for scholarship searches! Use free search
Ask LOTS of questions!
Winning the Scholarship
Juniors and Seniors - follow these tips to increase your
chances of earning scholarships:
Junior and Senior Parents
Financial Aid Meeting
Monday, November 25, 2013
Elementary Commons
Representative from
EducationQuest will give
presentation and answer
A Little Thanksgiving Humor
What did the mother turkey say to her disobedient children?
If your father could see you now, he’d turn over in his gravy!
Why did Johnny get such low grades after Thanksgiving?
Because everything is marked down after the holidays…..
Why was the turkey the drummer in the band?
Because he had the drumsticks!
If April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring?
What do you call a dumb gobbler?
A jerky turkey
What key has legs and can’t open doors?
A turkey
Where is Mr. Turkey?
Instead of saying “warmer or cooler” you gobble!
One player is the hunter and the others are helpers.
The hunter leaves the room.
The helpers hide a small turkey or turkey cut out, or laminated drawing, etc.
The hunter returns with a mission to find the turkey. Helpers give clues by “gobbling” like turkeys.
If the hunter is not close, the helpers gobble very quietly. As the hunter gets closer, the helpers
gobble more and more loudly until Mr. Turkey is found!
With a larger group this could be a “choice” game or play with different groups at different times.
School Closing
Closing school during adverse weather conditions is never an easy decision. All we can promise is to give
our very best effort. We make every effort to make the following contacts when we are going to close
school. As a parent, you can make the decision to keep your child home or come to school and get your
child whenever adverse weather conditions exist.
In Lincoln
In Lincoln
In Omaha
KWBE 1450 AM
In Beatrice
KZKX (96KX) 96.9 FM
In Lincoln
We also will use our ALERT NOW system to notify parents.
If you have not signed up for this system please call the office and do so.
The BarnYard Messenger
Hello all FFA Supporters! As harvest is in full swing, and deer hunters are getting
primed to bag the “Big One ” , we have had an extremely busy month in and out of the classroom!
On Friday, November 21st the W-C FFA chapter will hold their Fall Banquet where we celebrate our Degree
Ceremony. Based on years of service to the chapter and organization individuals can earn a number of degree honors. Seventh and Eighth graders who pay dues and meet all other requirements have an opportunity to earn their Discovery Degree. Freshman are awarded the Greenhand Degree. Sophomores earn the
Chapter Degree. Graduating Seniors who provide 2 years worth of record books, an application and interview will earn their State Degree, while past graduates may earn the highest Degree an FFA member can
acquire with the American Degree.
Congratulations to the following FFA as they are working towards earning their particular Degrees:
Receiving a Blue pin to wear on their FFA jackets, 7th and 8th Graders: Lauren Maly, Colten Rezabek, Hayden Baehr, Lizzie Kubicek, and Breanna Zoubek.
Receiving a Bronze pin, Freshman, Carson Bates, Kaleb Kotas, Maddie Hoover, Kory Moldenhauer, Lindsay
Homolka, Jaydon Stahl, Katie Vanlaningham, Brad Pomajzl, Bridgette Tranmer, Camryn Evans, Sydni Kunc,
Brenden Hooper, Tyler Rezabek, Eastin Henkel, Leahh Anderson, Oscar Portillo, and Austin Sinn. Also receiving their Greenhand Degree are Lacey Homolka, Holden Lee, Arielle Fisher and Baylee Mulberry.
Receiving a Silver pin: Sophomores: Gavin Oliver, Dustin Jelinek, Kathy Fuller, Logan Hayek, Taylor Parham, Riley Homolka, Nate Thompson, Jaci Uhlman, Jacob Uhlman, Summer Groteluschen, Tori Homolka,
and Tanner Sand.
This year ’ s Seniors will be eligible to earn their State Degree by providing 2 years of records based on
hours worked and earning from their SAE programs. They must also complete an application process including an interview and written test. Good Luck to those Seniors who are working towards their goals.
Our past graduates to earn their American Degrees this past month at National Convention include Kasie
Bruss and Russell Korinek.
Important Dates Coming Up:
November 12th District Livestock Judging Contest – SCC Beatrice
November 21 Fall Banquet
December 10th
November 27 Thanksgiving Day
Leadership Skills Events – Aurora Leadership Center
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The most important things in life are your
friends, family, health, good humor and a
positive attitude towards life. If you
have those you have everything.
November Highlights
Nov 3
Nov 11
Nov 17
Nov 21
7 pm FFA Meeting
9 a.m. Veteran’s Day Program
SNC One Act
VB Subdistricts
Nov 12
Start of Winter Practices
All State and NMEA Conference
Nov 4
7:30 a.m. Cheer Practice
6 pm JH G BB @ Tri County
VB Subdistricts
7:45 a.m Wellness Committee
7 pm Board Meeting
Nov 5
7:30 a.m. Cheer Practice
7pm Elementary PTO
Nov 6
District Livestock Judging Contest @ Beatrice
3:45 p.m. Safety Committee
Nov 13
7 pm Financial Aid meeting for
JR-SR parents
Nov 18
NSIAAA/NCA Sportsmanship
6:30 pm FFA Fall Banquet
Nov 22
8:30 am JH Wrestling @ Southern
Nov 23
7:00 pm Booster Club Meeting
Nov 24
Nov 19
Basketball Jamboree
7:30 am Cheer Practice
6:00 pm JH GBB @ Milford
NSIAAA/NCA Sportsmanship
7:00 pm Friends of Music
All State and NMEA Conference
Nov 25
Nov 14
State Volleyball
Nov 20
Nov 10
Football Playoffs
1st day WR Weight
Nov 15
All State and NMEA Conference
VB Subdistricts
Nov 7
December ACT Registration
Nov 8th
10 a.m. JH Wrestling @
Gifts and Photo Book
6 pm JH GBB @ Friend
6 pm JH Wrestling Home with
State Volleyball
State Volleyball
6:00 pm JH Wrestling Home
5:00 pm JH Wrestling @ Fillmore Central
Nov 26, 27, 28
Thanksgiving Break