The Biesbosch Nationaal Park



The Biesbosch Nationaal Park
The Biesbosch
National Park
Toon Loonen
Developments with a spatial impact
Realisation National Ecological Network
Eiland van Dordrecht
Strategic Green Project
Projects combining more objectives
Room for Rivers
Garbage Dump Polder Stededijk
The position of the National Park
many organisations are involved
different goals and views
most of the organisations involved in the projects
are members of the National Park
z there is not a NP overal vision
on the total of these projects and developments
Ambition NP
to improve the cohesion between the projects
(and of course also with information and education)
Last april the board decided to start 2 projects
The draw up of a new development plan for
recreation and tourism for the large Biesbosch and
A search fo a new organisational structure
to improve the cooperation between the regional
Visitor management plan
Park Analysis
Market Analysis
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Goals and
objective setting
Chapter 3a
Strategic Plan
Chapter 3b
Monitoring and Evaluation
Chapter 3c
Visitor management
1.What are the possibilities and limitations
of the park?
2.What do the tourists want?
3 A:What does the park want?
B:How will the park achieve what it wants?
C:Do they realise what they want and how can the
management be improved?
vehicle that we want to use to achieve
this goal is the model of a visitor management
plan and a tourism development strategy
which is used in Pan Parks.
Pan Park is a quality brand that stands for:
Principle 1 :Protected areas with rich natural heritage
Principle 2 :Nature Management
Principle 3:Visitor Management
Principle 4 :Sustainable Tourism Development Strategy
Principle 5 :Business Partners
Principle 6 :Sponsors
Change tourism from a threat into an opportunity
Why do we choose a visitor-oriented
Tourism developments take place in the desired direction
(realizing goals and objectives)
Higher visitor satisfaction with indirect benefits
(return visits, expenditures, promotion, public support,
economic benefits park and local population)
Better control visitor behaviour
Effectively appliance of visitor management strategies
and techniques
Attracting desired type of visitors
Justification investments
What have we done thus far and
what are our plans
analysis is done already.
zPark analysis will be done with
several parties (to be discussed)
zBoth analyses will be used as input for a
workshop for members of the board.
- What does the park want?
- How will the park achieve what it wants?

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