Visitor Management in Nature-based Tourism


Visitor Management in Nature-based Tourism
As nature-based tourism in protected areas develops, the
requirement for effective visitor management increases. Visitor
management is a key matter, especially when one considers that
tourism’s basic resources, nature and landscape, are increasingly
under pressure.
The present compilation presents the results of ten studies that
contribute to finding answers to the following questions: How can
visitor monitoring serve as a basis for sustainable development of
protected areas, to quickly identify general trends and limit negative
consequences? How can knowledge of the visitor needs and their
preferred communication channels help planning processes to be
more focused on user requirements and market the tourism offers
more effectively? And what are the success factors of protected
area tourism and how these can be applied in the fields of naturebased local recreation and sports?
By publishing this work, the editors wish to display the results of
applied research from different parts of the world, and make them
accessible to interested managers.
Dominik Siegrist, Christophe Clivaz, Marcel Hunziker, Sophia Iten (eds.)
Visitor Management
in Nature-based
Strategies and Success Factors for Parks and
Recreational Areas
ISSN 1662-5684
Series of the Institute for Landscape and Open Space, HSR University of Applied Sciences Rapperswil
Titel_Siegrist_etal_2008.indd 1-2
25.02.2008 19:21:29

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