if you want to know what our customers say about us.


if you want to know what our customers say about us.
KPRN Network GmbH
“KPRN was the perfect choice for us since they
combine PR, Sales and Marketing under one roof.
The team is very passionate and support with
creative ideas our goal for the German speaking
markets. Also their close and valuable contacts
within the tourism industry as well as the media
landscape benefit Centara Hotels & Resorts to
become a well known brand. We already see
excellent results after a couple of month working
with KPRN in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.”
“We have starting working with KPRN since
September and have already seen a major
change in how our business is conducted. The
main strength of KPRN is in the company’s
excellent contacts which have been key to open
up doors for great opportunities. But all these
opportunities would go to waste if not for the
passion of the KPRN team who implement these
projects with impressive professionalism and
enthusiasm. The leadership of KPRN stands out
as the driving force behind the creativity and
aspirations of this company”
“KPRN was the perfect choice for us since they
combine PR, Sales and Marketing under one roof.
The team is passionate, active and support with
creative ideas and solutions to achieve our goals
for the German speaking markets. Their well
established media and hospitality network
provide the face of Phoenicia Hotel Beirut in the
worlds largest travelling market. We have
benefited from excellent results after a short
tenure period ” 4
“We appointed KPRN since 2009 after we have
seen a major drop in tourism numbers. The team
worked very closely with us in engaging tour
operators and media. Organising events and
trade marketing activities that have helped
Madagascar reversed the perception Germans
have of the destination. This has resulted in a
major growth in arrivals to our destination last
year. The team is extremely professional,
passionate about their work, responsive and
creative in coming up with cost-efficient and
impactful projects.”
“Hereby I acknowledge that Turismo Chile has contracted KPRN Network,
based in Germany, to perform all activities of marketing, public relations
and communication with trade partners in the German market since April
2011. Due to the excellent performance of and collaboration with KPRN
the contract has been renewed in May 2012 and will be valid until
December 2013.
The agency is very professional in its PR activities and has excellent
contacts to important players and companies in the tourism industry in
the German speaking market. We trust in KPRN’s competency in all areas
and services offered for the promotion of tourism – being only a press
release, a consumer event, a press conference or a whole co-marketing
campaign. Furthermore we are very happy about their creativity and the
tailor-made activities and communication solutions being proposed for
Chile. By means of the realized projects we have achieved our desired
results. The correspondence between Turismo Chile and KPRN is always
fluent without any problems, and moreover, very friendly. Concluding, we
appreciate KPRN’s work and proactive effort in promoting the image of
Chile in Germany and we are sure that they will realize a great job.“
“KPRN network GmbH is the appointed PR agency of Thai
Airways International and responsible for PR and marketing in
Germany since September 2003. KPRN distinguishes itself in
highly professional PR work both in classic PR techniques as the
creation of press releases and newsletters, the organisation of
projects, media events, fam or press trips, and in the
development of creative and remarkably effective promotion
campaigns. Due to KPRN‘s holistic, results-focused
communication services and their dose cooperation with the
Tourism Authority of Thailand the agency succeeds in positioning
Thai Airways very well in the market.
KPRN guarantees high transparency of the comprehensive
approach providing regular reports, success control and
measuring results. We are highly satisfied with
their support.

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