July 31 - Eastend Echo


July 31 - Eastend Echo
Travel Tips
by Alan Howard
Drive-Ins, Wineries and Antiques
When traveling, I try to find places and activities that are unique,
something different that what I have done or seen before. In July we took
a trip which easily fulfilled these requirements. In the next three columns
I will write about the Drive-In movie theatre, wineries and the towns and
attractions of the Kettle Valley and Highway #3. Not only are all these
locations spectacular in their own right, but there is some much to do in and around the area, plus you can make a circle driving
route going out via Highway #1 and 97 and returning via 97 and highway 3. This will provide you with a variety of things to do and
see which includes world-class wineries, spectacular scenery and the added bonus of great antique and art galleries/businesses located
in the numerous small towns on Highway 3.
The Starlight Drive-In, Enderby B.C.
The main purpose of my last trip was to visit the drive-in movie theater in Enderby BC. There are only a few Drive-In movie theatres
left and this one is unique. Over the last twenty years around 200 drive-ins a year have been closing. I am glad to report this trend
has been reversing in the last two years. Last year alone 50 Drive-Ins have reopened across North America. It is still hard to find
one but there are some gems around.
The Starlight Drive-in is such a gem and is found two miles south of Enderby BC. The neon sign, announcing the theatre, is the
original sign from the 1950’s and is easily seen from Highway 97. They have, of course, updated the sound and projection system and
concession stand, but before the movie and during the intermission they still run the old commercials with the dancing hot dogs etc.
Enderby is located in the northern part of the Okanagan Valley, where the valley is the narrowest, this means the mountains provide a
shelter from the wind and dusk comes early providing an early start time to the daily double feature.
Going to this Drive-In is a total evening experience for the theatre goers. The gates open at 6:30pm and the movies start at dusk.
You might wonder why they would open the gates a good three hours before the first movie. Well, going to this Drive-In is more
than just a night at the movies for the audience. Many people arrive right at 6:30 and find a great place to park then get out the
BBQ’s, lawn chairs, tables and cook their evening meal. After this, they bring out the sports equipment and play frisbee, football,
soccer or lawn darts. Families make a complete and entire evening of their visit. When it gets time for the movie to start you see
air mattresses being blown up, reclining lawn chairs or blankets being
readied to provide a comfortable way for families to watch the movie.
People with trucks often back into the space and use the box, lined with
blankets and pillows, as a place to watch the movies. You will notice
many families bringing a portable stereo/radio unit so they can listen
without having to be in the vehicle. As you can imagine it is great for
parents not to have to worry if the children are still and quiet! Some
people do sit in their trucks or cars but not many, especially for the first
show. You are also allowed to bring your dog to the movie. One of the
two movies will be a latest release and the other one (usually the later
one) will be a month or two old.
The town of Enderby, located near Armstrong BC is a small town
with one hotel, the Howard Johnson, which provides excellent
accommodation and eating facilities. In addition, there are other
wonderful eating establishments around the town. There is a pub/café
located on the river which has super home baking and light meals.
Being in BC the wine selection is outstanding and they have three
micro brews on tap. There is also a great fish and chip shop where you
can always get fresh halibut and chips. Around the town are also a
couple of great camping areas. Of course, being only a short distance
to Vernon means you can stay here and partake of all the city of Vernon
has to offer.
In the next column I will talk about wineries in the valley.
Topics at Eastend Town Council Meeting.
Full Minutes available at www.eastendecho.ca
Meeting held June 13th, 2012 at 7:30 P.M. in the Council Chambers.
Mayor Scott Morvik presiding.
Councillors Present:
Bryce Busse
Cameron VanSandt
Charles Michel
Stephanie Morris
Dennis Webster
Kendal McCuaig
Administrator Edna Laturnus was present.
7:45 p.m. – Mr. Clint Lewis, Foreman
Mayor Morvik called the meeting to order at 7:30 P.M.
4 Person Best Ball
Golf Tournament
August 11th
Registration 9 AM,
Tee off @ 10AM
$75 Per Person. 2 Rounds.
Organizers choose teams
Gift Prizes and Ca$h Prizes
Lunch and steak supper included.
Bank Reconciliation
Financial Statement
Draft Zoning Bylaw
Transit Van
Wolf Willow Trust
‘summer employment’
ratepayer’s meeting,
Cypress Hills Destination Area Plan
Water Reports
Maternity Leave
Municipal Election
Southwest Waste Management Authority
‘Slo Pitch’ Softball
Tree Trimming
Mosquito Control
House Placement
Public Health Report
Swimming Pool
Littering Bylaw
Eastend Health & Gift/Rexall
is Hiring
Full-Time (32-40 HPW) Permanent
Position with Benefits
Wayne Elhard, MLA
Cypress Hills Constituency
401 Redcoat Drive
Eastend, SK S0N 0T0
295-3688 or 1-877-703-3374
“Your Voice in Regina”
Send Resume with Salary
Expectations to:
Box 580
Eastend, SK