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LOOKING GLASS ~ Song List/Writers/Times
2. THE PREACHER AND THE BEAR (J. Arzonia) 2:55
3. SAME OLD MOON (J. Shannon) 4:05
2X IBMA Winner
‘2015 Nominee’
‘Guitarist of the Year’
4. ALL OF THIS, JUST ONE MAN (J. Hurst/D. Kenney) 3:09
5. RICHMON SAFFORD (R. Barrett) 4:00
6. DEAD FLOWERS (D. Grier/A. Caudill) 3:01
7. THEY SAID (J. Cadley) 2:37
8. A MAILBOX ON THE MOON (M. Trachtenberg) 3:52
9. NOBODY LOVES ME BUT MY DOG (C. Lynch/D. Dunn) 3:40
10. NOT THE MAN I WAS (P. Pittney) 3:33
11. ROAD SCHOLAR (L. R. Parnell/C. Moore/R.M. Bourke) 5:19
“Jim Hurst has no problem being a one-man band. In my opinion, he’s one of the best ever. He doesn’t
rely on gimmicks or tricks, just good old solid pickin’, heart-felt singin’ and wonderfully tasteful arrangements of engaging songs that you probably haven’t heard before…
As a member of my FolkJazz Trio he provides everything this mandolin player needs from a guitarist and
singer — whether soloing or accompanying”. -- David “Dawg” Grisman, June 4, 2014
To listen to Jim Hurst is to be amazed by his tasteful and flawless performances.
Perfect timing, tone and his unusual picking style has enchanted guitar players from
the novice to his peers. His eclectic career has made him a remarkable performer, an
experienced instructor and a highly sought after session musician.
The product of a musical family, Jim honed his musical style after being influenced
by the likes of Tony Rice, Clarence White and Jerry Reed. Itching to play more bluegrass, Jim joined the Grammy-nominated Claire Lynch Front Porch String Band in 1995
where he teamed up with kindred spirit bassist Missy Raines. Later, Jim and Missy’s
duo show earned them IBMA Guitar and Bass Player of the Year for 2001 and 2002.
With four solo works to his credit, Open Window, Second Son, A Box of Chocolates
and Intrepid, Jim’s virtuosity shines AGAIN on his new CD, Looking Glass; deft finger
work, melodic mastery and smooth vocals. Jim performs his solo show full time and
teaches at guitar workshops and music camps in North America and Europe.
Festivals: Delaware Valley Bluegrass, NJ • Joe Val Bluegrass Festival, MA • Blue Waters
Bluegrass Festival, WA • Walnut Valley Festival, KS • Busy Bird Bluegrass Festival, NY •
ROMP, KY MACC Festival, OH • Podunk Festival, CT • Tri-State Bluegrass Festival, IN
Venues: Grand Old Opry, Ryman Auditorium, Madison Square Park, Walton Arts Center, Hoover Y Park,
Boulder Theater, PAC3, Yukon Arts Centre, Randy Wood Guitars, LaTorneau U.’s Belcher Center, Foundry
Hall, The Ark, Country Music Hall of Fame, and The Station Inn.
ARTISTS: David Grisman Folk Jazz Trio, David Grisman Sextet, Rob Ickes, Missy Raines & The New Hip,
Claire Lynch Band, Claire Lynch & the Front Porch String Band, John Cowan, Mark Schatz, Roberto Dalla
Vecchia, Bruce Molsky, Hot Rize
Looking Glass
Jim Hurst
August 15, 2014
NN Guido Music
Total Length: 37:02
Gallagher Guitar ~ “Signature Series”, Jim Hurst Model
Booking, contact Liz DiSessa at Heart Roots Music • 508-274-2951 • [email protected]
www.jimhurst.com ~ www.airplaydirect.com/music/JimHurst
Performance photo by kristenleighconklin.com

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