Freemasonry In The Community


Freemasonry In The Community
Freemasonry In The Community
by Chronicle Herald
Published on October 18th, 2008
By its nature Freemasonry encourages its members to become involved in
their communities and to support community causes. This support is more
often than not conducted without fanfare or publicity. Members of local
lodges support their communities by volunteering in various activities and
other organizations such as service clubs, youth groups, their church and
so on. The Lodges themselves financially support a number of community
activities and causes.
The various Grand bodies of the fraternity support many causes. The
following is meant to give a brief summary of some of the activities. It is by
no means all inclusive but will give some idea of the nature of their
The Grand Lodge of Nova Scotia dispenses its benevolence through The
Masonic Foundation of Nova Scotia. Through this Foundation the Masons of Nova Scotia support a bursary
program which grants bursaries to graduating high school students to assist with their post secondary
education. The Foundation supports a Children's Learning Centre in Dartmouth. It supports, on a shared cost
basis with the Lodges around the province, various local projects brought forward by the Lodges. it has
supported such organizations as Big Brothers and Big Sisters and the Scouting movement.
The Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Nova Scotia has been a supporter of the Canadian National
Institute for the Blind for many, many years by providing them with braille typewriters and talking books. it
supplies subscriptions for braille and large print versions of Readers Digest which are shared by visually
impaired individuals. The Grand Chapter also sponsors the Royal Arch Masons Glaucoma Fund, which is set
up in conjunction with the Queen Elizabeth 11 Health Sciences Centre in Halifax. This Fund is to support
research into the causes and treatment of Glaucoma.
The Sovereign Great Prior of Canada Knights Templar conducts a charitable fund which gives grants to divinity
students and contributes to medical research into Diabetes and Cancer. The Great Priory also administers a
fund known as the Charles E. Wells Memorial Fund which gives grants to support youth groups such as
Masonic youth groups, Scouting, Girl Guides and others youth oriented groups.
The Grand Imperial Conclave of Canada, Red Cross of Constantine supports research and treatment into
arthritis through the Arthritis Society. The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry through its
Charitable Foundation supports research into the causes and treatments of mental retardation in children and
Alzheimer disease in seniors. In addition it supports a number of Child Learning Centres across the country
including the one in Dartmouth which assist children suffering from dyslexia.
The Order of the Eastern Star through its Eastern Star Awards for Christian Leadership (ESTRAL) program
provides scholarships to men and women studying for Christian ministry or church music. In addition to this
program each year the presiding Worthy Grand Matron and Worthy Grand Patron pick an organization or
cause to support during their year in office. Many charities have been supported over the years such as Heart
Fund, Kidney Foundation, Nova Scotia Hearing and Speech Clinic, Arthritis Society, CNIB, Chfldrens' Wish
Foundation; Cancer Society; IWK; Shriners Hospitals, Special Olympics, and this year's project, Alzheimers
The Shriners are well known for their hospitals for crippled children and their burn hospitals located across
Canada and the United States. These hospitals are fully funded by the Shrine membership and all treatment is
given at no cost to the patients or their families.
A number of the Concordant Bodies of the fraternity disperse their charitable donations through the foundations
and funds operated by other branches of the fraternity in support their many programs.
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Presented by: King Solomon Lodge #54 G.L.N.S - Digby, Nova Scotia, Canada

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