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- Utrecht
Imagine a place where a healthy
environment comes to life. Where
cities become places that encourage
healthy living. Where sustainable
leaders and creative entrepreneurs
of the future are educated. Where
talent and creativity form the base
for innovation. Where cross-sector
collaboration is widespread.
This place exists.
Welcome to Utrecht!
Utrecht provides a vibrant
environment for leading innovations
that improve health, quality of life
and is at the crossroads of just about
~ World-leading innovations that improve health and quality of life ~
World leading research in regenerative
medicine and 3D-bioprinting, stem cells
and organoids, cancer research and
cure, one health and one medicine, early
life and medical nutrition, serious and
applied gaming, smart sustainable cities.
Utrecht University: best research
university in the Netherlands
Nyenrode Business Universiteit: the
only private university in the
University Medical Center Utrecht,
one of the top-ranked academic
medical centres in Europe
HU University of Applied Sciences
Utrecht, largest university of
applied sciences
HKU University of the Arts Utrecht,
largest educational institution for
arts, culture and media in the
Netherlands, and one of the largest
in Europe
Utrecht Science Park, the largest
science park in the Netherlands.
Daily 22,000+ employees and
50,000+ students. Companies: 80+
of which 30+ in life sciences.
85% of Utrecht residents are
Utrecht has the most well-educated
working population in the
Netherlands, with 43% having
completed a college or university
Awards in 2014
50 FD Gazelle Awards
11 Sprout Challengers
11 nominees for High Growth
10 Deloitte Technology Fast 50
entrepreneurs including winner
Greenpeak Technologies (third
fastest growing enterprise of EU)
8 in KvK Innovation Top100
2 Accenture Innovation Award
Most competitive region of Europe,
highest innovation potential in the
Netherlands according to ING Bank,
gaming capital of the Netherlands,
largest community of serious gaming
enterprises in the Netherlands, Dutch
ICT hub, only Dutch region which takes
societal challenges and cross-sector
approach as starting point of its
innovation policy.
These are the startup hubs in
Utrecht region:
Utrecht hosts around 400 startups
in life sciences, health and
medtech, gaming, cleantech, and
IT. With a focus on entrepreneurship education within the Utrecht
University and HU University of
Applied Sciences Utrecht, and a
series of active incubators and
accelerators, this number grows
Healthy people
Healthy minds
Healthy environment
Key examples
Aqtis Medical BV
UtrechtInc graduate Aqtis Medical BV
was acquired in 2014 by Sinclair IS
Pharma Plc for $47 million. Aqtis
Medical BV specializes in the research,
development, manufacturing and
commercialization of innovative
medical devices, specifically designed
for minimal invasive therapies within
medical aesthetics and other selected
therapeutic areas.
C°F is a design agency for interactive
information and data visualisations.
They work for big company brands like
Google, Philips, The New York Times.
As a specialist in app analytics, Distimo
delivers information about the origin of
downloads of developers’ apps. Distimo
combines public data with transaction
data from apps to give an overview of
the mobile distribution market.
Dutch Game Garden
Holland Startup
60Acres (Nyenrode)
Utrecht Science Park
(LSH Incubator)
Vechtclub XL
Merus BV
Distimo was acquired in 2014 by its
American competitor, App Annie, for
$100 million.
Greenpeak Technologies
GreenPeak Technologies is the industry
leading Smart Home semiconductor/systems company. The
company has won the prestigious
Deloitte Fast50 award for technology
companies in the Netherlands twice.
With an impressive 8757% growth,
GreenPeak moves into the first position
and has secured its spot in the top 10
for the third year in a row.
Hubrecht Organoid
Technology - A living
biobank that helps beating
The KNAW Hubrecht Institute and the
University Medical Center Utrecht have
established the HUB Foundation for
Organoid Technology to provide access
to the organoid technology and
organoid biobank for the evaluation of
patient-specific drug-responsiveness in
cancer and other chronic disorders.
Merus is developing best-in-class
therapeutics to treat and potentially
cure cancer patients. Merus is preparing
an IPO with a listing at Nasdaq later this
year aiming to attract at least €100
Proov strives to realize clean, silent and
economical mobility. Proov initiated the
unplugged alternative for electrical
buses in the Netherlands and played an
active role in the innovation of existing
wireless charging technologies. Proov
will supply the charging system for
electrical buses in London.
SnappCar is on its way to become the
leading peer-to-peer car sharing
community in Europe. Within its
community thousands of car owners
share their personal cars with tens of
thousands of neighbours and friends, all
of those looking for a more social,
durable and cheaper alternative.
SnappCar aims to decrease the total
number of cars in Europe by 1% in

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