Panda explorers


Panda explorers
A guide to
By Seba!iano
Table of contents
Introduction 1
Where in the world 2-3
What's for dinner 4-5
Body parts 6-7
Life cycle 8-9
Conclusion 10
Glossary 11
Bibliography 12
If you've been to China there
lies an animal. It's black and
white also fuzzy. If you guessed
panda, correct, they live in the
mountains and eat bamboo with
strong chewing muscles and
strong teeth. Pack your bags
were are going to China.
Where in the world
You need to cross almost half the
world and land in china then cross
the mountains of west central china
to just get a glimpse of a giant
panda. Did you know there are a
about 1,000 to 1,600 pandas left in
the world. According to panda expert
Malcolm Penny adults area is about
1.5 to 2.5 square miles. In the
winter the area gets to a shivering
19F and in summer it gets to 68F.
Did you know the air is very thin so
panda blood carries extra oxygen?
Down the mountain where the forest
is thicker there are dense clumps of
bamboo up to 10 feet tall. That's how
pandas feel about there homes.
What's For Dinner
In the mountains grows a green plant
called bamboo that's what a panda eat.
According to amazing animals of the
world "pandas eat for 16 hours a day".
Pandas have strong and special jaws to
crush strong bamboo. If you try to eat
bamboo your teeth will fall right out of
your mouth. According to animal fact
guide pandas will also eat small rodents,
eggs, fish and flora plus mice, lizards,
cockroaches, mushrooms, honey, flowers
and road worms. Pandas have a special
way of eating they sit up straight and
keep their front paws free to hold the
bamboo and pluck off shoots and leaves.
According to world book pandas eat 85
pounds of food a day. That's as much as
a human child. Bamboo can also be
made into bicycles and flutes also pots
and many more objects when pandas
aren't eating it.
Body parts
First in the body is the head. The skull
has very heavy powerful chewing
muscles that operate the strong jaws that
are anchored to the check bone. They
also have sensitive eyes and vertical
pupils that give it good night vision.
Pandas have no shearing or incisor teeth
for slicing through flesh. According to
Malcolm Penny, "Most of its teeth are
molders to grind up tough bamboo."
Pandas have large canine teeth which it
can defend it self with. Its sturdy legs
carry the weight of the pandas body.
Pandas have pads on the claws that
improve their grip. The feet are covered
with thick hairs, which help pandas walk
over snow and ice. Lastly the front paws
the wrist bone of each front paw is
enlarged to form a false thumb. It grips
bamboo by pressing its first two claws
against its false thumb.
Diagram of panda
Life cycle
Ever wonder what a pandas life cycle
is? First it starts with the baby. Pandas
give birth to a liter of about 2 or 3 cubs
at a time. They are about the size of rats
and are pink and blind. Usually only
about one will survive. The first there
weeks the cubs stay cradled by its
mother. At 6 to 8 weeks it opens its eyes
and at 2 to 3 months the cub can crawl
it's starting to turn into a real panda. At 4
months the cub can walk on its own it
will not be weaned until 8 months old.
The cub stays with its mom until it's 18
months. At 3 it will have reached its full
size and will be completely independent.
It's the full size. Female pandas are
ready to breed at 4 to 5 years and males
6 to 7 years. In captivity pandas can live
for 30 years but in the wild they only live
to 20 years.
Panda life cycle
So after our adventure you now know
how a panda eats and where it is in the
world so when never your teacher
gives you a quiz on pandas you will be
a expert like me.
Square mile - a mile in a
square Bamboo - a green tough
plant that grows in china
Flora - flowers
Rodents - small animals that
live in dry places
False thumb-extended wrist
bone Weaned- when it stops
sucking Liter- a certain amount of
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