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AhorraMas. Spain
AhorraMas S.A.
Panda Security for Business
Panda GateDefender Integra
Panda Cloud Email Protection
“With so many diverse computers, we need a centralized security management
system which adapts to our network and requires as little maintenance as
possible. Panda Security delivers the tools that meet these requirements”.
Samuel Recuenco. Central IT Manager. AhorraMas
About AhorraMas
AhorraMas S.A. is a retail distribution company established in 1979 by a
group of Madrid retailers. It currently includes several companies that run
supermarkets under the trade name Supermercados AhorraMas.
• Comprehensive protection for
endpoints, network perimeter and
• Complete centralized control.
• Simple installation and setup of the
various solutions.
• Increased employee productivity.
• Minimized operational costs.
• Enhanced policy compliance.
• Simplified risk management.
• Protection of the company’s critical
There are now more than 185 Supermercados AhorraMas outlets across
Madrid, Guadalajara, Toledo, Cuenca and Ciudad Real, placing AhorraMas
S.A. among the market leaders.
AhorraMas operates in the local supermarket sector, with stores ranging
from self-service shops of 150 or 200 m², to supermarkets of up to 1,800
m², with some of these in shopping centers.
AhorraMas needed a complete protection system which covered all entry
points through which the company could be infected by malware:
endpoints and servers, Web traffic and email.
Its main concern was that any solution would have to be highly effective yet
require as few resources as possible. At the same time, it needed complete
control -from a single, centralized point- over the security of 150 computers,
to avoid wasting time continually checking the updates and security status
of its systems.
Additionally, it was receiving high levels of spam, resulting in a considerable
waste of time and resources.
CASE STUDY. Supermercados AhorraMas. Spain
The solution: Panda Global Business Protection
Global Business Protection
Panda Global Business Protection is the comprehensive security solution
that AhorraMas needed, as it offers complete protection for endpoints, the
network perimeter and email.
Security solutions for your business
PCs and
Whatever your company, from the
smallest business to the largest
corporation, Panda Security provides the
global solution that best adapts to your
protection needs. Easy to install, easy to
maintain and easy to afford.
What's more, our products provide
maximum protection through Collective
Intelligence, disinfecting thousands of
new threats every day, including those
not detected by other security solutions.
Why choose Panda Global
Business Protection?
Because it offers comprehensive
protection for your company:
• Solutions for PCs, laptops and servers.
• Email protection solutions.
• Solutions for protecting Web traffic.
For endpoint protection, the security solution used was Panda Security
for Business. Samuel Recuenco, Central IT Manager at AhorraMas, says:
“We currently have a centralized AdminSecure console on a server and
from there we can automatically update all our 150 computers. In our
department we only have to manage the installation of one office, yet this
is extremely complex in terms of geographic distribution, as it is our central
warehouse. From the centralized AdminSecure console we can monitor all
the computers in our company at a glance”.
Panda Global Business Protection also protects the company’s Internet
use, the entry point for up to 99% of computer threats. “For perimeter
protection we have two Panda GateDefender Integra appliances, one of
which acts as a backup, which help us both in terms of network
segmentation and in delivering a 100% effective security solution which is
invisible to users”, says Recuenco.
Finally, this comprehensive Panda Security solution also offers complete
email protection to the company, effectively combating spam, phishing
and other types of malware that enter through this channel. Recuenco
concludes that “Email protection for our company is delivered through
Panda Cloud Email Protection. This tool is as simple to implement as it is
effective. Since we have been using it the level of spam we receive has
been drastically reduced, practically eliminating the time wasted by users in
dealing with junk mail”.
Overall, thanks to the simple implementation, the capacity to adapt to
specific requirements and the low number of incidents, the cost of setting
up the different solutions comprising Panda Global Business Protection
has been extremely low.
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