Smithsonian Pandamania Rules


Smithsonian Pandamania Rules
For 2 to 4 players
Ages 5 and up
Be the first player to fill up your panda card with food tokens.
Game board, bamboo stalk, 2 leaf sections, cap, spinner, base, mother
panda figure, 42 food tokens (bamboo, apples, pears, sweet potatoes,
carrots and water), 4 panda cards, 4 movers, 4 mover stands.
Set Up:
Look at the package back for reference. Place the plastic base through the
hole of the game board so that the small
circle is on top. Place the spinner (with four
leaves) on top. Place the bottom of the
bamboo stalk into the center hole as far as
it will go.
Place one set of leaves on the top of the
bamboo stalk until it stops at the small
circle. Place the second set of leaves on top
of the first set, pivoting them to make it look
fuller. Snap the cap into place on top of
the leaves.
Carefully open the mother panda’s left arm by
moving it away from her body. Place her at the base
of the stalk—on top of the spinner-- and close her left
arm so that her hands are wrapped around the stalk.
During the game when you spin the leaf spinner,
mother panda’s tail will point to which number to use.
Place the bamboo tokens face down on the game board and mix
them. Then place them, face down, on the spaces marked around the
spinner. Place the other food tokens, face up, on their matching color
Each player takes a panda mover and puts it into a mover stand. Place
your panda on the matching color corner space.
The youngest player starts the game, then play moves clockwise to the left.
On your turn spin the leaves spinner and use the number by mother
panda’s tail. You can move in any direction—but in only one direction—on
your turn. Count only the large circles on the board. The small squares are
to let you know what paths you can follow.
If you land on a food token you need, take it and place
it face up on your panda card. If you land on a token
you do not need, don’t take it. Either way, your turn
Mother panda spaces:
If you land on a mother panda space you’ll
have a chance to get some bamboo for your
panda! Lift up mother panda until she’s at
the top of the stalk, just under the circle
where the leaves stop. Gently remove
your hand until she rests on the ridge on
top of the spiral. Now release her by gently
pushing her with your finger in a counterclockwise
direction. After she spirals down the stalk, look to see on which number her
tail has landed. That’s how many chances you get to find ONE bamboo
token that you need by turning over bamboo tokens.
If you uncover one that you don’t need, show it to all players but then put it
back on its space, face down. Your turn ends as soon as you get a token
that you need or when you have used up your chances.
Rainbow spaces:
If you land on a rainbow space you can immediately go to any other space
and take that food token or move to any mother panda space and spin
mother panda down the stalk to try to get a bamboo token.
Ending and Winning the Game:
The first player to fill up his/her panda card wins.
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