Jury Report - Escola Pia de Sarrià



Jury Report - Escola Pia de Sarrià
Jury Report
Mallorca 2016 · 11th National Selection Conference of EYP Spain
Mallorca 2016
11th National Selection Conference of EYP Spain
[email protected] | www.eype.es
Report by Anna Barkemeyer, Ana María Olaru and Ignacio Argüelles
Layout by Ignacio Argüelles
Guidelines for Jury Evaluation
The criteria below (in no particular order) make up the foundation of the Jury’s evaluation of the delegations during the National Session. This year the Jury is selecting 15 schools and 10 individuals to
represent the European Youth Parliament España (EYPE) in International Sessions, International Forums,
National Sessions and Regional Sessions across Europe. Out of these 15 schools and 10 individuals, 4
schools and 2 individuals have been selected to attend International Sessions.
From this moment on, all the delegates listed below are now members of the European Youth Parliament
España and therefore can and are encouraged to attend events held by this National Committee.
Nonetheless, it has to be remarked that these members will only gain full rights (right to vote in the
board elections, right of certain initiatives, right to apply as officials, etc.) once:
A) They have attended their assigned session.
B) If it is the case that a delegate hasn’t been able to attend his or her assigned session, they will
also become members will full rights of the EYPE, once a calendar year has passed since the issue
of this selection report.
The Jury wants to emphasise that the status of their membership does not depend on the type of session
that they have been selected to (International Session, International Forum, National Session or Regional
Session). Having been selected as an individual or as a school delegation is also irrelevant to the status
of their membership.
All of those who have participated, and however were not selected but would like to become part of EYP
Spain, would be able of doing so by contacting the National Committee a month after the issue of this
jury report. This contact is to be done by sending a motivation letter expressing the interest to become
part of the National Committee through a written email to [email protected] All of the information regarding
non-selection access can be found in the Ordenamiento de Vías de Entrada de EYP España.
Criteria used in the Selection Process
1. Knowledge and socio-political awareness
The Jury must evaluate the delegates’ understanding of current political and social structures and their
knowledge on European institutions. Awareness on current affairs is highly valued.
2. Use of English
Delegates representing Spain in sessions abroad require a good level of English that allows them to express themselves correctly and fluently.
3. Motivation and participation
The delegates should show motivation, team spirit and initiative during the session. It is also considered
important that they maintain a positive and respectful attitude towards one another. Full participation in
the activities of the session is also extremely important.
4. Open mindedness and cooperation
It is important that delegates can work constructively in a team, showing respect towards other students
and being able to be tolerant towards different opinions. Appropriate behaviour during the session is also
very highly valued.
5. Evolution throughout the session
The EYP is a platform for personal and academic development. For this reason, the Jury highly regards
delegates who challenge themselves and progress throughout the session.
6. Preparation for the session
Delegates are meant to have conveyed research prior to the session and have informed themselves on
their topic, towards the well-functioning of Committee Work.
The Jury may contact the Chairs Team for further information on this point.
7. Balanced team
It is essential that the three delegates representing their schools fulfil the aforementioned criteria.
Schools selected for International Sessions
Laax 2016 and Trondheim 2017
1. Deutsche Schule Málaga
Álvaro Ritter
Lena Teufelberger
Tatiana Villaroel
2. Bellver International School
Irene García
Carmen Jaume
Clare Póveda
3. Liceo Europeo
Iñaki Bastida
Manuel Hurtado
Sofía Revenga
4. San Patricio
Elena Calvo
Luís Foncillas
Ángeles García-Manso
Schools selected for International Forums
5. Colegio Manuel Peleteiro
Iván Bértolo
Gabriela Junquera
Iago Pérez
6. King’s College Madrid
Ignacio Alday
Aida María Manzano
Laura del Salvador
7. Escola Pía Sarrià
David Andrés
Silvia Casacuberta
Miren Gil-Vernet
8. Europa International School
Núria Bravo
Carina Casadesús
Maya Torres
9. Colegio Canigó
Marta Díez
Inés Jordán
María Jover
10. Colegio Liceo Europa
Daniel Baraza
Sofía González
Cristina Pozuelo
Schools selected for National or Regional Sessions Abroad
11. San José Jesuitak Ikastetxea
Izaro Díez
Candela Zabala
Nerea Zubizarreta
12. Lauro Ikastola
Unai Arredondo
Gorka Etxebeste
Elena Gorbeña
13. Thau Barcelona
Adrià Fabró
Paula Flores
Júlia Folguera
14. Elian’s British School la Nucía
David Albero
Miquel Mayor
Jorge Torres
15. Colegio Alemán San Alberto Magno
Javier Agustín
Andrés Lain
Mireia Martínez
Ranking of Individuals
Apart from the aforementioned selection criteria, the Jury established the individuals’ list based on the
a) When the school delegation has been selected (but not for an International Session – IS) and the Jury
still believes that a particular delegate is outstanding and deserves a special recognition. This
criterion was especially relevant when choosing the first two individuals, as they will also represent the
EYPE in International Sessions.
b) When the school delegation has not been selected, and the Jury still considers that the selected individual fulfils all the selection criteria. This happens when the school team was not balanced enough, but the
Jury appreciates the potential in one of the delegates.
As mentioned before, the first two individuals will be invited to participate in International Sessions.The
rest of the individuals selected in this list will be invited to International Forums or National
Sessions based on availability of spots.
1. Sofía Rodríguez (San Francisco de Paula)
2. Gabriela Junquera (Manuela Peleteiro)
3. Lucía Viña (IES Rosalía de Castro)
4. Lujain Baitalmal (St George’s Málaga)
5. Rafael González (San Francisco de Paula)
6. Camila Gálvez (IES Son Pacs)
7. Arnau Sabater (CCE Montessori Palau)
8. Caleb Akhtar (British School of Alzira)
9. Marta Torrubiano (Col·legi La Vall)
10. Sara Llinares (British School of Alzira)
The following information is important must be taken into consideration:
i) On behalf of the European Youth Parliament España (EYPE), the Jury wishes to express its gratitude to all
the schools and teachers that have participated. The jury would also like congratulate the schools for the
interest shown in this organisation.
ii) At the moment, we can only ensure the participation of the selected schools and individuals in International Sessions.
iii) In the unlikely event that one of these schools should find themselves unable to go to their assigned
session, the Jury will assign their places to the next school in the ranking. The same procedure will be followed with the schools selected to participate in International Forums.
iv) If one of the delegates chosen is not able to go to his or her assigned session, the Board of EYPE will ask
delegates from the list of individuals to fill in the spot.
v) The delegates selected from each school are listed in alphabetical order. The delegates selected as individuals are listed in a ranking.
vi) The schools listed in the 1st and 2nd position of the ranking will have the chance to choose between
Laax 2016 International Session (please read the additional statement found in the first page) and Trondheim 2017 International Session. Therefore, the 3rd and 4th schools will be assigned to the remaining
International Session, according to the 1st and 2nd schools’ choice.
vii) The individuals in the 1st and 2nd position of the ranking will participate in an International Session
as long as one teacher of the schools selected to participate in the International Session agrees on being
the chaperone of the individual.
viii) The individual in the 1st position of the ranking is asked to decide between Laax 2016 International
Session and Trondheim 2017 International Session. The individual in the 2nd position in the ranking will
be assigned to the remaining International Session, according to the choice of the individual in the 1st
ix) For any doubt regarding the Jury Report or any other issue, please contact the Jury at [email protected]
The Jury,
Anna Barkemeyer (DE), Anamaria Olaru (RO) & Ignacio Argüelles (ES)

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