Catalyzing Global Health Innovation



Catalyzing Global Health Innovation
THU | 18 FEB 16
11 AM
238 HRCB
Health care has transformed society
in the last fifty years. Life expectancy
has skyrocketed, but it has not reached
every corner of the globe. In Panama,
rural communities face unique
challenges and students can be part of
the solution. Learn how ThinkImpact
provides a life-changing experience to
impact global health.
Saul Garlick is the founder and
chairman of ThinkImpact, a certified
B Corporation that offers students
immersion experiences in social
innovation. ThinkImpact was
originally founded when Garlick
was a student and was built through
student efforts of the past decade.
Learn from his experience building a
high impact model and consider your
own impact in this conversation.
BYU works with ThinkImpact through
the Panama ThinkImpact Global
Health Internship.

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